My Kimep

KIMEP is where you will reach your full potential.
DAULET ERMANOV College: BCB Finance Year: Third Info: Managing Editor of the KIMEP Times “The atmosphere is not like in other universities. When you enter you feel something different. The academic system means you can make your own schedule, study any subject. Here, you are free.”

KIMEP offers opportunities to all worthy students to receive a world-class education. The most qualified faculty in Central Asia, outstanding professional development and a vibrant international atmosphere combine to make KIMEP the best place to start your career and grow as a person. KIMEP is for everyone. We have students from all backgrounds and countries in our Institute. A quarter of our students receive financial aid. This is a community where everyone is measured on one single factor: merit.

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A world-class education produces qualified graduates with the values, skills and expertise that are consistent with and relevant to the society in which they intend to serve. You as a student will always be the priority of this extraordinary institute. Your education and wellbeing are served through every academic, extracurricular, and professional program. That’s how you’ll gain the background to succeed in the modern economy. And while you’re here, you’ll have the time of your life.

MOLDER MYKYBAEVA College: CSS Economics Year: Second “Everything I’ve learned in class at KIMEP has been applicable in practice. This is a unique academic environment.”

Learn how to learn


My Kimep

KIMEP will open the doors to help you reach whatever heights you dream of. KIMEP students from all programs reach the top of their fields. KIMEP graduates consistently fill the ranks of top companies like Deloitte and Chevron and go for further study at universities like Cambridge and the University of Michigan. So can you. But you need to take a bold first step…

VLADIMIR PROKOPENKO College: CSS Journalism Year: Fourth “KIMEP made me speak great English. I didn’t speak it well in high school, but the education here brought me a long way. Here at KIMEP with the credit system, I don’t waste time with courses I don’t want to take. The system of education here is the best in Kazakhstan.”

A total of 4 million dollars of financial support is available to KIMEP students. To learn more, go to Page 19.


Credit System
KIMEP academics operate on the North American-style credit system, which allows you to choose the courses you want to take, and choose the professors you want to teach you. You can take classes in an array of disciplines and gain the broad education necessary for the modern workplace. You can adjust the number of courses you take per semester to suit your needs. This is the kind of broad education which will prepare you for the global marketplace.

Majors and Minors
You can get two specializations with one KIMEP diploma. That’s because you choose your major (your main specializiation) as well as a minor (a secondary specialization to support your personal and professional development). You aren’t even limited to your College. That means you can Major in Marketing with a Minor in Law, or Major in Political Science with a Minor in Finance. At My KIMEP, everything is possible.

English Language Education
If your English isn’t great yet, our Foundation Program will take you there and provide you with the ability to participate in our academic courses. Academic classes at KIMEP are taught in English – ensuring your fluency in the international language of business and government. That’s how you’ll gain the skills and the knowledge to communicate with the world and to reach your full potential.

Study Abroad
The opportunities for international study at KIMEP are vast and all students are encouraged to go abroad for one or two semesters. KIMEP has partnerships with more than 75 top international universities and every year students fly to the United States, Europe and Asia to get the international experience they need. With the most internationally recognized name in Central Asia, KIMEP is the region’s best stepping stone to international study and travel, with a proven track record of sending students abroad both during and after their course of study.


An International Faculty that Will Change the Way You See the World
♦ One-on-one time with professors. ♦ Faculty from all around the world. ♦ Discussions in class where the students’ opinions count. ♦ Research projects, rigorous education, professional training.
This is what you can expect from your professors at KIMEP. You won’t find a more student-centered approach anywhere.

Pursue every possibility
Terence Blackburn, JD, Dean of Law School

KIMEP has the highest concentration of Western-trained faculty of any Institute in the entire CIS. They are always available to discuss the issues, to answer questions and to offer you their knowledge and experience.

OLGA KUCHINA College: CSS Journalism Year: Fourth Info: Filmmaker “Relationships with teachers here are so much more positive and equal than in high school or even at other universities. Here teachers and students communicate outside of class and really learn from one another.”



Your First Year at KIMEP
What can you expect in your first year at KIMEP? Academics You will begin your KIMEP education with an intensive English course taught by experienced instructors, many of whom come from the United States and United Kingdom. You will take classes under our General Education Program in a broad range of classes. KIMEP graduates often look back at their first-year academic experience as one of the most critical phases in their formation as independent thinkers. Students learn from an international faculty in a demanding but caring environment where the intellect can truly grow.

