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Top Va. exorcist priest embroiled
in national scandal

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Controversy remains after priest’s ‘confession’

Mixed reaction to admission of sexual indiscretion during exorcism
By Roger Bianchini priest’s critics and alleged victims, Eute-
The Lynchburg Times neuer broke the five months of official si-
lence with an admission of one instance of
An increasingly shrill and sometimes moral failing during his performance of an
threatening tide of Catholic online blog exorcism.
debate about the reasons for the sudden “The circumstances that led to my de-
and unexpected Aug. 27, 2010 departure parture from HLI were related exclusively
of former Human Life International (HLI) to my own decisions and conduct within
President Father Thomas Euteneuer led to the ministry of exorcism that I carried out
a flurry of official apologies, explanations independently from my responsibilities at
and defenses of both Euteneuer’s past be- HLI,” Euteneuer began in a Feb. 1 post on
havior as not only the superstar of the in- the website LifeSiteNews. While adding
ternational pro-life movement, but also an that the “vast majority of my decisions and
exorcist for the Catholic Church. conduct, both personally and in this min-
The Internet crescendo peaked in the istry, were morally sound and consistent
wake of a Jan. 27th medical emergency at with all standards of pastoral care of per-
HLI’s Front Royal, Virginia headquarters sons,” Euteneuer added, “I must acknowl-
described by emergency medical respond- edge, however, that one particularly com-
ers as a “medical seizure” and by some wit- plex situation clouded my judgment and
nesses as a “demonic possession” of a past led me to imprudent decisions with harm-
female associate of Father Euteneuer’s. ful consequences, the worst of which was
Five days later as the Catholic blogosphere violating the boundaries of chastity with an
exploded with theories and accusations
against the priest, attacks on both the See EXORCIST,  Watch the heated exchange at

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Voted BEST MORNING SHOW in the state by

the Virginia Association of Broadcasters
Lynchburg Police seek
prescription fraud suspect
On Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at approximately
5:42 p.m. members of the Campbell County Sheriff’s
Office were called to investigate a prescription fraud
that occurred at the CVC store located at 21550 Tim-
berlake Rd. The suspect, as can be seen in the video
on, is described as a white male,
approximately 6’ tall. The suspect is also described
as wearing blue jeans and a light colored short sleeve
shirt with red writing on it.
Information gathered from the investigation re-
vealed that the suspect called in a prescription for
“hydrocodone”, pretending to be a local doctor. The
prescription was called in under a fictitious patient

6am - 10am 105.9 FM

account and picked up by the suspect on January 18,
Anyone with any information regarding this crime
or the identity of the suspect is asked to call Crime
Stoppers at 1-888-798-5900, visit the Central Virgin-
Join Brian and Mari Weekdays from 6am - 10am on The Morningline. ia Crime Stoppers website at www.cvcrimestoppers.
Keep up with what’s going on around the Greater Lynchburg area. If it’s org to enter a web tip, or text “CVCS plus your mes-
sage” to 274637.
happening locally, we’re talking about it on the Morningline. Join the
conversation by calling the studio line at 846-8255 or 866-338-1059.

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So I finally got my 1099s mailed!!!

