SPARTACUS IS MY NAME I have most of what I want least + least of what I need most. Confusion + fear + suspicion + ills + corruption + exploitation + hate + confusion + tension + illusion + degeneration + sanility + deviation + disease + frustration + isolation + loneliness + retardation + impotence + deformation + deficiency + dehumanization + demoralization + distortion + paranoia + pain + hysteria + delusion + Wrong wo/men. THE NEGATROPICAL STATE Madness + unnatural alienation on all levels of the self. Total abstraction of the self – self hate. Oral indulgence with maximal fetish + ugliness, the non-existence of love. Self-destruction – mega-alienation – self-elimination + death + nothingness, birth. No love, no life, seclusion – total existential abstraction – insanity. SURVIVAL OF THE WISE Esthetical harmony of the body + mind. Social passivity + fearful obedience, noncommunicative asocial relation – nega-tropy or the nega-state. Antagonistic mania + the fear of contact = maximal personal instability. Separate + rule, divide + rule in the name of the game – psycho-maniac poverty in the midst of prosperity + wealth. The strength of an idea or a theory is its truth. META ANARCHY + THE CREATION OF AN ANARCHIC NEUCLEUS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Above ground revolution of defiance + self-defense. Sub-momentum of conscious energy + para-social communication. Process of perfection - conscious design of time + content. Meta-phenomenal reaction of a particular section of the population. Intra-psycho-emotional + intellecto-ontological coordination + synchronization. Para-normal contact – objective relating to subjects + transformation of their subjectivity. Responsibility + purposeful orientation + navigation. The dissolution of chance + accident. Socio-historical + evolutionary mega-morphic progression. THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE MANIFISTATION OF FREE CHOICE 1) 2) 3) 4) WILL AS A PERMANENT

Liberty within prison wall. Liberty without the prison of ownership. Conquest of the psycho-mental + intellecto-personal power + its elimination through rebellion. In + out = on.


YOU MAY BE THE VICTOR OF AN ART ATTACK Cube TV: Remote Big Brother Pushbutton – 84. Coke adds life to communism. The future is now. If you are not busy being born, you are busy buying + dying. Easy come + easy go – a death of a king or/and a pope. 21st century technology presents the mega death. Terrible joy. Are intellectuals intelligent? Escape to reality + reason for a revolution now, then too + after. Disarm authority + arm your desire. Jesus gives you eternal life + takes your brain. Special techno-industrial civilization collapse – first post-millenium acid house party. Wo/man who were much but had little now have much + are little. Documented, researched + polite call for the destruction of the civilization. Anarchists must disorganize the revolt in order for it success. The left always works against revolt because it never revolts against work. Piss in voting booth –revolt against work + reclaiming our bodies. The real estate secret is the secret misery of daily life – desire armed in action. The last extinction by catastrophists – the two loves the shook the world. The egocrats of civil shock – take this consensus + shove it, fuck the money. Bigger cages, longer chains + pittance. Medicine causes dis-ease. War to war sales men. Live wild or die. Jesus is a vampire, who rose from the dead to rule the undead. Go wild be natural. Space not place. We brought our piss to the pentagon. Fashionable fascism + sick porn. Eco-topia: to nowhere & back. You create the society that destroys you. State violence marches on – the origin of terrorism. Did you ever want to fire your boss? Stone-age economics. Life of a lost content. Armed with beautiful visions. Spartacus the tool of the millenium. Freeze the capital system. The promised of the 2000 – stay where you are + prepare for doomsday. The refusal of authority + Allah. THE EFFECT OF ANARCHISTS ON INDIVIDUALS + ON SOCIETY 1) 2) 3) The effect of me on others + the effect of others on me. The self + its impact on others – non-self. The significance of the self + its implication. THE DESMANTELING OF POWER 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Anarchic mass orientation. Anarchic social meta-structure. The end of the twentieth century as the end of private property, the state + capitalism. The deepening of the general crises. An intensification of the specific mono-crises visa-vi the poly-crises. A unified global crises – crises of the homo-sphere. Crises free zone. Contradiction that are permanently resolved. The meta-contradiction = matrixed entity.


THE WOMAN – NATIONAL + ETHNIC ISSUE RESOLVED THROUGH CLASS DIVISION – SEXISM + LIBERTY The power of pleasure + suffering. The individual impact on society + history. Reality transformation through socio-personal revolutionary anarchic interaction + direct intervention. Phenomenal meta-temporal entity is causing a revolution now + dilemmas free. The elimination of control, the destruction of psychiatry + authority. Nazi-like syndicated rule-dictatorship for the sub-public. THE FREDDOM OF TIME 1.Capitalism. 2.Consumption. 3.Creation. Emancipation through struggle + victory. Crises formation + its resolution. The conquest of hostile forces + its elimination or social rehabilitation. The termination of continuing the power. The creation of a qualitative spatiotemporal dimensional spheres of existence. The ontologico-historical unified anthro-epistemological matrix + praxis. TRANSFORMATIONAL PROCESS + TRANSPOSITION A. Posi-presence B. Anarcho-negation. C. Recreation. D. Advance. THREE STEPS FORWARD ON STEP BACK 1. 2. 3. 4. Social dis-topic disharmony. Positive negation – posi-destruction. Economical annihilation. Destiny conducted without a dictate + despot. THE FUNDING OF REVOLUTION 1. 2. 3. Propaganda. Activity. Existence. BUST FUNDS 1. 2. 3. Expropriation. Contribution. Conditional distribution.


RESTRICTIONS ON CAPITALISM FORMATION 1. 2. 3. Through superior knowledge. Resistance. Abolition. MAXIMAL FUNDING OF THE COMMUNIST – INDIVIDUALIST – ANARCHIST REVOLUTION + ITS MOVEMENT 1. 2. 3. 4. Combat expenditure. Science and art. Propaganda + art. Full forward direct actions. THE LAST REVOLUTION – REVOLT WITHOUT DILEMMAS The conversion of the people into anarchism. The sound of meaning: political piss-pots. Anarchy in action. Music is my bomb 1+2. Money is the root of all evil. Labor for illusion, they rob you of everything. THE LAST DAY IN THE HOLY HELL Motion in action & direct to another situation. Similar condition but different position, the same illusion but different combination. The solution is not where you are but what you do where you are. Different place with the same problems, different names for the same things; I am true everywhere & all the time. NAMES FOR SONGS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Not alone hero. I will show you how to bring down the state & the system. Fair-well big brother. Courage + anarchic exter-national. I despise money & its stars + shadows. The illusion of work & punishment. Hero rebel – laser thrower. META-MATICS ABCDThe social anarcho-psycho-political + social revolution. The post-cultural anarcho-communist revolution. The permanent present + illusion. Metamorphosis – Meta-conscious liberation + Total emancipation of reality. THE PERMANET CREATION 1. 2. Revolutionary freedom fighters. Total unity of theory + practice.



Direct application of permanent manifestation. THE PERMANENT VICTORY

1) 2) 3)

The quantity of pleasure is the quantity of happiness + vise-versa. Happiness is the quantity of creativity + love. Love is equality + liberty is justice & brotherhood + sisterhood. A (-) > JUDAISM > CHRISTIANITY > ISLAM > BUDDAISM > CAPITALISM > USSR COMMUNISM > FASCISM > 5000 BC + 2000 = 7000 YEARS OF SLAVERY > A (+) A (-) = Primitive Anarchism. A (+) = Present Anarchism. (-) X (+) = 7000 AC > Meta-dialectics = post-contradiction / post-negation = real time conflict > static / dynamic > human / mechanic = Newtonian / Einsteinium …F/E I – Anarchic revolution in every day life – Concrete theory of practical application. II - Anarchy is the only way to liberation – Anarchic society – Communist equality. III – If you don’t act as liberty demands then that’s how much you will be away from it. THE NEXT MOVE Spartacus Anarchus appears at the scene. Idealist-dialectic + materialist dialectic verses post-materialist meta-dialectic. F. Hegel = Its impossible to have a reality without contradiction. X + = + n. + X - = - n. Marx = Its impossible to have a reality without contradiction. S. Anarchus = Meta-dialectical post-materialism = Meta-philosophy = A reality without contradiction. META = PHIL – O – SOPHY <> E = MC +/- 3AC = BEYOND = LOVE – OF – WISDOM

­ 11.

