PREFACE. ACKNOWLEDGMENT. A. B. C. D. E. F. E. F. G. H. I. Beyond the Love of Wisdom. Meta-philosophical Dialectical Materialism. The Age of Meta-philosophical Revolution. The 21st Century Meta-philosophical Universal Culture. Beyond the Marxist Tradition: Meta-Marxism. The Meta-economical Revolution. Application and Realization of the Scientific Meta-economy. Stateless, Nationless, Moneyless and Godless Existence as an End to the Socio-Economic Political System. The Future Meta-Philosophical Universal Revolution. Beyond the Love of Mere Theorization. Multi-Dimensional Meta-conscious Metamorphosis and the theory Of desalienation. X. God, Guns and money in the land of milk and honey.


Meta-philosophy is not something to be studied in a book, to be pondered in solitude and then’ like any other book, shut up and put away on a shelf to accumulate dust and fill an empty decorative space. Meta-philosophy is humanity experienced, exercised, practiced and lived universally through a fear-free advancing meta-philosophical creative revolution. This book is part of a much more comprehensive study, which I hope to complete within the next few years. Meta-philosophy claims to abolish philosophy through post-philosophical realization. The Meta-philosophy of post-Marxism does provide a real theoretical basis for a scientific history of knowledge, since it scientifically summarizes the whole development of thought, and continues to do so, up to this day, as subsequent stages are reached. My task has been not only to solve the problems confronting us to the best of my ability, but also to pose problems and questions regardless of whether they can be solved and answered now. I felt that a point had been reached at which it was possible to distil the years of study and thinking into a book about the increasingly urgent condition of mankind which is manifest in the current loss of honesty, knowledge, humanity, and a sense of direction and truth. This book was written for many reasons, primarily to speed up the universal revolution and for those who constantly and independently think. The book was created to raise the minds’ consciousness to a new and higher evolutionary stage and to a different historical level. The book is also an attempt to develop and complete some aspects of the MetaMarxist post-philosophical theory and at the same time to raise the conscious and scientific methodology in order to suit our new situation and become more applicable to today’s different and complex human condition.

Spartak Khamis 1977 - 1980




META-MARXIST META-PHILOSOPHY The contemporary revolutionary thinkers are called the Meta-philosophers, they are the most progressive and most scientific in their world-outlook. They give a correct picture of the world, and present it as it really is, they are true allies of truth and science and of wo/man’s practical activity, and it is on these basis that Meta-philosophers have risen and are developing. Meta-philosophers reject all the philosophies and religions in the world, they believe there is nothing else except matter-thought-emotion in motion, there is no room for word tricks, or god. Now, is it accidental that the church and all the other institutions, with their philosophies, have always persecuted revolutionary thinkers and their supporters? Meta-philosophy can be understood and applied only by those interested in the progress of humanity, in wo/man’s post-economic and post cultural development and classless advances. Meta-philosophy was, and still is being utilized by the most progressive strata, (although they might not be acquainted with the term meta-philosophy, which is the sum total of their intellectual activity), in the struggle against the reactionary upper crust of modern society, the system’s elite. In the period of the emergence of capitalism and “socialism”, meta-philosophy served as the intellectual weapon of the revolutionaries in their battles against the newly - made bourgeois bureaucrats. Non-revolutionary philosophies and dogmatic “socialist” ideologies run counter to humanity and science and are bound up with fear and religion. Like every ideology or religion, they give a distorted picture of the world declaring it unreal, or military. Philosophy is the idealist’s myth of the perfect state, the perfect power-system. Meta-philosophy, on the other hands, is an appeal to wo/man’s reason and consciousness not to rely on blind and stupid faith as religion, philosophy or state-economy; this makes the human situation dangerous and antagonistic. Idealism as pseudo-materialism, as a rule, always serves the state, the party, the company, the system and the rest of the reactionary forces of society in their struggle against progressive social and individual forces. With spiritual enslavement on the right side and ideological enslavement on the left, together this controls and exploits the people. Denying freedom and truth and the objective existence of reality and considering them the product of the divine state or the great system. Idealism and quasimaterialism attribute all the negative contradictions and the tyrannies of the state to the delusion of people, to their human failings, and thus diverts the people from efforts to establish a better life on earth, a life worthy of living and of wo/man. Pseudo-materialism and idealism are very close in character, but we must not regard them as completely identical. Amongst idealist philosophers and semimaterialistic philosophers there have been few who have made certain contribution to the development of Meta-philosophical thought, but on the whole, their picture of reality was distorted since they ultimately arrived at the state and it’s centralized power-system. The achievements of Meta-philosophy and science and practical experience long ago demonstrated the fallacious nature of philosophy, idealism and quasimaterialism, idealistic materialism is preached today mostly in the interests of the exploiters.


The state use their philosophies to combat humanity and Meta-philosophy, they are the moral and patriotic instruments for the enslavement of the people. The system therefore gives its’ support to philosophy and ideology and strives to popularize them.

