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Love is an extraordinary thing. We take it for granted as something that normally occurs in human relationships; we may also take it for granted that it occurs in spiritual realms, yet what it is and how it functions are rarely thought about and, if they are, are often confused. This is the first of two pieces that attempt to describe love in a scientific way, to explain it in terms of energy and magnetism, of something that naturally occurs and must occur whenever there is manifestation of form. More importantly, perhaps, is to understand what it is not and that is where we will start. Love is not attachment nor is it affection, though both these things can arise from it. Attachment is something that occurs when the mind perceives it needs something. When we “fall in love”, it is because we see in the other person some qualities we admire and would like to draw into our life. We want something for ourselves out of the relationship with the other person and yet love, possibly, is also starting to manifest. Attachment is not love – it is something that rides on the back of it and occurs because the mind perceives a lack in itself. Affection, on the other hand, occurs when the mind wants to give something and perceives, perhaps, a want or need in the other person it thinks it can fulfil. Both attachment and affection arise because of a sense of “I” – a sense that we are an individual with needs and attributes that are not the same as those in others. Love is neither of these things. Love is a dynamic force in the Universe. It just is; it requires nothing and it gives everything. It radiates from being itself, from utter, pure radiance that underlies and permeates everything and everyone in the entire Universe, including space itself. We could say that Love is radiance but it is radiance that knows or experiences “something other” than itself, at the same time knowing that the other is itself. Confused? This is because the mind, which is so used to dissecting and codifying everything, finds it difficult or impossible to place an intellectual answer or argument on something that transcends the intellect. It transcends the intellect because it is ungraspable. The intellect can only understand things in terms of discrimination – this is this and not that. Love is totally without discrimination and that is an entirely foreign concept to the intellectual mind. It is rather like a

physicist trying to understand matter or form; eventually he comes to the point where there is no form at a subatomic level and beyond. Love radiates and by its very nature sets up a causation of attraction. Much like the moth being attracted to light, matter and everything gross, including our minds or mental levels of matter, are drawn to the source of love. What is that source? It is the pure radiance of Being. Love is the prime force or energy that attracts or draws that which is “outer” to the “inner”. In other words, it is the spiritual or evolutionary force. It draws everything to itself. Amazingly, it works on everything without discrimination and although there might be much resistance to that draw, the pull is still there. Like the black hole in space, there is an irresistible draw. It is unstoppable but, at the same time, there is no urgency. There is no urgency because love knows it is only drawing itself to itself. No hurry – all will be achieved. In our little human lives this manifests in various ways. The child will always return to the mother, no matter how naughty or mischievous (or should we say experimentally inclined?) it is. When it gets older and leaves home, becoming independent of its parents, the love of the mother still radiates. This is just a simple example. If we feel that this love, as it manifests in us, is not so strong, we would be right. We do not have the capacity for carrying very high power in our little human frames. But we can become acclimatised to greater degrees of love and so this great magnetic radiance can find increasing degrees of expression through us. In other words, we can increase our capacity. If we are willing to do that, and eventually we will be as we draw closer to our own nature which is love, wonderful things will begin to happen in our lives and in the world as a whole. That is something definitely worth working for. In the next article, we will look at some of the practical effects and how we might, in a small way, become more radiant through the power of this universal force we call love. Andrew Marshall March 2007