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Tell Me More About The "Qi" in "Qigong"

By: Samuel Beatson

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Qigong also Chi Kung, is an ancient Chinese exercise and brearthing system. Chi ias in Qi is perceived in Chinese medicine for what it does - functionality. Natural chi consists of Original or Prenatal Chi - Yuan-Qi,which is the kind of qi you get from your parents at birth and is stored in your kidneys.. The second source is Grain Qi - gu-qi - the chi derived from digestion of ingested material - good food and healthy beverages. The third chi is Natural Air Qi - kong-qi - which is extracted by the lungs from the air we breathe. An ancient Chinese medicaLtext stipulates that: "there is no place which does not have it, and no place it does not penetrate" with regard to this normal chi which circulates the body. Normal qi can be divided into many different and specific types with specific functions. The 5 major functions of qi or chi in the body make qi responsible for the physical integrity of any entity and any changes that the entity undergoes and are as follows, Movement, protection, harmonious transformation, retention of substances and organs, warming of the body Qigong or chi kung is a way by which we can increase the amounts of internal qi we have and store. According to the ancient Chinese medical manuscripts, a depletion of qi or disruption in the flow of qi in the body is the stem of disease. Havin more chi makes you feel better, look better, behave better and even you will be more popular naturaly! Qi si attractive! Qi gives you peace of mind! Qi can make you wealthy! Gong means effort reflecting the diligence required to benefit from qigong exercises over a period of time. The purpose of doing the qigong exercises is to foster and build up qi involving three practiceds. 1. to breathe in and store vital qi. 2. to maintain a calm state of mind and 3. to keep the action of the bodily organs in harmony. There are five different categories of qigong roughly. They are the Taoist, Buddhist, Confucian, medical and martial-arts related methods. Taoist qigong is to strengthen both bbody and mind and through diligent practice attain the "elixir of life" and prolong life - longevity. Buddhist qigong stresses control and tempering of the mind and is not so much focused on bodily effects. Confucian series qigong emphasize reaching tranquility as a state of mind and cultivation of moral character. Medical qigong is primarily for the curing of diseases while promoting health and long life. Martial arts qigong is taught to build up inner strength and invulnerability to moral

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and physical attack and self defense qi use and protection as well as being beneficial to health and long life. Fpr more info: http://tai-chi-kung-fu.gods-internet.com/qi-and-qigong.html Total Views : 42 Word Count Appx. : 457 See All articles From Author

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