Present day philosophy, which is based on the philosophy of the past, is irrational, and therefore when fed to the people it distorts, disunites and suppresses their consciousness. Philosophy is the undeveloped expression of today’s society and the intellegencia, by spreading its’ irrationalism it has destroyed the people’s consciousness. Meta-philosophy promotes the rationalization of all spheres of human activity through understanding their objectivity. People must liberate themselves from the system, which manipulates and oppresses them with the aid of many and various techniques for controlling their lives and consciousness. Meta-philosophy will de-politicize and deeconomize, de-ideologize and de-philosophize the society to create instead a universal intellect and a Meta-conscious humanity. The systems’ philosophy and the states’ ideology are aimed at perfecting the machinery of the authorities’ rule through methods of suppression, coercion and deception. Philosophy and un-Meta-philosophical theories are ultimately spearheaded against the theory of equality, freedom and the revolutionary conscious transformation of society. The state-systems’ apologetic philosophies falsify the inter-connection and inter-conditionally of knowledge, truth and social progress. All philosophies are subjective and irrational, they are incapable of understanding, explaining and changing actual social and individual practices in reality. The systems’ philosophies elevate only social illusions of reality and they refuse to recognize the rationality of human existence. This means, total institutionalization, depersonalization, multi-alienation and robbotization of society. It is not knowledge of the world’s reality and the consciousness of wo/man but only knowledge that may be of benefit to its’ interests, this is the main target of all philosophies. Meta-philosophy means the transposition of meta-conscious-rational elements into the sphere of the social and historical, whereas philosophy is an apology for the existing social orders and is the theoretical foundation of every authoritative system. All philosophies are reactionary with one exception, the Marxist philosophy. Philosophy always services the authority, whilst Meta-philosophy services the people. Philosophy services the theories of the ignorant reactionary; Metaphilosophy services the theories of conscious creation. Philosophy as a system is a methodological device in an apology for statism. It is a means of restricting the individual’s freedom, and is the rigid determination of human activities. It is also designed to pervert, alienate and de-consciousize wo/man’s mind and their ideas. Philosophy is a theoretical justification of naked authoritarianism, conservatism and individualism. Philosophy should be abolished and instead methodological consciousness (Meta-consciousness) should take over, and bring about social progress and human liberty.


Philosophy is no more suitable for consciousness and reality. The 20th and 21st centuries are confronted with quite different and higher tasks, which can be achieved only through Meta-philosophy and the spontaneous conscious revolution by meta-organized social forces. Philosophy means conservatism, it means subjective methodology and irrational and anti-rational principles. Philosophy is placed in the service of the system, the state and individualism. The system is sick. To cure ourselves we must get rid of its’ negative existence. Philosophy is unable to analyze and understand the phenomena of concrete freedom and equality, it strips reality from its’ material and objective basis and turns it around – a – bout fashion to the sphere of abstract pantheism. The fundamental defect of Philosophy lies in its’ consideration of the human process as the movement of random ideas and thoughts. This runs counter to the dialectico-Meta-philosophical – materialist understanding of man and history which sees evolution as the consistent succession of socio-economical and psychoemotional and intellectual idea-formations marked by corresponding levels in the development of consciousness and social relations. The law governed processes of consciousness and evolutionary development are rejected by the representatives of all philosophies, as are the objective dialectical met-conscious-explanations of wo/man and society a “critique of the system’s reality” is turned by them into a “critique of fake reason”. Philosophy is a theoretical justification for the existence of authority, power and centralized socio-economical controls, therefore it is also a justification for violence, hostility, oppression, exploitation and social alienation, which are absolutes and called unchangeable and inherent in wo/mans’ “nature”. Philosophy reflects the way in which it is drawing closer together with irrationality in present-day socio-economical systems. Philosophy = Dialectico-Sovietism, existentialism, phenomenology, historical systemization, hermeneutics, personalism, anthropo-biologism, socio-economical and ethnical statism and mechanistic determinism. Meta-philosophy = Metaconscious, dialectical materialism and Meta-Marxism. The profound crisis in the system of liberalism, quasi-socialism and abstract state humanism is the result of non–understanding of the actual reality and the conscious revolution. Negation of the role of revolution, of practical reason and the Meta-philosophical potentialities, leads straight to ideological theology. Philosophy always leads to irrational negative world-outlooks. At the present stage, Philosophy has become widespread in the world. The replacement of a sub-developed illogical apparatus of proof by preferences and alienated declarations, distracts interest away from actual social problems and an awareness of the need to radically and Meta-philosophically change the world reality. The alliance between Philosophy and the system is re-appearing in new forms and gaining strength in the conditions of the ever-deeper universal crisis in all societies. Philosophy and irrationality are meeting each other halfway in new searches for “absolute systems”. We are experiencing now the last stages in the crises of Philosophy, a stage in which philosophy breaks down and in it’s place, new and different Meta-philosophical foundations appear, for the development and creation of happiness, freedom and total equality.


All philosophical trends have displayed themselves historically as bulwarks of irrationalism and ideological beliefs. Philosophy and all the varied socio-political, sociological and economical theories are nothing but the confused reflections and expressions of unconscious minds, an abstract irrational entity, the origin of the ills, which afflict the people. Philosophy in present day irrationalist thought has been totally disproved by historical experience and the entire course of the development of consciousness and knowledge. Meta-philosophy is the only complete unity of consciousness and practice, of objective knowledge and the theoretical expression of the rational wo/man. Meta-philosophy helps us to understand the objective link between consciousness and concrete historical conditions, and the prospects of social revolution and radical changes in society. The revolutionary process must involve all spheres of consciousness, emotions and scientifico-technological and socio-political life. The causes of this total revolution, which must effect the whole world and the entire aspects of wo/mans’ life, lay in higher consciousness, the metaphilosphical consciousness. Meta-philosophy is a rational and genuine knowledge, which helps wo/man and her/his society to solve the problems, which hinder their total liberation. Philosophical bankruptcy and self-destructive systems are the conditions under which we live today. We are living in a world in which conscious wo/man comes up against the irrationality of the systems’ reality. Where inequality reigns and extremes of wealth, luxury and privilege meet with those of poverty and despair, a world in which the advance of consciousness and reason of the mind, and the seeds of meta-philosophical knowledge exist together with mediaeval prejudices and philosophical superstitions. Refuge in Philosophy, irrationalism and economo-ideologism actually proves a flight from the real and vital problems and solutions of the people and their social lives. In the chaotic conditions in all the systems of the world, in this totally alienating situation, Meta-philosophy proceeds from the methodology of dialectical consciousness and dialectical materialism, and stands for conscious cognition of the objective law governed knowledge of Meta-philosophy, science and social development. Basing itself on post-Marxism and the rich experience of human cognition, Metaphilosophy reveals the dangers and defects of the system. Meta-philosophy is the outcome of the highest level of conscious development, meta-consciousness, and is the highest level of universal and social cognition. Only a meta-philosophical intellect and a meta-conscious mind, have the capacity to reflect itself and the surrounding, objectively and in correct terms. Metaphilosophy analyses and rejects the economy, politics, state and government. Meta-philosophy is an expression and theoretical generalization of the revolutionary practice of the conscious people. Meta-philosophical cognition is the cognition of the concrete meta-conscious processes and phenomena in life. Guided by reason, materialist meta-conscious dialectics and multi dimensional – consciousness reveals the need for conscious advance along the road of socioevolutionary progress towards real and true happiness and universal freedom. Embodied in dialectics, Meta-philosophy provides the basis and methodology for rational changes in reality and serves the progressive and revolutionary people.


