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Three Plays by thel'11Je FIRESIDE Record ,Crowd Sees Wonderful Record Shown In Over Two Hundred
Ninth Grade I
Miss Jeannette Lent, daughter of
FashIon Show B• an d L . R eport at Banquet
Mr. and }'drs. \Valter Lent, of . 7\ T ,l h D IT
Avon road, entertained a number Glrl Scouts Presented En- . . .1.varoert. riremen non-
Narbertb Students on tbe of friends last Saturday. The oc- . ,J (Y Narberth AssocIatIon to Open New Series ored Mondall! Nirrbt
Stage-- Otber Scbool Notes casion was her eighth birthday. tertalnment lJaturuay 'J <S'

Mrs. Joseph H. Miller, of Last Saturday night, those who of Stock Next Thursday Mght Two hundred and ten were pres-
'. The following plays will be pre-
sented by the ninth grade of the
Haverford avenue, is planning to were fortunate enough to push
attend the inauguration in \Vashing- themselves inside the crowded doors
ent at the testimonial banquet giv-
The Narberth Building and Loan thirty-ninth series, which will open en Monday night to the active
junior high school on the eveni?g of ton \Vednesday. of Elm Hall, witnessed one of the Association has just completed its at that time. members of the Narberth Fire
Friday, March 6, at 8. I 5. TIckets · htf 11 1 . Stock in the long term series will Company. The' affair was held at
most (e I 1Ig u y c larmmg spec- eighteenth year and has matured 16
can be purchased for 50 cents. ~rom Ralf F. (Cy) Perkins, Athletics tacles ever produced in Narberth. be issued on the payment of an en- Borough (nee Elm) Hall.
any member of the class parttclpat- catcher, is with the team in their Not only was it a captivatingly series during the 18 years. trance' fee of 2.5 cents a share, Burgess Carl B. Metzger was
ing. Noone will be admitted with- training quarters' at Fort Myers, beautiful exhibition, but purely an From the annual report it will be which will make the first monthly toastmaster. The invocation was
out a ticket as the auditorium has Fla. He resides in the Avon original' one being arranged and noticed that it has assets of nearly payment $1. 5 a. share, and the delivered by Rev. Milton E. Mc-
a limited seating capacity and no staged by the former Misses Haws, $800,000 and that its rate of gain monthly payme11ts thereafter will be Linn, of the Holy Trinity Luther-
one will be permitted to stand.
Irs. ·T0111I N N ash an d M f rs. A r th
$ 1.00 a share, and these long term an Church. Mr. Tristan B. du-
1. "WHERE BU~' IN AMERICA," M tl urt is 8 48-100 per cent. The receipts series will mature in about 136 :Marais, president of the company,
By Oscar Wolf. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Moyer, of C00 k·e. 1 ow everyone agrees la from dues each month amount to
A modcl'1~ Amedean Comedy. Chestnut avenue, left last week for those who missed seeing the Girl months, or I I years and 4 months. spoke, giving the history of the
Mr. Espenhayne _.••..•• Irving Dothard Southern Pines, N. C. They ex- Scout show 'this year certainly over $13,000, with 8733 shares of Stock in the short term series can organization since its inception
zhs. Espenhllyne •••••• _•••.• Rita Funk missed something great and for the stock outstanding in the long term be taken out at the same time. The eight years ago.
Hilda (the maid) ....... Harriet Straub pect to be there about six weeks.
Place-Espenhayne's dining room, benefit of them we will just enumer- series, and 2287 shares of stock out- entrance fee is the same as in the N early a score of the active
2. "SPREADING THE NEWS," Mrs. Harry A. Jacobs, of Elm- ate a few of the very attractive acts standing in the short term series. long term series, or 25 cents a share, members of the Bala-Cynwyd fire
By Lady Gregory. wood avenue, has returned from a so you will be sure to get your From the annual report it will be but the dues are $2 a month per company were on hand for the pur-
Depioting the humorous complioation tickets early the next time the Girl seen that even with the large amount share, so that tIle first monthly pay- pose of aiding in the interment of
causcd by the peasants' gossip. week's stay at Atlantic City.
Bartley Fallon •..•..••. _.. Bob Barclay Scouts take the stage. received each month from dues ment will be $2,25 a share, and each the hatchet which has figured in
Mrs. Fallon .•••.. Virginia Burgstresser Miss Nannie Robins, a former Well, the first thing on the pro- it is necessary to borrow money monthly paymellt thereafter will be the relations between the two com-
Jack Smith ••. _.•.•.•.•. John Mulligan resident of Narberth, visited Miss gram was a little newsboy, imper- from the banks in order to complete $2 a share, and these short term panies.
Shawn Early ...••...•..• Arthur Brooks sonated by Helen Louise Thomas, its loans, showing that it needs ad- series mature in about six years and President George M. Painter, of
Tim Casey " _..•........ Charles Young Louise England this week.
James Ryan ••• '.•...•• William Dothard advertising the Fashion Show as ditional stockholders in order to fur- a half. the Cynwyd company was among
Mrs. Tarpy . _.....•.•.••••. Ann Speed The Narberth Presbyterian well as "Our Town" and playing ,nish money to loan on mortgages The maturing of the stock is en- the speakers. Mr. Painter, who is
Mrs. Tully ..•.. _l!~lorence Schollenberger Church is planning a reception to her harmonica. She just jumped that are gilt edge in every way. tirely governed by two fa~to~s. an old-timer, told much of the
Joe Muldoon (a policeman), Lee Magarity
A Remomble Magistrate .James Gowland pew members for Friday, March down from the run-way in time to The annual report shows stock- When the amOl1nt of dues paId 111 early history of the section. Few
Place-On the outskirts of an Irish Fair. 13· let the curtain rise on "The Old holders in arrears for dues, interest, added to the profits per share equal of those present had realized before
3. "THE MAKER OF DREAMS," Fashioned Girl, Ella Ross and fines and premiums. This is caused $200 per share, the stock matures, that Narberth boasted a thousand-
By Oliphant Downs, Miss Dorothy Sheneman, of Evelyn Jefferies as the new fash- by people forgetting to pay their and checks are promptly mailed to room hotel during the Centennial.
A young English author who was ldlled
in the World "Tar. Chestnut avenue, a studet at West ioned girl. They tried to help you dues on the night of the meeting the stockholders covering their hold- This was located on the south
Pierrot . _..•..• _••.. __ ...•. Betty Cook Chester State Nonnal School, decide which you would pick, but and consequently having fines to ings. side, just west of the Baptist
Pierette •.••...•.•..••. Honora Snyder spent the past week-end with her most of the audience came away un- pay on the next meeting night. In the case of the stockholder who Church, and was one of the big-
The Manufacturer ..•.... Harry Messec parents, having as her guest a class- certain as to which of the two was These arrears are perfectly secured, has been carryil1g a mortgage when gest hostelries of the exposition.
Place-In a cottage.
more charming. as if they are on free stock, when the profits added to the dues he has Mr. Painter also told of some of
Our basketball team met Upper mate, Miss Anne Dennis. of Lans- The beginning of the Fashion the fines equal the withdrawal value paid equals $200 a share, his mort- the early history of this part of the
Darby Thursday afternoon at home. ford, Pa.
display was the exhibition of chil- of the stock the stockholder is closed gage is satisfiecl and cancelled. country, ever and anon taking a
An inter-class track meet will be dren's clothes. Here some dis- out and there can be no loss, and Most of the stockholders who veiled dig at the borough pyropha-
given Friday afternoon at 3.3 . 0 Mr. Robert F. Wood, of Forest
avenue, advertising manager of the played boys' costumes and some if the arrears are on account of have been in the association long gons.
The events are:
Ten-yard dash. Autocar Company, is recovering little girls' frocks, while others mortgages, when they are three enough to have had some of their Peter C. Hess, township com-
from a serious affection of the eyes modeled coats and hats. Carrie 1110nths overdue, the solicitor noti- series mature, have felt when they missioner and assistant chief of the
Standing broad jump.
Running high jump. which for a time threatened his Louise Douglass. as the balloon man, fies them of the fact and if they received their check that it was like twin-cities aggregation, was also
sight. simply carried away the audience do not pay promptly the mortgage receiving a Christmas present or gift on the speakers' list. He stressed
Chinning the bar.
and when it comes to "Yes, we have can be foreclosed, so that the only from some one, as the feeling seems intercompany co-operation.
Rope climbing.
Relay race. Mrs. Clarence M. Little, of Es- no bananas:' :~ell, she's all right. way the Building and Loan Ass~- to be that the payment each month Chief Charles V. Noel, of the
sex avenue, entertained her bridge The exlllbltJOn of sports clothes ciation can have a loss would be If of your builditlg and loan is in the Narberth company, made a pleas-
There will be a charge of 10
followed and when the girls came the foreclosure under the mortgage nature of a necessary monthly ex- ing address, in which he praised
cents for those who are not mem- club last Thursday. out on the run-way. one at a time 'Would not produce enough to pay pense, and yOll do not realize that th~ work of his men, and the spirit
bers of the Athletic Association.
The officers are Mr. Oerlein, Miss Mr. and Mrs. John C. Nash, of anyon-looker would think it an en- the arrears, the amount of the mort- you are saving this money until it shown by the organization. He
Church, William Henderson, Hor- the Anita Apartments, Overbrook, tirely different set of girls from the aaae and the fines and interest. 'I'he is handed to y()u in a lump sum, or introduced each man to the gather-
ace Sheneman and Allan Claghorn. entertained Thursday night in honor ones seen in the last act. They pr~perties securing the funds loaned else on the re<:eipt of your cancel- ing by name.
The scoring will be: First place,S; of Miss Helen Ritter. simply transformed from children by the association have been so care- ed mortgage. 'rhe volunteers have been tak-
second place, 3; third place, 1. The ---. to grown ladies and modeled sport fully looked into that in the 18 ye.ars In order to 1nake this new thirty- ing lessons in fire-fighting from
captains of the teams are Edward Mr..Raym01:d C. Jones 1S re- dresses, coats, etc. of its existence the Narberth BUlld~ ninth series the largest one ever is- Lieut. Reed, of the Philadelphia
Peters, seventh grade; Dick Banks, cupe~atmg at hIS home from a re- \Vhen the pianist struck up "Tea ing and Loan Association has never sued by the association, stockholders department. He was present and
for Two" and Marion Henry and lost a dollar from properties on are cordially invited to become was called upon for a talk.
eighth grade, and Irving Dothard, cent Illness.
Ruth Cooke came forward and sang which it has loaned money. members and any of the directors The promise of lower fire insur-
ninth grade. -M' f VI' I and danced to the popular tune On Thursday evening, Marc~l 5, or officers whose names appear ance rates for Narberth was in-
The eighth grade special girls . Mrs. Douglass. mer, 0 as 1-
entertained the Board of Directors mgton, D. C., WIth her young son, everyone was astounded, but when from 7.30 until 9 o'clock the dlrec- under the annual report will be glad eluded in the address of Mr.
at a delightful Washington Birthday is visiting her l?arents, Mr. ~nd the little chorus of maids in caps tors of the association will be at to explain the building and loan idea Thomas F. Dwyer, engineer of the
dinner Monday evening. Those :Mrs. Samuel Latrd, of, \Voodslde and apron~ :'lppeared the roof all Borough Hall on Forest avenue to and arrange for your requirements Philadelphia Suburban Under-
present were Mr. McCarter, Mr. avenue. but came "~ght off Elm Hall. receive subscriptions for the new in tile new series. writers. Mr. Dwyer stated that
Dothard, Mr. Harris, Mrs. Batch- Following the display of after- . . . . : _ - - - - - - - - - - - - - Narberth had done a remarkable
elor and Mrs. Crater. The dinner Mr. Daniel B. Howard, of Syra- noon costumes Evelyn Jefferies and Are You Interested in Caves? FATHERS' ASSOCIATION piece of work in bringing the b?r-
preceded the regular meeting of the cuse, N. ,Y., spent the week-end Virginia Douglass, as two little girls . - ough up to a high fire-preventIve
with his brother, Dr. \Villiam S. in blue, just showed you how to If so, come to the Commumty Promising Speakers at the Next "nd fire-fighting plane, and th~t
school board.
Friday assembly this week was Ho\\'ard, of the Avon Apartments. "Follow the Swallows" and when Club meeting on Tuesday, March Meeting. the results would be reflected 111
in charge of the following: Richard the curtain fell on the First Act it 3 and hear Mrs. Joseph Bohan A rare treat is promised those the insurable rating.
Banks and Robert Barclay; with Postal cards from Jerusalem. left everyone gasping to see what t~ll of adventures in cave hunting. who attend the next meeting of the A new survey of the town would
W. Stites, was to be next. Mrs. Bohan is an archaeologist Fathers' Association, which is be made in the spring, he stated,
the help of the victrola they gave sent by Mrs. Fletcher
are being received hy friends in Act 2 opened with Mary MacIn- and talked before the club a y~ar I d led for Wednesday night, and at that time it was probable
"In the Village" and "Pier Gynt
Suite"; piano solos by Katherine Narberth. tosh as "Little Red Riding Hood" or so ago about treasure huntmg s~
a l:h Us C0 t House at Essex and that Narberth's rates would be
Smith and Elizabeth Terry. and she was enveloped in a "big in the clay banks of Greece. She E 1 e d u , materially reduced.
'5 a flllel1t and interesting speaker mwooY avenue.h
In French class last Friday some The directorates of the Narberth Fur Coat," by "Wonderful Dad," 1 L h f tl e Captain James 1. Donaghy, 0 f
and American Legion Building and who w'as none else than Marion and relates her personal experi- .ou. oung, t e coac. 0 1 the Lower Merion police force, ex-
story they are reading. This skit Loan Association held a joint din- Cooke. Here a chorus jazzed in ences. There will be a musical UI11Verslt~ °L tPencsylval11de~oo~:~~ pressed the hope that the entire
of the pupils dramatized part of the f

