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Breckland District Council and the
A BEM for Wayland Partnership for the benefit of all.
For nearly 20 years Bronwen has led the
Bron! Partnership Heritage Group. The group
has published 3 times: Churches of
All parishioners of Thompson and the Wayland; Histories of the Wayland
wider Wayland Partnership community Villages and Watton; Impact of World
congratulate Bronwen on her very well War One on Wayland - and has won local
deserved honour in the recently announced and regional awards as well as being
(delayed due to Covid) Queen’s Birthday runners-up at national level.
Honours List 2020. Some but not all of her In Thompson itself, Bronwen has been a
areas of interest are below. Parish Councillor as well as its Chair for
Bronwen moved to Thompson in 1983. Her several years and has helped run a
family had instilled in her the importance of successful youth club. She organises the
appreciating heritage. This coupled with an Stichers’ sewing group (and has done so
innate drive to piece together threads of for 22 years) which has members from the
information, explain matters better and village and other local villages.
create and nurture meaningful social and Bronwen is a Trustee of the Thompson
community relationships made her a natural Poor Charity disbursing funds from the
volunteer. She has dedicated the last three charity to the needy of the village. Such
and a half decades to deliver a real work has ensured that those in true need
difference to the lives of those around her. are properly identified, looked after and
Her impact on village life and particularly not forgotten.
social cohesion was and remains positive, Recently, she has become Chair of the
sustained and emphatically beneficial to all. Thompson Community Hall trustees who
She has changed things for the better co-ordinated the building of the new
especially through practical, engaged and village hall and also a co-opted member
hands on activities. of the team revitalising St Martin’s church
She began volunteering with the Friends of in Thompson, using Heritage Lottery
Thompson School Committee and was a Funding.
school Governor for several years. Even Since the 1990s she has researched the
now she continues volunteering for school history of Thompson including, at
history projects and takes classes on anyone’s request, the ancestry of people
‘change over time’ walks around the with roots in the village. This often
village. She is a staunch believer in requires significant correspondence both who make Linus Quilts for terminally and
changing things for the better through at home and overseas. By default she has
education from the earliest age. Her become the village historian and the chronically-ill children, bereaved children,
innovation, enthusiasm and knowledge had village’s history has become part and parcel neonatal units and individual sick children
a direct impact on those she has taught. She of residents’ daily lives. in Norfolk. Her dynamic and involved
embedded in many of these children an Whilst not content with all these major leadership in this initiative not only benefits
enduring understanding of the need for projects she continues to be involved in the children but also enhances, educates
social cohesion and all to be involved in other areas to ensure all who want help, and acquires skills for all those involved,
local initiatives to deliver a stable, caring advice, guidance or just a friend to talk to across all ages and abilities within the
community. find it readily available. Bronwen is a long- community.
Bronwen has been a dedicated trustee of term member of the Women’s Institute. She All the above illustrates her dedication to
The Wayland Partnership Development was a member of the Twinning Association Thompson over the last (nearly) 35 years.
Trust since its inception. Her direct overseeing the friendship arrangement Her husband, Dave, has continuously
involvement and enthusiasm from the between the local town of Watton and supported her in all of her efforts. From all
outset has enhanced the strong relationships Weeze in Germany. of us, congratulations and we are very
between the Thompson Parish Council, She is a member of ‘Wayland Quilters’ proud of you Bronwen! - Angus Welch

A Cautionary
Tale . . .
Our car caught fire and is a write
-off. The cause: a paper bag of
old batteries behind the front
seat, ready to take to the
recycling. They must have
shorted out and created enough
heat to combust.
Ed Szczepanowski
Editor: Even batteries with a
small voltage like commonly used
AA and AAA alkaline batteries
can start a fire. If the negative
and positive posts of the batteries
come in contact with something
metal, heat begins to build. If this
heat is confined (in a junk
drawer, glove compartment, or
box in your garage) it can’t
dissipate, and can eventually get
hot enough to ignite surrounding

Now the MOT is back to normal we are able to offer up to three MOT tests per hour
The Wayland News November 2020 Page 2
The Wayland News November 2020 Page 3

A Quick Look
perhaps it means that we are able to get
through the winter without being
they wrote is available on our website and is now with
serenaded with songs about Rudolf or the PC to take the next steps. In a
Round Mummy having a flirtation with with nutshell, their idea is to hold back
Santa Claus. water upstream of properties during Watton Town Council has decided not to hold a Remembrance
By Orbiter Meanwhile, as I write, we are just flood conditions. Parade or a Christmas Event this year.
Here I am, already mid-way through entering that magical time of the year Last month we told you how the Plan Mayor Pat Warwick said “It has been a very difficult decision but in
October, although it seems only a few when all the leaves on the trees turn to is being delayed and obstructed by one the current Covid epidemic we do not want to put anyone at risk and
days since we were enjoying the gold,, making excursions into the local officer at Breckland Council, and that so don’t feel that it would be appropriate to hold a Remembrance
September sunshine. That goes to prove forests a wonderful experience. Yes, I has continued. In addition, Breckland Parade or Christmas Market this year.”
the truth of the saying that time flies know it happens every year, but the is not telling us how or when they plan Remembrance
when you’re having fun. Fun - What’s frequency does nothing to sully the to organise the final 6-week The Mayor will visit the War Memorial on Sunday 8th November
fun ? attraction. Soon our national papers will consultation on the Plan and all its and lay a wreath on behalf of the Town but we would ask towns
Alas the current virus problems continue contain photographs of this yearly supporting documents, which is their people not to visit the Memorial at 11am or 2pm when a crowd
to cause havoc with our plans although change and this year they will probably responsibility to organise and run. All might form. Please take time for individual reflection at home.
there is usually something good in all be more glorious than ever, since the the same, on 11 October we submitted Any other organisations that wish to lay a wreath at the War
situations, and a good side for Norfolk standard of repro-duction seems to grow the Plan to Breckland, but for now we Memorial are welcome to do so but are encouraged to only have a
has been the great influx of visitors ever better, with enlargements showing are not able to confirm the date when small number attend and to ensure Government guidelines are
caused by the cessation of overseas no lack of clarity despite sometimes Breckland Council will publish it for adhered to.
holidays, bringing a measure of reaching full-page size. Another recent consultation. Festive Market
prosperity to the hospitality sector, feature is the printing of composite This is really unfortunate as it’s The Town Council were hoping to hold a scaled down Festive event
especially in our coastal areas. photos depicting many individuals who important that all villagers know when this year but now feel that this isn’t possible. The Town Christmas
A different story is told by the tragic we know could not possibly have been that consultation takes place, including lights will of course be there and we hope that the town shops and
sights of hundreds of dis-used aircraft together, all seemingly enjoying each those without internet access. This businesses will take part in the ‘Make Watton Sparkle’ Christmas
parked around our airports, grandstands other’s company. time that is Breckland’s responsibility. shop window competition.
devoid of people at our football grounds, At one time it used to be said that the Although they haven’t told us how Watton Town Council
and the scores of buses and coaches, camera cannot lie, but I think we know they intend to inform everyone, we
many of them parts of fleets recently better now. suspect it will be something like an
modernised at enormous expense, but As I write these words great battles are announcement on their website and in
which have been forced to remain raging about the rule requiring pubs and the EDP. Being unconvinced those
unused. restaurants to close at 10 p.m. and will reach every villager, we had
Of course the restrictions which have although we know that the rule has been intended to include details in the
been instituted by the government have mooted with our well-being in mind, I November issue of Wayland News, but
been made with our interests at heart at think that perhaps the thinking has been lacking any concrete information,
the direction of experts, but different influenced by memories of older times can’t do that. Yet, by the time the
experts have different opinions and this when home conditions were so bad that December issue is published it’s likely
often causes confusion in the minds of many people had almost to be forced to that consultation will be in full swing,
the people. exit their taverns at nationally fixed so an announcement then might be too
For instance, it has been decreed that closing times. late.
folks can dine out in parties of up to six, Today most drinkers will simply use the Regardless, when we have details from
but if a family numbers seven is one bars sensibly, but there is also an Breckland, we will announce them on
person forced to miss the occasion? awkward streak amongst others who our website and on posters around the
It would be impossible to define exactly cannot bear to be told when to stop and village, so if you are interested in the
where the lines of safety should be feel obliged to carry on until the last consultation, please look out for those.
drawn, and rules are constantly having to possible moment, and it this faction who If you would like to be informed
be amended in the light of trials and cause the last minute mass exit that can directly about the consultation, please
experiments. play havoc with social distancing. Surely email or phone
For instance, at first glance it would seem pub landlords should be permitted to Chris on 01953 880915 (or leave a
that in a stadium that is built to cater for judge the best time to run their message). When details are known we
fifty thousand spectators it would be safe businesses providing no disturbance is will let you know by email or phone
to allow ten thousand in, with everyone caused to the general public. Phew, just tell us which of those you prefer;
observing the correct social distancing, perhaps I should invest in a soap-box. all we need is your name and an email
but while this would be workable during And the curfew rule does not usually or phone number where we can contact
the game, the surge to the exits after the affect me any way ! you.