1) 2) 3)

Meta-science <> beyond logic. Newton = 3F > Absolute. Einstein = 2E > Reality. Spartacus = 3 E > Totality. 3F = X > 2E > V > 2E / 3F > 3E / 2E / 3F = E = MC <> Universal Unified Field Theory. THE HUMAN PROBLEM BD + AD = AB <> B+G+D+T+N+R = X --- A+C = V


META-DIALECTICAL POST MATERIALIST EXTER-NATIONAL STATELESS CLASSLESS MONEYLESS & EGOLESS EXISTANCE 1) 2) 3) 1) 2) 3) S = Spartacus = + N = Newton = X E = Einstein = X Hegel + Marx + Lenin + Engel + Trotsky + Mao + Castro = X Bakunin + Kropotkin + Malatesta + Spartacus + Vaneigem = + +X+=+>+X-=X>-X+=X> A = Authoritarian Communism – B = Anarchic Communism. BEAUTIFUL 1) 2) 3) 4) Full of beauty = + Full of ugliness = Indifference = X Permanently Beautiful = n+ UGLIFUL 1. 2. 3. Hate = Loveless. Revenge = Cruelty. Ugliness = Unkindness. BILLIONS WITHOUT LIFE / LOVE The harvest capitalism has sawn – The windows of our minds – Thoughts in the night – Breaking monotony – The people are crying – The battle of survival – Alone & condemned – So called modern times – I am a Sir you are a number – We are fighting a monster today – The lark + the freedom fighter. AC = ANARCHIC COMMUNISM = n + 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)

Anti-political party. Uni-science. Meta-Marxist. Anti-metaphysical. Mega-logical. Post-organization. Supra-creativity. Sub-consciousless. N = +/- 3E = Meta-philosophy.


4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13)

1) Post-Economic = Anti-Military = Para-Education. 2) Anti-Religious = Moneyless Anti-capitalism = Equality. 3) Classless + Stateless = Post-Materialist & Meta-dialectical. Anti-Authoritarian = Exter-National. Universal + Total. N + n = Indefinite number. E + e = Energy. M + m = Mass. <> Infinite direction. S + s = Spartacus (the writer). A + a = Anarchy. C + c = Communism. I + I = Individualism. FORBIDDEN TO FORBID I – Revolutionary. II – Meta-Scientific. III – Post-Artistic. IV – Personal. V – Social. DEMAD BY COMMAND

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Mad – Clean – Don. The possibility of the impossible – Beneath the city a beach. Love & Delilah. Blood – Sweat – Ink + Human Life. Subversive Combination. THE MOVE

1. 2. 3.

Permanent motion – Disobedience or slavery – Money or work – Freedom or death warrant for the will. The elimination of elimination. The destruction of authority + power + command once & forever. CREATIVE SPONTENUETY SPONTANEOUS CREATIVITY

1. 2.

The power of universal unity. The power of love & perfection.] THE UNITY OF THEORY + PRACTICE + CREATION

1) 2) 3)

Remote reality. Preconditioned definitive illusion. Total creation.


META-ARTISTIC DIVREGENCE + THE UNITY OF CRAETION 1) 2) 3) Supra-artistic meta-nomena. Mega-artistic trans-communication + ultra-contact. Trans-positional thoughts (knowledge) & feelings. THE UNIVERSALIZATION OF CONFIDENCE + CREATIVITY THROUGH ANARCHO-ARTISTIC + SOCIO-ARTISTIC MANIFISTATION 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Permanent originality + discovery of the unknown through courage. Multi-layered progressions + advances. The elimination of business + its perverted tools + toys. Socialization of the capitalism of the rich. Freeing art from the claws of business. THE MELODY OF THOUGHT 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Direct Anger. Dr. SS Psychiatry. Perfect Disharmony. Reality is an Illusion. Dirty work – Forced Labor. Brave Brains. Mass Xenophobia. Capitalism > Genocide. Dystopia < 1984. Democracy = Democtatora = Authoritarian Social Psychosis. Idiot majority = The Rumbo consumer = Madonna Rubbish. God is a big lie. Rock – Punk & Blast the system to pieces. Anti-work & Eat the Rich. False Rebels & Dictatorship of the Zoo Oligarchy. Money Buys Everything But Love – Love is Free. The Super Perfect. Bring the System & its Bosses Down. REVOLUTION – FULL VELOCITY AHEAD – ART0-SCIENTIFIC PRAXIS – CAPITAL –A & THE END OF CAPITALISM 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) Anarcho-Sonic. Co-Synchronization. Illusionary Togetherness. Mission impossible. Black & Red without spelling blood. Multi-Dimensional Coordinated Differentials. Class War – The End of All Wars. 3AC = MC = E. Meta-Energy – e = mc + 3ac.


10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) 20) 21)

Self-Exiled at Home = Abroad. Prisoners of Freedom. The Elimination of Desperation. I have no depression or fear in my dictionary. The Conquest of power + its dismantling. They force you to work like a slave. The angry poor. Don’t believe in anyone or anything but in yourself. High Mind. Black Sun & Acid Rain. A shower of shit + everyone looses. Skull Penetrators. TOTAL MUSIC – NEVER DOUBT

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)

The power of love & Justice. Channeled Anger. The Poverty of Technology. The Bankruptcy of Pop & Stardom. Super Stars Bank Account Number. Anti-National Music + Defiance. CLASS MENTALITY WITHIN BOURGEOIS SOCIAL RELATIONS The cure for money + power addiction. The cure of psycho-physiological dependence. The creation of new human being. The elimination + dismantling of the bourgeois + their character. The dissolution of alienated personalities. THE ERA OF CHRONIC CRISES + THE REVOLUTIONARY ANARCHIC TRANSFORMATION The role of the individual in the transposition of the objective reality + the conditioning of reality by the conscious revolutionary individual. Reality that is based on illusion is not an illusion. We have found our loves + renew our desire to live. THE MAKING OF LOVE

1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Love = sex + erotica + pleasure = warmth + kindness. Love = orgasm + touch + smoothness = feeling. Love = sensation + ecstasy + excitement = closeness. Love = stimulation + erection + fun = sympathy. Love = wetness + passion + elevation = satisfaction.


THE OVERCOMING OF PAIN + HARDSHIP THROUGH CONSCIOUS ADVANCE WITH RESISTANCE + STRUGGLE The gradual non-physical elimination of all reactionary elements, through socioanarchic revolution + the creation of new social relations based on mutual aid & trust. INTESIFICATION OF THE PROCESS OF TRANSFORMATION 1. 2. 3. Acceleration of delineation of the upper class + their fetishism. Acceleration of the process of socio-personal reconstruction + direction. Then development + advance of the cerebral cortex + cybernetic composition. NATURALIZATION OF THE INDIVIDUAL + SOCIETY Through revolutionary transformation + metamorphosis. Re-educating + unlearning the person on the basis of honest knowledge and true information & solidarity. TOO LATE TO HATE BUT NOT TOO LATE TO LOVE It is time for my freedom to survive + yours to keep alive. Truths + facts are materials – the truth is also justice which is equality. ABSOLUTE < RELATIVE Creating the way – far away from capitalism. Mission accomplished + the start of new ones. What is next + what is to be done. The prison of poverty + the poverty of capitalist liberty (democracy = demoautocracy). Altered state + consciousness: alienation = law + order = capitalism + labor = punishment + reward. PRIDICTION + PROGNOSTICATION Velocity via – infinitum. Full speed visa-ve distance. Spatio-temporal interaction. Mental avalanche ~ Snowball. The accelerators ~ full forward.


