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Introduction to Organization

The word Organization has been derived from the Greek word
ORGANON which means “tools.”

Organization Defined as

“A deliberate arrangement of people to accomplish some specific

purpose (that individuals independently could not accomplish alone).” S.P.

“Employees working together and coordinating their actions to

achieve specific goals.” Koontz

In other words we can say,

“A group of people working together towards in a deliberate manner to
achieve common purpose”

The above definitions highlight three common characteristics of


1. Have a distinct purpose (goals)

Every organization has distinct purpose. The purpose can be
expressed in the term of goals.

2. Composed of people

In organization there are people working in a coordinated manner

to achieve the organizations’ goals. A single person whatever his operation
is big or small, cannot be considered as an organization

3. Have a deliberate Structure

Every organization has a deliberate structure which determines

the manner and extent to which roles, powers and responsibilities are
delegated and coordinated and how information flows between levels of
management. However this structure depends upon the organizations’ types,
objectives and the strategy planned to achieve them.


• To study the internal structure of the organization

• To analyze the working conditions of the firm
• To study the processes and the principles of the firm
• To study the relationship between the client and the members of the

Industry Profile:

Human resource consulting is a $18.4 billion industry that has

emerged from management consulting, as clients' needs have become more
complex and specialized, widening the gap between HR needs and work
force capabilities, and thus accentuating the ability of HR management
consulting firms to fill this gap. While the multi-faceted nature of business
sometimes causes overlap in consulting industries (i.e., with regards
to human resources, general management, and information technology), the
following are core fields around which most HR consultancies are based:

 Human Capital, including remuneration (also called total rewards),

employee rewards and incentive programs, and talent acquisition and
 Health & Benefits; i.e., orchestrating optimal employee health plans
with the carriers themselves
 Mergers & Acquisitions, examining fit across culture, job-type,
transaction costs, etc.
 Communication, including surveying employee attitudes,
satisfaction, engagement, and other employee behaviors
 Retirement
 Outsourcing

Services may also include legal counseling, global initiatives,

investments consulting, and the implementation of HR technologies to
facilitate human capital management. The HR consulting industry also
employs more actuaries than any other in order to assist in their services.


Company Profile


Busisol is one of the leading HR and Management Consulting firms in

India. In 1995, it commenced its operations as a Recruitment firm in
Business Solution and Management Consultants in Mumbai.

Growing needs of the business required consolidating its efforts into a

corporate entity and hence, Busisol Sourcing (India) Pvt. Ltd was formed in
February 2004. Board of Directors comprises professionals from various
disciplines who have decades of expertise in their respective domains.

As part of the process of increasing its scale and scope of operations,

Chennai branch was started in March 2004, Bangalore branch in November
2005 and planning to open more branches in India and Overseas in future.


The firm is able to capitalize the opportunities which the industry

offers, with the competency and confident in achieving success. To speak on
the achievements a few inspiring, it has empanelled with more than100 plus
clients and has handled more than 25,000 plus assignments and placed more
than5, 000 plus people within a decade of its operation.

It is an Employee oriented Organization, where it has a belief in

maintaining a challenging and rewarding environment in which its
employees are offered the opportunities to innovate and derive professional
excellence and sense of growth, enabling them to fully contribute to the
corporate goals and most importantly, to be recognized as the prime provider
of recruitment services in Mumbai.


• To expand its presence felt in the globe.

• To emerge as the first reference point in the HR space

leveraging on its unique strengths of having passion to life time
achievements within every Global Delivery Centers and end-to-
end capability in Recruitment, Consulting, Knowledge
Transfers and Professional Enlightenment .

• To provide the highest value to an action or a course with a
professional approach.


 Recruitment
 Manpower Outsourcing
 Organizational Development
 Management Consultancy


The company refers to its extensive and updated database for the right
profiles based on specific requirement given by the clientele. It also do head
hunting for certain positions.

It have successfully placed thousands of candidates across junior,

middle and senior levels – including CEO / Country Head - in several

The Firm does recruitments in India and overseas. As a part of its

recruitment services, it also undertakes the following:

Design advertisements (print based)

Design selection tests

Implement / Roll out of clients’ selection tests (verbal & written)

for candidates

Conduct Campus Recruitment at Business Schools and

administer selection tests such as:

Sort resumes as per defined parameters

Facilitate Group discussions

Administer customized written tests

Conduct preliminary HR interviews

Shortlist candidates for final interview by the clients

Recruitment Process:

Job analysis

The proper start to a recruitment effort is to perform a job analysis, to

document the actual or intended requirement of the job to be performed. The
firm has a separate group of HR professionals to analyze the job description
provided by the client. They segregate the work according to the cadre of the

Starting recruitment with an accurate job analysis and job description

insures the recruitment effort starts off on a proper track for success.