final whistle would make these Elsewhere in my Look Round I have Until the final consultation is
arrangements unworkable. seen reports of various groups going complete, apart from any more
So it would appear that watching football round the country bent on toppling or problems Breckland might bring up,
will be confined to the television screens, otherwise damaging statues of statesmen there will be little or no news about
leaving the stadia as empty wastes of who some two hundred years ago were the Plan. After consultation we may
space. involved in the slave trade or other get some initial clarification questions
Luckily the lack of crowds should not practices that would not meet with our from an examiner, but other than that
affect the standard of the actual games, approval today. But are these activists will have to wait for an examination
since all footballers know that really trying to improve the world, or report to be published. That will
concentration on the task in hand they merely trouble –makers . Surely we inevitably recommend some revisions,
excludes all outside elements, such as have more important things to occupy and all we can hope is that those will
crowd noises. our minds than events in history that we not significantly affect the intent and
While revenues for all football clubs are could not change even if we wished to do strength of the Plan’s policies. We
down to nil in gate money, the transfer so. don’t know how long the exam will
market seems to remain the only way for And finally a spot of good news at least take but suspect we won’t see the
them to survive, and astronomical sums for those folks who have benefited in the report till early in the New Year.
are still being exchange, though this past from its excellent service - the return We suggested an overall timetable to
market surely cannot last indefinitely, of the Mobile Library which serves our Breckland that allows a village
and anyway only really affects the top outlining areas. After a gap of six months referendum to take place on the same
clubs, the lower leagues just having to this facility makes a very welcome return day as local elections – 6 May 2021,
exist by the goodwill efforts of various and it is hoped that it will receive the Covid-19 permitting. However,
individuals, plus a large amount of luck. patronage it deserves.. although this was sent to senior people
Meanwhile fans must remain armchair Now roll on Guy Fawkes Day, or is that in their planning department, at the
supporters and hope for a speedy return being cancelled too ? time of writing, they replied they are
to normality. Good afternoon. unable to comment. Itis worrying, of
One side effect of the lockdown era has course, that planners are unable to
been to make some of us a bit lazier. We plan even a 6 or 7 month process!
are bombarded with advertisements
begging us to order all our requirements
Saham Toney If you support the Plan, then please let
Breckland Council now during the
‘on-line’, with all our purchases
delivered direct to our front doors,
Neighbourhood consultation. Then, later on, vote
‘YES’ at the referendum.
making journeys into town centres
largely unnecessary. And with many
Plan Update As usual, if you have any comments or
Shaping the future of Saham Toney! questions on any of this, or the
folks working from home by the time Neighbourhood Plan in general, or if
Christmas arrives we will soon be in a Firstly, we would like to thank Tim
Goddard, who invited one of the you'd like to be added to our mailing
vegetative state. Except that Christmas list, please get in touch with Chris
may well be a non-event this year. If all Neighbourhood Work Group and one
other villager to join him in looking at Blow, Saham Toney Neighbourhood
reports are to be believed. Plan Work Group leader on 01953
But everything has a good side, so ideas to alleviate some of the flood
problems in the village. The report 880915.
The Wayland News November 2020 Page 4
people have a bonfire to celebrate. In digging a little trench then put the liquid waste at the top, which and loganberries. I haven’t
In your Garden areas where such things are allowed plant in at 45degrees and cover the discharges either into a drainage experimented with other soft fruit
with Lotta Potts it's a boon to get rid of combustible roots with soil. They will last like this (sometimes called infiltration) but see no reason why they wouldn’t
Thanks to Boy Julian’s suggestion I rubbish if, for whatever reason, you for quite some time but will system or some cases, a work. I avoid blackberries as they
am writing this a bit before the cannot get to the local recycling deteriorate after a few weeks. The watercourse. are bit too full of seeds. The name
deadline on a very wet day with centre. It's unfair to call it a tip these experts will hold up their hands in By January 1st 2020 if you have a comes from the fact it can be frozen
nothing decent on daytime telly. days as most are well organised, tidy horror at the idea of leaving plants septic tank you should now be in a deep tin but if I want an ice
Staring out at the steady rain and frequently there are people heeled in for a few weeks as they will compliant with a new set of cream substitute I freeze it in plastic
(showers forecast – not this long they around who, if you smile nicely and tell you to plant immediately on standards called the General boxes. ONE NOTE OF CAUTION:
aren’t) I realised that we haven’t had have white hair, will help dispose of receipt. Of course they do. They Binding Rules designed to protect this recipe really only works at its
a frost yet. We are well into October your unwanteds. don't have other jobs to go to. OK the environment from leakage and best if you use a heavy-duty free-
and all we’ve had is a lot of rain. Back to the bonfire. Foodie mags and things will not recover as quickly if improperly discharged sewage. standing mixer like a large
Most of the month has been too wet newspaper recipes will be full of left for a while but plants really take These are most likely to affect Kenwood. It needs to be beaten at
to get much done although the plants parkin, toffee apples, how to cremate quite a lot of killing. Once you have owners whose septic tanks discharge very high speed in a large bowl for
and weeds that need to be removed sausages and potatoes on a bonfire conditions to plant, make sure of a into a water course – where this is at least 15 minutes.
for one reason or another have come and other goodies. Gardening mags hole big enough to take the roots the case you will almost certainly INGREDIENTS
out of the soil easily. Digging holes will, I hope, be full of advice spread out, put mycorrhizal fungi on need to upgrade or replace your 1 biscuit crust made from crushed
and general soil turning have not been regarding building bonfires, how to the roots to encourage growth. This system this should have been digestives (optional) I don’t use this
anywhere near as easy and unless contact the fire brigade and most of is fairly recent but is strongly undertaken by January 1st 2020 as I find it gets a bit soggy in the
you’ve been very careful the lawn has all the bit I urge you to do is make recommended. The shape of the hole (sooner, if you were selling the freezing process. If I want it, I add
probably turned into a quagmire. So sure there are no hedgehogs, toads or has changed too. Now we are to dig a property which the tank serves). it later, before serving.
having told you what you already other wildlife that might have decided fairly shallow hole, deep enough to However, all septic tank owners 2 egg whites
know I should get on with what we your heap of debris is a good place to plant at the same level as in the pot should take the opportunity to 1 tbsp lemon juice
should be doing this dark month of sleep until March. Once they find out but one that is twice as wide as the familiarise themselves with how 1 cup of white sugar
November. it isn't it's way too late. Some people rootball. This will encourage the their system operates and check if 10 oz fresh or frozen strawberries or
This is the month to plant the rest of will tell you to move the whole lot the roots to reach out away from the ball any changes are required. the fruit of your choice
the spring bulbs. We have all seen day you are going to set fire to it but I you planted to get into the Different rules apply for properties ½ pint whipping or double cream
those lovely displays of tulips just read in my newly-acquired RHS surrounding soil. So they say. Who in England, Scotland and Wales, for A deep round or square tin or
underplanted with forget-me-nots book that if you just shift some of it asked the roots? Silly joke, sorry. systems installed pre- and post- freezer-proof straight-sided dish.
and/or grape hyacinths and the wildlife can stay put and you have Someone has spent years and lots of January 2015, and for small sewage The aim is to have the finished
wallflowers. What always baffles me a bonfire a short distance away. If money experimenting with different treatment plants, septic tanks dessert about 5-6inches high so you
is how they get so tidy and organised that's practicable it is definitely win- holes to plant stuff in. dispensing into drainage/infiltration container should not be too big a
and what goes in first? I think, on win. The next step is to put well-rotted systems and those dispensing into diameter. If you are using the crust
the whole, plants first and put the There aren't too many flowers out this manure or compost in the bottom of watercourses such as streams. For a base, a loose-bottomed cake tin is
bulbs in between. I have tried the month but as it's half-way into the hole. Or not. Nowadays it full explanation of rules and how the easiest to use for later removal
other way and it definitely wasn’t tidy autumn the deciduous trees and appears to be better to put the organic they affect your property, please go but, as the dessert is frozen it should
or organised. However, the times I shrubs are putting on a fantastic show stuff around the plant as the hole is to be fairly easy to get it out of a dish
have tried plants first somehow the with multi-coloured leaves and filled in. No idea why but I think as Improved standards have also been by dunking briefly in hot water.
bulbs have migrated and mooched berries. Even if you only have a long as the plant has a decent hole, is issued for tanks being newly METHOD
about so that the result, whilst pretty small area to spare there should be a well-drained but watered and installed. New tanks and drainage If using frozen strawberries, thaw
and colourful, was still disorganised. bush or small tree that will suit. For supported by a stake if necessary you fields (and in some circumstances, and drain them. I confess I don’t
I am now going to stick to tulips in instance the Amelanchier is brilliant. can't really go far wrong. The other those being replaced) require bother to thaw because my big
pots and see if they come up the same It has lovely leaf colour in autumn, important bit is to make sure the plant planning permission and building ancient Kenwood can cope with
height. Watch this space. yellow and/or red depending on the is at the right depth. Roses should be regulations approval. Those already them frozen.
Incidentally I saw a demonstration on variety and then in spring the most a couple of inches deeper than the in place are likely (though not Beat egg whites until stiff.