Meta-philosophy dialectico-materialism, (Meta-Marxism), holds the view that Meta-consciousness, including its’ beauty and creative nature, is not only practical and humane but necessary to resolve the problems engendered by the system. Meta-Marxism holds that conscious and Meta-conscious processes have their universal laws, the task of Meta-philosophy and Meta-consciousness is to discover these laws. Meta-philosophy is the only theory to rationally reveal wo/man’s consciousness, the objective Meta-consciousness, it indicates the practical road towards the rational and revolutionary restructuring of all social relations through the abolition of the system; the makers of negative and destructive asocial-relations. Meta-philosophy is spearheaded against capitalist individualism, capitalist subjectivity and irrationality. Meta-philosophically Meta-conscious cognition is the most important component of present-day knowledge and practice. It is directed towards an understanding of the simplest and most complex phenomenon of consciousness and processes in which oppressed societies and alienated individuals are the objects for transformation. In contrast with the conservative and dogmatic philosophy, Meta-philosophy brings Meta-conscious rationalism into the foreground. The whole of civilization and humankind depends greatly on this unique phenomenon. Meta-Marxism or Meta-conscious Marxism is a correct and true understanding of wo/man’s psycho-emotional, intellectual and social processes. Meta-Marxist Meta-philosophy approaches the problems of wo/man’s cognition, consciousness and knowledge as a whole. Socio-Meta-consciousness builds itself upon foundations, which are radically different, and scientifically more advanced from the prevailing irrational and subjective philosophical sub-conscious theories and conceptions. The distinction is total, first, and foremost, the basic understanding of the existence and scientific nature of the sub-consciousless mind. Secondly, the multi-dimensional cognition of the objective world, in theory and practice. Philosophy is a denial of conscious and rational understanding of wo/man and his world, and the objective development of nature and society. Philosophy has proved incapable of solving any of the radical problems of wo/man and her/his history, and is directly responsible for the creation of irrational systems and the restriction of consciousness. Philosophy is historically and intellectually an outmoded pre-conscious form.

Consciousness is the process of passing from ignorance and unawareness to knowledge and understanding. Meta-consciousness is the process of passing from knowledge and awareness to the highest levels of consciousness, where the unconscious mental processes cease to exist and the brain changes and adapts itself to an evolutionary more advanced functional level. Meta-consciousness therefore means, total and multi-metrixed mental, emotional and intellectual progress and advance. Meta-philosophy, consciousness, reason and intelligence are all synonyms. Attempts to divide the four, or to draw distinction between Meta-philosophy and rationality, leads to acceptance of a kind of speculative and sub-conscious philosophy and irrationalism.


The transition from the un-conscious to the conscious, the rationalization of wo/man’s mind and his/her activities on a world scale, signifies the start of a revolution. Meta-Marxism regards consciousness and rationality not as a static human activity, but rather as an socio-evolutionary progressive development, which each wo/man has to achieve for him/her self. This dialectical Meta-Marxism is unacceptable to philosophy and it’s conservatives, who cling to the past or to illusions, and oppose the present and fear the future. This applies not only to individual quasi-thinkers, philosophers and ideologists, but also to society and its’ relations. The exponents of philosophy include ideologists of the system and bureaucratic spokespersons of romantic socialism. Philosophy tends to absolutize the system, regarding it as the only form for existence. Philosophy has been artificially created by the under-developed human intellect, which is incapable of approaching reality. It can only express the fears of its’ own irrational and shaky basis. Meta-philosophy is part of the laws of nature; therefore it cannot superficially operate on the surface of phenomena. Those who participate in the functions of the system, not only live in a world of fantasy, but that fantasy directly determines their thought and behavior. Mystification of the philosophical and socio-economic all structures of the direct product of the irrational mode of existence. The agents of the centralized system, the ideologists, feel completely the forms of illusion in which they move about and find their daily occupation. Their “understanding” reflects their estranged alienated personality. Organized irrationality originated within the systems’ mode of existence, and to the system – makers it seemed entirely natural, rational and, what is more, an eternal sanction to rule and control. With the abolition of the system, the state, exploitation and alienation, there will disappear the domination of the powersystem and the irrational Philosophy that distorts the natural and free way of life. The abolition of the system, the socio-economical and political statestructure, will signify the removal of the contradictions between social and conscious development. The Met-conscious Meta-philosophy has proved the possibility and necessity of reconstructing wo/man’s mind beyond unconscious and irrational levels. The fundamental characteristic of this new and different historico-evolutionary process is planned, spontaneus, rational and conscious development and creativity in all spheres, with the result that humankind as a whole becomes truly free and happy.

This modern Meta-philosophy is not a mere re-construction of philosophy; it has new foundations and a more advanced thought-content.