was applauded so heartily by the ner at the Manufacturers' Club and made "Wonderful Dad" one of selection on the program. Mem- team an . omman.
the "\Vonderful Hits" of the show. bers are asked to remember to Auken, both ~ell-known reSIdents would some day be consolidated.
Main Line fire-fighting system
rest of the class that the cast is Wednesday, followed by a box
· f' bring sugO'estions for a State of Narberth wIll 1;te there and any He believes that when the new
planning to give a similar perform- party at the Shubert. The mo deI mg 0 evemng gowns fl b father or good frIend of the boys '1 I d'
ance in assembly. and coats followed and truly it was ower. h of this borougl1 will find an evening township bUI ding is comp ete It
Our principal, Mr. Wilson, is at- Mrs. W. W. Duel', of the Avon well said that such beauties in such It has been necessary to ~ ange well spent if lIe puts in an appear- will be possible to install a central
tending the N. E. A. Convention in Apartments, is spending a week charming costumes are rarely seen the dates of the Club Carl11val to fire-reporting system with a com-
Cincinnati this week. with her mother in Atlantic City. il1 Narberth. But somehow they April 24 and 25, one week later ance. petent man at all times ready to
Editors for this week: Eleanor were all here this night and those than the dates previously an- Commander yan Auke~1, as most receive alarms and relay them to
Michaelson and Malcolm Forsythe. Lieutenant Owen Humphries, girls surely did show off the clothes nounced. The chairman, Mrs. E. people know IS a ~orkll1~ good the proper company. Such a plan,
who recently underwent an oper- H. Cockrill hopes for the co-oper- speaker ~nd when hIS subject has he believes, would minimize inter-
Junior Community Club. ation on his knee, is recovering at (Continued on the Sixth Page) ation of ev~r club member. This any relatl011: ,te; ~he welfare of .the department jealousies and would
will be the third carnival. Make youngsters It.s _lIable to be partIcu- speed up the entire district.
The regular meeting of the the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. 'N. Narberth Boy Scouts Honored. 't'the biO'gest and best. Swell the larly ~ntertaInll1g. He has sox:ne A telegram was received from
Deacon, of Chestnut avenue.
Junior Community Club was held
at the Y. M. C. A., Tuesday eve-
At the official opening of the B 'ld' b F d good Ideas packed away an.d With Senator Stites to the effect that a
J 01111 Dickie, famous Narberth Sesquicentennial, held at Indepen- U1 ll1g un. an interested audience he IS sure session of the Senate would pre-
ning, February 24. dence Hall last J\Ionday, five to score. elude his attendance, but he sent
We had the pleasure of hearing shortstop, has signed up with the
Newark team, of the International Narberth Scouts were invited by ARTHUR EUGENE CRUMAN \Vhat's more, he never considers his best wishes.
Mrs. Snyder, who is chairman of Major J. M. Thomas to take part Arthur Eugene Cruman, son of that he has got anywhere unless he The final speech of the evening
the Juniors in the Southeastern dis- League, for the coming season. in the exercises. Mr. and Mrs. Werner Cruman, of is bombarded with questions. Like was made by Mr. John J. Cabrey,
trict. She spoke to us about Club Mayor Kendrick and Mrs. Ken- 238 Iona avenue, died early Tues- all good sailors-he'~ a fighter and and was delivered as only Mr.
Institute and the plans to hold one Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Donaldson,
formerly of Narberth, are visiting drick, with Col. Collier, head of day morning in the University Hos- he never works qUIte so well as Cabrey can. He praised the spirit
in the early spring. Plans are also the Sesqui Commission, were pital following an operation for when he's heckled. So ~ome on shown and the expression of com-
being made for another Junior Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Heindel, of photographed by Earl C. Roper, of appendicitis. He was 18 years of over and start the ball ro!lmg. ,munity good-will toward the fire-
Rally in the fall. The girls certain- N arbrook Park.
Narberth, in Independence Hall age. Of course all of t~IS doesn t men.
ly enjoyed hearing Mrs. Snyder and
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jenkins have with the following boys from The funeral was held yesterday mean that we are expectmg a.battle. .,--------
we hope she will come out again. returned from their honeymoon at Narberth: Edwin T. \Volf, Jay .'fternoon from the parlors of It does mean that when on.ce the
There was plenty of business to
discuss, among which was our play.
Atlantic City.
Thomas, Eugene Claghorn, How-
ard Wilson, James Crist and Ran- t rv~r.,
or . H Baer 1820 Chestnut doughty Commander plants ~l1S feet,
After Ali-Night Parkers.
Burgess Carl B. Metzger held
he is liable t() say someth1l1g and Court at Borough Hall Tuesday
We expect to present it to the Mr. and Mrs. Lewis S. Easby, of dolph Keim. s ree - stick to what he says. . night, when a number of car own-
public April 4, at Elm Hall. It is a Narbrook Park, are being congratu- During the exercises the local The Boy Scouts know what sort ers were brought before him for
nautical play called "Billy. Further lated on the birth of a daughter. boys placed chairs for the commit- Baseball In the AIr. of a talk he can give, but he has pat king their cars on the streets
details will be given later. AU --- tee and distributed buttons. Narberth baseball fans are lo?k- a somewhat different message for all night. '
Junior girls are urged to turn out Miss Ethel McKee, of Dudley So that no misunderstanding ing forward to an earty meetmg the daddies. He administered a lecture on
next Tuesday evening at 7.30 avenue, spent the week-end in New may arise among the Boy Scouts to organize the club for the com- . Lou Young needs 110 introduction borough laws and released them
o'clock at the Y. M. C. A. for try- York with her aunt. as to the selection of those for the ing season. . either. Whether you go out and with ~ a warning. Police have
outs for the play. --- above exercises the committee has Plans. are under waym. the root for Penn or some other institu- counted nearly a hundred cars on
Here is another item of interest Dr. Laurence Davis is reported stated that the matter was. de- Main ~l11e. Leaj5Ue for !ibn elght- tion of higher athletics makes no the streets in a single night.
to card players. The Juniors are to have purchased a new car, but .:ided very hurriedly the nIght club CIrCUIt ~Ith pOSSI ly two difference.
giving a card party Saturday after- no one seems to be able to discover before the trip and Major Thomas games a week mstead of one. Th.e All the men are boys enough to Please renew your subscription
noon, March 28, at the Y. M. C. A.
The price is only 50 cents and there what kind it is. selected the na~es of boys who s.econd contest would be a tWl- (C t' d from. the First Page) to Our Town promptly.
will be a prize for each table. (Continued on the Sixth P!1ge) were known to hIm. 11ght game. on mue
Log Cabin; and that same little old
L. C. is only supposed to hold 20.
That sounds as if the boys have the ,------------------1
right sort of entllUsiasm, doesn't it? CORD WOOD t
Owned by tne Narberth Civic Association They have it, all right and lots of it.
and published eve17 Saturday at
Narberth, Pa. But they need a little more than
their own enthusiasm to carry them
tt We have just received another carload of sixteen-
Philip Atlee Livingston along. They need a good Scout and twenty-four-inch wood for the Fireplace. j
J!Jd1tor and PublfBhllr
]. Richmond Magney Master. And they have ant Ace in There wilI be many chilly days after the furnace has ,
ABBoalate lIItUtor Art Cooke. He works hard with t been put out when a few logs in the open Fireplace t This is not the popular time to buy a suburban home.
SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, One Dollar and this outfit; and he is putting every-
Fifty Cents per year In advance thing he has into his work. And t will throw out a pleasing warmth. t Therefore it is the best time for the prospective
good as these Scouts are, everyone , And next Fall, when the first frost appears, how pleas- t buyer to look around. Now is your. opportunity to
.• ''':'4. of them, a gang of 60 real live boys j ant it will be to know that you have a supply of good, t receive not only the very best service, but also to
is no Sunday school class for a man
to handle. t dry, cord-wood to cal1 upon. t choose from the most complete list of homes.