Support Faculty and staff’s attitude is that everyone in the KIMEP community, above all students, must be taken care of. That’s why KIMEP has an Advising Center for Freshmen with a dedicated staff ready to advise and help our first-year students. Furthermore, a fun Orientation Program for students before they begin their studies ensures that students make a smooth transition to university life.

Life The energetic extra-curricular life is where many KIMEP students make their lasting friendships. Students also meet in classes, where group projects and teamwork are often encouraged. Life at KIMEP means new freedom and new responsibility. KIMEP tries to help students make the right choices based on their needs without ever forgetting the principle that students must have all opportunities to accomplish their goals themselves.

Realize your dreams.

AIGERIM KERGEZBEKOVA BCB First-Year Student “The foundation courses were so useful – my English improved immensely and I learned so much. I chose KIMEP because it’s the best educational institution in Kazakhstan. This is a structure for study where students can thrive.”


You can do it all at KIMEP. A student-oriented education means students organizing themselves and doing what they want to do. You will spend some of your most valuable hours at KIMEP pursuing your interests with smart and energetic peers in an atmosphere of creativity and enthusiasm. That’s how you’ll build a network that will stay with you throughout your life. There are over 30 student clubs at KIMEP. They are dedicated to scholarship, culture, art, and more. Our sports teams participate in competitions on the national and international levels. Then there’s the KIMEP Students Association. KSA holds up to 30% of positions with full voting rights on all management committees at KIMEP. The KSA supervises all student clubs, among other responsibilities. That is a level of student involvement you will not find anywhere else in the world. Just Some of the 30+ Clubs at KIMEP • Students in Free Enterprise • English Language Theater • KIMEP Entrepreneurship Club • Clean Air Campaign • Intellectual Debate Club • KIMEP Film Society • KIMEP International Students Association (KISA) • Luca Accounting Club • KIMEP pie Magazine • KIMEP Times • KIMEP Mathematics Olympiad • Sunday English Club • FAB Television • eClub (Entrepreneurs Club)

There’s always something going on at KIMEP. Students organize art and photo exhibits, debates, seminars and roundtables. Recent events include Miss KIMEP / Mister KIMEP, International Students Day, Nauryz Celebration, Weekly European Film Night, KVN Competition, and the Foreign Languages Festival.


Unique Culture
The core values of KIMEP are transparency, integrity, honesty and respect, which translates into meticulous care for all members of our community, particularly students. The culture at KIMEP is one of support and passion. The KIMEP Community shares one goal: education to change society. That means something. Match KIMEP’s values to yours.

Unique Campus
Where else in Central Asia can you find a beautiful, American-style college campus in the middle of a bustling city? At KIMEP, our Community gathers throughout the year on our spacious, smoke-free campus, which includes beautiful, modern academic buildings, a brand new sports center and soccer field. Every day, students and faculty stop and chat on the pathways between buildings, or share a coffee in a campus cafe.

Living in Almaty
About half of KIMEP students come from outside Almaty. You should know that Almaty is the cultural center of Kazakhstan and one of the most pleasant cities in Central Asia. With operas, jazz clubs, and art galleries, outdoor cafés and restaurants, a cosmopolitan population and astonishing nature and history on all sides, Almaty is a great place to spend your undergraduate years and beyond. And, when it is time to focus on your education, KIMEP’s campus will provide you with a safe and quiet space for study and student life right in the middle of the city.

Beautiful, modern academic buildings, an accessible library, and an elegant new Sports Center. Dozens of study room and high-tech computer facilities. A great selection of on-campus restaurants. A peaceful campus in the middle of Almaty. KIMEP can be home for you. And there’s no better place to spend your undergraduate years…

LETI GONZALES BCB, Major in Management Year: Fourth “I really admire how Kazakhs preserve their culture and traditions, while at the same time remaining open to the world.”