Meta-philosophy is the science of true thought. It is the universal consciousness of the general laws of motion and development of nature, man, emotions and thought. Meta-philosophy is the reflection of the rational and exact representation of the dialectical method. It not only describes but also, unlike philosophy, it explains and changes. Without understanding Meta-philosophy and the Meta-conscious, happiness, peace and freedom can not successfully prevail. Without Meta-philosophical thought, there can be no real cognition and no rational understanding of reality. Philosophy is a system of pseudo-thought, which is the product of a definite, under-developed and sub-conscious stage of evolution of wo/man and human thought. Meta-philosophy is a general method that finds the links of phenomena and modifies moves and develops the dialectical materialism in all subjects under study. Through the development of dialectics and Meta-Marxism, Meta-philosophy sweeps away the sub-developed philosophic notions that are dominant in the social system today. Meta-philosophy is the transition from irrational philosophical notions about nature and wo/man to dialectical and rational ones, the meta-conscious process. Due to the philosophical narrowness of their irrational approach the philosophers found themselves in conscious-cognitive impasses. At the close of the 20th century, the philosophers who decided to ignore a Meta-philosophical understanding of the world’s reality, proved of being captive to various irrational, religious notions, for example, statism, mechanism and mysticism. Philosophy cannot describe the facts correctly because traditional and irrational interpretations have become woven into their attempt. Meta-philosophy, on the other hand, is the ultimate expression of the development of human thought and consciousness. The Meta-philosophical laws of thought and consciousness are by no means “eternal truths”, established once and for all, but are the theories of relative truths, which constantly develop and advance. Philosophy is non-dialectical and cannot apply to stage to the qualitative one. Therefore it also expresses the removal of the pre-conscious and the sub-conscious to a new multi-conscious level of reality and thus to a new Meta-philosophical stage. Philosophy = the love of empty concepts, abstractions which exist only in the sub-conscious and irrational mind. Meta-philosophy is not a product of philosophizing in the old philosophical sense’ for all it’s propositions spring from the data of history and science and not From an apriori unconscious theorization.



Meta-philosophy is one of the newest non-specialized sciences. From the latest times, Meta-philosophy has been created by unique classless and stateless individuals of society in different countries but under the same conditions. If we look carefully at the world around us we notice that all the objects which it contains and all the phenomena occurring in it, are either physical/material or mental/psychic. The physical objects and phenomena include every thing, which exists objectively, i.e., outside wo/man’s consciousness and independently from it, (objects and processes on earth, the countless bodies in the universe, etc.). on the other hand, all that exists in the consciousness of wo/man and all that comes within the sphere of his mental activity, (thoughts, sensations, emotions, etc.), are related to the sphere of the psychic. How are the material and the mental connected? Does the material affect the mental or vice-versa? It is the character of these connections, and an understanding of the true nature of each, which underlies the fundamental foundations of Meta-philosophy. The question of the relation of true thought to being is fundamental to Meta-philosophy because on this answer depends the solution to all the problems of wo/man and society. Meta-philosophers hold that matter is primary and consciousness is secondary. Matter is eternal, it has never been created by anyone, and there are no supernatural forces, no godly forces in the universe. As for consciousness it is a property of an unusually complex material meta-structure; the human brain. All those who regard the “spirit” or “soul” as primary are called irrationalists and idealists. In their mistaken view, consciousness came before matter and is the primary foundation of everything, which exists. Idealists are divided on the question of what kind of consciousness “created” the world. Those known as subjective idealists hold that the world was created by the consciousness of the individual, the subject. Objective idealists, however, assert that the world “created” by some kind of an objective consciousness, (existing outside of wo/man), “God”, “absolute idea” or the “universal will”. The Meta-philosophers assert that the world is knowable, wo/man’s truths about the world are authentic, and his mind is capable of penetrating into the internal nature of things, of cognizing their essence.



Metaphilosophy is the sum-total of all knowledge about life and nature as a whole, and individual phenomenon and events. Meta-philosophy is the science of the most general laws of development of nature, society and thougt. All the material objects and phenomena are those which exist not in our consciousness, but outside it. They do not depend on human beings, they exist objectively, in reality. Ideal phenomenon, thought, feeling, desire, do not exist outside and apart from man. Meta-philosophy is the science of the most general laws of motion and development of nature and wo/man and the universal connections of all the inter-related and inter-dependant phenomena in the universe. Meta-philosophy expresses the interests of humanity and is the latters’ theoretical and practical weapon. Materialism and dealectics in their unity and inseparable connection constitute the theory and method of Meta-philosophy. Meta-philosophy teaches the people to ruin the state, and change their under-developed existence, through active intervention and transformation. Wo/man must control the events and not events him. Wo/man should be the maker of his/her own happiness and peace, through a well-thought and well-defined rational world outlook. Meta-philosophy reflects the universal and essential fearures belonging to different objects and phenomena independently of the individual perculiarities of each of them. Meta-philosophy reflects everything that exists objectively and subjectively – that bounds the external and internal material worlds. It also unites the social theories with the revolutionary progressive movements. Matter, never came into existence, it has always existed and will always exist. The world is eternal, and it was not created by anybody. Motion, never was nor will be in a state in which it existed without matter, hence motion is a form of existence of being and of matter. Motion is always inherent in matter and life, and the former has no need for a prior impulse. Matter cannot exist otherwise than in space and time. This is why space must be always defined as a form of existence of matter. The most important properties of motion and time is their irreversibility. Space and time are inseparably connected, so space without time does not and cannot exist, any more than time without space. Meta-philosophy as motion is endless and boundless. It unites all the worlds’ materiality, and is capable of expressing these connections and inter-relations, because of its material nature. Living nature originated from a non-living nature just as Meta-philosophy has arisen from a non-philosophy. Meta-philosophical consciousness is always universal in character, and is the product of the highest form of organised matter, a product of the most advanced activities of the brain. Objects exist objectively and they are the basis of the concepts that we form from them, just as the Meta-philosophical consciousness is formed and built on the basis of facts and knowledge. Outside of the brain there is no thought; language is a means of exchanging thoughts and communication, it is the medium of intercourse between people; language is the material mother of thought. Labor is a burden to all, except to those empty headed people, who see it as the only possible means of escape from their existential being. Since products ensure survival, the means of production must become automatized and owned by the people and the products distributed equally to all.