,• I .
Then they need a couple of as-
sistant Scout Masters; and if ever t 16- and 24.INCH AT $20.00 A CORD t Remember: Demand has the same influence on real
you want to see a pair of real ones, estate prices as it does on other commodities. This
we would like you to watch Ather- t Phone, Narberth 375 t Spring promiss to be one of unusual activity in sub-

Entered as second-class mstter, October

15th, 1914, at the Post Office at Narberth, ton Lane and 1. N. \iVilson at work. urban real estate.
Pennsylvania, under the act of March a, Every Monday night they are there
backing up Art Cooke. \iVilson who
Saturday, February 28, 1925 likes hard work is also developing The wise buyer will get in touch with us now, and
---------------1BACK AGAIN
other candidates for Scout Master's
jobs in a Scout Masters' Troop,
avoid the competition of the increased demand that
will come with the Spring.

t " t
which he has organized. The Nar-
This week "Our Town" presents
berth Troop is growing rapidly and
the story of the Narberth Building
and Loan Association, together some of the old Eagle Scouts are 2 9 _
back studying with Mr. \iVilson, so
with information as to its forth-
coming issuance of a new series of that they will qualify as Scout
stock. Masters by the time Art Cooke
some additional help. And it
For many years this paper has needs
won't be long before that day dawns.
Representative Wanted REALTOR
backed buildi!lg and loan activities
in the borough, for our two asso- Large as the troop is at the present Na1'berth Office
ciations are noted for their time, there is .:.l constantly growing City Office
strength and earning pO'Ner, and list of candidates for Tenderfoot We want to secure the services of an honest, industri- AT THE STATION 1214 LOCUST STREET
have been significant factors in the honors. That means new troops ous American to join our sales organization selling
up-building of the community. in addition to enthusiasm and J[clIIbcl' Philadclpllia Rcal E8tatc Board
gas and electric appliances along the Main Line
Their money is invested in lo- leadership they need a good Troop
cal homes, and the greater part of Committee. And there is a group territory.
the stockholders are Narberth peo- of your fellow-townsmen. doing Permanent position, pleasant outside work, drawing
ple. Such a civic undertaking de- their darndest to serve the boys in
serves support, and justifies that that capacity. All this is mentioned account and commission. Plenty of sales assistance
support by the unusually large to let you know that enthusiastic as
return offered on the money in- the Boy Scouts of Narberth are for
and advertising help in securing leads. Experience an
asset, but not an essential, if you mean business.
vested. Scouting. they cannot go ahead on There are many people who try to "save doctors' bills"
by the use of this or that so-called medicine.
Read well the articles and the enthusiasm alone. No matter how A resident of this territory is preferred, as we want the And the sad part of it is that very often such medicines
advertisement in this issue. The efilcient their Scout Masters are, services of a man who appreciates steady, profitable are sold at high prices-the bottle frequently being the
ideas presented are more than they cannot carryon without the and pleasant work. most expensive part of the whole outfit.
worthy of assimilation. support of the borough and of the Instead of the supposed condition being helped it may be
individual. 1200 letters were mailed aggravated so that the last state is far worse than the
This position is good for as much more than $150.00 first.
A NARBERTH INVESTMENT to the citizens of Narberth and the
per month as the effort put into the work. The wise plan-and the least costly one-is to place one's
On the first of February we bal- results have been exceedingly dis- self in the care of a physician and follow his advice im-
anced the books of "Our Town" appointing to-date. Possibly there plicitly. And when prescriptions are given see that the
and discovered that during the are a number of people who have 'PHONE: ARDMORE 17
medicines are prepared at Howard's-where prescription
previous month our six-page edi- not been invited to subscribe. The work is a science, not a "side line."
tions had rUn us below our quota letters 'Were sent. generally, to those
of weekly income. residents who are listed in the tele-
To balance the deficit the paper phone book. The Committee. we
Ask for Mr. Brown HOWARD'S
was unmercifully "crammed" with are sure will not feel a bit hurt if The Brightest Spot in Narberth
8 to 9 A. M. or 4 to 5 P. M. A Drug Store in the Most Modem Sense of the Term
ads for three weeks in Februarv. sUbscriptions come in from people
Telephones: Narberth 1267 and 1268
In order to take care of the churc=h who have not been solicited.
and club activities, the "Fireside" It is a pity that alI of Narberth
went by the board temporarilv and could not have been present at
Some lean issues were the result. Valley Forge, last Saturday. Scout
The editor was the target of Master Cooke led our boys to the
• We invite you to hea l' LOWER MERION GARAGE
many baleful glances and pointed train. all rigged up for a good seven-
remarks. "\Ve want our 'Fire- mile hike. De-training at Devon they 52 MONTGOMERY AVENUE
side'," sang the populace. tramped the seven miles, to attend SOME CURIOUS STORIES ABOUT GODS
So here we are again with a larg- (Continued on the Sixth Page) NARBERTH, PA.
er and a real personal column. It A SERIES OF EVENING SERMONS LOFTUS-l'roprletors-W. 11[, HUBBARD
G. L.
is hoped that larger issues may be CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS AUTO REPAIRING (American and F~reign Cars)
published with greater regularity, Minimum, 90 cents. Price, 2 cents a March 1 STARTERS .. GENERATORS .. IGNITION
as local news demands makes nec- tvol·d. Three inse1·tions for the price of How Gods Are Made
essary the increase. :Material suit- two. Classified advertisements will be
able for the "Fireside" \vill be received by telephone from subscribers March 15 Putting a God to Bed 'PHONE: NARBERTH 2559
gladly received, together with of the telephone company
suggestions from our readers, \Nho l\IALE HELP WANTED-$10,OOO.OOO
now aggregate by far the greatest company wants man to ReB 'Va·tkin~
Home NecCRsities in 1'\urherth. More thun
March 22
March 29
The Left-Over God
The Convenient God •
number in the paper's history.
150 used daily. Income $3i'i to $50 week-
ly. Experience unnecessary. 'Vrite Dept. BAPTIST CHURCH Minister
Not Bringing in the Desir~d Amout
H-S. The J. R. "ratkins Company, Fi;:i-
Iiin Perry strcet. New York. N. Y. (tf'
George M. Dando
of Money. SEWING l\'1ACHINES-AIl makes re-

