August 21, 2007

Greetings! I want to say thank you for your commitment to teaching and leading in Sunday School. On the second page of this letter, you ll find a Covenant/Commitment Pledge that we ve given to every teacher in our church. As you read over it we hope you ll sign it and covenant with us to hold a high standard in Sunday School. Sunday School is a vital part of our ministry here at Grace Church. We feel that it s necessary to be connected to each other in a small group setting. It is difficult to consistently do that in Sunday Morning worship services as we re gathered together in a corporate setting. This is why we feel it s crucial to the health and growth of the church for Sunday School to thrive! Here are some things that will help us strive for excellence in our approach to the Kingdom. Please make every effort to use these guidelines for your classes: 1. 2. Start your class time on time. Sunday School starts at 9:45 am and we d like to be here early to greet your class as they enter We suggest you arrive at 9:30 am that s not too hard. Structure your class in a way that would allow for the maximum amount of teaching to take place. Example 9:45 am begin class by welcoming them taking note of any visitors 9:50 am begin teaching the class using the material provided for you We want you to teach. That s why you were chosen but discussions are welcomed (& most times necessary) 10:30 am take prayer requests 10:35 am Pray and dismiss to the Sanctuary Do your best to curb discussion that isn t fruitful. Don t allow gossip or idle chatter in your class. In other words keep on task. This will help you teach as well as help others to learn.

After you have read and prayerfully considered the Covenant/Commitment, please sign it and send it back to the church office. Thanks for everything you do for the Kingdom!

Matt Hastings, Senior Pastor

Sunday School Teachers Covenant

Recognizing the high privilege that is mine to serve my Lord through our Sunday school, and trusting in the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, I earnestly pledge myself to this covenant. 1. I will live what I teach about separation from the world and purity of life, testing everything, holding on to the good, abstaining from all appearance of evil, and setting an example for my students. 2. I will be faithful in attendance and make it a habit to be present early to welcome each student as they arrive. If at any time, through sickness or other emergency, I am unable to teach my class, I will notify my superintendent at the earliest possible moment. 3. I will, at all times, have a deep concern for the members of my class. My first desire shall be to bring about salvation of each student who does not know Jesus as Lord and Savior and to encourage the spiritual growth of every Christian. I will also pray for each member of my class on a regular basis. 4. I will carefully prepare my lessons and make each lesson a matter of continual prayer. 5. I will regularly attend and urge all members of my class to be present at the church worship services, recognizing that the church and Sunday school are inseparable. Believing in the importance of prayer and Bible study, I will try to maintain regular attendance at midweek services, too. 6. I will teach according to the doctrine of the Church of the Nazarene, utilizing the material provided by the Sunday School Superintendant. 7. I will heartily support the Sunday school program, attending teachers meetings and training classes. 8. I will fulfill my obligation or appointment as a teacher for one year, unless prevented by some unavoidable situation. 9. I will cheerfully abide by the decisions of my church and Sunday school, cooperating with my fellow workers in bringing our work to the highest possible degree of efficiency as one of the educating arms of the church.

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