Bang College of Business
For a career in business and management, you can receive no better education than a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the world-renowned Bang College of Business. For almost two decades BCB has produced the leaders of Kazakhstan’s economic development. The Bang College of Business prepares competent, ethical and entrepreneurial business leaders for a challenging role in national and international companies. At BCB you will gain the knowledge and skills to make it in the modern marketplace. BCB Students take a broad range of business courses to ensure their understanding of all aspects of business. A dynamic practical approach to education – including professional training, case studies, and internships – complements BCB’s scholarly rigor and analytical approach to business. On the professional, educational and research levels, BCB is deeply connected with the business world of Central Asia. The operations of the College play a key role in the development of Kazakhstan’s economy and the emergence of Western best practices in the region. The BSc in Business Administration prepares students to know the numbers, the ideas, and the human factors behind a successful business. That’s how BCB undergrads learn everything they need to know to succeed in an organization. Core Courses Financial Accounting Managerial Accounting Business Microeconomics Business Macroeconomics Financial Institutions and Markets Principles of Finance Principles of Management
Gurumurthy Kalyanaram , Ph.D. Professor Marketing Area

Business Communications Business Law Strategy and Business Policy Principles of Marketing Intermediate Marketing Decision Techniques and Tools Operations Management


DANA NAURYZBEKOVA College: BCB Accounting Year: Third “The BCB faculty provides knowledge with perspectives from all around the world. This is the background that helps us get jobs at foreign and famous companies and become leaders in business. The BCB culture of real business is something I really value.”

Accounting The Department of Accounting offers a rigorous conceptual and practical foundation in financial accounting, tax and auditing with a strong focus on practical training and analytical thinking. As a graduate of this major with good grades, you will be extremely well-positioned for jobs in international auditing firms. Finance The major in Finance focuses on three critical fields: money and capital markets that deal with securities markets, financial management, and investments. Deep knowledge of finance – as well as communication and English language skills – will prepare you for challenging jobs in international companies. Management Kazakhstan’s development requires mid- and senior managers capable of understanding performance, delegating responsibilities and analyzing problems. An innovative educational approach led by BCB professors with significant work experience in the private sector will prepare you for work in any company. Marketing Marketing, an increasingly critical part of business operations, is an ideal course of study for imaginative problem-solvers. BCB is the best place for you to learn the interdisciplinary skills needed in this field. Marketing majors have careers in research, sales, product development, advertising and other fields. Leadership With a leadership major, you will learn to understand and apply leadership principles in modern organizations. Combined with the BCB courses in the fundamentals of business practice, Leadership education is a critical part of the education of a corporate professional. Tourism and Hospitality As Kazakhstan puts high emphasis on diversifying its economy, BCB students can learn from professors with strong research and practical backgrounds in tourism to help lead the effort to developing this crucial industry. Graduates of this unique major will have great opportunities for entrepreneurial and corporate employment.
BAURZHAN BEISENBIN College: BCB Finance Year: Third Info: Member of Luca Accounting Club “Everyone has an achievable dream. KIMEP is a place where you can reach the place where you see yourself in the future.”
Francisco Cua, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Accounting Area

Accounting Finance Management Marketing Leadership Tourism and Hospitality Mathematics Computer applications Operations Management International Business Information Systems Human Resources Management Entrepreneurship (planned)


College of Social Sciences
The College of Social Sciences offers some of the most stimulating and intellectually challenging programs at KIMEP. With a base of outstanding professors from an extraordinary diversity of academic and professional backgrounds, CSS is at the heart of the vibrant atmosphere of the Institute. If you are interested in understanding the world and in gaining the skills necessary to make a difference in it, CSS may be the place for you. In addition to its main fields, CSS has become the regional leader in research on Central Asian Studies, Public Policy, and Political Science. The College promotes innovative, market-oriented educational programs. Knowledge is interdisciplinary and applicable. Students are a fundamental part of the program planning, IT expansion, and research at this unique college so broadly and dynamically engaged with modern Kazakhstan. You can apply to study in four different departments at the College of Social Sciences. Each degree offers an array of choices of classes and majors – so that you will find the perfect match for your interests and your goals. Bachelor of Arts in Economics If you want to lead an economy, you better understand it. Studying economics will lead to the most insightful understanding of economics, banking and finance. This highly intellectually stimulating course will offer you a new method to thinking about all business, social and political questions. The KIMEP economics department offers practical training in problem-solving, statistics, data analysis and reporting. Nowhere will you find a more rigorous approach to understanding the global and domestic economy. KIMEP will provide you with a broad background perfect for work in business, government, or further academic study. Bachelor of Social Sciences in International Relations Through this program you will gain a deep and broad understanding of international and national political systems and of major issues confronting the world today. The program focuses on essential political questions and theories and analysis of how global engagement affects socioeconomic and political concerns. Graduates of this program typically go on to work in government, particularly the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in international organizations, NGOs, and businesses. Bachelor of Social Sciences in Public Administration Studying public administration will give you the perfect background to work in government, business, or non-government organizations. The education focuses on organizational governance, finance, human resources, and labor relations. Combined with training in statistics and computer software, this program produces highly employable graduates for the public sector. This is the place for future leaders of Kazakhstan to learn the art and science of government. Bachelor of Arts in International Journalism This program is producing the next class of top media professionals in Kazakhstan, giving practical training in online, broadcast, and print journalism. Particular focus is given to communication and information technology. The outstanding facilities of the Exxon Mobil Media Center allow students to practice their skills producing newspapers, TV shows, and documentaries. The program is particularly strong as a major/minor combination with another subject like Marketing or International Relations, to create a well-rounded media professional. If you want to be a voice in your society, this is the degree for you.