Law is the relation between things and phenomenon due not to accidental, external, transiant circumstances, but to the inner-nature of the inter connected phenomena. Thus law, as Meta-philosophy, acquaints us with what is most profound and universal. From this we can say, that Meta-philosophy, like the laws of nature, expresses the universal, the necessary, and the objective relative multi-connections between wo/man and his/her community. Quality is a specific definiteness that is intrinsic i.e, bound up with the object or with the phenomenon itself, a sum-total of all its’ essential features; an object or phenomennon that acquites a relative permanence is distinguished from other non-permanent objects and phenomena. Property is the feature of a thing, a capacity characteristic of it, its’ perculiarities. Quantity on the other hand, is the definiteness of objects and phenomena characterised by number, size, rate, degree etc. Measure is the unity of the quantative and qualitive changes; quantity passes into quality and vice versa. The passage of quantative into qualitative changes consist in small, at first imperceptible quantative canges gradually accumulating and, at some stage, leading to a radical qualitative changes, as a result of which the old quality disappears and a new one arises which, in its turn, leads again to a new quantative change. A leap is an interruption of gradualness, a decisive turn from the old to the new quality, a sharp re-direction in the developmental processes. The different forms of leaps, depend on the nature of the developing phenomena and on the conditions in which they develop and advance. Meta-philosophy in it’s development is always revolutionary in process and character. Meta-philosophy conscioously connects and unites the historical and revolutionary aspects of the process of social and personal development. Without quantative historical changes, there are no qualitative revolutionary transformations, and without qualitative revolutionary changes there is no development or progress, no new stages, and therefore no real happiness and creation. Meta-philosophical revolutionary sharp turns, take place by the destruction of the negative and old elements, thus allowing the growth of new and higher qualitative elements. The development under Meta-philosophy is radical and very fast in growth, through combined quantative and qualitative changes. Opposites are phenomena, or aspects of phenomena, that exclude one another. Wherever opposites come into conflict, and wherever relations between them have been formed, contradictions always arise. Development processes always exhibit opposed aspects, tendencies and forces, old and new, negative and positive, right and wrong, therefore contradictions.


Opposites always condition each others’ existence, each existing because of the other. The struggle of opposites is the effort of each of them to acquire a predominant significance in a process or phenomenon. The only method to resolve contradictions is by Meta-philosophically understanding the processes that creates new qualities, and thus change. The struggle of opposites and the resolution of their contradictions are the source of society’s development and progress. The essence of the law of unity and the struggle of opposites, is that all things and processes are characterised by inherently contradictory aspects which exist in inseparable unity; it is this constant struggle of opposites which is the inner source and the driving force of the Meta-philosophical development. Metaphilosophical development, is thus, overcoming all of our internal contradictions, without such a development, there is no peace and universal happiness can never be reached. Internal contradictions are those within the very essence of a subject, whereas external contradictions are those between various objects or processes. Under capitalism and pseudo-socialism the production process has acquired a definite social character. There are contradictions between the different social classes, which are manifested through the unequal production and distribution, thus creating economical fatique and social dis-satisfactions. Antagonistic contradictions are irreconcilable contradictions of hostile social and individual forces and interests which bring about conflicts and clashes. Their resolution is accomplished only through the every-day bitter struggle of the conscious wo/man.The essence of negation consists in the fact that in this world there is a constant process of renewal, of the passing away of the old and negative phenomena and the emergence of new, more positive ones; Thus the replacecement of the negative by the positive is a negation. The essence of the law of negation is that in the process of development each higher stage negates and annihilates the preceeding one, at the same time raising it to a more positive stage whilst preserving the positive and constructive contents of it’s former development. Negation becomes metaphilosophical only when it is the source of development, and whin it preserves and maintains all that is true and right, healthy’ productive and real. Meta-philosophy may contain some elements of scepticism but it can never be reduced solely to it. Meta-philosophy is the only real and possible development at the present condition, it takes place as a result of the negation of negation and is thus fast and continuous in advance, keeping always its’progressive and humanistic character. Meta-philosophy progressively develops from the lower to the higher, from the simple to the simpler and from the complex to the more complicated. This is the essence of the law of progressive development. Metaphilosophical development takes the form of a spiral, where at each turn there appears a qualitatively new and higher and more positive emergence, which rises the whole process to a more complex level. Like Marxism, Meta-philosophy expresses only those processes or phenomena which carry constructive and human tendencies. It stimulates backwardness to a higher form of knowledgeable existence.


The irresistibility of knowledge and truth is the law of Meta-philosophy, social and individual development. Concepts which denote the most general features, connections and aspects of objects and phenomena are called categories; Therefore meta-philosophical categories are the most universal of all concepts. The meta-philosophical theory of the objective nature of categories provides a correct and real guide to their practical and theoretical functions and activities. The singular is a given concrete object or phenomenon of the material world. The general is that which characterises a connected group of objects or phenomena. A cause is something which creates, produces or evokes another phenomenon. That which arises through the action of a cause is called the consequence or effect. The meta-philosophical categories of cause and effect reflect a connection between phenomena, by which one phenomenon is called the cause, through evoking another phenomenon – the effect, and the connection is called a causal connection. The most important feature of a causal connection is its’ objective universal nature. A cause is always active in character, and it is very important for us to know and understand the primary causes, thus making it possible for us to exert a decisive influence on the effects. An interaction therefore consists in the reciprocal dependence of cause and effect and their influence on each other. Causes and effects continually change places, a cause may occur now or here and its’ effect will appear there and then and vice versa. Nature has no mysterious inner core, no divine intentions or powers of a supreme mind and spirit. Only a post-Marxist Meta-phlosophy can explain the facts and their scientific purposiveness. Meta-philosophy is a human necessity and in the future it will become understood and adapted by all intelligent wo/man, because it is created from the knowledge of deep rooted causes and connections. There is a great deal in common between accident and necessity; they are closely connected. Accident is the form of manifestation of necessity, it serves to supplement it. Necessity and accident are relative terms. Statistical laws scientifically confirm the truth about the dialectic materialist theory of the universal connection and causal dependence of the phenomena of the objective world. Wo/man is not powerless and helpless in the face of the effects of the undesirable. She/He has possibilities of preventing or reducing to a minimum their destructive existence and appearance. Wo/Mans’ free activity does not consist in acting only in accordance with the universall principles. Freedom therefore implies knowledge of the objective universality and the positive application of these truths and knowledge to practical day-to-day living and experience. There is not and there cannot be true freedom for people in any State, whether it is capitalist or quasi-communist. The building of real freedom can only be possible when wo/man is liberated from all authorities and develops instead a creative independence. Meta-philosophy, with the aid of positive wo/man, will create the necessary conditions for such an independent creative free existence. Meta-philosophy, above all, struggles for happiness by eliminating exploitation and abolishing the State. Meta-philosophy, above all, struggles for happiness by eliminating exploitation and abolishing the State. Meta-philosophy as love, makes life richer and fruitful in creativity and the experience of free life.