Gardeners’ World where they got a beautiful white or pink flowers graft but fruit trees should have the certain) to comply if they are CE Add all at once the lemon juice,
big pot and did a layering display so followed by the leaves which start off graft above the soil. The graft marks marked, have a British Standard sugar, strawberries.
that the daffodils and tulips and small bronze-tinged. Then there are the are really obvious. Clematis should Certificate of compliance or are on Beat all of this at the highest
bulbs all came up when they were fruits in summer which are red and be about four inches deeper than in British Water’s list of approved possible speed for at least 15
supposed to and looked magnificent. beloved of blackbirds. Although their original pot. This is to get some equipment. Tanks installed before minutes and NO LESS! You should
Of course I did. Of course they allegedly edible I don't think you will insurance against clematis wilt. If 1983 are not subject to British see a huge increase in volume,
didn’t, it was a mad tangle so no more lose to the birds' gain! It will take you are unfortunate enough for the Standards. If you have any doubts, enough to fill a large mixer bowl
of that nonsense. A couple of ideas fairly hard pruning to keep it within plant to get it and all the top growth check with your supplier or on the In a separate bowl, beat the cream
on tulips: one was to plant them in bounds but as it eventually gets to dies, if the plant is deep enough it will website link above. until it has stiff peaks. Be careful
aquatic baskets (the sort used for about 15×15 feet and is a slow grower shoot again from below the surface. As good practice, ALL septic tank not to overbeat or it will become
water lilies etc) the other, similar, was it's not difficult. You might think it a If you have a lawn and the weather is owners should like butter
to use a hanging basket. Both items bit pricey but you get a tree for all mild you'll have to keep cutting it but Ensure their tank has sufficient Fold cream into the strawberry mix.
were sunk in the soil, planted up at seasons. It isn't even fussy about at least you can raise the blades and capacity to serve the property Make sure it is well blended using a
the correct depth and this prevented growing conditions – any decent soil hope for cold weather to stop the Have the tank regularly emptied metal spoon but avoid beating or
odd bulbs popping up when you apart from chalk and it will stand all growth and send the mower to be by a registered waste carrier, you will lose the air and volume
thought they’d all been dug up to sorts of weather including strong serviced. according to installation guidelines created in the strawberry mix. You
store or move. I admit I did try this wind. Another tree for similar The winter digging can be started or and before reaching maximum should ideally cut and fold with a
once but found that the weight of the conditions is the Prunus x subhirtella the beds gently forked over if you capacity large spoon and a figure of eight
basket at digging up time was so great 'Autumnalis'. OK a right mouthful have a no-dig system and the nicest Repair or replace installations if movement.
I didn’t think it worth the effort. I but it's the autumn-flowering cherry. job of all is indoors with a nice drink leaks, cracks or blockages occur Pile into the tin or dish (on top of
couldn’t separate the soil from the Flowers before leaves on a dainty tree and the seed catalogues. Bear in Provide full records and details the crust if using one)
bulbs so had to find some compost that doesn't seem to get out of control mind the area available for seeds as of the system when selling, leasing Freeze until ready to use. Once
from somewhere to fill the hole in. I like some of its spring-flowering well as the number of pots for the or renting the property it serves frozen cover with plastic film.
think I shall just stick to planting cousins. The flowers on this variety overflow. In these days of internet Have the tank emptied if the Serving at a dinner party – If you
random bulbs and hope they come up are white but there is a pink version ordering it's so very easy to be carried property will be unused over a long have left it in the tin or dish in the
again. Assuming the mice don’t get and a double pink version and even a away with too many seeds for the term. freezer then carefully remove it onto
them. weeping pink version. space and for the pocket. We are here to help; If you need a serving plate. The easiest method
So what we need is a nice, dry, Clematis, the queen of climbers, has a Keep weeding. Should we get our more info or a quotation for a it to quickly dip the tin in hot water
preferably sunny day, not too cold. few varieties for this time of year. long-lost frost they’ll still thrive. treatment plant please email us at: before upending. If you are using a
Then we can plant all the bulbs we Freckles is one, Winter Beauty separate crust you can up-end the
have left and we can also move all another, tanguticas like Bill Or phone Nigel on mobile: 07521 frozen dessert onto the prepared
those plants to make room for them. Mackenzie produce yellow flowers Do you have a 408569 This is an answerphone crust. Before serving, decorate if
Once we’ve done that we can rake up with bright purple stamens followed service but we will contact you at wished with fresh strawberries,
all the leaves that have fallen on the by large fluffy seedheads. Sometimes sceptic tank? the first available opportunity. piped cream or chocolate swirls .
lawn to make leaf mould. Wonderful the flowers and seedheads are out at If you have a septic tank on your Thaw for about 10 minutes before
stuff. Just bag up all the leaves you the same time. Spectacular. Then property, regulations brought out serving so that it is easier to slice.
can find, using black bin liners, poke there are lots of plants that bear back in 2015 and setting deadlines Lockdown Dipping the knife in hot water helps.
holes in the bags and water the berries – more berries mean harsh for change are now becoming a If using it as ice cream substitute I
contents. Close the bags and leave winter. Baloney! required standard. Recipes find an ice cream scoop works well.
until next year when you should have On a practical note, it's all go believe Septic tanks are usually installed From The Isolating Cook If you have any left return as
some leaf mould. The bags will no it or not. Planting time for deciduous where drainage directly to a mains Mile High Pie quickly as possible to the freezer.
longer be full, in fact there will only trees and bushes that come bare root. sewerage system is impractical or This is a simple frozen dessert This dessert does not keep too long
be a small amount but worth having. If the roots are dry when the package unavailable, and this is a common which will wow your family and in the freezer; it will pick up the
While we still have this nice day there is opened sink them in a bucket of practice in rural areas. Septic tanks guests. The original recipe was ‘freezer taste’ as it is such a light
are a few other jobs to be done. water for at least two hours. collect household sewage which given to me by a friend and used dessert, so no excuse not to eat as
Remember, remember 5th November. Overnight is better. Then if you can't then settles into solids at the base strawberries but my family prefer soon as possible, but also do not
I forget the rest but one thing to plant straight away the trick is to heel (to be emptied professionally by a the slightly sharper taste of make too far in advance of your
remember about it is that a lot of them in. Basically it means just registered waste carrier), and the raspberries or a mix of raspberries dinner party.
The Wayland News November 2020 Page 5

Great Hockham
Gardening Club
Corona Diary
We are now cutting down all the old
growth from last year and putting it on
the new compost heap. Our new
shredder chews some bits that would
otherwise be unlikely to rot down in a
reasonable time. I aid the composting
process by the regular application of a
well-known activator, in fact, quite a lot
more regularly than I did a few years
Sue Thomas writes: Well, we are well
and truly up to our knees in beans. The
load in the poly tunnel that looked on
their last legs have now come out in a
blast of new flowers. The outside beans
have again decided on a new flourish of
flowers and the dwarf beans planted in
error almost, are also flowering. The
freezer is awash with beans. The latest
alert has been plums. The two plum trees
have been laden with the fruit. 36 jars of
jam so far, 12 plum crumbles, 2 pies and
masses of stewed fruit now in the Guess who won both wagers? Yes for people like us. If it looked like we
freezer. Neighbours won't open the door Michael, cheeky little what not, knew the might not need so much juice in bottles
to me any more!! On the flower front I water pressure and flow. he would put it into large containers for
made a new bed this year for cutting We had some lilies early in the season us to make cider. Not only that, but in
flowers, mainly dahlias and asters and at from the neighbour with the boating subsequent years we could take the
last they have bloomed and look pond, potted up and growing in Liz's empty bottles back to be refilled, thus
splendid. They look so good I really pond they are now transferred to reducing the cost. Also, if we still think
don't want to cut them!! My 2 pear trees Michael's new pond and the wildlife are we still had too much, Trevor will take
are about to ripen, so that will be my there immediately. A hole has been dug our excess as part payment. He tells us
next project. Need a bigger freezer!!! out beside the pond, lined and filled back Bramley juice is much sought after by
Keep safe everyone. in to be a bog garden. The pond will aficionados. Because it’s pasteurised it
Julie Brown writes: Hello Ed, I was in overflow into the bog garden. We've had keeps for a long time, years in fact. This
the garden watching a hummingbird enough rain to see that it will do that ok. gives us the option to have it cloudy, or
moth feeding on my busy lizzy tower, I haven't been over for a week but I have by leaving it for a while, clear. Sell by
quite big, wings just a buzz of constant received progress reports. The planting date? Not a problem as we don’t sell it.
movement. A proboscis about 3 cm long, has begun around the edge of the garden, Why don’t we press them ourselves?
fascinating to watch the proboscis go too wet to get onto it. The next job will Well, if the above are not enough
down completely into the flowers, quite be transporting smooth round flint stones reasons, then there are other
un-bothered by me stood watching. The from No 1 at Wretham to No 1 at considerations. First we would have to
busy Lizzy have been lovely and I have Feltwell to put around the pond edge and buy the kit. At that time we were a bit
been able to collect seed from white, bog garden, I hope there will be enough. boracic and the quantity seemed too
pink and salmon. I am hoping for some I did spend a Sunday clearing an area in daunting for a DIY operation. We had
of the dark red. my own garden where I am going to put several trees and picked about 500 kg
We did have a 2nd brood of swallows on our Mum's bonsai horse chestnut tree, as that year. No way were we going to be
the porch; they chose to finish the nest Japanese as I can make it. It is taking me able to process that lot. And then there
cup started last year to do this, so look up an age, maybe because I was potting up was the pasteurisation.
before stepping in and out of the front at I went. Lots of Bears Breeches and a We have no idea how much all that
door, a patch of crap on the doorstep, but fern, they have been transported to equipment would cost us and it would
worth the trouble of clearing up after Feltwell along with a fern that was take up a lot of space for something that
them. 4 beautiful babies, such lovely smothered by the BB. Some of that is off only gets used a couple of times a year.
faces, they have taken to the wing. They to Laura & Nige. Still a couple of woody Then, what would we do if, as has
are marvellous to watch, masters of shrubs I hope to replant somewhere else happened to a couple of other of our
flight almost immediately. How blessed in the garden. apple trees a few years later, the Bramley
are we to have enjoyed this spectacle Then I will have to plan the shape of the gave up the ghost? We’d probably be
every year we have lived here. garden and the placing of the 3 very selling the kit on at a heavy loss. We did
Been washing slate at Liz's; messy but heavy stones that came from our Mum's try to do it once using a plastic manhole
another little project completed and bags Japanese garden, as the men are only drainpipe and a couple of car jacks, but
emptied and cleared away. Lots of going to move them once... we didn’t seem to be getting much juice.
ornaments of cockerels and chickens on Had a chat with sister Madeline this Then we found out that to maximise the
display. evening, will we head over to Ipswich to quantity, the apples needed to be
Much time has been spent at Liz's son help her empty her pond, sort it all out thoroughly smashed up prior to pressing.