MY LIFE Spartacus Anarchus = Critique of existence = The poverty of civilization + Bad human history. FEAR + THE LAW + THE ART OF FIGHTING Oppression + punishment as the cause of fear + pain. The state system + its economy of the ownership of the means of production as the cause of misery & suffering. Intrinsic + central control = domination + subjugation # resistance & revolt. Objectification of capitalist violence = socio-demographic + socio-generic + sociopathological syndrome. THE POWER OF JUSTICE + FREEDOM Human courage & knowledge = endurance + the art of multi- leveled guerilla warfare. ANARCHY VERSUS ORDER Manic depression is an indirect repression – economico-politico- militaristic rule of the land. CAUSE OF SELF-DESTRUCTION & SELF-INJURY 1. 2. 3. 4. Fetishistic (commodity). Alienation (relation). Reaction (regressive). The conquest of the negative + the elimination of its base & source. PEOPLE ARE THE VICTIMS OF SOCIO-TEMPORAL-SPATIAL SUBDIMMENSION 1. 2. 3. 4. Emancipation. Ignorance. Brutality. A # bc – a # c – a# b = c – a > bc. ANARCHY IN THE UNIVERSE Anarchy in the kingdom of god & money – the transformation of the fiscal and angelic hell unto capitalist satanic paradise. Uprooting the conflict + the resolution of contradiction. Meta-dialectical post-materialist human conduct. Decentralization of power = equal material distribution. Equal distribution of the means of production. The hardship of advance + the laboring pain of development & progression through a permanent state of crises, i.e., anti-justice = anti-wellbeing system of annihilation + lethargy.


The overcoming of obsession + mental catatonic fixation + a variety of neuropsychotic sub-nomena = defect + de-creation. COMBINATION IMPOSSIBLE 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) Decoding the art of discovery. Total conquest of the unknown. Harmonization with nature + the universe by consciously purposed hominoid. De-capitalization through the alteration of human character + behavior by revolt & learning. De-legitimization of the state + its crimes against humanity & freedom. The love of freedom + the fight for human liberation, emancipation + fraternity. 2000 – 2005 - Preparatory appliance of anarcho-social alternative planning for the takeover of power + its eternal elimination by human society. 2005 – 2010 - Concrete application of revolutionary deeds + practices. 2010 – 2015 – Full establishment of anarcho-communism on a large part of planet earth. PERSONAL ANTI-BOURGOISIFICATION + OBJECTIVE NECESSITY 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Life is an essentially anarchic enterprise. Anarchism is humanitarianism that definitely progress unlike the law + order alternative. This is shown by an examination of history + concrete analysis of the relation between idea & action. The only principle that does not inhibit progress in personal liberty. For example: we may use hypotheses that contradict well-confirmed theories +/or well established experimental results. WE MAY ADVANCE INDUCTIVELY KNOWLEDGE BY PROCEEDING META-

A - The consisting condition which demands that a new hypotheses agree with accepted theories is unreasonable because it preserves the older theory + not the better theory. Hypotheses contradicting well-confirmed theories gives evidence that cannot be obtained in any other way. Proliferation of theories gives evidence for life, while uniformity impairs its critical powers. Uniformity also endangers the force developed by society for the individual. B – There is no idea however ancient + absurd, that is not capable of improving our knowledge. The whole history of thought is absorbed into life + is used for improving every single theory. Meta-scientific interference is introduced. It may be needed to overcome the chauvinism of politics + economy that resist alternatives to the status quo. C – Only a meta-theory agrees with all the facts in all domains. Facts are constituted by older ideologies + a clash between facts + theories is a proof of progress. It is also a first step in implementing the equation implicit in every observational notion.


D – As an example of such a meta-theoretical equation is examining the argument, which the Aristotelians used to refute the motion of the earth. The argument involves natural interpretation – ideas so closely connected with observation that it needs special efforts to reject their existence + to determine their content. Galileo identifies the natural interpretation, which are inconsistent with Copernicus + replaced them by others. E – The new natural introduction constitute a highly abstract observational language – the meta-language. It is introduced + cancelled so that one fails to notice the change that has taken place (method of analysis); it contains the idea of relativity of all motion + the law of circular inertia. F – Initial difficulties caused by the change are diffused by ad hoc hypothesis, which turns thus out occasionally to have a positive (motion) function; indicating the direction of future research. THE SAVIOR OF THE PROLETARIAT The man who was sacrificed by the (Mensheviks) for the people was so much loved + admired. That immediately after his death the only thing that is forbidden willingly to is to admire + worship, the new man of the people, the man who has found the road to divinity – ultimate power – Lenin. The state – Perfect power. The state + God. The sun of the state – Lenin. The prophet of the state – Stalin. The prosecutor of gods order + demand. THE EX-RED KREMLIN SQUARE Stalinism + Leninism = Clique of power = Global privilege in the name of the people, to the people, from within the people by authority. Authority of capitalism – Authority of the party – Authority of the company or the state. THE END OF POWER + THE DEATH OF AUTHORITY State power – Socio-economic revolution. Capitalism power – Socio-aggression. Company power – Civil war. A+) Disowning of the means of production + the equal distribution of products. B-) Private obsession with controlling others & with profit (power) + alienated subjectivity in an objective world. THE HUMAN MISRABLE CONDITION A frustrated creature – a slave of the millenium – craft-slave designed particularly for satisfying their master superiors. Well protected by scientificosecurity – ultra-device (CIA) = for the execution + protection of the status quo.

1) 2) 3) 4) 5)


FACIST STAUS – QUO X > Continual bleeding + Intentional inflicting of injuries. X > Severe mental & physical intimidation = the majority of the people are owned either privately or by the state. Private + state ownership of the people. People = Productive force. X > Private ownership = the capitalist. State ownership = the collective dictatorship of the state. X > Control for the constant preservation of the privileged class + for the expansion of their manic need of power + dictatorship. X > Hegelian fanatics – Nazism design of the perfect state + recruit the worker. THE HEALTH OF THE STATE IS WAR – IT TALKKKS PEACE + PREPARES FOR WAR 1) 2) 3) 4) The state + workers + peasants + lawyers + capitalists. Serving the state intellecto-academically. Party ideology + pedagogical deception = Mass Unhappiness. Technocrats + bureaucrats. SUPERIOR – HERDATORY – PREDATORY – CAPITALISM – GENETICAL – ANTHROPOLOGICAL – HISTORICAL OWNERSHIP IN ALL FORMS – THE TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. All ownership is illegal + criminal. Combined ownership = the state + private. The cruelest form of peoples involuntary inferior conditioning. Private power = crimes + oligarchy. State power = Kafka syndrome + punishment. Yankee & Russian napalmism. Nuclear Hiroshimafication of the oppressed. WHITE + BLACK A – Black as property + slave. B – Emperor of the sun. C – Black + Brown + Yellow + White = Multi – colored slaves. D – Slaves in chain + ideology + religion = In cages + the key to the gate is thrown to the ocean of illusion = Money. E – Money – the slave curtain to fog densely the position + location of the key to freedom = Wages / Salary + the unemployable. THE SPREADING OF THE ANARCHIST REVOLUTION Revolutionary expansion through mass influence + persuasion. Honest dedication, exemplary model for revolutionary action + social alternative. The power of love & freedom. The power of knowledge & truth. The power of justice & equity. The corruption + sickness of society.

1) 2) 3) 4)


5) 6) 7)

A disease called alienation. The solution is revolution. The disease of sick society. THE CASE OF SPARTACUS AGAINST THE STATE The defense + defiance case. The execution protocol. Drug charges – personal consumption is against trade + dealing. SOCIALIZATION AS AN ANTI-SOCIAL ASSOCIATION

1. 2.

The negation of the status quo. The anarchic revolution & all the subversive social elements @ subject. LAW AND ORDER

1) 2) 3)

The fear of punishment (law). The fear of fear (pain). The fear of violence & the loss of freedom. DESTRUCTION OF THE STATE & ITS PENAL SYSYTEM THE ABOLITION OF THE MONEY MARKET & CAPITALISM

1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

The conquest of authority. The conquest of fear & pain. The destruction of the prison system. The conquest of the fear of death, injury & torture. The pie is not that high in the sky – take it. SOCIAL CLAUSTROPHOBIA & SOCIAL EXPANSION

1) 2) 3)

Anarcho-communist extraverts. Social isolation = nega-inertia. The creation of freedom.

THE FOUNDATION OF ANARCHIC NETWORK & NAVIGATION & MANIPULATION OF THE SOCIAL CRISES Counter-spectacle manifestation & socio-personal resistance. Brain advancement & the creation of the social alternative. The method of negation & the negation of negation of negation = Deschizophreniazation The rationalization of insanity.


