Introduction and Synopsis of the Cassiopaean Material

(Courtesy of the creators of the Cassiopaean Web Site) THE FOLLOWING, while serving as an introduction to the extensive Cassiopaean materials also gives an idea of critical (in our mind) items which one will have to face while in this earth plane at this time. Most, may never have thought of the content of the vast array of material presented in the Cassiopaean web site, and thus, may be overwhelmed. But, that's as it should be. Rather be overwhelmed now than later perhaps when it is too late. We consider this information from this web site to be one of if not the most important in development of your inner spirit and may give you an idea as to what is expected to happen in the future! The following if excerpted from the Cassiopaean web site:

THE SEARCH for meaning has dominated the minds and energies of people throughout history. Questions such as "Why am I here?" "Who am I?" and "Does any of this really matter?" have been echoed for countless centuries. Many sources, religious and otherwise, have attempted to answer these questions, with varying degrees of satisfaction amongst the listeners. Sometimes these sources merely seek to gain wealth and power at the expense of believers, other times these sources genuinely believe their claims. But in neither case is it possible to know empirically what is correct by any means short of dying. And, even then, you still might not know. Every religion says they have the answer, but every one of these answers is Different! How can you let something as important as the sum total of your existence be left to the chance that the Divine saw fit to show you truth and light the first time around, even though the majority of the entire WORLD'S population was given a different answer? No matter which answer you were given first, the majority of the rest of the world was told something else. So what is one to do? My (the author's) solution is simple: Listen to everyone. Listen to all beliefs. Perhaps I will hear much which is foolish. If so, then I can only be reaffirmed in my own beliefs. But perhaps I will hear something that has truth to it. I don't have to abandon my beliefs, I can merely continue to listen. A thing which is, on the whole, not accurate may still contain elements of truth to it. And perhaps when I compare it to elements of truth which I have gleaned from other sources, I may realize a truth that none of my sources were aware of. So read the Bible. Read the Koran. Read the Three Little Pigs. Read EVERYTHING! You'll be certain to read a lot of silly things, but you'll also stand a chance of seeing bits and pieces of TRUTH. Every source will offer its own perspective on the cosmos, and no matter how

right or wrong each may be, you will NEVER come out behind for having heard it. Perspective allows one to work wonders, and it is within these pages here that yet another perspective is to be offered. Perhaps the perspective offered here is truth. Perhaps it is utter foolishness. But read it.

In 1994 Laura Knight-Jadczyk began what was to become the very lengthy process of communicating with a group of beings in the sixth density referring to themselves as the "Cassiopaeans." What follows is a brief outline of the cosmology that they present:

The universe can be broken down into seven different degrees of awareness, or "densities." Living beings populate each density in accordance with their ability to perceive the reality surrounding them. Human beings, for example, have a greater degree of awareness than do mice. (Sorry, Douglas Adams.) Mice in turn possess greater awareness than do trees. Densi ty Populate d By
The whole of the universe AKA God/Creator "Angels" (energy only) Discarnate Souls (souls recently 'passed over') Partially physical/ene rgy beings AKA "Aliens" Human Beings Animals Rocks, Plants

7 6


4 3 2 1

As shown in the chart on the right, 7th Density is at the top with 1st density at the bottom. 5th density is the Gold where the spirit goes after leaving the human body to contemplate the just past life, lessons

learned and not learned. (Chart courtesy of

Beings on densities one through three all possess a physical body. Beings on density four are partially or "variably" physical, while beings on densities five through six are completely non-physical, i.e. existing only as energy. Through the process of reincarnation, souls may become more or less aware of reality, and in turn move up or down through the various densities. The soul of any being on densities one through four will, upon "death," go temporarily to density five to contemplate its actions and decisions, and decide in which form to incarnate next, when and at which vertical event-line. (Event-lines not shown) In addition to the seven densities, souls can also be defined as possessing a certain orientation, "Service to Others" (STO) or "Service to Self" (STS.) A being which is motivated by Service to Self (STS) seeks to fulfill its own desires, and for the most part cares about nothing else. A being motivated by Service to Others (STO) does not desire for itself, but seeks to give to others. While not an absolute, the orientation of a being will tend to cause it to gravitate in a certain direction of density. Motivation by STO tends to cause one to become more aware by virtue of the interconnectedness of self with others, and the consequent sharing of knowledge and awareness, thus ascending through the densities with greater ease, while the STS being will tend to focus upon Self, thereby requiring greater energy for "ascension" to the higher densities which it seeks to obtain by "absorbing," or co-opting the energy of other conscious beings to itself to fuel this ascent. So how did all of this come about? Well, approximately 309,000 Earth years ago humankind existed in a non-physical form resembling fourth density. One day, a group of fourth density beings motivated strongly by Service to Self approached us with an offer: "Hey, being all energy is no fun! Just because we like you so much we're giving you the chance to become PHYSICAL! Just think of all of the things you can do then!" And we, foolishly, agreed. These other beings had prepared physical host bodies for us in the form of apes on this planet, which we inhabited. The process of suddenly being confined to a physical form was extremely disorienting, and the beings were very quick to arrange things such that we could not merely leave. However, we are by our nature non-physical, and so the presence of our souls within these ape bodies brought about some very rapid changes. Changes that are recorded in the fossil record as the transition from ape to Neanderthal man. DNA can interact with density awareness, and changes in awareness inevitably bring about a change in DNA. (go here for more on this subject.) This accounts for the apparent gaps in the fossil record, and it will explain sudden world-wide transformations that will occur in the future. We, of course, were oblivious to all this as we quickly became caught up in the immediate benefits of physical gratification.

But all is not lost. For we are beings of free will. We brought our present condition upon ourselves, and so too can we climb back up to our former state. Within the next twelve years, a unique opportunity to make this transition will present itself in the form of an intense electromagnetic wave resulting, presumably, from a star which went supernova. This shockwave can, if conditions within Self are proper, be used as a catalyst to restore our awareness to fourth density just as the lizards acted as a catalyst to reduce us to third density awareness. It is our desire to be prepared for this wave, through acquiring knowledge. Awareness. When the wave arrives we will be presented with a choice. If we do not understand the nature of the choice, when it comes we might miss out on an opportunity which will not soon be presented again. Main Karinya Directory| Main Cassiopaean Introduction Page Index for Cassiopaean Pages| Ancient Science

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