I walked in and asked the lady at the until 4:30. They MIGHT have forms. He “WHAT DOES THAT RECORD-
desk if I could have some. gives me their phone number. ING MEAN???? CAN I STILL MAIL
“How many do you need?” Great! I’ll call and check. STUFF???”
“Thirty.” Busy. Busy. Busy. Then a voice answers I got a nod.
“Thirty? Are you a business? We don’t to say that they don’t answer the phone. Okay, cool. Wheewww. I put it in the
supply forms for a business.” Seriously. I’m not making this up. They slot.
“Ma’am, with all due respect, who paid for a phone line and have a re- Then a landscaper named Franklin
would need a 1099 except a business? cording that says they don’t answer the West from Madison Heights walked in
Someone who claims their baby sitter?” phone. to mail his own 1099 forms and asks me
(pause...blank stare) No guts, no glory. I go down to Court about the ‘official USPS voice’ and I said,
“Ma’m I understand your situation. St. and discover they are located in the ‘I think we’re good.’
Today is the last day they can be mailed federal court house. So he put his forms in the box too and
and there are only a few hours left. Is My forms are in a slot and there are a we both got nervous.
there any way you could check and see lot of them. I ask if I can just take some ‘Did he actually say that they would be
if it looks like you have about thirty you and some guy looks up long enough to postmarked today?’
Dan McDermott publishes three won’t be using tonight?” say yes. Then I hear a woman giving “Hmmm...”
great Virginia newspapers in- I got the forms. someone tax advice at a speed the FedEx Knock, knock. Tap, tap.
cluding The Lynchburg Times. This year I had the brilliant idea to sim- commercial guy from the 90’s would ap- (USPS voice man looks up. Doesn’t
If he were organized he’d be ply print the forms. (I am so smart!!) preciate. move.)
dangerous. So at around 1 pm I go to the IRS site to But I have my forms. I got them all We put our stuff in the slot.
download the 1099 Misc. form. done and headed to the big post office (Doesn’t move. Squints, which I as-
By Dan McDermott At the top is a big warning: “This form on Odd Fellows Rd. sume is a ‘I can’t hear you’ expression in
The Lynchburg Times CANNOT be printed. It is for reference I got all the stamps on the 1099 en- the USPS.)
only! You must use the original form! If velopes and a couple checks that I was “IS OUR STUFF GOING TO BE
Last year I waited until the last day to your form cannot be scanned by the IRS sending and as I am about to put then POSTMARKED TODAY???? WE’RE
get 1099 forms and went to the store to computer, there will be a $50 fine. Per envelopes in the slot I hear a loud ‘official SCREWED IF IT ISN’T.”
pick some up. form.” USPS voice’ say over a speaker ‘All mail is (a nod)
They were crazy expensive. (Pause...) ready for pick-up at the main terminal.’ So I think I got my 1099 forms in the
I knew the IRS gave them away, so why So I freak out. OH NO!!!! It is only 6:15. The sign says mail on time.
was Staples charging something like I call the IRS and get through surpris- 7 pm is the last pick up. Or I am in a lot of trouble...
$50??? ingly quickly on 1099 day. I walked over and knocked on the glass
So I called around and finally found Mr. Robertson, badge number ... tells door. The post office guy didn’t move but
some at a library a couple of towns me that there is an IRS office located looked at me, indicating he couldn’t hear
away. right in Lynchburg and they are open me.