TO CONTEMPLATE FORBIDDEN & IMPOSSIBLE THOUGHTS 1) The rationality of anarchic global revolution. 2) Unexpected historical turns & events. 3) The anarchic revolution is taking place everywhere & in it is own way. The anarchic revolution is occurring & destroying capitalism & building instead a new anarchic society. Optimism & anti-utopianism. Thoughts that are taking place here & now, it seems after all that capitalism will not survive for long – nothing stays forever – this is the real situation. JUSTICE WITHOUT MONEY IS INJUSTICE A ~ Pyramid of oppression. B ~ The triangle of corruption. C ~ Control maniacs. D ~ Worriers of the rainbow. E ~ Destroy, create & stuff your job. ANARCHO-QUALITATIVE TIME & MOTION The formation of social content + meaningful communication + revolutionary social – relationships. The advancement of the level of social consciousness + content of association. The highest level of historico-evolutionary development = co-associative + contributive + totally voluntary. HOW TO MAKE A WORLD REVOLUTION WITHOUT GETTING KILLED De-reality <> Re-reality > Re-writing language < Re-distribution of the future. BEYOND THE LOVE OF LIBERTY - POST-SCIENTIFIC + POSTMATREIALIST META-DIALECTICAL ANTI-PHILOSOPHY The contemporary urban freedom fighter is called anarcho – individualist – communist social revolutionary thinker. They are the only genuine + authentic meta-theoreticians. Post + meta-scientific in their unified totality. They give the truth about the world + change it to how it should really be + should have been. They are allies of no one but facts + consciousness, whether it is practical or postpractical meta-theoretical activity. On these basis the meta-theoretician have risen = advancing. The metatheoretician rejects all other theories + all the philosophies + sciences + religion in the world. They believe that beside humanity no other consciousness exists = matter <> energy > thought <> emotion in permanent motion. There is no room for the specialized sciences + philosophies have always persecuted revolutionary thinkers + their supporters. Anarchy can be understood + applied only by those interested in the progress of humanity, in

4) 5) 6)


wo/man’s post-economic & post-cultural development + classless advances ~ the solution is identical everywhere. THE META-THEORY OF ANARCHY (CIA) SAC 21ST CENTURY The relation of class to personal relationship. Alienation is a social relation that is based on class structure. Good luck + mind where you go. War against the bourgeoisie class. I am sure I am going to haven because I am coming from hell. Difficult times = packing away troubles + going where the grass is greener. The end of the tunnel > Anarchy on the horizon. Classless liberation > The situation can destroy capitalism. THE WORRIERS OF UNLIMITID DESIRE By themselves, some people will abolish every form of terror + terrorism. Certain individuals will ensure that emancipation passes into collective emancipation = the emancipators. ALTERATION & ADVANCEMENT Universal self-management means the free birth of the emancipator that will sweep away the death of the Old World. Growing older is the process by which under capitalism becomes proletarianized – the world on its head will only revert when the choice is simply death or the rebirth of emancipation in each of us. The world upside down reaches its point of possible reversal when the only way out of proletarization through guilt is simply the death of preeminence. The economy grabs people’s emancipation twice, once in their youth + later in what they repress as adults do. New emancipation & intense pleasure without suppression + depression. Whilst economy attempts to fulfil its needs we can grab back our emancipation. Emancipation, in a world, which cannot liberate it, is that change which contains all others. Education introduces intellectual separation into the body. You pay for the mistake of being born by turning your back on life. CONITNUATION OF REVOLUTIONARY STRUGGLE & INSURRECTION 1) 2) 3) Permanent resistance. Constant insurrection. Total revolution. PERSONAL ANARCHIZATION ALTERNATIVE SOCIETY 1) 2) 3) Direct action. Direct disobedience. Direct transformation. + MANIFESTATION OF THE


MOMENTARY VICTORY + CYCLIC DEFEAT 1) 2) 3) 4) Three steps ahead + one back. From each nothing to each nothing. From each everything to each everything. From each something to each something. THE STRUGGLE FOR A MEANING 1) 2) 3) The alteration of mono-existence (monotony). The elimination of boredom + emptiness through creativity + subject matters. The expansion of the limits + advancing beyond the accustomed “possible”. WAR ANARCHISM – STATE OF EMERGENCY – POVERTY 1) 2) 3) When the being is attacked. When attacking. Defeat + victory. THE ART OF LOVING & CONVINCING 1) 2) 3) Honesty. The conquest of weakness. The elimination of the weak link. EVOLUTION OF THE PRESENT SITUATION Chaos – Harmony – Order – Collapse – Stability – Extremity - Deterministic – Free – Intensification of critical state & expansion of crises towards its resolution. Dissipative > Dispersion > Bifurcation > branching to 2,3. THE ESSENCE OF CHANGE THE FIRST YEARS OF THE 21ST CENTURY THE FIRST TEN YEARS OF THE 21ST CENTURY A – Capitalism … a … deterministic domination. B – Power … b … efficient organization. C – Revolution … actual totality. REACTION & ACTION 1. 2. 3. Conscious participation of individuals + groups. De-recruitment + re-directing the empowered individual + group. Alternative recommendation + the destruction of capitalism + state power.


THE UNIVERSAL BRAIN & ITS EXPRESSION OF PROGRESS & REAL REVOLUTION 1. 2. 3. The brain & its elasticity. General (universal) theory. Specific (personal) [[Meta-theory]]. DE – PSYCHIATRY 1. 2. Colossal … Cosmic … Global meta-process … Anarchic structure. Mathematics of mental activity – past – present – future. A SYSTEM OF BRAIN-WAHSING The development of the [[Meta-structure]] for future anarcho-social, individual + economic communism. THE FREEZING OF EMOTION Poverty … Alienation … Fetishistic estrangement. BRAIN WASTE 1) 2) Inactivity + malfunction. The creation of new brain without the id, ego, sub, pre, or Paraunconsciousness. THE ANRCHO COMMUNIST META-NOMENA 1. 2. The logic of meta-conscious. Dimensional decentralization. THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE BRAIN 1) 2) 3) Elimination of the sub + pre + unconsciousness. Emancipation + the abolition of authority. The destruction of power = instead of authority equality + instead of domination fraternity. POST-DIALECTICAL META-MATERIALISM We are entering a new era, a new post-historical time > the anarchic phase > an era in which both feeling & thought, being & becoming can be incorporated into a single non-contradictory existence.


THE STRUGGLE AGAINST HISTORY Given the functioning of imperial power – colonial system, by which those up + above prosper at the expense of those below + behind. It areas of industrial backwardness like the West Bank _ the Gaza-strip, that suffer most. It is not astonishing that they have nurtured a search for some radical escape from the dead end colonial politics + Zionist capitalism. That nationalism provides so much escape, the nation state within capitalism should by now have been sufficiently demonstrated. Nationalism = underlying ideological confusion of this case = depersonalizing inequalities of competitive riches + poverty = depersonalizing process of militaristic central government. The trap of nationalism = a symptomatic reaction to colonialism. MAY DAY ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ The dream is a reality. The will is a reality. It is forbidden to forbid. It is criminal to be legal. The state is each of us. Be realist demand the impossible. Be logical demand the un-demandable. Anarchy is I. Anarchy is we. The aggressor is not he who revolts but he who does not. The violent is not he who revolt but he who orders. A wo/man is not stupid or clever – s/he is free or s/he is not. A wo/man is not weak or strong – s/he is equal or s/he is not. A revolution that requires you to sacrifice yourself for it, is a revolution that belongs to daddy. A revolution that requires you to obey yourself for, is a revolution that belongs to daddy. Beneath the pavement is the beach + beneath the bricks is paradise.