Michael's front garden. The neighbours and put it back? Of course the answer The speed of production has other
in the close walk their dogs regularly, a was yes, anyone need pond plants? I implications: think oxidisation. The
ploy me thinks to see how the garden is think it's a water hyacinth hogging all the faster the whole process is carried out,
progressing, Liz and I, having cleared the room. the less discolouring takes place in the
whole garden. Michael dug a trench to Happy gardening and best wishes to all, final product. Trevor’s system is
place tiles around to form a raised bed. Julie, Liz and Michael. industrial and fast. Then there is his
While he did that we dug out the stumps Prue and I have been hit by unforeseen mighty press. The motorised hydraulic
of the trees, felled and injected with work. After resting for a couple of years press gets far more juice than we would
stump killer 3 years ago. Still quite a job our Bramley apple has fruited in ever get with the winding-the-handle
but we ladies were successful; one of spectacular fashion. There is absolutely version. This year we are down to about
them was very big, big indeed. no way we can use them all, and there a 100 kg, but we think it’s preferable to
Then the pond digging began, now that's are even too many to give away. keep the original arrangement going.
Michael's department. I'm hopeless at Fortunately, there is Trevor. Some people might wonder about
digging, Liz's comment! The pond is big It just so happened that several years ago drinking a juice from cooking apples, is
enough and deep enough for us ladies to we attended a talk hosted by the it not sharp? Well yes it is, but not as
sit in submerged up to our necks. We had Attleborough Horticultural Society – this sharp as you might think. What it is not
better behave. Liz raked the garden over was just before we moved down market like is the syrupy liquid purveyed under
and took the rubbish off while I made the to a gardening club. The speaker was a some commercial labels. Anyway, don’t
tea. chap by the name of Trevor Greenwood say sharp, say dry: it also makes an
Next a trip out to Swallow Aquatics for who gave us a talk on all things apple. excellent non-alcoholic dry white wine
the liner and a few plants, then back Trevor has large orchards and presses his substitute to drink with a meal. Just one
home to line the pond. Read the water own apples, and pears, to sell throughout last thing: it’s as organic as anything can
meter then, a little wager; how long to the year as juice, cider and cider vinegar. be.
fill and how many litres of water? About During the talk he mentioned that he Chin-chin, Ed.
1100 litres and an hour and a half to fill. would press, bottle and pasteurise juice
The Wayland News November 2020 Page 6
The Wayland News November 2020 Page 7
Thas pushin yor luck if yew stop tew does hold a waiting list and,
The Ovington hev a mardle wi sum wun yew know, although there are several on the list Glitchers
sheel cum hossin up tha rood waving at present, it would be worth adding
Crower har badge of office, (thet ole woodin your name if you are thinking of
By tha boy Sid hammer she allus hev wi har) an she having an allotment in the future.
Good day tew yew orl, har yew gittin mearks shor yew kip a cupple yards Further information can be found at
on tergitha, things dunt seem tew be apart.
gitten any better wi this ole virus Horry looked at his pint after the under the allotment tab.
thing dew tha. froth had subsided, he say tew tha
We shall jist hafta keep a gooin cos landlord.”Bert yew’d sell a lot more
if we dunt we shell orl be in tha beer iffen yew filled tha glass up” Thompson WI
loony bin or wus. Fare yew well an dew yew kip a Although only a small WI,
Things are still sort o kwiet in tha troshin. Regards Boy Sid. Thompson decided early on in this
willage, hent sin many folk arownd, epidemic to embrace modern
jist a few walkin thar dogs, altho technology. We started having our
with summonem I reckon the dog is Watton Town committee meetings via zoom and as
tearkin them for a walk or more these were successful. We took the
likely a trot. Thars wun ole hound in Council plunge and had our first full meeting
tha willage he dunt like mootas an he with members in May – just a social
set up a heck of a din if wun goo Allotments catch up, lots to talk about having
parst, I rekkun if he wunt on a leash Watton Town Council manages two not had a meeting since March. The
hed take a lump or tew owta tha allotment sites, one to the rear of the next month we booked Chris from
tyres. Mind yew thet mite stop sum o Cemetery and the other along the Guide Dogs for the Blind. It was to
his yappin. Thetford Road. be his first virtual meeting for Guide
We hent gitten on tew well with tha The forty-two plots are all in use and Dogs, and our first virtual speaker.
beet tha year, thas bin suffin wet an most are really well cared for and Our meeting night arrived and with
that hent wuth gooin on tha land cos produce looks amazing. It must take trepidation we logged onto Zoom
thet’ll git it in a rite ole state an we much time and effort to keep plots in and lo and behold the technology
shan’t git on it agin till nex year, an good order and is appreciated by the worked. There was Chris and his
thas no good. We gotta nuff up tew Town Council that allotment holders dog Jaeger, sitting on his lounge
fill our quota so jist hope thet dry up are so dedicated. floor. He then went on to give an
a mite, wrong time o year fer thet tho. The Town Council is in the process excellent talk about his life, how he
Horry rekkun he’s still pickin runner of installing a water connection to got his dog, the training they go
beans, thet dunt mean nuthin cos the Thetford Road site so as to make through - dogs and humans, all
he’ll eat ‘em when moost otha folk life easier for allotment holders, as given with anecdotes, humour and
would use them fer nex years seed. presently all water needs to be knowledge. July saw us have a talk
Tha pub started tew ease up on tha carried to the site. This has been a form Claire Wade, a WI member and
‘stricshuns a bit, but tha landlord is challenge for gardeners, especially published author. Her book “The
Choice” made interesting reading We are a 2 piece skiffle punk released a Demo that we recorded
gitten orl het up cos he hent shor wot with the very dry weather
tha govmint is gooin tew dew nex. experienced early in the season in and seemed to have some quite close band who have been travelling at home during the Lockdown
Horry sed we shud drink a lot more recent years. parallels to today’s surreal world. the UK playing hardcore punk called "Relovelution".
beer jist in case he hefta shut agin, Grounds works have also been She took us on her journey to having gigs on the streets in town/city Jake was a Town Councillor in
thas orlrite fer him cos he dunt orften undertaken at Thetford Road to clear her first novel published; it then centres as a form of protest Watton for a year before moving
pay fer his rownd. the edges of the site including went on to win the Good against the complete shut down away. The fight for a fairer
Horry say he’s buildin up his stock removing dumped waste from the Housekeeping Novel Competition. of the arts. society continues just with a new
of home brew agin, an I can beleeve hedge to the Thetford Road side of August saw some of our members The support from people of all spin. We roll up to town/city
thet cos he’s had armfuls of my the area. The hedge had become have a really pleasant socially
ages is encouraging that people centres and throw down our
rewbub stripped moost of my somewhat of a dumping ground for distanced afternoon tea on the
Millennium Green. In September we haven't given up hope on living room rug, a drum kit, 4x12
goosegogs an now he’s started on the household waste and two 8yd skips
apples. Good job I’re gotta good were filled with rubbish taken from returned to a zoom meeting that took completely loosing the freedom & head, a megaphone and our
crop o moost things tha year. the hedge. Waste removed included us on a trip around the sights of of music and art. It's always fun trusty donation bucket and off we
I dint tell yew abowt my tater crop pallets, plastic bottles, patio Cambridge, with a Green Guide – we to see grandparents with go.
tha year did I. Cor I hed sum soolas, furniture, broken mowers and hand hope to follow this up with a trip to grandchildren dancing to our We posted a video of our street
wun onnem weighed oova tew tools. Cambridge next year and see the hardcore punk. Locally we have gig in Sheffield and Daniel Carter
pound, my missus got har scales owt As well as not being good for the sights for real. One of our members played Norwich, Ipswich & from BBC Radio 1 shared it.
tew check thet I wunt pullin har leg. environment, there is quite a hefty had a very special birthday this year Peterborough a few times this Since then it has now had over
Tha rest o tha crop wunt far short o financial cost for clearing and - 90 years young. We now have 2
year already. 40k views and has been shared by
thet weight, wot I corl oven bustas. disposing of fly-tipped waste and in nonagenarians in our institute – is
Horry cum an hed a look an thet tuk this a record? Zoom talks allow us We are both born and bred bands like Enter Shikari, Bastille,
this instance this has fallen on the
him back a bit, so he shot orf an dug Town Council. It is really hoped that to invite members who have moved Norfolk. Jake started teaching Boston Manor, The Subways &
orl hissun up tew see if he cud beat clearing the area will discourage any away and is a way to catch up, and Sophie to play the drums at the Faith No More.
me, no luck fer him. Thas good tew further waste being thrown in the speakers can be in any part of the end of 2019 and here we are the It's time to fight back!
git wun oova him now an agin. hedge and the area will be kept free country. We are looking forward to summer of 2020 playing our only They can shut everything down
Tha ole cowncil chair mawtha is still of waste from now on. our next meeting but hope it’s not shows outside to whoever will but they cant stop punk.
prowlin abowt, gitten on tew folk If you are interested in becoming an too long before we can all meet up stop and listen. We've just
she reckons hent following tha rools. allotment holder the Town Council again.