7-3!, ,)-,31
$"11%"4%"")06,24+1+!1%"#&++ &+$6,2+""!
&%%K:=>8A:H 6HNDJÉG:B6@>C<E6NB:CIH
CZlZg!7ZiiZgKZ]^XaZh[dgNdj Cd8d"H^\cZg4CdEgdWaZb
LZ=VkZHZYVch!HJKÉh!IgjX`h GdnVa6jid8gZY^i^hVcVji]dg^oZYBdcZn<gVbW^aaZgNdjbVnbV`Z
=J<:>CK:CIDGNDCA>C:6I/ AncX]Wjg\!K6 BVY^hdc=Z^\]ih!K6 <gZZchWdgd!C8
LIS;F;ONI=L?>CN=IG &.%&-;dgZhiGdVY ))*)H#6b]Zghi=ln# &(%%H#=daYZcGY#
)()"(-*",%%% )()"-)*",%)% ((+"'.)"'%%- 32-!0#"'2
Page  • The Lynchburg Times • February 3 - 9, 2011 Read every issue online at
EXORCIST, from  it.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, “Everything comes in God’s time, not
2489. Emphasis in the original.),” the HLI your time..didn’t Jesus have to wait for His
adult female who was under my spiritual
statement said. Father on the Cross???... but you’re looking
“Although Father Euteneuer is some- for’ll get it but it will be yours,”
Euteneuer took “full responsibility” for his
what remorseful, it doesn’t seem to me he one anonymous blogger posted to Adele
“weakness and sinful conduct” but added a
is ready to take full responsibility for the on Jan. 28. Adele prefaced the post noting
denial of some specific online accusations,
episodes or has even grasped the full grav- it sounded like “a death threat” and that it
ARIES (March 21 to April 19) St. Valentine’s Day such as the presence in a rental room in his
ity of his involvement in them. For the dio- had originated from a woman in Florida
magic rules the entire week for romantic Rams parent’s home of a woman alleged to have
cese to keep quiet and let people continue – “I will be reporting this to the proper au-
and Ewes. Music, which is the food of love, is also been the subject of repeated exorcisms by
to believe he is a saint is one thing, but the thorities,” she added.
strong. The weekend offers news both unexpected the priest.
fact that Father apparently is not in a 24/7
and anticipated. Within 24 hours both Euteneuer’s bishop
TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Your aspects favor the care center is troubling, because it means Personal experience
and Human Life International had issued
arts -- which the Divine Bovine loves, loves, loves. women are still vulnerable to his advances,”
statements on the matter, explaining and
Also, for those looking for romantic love, Cupid is Catholic blogger Tom O’Toole told us. Between April 2008 and prior to Father
justifying the past silence, acknowledging
available for requests. After all, his mother, Venus, “We’re furious,” another blogger with Euteneuer’s 2010 departure from HLI,
the situation – and in HLI’s case adding to
rules your sign. personal connections to Euteneuer’s min- Adele’s family paid Euteneuer directly for
GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Loving commitments the mixed reaction to Euteneuer’s statement
istry as an exorcist said of her family’s reac- as many as 15 visits to their mid-east home
continue to grow stronger. Ditto budding relation- with the admission of multiple accusations
tion. “Adele”, who asked us to keep her fam- to deal with what they believed was the de-
ships. A recent move to help start up a new career- targeting Euteneuer, the priest’s immediate
ily’s name and location private had created monic possession of a family member, she
linked direction could soon begin to show signs of admission to improprieties regarding the
a blog stream – www.journeytotherese. told us.
initial accusation, and a justification for a
CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Single Moon Chil- – that was perhaps the most While they experienced nothing that
doctrine of silence on such matters as the
dren might be eager to take that proverbial chance contentiously posted in the weeks leading could be termed sexually abusive, both
direction of Catholic Canon.
on love. But your more serious side will feel better up to the official statements on Euteneuer. Adele and her family now wonder if their
“The good and safety of others, respect
if you take things slowly and give your moonstruck trust in the priest and his healing abili-
for privacy, and the common good are suf-
self more time. Online debate & threats ties wasn’t misplaced idealism in a man
LEO (July 23 to August 22) It’s a love fest for Leos ficient reasons for being silent about what
one blogger said was treated like a “rock
and Leonas this week. Paired Cats might expect to ought not be known or for making use of a
On Jan. 30th “Adele” told us she did have star” within the pro-life movement. Adele
be purr-fectly in sync. And with matchmaking friends, discreet language. The duty to avoid scan-
some concern about the tone of some posts reflects on episodes she now perceives to
single Simbas searching for romance shouldn’t have dal often commands strict discretion. No
too far to look. both attacking alleged victims and those have been counterproductive and emotion-
one is bound to reveal the truth to some-
VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) More under- posting about their plight.
one who does not have the right to know See EXORCIST, 
standing on both sides can work miracles in restor-
ing ailing relationships to health. Make the first move,
and you’ll be closer to your much-wanted reunion.
LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Accept the easiest being with mail you receive. How- Sometimes there are no reissues, and the
fact that you are worthy of being loved, and you’ll ever, gone are the days of receiving many only available copies are what’s already
find proof in what is revealed to you over the course handwritten letters with interesting stamps out there. Hunt at flea markets, yard sales
of the week. Also accept a compliment offered with
great sincerity.
on them. Instead, join companies that send and on the Internet for copies to fill in your
SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Planning you samples -- you pay for only the ones collection. Books, especially if you’re go-
to take a new direction in life is exciting. And so is you keep. Join an international postcard or ing to end up trading or selling them, can
a new awareness of someone’s special affection. pen pal club. Go to stamp shows or join a be tricky. Study book grading so you don’t
Expect a slow and mostly steady development of the
situation. local club. overspend.
SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Al- Decide if there’s an area you’d like to The key when starting a new hobby or
though you might still feel you weren’t treated quite concentrate on, perhaps U.S. Airmail, or collection is to not break the budget. Put a
right in a recent matter, all that will work out in time.
commemorative stamps from the 1940s, monthly limit on just how much you’re will-
