Integrating ePortfolio into the curriculum

Assessment ePortfolios Case Studies 4a

ePortfolios have the power to enable sharing among students.

Dr. Tak Yan Lee

Department of Applied Social Studies

How were ePortfolios used?
The ePortfolio was used as an assessment tool. Students were assessed on the following tasks: 01 Weekly assignments: Each assignment covered one or more topics taught that week. Students posted their initial work on Blackboard. Both classmates and the teacher added their comments to the work and the students then used this feedback to improve what they had done. Final versions of the assignments were posted in the ePortfolios. 02 Self-evaluation of one’s performance in the assignments by following the assessment rubrics. The self-evaluation form was submitted for the teacher’s review via the ePortfolio. 03 Selection of the five best weekly assignments for showcasing in the ePortfolio. 04 A group research proposal which was developed in the ePortfolio.

Social Work Research and Evaluation (SS4114) 80 students in Semester B, 2009/2010
Case Studies: Encouraging Student Reflection


Teacher’s Comments
“ePortfolios have the power to enable sharing among students. In our weekly assignments, students posted their work on the Web as a kind of sharing. So they knew how other students had been doing (peer sharing). I think this is very powerful in terms of teaching and learning.”

Using ePortfolios for assessment is very timeconsuming if the class is big: “One of the major problems for me is that the class size was too big. I had difficulties in evaluating each of my students’ weekly assignments.”


Case Studies: Encouraging Student Reflection

by Ms. Hau Yan Chau, Year 3 student of B.Soc.Sc (Hons) in Social Work (BSSSW) in 2009-10

Possible Solutions
01 I think this is an area in which teaching assistants could provide useful support. 02 However, instead of grading and commenting on each weekly assignment, I can incorporate more peer feedback and assessment. Students can be trained in the sort of feedback techniques required. Part of the assessment then becomes the quality of feedback provided for other students. In addition to the 5 best assignments being showcased in the portfolio, students could also present examples of constructive peer feedback they provided . 03 An ePortfolio template designed specifically for this course would help me locate the assignments quickly. Template:

Sample: Case Studies: Encouraging Student Reflection


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