The Wayland News November 2020 Page 8

The Best Notes from Museum 4

Shop Local Hypnotist In
The World
Griston Parish
In a slight change of policy, we have
recently added various ancient items to
At the tender age of 12 Darnell Johnson Hello, I thought I needed to update the our display that did not come from

if you can! was already self - anointed as one of the

greatest hypnotists of all time.
As proof however, he offered up a fairly
residents of the happenings of the Parish
It seems to take a long time to get
Watton, but they could have. The soil
around our town is of such a nature
that anything made of iron that is
thin list of somewhat satisfied clients. anything done, especially at the present buried rapidly rusts away
The list included his mom, dad, three time, however, the three Parish until nothing is left, in
siblings, several cousins and a dozen or Councillors are working hard in the back the fens where the soil is
so of reluctant but polite home visitors ground to ensure that the Recreation damp and peat-based
along with a small group of nervous class Ground and other issues in the Village are iron fares very well and
mates. dealt with. lasts for years. We have
“Not my fault,” he responded to As a result of the downpours in August, therefore started looking
comments about his skimpy record. the parish Clerk has written to the to the areas around the
“Most people I approach are afraid to try Highways Department to ask that the borders of Norfolk and
me out. I can’t grow my list without gullies and ditches are cleaned in order Cambridge and
willing participants. Nevertheless, I that the rainwater can drain away freely. Lincolnshire to see what
should get kudos for having a perfect The lighting in Manor Road has been we can find that is iron
record. inspected, the Council has been informed and would almost
“Every one of my customers, even non- that new lanterns are needed, which will certainly be found here if
believers, has seen how great I am. cost a substantial amount of money. This conditions were right.
subject will be discussed at the next Parish Towards this end we
“They have all been hypnotized.
Council and a decision will be made. have obtained and are
“I’ve never failed.”
The mound in the Children’s play area, in displaying a Roman
Many class mates and others still had
the recreation ground requires repairs, Pilum (left) and an
their doubts about Darnell’s exalted view
because it is suffering from erosion. The Anglo-Viking spear-
of his ranking at such an early age among
Parish Council are seeking quotes as I head, both in remarkable
the world’s hypnotists, though few if any
write so that remedial work can take place condition, both from a
were willing to volunteer for a hypnosis river cutting in the peat.
very soon. Once the work is carried out,
session, until the day came that a new the mound and slide could be out of use The Roman Pilum was a
classmate did exactly that. for a short while in order for the ground to type of crossbred
“Hypnotize me,” Sam, the new kid, settle. We will know more soon and a javelin / spear it had a
hollered out at recess. “I don’t believe notice will hopefully be published in The long narrow point,
you can.” Waylander to keep you informed. sometimes up to 70cm.
Somewhat startled by the newcomer’s There has been a notice stating that the long, there were at least
impertinence, Darnell eagerly accepted mobile library is back in operation. It will two types, a heavy one
his challenge. With permission of the be visiting the village on Tuesday 3rd that could not be thrown
final period home-room teacher he and November 2020 at 2.45pm until 3:10pm. very far and a light
the challenger would meet in the Study For anyone who doesn’t know it stops weight. The purpose of
Hall the next day. near the Waggon and Horses. the pilum was to
Tomorrow quickly came. Word had The Parish Council is desperately seeking penetrate enemy shields whereupon it
gotten around and the study hall was more members, if you feel you are able to would bend, the enemy unable to pull
packed, well beyond its normal give a little of your time The Parish Clerk it out had to discard the shield and
attendance. would really like to hear from you. became easy prey to the Roman short
A chair had been set up in the center of Please stay safe and keep well. sword. In many cases the Pilum would
the room for Sam. go through the shield with sufficient
With a quick, perfunctory handshake force to penetrate the enemy behind
greeting Darnell asked him to sit down. Happy Birthday Rufus and including his armour.
As Sam took his seat, the world’s self - Our one was found in
proclaimed greatest hypnotist, with a 2014, excavated from a
home - made cape hanging loosely over peat rich river bank on the
his shoulders, sauntered closer to the Cambridgeshire border.
seated challenger and threw out the The Anglo-Viking spear
following command: head (right) is more
“Close your eyes and concentrate on my conventional in shape,
every word. Sit erect and relax,” he added short, sharp and very
in a calming voice. strong, it was found near
Darnell was so focused on showing his Stilton in 2009 and still
talent to his audience he failed to see the retains the rotted off end
mirror that Sam was holding directly in of its shaft fitted in with a
front of his face. This mirror behaved in brass rivet.
the way that all mirrors do, reflecting the Both these items could
image in front of it. This mirror reflected have been found in the
back the earnest face of Darnell. area of Watton, there was
“You are tired,” Darnell continued. “Rest a significant Roman
your head on your left shoulder. Just presence in the area.
relax.” Being iron they would
have rusted away many
To his surprise Darnell felt his head
years ago, it is not generally realised
involuntarily drooping.
that water, preventing it from contact
He soon stood, swaying and speechless.
with oxygen, preserves iron. Other
With his words and the image of him
items recently received that are not but
from the mirror he had actually What does a PAT (Pets as Therapy) dog do could be local are a small, intact 2nd.
hypnotized himself. when he can't do his usual 'job'? Rufus, the century grey-ware pot from Caister, a
Those in the room were not initially sure retired racing greyhound, is missing his beautiful Crucifix and a Copper-alloy
what had happened. As awareness came a friends at Wayland Junior Academy and and blue glass seal fob, both Medieval
trickle of laughter began. Dorrington House now that Corona virus and from Suffolk. We have also added
“Wake up,” Sam commanded. has stopped him visiting every week. a Bronze age bracelet, a roman ring
The world’s greatest hypnotist jerked his He enjoyed his birthday presents last week and several other items that have been
head off his shoulder and looking around but also celebrated his 11th birthday by metal-detected.
the room, not to be outdone by the signing up for the 'Muddy Paws Challenge' We are, once again, open Wednesday
impertinent Sam, quickly found his voice. for Battersea dogs and cats home. He (and and Saturday from 10am to 4pm, other
“Bet you’ve never seen that done before,” his human) will complete a 5 km run times by appointment, masks must be
he announced before briskly exiting the followed by a 5 km walk on Saturday 17th worn and we comply fully with
study hall with his head held high. October: As their ages now total 150 they government regulations.
It was left to the students to ponder what decided to walk the last 5 km! Museum 4 Watton, Wayland Hall,
was more appropriate. Rufus thanks everyone who has generously Middle Street, Watton IP25 6AG
Laughter or applause. sponsored him and he will post a 01953 797060
Edgar Russell (c)2020 photograph of himself in his muddy paws
bandana after his challenge.
The Wayland News November 2020 Page 9
in the morning – often before it was let us have some nuts if they are not a bit of a makeover. He now faces
HISTORY BEGINS properly light, and would stop by the The Letters of rationed. Cheerio for now, west for a change and his tail curves
AT HOME roadside where he made a little
campfire and cooked our breakfast, It
Freddie Thripp With Love Fred
PS Tomorrow night is Saturday so
high over the footpath in an arch
and down to form the fencing edge
PART TWO was always the proper start of going We left Fred last month dashing all hope it is fine in Norwich. To Tich:- of the dipping pond- and this is all
The last edition of memories struck a on holiday for me. I doubt we would over the country as the RAF followed Still going strong. Give my best thanks to these volunteers. Here is a
chord with some people and I was not be allowed now and motorway its scatter plan to remove aircraft wishes to Harry. before and after photo of Frederick!
the only one to have bread and butter services really don’t’ have the same from the east to guard against As I write this, our local bird ringer
with fruit or a knitted bathing appeal. German attack. But things returned to Titch mentioned in the PS is Rene, his has just finished mounting a brand
costume judging by the emails I got. We would not be considered well off normal pretty quickly and the regular sister. She always took a strong interest new barn owl box in Brandon Fen,
With autumn now upon us I have but our parents saved hard each year routine of military life returned to in Fred's love life, and it seems it was which he kindly made for us using
been remembering the annual family for us to have a holiday. It was RAF Watton. all going well at this time! Next time donations pooled together from
blackberrying forays. Dad always usually a caravan or rented cottage, It is curious (to me anyway!) that at we shall find out how Fred spent the fellow barn-owl loving volunteers.
had some large walking sticks to often in Wales so Dad could return to this time the crew of a Blenheim first Christmas of the war. We are hoping that after a strong
hook down the higher branches and his roots and we could visit our consisted of the following men: breeding season for barn owls on
we had our favourite places to go. grandmother. As people drive across Pilot – usually an officer who lived in the reserve (with four separate
Due to Dad’s job we were fortunate the Severn Bridge today most will
RSPB pairs) that there will be plenty of
the Officers Mess with table service,
to have a car. It was never allowed to have no idea of the perils of the old Dinners and Batmen to look after his Lakenheath Fen young adults looking for a nest box
be used for ferrying us to school or Aust ferry. The car had to go down a needs. A tribute to our volunteers-and all to call their own in 2021.
out shopping – our legs and the bus decaying wooden jetty and sloping Observer – navigator and bomb aimer their hard work I hope this has given you a bit of an
were quite good enough – but we ramp, much patched with metal to you and me, usually a Sergeant, This month I thought I’d share a idea of how much of the work we
were allowed occasional outings. plates, and turn right on the slope to well educated and lived in the little bit about what our lovely do here at the reserve is organised,
Blackberrying was always a day out get onto a tiny little ferry boat as it Sergeants Mess where life was volunteers have helped us achieve supported and even possible thanks
with a picnic. Once home again Mum rose and fell. On the tide Dad always reasonable but not to the same since we re-opened to the public- to our small army of volunteers-
would be busy making jams and made us walk down the ramp because standard as the Officers. many of these projects will be they make our world go round and
jellies, apple and blackberry pies and it was too dangerous in his opinion to Wireless Operator / Air Gunner – at visible to you as you walk around it is lovely to have their help. Look
crumbles. risk his family, and he negotiated the this time usually a Leading the reserve too. Recently, the pond out for their successes and efforts as
Autumn and winter also bring back boarding alone. Aircraftman (LAC), not quite the in front of the Visitor Centre had you walk around the reserve next.