CONSCIOUS TRANSFORMATION OF REALITY – EXPERIENTIAL TIMES 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Conscious experiential formation. Designed Intra-objective subjectivity. Structural time + constant discovery + conscious permanence. Operative creativity + functional perception. [[Meta-dialectical post-materialism]] = the resolution of contradiction. THE ELIMINATION OF IDEALISM & DIALECTICS 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Post-historical materialism. Post-scientism. Dissipative theorization. Re-bifurcation + de-conditioning. Re-timing = time function + multi-arrowhead relativistic materialism. THE DISCOVERY OF THE ULTIMATE 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) Intra-specific synchronicity. Deferential correlation. Predictive improbability. The limitation of statistics. Logarithmic information. Mystery + the unknown exposed + revealed. Deviation – norms + purposeful spatial/temporal orientation – the introduction of continuous meaning & cognition. Irreversible time arrow > Dissipative > far from equilibrium. Bifurcation < reversible + circular time < far from harmonium. THE BEGINIG OF THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY THE END OF CAPITALISM SOCIO-INDIVIDUAL ANARCHO-COMMUNIST REVOLUTION THE PERMANENT REVOLUTION STRUGGLE – CREATIVITY. SPONTANEOUS – EQUITY – FREE WILL. PERSON – ORGANIZATION – PROPERTY – LAW. FREE # CONDITIONED = STATUS + REACTION. REVOLUTION + CHANGE. FEAR – VIOLENCE.



Reject power + refuse the moral confinement of the past. The nation-state = nationalism = the decline of revolution. The entrapment of nationalism = history = a regime of unequal property Capitalist nationalism = service to capital + state. Without authority = tribelism – political + economical capitalism – religion – morality. The race = nation = encompass distinct physical + mental characteristics = material trade = a tribe in antagonism with its past. INSTEAD OF HAPPINESS MISERY That prosperity should involve the stubborn pollution of our lives, by greed + loneliness + distrust, as it stubbornly pollute the very air we breathe with the waist product of profit. It happens that we should feel ourselves now the helpless objects of a social mechanism with a movement, a will of its own. That the same property which was to enhance our sense of individual value + liberty, should have deprived us of it. TOTAL REVOLUTION = THE CIA TOTA; RECOVERY = DESALINATION EMANCIPATION & META-THEORETICO-POST-PRACTICAL ANARCHOINDIVIDUALIST COMMUNIST REVOLUTIONARY GUIDANCE 1. 2. 3. Recruitment through personal attraction. Conscious activism, socio-revolutionary participation through totally coordinated, synchronized knowledge _ self-manifestation of liberty & love. Courage, [[Meta-negation]] of authority + the conquest of fears + punishments. On the basis of all this an anarcho-individualist communist movement comes into existence + starts to expand horizontally + vertically within the social reality. Causing an immediate + radical transformation of the individuals + groups concerned + the transformation of their respective objective conditions. Mobilization of the material + socio-individual energies towards a total transformation + a total [[Anarcho-revolution]]. The creation of social navigators + orientates for the directing of the [[Anarcho-universal revolution]]


Anarcho-revolutionary individuals + groups for the creation + formation of the [[Social revolution]] + the alternative socio-economic relations. A fighting movement to combat counter-revolutionary manifestation. The creation socio-conscious + socio-individual meta-theoretical activities / operations for the transformation of society through personal + collective coordination & cooperation. Maximization of energy conservation + accumulation for the dissolution + decondensation of social + individual power. [[Communist individualist anarchy]] capable of [[Anarcho-Universal Revolution]] which is meta-theoretical navigation, direction, guidance + orientation by the deed. Coordination + cooperative inter-personal + inter-social Mutualism + universalization. Synchronization of the socio-personal + evolutionary / revolutionary [[Meta-ontology]] & [[Meta-epistemology]] of etiology. Anarchization of the personality + the group + their transformation through creativity + constant discovery. The transformation also of the psycho-emotional + intellectual [[Meta-Knowledge]] [[Meta-theory]] [[Supra-morphosis]]. The implementation of a higher [[Meta-dialectical post-materialist]] nonantagonistic entities + the formation of a different alternative. The creation of [[Anarcho-Universal Revolution]] through a post-economical [[Post-capitalism]] or [[Meta-economy]] + [[Anti-capitalism]] & its relations & guerilla communications. THE UNIVERSAL EQUATION FOR PROBLEM SOLVING 1) 2) 3) The [[Meta-negation]] of negation = de-negation. Direction + navigation of [[Meta-ontology]] [[Supra-morphosis]] re-progress. Supra-dimensional alteration. CONSCIOUS TOTALITY AS TOTAL EQUALITY Practical rebel + their socio-conscious informative, liberatory + penetrative effect through deeds & action & actualization of [[Meta-theory]]. SOCIO-PERSONAL PARALYSIS Apathy – lethargy – passivity – inactivity – indifference – impotence – frigidity – stiffness. Total loss of will power = mental + emotional collapse. Socio-economical + politico-historical conditioning = de-conditioning the subjective realm of the objective. Epileptic stasis = catatonic fit = de-personalization = de-humanization = subconscious motivation = crises. Electro-chemotherapy = biological + psychopathological change. Addiction <> remedy – cure – assistance. Addiction <> punishment – torture – crippling. Addiction <> drugs – pleasure – artificial stimulation + elevation. Vanishing by death means ceasing to exist in space & time & velocity & mass. The sub-existence > meta-existence. There is something to write about yet. About the nega-situation.


Material emancipation of the masses. Prosperity of everyone is happiness. Material discrimination is cruelty. Love is hate lost. Communication is unity of theory & practice. Hardship is a losing struggle. Suffering is a constant failure + pain. The creation of impossibility. The solution of the unknown. Only permanent struggle. The pains of failing. The agony of poverty. The misery of the poor. [[Anarcho-revolution]] – unity of action & [[Meta-Knowledge]]. Experimental [[Anarcho-revolutionary theory & practice]] in the social experience. The conquest of fear + the sub-pre-conscious. The liberation of thought. The emancipation of feeling > [[Meta-conscious]] emotions. Radical alteration of the subjective > objectification. Transformation of the self + social relations. The creation of new brain > the meta-brain. Destruction of the old social structure with all its relations + institutions. The creation of [[Social revolution]]. Dissolution of all contradictions + antagonism = [[Meta-negation]]. The automation of automation > the liberation of the individual. THE UNIVESAL APPLICATION OF THE THEORY OF RELATIVITY 1. 2. 3. 4. Total potential. Manifestation + realization. Correct + total actualization. Synchronization + [[Anti-god & Anti-master]]. S.A.SS - STIMULATION – ANARCHIC – [[SPARTACUS]] 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) [[Meta-chaos]] – meta-phase < multi-dimensional <> [[Meta-conscious]] <> de-existence. [[Supra-morphosis]] into- two-dimensional [[Meta-matrix]]. Supplementary stimulant assistance for increasing the rate + pace of development + velocity of the subject (motion). The start of multi-dimensional elevation. Convergence of natural psycho-emotional [[Meta-matrix]]. [[Meta-axiom / Meta-praxis]] [[Meta-nomena]] <> the anarchization of inertia. The dangers of rise & fall is combated by [[Meta-ethic & Meta-aesthetic]] direct anarchic penetrative intervention + coordinating stability + harmony. THE TRAGIDY OF PRESENT DAY EXISTENCE The alpha & delta connection [[Meta-prognostication]].


Tranquil sensation. Compensatory transformation. Co-human being. Sexual pleasure > co-pleasure. Stimulation increases via the manifestation of positive pleasure [[Meat-metaphysics]]. Go ahead is healthy. Senso-erotical contact. META-SCIENTIFIC HUMANE DISTRIBUTION 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


The destruction of all political practice. The abolition of capitalism/socialism + the economical system. High living standard for all. Comfort & pleasure for everyone + total distribution. Identical equality in income + expenditure [[Meta-economy]]. People’s control over the means of production + all products. Anarcho-communist social relations. De-idealization [[Anti-idealism]] + de-politicization of philosophy [[Metaphilosophy]] [[ANTI-PHILOSOPHY]]. Total individual self-determination + independence + maximal social responsibility. THE ART OF REVOLUTION


2. 3. 4.

The science of anarchy [[Meta-science]] + the anarchy of science [[METAPHILOSOPHY]] = Meta-anarchy = [[Meta-philosophy]] = Meta-theory]]. [[Meta-dialectical post-materialism]] = [[Meta-economy]] = [[METAKNOWLEDGE]]. The [[Meta-nomena]] = [[Meta-structure]] of universal unity + co-existence. The art of freedom & liberty [[Meta-contradiction]] > [[Anarchorevolution]]. THE DESCOVERY OF THE SECRETS OF LIFE & FREEDOM 1) Total direction of the natural forces + activities of the brain [[Meta-brain]]. 2) Socio-individual + psycho-emotional navigation. 3) The complete conquest of fear + violence. Infinite harmonization of all contradiction [[Meta-negation]] + the unification of [[Meta-knowledge]]. [[Communist individualist anarchy]] is the creation of the future + the delimitation of consciousness [[Anti-absolute]] [[Meta-conscious]]. Universalizatioin of behavior + objectivization of the self. Revolutionizing of behavior + thinking + the emancipation of the mind & feeling. [[ANARCHISM]] VERSES MARXISM – LENINISM The science of science > [[Meta-science]]. The art of art > [[Meta-alienation]].