Sourcing involves advertising which is a common part of the

recruiting process. They are using internet media as a major tool for

They are updating the job vacancies and the current openings in their
company website which will be useful for the candidates to get a glance of it
and can respond to them. They are also using the popular web databases
such as GOOGLE and YAHOO for the purpose of advertising.

Screening and selection

Suitability for a job is typically assessed by looking for skills, e.g.

communication, typing, and computer skills. The candidates are screened
based on their educational or professional experience, the testimony of
references, or in-house testing, such as for software knowledge, typing
skills, numeracy, and literacy, through psychological tests or employment

They are also using other resume screening criteria which include
length of service, job titles and length of time at a job. Business management
software is used by them to automate the testing process. Apart from that
they are using an applicant tracking system to perform many of the filtering
tasks, along with software tools.

Manpower Outsourcing:

Manpower outsourcing is one of the core activities. Outsourcing of

Manpower and HR services has become normal routine among companies
nowadays. This is where a Manpower Outsourcing Company comes into the
scene. The firm mobilizes the personnel required by the clients as per their
requirements in terms of numbers, location and duration. The company
ensures that the outsourced employees get all the benefits.

The firm has a dedicated team to mobilize resources across India. Currently,
its resources are working in well-known Indian companies and MNCs.

Benefits of outsourcing to client:

Enables focus on their core business while limiting their headcount

Improve the financials of the company

No retirements benefits and less statutory compliances

Benefits of outsourcing to candidate:

Faster employment opportunity

Greater chances of working with MNCs at attractive remuneration


Increases possibility to get a break in well known organizations

Organizational development:

Organization development (OD) is a planned, organization-wide

effort to increase an organization's effectiveness and viability. The firm has a
group of Management graduates for performing, analyzing, planning and
implementing strategic plans for the development of the client’s
organization. The process includes interventions in the organization's
"processes," as well as organizational reflection, system improvement,
planning, and self-analysis.

The firm includes:

1. Consulting

Corporate Culture revitalization

Values and Culture Audit

Position Description, Job Analysis

Restructuring of Organizations

Design and conduct Strategic seminars

Design comprehensive Performance Management


Talent Management programs

Company Policy Manuals

Prepare and manage Company’s websites

2. Learning and Coaching

Perspectives on Life - Career balance

Leadership coaching

Strategic coaching for Executives

The Golden Week (Self Discovery)

Deliver client designed Training programs

Train the client’s Trainers

Multimedia Learning Services

3. Bridging

Building relationships across cultures

Preparing for Joint Ventures and Alliances

Facilitating Cultural integration

Management consulting :

Management consulting indicates both the industry of, and the

practice of, helping organizations improve their performance, primarily
through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans
for improvement.

The firm provides external advice and access to the consultants'

specialized expertise. They also provide several functions such as
organizational change, management assistance and development
of coaching skills, technology implementation, strategy development, or
operational improvement services.

They generally have their own proprietary methodologies or

frameworks to guide the identification of problems, and to serve as the basis
for recommendations for more effective or efficient ways of
performing business tasks.

Functions As Management Consultant:

Facilitate Project Finance

Prepare Project Viability Reports

Undertake Profitability Analysis & Improvement

Prepare Project Costing

Management Audit

Financial Due Diligence

Product Costing

Process Costing

Improvement in Corporate Reporting

Financial Accounting

Financial Statement Audit

Internal Audit

Mergers & Acquisitions

Organization Structure


Board of directors

Mumbai (H.O)


Finance Hr Marketing


Chennai Bangalore Delhi

Branch manager Branch manager Branch manager

Hr Marketing Hr Marketing Hr Marketing

Head Head Head

Executives Executives Executives


• HR

• Marketing
• Finance

HR Department:

Human resource is a term used to describe the individuals who

comprise the workforce of an organization, although it is also applied in
labor economics to, for example, business sectors or even whole nations.
The firm has more than 30 HR’s working for them in recruiting or head
hunting process.

Chennai branch consist of a branch manager who leads a team of 7

HR professionals working for the firm.

Bangalore branch consists of 5 HR professionals working under the

branch manager.

Delhi branch consists of 5 HR professionals working under the

branch manager.

Head office Mumbai consists of 13 HR professionals working under
a HR manager.