Meta-philosophy is the victory of true humanism – by creating for the first time in the history of wo/man-kind a structure of united knowledge and thought, which is capable of developing total and universal happiness and freedom. Possibility is something that has not yet been accomplished, which does not yet exist, but has every ground for becoming real and actual. Actual, however, is something becoming, that has already been realised, and that exists in actual fact, it has come into being through objective laws and natural necessity. What can be and what cannot be are determined not by wishful subjective desires or fantasies but by Meta-scientific Meta-philosophical laws, conditions and causes which exist in life. Possibility, unconnected with the concrete conditions essential for its realization, is called abstract or formal possibility. A possibility which is inseparably connected with concrete conditions is called a real possibility. In social development, the conversion of possibility into actuality requires firstly, objective conditions and secondly, Meta-philosophical revolution. Meta-philosophy attaches prime importance to the present new conditions in which full automation, robotization and computerisation can dominate the main production lines in industry and agriculture; this is a realisable and actual existing universal opportunity. Form is the inner organisation, the structure of the content, making its’ existence possible. The form of an object depends on its’ purpose, and its’ content plays the determining role. Every object, phenomenon or process has its’ own definite qualitative features and essential truths.Their sum-totals form the content of a given object. It follows from this that not only does the content act on the form, but the form also retroacts on the content.


Essence expresses the inner connection of the objective world, it is the basis of all diversity of phenomena. Appearance however, is the externalization of the essence. Through learning and practice you get all that is required to make the mind more precise and accurate, through additional Meta-philosophical understanding you can penetrate into the essence of all things, into the depth of all the phenomena present in the universe. The action of the extenal world on the sense organs evokes sensations. Sensations are the result of the action of stimulation on the processes of the mind and on the sense organs and the brain. Meta-philosophy draws the true conclusion about the nature of the inner connections, i.e., the laws governing the development of phenomena. Abstraction is the process of withdrawing the essential features of phenomena under study and of separating out, in thought, their essential characteristics and peculiarities. The conclusion is the generalisation which contains, in a concentrated form, only what is important and typical. Abstraction, therefore, is very closely bound up with generalisation. Induction or an inductive conclusion, is the name given to the passage from individual or partial judgement to a more general one. deductive conclusion or deduction is the passage of our thoughts from a general judgement to a less general or individual one. the essence of phenomena becomes known only on the basis of accumulated facts. Meta-philosophical knowledge and theory arises out of practice, which is the basis of all cognition. The Meta-philosophical conception of practice includes both the actions of the external world on the brain, and the action of the brain on the external world, the action of the individual on society and the action of society on wo/man. Practice is not only the basis of Meta-philosophy, but is also the driving formce of the process of cognition. Meta-philosophy develops from incomplete knowledge to increasingly growing knowledge. In nature there are no unknowable things-in-themselves, there are onlyt hings which are not yet known, but which will be revealed to us in the coming future through the searches of the sciences and Meta-philosophy. United knowledge are truths. Truths are always objective in character, wo/man does not create them but only realises them. S/he then reflects them in accordance with what exists in the objective reality. Practice is the touchstone for all theories. Consquently, that which is confirmed by practice, and can therefore be realised in practice, corresponds to reality. Meta-philosophy cognises the indissoluble unity of theory and practice which can be tested by experience and life; Practice is the criterion of truth, the source and aim of knowledge; practice is the sum-total of peoples’creative activities aimed at development and advance. Relative truth is an idea, concept or assertion which is basically correct, i.e., in accordance with reality, but which is incomplete and is made more right and exact by the development of Meta-science and Meta-philosophy. Metaphilosophical knowledge is therefore always relative and not absolute. It is the sum-total of the relative truths in their development, giving us a clear understanding both of nature and wo/man as a whole.