Meanwhile, enjoy the week’s special qualities and
Low-Cost Hobbies or Pacific Island stamps. Thumb through ing to spend to add to your collection, and
CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Decid- stamp catalogs to see what catches your don’t go over that amount.
ing not to give up on a troubling romantic situation If you’re looking for a new hobby that eye -- and let the hunt begin. Assume that you won’t make huge prof-
helps start the healing process. Expect to find some doesn’t cost a lot, yet also might become a
valuable insight into yourself as things move along.
its from your collection if you sell. The best
AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) The week bit lucrative, consider these: Coins: Try not to spend more than the benefit might be in the enjoyment of the
is filled with positive potentials, but it’s up to you to face value of the coin, especially while hunt.
make the right choices. The advice of someone who Stamps: Most people collect stamps for you’re beginning your collection. That way,
truly cares for you and your well-being can be price-
their beauty, for the educational factor of if necessary, your coins can be spent. As David Uffington regrets that he cannot
PISCES (February 19 to March 20) It’s a good time learning about other countries and to have with stamps, look through catalogs and see personally answer reader questions, but
to make yourself available to possibilities of the an activity to share with their children. But what types of coins most appeal to you. will incorporate them into his column when-
romantic kind. Already paired? Good. In that case, behind those reasons also is the flickering
be sure to reassure that special person of your feel-
ever possible. Write to him in care of King
ings. hope that a very valuable stamp will be Books: Begin with your favorite author and Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475,
BORN THIS WEEK: Your generosity gladdens the found, perhaps attached to an envelope in aim to collect all of them. Explore reissues Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to
hearts of others, and you bask in their joy. an attic or on a postcard in a flea market. of authors who have passed away. Obvi-
There are numerous ways to start, the ously they won’t be writing more books.
© Copyright 2011 King Features Syndicate, Inc. © Copyright 2011 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
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EXORCIST, from  on birth control among non-Catholics. Catholic’ Hannity read part of Fr. Eute- think that you can convince non-Catholics,
Hannity was later reduced to a one-word neuer’s recent confession to transgressions non-Christians [to] wait until marriage to
ally bullying. Those incidents varied from
response – “Wow” – to the priest’s asser- which caused him to be removed as head of have sex? There’s a certain realistic quality
threats to withdraw from the exorcism pro-
tion he would refuse Hannity the sacra- Human Life International. to what I was saying. Not that I like it. It’s
cess due to the subject’s heightened emo-
ment of communion for that stance. “I take full responsibility for my own poor just real,” he said.
tional state; to several behind-closed-door
On March 15, 2010, Father Euteneuer judgment, my weakness and my sinful con- Hannity said he does teach his own chil-
accusations that the female subject “had a
posted this online reflection on that mo- duct that resulted from it,” Hannity read. dren to abstain from sex until marriage.
problem with men” due to her jerking her
ment in the national spotlight. “I still pray The host then noted the priest’s admis- One of the panelists joked that the video
hand away from Euteneuer’s as they prayed
for him and hope for his conversion. What sion of violating his vow of chastity due to clip of his face-off with Rev. Euteneuer had
together during the exorcism ritual. She
I hope and pray for even more is a total re- human weakness which Fr. Euteneuer said ‘brought out the inner liberal’ in Hannity.
added that after such episodes and tensions
turn to fidelity of all Catholics to the Truth ‘did not involve the sexual act.’ Hannity responded ‘That’s like the Huff-
surrounding the family, the next time Eute-
on the critical issues of life, marriage and “Bill Clinton would be proud of that,” ington Post defending me [today].”
neuer was in direct contact with them “it
was like nothing had happened.”
family, and the sacrificial commitment that Hannity joked. See the video and the latest up-
alone will bring America out of its moral “Look, I don’t want to make a situation
Both Adele and her husband agreed dates on
decay.” worse. Apparently something happened-
the family saw little positive impact from
-pretty severe--and he’s been taken away
Euteneuer’s repeated exorcism interven-
Roger Bianchini is managing editor of from his position,” Hannity said.
tions. However they added that once an-
other priest became involved the situation
our sister publication Warren County Re- But Hannity still seemed upset at at hav- COMPUTER REPAIR
port and is a contributor to the Lynchburg ing his faith questioned and the priest’s
seemed to reach a positive conclusion in
fairly short order.
Times. Versions of this story appear in War- conduct after the appearance on Hannity $69 VIRUS
ren County Report, The Sherando Times and & Colmes.
Euteneuer vs. Hannity
The Huffington Post. Roger can be reached “He’s so self righteous. He spent years REMOVAL
at raising money off this exchange with me GUARANTEED RESULTS
and building his name recognition,” Han-
Euteneuer gained national notoriety for
UPDATE by Dan McDermott nity said. NO LOSS OF DATA
attacking Sean Hannity as a failed Catho-
lic on the Fox News commentator’s own
Euteneuer had originally appeared on the 1-2 DAYS SERVICE
Fox News host Sean Hannity addressed program to chastise Hannity for support-
television show. In 2007 Euteneuer blasted
the controversy surrounding a top Virginia ing birth control instead of abortion for
Hannity for his stance on birth control as
exorcist Catholic priest at the end of his persons who did not live a Christian life.
an acceptable alternative to abortion for
Hannity cable news show Wed. night and “But in this world we live in, do you really $10 OFF WITH THIS COUPON
made note of the unusually favorable treat-
“Let he who has not sinned cast the first
ment he has been getting from Huffington
stone,” Hannity repeated several times to
Post commenters.
Euteneuer during the infamous TV en-
After playing portions of a now infamous
counter. Euteneuer dismissed Hannity as
2007 exchange in which then Human Life
a “heretic” and “social Catholic” during his