paired. Liberal allowunce on old machines
"VeIl. there was a wild scramble for new Singel·. Phone Narberth 1(1~n-J.
to be among the first subscribers' FOR SALE-Used and demonstration
to the Boy Scout Fund. The posti Yictrolas; attractive prices. Also Radioln GROCERIES-MEAT-VEGETABLES
marks would indicate that J01111 YIII; special price. AzpeU's Music Store,
Stewart and A. J. Malochleb were New Theatre Building. Ardmore.
tied forti rst honors. Second place Cash OnlY-No Delivery
FOR SALE-'--Prail'ie State incubator.
was a triple tie with C. A. Peeney, 100 egg cupacitr; used one senson. Also
J. C. Keenan and Adelizzi Brothers two bl·ooders. 471 Brookhurst a\'enue.
interlocked. Then along came C. (3-21).
Franklin Brisben by his lonesome PRACTICAL NURSE wishes position
for third place. ns compmiion 01' attendant to invalid.
Yes. there was a mad, mad Phone Narberth 2537.
SC'ramble to head the list; but then PRIVATE GARAGE for rent. Corner COFFEE
it lost its madness. True. some "-oodside and Nal'berth avenues. 'Phone:
money has been coming in; but no- i\Ii'l'ion 1363-J. (3-14) In selling Coffee it is not hard to quote a low price.
The thing is to have the price and quality together so
where near enough. The Troop HEL~ \VANTED-Womnn for gene1'll1 you can enjoy your Morning Coffee without paying too
Committee explained to many of the housework-b~' dny. Address "H." cal'e much for it. That's our claim and our Coffee business
good people hereabouts that the Our Town, P. O. Box !lOO. shows us we have the right combination. Let us give
small sum of $450.00 is needed to you a sample and compare it.
FOR SALE CHEAP-Hnnd-carved oak
pay the interest on a $4000 mortgage libral'y table and living room cabinet.
and to cover other running expenses 'Phone: 1'\urherth 123!l. A steaming dish of Ralston BUTTER
for this year. $450.00 isn't much, Our Prairie Rose Butter has stood the test for a num-
you'll all agree. No, not even when porridge - pure golden-
brown whole wheat full of ber of years. We sell it on a money-back guarantee.
you add the ciphers for the cents. Tr~' i t-50c.
Four hundred and fifty dollars
is all that is asked to keep your boys
off the streets and to start them
Narberth Building and Loan
Association. Bealth- EGGS
The annual meetinll'
along the road to good citizenship. to elect officers and directors of the stockholders
to serve for Growth-· Good Fresh Lancaster County Eggs have been a leader
with us for the past twelve years. We like to talk Eggs
And if these boys weren't the sort the ensuing year, from nominations made
of good Scouts that they are, think at the February meeting, will be held RappiDeSS- and sell Eggs because we know our Eggs will please you.
Today's Price-39c.
how short a time it \\ oulrl take Thursday, Elm Hall.
March 5th, 1025, 9 P. M., at
Bov" ~..,rl girls require a hot Note-Last weelc the pl'inte1', in m'ror, quoted ou?' price at
them to smash $45°.00:.:-,; i:h of THOS. C. TROTTER, JR., 97c instead of 47c
wilJdows or to indulge in other no <ng breakfast.

youthful but rather expensh;e
Four hundred and fifty dollars is
but a mite for a· community like Betate of ROWENA PEEBLES, late Granulated Sugar 6c
Narberth to subscribe. vVhy, it of the Borough of Narberth, Montgomery
wasn t so very long ago that this
County, deceased.
Lebters !If Administration on the above
community, not nearly as rich and Estate having been granted to the under-
The Whole eat CereaD Light House Cleanser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 4c
prosperous then as now, subscribed signed, all persons indebted to said Estate Heinz Baked Beans 2 for 2&
dose to $4°,000 for the Y. M. C. A. are requested ~o make imm~diate payment
That's a SUill that we don't need to· and those h~vlDg legal claIms to present Freihofer's Macaroni IOc
. . the same WIthout delay to
add the cents to make It look like WILLIAM J. PEEBLES
something. 109 Iona Avenu~,
Post Toasties 7c
Folks, at last Monday's meeting Narberth, Pa.
there were 60 in attendance, all en- Or hiB Attorneys,
rolled Scouts. Sixty at the little Norristown, Pa.


of the
Narberth Building and Loan Association



Loans Secured by First and Second Mortgages on Homes Dues Paid in Monthly by Stockholders .....•....•... $609,186.00
of Stockholders $682,950.00 Dues Paid in Advance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 799.00
Loans Secured by B. & Loan Stock Held as Collateral. .. 88,725.00 Interest Paid in Advance . 12.00
Due from Stockholders in Arrears: Money Borrowed from Bank to Loan on Mortgages to
Account Dues $5,134.00 Stockholders .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31,000.00
Account Interest 661.82 Interest Accrued on Above Bank Loans . 336.00
Account Fines. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 416.75
Account Premiums 68.55 Reserve Fund for Emergencies . 717.30
6,281.12 Profits to be Added to Dues to Mature Stock . 141,432.58
Cash in Bank .................................. 4,526.76

$783,482.88 $783,482.88


WM. D. SMEDLEy President Wm. D. Smedley Howard C. Fritsch

Thos. C. Trotter, Jr. Edwin P. Dold
WM. B. KRAFT Vice-President
C. Howard McCarter Carl B. Metzger
C. HOWARD McCARTER Treasurer Wm. B. Kraft Wm. S. Howard
THOS. C. TROTTER, JR Secretary A. P. Redifer John S. Ketcham
Chas. S. Powell Daniel Leitch
Edward C. Griswold