Law School
KIMEP’s Law School will launch a new, innovative undergraduate Law Program in 2011. This LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws) program is designed not only to teach students the substantive law of Kazakhstan and of international business, but also to teach them the professional skills of being a practicing lawyer. The new program will be based on international best practices in legal education to ensure that KIMEP law students will be practice-ready when they graduate. A Minor in Law is also available to KIMEP undergraduates both at CSS and BCB. Students who want to expand their expertise major in areas such as marketing or international affairs, while gaining a secondary base of legal expertise, are perfect candidates for this course of study. If law interests you, you do not want to miss the chance to be part of the first generation of Kazakhstani students to receive a unique, highquality, analysis and skills-based legal education.


Legal education at KIMEP, which is based on the Western model of legal education, is truly unique in the entire CIS. You will not only learn statutory law, you also will learn the skills to apply that law, including legal analysis and problem solving, negotiating and drafting legal documents and memoranda. This is the proven system of producing the world’s best lawyers – and now it exists in Kazakhstan too.
ARMAN SAPAR CSS, Public Administration Year: Fourth “My Minor in Law has given me useful perspectives everything else I have studied and has given me more opportunities to find a good job. I’ve particularly enjoyed the personal, deep approach to teaching of the law professors here.”


This is the best place to start your career. KIMEP is the best investment you can make. You will not find a better education for a better price. You will not find a better place to start making a difference in Kazakhstan.

All students to complete one internship during their course of study, as KIMEP believes in the practical application of knowledge gained in the classrooms. In reality, most students do much, much more. The KIMEP Advising, Internship, and Career Center helps them throughout their studies – to choose the right classes, find the best internships, and get their dream jobs.

Gavin Kretzschmar, PhD PricewaterhouseCoopers Chair of Accounting

INTERNSHIP IN PARLIAMENT Our Internship in Parliament is one of the most prestigious and unique programs at KIMEP. Students who participate in this internship can apply for government positions without taking any tests – a unique status in all of Kazakhstan.

A few organizations where KIMEP students interned this year:
Kaz Munai Gaz Deloitte & Touche HSBC Kazakhstan Kazkommerts Bank Eurasia Foundation Bank Center Credit Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan PricwaterhouseCoopers Food Master Kazakhstan Educational Fund “Bilim Central Asia” UN Representative Office Foreign Affairs RK International Financial Corporation British Council of Kazakhstan Commercial Services Department, US Embassy Real Invest Institute of World Economy and Politics “Bota” Charity Fund AIESEC International Economics and Budget Department, Almaty Almaty Branch of National Bank Metro Cash and Carry Sulpak TC Kazyna Capital Management MAERSK Oil

"My Career Began at KIMEP"
KIMEP graduates get a world-class education. Then they get the best jobs. Nearly 90% of 2009 graduates had full-time employment or study within 3 months of graduation. KIMEP graduates earn twice the average salary in their first year after graduation. Their dynamic academic, professional and extra-curricular experiences, combined with their fluency in English, make them rise to the top of their fields, wherever they go.