Meta-philosophy is not only different from other philosophies but is in complete opposition with these not-for long simultaneously existing pseudo-philosophies. Meta-philosophy approaches exclusively objective truths, whilst all other socalled philosophies are getting further away from them. This Meta-philosophical knowledge was created essentially because I had to develop a structure of thought which is capable of unifing the theory, practice and science with the experience of actual being. Irrational beliefs are justified only in so far as the development of science and knowledge has not yet created the necessary pre-conditions for the development of Meta-philosophy. Metaphilosophy seeks to know the infinite, the universal, the intransient, to know and understand the essence of essence. It develops and it does not merely vary in time, the inevitable errors are immediately overcome without replacing them by fresh ones. Meta-philosophy is a special kind of understanding and interpretating reality. Its’ truths are confirmed by reality and life and this makes it fundamentally different from the prevailing theories and beliefs. META-PHILOSOPHY AS THE ONLY POSSIBLE RATIONAL WORLD VIEW Meta-philosophy is the only true human identity which ascents from the theoretical abstract to the practical and concrete as its’ main inevitable performance. Not every worldview is Meta-philosophical. Meta-philosophy totally rejects religious, mystical and metaphysical world-views. Atheistic world-view is Meta-philosophical. Meta-philosophy is anti-mechanistic, anti-pessimistic and anti-geocentric. Meta-philosophy is post-Marxist in character and therefore it is a whole definite true-world view. Meta-philosophy treats the most fundamental human beliefs concerning nature and social and personal life, beliefs that build integrated consciousness, behavior, creativity and activities. Therefore Meta-philosophically integrated orientational-motions help us to discover possible paths of motion; towards choosing a definite direction that corresponds to the human particular interests and needs. This harmonic Meta-philosophical function enables us to substantiate them in reality. The peoples’ world-view is always determined by the direction of their activity, therefore it must be immediately altered. The great discoveries of Meta-philosophy in the recent years have revolutionized my understanding of nature and society, to such an extent that the question of world view has become now most important question of all. The close ties between the Meta-philosophy and the sciences are indispensable. Separating them from each other is harmful to both people and to their surrounding nature. Meta-philosophy rejects the present day handling of the natural sciences, especially those that treat it with contempt. It is the time to break down the walls of stagnation. People must change their under-developed present misleading and false world-views that are symptomatic, ungrounded and very ignorant and obsolete in character.


Meta-philosophy is a scientific and correct world-view, it is a synthesis affected by means of all the knowledge categories, it sums up the available data as fully as possible for the service of wo/man and his/her community. Meta-philosophy is very important to all wo/men, although they may not be aware of this fact. This powerful method of truths exists in reality, in every-day life and experience, it is part of the world. What should you know? The Meta-scientific Meta-philosophy. What should you do? Change accordingly. For what should you hope? For happiness and free life. What is wo/man? Wo/man is you and I. Meta-philosophy is primaraly the formulation of theoretical and practical positions from which revolution can be created. It develops by means of theoretical synthesis of scientific data and historical Meta-philosophical experiences with certain definite social planes. Meta-philosophy is a critical summing up of all the scientific and historical data, which makes it possible to draw the correct conclusions and judgements. Meta-philosophy is cognition. It rules out every absolute of the conclusions reached by many of the philosophies and sciences at a particular historical limited stage in their development. Meta-philosophy is a radical dialectical repudiation of Soviet Marxism.

Meta-philosophy is the understanding of all the known phenomena and the interrelations between the accessible and the non-accessible ones to everyday experience. It is mainly interested in what everyone knows and does not know, and what each one of us needs but does not have, it is also interested in what everyone has grown so accustomed to that no-one thinks of questioning it. Meta-philosophy ignores and reflects all the pseudo-thinking that does not reflect reality and is non-existent in the rational. Meta-philosophy has the ability to solve most of the problems, because it is an essentially open-science, which retains its’ freedom to embrace more and more new questions. What is truth? Truth is misery and happiness. What is matter? Matter is everything and anything. What is wo/man? Wo/man is a special person. What is the world? The world is we, and all that is around us. What is? What is, it is not enough.


What is it? It is only if you have the knowledge of this particular “it”. Can you know the world? Only if you have plenty of knowledge about it. How do you know the world? Through understanding its’ objective law-governed motions. Why is the world knowable? It is knowable because some very few courageous wo/men who bothered and dared to ask this question and investigated its’ mysteries by using to full capacity their brains and by thinking unlike the rest they freed themselves from the chains of ignorance. Why do we know the world? Because it is knowable to the human mind and not to others, i.e., Gorillas, Pigs and Donkey. Every real question is Meta-philosophically soluble What is private property? It is greed. Is human nature unchangeable? Stupid and ignorant those who don’t. Meta-philosophy is more than the sum-total of the specialized sciences – Metaphilosophy is the father of sciences. The essential questions can only be accurately answered by this unique Metaphilosophy, although not without the aid of the sciences. It is primarily concerned with the important question about that which is, and what happens in the world and about what wo/man should and should not do. How do we know? Through learning, understanding and thinking. Meta-philosophy generalises the achievements of all the sciences and understands the essential and necessary questions of wo/man and nature as a whole. It solves most of the problems of the nature of wo/man and her/his historically proceeding change, it knows the relationships between the individual and the social, the anthropological and the evolutionary, the material and psychic life of the people. It also understands and thus solves, the questions of the most general character, as the laws of social and personal development and the laws of wo/man’s practical and theoretical activities, cognition, artistic, scientific and knowledge assimilated from “what is”, “in”, “on”, “out” of this world. Metaphilosophy enables us to find all the blank spots that may appear on the map of knowledge and since this method is always ahead in development with relation to the specialised sciences, it should be the guiding hand to solve all the problems.


Meta-philosophy is always total and unified in knowledge, it reflects the existent reality and explains through understanding, its’ objective appearance at this particular historical stage. Its’ motion is based on scientific Meta-philosophical constant analysis. This cognition has no limits, it achieves completeness through its’ continuous and further development and change, parallel to its’ evolutionary historical processes. Metaphilosophical is the history of cognition itself. There are no insoluble or unanswerable problems or questions. Metaphilosophical possesses no truths, it merely exists inter-connected with it. Thus Metaphilosophy was originally formed out of human every-day experiences; It explains the human history whilst enriching it through development and change, it has solved most of the crucial problems concerning the social and the individual psychoemotional existence. META-PHILOSOPHY AS KNOWLEDGE UNDERSTOOD Meta-philosophy is the unification of the multi-dimensional understanding of knowledge. The definition of it’s subject matter is determined by its’ specific and general needs, its’ place in the historical process and the dmands of social practices. Therefore the subject matter of Meta-philosophy is qualitative re;atopmsjo[s amd tritjs talem om tjeor imoversa; rea;out. As logic and reason, it consists of proofs, and provides us with the correct information about the universe by elaborating the means of its’ description. The targets of Metaphilosophy are: 1.Wo/man. 2. Society. 3. Existence. 4. Cognition. 5. Knowledge. 6. Truth and Reason. 7. Science and Art. 8. Love. Meta-philosophy as a whole is concerned with idealized forms of reality, abstract and concrete objects and total categories. It is also a will and identity; through developing, it analysis all the forms of knowledge and expresses its’ nature. Meta-philosophy is theoretically abstract as it is also theoretically concrete, it is practically applicable and realizable and theoretically it is scientific and logical. It is universal and individual and is especially free from all limitations and deadend dogmas. Meta-philosophy is the saviour of nature and of humanity, it defines cognition and understanding, it enriches man’s intellectual and personal life. thus the subject matter of Meta-philosophy is the totality of knowledge formed on the basis of every day and historical, individual and universal experiences, science and practice.