A CHEAPER MORTGAGE ration of its term, and you will then L. M. BUILDING IN LAST LEAGUE GAME
eitHer have to pay it off, replace the
Lessens Cost of Purchasing Home mortgage with another party and Cynwyd Commissioner Officiates at Ardmorites Finish Season This Week.
Table and Floor Lamps pay all expenses attached to draw-
Profits which accrue to the hold- ing the new papers or may be com-
The cornerstone for the new
Norristown High closed her see-
ond championship Suburban League
ers of building association shares pelled to pay a bonus to have the township building in Ardmore was season Friday evening with a bril-
who have taken them out as a old mortgage continued or to get laid 'Wednesday afternoon. Mem- liant 41-28 victory over Lower
means of saving have been written a new one. bers of the Township Commission Merion High at Norristown before
about considerably, but there hasn't and a large number of citizens a capacity crowd of rabid fans. The
Here is an unusual oppor~
been very much written about those NINE REASONS from Ardmore and other parts of game, which was the last league.
who have mortgages in an asso- Lower Merion witnessed the cere- scrap for both schools, was fast and
tunity to secure table, bou~ ciation, and it is not generally known For Building and Loan Investment. monies. Commissioner Frank H. featured by several bits of clever
I doir and floor lamps at one~ that those who borrow on mort- One of the oldest stockholders in Sykes, of Cynwyd, delivered the play from both teams.
third off the regular retail gages derive the same amount of the Narberth Building and Loan dedication. _ The Lower Merion team threat-
profits as those who carry free Association, when he was asked The laying of the cornerstone ened on several occasions and on the
price. shares. what good reason he could give for
Our stock of portable marked the last of a series <;>f whole played a better game than
One who subscribes for five anyone becoming a stockholder and advancements ?y the townshIp they did in their own back lot at
lamps is always new, 1Jp~to~ shares of stock pays $5 per month taking out shares in a building as- fathers. Back m 1906 when they Ardmore in the first game of the
date and of the highest qual- for about 136 months, or $680 and sociation, replied about as follows: entered the second-story rooms of two played between the teams. In
ity the market affords, and rec~ives $1000 (the maturity value I can think of nine reasons that wh~t . then was called the Mahan the first half they kept the fans
to avoid carrying any of our of lfive shares), showing a profit of f will fit nearly anyon's case and BUlldmg, at 21 West Lancaster ~ve- in a constant uproar as they alter-
last season's purchases over $320. would list them about as follows: nue, there seemed to be suffiCIent nated the lead with the Blue and
until next season we have de- One who borrows $1000 (the I. '1'0 finance the acquisition of room for all. White, and only a brilliant rally at
cided to offer the few noW loan value of five shares), will pay a home. Comparatively speaking, only a the close of the half gave the
on hand to our customers at $10 per month for 136 ml?nths, or 2. To provide in advance a fund few years had passed when they Rhotonites the 15-9 lead at that
bargain prices never before $1360 by that amount leaVing $680 for the acquisition of a home. purchased the old Warner estate, time. In the second 20 minutes of
offered. 7ancelled. But of the $1360, $680 3. To save money systematically. with what was at that time deemed play, the Norristown outfit stepped
IS for the use of the $1000 for 136 4. '1'0 layaway savings which sufficient for many years, but the out considerably and rapidly widen-
ELECTRIC and GAS months, so we must re~uce the may be borrowed on when need township failed to stop growing and ed the margin between the teams.
$1360 by that amoun, leavmg $680 arises. a more commodious building was Episcopal Academy sprung a sur-
TABLE, BOUDOIR and FLOOR LAMPS to equal the dues paid and 5. To save small .amounts regu- sought. After several years of ne- prise Tuesday afternoon when it
7ance~s a mortgage of $1000, or glv- larly to be permanently invested gotiations, the commissioners finally vanquished the Greigsonites by a
REGULAR $10.00 LAMPS AT $6.66 mg hIm a profit of. $3 20, the same when the stock matures. decided to erect on the present site 28 to 24 count. The score at half
as the one who earned free shares. .. . on East Lancaster avenue opposite time was 20 to 1I in favor of Lower
REGULAR $15.00 LAMPS AT $10.00 It is advantageous in more ways 6. '1'0 encourage. thr:ft 111 chtldren Simpson road. Merion.
REGULAR $20.00 LAMPS AT $13.33 than one to have a mortgage with or perso~s who fntter away money
REGULAR $25.00 LAMPS AT $16.66 a building association rather than whIch mIght .be accumulated. The building which is being built Lower Merion lost the game
REGULAR $30.00 LAMPS AT $20.00 with a trust company or individual. ~. '1'0 pro~lde a fund for the edu-
is of Indi~n li1?estone and will be through overconfidence and lack of
AND UP TO $60.00 LAMPS AT $40.00 three stones hIgh. The ~rst and fight in the second stanza. Gilfillan
In the first place it is cheaper, as the catton of chIldren. second floors have been aSSIgned to and Faulk both absent from the
CONVENIENT PAYMENT TERMS following comparison will show: 8. To provide a fund to be avail- the various departments, which will line-up we~e much missed.
A mortgage of $1000 held by a able when a child comes of age. include the township treasurer's of- ' _
$10.00 LAMPS •.•••••••... 50e DOWN, $1.00 PER MONTH trust company or individual 'I' df
$15.00 LAMPS ..•..••.••.• 50e DOWN, $1.00 PER MONTH will cost $60 per year for 111-3 9. 0 accumulate a fun or sup- fices, leaving the third floor for fu- DR. EUGENE STADELMAN
$20.00 to $25.00 LAMPS .,. $1.00 DOWN, $1.50 PER MONTH years or $ 680.00 port in old age. ture developments, although it will
And you will still owe .....•.. 1,000.00 He said that you must not look be used for draughting purposes of Member of Old Baia Family Dies In
$26.00 and Up $1.00 DOWN, $2.00 PER MONTH Mexico.
$1,680.00 on building and loan associ~tio.n the Highway Department. In the
aura..... · Select that new Lamp Today and save One-third basement large vaults will be placed Dr. Eugene Stadelman, formerly
A building association mortgage savings as money tied up, as It IS
of $1000 will cost $120 per a liquid asset and can be withdrawn and township records kept. This, of Bala, died of heart disease last
SALE STARTS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28 year for 111-3 years or .•... $1,360.00 or borrowed on at a few days' no- without a doubt, will make one of Sunday at Cananea, State of
And your mortgage will be cancel- tice, a.nd when it is considered that the most up-to-date municipal build- Sonora, Mexico. He was a son of"
AT 8.00 A. M. led showing a net saving of •• $ 320.00 the earnings are about 80 per cent. ings outside of the larger cities. the late Jacob Latch Stadelman and
Another great feature of a build- secured by property which you see Henriette Leech Stadelman, and
ing association mortgage is that no every day, it is about as good an Musical ServIce at St. John's. was a member of an old family in
matter what financial stringency investment as anyone can get. The regular monthly musical this section.
may arise your mortgage cannot be He also said that the ideal way service was held at St. John's Dr. Stadelman was 'ilorn August
called as long as you comply with to take building and loan stock was Church last Sunday afternoon. It 12, 1872, on a farm at Old York
the rules and regulations of the a little each year, so that after it was conducted by Mr. Harry C. road and City Line avenue, Bala,
The Counties Gas and Electric Co. association as to the payment of starts to mature you will have a
dues, interest, etc. steady income as long as you keep
'1'iIy, 2d, in the absence of his
father, Dr. Herbert J. '1'ily.
that had been in his family's posses-
sion for more than 200 years. A
A mortgage held by a trust com- taking the new series. map bearing the date 1753, now in
Ardmore 17 Bryn Mawr 327 Wayne 47 pany or an individual is drawn for Did you lose something? An Independence Hall, shows the loca-
a term of years, usually either three Please renew your subscription ad in these columns will tell hun- tion of the farm and bears the name
or five years, and can be called at to Our Town promptly. dreds of readers about it. of one of his ancestors.
Faulk Is Likely Captain For Next
Year's L. M. H. S. Basketball Team
L. M. GIrls WIn.
The Lower Merion High School
Informal HI.Y.
An informal meeting of the Hi-Y
basketball team defeated the Haver- Club was held at the Lower Mer-
ford High sextette in a game Tues- ion High School Thursday. Prin-
day afternoon at Ardmore. The cipal Pennypacker told the club
." When Dissatisfied Try
Eight Will Possibly Receive score was 27 to II. Anna Sell was about school problems which it HEWIT'S
COUNTY BOY SCOUTS centre and Martha Henwood saw coiilCrhelp s'olve;
SEE VALLEY FORGE action as sub-centre. Miss Effie Informal meetings will be held Tailors, Cleaners and Dyers
Jimmy Faulk, scrappy forward Make Annual PilgrImage on Eve of Rumpp, captain, and Edna Clark every other week. One week there
of Lower Merion High basketball WashIngton's Birthday. were guards. Emma Trend and will be the formal evening meeting 234 Haverford Avenue 'Phone, Narberth 1254
team, will possibly be elected cap- Emily Deubler were forwards. with a dinner at the Y. M. C. A.
The annual pilgrimage to Valley Misses Christine Brooks and Mil- in Ardmore, the next the informal We Call for and Deliver
tain of the quintet for next year if Forge was made Saturday by more .
his physical condition permits. He than 2000 Boy Scouts from the dred J arden were substitutes. I seSSIOn.
is regarded as the logical candidate councils of Montgomery and Dela- rr============================¥'
for the 1925-26 leadership and in- ware counties. Local troops were
9"h~~,i Radiator Cover
asmuch as Alpha Phi will have five represented.
of the probable eight letter men, his The boys, representing 65 troops, 107 Ardmore Avenue
selection should be assured. left their special train at Port Ken- Ardmore, Pa.
The only li~ely obstacle to his nedy and hiked to the old cabin at
election is his health. "Jeems" was the rear of the Valley Forge Me- SUPERIOR FACULTV
recently ordered from the squad be- morial Chapel under leadership of Instructions in
cause it was found that he had de- J. W. Patton, deputy scout execu- Piano, Voice, Violin, 'Cello and Rhythmic
veloped an "athletic heart," which tive.
doctors feared would result fatally They were addressed by the Rev. Dancing
if he were allowed to continue play- W. Herbert Burk, pastor and ANNOUNCING
ing without a rest. Should the founder of the Washington Me- MR. LAPETINA will instruct MANDOLIN,
heart trouble allow of his return to morial Church of Valley Forge.
the team next year it is possible he \Vashington's own ideas and ideals MANDOLA, GUITAR and BANJO
will be given the captaincy. for character-building are fostered Private Lessons Only
If Faulk should be forbidden to in the scout movement, Dr. Burk Mr. Lapetino was one of Curti's original
play, the selection of next season's declared, urging his young audience students when that Spanish artist first introduced
leader is likely to become a more to study Washington as an out- these instruments in this country. hides unsightly radiators' and protects
difficult matter. In that event Mor- standing example of American man- For enrollment or information call Ardmore 2404.
your walls and decorations
ris and Ruddick are being mention-
ed as eligible. hood.
The Penn bowl fight was staged, '============================ ESPITE the most classic radiator design that you can buy,
The Lower Merion five finished
its season this week. The men who
with the Main Line district getting :-
the most hands on the rim of the
.- ol'.. _ ••
_ ,.,. ""- "" ,.. • ....<OI'~
D if it is left bare, it is not only ugly, but the heat from it
stains walls and decorations, ruining the harmony and beauty
will be granted their letters will bowl. MILK DOESN'T GROW IN of your room.
possibly be announced next week. Chief Strong Wolf, who lives in No proud owner of a home which has cost him twenty
Shortly after elections for next year Narberth, a full-blooded Ojibway BOTTLES! thousand dollars or upwards is satisfied with these conditions-
will be held. Indian, showed the Scouts some· nor need he endure them.
The likely letter men are Captain thing original in the way of an Any such home owner can, for a sum in keeping with the rest
Robert Gilfillan, Jimmy Faulk, Indian war dance in the afternoon. It comes from cows in the country. Some of the appointments in his home, use la-Nar covers to convert
Dave Bevan, Howard Morris, Paul He also exhibited his skill with the dairies are forced to get their milk from dairies his unsightly radiator into a beautiful piece of furniture, and at
Scull, Ronald Ruddick, Albert Koh- bow and arrow, and told a series of a hundred miles away. It has to be shipped in the same time overcome forever stained walls and ruined
las and Dick Reinhold. stories about pioneer heroes. milk trains. That takes time.. decorations.
Four of these men, all regulars The latter part of the observance Scott-Powell "A" Milk comes from nearby Perfectly insulated so that you can place books, vases,
on this year's quintet, will be lost was taken up with historical hikes farms and is transported in our large, glass- flowers, etc., on it-made of finest furniture steel to cover either
through graduation. Those who over all parts of the reserve. Guides lined wonder trucks in just four hours. The high or low radiators. Finished in mahogany, walnut, ivory, or
will receh'e their diplomas in June accompained the boys on these trips, nearness of our farms and our unique transpor- any other finish to match your scheme of decoration.
are Captain Gilfillan, Scull, Rein- pointing out all the interesting tation system Saves a Day and gives you milk The Ja·Nar Radiator Cover will also automatical1y control the temperature
hold and Bevan. of the room if you desire. Why not arrange now to have one or more of your
points as well as explaining the sig- rooms Ja·Nar equipped? You can view them at our office.
nficance of numerous marks and
EPISCOPAL ACADEMY NEWS signs along the woody thickets. ttFresher by a Day" As~ the la/Naf man to come and see you
Episcopal Wins Twice.
The outing was similar to the He will explain just how the Ja-Nar Radiator Cover works and how much
ones staged by the scouts of the it costs to cover your ugly radiators and protect walls and decorations. Use
By \Valter L. 'fillman. two counties for the last decade. the coupon.
Episcopal won an exciting game \Vhen the first pilgrimage was tak-
from Chestnut Hill last Friday by en, only about 100 scouts turned ~t@rCmbinetComr~
the score of 21-20. It was an In- out. This number has increased
teracademic League contest and the DREXEL BLDG.• PHILADELPHIA Telephone Lombard 6109
yearly, and last year it was esti-
victory enabled the churchmen to mated that more than 1900 boys had
keep joint hold on second place with
St. Luke's, which easily humbled
Drexel Bldg., Philadelphia
Penn Charter. ~~-"'."""""-""'-'~ Without obligating us to buy. kindiy send your "?ortfoliJ of Ja·Nars," showing
The play was close throughout
and in the last second of play Hel- ~ N. R. PEACOCK : actual installations of the Ja·Nar Radiator Cabinet in beautiful homes.
Name; _
# #
ler, the Hiller's snappy forward,
~ Interior and ~#
was fouled, with the score 21-20 # City
against his team. Spectators rushed
on the court thinking the game was ,~
Exterior Painting ,~
_ "" ""' ,.. "' - ~ "" -."" - ,.. "' " _ -..-'
over but Referee Barfood cleared Kitchens and Bathrooms made
the floor, and Heller toed the mark ~ Attractive, Bright and Clean :
with a possible victory o~ defeat ~ Will be glad to Estimate ~
~~ 407 ESSEX AVENUE ,:
depending on his throw. The ball
hit the rim, and, amdist a dead
silence. rolled around and out, gi,"-
ing Episcopal a one-point win.
~ Phone, Narberth 161l-W
Chestnut Hill got the jump at the