memories of arriving home from One very early holiday was a caravan lowest of the low but very nearly. it’s annual haircut on 8 October, As a quick reminder, for those who
school to a roaring fire and toast in Clacton. My sister was a baby and Our Fred was an LAC. They lived in where a small team armed with haven’t visited us recently, our
cooked over the flames. We didn’t we had to have the pram inside each Barracks, usually with several other brush cutters and rakes diligently Visitor Centre, accessible toilet and
have TV until I was well into my night for her to sleep in, Mum said men sleeping in the same room and
teens as Dad didn’t approve - he said never again. So, the next year, Dad did normal duties as well as their
they killed family life. We sat treated her to a boarding house for a flying duties as Fred's only letter from
together, often with the lights out and rest – the only time we went to November tells . . .
only the firelight, listening to the boarding house. It was in the old
radio. Take it From Here, Educating tradition of very fierce landladies and 'A' Flight, 82 (B) Sqdn., RAF Watton,
Archie, Round the Horn and other this one didn’t like children much. Thetford Norfolk
programmes. Very cosy. Mind you, My sister upset her on the first Dear Mum Dad Rene Harry & Eric.
I don’t miss the draughts and shouts morning by asking why the porridge I have just come off of a 24 hour
of “Close the door!” whenever was different and why wasn’t ours at guard, or it was supposed to be, the
someone left the room. We didn’t home all lumpy? We made friends relief came an hour late and we have
have central heating, and the rest of with another child staying there and, been wet through all day, and then
the house was like a fridge. inspired by the landlady’s cat who getting wetter still waiting, so you can
Picnics were quite a feature of our wound itself in and out of the just imagine how I feel, and when we
lives and we rarely went to cafes. banisters, we whiled away the time wanted meals, it was nearly a mile
Searching for a picnic spot was an waiting for our parents to pack ready walk there and back, cross the drome,
adventure in itself. We would be on for the beach by playing cats on the which is all under water, then when
the look-out as Dad drove along, but stairs. We were thrown out to wait on we got back here, they say that the
he never would go that bit slower the doorstep with words that that was floor has got to be polished. But still,
while we looked, so would sail past where cats belonged. The ensuing I think there is a war somewhere.
all the nice places until we all, row when Dad found his children had I put in my leave pass yesterday, but
including Mum, got really cross with been put out onto the street was whether it gets cancelled or not I dont
him. One day we rounded a bend to spectacular. Another experience know. If it goes through, I shall be takeaway refreshments are available
never to be repeated. worked through the morning to
see a lady in the distance who clearly home about midday next Thursday, from 9am to 5pm every day and the
However, most of our journeys were clear the reeds and willow scrub
thought she was hidden from view in for 6 days. And I hope the weather is Car Park, trails and Mere Hide are
by bus or by train and the car that had grown up in the last year.
a hedge, and was about to answer a a bit better. I had the most interesting open from dawn to dusk every day.
journeys were special occasions. I Not only does this open up the pond
call of nature. We all got the giggles Sunday (last) when we went to a We ask kindly for you to wear a
can’t recall Dad ever going shopping for wildlife such as kingfishers to
but Dad earned my mother’s wrath by certain station and saw a plane come face mask (unless you are exempt
with us. That was a woman’s job! use, but visitors will get a better
winding down the window and in just off of a patrol, which had done for health reasons) when inside the
We walked to the local shops for food view across it too. As soon as the
bellowing “Yoohoo!”. I have never quite a smart piece of work, and I Visitor Centre or Mere Hide, and
and took the bus or train for team came inside for lunch, a little
seen drawers pulled up so fast poor suppose cost A.H. quite a sum of that you fill out the mandatory
purchases like clothes. I still know gang of moorhens and a kingfisher
thing. money. Also, I dont know whether you Track and Trace in the Visitor
Mum’s divi number from the Co-op. moved in to inspect the stubble-
We always had sing songs in the car recall a few days ago, a machine Centre when you arrive.
The train took us to bigger centres they and water rail and even bittern
and Dad had a range of really silly limping back home with half of its With best wishes,
like Leicester and the occasional treat can often be seen investigating the
songs from his TocH days. My wing covering ripped off, well it was Heidi (Visitor Experience Officer,
of a trip to London. Our local station reeds straight after a cut, it must be
mother would sometimes keep us also at the same station, and believe RSPB Lakenheath Fen).
didn’t have a very long platform and rich pickings.
quiet on long journeys by reciting me, it was no small surprise to us
the pram or pushchair had to go in the Thanks to the dedication of another
epic poems she had learned at school when we saw it, and when you know a
goods van. It was common to see volunteer, Phil, and his ride-on
and I still know some of them. little about the theory of flight, it is
Favourite, though, were the Mum and other women hanging out absolutely a marvel how the pilots got
mower, our grass paths and verges
throughout the reserve and on the
competitions. Two teams took a side of the train shouting at the guard that it back, and it is only when you see
of the car each and had to look out for they couldn’t get the pram off these sort of things, that you realise
riverbank are maintained through
the Spring and Summer - after
Gallery Online
pub and inn signs. The idea was to because the train had stopped short of that there is actually something going
collect legs so the Kings Arms scored the platform. It would have to be on.
lockdown, when we returned to the
reserve, Phil had a big job on his
nil as he had no legs only arms. The shunted forward once the passengers They are having quite a bit of fun
Coach and Horses would be allowed were off. I always thought Mum round Norwich nowadays as a certain
hands to tame the long grassland
that hadn’t been mown for six
Art in Isolation
two horses so eight legs .Often there would go off in the train and we
would be left on the platform
person told me the other day how he/ months and he did an impressive Over 80 pieces of
were arguments about including a she saw a machine letting out white
coachman! As we drove, the first Next month there will be memories of smoke and said then that it was a
job. His commitment and obvious outstanding artwork made
enjoyment for this task really frees
person to spot a graveyard on either Christmas past with a few disasters as [picture of swastika] machine, it was up the reserve team to do other
by students -both current
side of the road buried the other well as good times. If you have any
to add please do send them in, What
shot down just off the coast. Last things, and he will come in once a and alumni, as well as staff
team’s legs and they lost all their Wednesday night, the searchlights
points. There isn’t much point to the was your best or worst present? What were out and guns popping, he/she
fortnight whilst the grass is growing from Hartismere School.
to keep on top of it.
game now that we mostly drive on was your best Christmas ever or did said it was only practice, but I dont If you have walked our Family trail
The art work was made
dual carriageways and bypasses. one seem fraught with disasters? Did
you have family traditions and
think they practice that way. But I see on Brandon Fen before you will during the last two years,
And, of course, a lot of pubs have that Gerry is still active over our
gone. Another version of this was to perhaps some you still follow? We coasts and going strong, about time
have seen Frederick the Willow some of the pieces have
Dragon (pictured), a beautiful
collect horses instead. The same look forward to hearing from you. we started something in earnest weaving started by schoolchildren
been made during or as a
rules applied. Email me on or write to
instead of these isolated dos, as most in 2007. In recent weeks three of response to lockdown.
When we went on our annual holiday of them do a fair amount of damage,
Julian at 32 High Street, Watton. IP25 our regular volunteers have been
Dad would load the car with eggs, but still, just recently we have found meeting on a Friday to tame
bacon and all the means to cook our 6AE out about the "organisation" of this Frederick’s wild locks and give him
breakfast. We would leave very early government. Well roll on Xmas and
The Wayland News November 2020 Page 10
anagrams, synonyms and suchlike by Anglia TV. We are also planning attend the Spanish queen than
Extra! Read that abounded in these tests of
for Christmas and trying to find ways
of replacing our annual and
Thompson uncovering murder abd mayhem in
plague ridden Spain with the
All About It But we persevered and day by day we
solved more and more clues, though
successful Christmas Exhibition of
art and crafts. If you are not on
Community inquisition taking guilty and innocent
alike.(part of a series and possibly a
By Ken Knowles
The Daily Telegraph, to which I have
been a subscriber for many years, has
it was many weeks before we could
reach the stage where we could
Ruth’s mailing list of artists and
craftspeople do please get in touch Hall second Shardlake the reader thought);
A Vi ew across the Rooftops by
actually successfully complete the and we can keep you up to date with Although still not open on a regular Suzanne Kelman is set in Occupied
announced record sales, partly due to puzzle. Since then I have completed future plans for the Gallery. We are basis we will consider enquiries for Holland during WWII reflecting the
the use of on-line techniques, but I hundreds of these Telegraph tests,as I always seeking to expand the number hirings that we feel are manageable pressure of living under an occcupying
wonder if this means that sales of the have got used to the mindsets of the of artists who exhibit with us. within any current restrictions army and 3 books by Dinah Jefferies
papers has dropped, or that there is a sitters. Behind the scenes we are working imposed due to Cove-19. We are set in the supposed ‘glory days ‘ of
general hunger for more reading But different minds work in different towards making Wayland House writing an appendix to our normal British Empire and power in the Far
matter, following the restrictions on ways and I take far longer to solve ready for a post-Covid world when hiring terms and conditions to take East between the 1930s and 1950s, The
normal life caused by the virus the puzzles set in the Times. we can once again hold courses and account of the measures needed to Tea Planters Wife,The Silk Merchant’ s
pandemic. I am reminded of the comedian, Jimmy meetings in the building. However, cope with the virus, as well as adding Daughter and The Separation.