Meta-philosophy is not of an encyclopaedic character, therefore it is not bound to any possible restrictions. Meta-philosophy attaches special importance to the questions that have not previously received satisfactory answers. This powerful structure of thought and knowledge did not arise simultaneously at a particular time or place, it took shape, develped and progressed in the course of the development of wo/man, society and the sciences. Consquently, the subject matter of Meta-philosophy changes accordingly to the objective conditions. Its’ changesand transformations correspond to the general objective laws of theprocess of development and oprogress. The positive man changes at a great rate all the time, until the moment she/he dies, her/his conscious mind must operate and function in a logical path and upon realised gounds. It is clear, however, that by increasing profoundly your knowledge of theobjective reality you will bring to light new and progressive understandings which previously were unknown to you, as a resultof which your intellect and personality changes positively. Revolution of philosophy is the abolishment of it, thus changing it, we create a new and unified objective Meta-philosophy,representing the totality of knowledge present to this particular stage and time. Meta-philosophy understands the natural connection and inter-dependence of phenomena and thus excludes every Meta-philosophy super-natural notions from its’ rational existence. Energy comes form matter. Man comes from nature. Meta-philosophy comes from wo/man. Truth = Objective reality = Nature. Illusions and lies are always subjective in character. True consciousness is always objective in character. Everything Meta-philosophical must be registered on the basis of evidence and proofs, logic and of the senses, observation, experimentation and synthesis. Metaphilosophy critically summarises all the essences from previously under developed philosophies and generalises the scientific achievements to enable it to express accurately and correctly the unity of the total phenomena. Metaphilosophy is always dialectical in action and thus a self-developing universal reality. It has no subjective contents whatsoever, since it always reflects parallel objective law-governed reality which exists outside of wo/mans’ consciousness. 1. Substance. 2. Matter. 3. Motion. 4. Space. 5. Time. 6. Unity. 7. Essence. 8. Pphenomenon. 9. Objective law. 10. Necessity. 11. Development. 12. Being. Meta-philosophy is theoretically abstract as it is also theoretically concrete, it is practically applicable and realizable and theoretically it is scientific and logical. It is universal and individual and is especially free from all limitations and deadend dogmas. Meta-philosophy is the saviour of nature and of humanity, it defines


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

cognition and understanding, it enriches wo/man’s intellectual and personal life. Thus the subject matter of meta-philosophy is the totality of knowledge formed on the basis of every-day and historical, individual and universal experiences, science and practice. Meta-philosophy is not of an encyclopedic character, therefore it is not bound to any possible restrictions. Meta-philosophy attaches special importance to the questions that have not previously received satisfactory answers. This powerful structure of thought and knowledge did not arise simultaneously at a particular time or place, it took shape, developed and progressed in the course of the development of wo/man, society and the sciences. Consequently, the subject matter of meta-philosophy changes accordingly to the objective conditions. It’s changes and transformations correspond to the general laws of the process of development and progress. The positive wo/man changes at a great rate all the time, until the moment he dies his conscious mind must operate and function in a logical path and upon realised grounds. It is clear, however, that by increasing profoundly your knowledge of the objective reality you will bring to light new and progressive understandings which previously were unknown to you, as a result of which your intellect and personality changes positively. Revolution of philosophy is the abolishment of it, thus changing it, we create a new and unified objective meta-philosophy, representing the totality of knowledge present to this particular stage and time. Meta-philosophy understands the natural connection and inter-dependence of phenomena and thus excludes every meta-philosophy, super-natural notions from its’ rational existence. Energy comes from matter. Wo/man comes from nature. Meta-philosophy comes from wo/man. Truth = Objective reality = Nature. Illusions and lies are always subjective in character. True consciousness is always objective in character. Everything meta-philosophical must be registered on the basis of evidence and proofs, logic and of the senses, observation, experimentation and synthesis. Metaphilosophy critically summarises all the essences from previously underdeveloped philosophies and generalises the scientific achievements to enable it to express accurately and correctly the unity of the total phenomena. Metaphilosophy is always dialectical in action and thus a self-developing universal reality. It has no subjective contents whatsoever, since it always reflects the parallel objective law-governed reality which exists outside of mans’ consciousness. Meta-philosophy is worty of love Meta-philosophy neither moralizes nor preaches, nor declaims. It simply explains reality and understands all that is needed in life. Meta-philosophy is the living image of perpetual motion, to know it, you need courage, which is not lack of heart but rather the conquest of fear. All the quasi-philosophies that you may believe in, can only deform your human nature.


Post-Marxist Meta-philosophy Each wo/man must be given a social scope for the vital manifestation of her/his being. If wo/man is shaped by her/his surroundings, her/his surroundings must be first human. Meta-philosophy is, reason, wisdom, knowledge, intuition, logical and analytical. Meta-philosophy is also self-consciousness, Freedom, equality, love and all creative activities. Humanity will continue in its’ suffering, as long as non doesn’t find the path to happiness and freedom. Meta-philosophy maintains that though knowing the essence of wo/man and