4) 5) 6) 7)


The love of love > [[Meta-fear]]. AC > The [[Meta-structure]] 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) [[Meta-theory]]. Meta-methodology [[Meta-synthesis]]. [[Meta-state]] [[Anti-vote no government]]. Anti-organization [[Meta-chaos]] = post-organization [[Post-capitalism]]. Individual [[Meta-spartacus]] + social [[Anarcho-Social-Revolution]] + theoretical + practical creation. [[Meta-science]] > [[Meta-philsophy]] > Meta-art. A = a = AC. B = b = AC. [[Post-money]] anarcho-communist post-cultural society. Anarcho-communist socio-personal [[Meta-dialectical post-materialism]] with its social relations. Intra-individual psycho-emotional + [[Meta-intellect]] – sexual + artisticoscientific interrelationship. ABC – AC 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) What are the sciences – Ideological deceit. What is Marxism – Leninism – Party hegemony. What is political economy – The science of domination. What is philosophy – Sophism. What is scientific communism – Authoritarian oligarchy. What is dialectical materialism – Quasi-materialist politics. What is historical materialism – Ideological demagogy. What is capitalism – private capital. What is labor – Slavery. What is surplus value Exploitation. What is property – Robbery. What is classes + class struggle – Quantitative differentials + Ridiculous wage increase. What is a party – Ruling minority. What is the state – Tyranny. What is revolution – Destruction + Construction. What is transition period – False motion. What are the working people – Waged slaves. What is the world socialist system – State-capitalist power.

ANARCHISM – ANARCHY + ISM 1) 2) Theory that all form of government interfere unjustly with individual liberty + should be replaced by a system of voluntary cooperation. Resistance through struggle.


THE ANARCHIST 1) 2) A person who believes in or advocates anarchy. A person who promotes anarchy. ANARCHY An = Without. Archos = Leader The complete absence of government. Political disorder // collapse + war + poverty + violence. Disorder in any sphere of ordered activity. ANARCHO – COMMUNISM – COMMUN + ISM Common = Shared by all. Ism = Theory. A theory or logic based on the ownership of all property by the community as a whole. Anarcho-communism = AC. Anarcho-socialism = AS. A stateless + classless society based on the equal distribution of everything. The capitalist governing form in the world aims towards the opposite of this. AC = Anti-political movement for establishing of the [[Anarcho-social revolution]]. [[Anarcho-revolutionary theory & practice]] and [[Meta-methodology]] for communist anarchism. ANARCHO-COMMUNIST 1) 2) An agitator or a radical supporter of [[Communist individualist anarchism]]. Active advocate of an [[Anarcho-revolution]]. ANARCHO - SOCIALISM 1) A theory of the ownership & operation of the means of production + distribution by society rather than by states or private individuals, with all members of society sharing the products and services – From each according to her/his choice to each according to her/his choice. Anti-political [[Post-capitalism]] a movement for the establishment of [[Anarchy]]. Socialism is just another name for communism > the first stage after the end of capitalism [[Anti-capitalism]] = The elimination of state & private ownership of the means of production + distribution = erased forever from the face of earth. ANARCHO – SOCIALIST 1) An activist + supporter of anarcho-socialism.

1) 2) 3)

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)

2) 3)



An agitator for [[Anarcho-Universal Revolution]] ANARCHO – COLLECTIVISM A theory of common ownership + operation of the means of production & distribution by the people collectively = Collective ownership. ANARCHO – COMMUNISM ANARCHO – SOCIALISM ANARCHO – COLLECTIVISM ANARCHO – SITUATIONISM – ANARCH – ASSOCIATIONISM – ANARCHO – FEDERALISM – ANARCHO – EXTER – NATIONALISM ANARCHIC LOVE Amour = Eros = love. A person occupied with love & lovemaking. Amorous = Fond of making love = In love = Full of love & erotic desires. THE TOTAL CRISES Critical manifestation of the specific + [[Anarcho-universal revolution]]. TRANSFORMATIVE GENERAL META-MORPHOSIS

1) 2) 3)

Universalization of the specific + vice-versa. Orientation + navigation of the critical moment. The creation of new objective conditions through acts of revolt. UNIVERSAL + SUBJECTIVE (PERSONAL) SOCIO-ECONOMIC + PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL + INTELLECTUAL MEGAFORMATION – THE META-ENTITY

 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)

+>AC = E = MC3. N + 1. SA + N + 1. L + £100 M + = C. AC = C = MC3 = MA3. Reality = The sum of illusions = Factual / sensual. ANARCHISM BY ATTRACTION COMMUNISM BY NECESSITY SOCIAL + PERSONAL PROBLEMS / SOLUTIONS Unjust – Social <> [[Meta-alienation]] + Privacy. Loveless – personal – asexual <> Loneliness + isolation. Motion > Transformation > Change > Development. Life = Contact > Stimulation.


ALTERNATIVE EXISTENCE & SUB-EXISTENCE META-EXISTENCE Workers 3/4 = Slaves + Servants. Rich 1/8 = Masters + Lords (The Boss). AC ^ 1/8=Social Revolutionaries. Love = of women = love of mothers & humanity. Revolution = Destruction & Creation. THE FINAL REVOLT – ANARCHIC POST VIOLENCE 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) [[Post-capitalism]] – Post-violence + Truth + Rights + Justice = AC. Violence + Lies + Wrongs + Crimes against humanity = C = A. A - = Capitalism. C - = State Socialism. A + = [[Anarchy]]. C + = Communism. AC = Class war [[Meta-Class]] – state war + civil war. A + C = @ Revolution. A0C0 = Illusion. A1C1 = Society. A2C2 = Specific. A3C3 = Universal. E = Energy + Power + Force. AC Love = Equity + Freedom. Freedom = Love + Equality. Equality = Love + Freedom. 1/3A + 1/2C = 1AC = AC. A/C = 1/1 = 1. A = 1 = ½ + ½. C =1 = ½ + ½. AC = 2 + e = 3. E = 1 = 1X1 = e. AC + e =3. E = mc2. AC = E = mc3. AC =mc COSMO – MACRO X MICRO NATURE 1) 2) 3) Mass = Matter. 1,2,3 …n = M + n. C = E3 – Energy + Force + Power. LIGHT & CONSCIOUS ENERGY T = Velocity.


Distance = Time. Velocity = d x t. E = sec x km. 1 = e1 = Light. 2 = e2 = Energy. 3 = e3 = Human energy. C = Light. B = Sub-Light. A = Post-Light = Meta-energy. C1 > C2 < C3 = e1.2.3. E = cm2. M = c2 / e. C=m/e THE MODERN STATE OF MIND & THE RADICAL METAMORPHIC REVOLUTION OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) [[Meta-conscious]] breakthrough in the historico-evolutionary + the [[Metaontology]] of revolutionary development of the brain. Chemico-electrical + psycho-anarchical development of mentality & thought. Emotional emancipation because of an extreme conscious advance. The test of tests + the tests of change and time. Universal theory and practice + its direct multi-dimensional concrete application > construction + its manifestation in all forms & operations. The permanence of universal [[Meta-knowledge]] + its [[Supra-morphosis]]. THE LEFT OF CAPITAL ANTI –LEFT ANTI-MARXISM - LENINISM ANTI-POSTMODERNISM A bourgeois socio-political trend – its main principle being acceptance of the estate – of all political power in general – which is regarded exclusively as an organ of the boss/workers. Characteristic features of modern Marxist-Leninism (the left + post-modernism) are acceptance of political struggle within the framework of capitalism + the denial of the immediate need for the destruction of the state. The left (Marxism & Liberalism) accepts the “need” for a state & state power for a permanent period of non-transition > from rule of the bourgeoisie to the rule of different bourgeoisie. Anti-anarchist communism emerged as a particular reflection from viewpoint of the bourgeois strata + like-minded Intellegensia –especially after the 18th - 21st centuries of bourgeoisie revolution – of the role of the party in the life of society – of the rise of various means of ideological, theoretical, moral + other kinds of methods for oppressing the people. Political & economical domination + rule of the bourgeois class = the coercion of the ruled. Exposing the formal character of dictatorship under capitalism = bourgeois democracy = [[Democtatora]] = the rich wo/man state mainly + tendency toward total control > leading to the subjugation of society.