They also have HR’s with several professional backgrounds such as

B.E and B.Tech. They are good in their communication and they are capable
of sourcing and providing the exact candidates for their clients.

Functions of HR Department:

• Obtaining requirements
• Selecting Candidates

• Candidate Interaction
• Forwarding CV’s

• Short listing Candidates

• Lining Up
• Interview
• Selection

Obtaining Requirements:

The prime duty of HR executive is to obtain the requirement from the

client. Requirement depends upon the needs of the client and their pay scale.
Pay scale varies according to the number of vacancies and the intake of new
employees by the clients. It is up to the HR to get a clarified JD from the
clients in order to satisfy their needs and requirement.

Selecting Candidates

This is the initial process in which the HR person seeks for the
suitable resume which opts for the offered J.D (job description). The
executive selects the resume from various sources such as job portals and
through the company’s database. They source candidates from job portals
such as Naukri and

Candidate Interaction:

Then the selected candidates are interacted through telephone and a

brief of the J.D is sent to them through mail. If they are satisfied with the
J.D, their profile will be listed to the Client.

Forwarding CV’s:

The listed profiles of the candidates are forwarded to the client for
their notice regarding the position.

Short listing Candidates:

Client will go through the forwarded CV’s and short list some of the
profiles which are suitable for their requirement. Short listed CV’s will be
sent to the corresponding HR executive.

Lining Up:

HR then consults with the shortlisted candidates and will line up them
on the corresponding date of the interview. The client will be flexible with
the date of the interview as the candidates are limited in number.


Interview is purely done by the client company in which the

respective person such as CEO, MD, AGM or Deputy Manager will carry
out the interview process.


Selection Process is the final stage of the interview, where the client
selects a candidate who is capable to handle the vacant position in an
efficient manner.

Marketing Department:

Marketing is the process by which companies create customer

interest in products or services. It can be termed as Business development
process by which the professionals tend to develop the firm’s business by
adding new clients.

The firm has a separate wing of marketing professionals in their head

office (Mumbai) to source and obtain new clients. They are already having a
huge client list and the most predictable process for the executives is to keep
them in contact all the time to get their exact needs at the exact time period
to facilitate their service.

Other branches having 2 executives each, under the branch manager,

who perform several functions such as:

• Client sourcing

• Client Interaction

• BD meetings

• Client facilitation

Functions Of Marketing Department:

• Sourcing Clients

• Client Interaction

• Profile Forwarding

• Client Meeting

• Draft Agreement

• Follow Up

Sourcing Clients:

Client sourcing is the major role of a marketing executive by which he

sources and takes out the client list through various sources such as internet,
news papers and through reference.

Client Interaction:

This is a most important circumstance in which the marketing

executive tries to interact with the client i.e. the corporate and firms in

briefing them about the company and its achievements in providing the
manpower sources.

Profile Forwarding:

If the firm is interested to know more about the company, the

executive will send the company profile to impress the client and make them
to arrange for a meet.

Client Meeting:

After going through the profile, the client will arrange for a meeting in
order to decide the referral fee according to the positions offering by the

Draft Agreement:

If the client is satisfied with the referral fees and the turn over period,
signed by the director of the firms.

Follow Up:

This is a process of preserving the clients by keeping touch with them
in regular interval of time periods. This is the most important duty of a
marketing executive to preserve their active clients.

Implementation of Technology:
The firm is having its own database and software. The database
consists of more than 15 lakh profiles. It is a collection during the past 5 to 6

The firm is having its own software for managing permanent staffing

Software: HireCraft™

HireCraft™ PS is an end-to-end software solution to

manage permanent staffing business process based on industry’s
best practices.

More than just managing the permanent staffing data and the
related activities, HireCraft™ helps to focus and achieve the key
business objectives which bring productivity in work and growth in
the business.

Software Information

It is a 3-tier application. It is defined as

an application program that is organized into three major parts, each
of which is distributed to a different place or places in a network. The
three parts are:

• The workstation or presentation interface

• The business logic
• The database and programming related to managing it

In a typical 3-tier application, the application user's

workstation contains the programming that provides the graphical
user interface (GUI) and application-specific entry forms or
interactive windows. (Some data that is local or unique for the
workstation user is also kept on the local hard disk.)

Business logic is located on a local area network (LAN)

server or other shared computer. The business logic acts as the server
for client requests from workstations. In turn, it determines what data
is needed (and where it is located) and acts as a client in relation to a
third tier of programming that might be located on
a mainframe computer.

