ISO's Stages to Publish a Standard NP: New Proposal (initial stage) WD: Working Draft (development) CD: Committee Draft (quality control

) FCD: Final Committee Draft (draft awaiting approval) FDIS: Final Draft International Standard (almost ready) IS: Published standard An accreditation body is an organization which grants third parties the authority to issue 'certificates' (to certify) against standards. This third party is the 'certification company', which actually certifies against the standard. Examples include: BSI, SGS and SAI Global.

What is FDIS?

What is accreditation?

This is intended for those bodies operating certification schemes, rather than user organizations. It contains the general requirements applicable to them.

What is ISO/IEC Guide 62?
The ISO 27000 Newsletter - Edition 17 Pre-Release Jan 21, 2008

Why was ISO 17799 renamed to ISO 27002?

The rename was made with a view to ISO 27000 becoming a generic series of standards related to information security (ISO 27001 was the first).

More ISO 17799/27001 Frequently Asked Questions

ISO 27002 identifies 3 main sources: The following 3 areas of ISO 27002 are specifically highlighted in this respect: data protection and privacy of personal information; intellectual property rights; safeguarding of organizational records "Through risk assessment, threats to assets are identified, vulnerability to and likelihood of occurrence is evaluated, and potential impact is estimated"

Which controls are considered by the standard to be essential from a legal perspective?

How should the organization's information security REQUIREMENTS be established?

"The legal, statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements that an organization, its trading partners, contractors and service providers have to satisfy" "The particular set of principles, objectives and requirements for information processing that an organization has developed to support its operations"

Can I republish articles from the ISO27000 Newsletter (internally or externally)?

Yes, subject to a link to our website (