KIMEP students go on to work and to study in the most prestigious institutions around the world. That is what makes a KIMEP education such an outstanding investment. In recent years graduates have gone on to post-graduate study at many top international universities, including: Cambridge, United Kingdom Imperial College, United Kingdom London School of Business and Finance, United Kingdom American University, USA University of Michigan, USA University of Antwerp Management School, Belgium Malardalen University, Sweden Moscow State University, Russia


Frequently Asked Questions

When was KIMEP established? KIMEP was established in January 1992 by a decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. What is KIMEP’s mission? KIMEP’s mission is to develop well-educated citizens and to improve the quality of life in Kazakhstan and Central Asia through teaching, learning, and the advancement of knowledge in business administration, social sciences, law and languages. What is the difference between KIMEP and other Kazakhstani universities? KIMEP provides education that matches top international standards. It provides great opportunities to launch a career. Classes are taught in English by professors and lecturers from 25 different countries. Students decide which courses to take and programs deliver relevant knowledge, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. The Institute is run in an open and transparent manner and students play a major role in all decisions, holding 30 percent of voting rights on all management committees. Does KIMEP have a fully operational license? KIMEP has an unlimited license to carry out educational activity in Kazakhstan and will permanently provide education to change society in Central Asia and beyond. The Institute is in excellent financial and managerial health. Is KIMEP internationally recognized? Yes. A KIMEP diploma is recognized and respected globally. For example, KIMEP in 2004 became the only institute in Central Asia to win candidacy status at AACSB, the international accreditation agency.

Other than BCB, CSS and Law what Academic Departments exist at KIMEP? The College of Continuing Education offers programs to prepare students to sit university entrance exams and to be successful in their university studies. It also provides certificate programs for working professionals to hone their specific business skills and increase the contribution they make to their organization. The Language Center ensures students’ fluency in English. It also teaches a variety of other languages, including Kazakh, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and Turkish. The School of General Education offers a variety of courses in fields as diverse as philosophy, computer science, and ethics, ensuring that undergraduate students receive a broad knowledge base as part of their degree course. What is the duration of study of undergraduate programs? The normal duration of an undergraduate program is four years. However, the credit system allows students to take fewer or more classes per semester should they wish. In this case they will study for a shorter or longer period of time. Can undergraduate students transfer from one program to another? Yes. Undergraduates in good academic standing can transfer between programs within the first year of their studies. What is the advising system at KIMEP? KIMEP operates a well-developed academic advising system for all students through the Freshmen Advising Center. Academic advising continues throughout a student’s studies at KIMEP. Students also regularly receive academic advice from their professors.

After graduating from KIMEP, can students get a post-graduate degree at a university abroad? Yes. Many KIMEP graduates have subsequently received master’s degrees at foreign institutions. Also, many KIMEP undergraduates transfer from KIMEP to foreign universities before graduating and their credits are usually counted by their new university.

Student Services
Does KIMEP provide military training for students who are citizens of Kazakhstan? Yes. Military training is provided through the military departments of various nearby universities. Students who follow the military training program are excused from military service for the period of their studies. Does KIMEP provide accommodation for students? Yes. KIMEP has a student dormitory conveniently situated on campus. Dormitory places are one of the types of financial support offered to students. KIMEP also assists students with finding off-campus apartments to rent or share with other students. How does KIMEP ensure students’ safety on campus? KIMEP’s campus is guarded 24/7 by a dedicated security team. Security personnel also provide extra security during different student, educational, sports and entertainment events.

Are my chances at top employment higher with a KIMEP degree? Yes. Foreign companies operating in Kazakhstan prefer KIMEP graduates due to the international standard of their education and their English skills. KIMEP’s well-connected Career and Employment Center ensures students are placed in prestigious positions in leading companies. Do graduates of bachelor’s programs at KIMEP have any advantages when entering KIMEP graduate programs? Yes. Many students continue their post-graduate education at KIMEP. Through the Fast Track program, courses students passed as undergraduates are counted towards the requirements of their master’s degree.

Do I have to take a test to get in to KIMEP? Yes. Entrance Examinations are held in cities across Kazakhstan throughout the fall and spring. Admission is competitive and based on the results of these examinations. More information is available on the KIMEP website. What is the best way to prepare for entry to KIMEP? The best way to prepare for entry is to enroll in KIMEP’s preparatory courses at the College of Continuing Education. The preparatory courses prepare high school students for KIMEP’s entrance requirements, focusing on skills and English. More information is available at www.kimep.kz/academics/cce/WLPPC Can I apply to more than one program? Yes. You may choose up to three bachelors programs to apply to. Your options are BSc in Business Administration, BA in Economics, BSS in International Relations, BSS in Public Administration, and BA in International Journalism and LLB Bachelor of Laws (planned for 2011). More questions? Go to www.kimep.kz; or visit or contact the KIMEP Admissions Office.