start of the game securing two field
goals before the Churchmen regis-

oA I" RI
tered a point. The score mounted
to 9-2 with the Hillers leading, and
then to 10-5 with ony four minutes
Enlarges Main Line Service
remaining in the period. In these
four minutes Episcopal staged a
remarkable rally and with three
successivefield goals sandwiched in MILK AND CREAM Removes Ardmore Service Branch from 45 to 51 East
with a foul, emerged at half-time 758 LAN CASTER AVE.
with a 12-10 lead. BRYN MAWR.-
During the final session the
guarding became closer and points
Telephone: Bryn Mawr 882 Lancaster Ave.
became scarce. \Vith five minutes
to go Episcopal, on a field goal by
Andrews, jumped to a 19-15 ad- Narberth 1683-W Repairing
vantage. Another twin-counter by IF IT'S ANYTHING IN
the same player and three fouls by RADIO In keeping with Studebaker's super..serVlce ideas, it has en..
Chestnut Hill made the score read
21-18 with a minute remaining. C.ROY SMITH
Heller then scored on a long toss, ABOUT IT larged its strategically situated Main Line Service facilities and re..
setting the stage for the hapennings 22 Ardmore Ave. Ardmore, Pa.
in the last second of play.
Jimmy Andrews was the oustand- moved to larger quarters. The new location is 5 1 East Lancaster
ing star for the winners with I I of
his teams 21 points. Heller was 29 feet Ave., Ardmore.
Chestnut Hill's mainstay in both
scoring and floor work.
On the Tuesday preceding the
a second!
Chestnut Hill game Episcopal easily
defeated Montgomery, 46 to 16.
This anticipation of Studebaker owners' service wants is the rea..
Coach Brinton sent in every -that's what you go at 20
player on his second team and every
combination tried worked well.
miles an hour. Think of the son why "Once a Studebaker owner always a Studebaker owner."
McMullen, one of the few regulars chance of accident even at
in the contest, led in the scoring such a low speed I Then the
with six field goals.
T.he score at half-time was 23-5. claims and the repair bills I
In a preliminary to the Chestnut
Hill game, the Episcopal reserves
defeated the Chestnut Hill reserves,
Better be free from worry by
insuring your car. Telephone
Studebaker Sales Company
right away to
At Villanova College Main Line Branch
"Vision." a mystery play of the
time of Christ, will be given in the J~BAIRD CALDWELL 51 East Lancaster Ave.
auditorium of Villanova College,
every evening during the week of Over the Bank
March 2. Representing Ardmore
The advertising columns form a The T R· A VEL E R S
directory of progressive mer-
chants. Refer to them often. HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT


Dependable Quality. Prompt Service HOLY TRINITY LUTHERAN Robert E. Kelghton, Minister.
M. E. McLinn,Pastor.
9A Sunday, March 1:
R 1 . S d .45 . M., Church School. The
l~f~ ar serVIces, un ay, March entire school will met in the

Sunday School, 9.45 A. M.
Morning service, 11 A. M.
Evening service, 7.45 o'clock.
Church Auditorium for a brief
worship period led by the pastor.
1 A. M., Morning \Vorship.
. Sermon, "The Miracle We All
Food Specials for Today and Next Week ] unwr

of God..
. 7 P.
Believe" . Th'IS IS. oUr regu 1ar com-
1'1len;~ I.n mornmg, The Fear munion service, at which the hand
of fellowship will be extended· to
Faith does many wonderful things. Faith caused Columbus, d~spite opopsition, to persevere until the discovery of America was the result. Th~~e m eve11lng, Lookl11~ to the new members, followed by the
Jesus. observance of the Lord's Supper.
Faith has been the great factor in the up-building of our great western country. Faith made us believers in the fact that groceries could be sold . You are invited to these serv- We especially invite every Bap-
with reasonable service and Faith is your guiding hand when you give us your orders. If you have never experienced the satisfaction that this Ices.. . tis.t in Narberth to participate in
A cordIal welcome WIll be ex- thIs service with us.
store can bring you this' week would be a good time to exercise it by a trial order with Cotter's. tended.
7 P. M., B. Y. P. U. Leader
METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH Charlotte Hillegas. Subject'
DEL MONTE PEACHES, big can, 25c R. G. A. COFFEE, lb. 45c Rev. W. Sheridan Dawson, Minister. "\Vhat the Bible Teaches About
vVorship." -
Services, Sunday March 1:
Dromedary Cocoanut Kingsford Com Starch Aunt Jemima Pancake Flour 9.45 A. M., Bible School. Han. 7.45 P. M., Evening Worship.
Dromedary Dates F \V S', "How Gods Are Made."
pkg.20c 2 4·oz. pkgs. 35c pkg. 10c 2 pkgs. 25c . . tltes, Supt. ThIs IS the first of a series of
11 A. 1\1., Holy Communion, "Curious Stories About Gods."
Infant BaptIsm. The others to follow on the Sun-
CLIQUOT CLUB GINGER ALE SUPERIOR BUTTER PRETZELS LARGE GRAPE FRUIT This is the closing communion day evenings of March are:
lb. 29c each 6c service of the Conference year and March 8- How Gods A H
Bot. 15c; case, 24 bats. $3.25 all members are urged to attend. Lost." re
Anthem, "Let not your heart be
CAMPBELL'S PORK & BEANS DEL MONTE SPINACH GOLDEN BANTAM CORN troubled," Speaks; baritone solo March 15-"Putting a God to
Paris or Blue Label "How long wilt thou forget me ?":
3 cans for 25c can 18c 4 cans for 95c Pluger. March 22-"The Left-Over
2.:30 P. M., Junior Epworth God."
CONEWAGO STRING BEANS League. March 2f)-"The Convenient
Tiny Green Stringless Beans MEATS 6.45 P. M., Epworth League de- God."
can 30c tall can 9c ::otionalmeeting, Miss Fern Reger Tuesday, March 3, 10.30 A. l\L
111 charge. Speaker, Miss Aletha -Regular meeting of the White
Legs of Spring Lamb ...... lb. 40c Lamb. Topic, "The place in Cross Committee of the church to
Eagle Brand which we live." Special music. which all the women of the chu~'ch
Horse Shoe ........................ can 24c Rib Roasts, best cuts .. lb. 35c, 38c Everybody invited. are invited. Luncheon will be
Litkolf Pink ....................... can 15c can 19c 7.45 P. M., Evening worshiP'lserved.
Fresh Killed Stewing Chickens, lb 38c Sermon by the pastor. Theme, \Vednesday, March 4, 8 P. M.-
Del Monte or Van Camp's Tuna Fish FREIHOFER'S MACARONI New Lessons From Familiar Prayer Service. Topic: "The Sec-
All White Meat Loin of Pork . . . . . . . . . •... lb. 35c Truths. Quartet, "j ust a Little ond Petition of the Model Prayer:'
13-oz. can 50c 10-oz. pkg. llc Closer," Kirkpatrick; tenor solo
"Sweet Sabbath Day," Vannah.' FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST,
Oleander F aney Wet Shrimp, can 20c ~f d
i,lon ay, \H
'v oman's ~.
l<orelgn SCIENTIST
Gorton's No Bone Cod Fish Missionary Society will hold their
8·oz. bottle 19c monthly meeting at the home of Woman's Club Building, Ardmore
16·oz. tablet 30e 3 pkgs. 25c :\frs. Frank Miller. 228 Narberth Avenue, Ardmore, Pa.
avenue, at 2.30 P. M. Sunday sen'ices, 11 A. M.