Leftism = utopian capitalism. Being a form of political utopianism it took the class way of life to absurd reformism by accepting the state + centralism as a necessary stage for the transformation of society – from a society of bourgeois oppression to a society of oppression of the bourgeois. The difference in principle between Marxism + Anarchism is first of all that the former want to strengthen the state overnight – not understanding the condition under which the classes can be abolished. The later while aiming at the immediate creation of classless society recognize that this aim can only be achieved after the state has been abolished by the [[Anarcho-Social Revolution]]. While insisting on the strengthening of the state machinery, Marxists have clear idea of what the people will replace it with + how the latter will use its revolutionary power. They even accept that the ruling government should exercise state power + the necessity of preparing the proletariat for obedience with the bourgeois state. The term Marxism (authoritarian communism) is trialectic – its three proponents tried to rest their theoretical construction on Hegelian ideas and idealism – on diverse dialectical theories [[Meta-dialectical post-materialism]] – even on [[Anarchism]]. Some ideologists of authoritarian communism have been obsessed and dogmatic about theory. A quite outright exposition of authoritarian communism (anti-anarchism) is Joseph Stalin – a Russian petty-bourgeois nationalist revolutionary head of party-state of the 1930s. He held that a social order of authoritarian leadership – for society & the party-state are locked in an irreconilable unity. Proceeding from collectivism Stalin accepted both the state + dictatorship + the needed for a centralized authority formation. At about the same time, the ideas of anti anarchist communism were being propounded by Lenin and Mao-Tsetung – Chinese and Russian petty-bourgeois socialists who were responsible for the term Cultural Revolution and the New Man being introduced > What is to be done > What is next > The big leap > Intellectual farmers etc. Like Stalin Mao came out for not only a state as an instrument of proletarian power but also for those bourgeois teachings that recognized the importance of centralism for the building of a new society. At the same time + in contrast to Stalin – Mao viewed the future society as being based on land reforms – on agreement between state agencies. Hence a peculiar form of Mao’s petty bourgeois despotism = “communism” = “communalism” a system of communal non-benefits. This synthesis of community and state was nothing but a materialized petty bourgeois conception of equal classes + fair exchange of products by land workers. In the 1910s V.L.Lenin – a Russian revolutionary – a Bolshevik - who was active mostly in East-European politics, further elaborated the idea of statecommunism. Kropotkin was strongly critical of Lenin & State-Communism in general. Lenin had a peculiar theory of his own – a medley of Marxism & Socialism. The chief point concerning the former is that it does regard capital – the class antagonism between capitalists + wage & un-waged workers which has risen through social development + the state as the main evil to remain.


The activities of Marx & his followers showed clearly the inconsistency of state communism as an ideology for a social movement. In a word they preached full centralism – insisted on authoritarian play of disciplinary conduct + accepted the illusion for revolutionaries to organize a political party – in fact they set up a party of their own directed from the center + veered towards dictatorship. Thus the communist party was turning into bourgeois-democratic authoritarianism + even into a perfect model of back-room capitalism. At the beginning of the 21st century – Eastern Europe was swept away by statecapitalism which accepts the dictatorship role of a politico-economical party in the workers movement + regards political “struggle” & party activity as sufficient for organizing + emancipating the proletariat. In the Western liberation movement the ideas of anti-anarchic communism did not gain much ground though they did cause it some harm – overall Eurocommunism could never dissociate itself from Leninism. There was some revival of state-communism in the civil war of Spain in the course of which centralist communism degenerated into a counter-revolutionary trend. The struggle against authoritarian communism remains a necessary aspect of the [[Anarcho-revolutionary theory & practice]] and the anarcho-communist movement activities now. The experience of the modern class [[Meta-class]] struggle shows that the activities of authoritarian communist parties – relying on neo-Leninist bureaucratic precepts can cause much damage to the spontaneous [[Anarcho-social revolution]] and its movement.
Bourgeois communist demands + activities by modern communists who are not averse to slandering anarchic groups – objectively play a police role for they allow the ruling regimes to turn the whole mass movement for social change into passivity + to use impotent means against it.


2) 3) 4)

Infinity = e mc3. C = ½ \ ½ ac3 = E = e+c3/m. (x + y + n) = emc3 = E. A-S-C / e-m-c2+1/n.

THE POWER OF SOCIAL ALIENATION + ITS DISALIENATION Revolutionary emancipation through the alternation of the alienatory objective condition of this despotic/des-topic reality - [[Meta-reality]]. The importance of the anarcho-individual in the process of transforming reactionary society & reality. The powers of the mind [[Meta-brain]] + love + liberty + their application & manifestation in [[Anarcho-revolutionary theory]] with its individualist communist dimension. The difficulties in advancing the minds + emotions of alienated individuals + societies.


Revolutionary socio-personal + ontologically intelligent activities against impossible factual oppression + psycho-material limitations in the movement of total liberation. The reduction of the capacity to love – the diminishing sense of liberty is a major obstacle facing revolutionary liberation. The conquest of the impossible [[Anti-absolute]] & transposition to eventual possibility [[Meta-entity]] & realized actuality – mission accomplished [[Metaalienation]]. REVOLUTIONARY ANRCHO-INDIVIDUALIST-COMMUNISM = R.A.I.C = 2000 – 3000 AC – POOR OF THE WORLD UNITE – UNIVERSAL UNIFICATION – THE FALL OF CAPITAL – THE POWER OF KNOWLEDGE & THE MIND Anarchization of the world population + transformation of the progressive section of the people. [[Exter-national meta-Communication]] & [[Guerilla communication]] with society through the equalization of distribution & consumption > [[Anarchorevolution]] in action. Revolutionary individual transformation of humanity is forward. Socio-revolutionary [[Meta-symbiosis]] and [[Supra-morphosis]] of anarchoconscious [[Meta-conscious]] manifestation – universal – evolutionary – historically – socially & personally towards total happiness – freedom – equality – justice & permanent pleasure RED CIRCLED – A – ON BLACK The errors of a Marxist make your rule rather than the perfection of an anarchist. Words that fit in the mouth only after all the teeth have been broken. The death of life goes by another name – it is usually called the birth of god. [[Anti-technocracy]] - intoxicated by its heady sobriety – methodologically slits its own throat all the while mistaking the elongated wound for a smile – selfgrave digging professional well-paid experts – the techno-parasite. In these heavy days the head has little appetite for freedom – instead it has developed a taste for an improved slavery. Not by wrath but by laughter do we slay – come lets us slay reason of gravity. The rivers of Hercules were at least fresh & lowing while the stream of consciousness that now must be detoured has been cut off from its source + became stagnant cesspool. The – A - is the highest letter of nihility – its confessional faith is boldly heretical – its ten commandment are one – it begins where the dictionary ends. Within these pages nothing is not as it seems. REBEL TAKE OVER [[Meta-dystopia]] – the last party – ultra anti-establishment [[Anti-law]] Only the anarchist is both motivated & sharp enough to fire the first shot in the [[Anarcho-universal revolution]].


