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Assessment of the culture of Mutual Trust Bank Limited

Mutual Trust Bank Limited is one of the leading private commercial banks having a
spread network of 45 branches and 5 SME centers across Bangladesh. The bank,
sponsored by the Army Welfare Mutual Trust (AWT), is first of its kind in the
country. Mutual Trust Bank has been operating in Bangladesh since 1999 and has
achieved public confidence as a sound and stable bank.

Physical Design

Like any other Banks operating in Bangladesh, Mutual Trust Bank does not have
buildings of its own rather operating in the buildings on rental basis. The bank focuses
on commercial areas to have better business prospects.

Buildings with desired outlook have been preferred before selection and after that all the
discretion is utilized to design the interior of it. First of all, the interior design has been
carefully selected and maintained in a way that the uniformity is maintained in decoration
with a view to give customers a zone of comfort no matter he/she visits which branch in
the country.

The work stations are divided into small cubicles well equipped with Computer and other
stationary facilities. The thing considered mostly for designing work stations is the
comfort level for any of the customers and as well as the congenial atmosphere to work
with for the officer to deliver the job.

Proper parking place is another major issue prior to selecting any building. All the
buildings have been carefully chosen so that proper parking places are available both for
the employees and customers of the bank.


The Logo of the Bank consists of three different parts. First of all the small letter “m”
symbolizes the name of the Bank; Mutual Trust Bank, the square wheel represents the
velocity of growth in a stable way and lastly, the Green and Red color remind us the
color of our National Flag.

The bank is very open as per as the dress code is concerned. For male employees, the
dress code is light color full sleeve shirt with dark trousers. The belt and shoe colors
should match. And for the female employees, any decent dress which goes with socio-
economic culture is encouraged.


The Vision & Mission Statements respective say “We aim to provide financial services to
meet customer expectations so that customers feel we are always there when they need
us, and can refer us to their friends with confidence. We want to be a preferred bank of
choice with a distinctive identity” & “Our Mission is to make banking easy to our
Customers by implementing one stop service concept and provide innovative and
attractive products & Services through our Technology and qualified human resources.
We always look out the local community through supporting entrepreneurship, social
responsibility and economic development of the country.”

The common story that is repeated throughout the years is about the dealing room
mishap of 2003. During that year, our Bank has gone through huge loss regarding
foreign exchange transaction through the dealing room operation. But, the management
of that time did not show the loss incurred in the financials of that year which was a
gross violation of Banking norms. And due to that our Bank has suffered a lot.

Policies and activities

Bank’s policy is to grow market reputation by providing better services to the customers.
Employee appraisal is purely performance base. Increment, Incentive bonus promotions
are recommended to the higher management based on the better performance of the
individuals. Business procurement is highly appreciated. Moral character is the
parameter of one’s performance. We often say in our Bank “With good faith and without
negligence” will never cause you harm. The value of the Bank can be pointed out as

 Mutual Trustworthy
 Dependable
 Reliable
 Professional
 Dynamic
 Fair.


The culture of the Bank can be concluded with their position statement as follows:
Mutual Trust Bank is a contemporary, upbeat brand of distinctive quality of service and
solution that offers a rewarding banking experience as preferred choice of banking
partner every time, every where.