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Newsletter Date : Q4 2008

Tobacco Talk Q3 08
OCTAVE - A brand new making machine combination
Octave :
• • Available now Designed with our customers in mind. 8000cpm speed. Kretek version launch in August.

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Molins has developed a new cigarette making machine ‘Octave’ with a design production speed of eight thousand cigarettes per minute. The first commercial unit was installed in April 2008 and is now undergoing production trials in Egypt by Eastern Company SAE at their Giza factory. The results are very encouraging both in cigarette quality and machine operating efficiency; consequently Molins

has now commenced marketing Octave and expects the second order to be placed next month with a total of four combinations forecast by the end of this year from locations in the Americas, Asia and the Middle East. A Kretek version for the Indonesian market, with a production speed of six thousand cigarettes per minute or more will be launched in August 2008.

For more information do not hesitate to contest us.

“More cigarette output per square metre than any equivalent maker on the market today”

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The MK9 - Max-S The “classic” combination
Molins continues to offer the MK9 making machine either as a new machine, taking advantage of technological developments in PLC control and cigarette manufacture. Known as ‘MK9 Classic’ the combination of MK9 cigarette rod formation and Max-S filter plug attachment continues to be the industry standard at production speeds of five thousand five hundred cigarettes per minute and below for Virginia, American and Kretek blend products. The MK9 / Max-S combination gained this hard earned reputation as the industry workhorse, not only because of its robust construction, high operating efficiency and quality of the cigarettes it produces; but also the ease of maintenance, operation, availability of spare parts and tolerance of consumable materials (like cigarette paper and adhesive), plus its suitability for smaller production batches and multiple brands

“Brand New” and Rebuild both readily available

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The MK9 - Max-S - The “classic” combination
Fully refurbished Molins MK9 / Max-S combinations are available through our Brazilian operation and can be fully overhauled to the desired specification using either a customer supplied machine or one from Molins donor stock. In October’s edition of Tobacco talk we will be bringing you an in depth introduction into the features that are now standard on the New MK9 / Max-S combination from Molins.

“Brand New” and Rebuild both readily available

For more information do not hesitate to contest us.

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Overhauls and Service - On site overhaul, rebuild and service by Molins
Unleash the potential of your older machinery

Local rebuilding of MK9’s and Passim machines has become more popular in recent years with many cigarette manufacturers preferring to order tailor made kits of parts and sub-assemblies in advance (following a machine audit) and then stripping down and rebuilding the machine in the factory workshops. Savings in shipping time to/from Molins are not the only advantages with this option, factory personnel can be utilised under Molins supervision to carry out the stripping down, cleaning and rebuilding, reducing labour costs and gaining valuable maintenance staff training at the same time. Getting the most from assets is something we all like to achieve, particularly with high cost capital items. Therefore it makes sense to keep such assets working and working well! To help fulfill this objective, Molins machine users have the option of taking up a regular service plan for two thousand, four thousand and six thousand hour service schedules for their machines. These service packages not only extend the operational life of the machinery but also enable high production efficiencies to be maintained. Molins latest service offering, brought about due to customer frequent demand, is the restoration to OEM specification of older generation MK9 / MAX-S machines that have been relocated from production facilities elsewhere in the world or supplied by machine traders and second/third tier overhauling companies. Typically, these machines contain many “unique” parts that when they fail is very difficult to identify and support, resulting in considerable machine downtime while a solution is found. Reinstatement to Molins standard enables quick and simple spare parts identification, ordering and replacement

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Passim - One chapter closes as a new one opens

Full Service, Support and Upgrade Potential continues….

With the introduction of the new “Octave” combination the Molins ‘Passim’ eight to ten thousand cigarettes per minute production speed machine has been withdrawn from the product range, principally due to the high cost of manufacture associated with its design, which is fundamentally over twenty years old. Passim continues to be a very popular machine in the industry with over 300 units still running world-wide. It is also worth mentioning that the Passim range, “OG” or Old Generation “NG” or New Generation and the “NT” or New Technology is fully supported by our engineering, spares and service departments. Various upgrades and performance packages are available to enhance the machines performance and update the specifications to the latest standard. Recent upgrades available include a conversion from Siemens S5 to S7 PLC (due to obsolescence of the S5 range of PLC’s) and Molins Microwave Weight Control to replace the increasingly difficult to manage nucleonic system.

More on the Molins Microwave Weight Control (MMWC) will be in October’s Tobacco Talk

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Coming in the next issue -

- Molins Microwave Weight Control - MMWC
An introduction to the Molins Microwave Weight Control system that is available to fit a wide range of machinery. Given the amount of “non working” weight control systems encountered in so many factories, our system has been designed with “robust performance” in mind

- The New MK9 / Max-S Combination
An introduction into the standard features of the All New MK9 / Max-S “Classic” combination from Molins. What others call “optional” we call “standard” ………..

And much more…………….

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Molins Far East
Molins Far East, 5 Pereira Road, #05-04 Asiawide Building Singapore. 368025
Established in Singapore in 1980 to supply spare parts for Molins machine users and customers in Asia, the business has developed into a major service centre employing twenty seven highly trained and motivated staff that provides a full sales and service capability to the region which stretches from Pakistan in the West to New Zealand in the East and China in the North. Molins Far East occupies over six thousand square feet of office and warehouse space in which a large inventory of spares and wear parts at a total value in excess of two million pounds sterling is held. The world class logistics offered in Singapore makes it an ideal location from which to operate, enabling parts to be despatched quickly and efficiently either by Air or Sea.

Phone: (65) - 62893788 Fax: (65) - 62895788 E-mail: mfe@molins.com


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