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It needs to be understood from the outset that there is no such thing as perfection in this physical world of ours. There is nothing that is exempt from the laws of decay. Forms take shape – whether tree, plant or body – and so must lose shape. There is no planet or star in the universe that is not subject to this law, so why say there is such a thing as a “universal healing force”? Healing is a matter of restoring equilibrium. Where there is imbalance, decay will result much more quickly. When we are out of sorts, it is because our energy is out of balance in some way and we know that when that is prolonged, sickness can result. But there is a purpose to the universe and it is in the interests of the universe that the forms in it should carry and support life as much as possible. That is why sometimes it is said there is a “cosmic glue” that holds and supports forms and it is this cosmic glue that we could say is a universal healing force. Without it, things would fall apart. Cosmic glue is the expression of a form of intent, the intent to hold and support life so long as that form is helpful and conducive to life. This “glue” has in it, therefore, an in-built time frame. It does not last forever in any form and in that way it supports the purpose and intent of that particular form or the life within it. In healing, the healer helps to promote the conditions where that cosmic glue can carry out its work. It has a job to do but needs the right conditions. This we call healing but the only true healing takes place as a result of the Universal Healing Force or “glue” – intent coupled with an energetic response. The healing force of the universe takes its expression in the form of love. It is an expression of love but not in any emotional or sentimental sense. In fact, the true and highest forms of love are beyond the capacity of any human mind to contemplate, let alone experience. Love is a cosmic law and it has the effect of binding or attracting particles or units of energy, whether on a small or a massive scale. It is hard to understand that a galaxy is held together by a form or expression of love yet that is what it is. Magnetism and the laws of attraction and repulsion all stem from this. Healing, then, is something we can undertake if we support this law. None of us is really any good at this, no matter how accomplished (or

not) a healer we think we are. But we can try and that trying has to be based on a total absence of self-grasping; in other words, we have to put ourselves in a state of selflessness or sacrifice. Holiness or wholeness arises from the self being let go of, hence sacrifice really means making whole (or holy) by letting go. If we can let go sufficiently, it enables the universal healing force to find expression through us. We become a channel, in effect, for this remarkable cosmic force to restore balance and so support life. It’s very ordinary, isn’t it? That’s how life is – very ordinary if we let go of all the trappings and regalia we dress things up in with our minds. But in that ordinariness lies the extraordinary: the capacity for Life’s full expression. The full radiance of being can make itself felt and known. Whether we are a gardener or a physician, a carer or a banker doesn’t matter. The important thing is that we are able to let go of our selfish interests for a moment and let the magic of the Universe pass through us. It doesn’t come from a distant constellation or anything extraordinary as some would have us believe – that is mere window-dressing or glamour. The truth is that it comes from inside you and inside me. It comes from our own nature or being which is boundless, totally without restraint or qualification. That is magic: the potential of the universe lies within, not in the reaches of outer space. That potential is love, true and unfettered. Amazing!

Andrew Marshall - May 2007