M:;:~SWAFERS Ij Th~ t ~~~~~~f~~~U'IY Prayer and Praise Service. \Ved- Sunday School service, 11 A. 1'.1.
IVlN'S • .,. . .w.. ft.v",oo P• ., \Vednesday
nesday, at 8 P. M. Stere~pticon meeting, 8 o'clock. evening testimonial
h~ ~~ lecture on the "Mass Movement
--------------:-------------.---------- in India." Reading Room. If) \Vest Lan-
caster a"en ue, open each weekday,
Large Size BRILLO YOUNG'S PEARL BORAX SOAP BEST CLOUDY AMMONIA Choir rehearsal on Thursdaj' 12 to 4.30 P. 1\1.
2 pkgs. 35c large size, 2 cakes 25c quart bottle 29c Probationers' Class on Friday at The subject of the Bible lesson
7 P. fiT. sermon for March 1 is "Christ
] esus."
YOUNG'S BORAX SOAP CHIPS BABBITT'S CLEANSER The general public will find a
welcome at all the services of the
3 pkgs. 25c 3 pkgs. 25c can 5e church. THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH
Rev. John Van Ness, Minister.
PAINTING Meetings for t01110rrow:
GLAZING 9-45 A. M.-Bible School. All
JOBBING welcome.

~~~i~~i~~~~i~i~i~~i~~i~i~i~i~i~=~i~~~~~i!~~~~~ ~IIINI.I......1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111'11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111' WM. NEWBORG & CO. 1.045 A. M.-The entire congrega-

Fine Tires
I! INT!.:RIOR REMO~:LING Painting and Decorating
tion of the church, and the Bible
School will gather promptly on the
212 Woodbine Ave., Narberth, Pa. vacant lo~ ~djoining .the present
~hurch buJ1dmg for bnef exercises

I! ~~~~t~h~~v~s' $~~~ ~?~~

Phone. Narberth 1758-W
In connecti?n ,"ith the turning of
::::::::: POPLAR rata - M~Ginley
UI 218 N.13t1iS!;Phila.l~
, the first SOIl f01" the new building.
11.00 A. lVI.-Morning Worship. n.'
Ii ~:f~~o~~~es. :::::::::.rr:J6~ ~~r: :O~~DLAR :~= ._i-
The opening sermon of Lent sub-
ject: .'''Confession', Interc~ssiotl
o _ at a Big
Kitchens ...........• UPSON TILE BOARD

Insulating Roofs ....•. BALSAM WOOL

: Bell Phone. Spruce 38-06 and 38.~
Keystone Pilon.., Race 70.114
Testin~6ilY."· .. '
~ Exposed Sheds BALSAM WOOL 11.00 A. M....:.-.Junior Church in
GARAnteed Roofs

~ Visit our LUMBER LIBRARY for further the lower room and the Ntirsery in

. 1' SHULL abiuMBER co. BALA-CYNWYD ;;~
Phone Narberth 672 or 2215 W

Walter Roser
the upper room.
12.20 P. M.-The Men's Bible
Class. Teacher, Dr. S. Z. Shope.

, arbertb Taxi Cab Co.
4.0 0 P. M.-Communicants' Class.
P. M.-Senior and Inter-
For a limited time only we offer a mediate C. E. Societies' meetings.
!; Residence Office
7.4;5 P. "M.-~ven}ng Worship.
STANDARD MAKE CORD TIRE • "111I"111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.111111111 126 Conway Ave. 215 Haverford Ave. SubJect: No NIght rhere." Some
f,(!:m!lliI~!~!==~n::!lIi!~im!!~!::::i:!iIf:lii:f:rr:::r:!lii!Ei:lim:!:m!:li!:m!tii!b1!!m!:m~!l:!!=E:a:1''!!il!!iilil~i things the Bible teaches about
Complete with Tube . Heaven.
m Springfield Consol,idated Water Co. Ii!! School Supplies Announcements.
~ General Office, 1612 Market Street m . Mrs. A. S. Digby, the new super-
30x3~-$10.50 for Philadelphia Iii! on Sale at

Cash Sales Only

both I~

The Springfield Consolidated Water Company

serves filtered water o~ the highest quality in 46
Ii!! D·AVIS'
lI!tendent of the Junior Church,de-
sIres to meet all the children and
their parents at the church this
1 boroughs and townshIps located in. Delaware, liil Saturday afternoon, February 28.

Ray W ·,. Accessory Store

. elss Iii
Chester, Montgomery and Bucks CountIes.
To serve this territory the Company maintains
.ii! For Permanent
Games, refreshments ane! an illus-
trated address on "The Willing
H 3 dams, 3 pumping stations, fully equipped with Ili Town Church."
Agent for Firestone, Miller, Goodrich ~ modern pumping and filtering equipment, 10 reser· Iii· Satisfaction Next Wednesday at 2 P. M. the
: Narberth Avenue Narberth 1633 or 1203·W ~ voirs, 12 s~an~pipes .and 640 miles of distribution I~II 'VITomen'~ Missionary Society will
. I~ and transmISSIon mams. ii. BUY A hold theIr regular monthly meeting.
~ Iii! DIVISION OFFICES lll' Next Wednesday at 8 o'clock the
: '
: .'
\ ~ ~
Oak Lane and
Bryn Mawr
Smedley ~ongregation Prayer Meeting. Sub-
Ject: "The Lover in the Life of
, , litl Conshohocken !
Jesus." All.are urged to be present.
~ .
0', ;
~II • Information as to rates, service, etc., may be obtained on applica- 'j
1:"1 bon to the above offices. '
Built Home Next Fnday evening Session
Meeting at the church. '
: ., : Elim:ii$!Eliml:'=~!m!!5il!l!!Ull!mli!!!!!!m!!tl!m!!:miltl!lliJ!nU!!t!!m1!llll![::~rr;m!!mJ!l!:!an!!m!ffi!!ml!!E1!lEl!ml!!;;!!mi'!!mli!mE1mmmJ!!EnEJEID ~n Sunday evening, March 8,
WM. D. & H. T. SMEDLEY MISS Maude M. Aldrich will speak

':.: Bread is not as simple as .it looks. There are ~ 11111111"1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.IlII1II1II1II1II1In1I1II1II1II1II1II1II1·

J: sizes, shapes and kinds to suit every family and taste. ~ I· SaVe Your Sboes- Narberth 2616 Ardmore 103.J
in this church, at 6.45 and also at
745· She is a speaker of National
reputation and has a convincing
.,; Every kind of bread we bake is the best that , ~ ~ VERL PUGH message that none can afford to
: . skill and experience can produce. :, ;!! Look over the shoes in your home. Bring them !l;; Electrical Contractor miss.
~ ! in for repairs-have the old pair fixed up. If pos- ! .
Electrical Bepalre and Appliance.
!: :
I :

Take Home a Loaf : ! sible keep an extra pair on hand all the time. It is ~ 314 GrayUnc Ave.. 8 Orlcket ATe., Card of Thanks.
, , ;; a good plan to change often for th's ests th feet l!l Narberth. Pa. Ardmo.... Pa. .Mrs. E. \~T. Crookes and family
'. , , ~ ,II' e , ~ Wish to thank the kind friends'
~ , : ~ helps the feet to keep well, prolongs the life of the ~ e:e:e:g:8:~and neighbors for their kindness
:,.. WHITE'S SWEET' SHOP :, i _
I COOK BROS. and expressions of sorrow in their
recent sad bereavement.
.. ~ ! : ~ PLUMBING, HEATING, Miss Eva C. Crookes died on
: 219 Haverford Avenue : GOODWEAR SHOE REPAIRING SHOP i ROOFING February 9, age, 22 years.
, . , ;; Jobbing promptly attended to. T.he,Woman's FOI;,eig Missionary
.:. .,•.•.,~, Narberth 1705 Narberth, Pa. :,' 252 Haverford Ave. Narberth 1706.W .~.~! ; 'NlchtPhone, Narberth OS", SocIety of the M. E. Church will
meet at the home of Mrs. F. W.
;:,= : Telephone Orders Called for and Delivered Free ; DaT Phone, NMberth 1'1'112 Miller l1ex Monday at 2.30.
;,~;,,:,,, ~ .: 111111111111I111111111111111111111111111.111111111111111111111111111111..11111II1III1IIII1III1III1UIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIDIll.; Ii:i:s:e:ql:B:8cal:B:llilmlmll:l8ClllC8:lllC8:laca:*i1 Please renew promptly.


(Continued from the Second Page) Second Half of Season Ends In Tie. . (Continued from the First Page)
(Continued from the First Page)
the annual exercises. After patriotic The Presbyterian J:. team, of to a wonderful advantage. Several
Ernest Purring, who was shot in
the leg at Media some months ago,
songs, all the troops of Delaware the In~er-Church Bowhng League, of the girls sat down at the tables Opening Today
and Montgomery counties, with their b,Y tak111g one game. from the Bap- arranged on the stage and in the
is able to be about on crutches. colors massed, were addressed by ttsts on Monday mght, February "After the Opera" scene they were
the Rev. 'vV. Herbert Burk, rector 23, prevented the latter team from entertained with solo dances by OUR NEW
Mr. Ralph S. Dunne has sold his of the Valley Forge Memorial endl1~g the ~econd half of t~e sea- Emily Titus, Betty Hartley, Kath-
home on Grayling avenue to J. VV. Church. In these sacred surround- son 111 un~lsputed possessIOn of erine Jane Miller, Virginia Ohl and
Cordeaux of Manayunk, through ings among the hills of the Schuyl- first place 111 the. percentage col- with songs and acts in which the
Robert J.' Nash, and plans to build
in the spring in Anthwyn Fanns.
kill, where Washington and his de-
voted army suffered so that this
um.n. The Bapttsts a?d Presby-
tenan Srs. are now tie for. first
principals were Marion Henry, Ella
Ross, Beulah Chalfant, Helen
of nation might live, the young man- place and a r?ll-off ma.tch Will be Aiken, Cora Messec and Virginia
Mrs. James B. Mackenzie, at hood of the two counties, could not played on Fnday evenll1~, Febru- Burgstresser as the Black-face. Too
Narbrook Park, entertained fail to be impressed and inspired. ary 27. The Presbytenan Srs. much cannot be said of the clever-
luncheon Tuesday afternoon. Our old friend Chief Strong Wolf won the first half and the outcome ness of these acts and one need only
with a complete stock of Quality Men's Furn-
an Eagle Scout himself later en~ of Friday's games will ·determine see them to understand. ishings, and all that is newest and best for spring
Mr. Frank A. Clark, of Hamp- tertained with Indian dances; and whether there will be a roll-off The spectators were just sitting
den and Windsor avenues, is re- then came the Penn Bowl fight, an match for the winner's cup. with mouths and eyes wide open
modeling his home into apartments. annual fixture. The Main Line The Baptists set out to .:win all when the "Bridal March" com- BOYS' and MEN'S CAPS
Division, with the help of Narberth three games and clinch their lead. menced and a charming bridal
Mrs. Charles \V. Bergner has re- carried off the final honors. And They won the first two games party appeared. The gowns as GOLF HOSE HATS and GLOVES
turned from the Presbyterian Hos- the eats-oh boy I They were good. handily but got a shock in the well as the modeling of them cap-