Actually it was not until my middle Edwards, who related an incident when we are mindful that things may take a new equipment, signage and so on. If Books with a more recent setting
age that I began to take much notice he was in the first-class compartment of long time to return to a form of you are planning ahead for next year included :3 by Amanda Prowse Anna,
of the daily press, since as a boy I a London bound train, and the other normality so are looking for new please contact us to discuss. We are Theo then How to fall in Love Again ;
always managed to delay getting up two occupants were obviously having ways of supporting community so sad that our lovely new hall cannot The Postscript Murders, the lates by
from my bed until the last possible great problems with the Times activity. The building has already be used by the community at the Elly Griffiths (NB not set on the
moment before it was time to rush off crossword, and he pulled out his own had its IT system upgraded so we are moment, having only been open two Norfolk Coast and not featuring Ruth)
to school, and in later years my office copy and proceeded to fill every space, looking at how best we can develop years, and are looking forward to the and The Thursday Murder Club by
of employment was only five minutes before sinking back in his seat with a its use to support community future when things get better. Richard Osman full of quick and dry
walk away my rising from bed was self-satisfied expression on his face. projects. For larger projects funding Meanwhile the petanque terrain has humour and no suggestion of the
again a last minute affair, and father’s This earned him jealous and resentful bids need to be completed and match been resurfaced and been passed by celebrity staus of the author. We are
Daily Mirror, or later his Daily glares from the other two occupants, funding sought, which is not always an expert player as a huge considering all reading and reviewing
Express always escaped my attention. but of course he did not reveal that he easy to obtain in the present climate improvement from before and ready tha same book as we would if we met
But somehow I managed to keep had simply inserted any letter that but we are working on it. So, for play. The surface is still a little and this was the first suggestion, hoping
aware of most of the important things came into his head until all the spaces although the building may look quiet, soft due to the heavy rain recently but that everybody would be able to aquire
of life throughout each week, until on were filled, even though no actual there is a lot of unseen work going will settle and firm. Clearly, quite a copy.
a Sunday I would settle in to study words had been used. on. strict rules apply as to how to conduct Sue Hart October 2020
such really urgent things such as the Over the years. With hundreds of a game without touching a jack other
football results, or cricket scores, crosswords behind me, and the than your own; not touching other
about which I and my friends were
fonts of knowledge.
enjoyment I have derived from the
hundreds of magazines I have read on
ThinkingFuel players’ boules; and keeping socially
distanced. The weather is probably
In those days just before the Second
World war most daily and evening
all manner of subjects, I recall that
back in the 1960s ecologists were
– taking the not ideal now and through winter for
play on many days so we look
Evening WI
newspapers cost only a penny, though forward to next season. With memories of the long hot days
the ‘posh’ papers like the Times and
Telegraph cost more, though those
warning that we were using paper at
such a rate that the supply of pulp worry out of Our gate is padlocked at the moment of summer washed away by the
October deluges, members of Watton
from the trees of the Brazilian rain in support of the Millennium Green
two were never seen in our circles as
they were very staid and stuffy
forest were being decimated and this buying committee’s measures to protect the
Green from unwanted intruders in
Evening WI held their first Zoom
meeting on Thursday 9th October.
would soon cause a change of climate
looking, with front pages completely
devoid of pictures, while even on the
over the whole world. We have
managed well so far, though modern
heating oil vehicles. They will be installing a
gate on Hallfield Road and putting
From the first week of lockdown, we
started with weekly Newsletters and
inside leaves illustrations were few If you rely on heating oil for your posts around the small car park to phone calls to all members. As
scientists tell us that our planetary
and far between. home, business or other premises stop vehicles driving onto the Green. restrictions lifted, some asked for
conditions are becoming steadily
It was not until my army service days you’ll know that the price per litre Once we are open to more activity fewer phone calls, and the
warmer but I am sure that we will
in India that I started to take an can fluctuate depending on when and once more, we will review the Newsletters changed to twice
muddle through for the fore-seeable
interest in reading newspapers, when how much you order. Heating oil is locking and unlocking of the gate of monthly. Our President Sandy
future. And probably all our
every month or so a ship would arrive unregulated so, unlike mains gas and course. Vellam, with many contributions
information will be in digital form.
at Bombay carrying a hold full of electricity, there are no rules and Due to the costs and difficulties of from members and committee,
Meanwhile it’s Star, News and
local rags addressed personally to regulations or price controls. keeping the equipment clean and showing their achievements in
Standard. Read All About It.
most of the soldiers on the camp, Community Action Norfolk (CAN) covid-safe, the play equipment on the gardening, crafts etc. has currently
which kept everyone occupied for runs a collective oil buying scheme Millennium Green remains out of produced 23 Newsletters during this
days, since being countless thousands
of miles from home, living in grotty
The Wayland called ThinkingFuel, which offers
consistently low prices on heating oil
bounds for now. Please observe the
notices and tape which are placed
time. With winter approaching and,
with the restrictions looking to last
conditions made everyone home-sick by buying in bulk on behalf of all its into the New Year, it is time to move
and eager for news from England, Partnership members around the county. CAN is
there for your safety and that of your
family. forward.
even though what we read would Wayland House remains partially a charity and buying from Having spent a number of weeks
already be some weeks out of date. open as we continue to do our best to ThinkingFuel helps CAN support grappling with the idiosyncrasies of
Even those men who did not receive
any such mail would be delighted to
meet the needs of tenants and
customers during the pandemic. As
local community projects across
Shipdham & Zoom, Sandy and others on the
committee – plus a few husbands and
Comparing prices for oil is very
read accounts from other parts of the
home country even if they knew
advised, we continue to encourage
Amanda, our support officer to work difficult for the consumer because of District Book partners to help with the teccy bits,
started a number of practice sessions
nothing about the area concerned. from home as much as possible but fluctuations in price between days, leading to this weeks’ premier event. A
The reference to India brings to mind she does go into the office during the quantities ordered, locations and
delivery times. All ThinkingFuel
Group number of ladies had never used Zoom
that occasionally one of the men had week to meet the needs of the Trust Once again the members have read before, and coped remarkably well.
been in the nearest town and obtained and our clients. Should you need to members pay the same low price per many books, possibly more than when Hosted by Sandy, the topic of the
a copy of the Times of India (English speak to us please either phone on litre no matter how much they order. we meet as they have time through evening was ‘What was GOOD about
edition), which was that country’s 01953 880205 or email There’s no favouritism dependent on restrictions in other activities. Their Lockdown’
leading journal, and we would be and she whether you buy 500 litres or 5,000! choice is eclectic to say the least Apart from the many gardens tided
afforded endless amusement by the will either get back to you or pass And there’s no obligation to buy – the although there are certain recurring up, home decorating done, DIY
errors that appeared in the columns, your enquiry to one of the trustees. choice is yours. patterns. projects started and craft projects
sometimes simply typos but often Several of our tenants have returned ThinkingFuel works by having two There are many historical novels, rescued from backs of cupboards and
with photographs or even whole to working from the building, most key dates each month when you can ranging from the recurring Tudors to completed years later, many spoke
pages printed upside down. notably the podiatrist, the order your oil and maximise savings the early to mid 20th Century regarded about missing visits to grandchildren;
At the time we thought this hilarious physiotherapist, and the beautician. – but you can order oil on any as ‘history’ by younger generations or new ones were born, even great
and due to Indian inefficiency, but on Unfortunately, the Dragonfly Gallery working day of the month and still anybody under 80! These include: grandchildren, often only seen on
reflection this may have been remains closed for the foreseeable get a competitive price. The scheme The Foundling by Stacey Halls set in social media due to the many
deliberate sabotage by members of a future. However, Ruth, our Gallery is trusted, reliable, and well London in1754 and the reader claimed constraints applied regionally. One
growing faction whose motto was Jai Co-ordinator, has been producing established with 3,000 members ideal for escaping Covid scares and lady even managed to change jobs,
Hind, translated as Leave India!, some stunning online exhibitions. across Norfolk. You can read more other trials as we assured a happy and acquired a puppy!
protest against the British Raj. The latest is the amazing work of about how it works at ending; the third book In Hilary Sadly, some members have realised
Once back home and demobbed I was Hartismere school students as part of and to read Mantel’s Tudor trilogy The Mirror and that family comes first, and have
back in my old job when one day, in the Art in Isolation theme. It really is more about the work of CAN in The Light depicting the life of Henry recently moved or are planning
the staff canteen at lunchtime, a wonderfully talented work. All supporting community projects visit VIII though the eyes of his chief moves in the near future.
colleague invited assistance with the exhibitions can be viewed on our minister Thomas Cromwell;. The The entire evening was so successful,
solving of a crossword puzzle in his facebook page, the Wayland If you don’t have internet access you Island by Victoria Hislop about a leper the committee have decided to start
Daily Telegraph. We put our heads Dragonfly Gallery, or on the could ask a friend or relative to go colony off the coat of Crete, read by monthly Zoom meetings,
together, but could only manage to Dragonfly Gallery website. Ruth is through the information with you – or Book Group some years ago.The commencing November 12th with
solve a handful of clues, since we now working with local care homes call 01362 698216 and we’ll answer Inquisitor by David Penny set in Seville guest WI speaker Peta Allingham, her
were unacquainted with the tricks to show work done by their residents your questions. in1485, featuring Thomas Berrington subject ‘Travels around Australia in a
needed , such as the solving of and this has already been reported on an English surgeon summoned to Quirky Car’
The Wayland News November 2020 Page 11
able to enjoy his long term treats of theatre trips,
PLEASE MENTION In Appreciation of concerts and, always, walking his dog.