Your application to study at KIMEP should reach the Admissions Office by the first Monday of August. We guarantee that all applications received by this date will be given full and careful consideration. Applications received after this date will be considered on an individual basis, depending on the availability of space. You have three options how to apply: 1. 2. 3. Apply online: Go to www.kimep.kz admission study at KIMEP on-line application E-mail your application: send completed application form to application@kimep.kz Visit Admissions Office: complete application in-person with the assistance of an admissions officer

You may apply to as many as three bachelor’s programs regardless of college.

What to Include in your Application If you study in a high school in Kazakhstan, you must provide the following documents along with your application: 1. Four recent passport-sized (3x4) photos, colored or black-and-white 2. A photocopy of your passport or national ID card 3. A photocopy of your diploma or certification from your school that you are graduating/in your final year 4. A photocopy of your school transcript for the 10th and 11th grades, certified by your school 5. Copies of any certificates, honors, or awards in any subject or extracurricular, from the 9th to 11th grades 6. Any other documents you consider relevant to your application

KIMEP entrance exam Once your application has been received and verified by the Admissions Office on the matter of eligibility, you will be invited to take the KIMEP entrance exam. These are held once per month from February to November in Almaty. They are also held once or twice per year in cities across Kazakhstan, including Aktau, Aktobe, Astana, Atyrau, Karaganda, Kostanay, Kyzyl-Orda, Petropavlovsk, Pavlodar, Shymkent, Taraz, Usk-Kamenogorsk, Uralsk. Check the Admissions page of the KIMEP website for more details. You must register for the examination four days in advance.

Contact the Admission Office The Admission Office is located on KIMEP campus. You may visit us for in-person consultation from Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm. By email: admis@kimep.kz By regular: Admission Office, KIMEP, 4 Abay Avenue, Almaty, 050010 Telephone: +7 (727) 270 42 13, fax: +7 (727) 270 43 34

Financial Aid


KIMEP recognizes that investing in a KIMEP education is a significant monetary commitment. KIMEP believes that such an invaluable education should be accessible to all and provides financial aid to students who need assistance. This year, KIMEP together with our sponsors will provide over $4 million in financial aid to students. That makes KIMEP the largest private contributor to the growth of higher education in all of Kazakhstan. Every enrolled student who applied for financial aid and demonstrated need received it. In 2011, our financial aid budget will increase even more. If you worry that you won’t be able to afford a KIMEP education, pursue the option of aid from KIMEP and external sponsors. KIMEP recognizes that some families may have temporary or unexpected financial difficulties. In some cases, tuition payment postponement or other arrangements may be granted. Those families are advised to contact Student Financial Services department to apply and to receive consultation.

Another form of financial assistance at KIMEP is the Dormitory for students who come from outside Almaty. The dormitory offers students good-quality living conditions at an extremely discounted rate. The 424-person dormitory is safe and has many facilities for residents. The Housing Department also helps students rent apartments in Almaty. Contact: Julia Rykova +7 (727) 237-47-73 (ext. 1022)
*Note that KIMEP does not guarantee provision of financial aid or dormitory spaces to all applied students. Incomplete packages and documents submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

How to Apply for Financial Aid To apply for financial aid, you should contact the Student Financial Services Department or visit the KIMEP website for details on different types of possible aid, deadlines, and submission requirements. Applicants will need to submit documents on their families’ financial status. Some of the different types of internal grants and scholarships you can apply for: General Assistance (For All Students) Financial Aid for KIMEP Multiple-Student Families Nursultan Nazarbayev Grant – 100% for five years of study Altyn Belgi Grant – 50% for four years of study Winners of Republican and International-Level Olympiads – 30% of first year of study International Students Scholarship – 100% for five years of study For Students from Single-Parent Families – 25% assistance Financial Aid for Children of Pensioners – 10-25% assistance Financial Aid for Orphans – 100% assistance Financial Aid for Students of Multiple-Children Families – 25% assistance Contact the Student Financial Services Department KIMEP – 4 Abay Avenue, Office 203 (Valikhanov Building) Telephone: +7 (727) 270-43-16 Fax: +7 (727) 270-44-71 e-mail: finaid@kimep.kz


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