pital with her son, born last week. Then the hike back to Devon and third when the Jrs. ran wild. They tivated the audience as a whole. The
home. A sight worth seeing. We bowled their best game of the sea- part of the bride was taken by National Advertised Line of Haberdashery
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Humphries are wondering whether the $450.00 son and rolled up a score of 794. Katherine Irwin and she was a
have been visiting friends in Nar- would have come in any faster if On Friday evening, Febru- truly beautiful one.
berth. all of Narberth could have been at 20, the Lutherans defeated the The last scene was an Indian

Mr. J. E. Halloway has pur-

Valley Forge last Saturday. Some-
how, we feel that the total would
ha~e ,been $4000.00 in that case.
Methodist Srs. by wininng two of
the three games.
Score of February 23:
camp fire, where Kathleen Herron,
as the Indian was just caught in
th.e act of stabbing herself, by some
chased a large lot at the corner of It Isn t necessary however to go to BAPTISTS Girl Scouts. They bandaged a
Essex avenue and Montgomery
Valley Forg~ to get inspiration for l\IcCarter ....•.•. 142 .168 149 wound and as the rest of the scouts H. ADELIZZI, Manager
pike. It is reported that ~le plans a worth while "good deed." Look Boyd . • . . . • . . • • • . 163 113 121 all assembled on the stage and sang
to construct a home costll1g .over in at the boys on Monday night. W. D. Smedley •.•• 118 191 138 their "Good-night Song," the cur-
$35,000. The sale was negotIated We feel sure that having done that Kerin 146 163 109 tain fell on one of the very best
through the office of Robert J. you will dig down deep and sub- H. T. Smedley.... 112 164 149 productions ever staged in Nar- 104 FORREST AVE. NARBERTH 2602
Nash. scribe for the Narberth Troops, as Total.......... 681 799 666 berth.
you have never done before. It's PRESBYTERIAN JRS. 1---'-------------
The home of Samuel T. Ather- only $450.00 that the Committee is J. Hutchison •..•• 116 156 187 YE ODDITY SHOPPE
holt a former Narberth resident, asking for; but you can rest assured F. Hutchison ••.•• 143 106 144
\Vh~ had been living at Newtown that the troop needs every cent of Kramer • • . .. .... • 110 126
Square was totally destroyed by it; and that your subscription will Wanamaker •..••. 141
Is just full of pretty
.J. l\IcNiyen ••..... 115 112 167
fire on' Tuesday night. be money well invested. Smith 135 141 170 things and each

Mrs. Alban E. Reid, of Narbrook

Let's see if we can't over-sub-
scribe by this time next week. Send Total
.......... 650
625 794
day s 0 m et h i n g
new is added to
A Puzzle Solved Without
Park was in Baltimore last week
to attend the funerals of her father
it by check, 'money order, postage
stamps and currency, any way you Baptists ...•.••.•••. 11
W. L.
the many gifts.
a Single Cross Word
and grandmother. like. Send it today. Presby. 81'S. • ••••••• 11 4 .733 104 FORREST AVE.
Invest in the boya of Narberth. Lutherans ....•..••. 9 6 .600
Miss Tulia Sefton, of the Park- l\Iethodist Srs. • . 7 S .466
.333 (In the Basement) _
Mail your subscriptions to Edwin l\Iethodist Jrs. • . 5 10
view Apartments, celebrated her T. Walt, Treasurer, Narberth Boy 2 13 .133
Presby. Jr8.•.•..•.••
third birthday with a par-ty on Wed- Scouts, Narberth, Pa. HOWARD C. FRITSCH
Please renew promptly.
!vliss Eleanor Michaelsen, of Y. M. C. A. NEWS Justice of the Peace
Haverford avenue, has been sent to LIGHT HAULING OF ALL
the hospital suffering from pleural
The Ardmore Y. M. C. A. bas- local or out of town
pneumonia. Phone 1749·W-215 Haverford Ave.
ketball team defeated the Lans- Quick and Efficient Serviee
Miss Kitty Adams, of Rockland downe All-Stars last night in a de-
avenue entertained at a dance last cidedly one-side game by a 45-15 P. J. DUFFY
Friday'the following guests: .The score. The "Y" team boasts of a 335 Dudley Avenue CEO. W. BOTTO'MS
Misses Honora Snyder, Patience clean record thus far in the season Phone Narberth 10n-J .
and it is believed that it will take • There's a puzzle for you I Try to solve it yourself-
Wohlert Cynthia Metzger, and
a very good team of equal speed f!!i:ii!!=i=:ml:r::r::r::~i:r::~i:mim:i:m!:mi::nim:i:llii::*i::ni:]i:mi:mi11 Contractor &- Builder and you bend and stoop all day over steaming tubs.
Messrs. 'Richard Gillis, Ed,~ard
Davies, Robert Foot, Robert Lelt~h, an~l better defense to beat the local
qUll1tet. La?'ge Selection of
Bring in a laundress-and you stay at home to over-
see the job, prepare her lunch. and pick up after her.
of Narberth, the Misses Joseplllne
and :Mary Landis, of Ardmore, and
Messrs. Rodger Reynolds and Paul
The defeated team last night
was composed of fonner Lans-
til "Service 1Dtth a 8m-Ue"
But you can solve it for good with just five words
"send it to the laundry."
Derham, of Bryn Mawr. downe High School stars and they liii R. S. TOUHILL We have a service suited· to every family budget.
put up a good hard game but they At All Prices lij! Everything will be washed-and part or all of it
Miss Virginia Abel, of Narbrook
Park entertained a number of
could not break through the de- E W
fense of the tall, rangy Dr. Yocum D..
Electrical Contractor ironed, too, if you desire. We will take aU the drudg-
MAPLE HALL ery of washday out of your house-save you the
friends at a birthrlay party last and Malcohn Bartlett, and above Real Estate .. Iii South Narberth Avenue health-breaking labor that winter washdays bring.
Saturday evening. all they could not hold down the Iii! E8tllnates F1wni8hed
Telephone us and we will call for your next weekly
fast-working forwar~s the "Y" 226 Haverford Avenue I~I BELL' PHON},): lIIERION 121 bundle.
r-drs. 1\1. Louis Johnson, of Avon team boasts of, as Stillwagon and NARBERTH, PA. Iii
road entertained at luncheon and Speirs and Ruddick played a great ~I HARRY B. WALL
bridge on \Vednesday in honor of game. AUSTIN E. HARTZELL ~I ST. MARY'S LAUNDRY, Inc.
Mrs. C. L. A. Johnson, of Jefferson- This Saturday night the local Insumnce ~I Plumbing, Gas Fitting
ville, Ind. team will play \Vest Philadelphia and ~ and Heati~g ARDMORE, PA.
Y. M. C. A. team here. The West U
Mrs. Joseph A. Lamorelle an.d Building has a very good team Notary Public I NARBERTH, PA.
daughter' Jcan are visiting in Balti- and it is hoped that a good crowd 'PHONES: NARBERTH 1671-2256 P PHONE, NARBERTH 1602·J
more. will turn out to see the local team
;---_.,.,...,.,..•.....•.•.•., ...........•....,.,...;
in action.
Mrs. T. P. White is confined to
home b~cause of illness.
Mrs. W. H. Hartel, of Av.on : MARSHALL COMPANY
road, is planning to attend !he I~­
auguration of President Cooltdge ~n :
\Vashington \Vednesda~.. She Will :
':: Each Man
join Mr. Har~e1, who IS 111 \Vash- ~, ••••,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,_•••••••,.,.,•••••••_•• _~ .t '

. .".
ington on busmess.

r·_·-"··D~::::. ~i::~~~·::~:: n_.n....1

:Mrs. 'vV. 'vV. Pierson, Miss Eva
Armstrong and Mr. and 1\'1rs. \Vm.
writes his own history of Success
Robinson spent the past week-end in his own Each
1n New York.
line and page tells him how fast

(Continued on the Sixth Page)
We do French dry cleaning and do pressing and
altering. Ladies' fancy dresses and waists French dry
he is getting ahead....or how close
enjoy the sort ,of a talk he can give !!
cleaned at very reasonable prices. We Call and Deliver. i
i he is to falling behind.
and every daddy in Narberth takes ~~ I
i Let us help you write a new
off his hat to the man who can ~~ 105 Essex Avenue i
develop a team like old ~en?'s. •= . Phone: Narberth 2564 i=
. •
Whichever proves mightier, the ~1I.1I.1I.1I.IIII1II1IUllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllll11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111"11";
chapter of real Success the next
Penn or the sword makes little diff- six months.
erence. There will be at least two ~22!S'22!5C2S'22!5C25225252!~iC5C!~i'25e!ia2!KS
good talks that night.
Of course some part of the eve- SUITS TO ORDER, $25 UP m Will you make a deposit today?
ning will be devoted to busin~ss We Hereby Announce the Opening of Our ~
and there may be' at least o~e m- CUSTOM·MADE TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT ~
teresting remark by th~ PreSident, at ~
Mr. Henry Fry. But business y;e 234 WOODBINE AVENUE ~.
are assured will not interfere With
the rest of the' evening. NARBERTH. PA. The Merion Title and Trust Company
As has been said before, it is We solicit your patronage and assure you of first-
not necessary to be a father to be- class service in all our lines; also Cleaning, Dyeing
long to the Fathers' Association.
If you only have hopes you are
and Repairing quickly done.. Service is our motto
and our eharges are right. We aim to please. Give
of Ardmore
still eligible. The main thing us a trial. Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money
wanted is your interest and support. will be refunded.
The Boy Scouts have shown us Narberth Bala.Cynwyd
how 60 of their number can meet
in the little Scout House, so come
Goods Called for Everywhere Our Car Stops at Your Door
on over and bring a friend.
Eight o'clock is the time, Wednes- 'PHONE: NARBERTH 1738
day the day. Come early. ii!Sl52!~i!,5i!52!;2SI25i!5i!S2!iC5C5i!S25C.!:iCS2Si!25C.!i~!5i!S2!ia5C5i!S22S~l5i~"\ ili?\ilt!\iiWltl\ilfl\ilMif&tmilfl\if

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