In 2001 Peter met Lesley, and they were married
THE WAYLAND Peter Cowling the following year in Watton. In Watton, Peter
1st May1939 – 5th September 2020 soon joined in the music and Methodist scene, and
NEWS joined in with the varied interests of wife Lesley.
Peter was born in Buckhurst Hill Essex on May 1st Over time he took turns playing the organ and
WHEN SHOPPING 1939, the eldest of five siblings. coached the choir. He also played for the Wee
He enjoyed school, where he played in the school Monsters Group and was a regular helper at the
WITH OUR orchestra, sang in the choir, edited the school popular coffee mornings. To raise money for the
magazine, and excelled in sports including pole Church he agreed to be dressed up as The Candy
ADVERTISERS vaulting. Man at the Christmas Market.
Peter’s faith was nurtured from an early age, and Peter was a steadfast and regular supporter of
he embraced the school motto, which translated as Norwich City Football Club, which at times tested
“Rejoicing to repay what has been given.” His his calm and philosophical outlook. His love of
faith has been a central influence throughout his walking in a rural environment led him to devise
life. routes for such walks and describe them on
After becoming School Captain and Head Prefect, Wayland Community Radio, which spread his
he was awarded a County Major Scholarship to enjoyment to many others in the area.
Leeds University, where he read English and Old It was in 2010 that Peter joined the Watton and member of, was the West End Waiters. This
English, which made him a formidable scrabble District Rotary club. During his membership he group has raised a considerable amount of money
opponent. After graduating with an Honours was a keen supporter of our schools projects, from performing to clubs and groups across the
Degree, he took up a teaching post at East Ham where his wealth of experience was most useful. county, with their distinctive style and repertoire.
Grammar School. A colleague from that time One of our recent projects which he was most keen He also reported their adventures, in rhyme, in the
described Peter as “Very reserved and quiet. A to support was the Decorated Umbrella Wayland News.
listener who would contribute a wise or gently competition which involved people of all ages and During Peter’s year as our President he was
humorous comment at the appropriate moment.” from all walks of life in turning a plain white increasingly laid low by his debilitating illness, but
Peter loved poetry and plays and he passed this umbrella into a colourful and unique expression of his continuing will power and strength of purpose
enthusiasm on to his students. our theme. It was impossible for this project to be enabled him to attend our meetings and play an
In 1971 he moved to Taunton as Head of English continued again in the summer due to pandemic active role in our planning and charitable aims.
at West Monkton Secondary Modern school. restrictions, but we are hoping to adapt the event His refusal to be beaten by illness and his absolute
When he joined the school roll was 200, but by the into something with which he would have integrity and natural generosity, was an incentive
time he retired in 1994, this had increased to over identified, over the winter. to his fellow Rotarians to provide a helping hand
1500. In July 2019 Peter became our President, and he where needed to help him complete his year as
In retirement Peter was invited to join the had planned a programme of environmental President.
Milverton Drama Society, and enjoyed a number projects, but this became impossible due to his He was a fitting embodiment of his old school
of roles in comedy and farce productions. He also deteriorating health as the year progressed. One motto “Rejoicing to repay what has been given”, in
had time to re-kindled his love of music and he notable example of his determination not to be Peter’s case with interest! He will be missed by us
took up piano lessons again. This lead eventually deterred by his illness was at last year’s all in Rotary, and our thoughts and sincere good
to an opportunity to play a beautiful grand piano at Remembrance Parade, when he insisted on laying wishes are with Lesley, now and for the future.
Dunster Castle. This he enjoyed very much! He the Rotary wreath though it caused him Michael Haythorpe, President of Rotary Club
also provided the musical contribution to the considerable discomfort. of Watton and District
village Pantomime. During this period Peter was Another group which Peter enjoyed being a

Cordial Correspondence
“New Orleans, Old News’
Very recently returned from a trip to New Orleans,
Louisiana. I have been there once before a couple of
years ago—a quite disastrous trip - however the
change from then to now is quite a drastic one. Part
of it, I am sure, had to do with the impending
warning about Hurricane Sally, but most of the
changes had been wrought by the closing down of
the city due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
New Orleans is very much a touristy city, and relies
heavily on tourism for much of its economy. The
last time I was there everything was a hustling bustle
of activity—people everywhere, crowded streets,
Mardi Gras beads hanging out despite the lateness of
the year, and inebriated pedestrians making their
way down the aptly-named Bourbon Street in the
French Quarter. This time, the streets were not
necessarily deserted, but you could see the homeless
sleeping in people’s doorways, the trash piling up in
the waste bins, and the air reeked with the smell of
cigars and funny cigarettes. Most of the businesses
in the French Quarter were boarded up, had gone
out of business, or were so piled up with sandbags
that you wouldn’t have been able to shop there even
if they had been open.
Walking down Bourbon Street—a street famous for
its bars and nightlife—it was exceedingly difficult to
find a place which provided decent drinks and was
open at only 8 in the evening. The change was
astounding—especially considering that just earlier
this year the city was open for both Mardi Gras and
a journalism conference. In certain businesses could
be found signs berating the mayor for closing down
the city and blaming him for them going out of along to see the city, and usually over here only time, I made a joke about how it would be great if
business, along with other signs poking fun at service animals are allowed in non-pet specific the entire economy operated along that principle (for
Hurricane Sally for forcing them to close early and stores (and certainly not inside of restaurants) the consumer, of course). But the more I thought
lose much-needed revenue. Speaking to at least one however they were so desperate for any sort of about that sign, the more sad and depressing it got.
local, many businesses which had been around for revenue that many bars and other food-based Imagine a city so depleted, so economically
more than twenty years were forced to close solely establishments had placed hawkers on the streets deprived that a sign like that was only one step away
as a result of the pandemic. who openly solicited for me to bring my dog from not being a joke anymore. Thankfully this is
Comparing the city I have seen recently with the through their restaurant, just on the off-chance that I not the case everywhere, but in the once bustling
brief but flashy glimpse of the one I saw those would be spending a little money there. I saw a city of New Orleans it is a stark new reality: “Take
couple of years ago, it appears to me as if the entire similar trend with tourist shops—the shop vendors what you need, pay what you can”.
spirit of the city has been crushed under the weight bringing some of their merchandise out onto the Ed This is the first of a new series from a very
of Covid-19. The people of the city are desperate— street and aggressively pushing their wares. talented writer friend in America which I hope
particularly those who still have tourist shops and There was a sign placed up in one shop which read: you will find both informative and interesting..
businesses to keep open. I had brought my dog “Take what you need, pay what you can”. At the
The Wayland News November 2020 Page 12

Please support your Ashill & Holme Hale Garden Club

local businesses as
we try and get back
to a new normal!

The Changing Colours of Autumn anthocyanins (reds and pinks). When This layer, known as the abscission layer,
While the gardening club is currently not sunlight wanes and leaves stop making is formed in the spring during active new
able to hold monthly meetings we are food, this green pigment is broken down growth of the leaf.
providing gardening information via into colourless compounds. The yellow In autumn, hormones within trees begin to
newsletters and our website (address pigments, which are hidden by the change. The most notable is auxin. During
above) to keep everyone active with chlorophyll in spring and summer, are then the active growing season, production rates
gardening tasks. The RHS website revealed and other chemical changes cause of auxin in the leaves are consistent with
( is also a good source of jobs red colouration caused by anthocyanin. the rest of the tree. As long as these rates
you should do each month in your garden, Why is autumn colour better some are steady, the cells of the abscission layer
as is the BBC’s Gardeners World on a years? remain connected, which in turn, keeps
Friday evening on BBC2 (Ed: Not The depth of colour is influenced by the leaves attached.
fogetting the Wayland News's very own blend of chemical processes and weather But as days shorten and temperatures cool,
Lotta Potts). Now that we have moved conditions. auxin production in leaves starts to
fully into autumn and there are less tasks in Cold nights: low temperatures destroy decrease. This triggers cellular elongation
the garden we thought we would use this chlorophyll so the green leaf fades to yellow, within the abscission layer. The elongation
month’s newsletter to give a some but if temperatures stay above freezing, of these cells creates fractures, allowing the
background information on what causes anthocyanin production is enhanced and the leaf to break away from the plant. The leaf
the change in leaf colour in autumn that leaves take on a red colour. is finally blown off by the wind or falls
produces such wonderful displays from our Dry weather: sugars become concentrated from its own weight.
trees and forests in the region. in the leaves, more anthocyanin is produced What are the benefits of leaf fall?
Why do leaves change colour? and consequently leaves are redder. The benefit of shedding leaves is that trees
Leaf colour comes from pigments. These Bright sunny days: although the can preserve the moisture in their branches
are natural substances produced by leaf production of new chlorophyll stops in and trunk, instead of drying out and dying.
cells to help them obtain food. The three autumn, photosynthesis can still occur on And a tree without leaves is in a state of
pigments that colour leaves are chlorophyll sunny autumn days, using the remaining dormancy and needs less energy to remain
(green), carotenes (yellow) and chlorophyll. Sugar concentration increases, alive.
more anthocyanin is produced and Leafless trees are also better able to tolerate
the leaves are redder. winter storms as strong winds can move
Why do trees lose their leaves? through the branches more easily.
The beginnings of leaf drop, also Website:
known as abscission, start when a
layer of cells is formed between Email:
THE WAYLAND NEWS where the leaf stalk joins the stem.

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