The third tier includes the database and a program to manage

read and write access to it. While the organization of an application
can be more complicated than this, the 3-tier view is a convenient way

to think about the parts in a large-scale program.

The application uses the client/server computing model.

With three tiers or parts, each part can be developed concurrently by
different team of programmers coding in different languages from the
other tier developers. Because the programming for a tier can be
changed or relocated without affecting the other tiers, the 3-tier model
makes it easier for an enterprise or software package to continually
evolve an application as new needs and opportunities arise. Existing
applications or critical parts can be permanently or temporarily
retained and encapsulated within the new tier of which it becomes a

Key features of permanent staffing system include:

• • Customer Relationship/Account Management

• Resume sourcing

• Customer Requirement sourcing & allocation

• Sourcing, screening and scheduling

• Offer making, approval and on-boarding

• Mapping candidates to client assignments

• Billing based on the contracts.

• Receivables

• Collaboration system to share candidates with partners and

also source candidates from partners in real-time

Client Manager in Hirecraft Software

Resume Summary In Hirecraft Software

Client Details:

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 Capita Offshore Services
 HTMT Global Solutions
 TSR Darashaw
 Supply Chain IT Services Pvt. Ltd
 XLNT Information Processing Technology
 Gridstone Research
 Godrej Upstream (Lawkim)
 Hapag Lloyd Global Services
 S & S Technologies

Shipping Corporations

 Mitsui OSK
 Inchcape Shipping Services
 APL Line
 Mercator Line
 Great Offshore

 Samsara Shipping
 MSC Agency
 RCL Container
 Cosco India
 Gateway Terminals
 Hyundai Merchant Marine
 Seahorse Ship Agencies
 ECU Line
 J M Baxi & Co.
 Samudra Shipping Lines
 Ocean World Lines, Dubai
 Rais Hassan Saadi, Dubai
 Sharaf Group, Dubai
 IAL Shipping Agencies
 OSL Shipping Agency
 Dragon Shipping
 CSAV Group Agencies
 Goodrich Maritime
 Sima Marine
 Act Group

 AllCargo Global Logistics
 Arshiya International

 DHL Group
 Agility Logistics
 UPS Group
 CEVA Freight
 NYK Logistics
 APL Logistics
 Toll Logistics
 AFL Dachser
 Hindustan Cargo
 Hind Terminals
 Ocean Line Maritime
 Opal Asia
 Sikkas Kwick Handling Services
 Freight Connection
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 Expo Freight
 Interport Global Logistics
 Brinks Arya
 Contiental Carriers
 Malca-Amit J K Logistics
 John Keells Logistics
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Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

 Johnson & Johnson

 Glaxo Smithkline
 Famy Care
 Zydus Nycomes Healthcare
 Baxter India
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 Bharat Serums and Vaccines
 Ajanta Pharma
 Malladi drug and pharmacy

Manufacturing Industries
 Vedanta Group
 Patel Engineering
 Owens Corning
 Kilburn Chemicals
 Gala Precision Technology
 Best & Crompton
 Sharpline Group (Plant and Machinery)
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 Rosti Technical Platics
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 L’Oreal
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 Escort Software
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Constructions & Engineering

 L & T Ltd
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I. Others

 ACNielsen ORG-MARG (Market Research)

 Platinum Group
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 Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance
 Rajave Textiles
 Midday Multimedia
 International Copper Promotion Council
 A M Communications (Publication)
 Patel Tours & Travels
 Global Board

 Credit Analyssis & Research Ltd

Busisol Sourcing India Pvt. Ltd. is an effective organization
which is operated under the guidance of Mr.S.P.Palaniappan. Top
management involves Chairman and Board of Directors, while each
and every department is headed by the Chairman of the company.

The management comprises senior HR and Finance

professionals with work experiences in excess of 10 years.
The company does recruitments in India and overseas. They
are very strong in senior level search assignments for Director,
President, CEO, CFO, COO and HOD for all verticals. Although
their Headquarters is at Mumbai, they have a network of associates
across India and wherever the clients need by. In addition to this
they also have an expert team to cater to clients specific recruitment


Management has designed rules and regulations which are

supposed to be followed by everyone. Policies have been
formulated for major and minor issues both. Relationship with the
employees is maintained at every level. Employees work with
commitment and dedication to achieve the best for the organization.
Job satisfaction soars at a high level.

Its strength is its database and the experienced professionals

with several skills. Lack of co-ordination is slightly affecting the
communication process; if the company rectifies it then it will reach
a top most position in the industry.