It irritates people on conscious and subconscious level to be told that not only their cause isn’t sacred but that some people eat it with ketchup. The – A – arrangement is essential – it advances the head/brain of normals – actually rebuilds them + they join sometimes + not just with words. The – A – gets people to abandon all role models – like heroes + gods + [[governance]]. The world has already been screwed in the past – but with me a different future is in the making – hope is restored + soon to be accomplished. The battle plan – operation mindfuck –anti-conspiracy – the love of disorganization + hating the relentless march towards a compulsive overorganization. His name is probably among those who in the FBI-CIA <> the secret service & anyone else whose job is to watch people like – A + make sure he doesn’t go on to founding a provocateur cell within the movement or anything like that. Work is the most destructive yet least admitted of the conspiracy of tools and exploitation QUIT YOUR JOB – FIND A JOB <> ELIMINATE HUMAN LABOR YOU ELIMINATE MISERY I tried to explain it to people – even come anarchists have trouble making this [[META-PHILOSOPHY]] leap – all the way to its conclusion. Though it is universally accepted that work is some inevitable thing like breathing or eating and that the human race will have to live with. It is a rule so imbedded in all cultures that it is has always been practically unspoken. It’s nearly impossible for people to really conceptualize this – so deeply has it been hammered into the very core of their being. Only few don’t carry the blisters by their permanent persistence for the abolition of work. It may take humanity another 7000 years, if we don’t intervene, that “work” as currently defined is the root of all evil – but if we start working at abolishing work now it might take only 7 years before we can get rid of work completely. What do we suggest as a replacement for toil – the answer to that is creativity & creation – let robots & automatons do the jobs that no person would want to do anyway – the shit work? I should need to spell out that it isn’t “work” per se that bother us but the predicament that only the born rich can avoid – having to spend half a life and more on something you really don’t want to do. Communism & its entire ilk take work for granted (+ pay is lousy to boot) – in effect – A – is drilling patiently away at the very foundation of our civilization – the rotten core. The left as the right is the target + getting closest to them it becomes easier to bring a knockout. The – A – is not on the side of the center or the left side but rather above & beyond them – this is subversion from an entirely new direction + different dimension. In an entirely new operation – from above & from below – one side of the political spectrum is bad as the other when you’re standing this far away. As an anti-authoritarian communists [[Meta-marxism]] we don’t want everyone equally poor – but we want everyone just plain rich – but without working – brilliant actuality – this civilization is a stupid bad dream.


If our future predecessors would have seen us in the archive they would have puked – A – as it is today was born into the previous century but is puking anyway – indeed its puking everywhere it can – s/he wants you to know that you cannot hide from the puke. The – A – want’s to have the cake & the bakery & eat it too – why is it too much to ask – what’s the point in having the damn cake unless you are going to eat it. What you gonna do with it – show it to your friends – what’s the point in being able to afford leisure if you don’t have the time for it. We have work to do if we don’t want to waste our lives on some job. To support yourself you have to work for the revolution just like everybody else – your only other alternative if s/he wants to spend the her/his time on what s/he does best is poverty. A – knows it will live to see the [[Anarcho-social revolution]] happen – it’ll happen in our time – partly because it managed not to work so hard. Big hate for the work that keeps us going – speaking just for the – A – it does not want revenge for few years – they have already taken that – but it wants revenge for all the punishment & injury they have already inflicted. They’ve ¾ of working hours – damaged 2/4 of my body & mind – extorted more than ½ of my dreams + without any doubt screwed 25 years of my life thanks to imprisonment + forced hospitalization + thanks to the hypertension – stress – anxiety – etc. Most will die of work – even if I can eventually make a living of the things I like – i, e. endless writing like this – instead of corporate uselessness – it’s still all very wrong. I should have to – I do mind doing it – what I mind is the fact that I am not given a choice. In conditions of this kind only controlled practice of schizophrenia can allow one to stay sane – no wonder the writing is so will – no wonder s/he does all this antiwork work for liberty & [[Anarchy]] – s/he has to even go madder. Some day soon it will happen – this certainly demonstrates an almost super human amount of optimism (anti-optimism) – a hope even deeper than the pit – A – finds you all in the now. A – isn’t throwing books – is writing books & composing music. Soon the big boss will go down – wait @nd see. There is hope but not much pay. Some day soon history (the end of history) – [[Meta-his-story]] will be divided into before - A - & after – A – because in some future time & place – quit soon – the young will act upon it + give birth to the [[Social revolution]] in the near future. The [[Emancipator]] & the [[Liberator]] - [[Spartacus]] THE – A – IS ME & B PLAGIRISM - Nihilistic hedonism 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Atheistic Iconoclasm. Xerography & other ephemera from eternal exter-network. Apocrypha. Sweet revolution Polymedia. Maximum security + routine work/art


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Humanity in ruin. Disconcerted states of mind. Massed ranks of lump-proletariat. Porn-sects + other irresistible forces. Living on borrowed time and rented bedroom. False mental. Desire in ruins. META-PHILOSOPHY

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Non-idealist dialectic must also be a non-materialist dialectic. It is not enough to turn the Hegelian dialectic upside down – thus substance unchanged – we have to chop its head. Marxist necessity = mambo-jumbo about providence. MONEY = SLAVERY In anarcho-communist [[Anti-hierarchy]] – society there would be no wages for labor – there wouldn’t be labor too – for any kind of wage or labor is a form of compulsion. In – A - society all goods + services will be freely available to who needs them. Need not work should decide how things are distributed + in anarchic society need can only be defined freely. The wealth of society is created collectively + it is impossible to measure any individual contribution so the social wealth must be enjoyed collectively also. Inequality & private property in factory – land + so on. Must be abolished – capitalism is not to be replaced by state ownership – the authoritarian socialist ambition – but by an [[Exter-national meta-Communication]] - [[Externet/web]] – exter-network of voluntary cooperation & coordination. Where there is authority no freedom - Slavery is murder – Property is the theft – Work is exploitation – State is domination – Authority is punishment.

THERE IS NO WORK IN ABUNDANCE 1) The left is not between socially passive subjectivism + a politically active reformism (the prevailing society as it moves from crises to crises will eliminate these reactionaries conditions) but between the right extremism of the capitalist nazis & the revolutionary radicalism of the anarchists. To drop out is to drop in + visa-versa. Power to the creation. It is forbidden to forbid. Life without dead time. Work when you must/can – work is for slaves & the non-living. Declass. De-bourgeoisification <> de-institutionalization <> de-alienation. SOCIO-INDIVIDUAL DOMESTICATION

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Since science was put to the service of capital the recalcitrant workers docility was assured. The resistance of the first workers in the factory manifested itself primarily in one of the rare things that belong to them + of which they were being dispossessed – their time. There is always a tendency to rationalize insults when revenge does not take place – the new workers morality turned poverty into a state of grace + austerity into a virtue. Marxism + neo-liberalism are everywhere the most effective force opposing the passionate desire to live. An injury to one is an injury to all. Who’s the real terrorist – the capitalist system + its main representative the famous USA. > No more slavery as before. > It is time to destroy the state. Eat the rich – feed the poor. In the anarchic society people will communicate intuitively – gratification will be instantaneous + joy will be the character of existence – this is after we have licked an acid drop & began our trip / journey into the horror of human history and the history of war and terror. The [[Anarcho-social revolution]] - the movement that began to shape the New World + at this point it is in the making. What separates Marx from an animal is his writing + what separates him from anarchists is his work on the necessity & insistence on determinism = metadeterminism. NATIONAL LIBERATION MOVEMENT OR MOVEMENT FOR THE LIBERATION OF THE LOCAL BOURGEOISIE Each of the “liberation” movements such as the IRA-ANC-PLO-FLM-FDR-ETC – seek only to establish political states – their own cops + a capitalist economy. It always possible to abolish private property at any time or place + those who claim otherwise have interest & gain from it + living by its misery. The correct function of an anti-Statism [[Meta-state]] + anti-capitalist [[Postcapitalism]] movement should not be a rooting section for those who would set up the next tyranny but their critics. The interests of those people directly oppressed by capitalism would be best served by subverting the ability of the empire to dominate the weaker people through the encouragement of mutinies in the armed forces + taking part on a critical basis in the anti-capitalist movement. Many of t he pro-national liberation struggles – statements + arguments show a basic lack of understanding of how capitalism moves across the planet. In many ways this shallow understanding of world economy comes from a nationalist fixation + the will to power which is the direct by product of bourgeois competition & diminished will power. The amount of work per capita increases with the evolution of culture + the amount leisure per capita decreases. ‘This land is mine’ & found some one to believe him – put differently – ‘mine + yours bit thing’ – the seed of social mischief.


Agriculture creates + elevates possessions + longing root of belonging – as if they ever make up for the loss. Organization within capital is called gangs.