Abducted by Aliens

Or How I Learned to Cope With High Strangeness, Government Harassment, and My Mother (a True Story) by Chuck Weiss

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159: Five Explanations of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon
The Alien Abduction phenomenon has certainly grabbed public attention world wide. It may be largely marginalized in the media and the object of vulgar jokes at the water cooler, but it has become well entrenched in the public consciousness nonetheless. From total denial to complete acceptance, there are at least five different ways that a person may view the subject of Alien Abduction. 1. There are no ETs abducting humans. There are natural explanations for everything, lucid dreams, hallucinations, etc. This is the view of the skeptic. 2. There are no ETs abducting humans. It’s all a cover for CIA mind control experiments, the view of many in the world of conspiracies. 3. There are perhaps some real abductions by ETs, but the great majority of such are in reality screen images created as a cover for CIA mind control experiments. This was the view of the late Jim Keith, a well respected conspiracy researcher, who did uncover evidence that the military has used children in rubber Gray costumes to create false memories in purported Abductee/Experiencers. 4. There is much contact between ETs and humans, but the government/military is not involved in the lives of Abductee/Experiencers. This was the reported position of at least one prominent name in the UFO community. Many other researchers won’t even talk about the possibility of military surveillance or harassment of civilians. 5. Alien Abduction is real and the military “re-abducts” Abductee/Experiencers, often right after an ET visit, to debrief them (through drugs and hypnosis) about their knowledge of alien technology. This is the conclusion of UFO researcher Melinda Lesley. In regards to military involvement in the Alien Abduction Phenomenon, my conclusions are closer to those of Melinda Lesley than most any other researcher. Let me explain why I discard the first four explanations listed above. 1. This position can only be maintained in ignorance of the subject as a whole. So much evidence has been accumulated over the last fifty years (since the Betty and Barney incident) that it collectively supports the reality of individual ET contact. To reject the phenomenon out of hand indicates an

unwillingness to research the facts that are readily available to anyone who seeks the truth of the matter. 2. This point of view has a little more going for it, but not much. While it does recognize the involvement of the military, it ignores the many reports of bedroom sightings of ETs by people when fully conscious and alert. (I described my own such incident in my book, Abducted by Aliens, when I saw two Gray aliens materialize in my studio apartment. See blog post #39 titled, “I Saw Them!!!) 3. I highly respect the work of Jim Keith. He was one of the few researchers in the world of conspiracies (perhaps the only one) who seemed to genuinely seek the facts of whatever subject he investigated. Although he is widely regarded to have dismissed Alien Abduction out of hand, blaming it all on the military’s mind control programs, he did admit to awaking one evening and seeing a typical Gray alien standing beside his bed. That experience forced him to acknowledge in a written essay the possibility that some reported abductions might take place in reality, but he was sure that most of them were of military origin. I think he was too focused on evidence he uncovered that the CIA’s mind control experiments of the fifties and sixties (Project Artichoke, MK Ultra, etc.) produced results that are being deployed in the field today against those considered to be a national security threat. He was on the right track in my opinion, but emphasized the wrong part of the equation as regards Alien Abduction. 4. This is the exact opposite of number 2. In this explanation Alien Abduction is accepted as a wide spread phenomenon, but military involvement is dismissed out of hand. There is just too much evidence that Abductee/Experiencers are under surveillance by the military to ignore this obvious fact (tapped phone lines, black helicopters, etc). The silence on the part of most researchers about the military connection to Close Encounter cases is puzzling to explain. I’m inclined to believe Jim Keith when he said, “On a number of occasions the UFO field has been infiltrated by military intelligence personnel, and well-known UFO ‘researchers,’ possibly even the majority of the prominent ones, have loyalties that seem not to reside with the UFO research community or with the truth.” (Emphasis mine) 5. That leaves number 5, which I believe to be very close to the truth. I described on this blog how I came to learn that I have been subconsciously “programmed” using mind control protocols, to cooperate with the Majestic surveillance team assigned to debrief me. (See Scribd posts #136 and #137.) I’ve come to believe that the covert debriefing of Abductee/Experiencers by the military right after an ET visit is much more widespread than anyone realizes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LINKS (Cut and paste into your browser.) Jim Keith = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Keith Melinda Lesley = http://www.alienexperiences.com/MelindaLeslie01.html #136 = http://www.scribd.com/doc/46658299/136-an-Unsettling-Discovery-Part-One #137 = http://www.scribd.com/doc/46741913/137-an-Unsettling-Discovery-Part-Two

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