I’m Job Ready!

International Father Thomas Euteneuer
scathing appraisal of the newsman’s stance
called Hannity a ‘heretic’ and ‘cultural

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Page  • The Lynchburg Times • February 3 - 9, 2011 Read every issue online at

• On Feb. 16, 1878, the Bland-Allison Act -- which

provided for a return to the minting of silver coins
-- becomes the law of the land. During the 19th
century, money was backed by actual deposits
of silver and gold, unlike today when the value of
American money is essentially secured by faith
in the stability of the government.

• On Feb. 15, 1903, candy-store owner Morris

Michtom places two stuffed bears in his shop
window in Brooklyn, N.Y., advertising them as
Teddy bears, after President Theodore “Teddy”
Roosevelt. Other toy manufacturers soon began
turning out copies of Michtom’s stuffed bears,
which would become a national childhood insti-

• On Feb. 14, 1929, in Chicago, gunmen in the

suspected employment of organized crime boss
Al Capone murder seven members of George
“Bugs” Moran’s North Siders gang. The so-
called St. Valentine’s Day Massacre motivated
federal authorities to redouble their efforts to find
evidence incriminating enough to take Capone
off the streets.

• On Feb. 19, 1942, President Franklin D. Roos-

evelt signs Executive Order 9066, authorizing
the removal of all people from military areas. The
military in turn defined the entire West Coast as
a military area, and more than 110,000 Japanese
Americans were relocated to remote internment
camps around the country.

• On Feb. 18, 1959, Ray Charles records

“What’d I Say,” which went on to become one
of the greatest rhythm-and-blues records ever
made. The call-and-response song was created
to fill time at the end of a concert, and the crowd
loved it.

• On Feb. 20, 1974, Reg Murphy, an editor of

The Atlanta Constitution, is kidnapped after be-
ing lured from his home by William Williams.
Murphy was released after a $700,000 ransom
was paid. Within hours, Williams and his wife,
Betty, were captured.

• On Feb. 17, 1986, Anne Tyler wins the National

Book Critics Circle Award for her novel “The Ac-
cidental Tourist” (1985). The book, about the life
of a travel-book writer after the death of his son
and his subsequent divorce, became a best-
seller and was later made into a movie starring
William Hurt.
© Copyright 2011 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
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Lynchburg museum to display The Board decided to raise the funds City of Lynchburg, and the works were and Jim Harding made the clock operable
restored old court house clock from the community and launched a cam- installed in the attic. The clock and bell for demonstrations.
paign in March 2009. With the help of lo- were powered by large weights that were Beginning February 4 during First Fri-
In 2009, members of the Museum Ad- cal residents, businesses, civic groups, cranked up by hand. These weights slowly day, the historic clock works will be placed
visory and Foundation Board asked the and the Lynchburg Historical Founda- lowered inside two of the columns on the on exhibit. First Friday events at the Mu-
Lynchburg Museum staff about making tion, over $21,000 was raised in just three front of the building and this ran the clock seum are free, and the public is cordially
the clock and bell on the Old Court House months. By December 2009, the clock and bell. invited from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.
functional again. The clock works in the once again kept time and the bell rang on Once the modern mechanism was in The Lynchburg Museum System, lo-
attic had kept the City’s time from 1855 the hour. place, Museum Curator Greg Krueger, cated at 901 Court Street, also operates
until 2001, but the mechanical parts of- The original flat bed tower clock works volunteers, and Jim Harding of Harding’s Point of Honor at 112 Cabell Street. Both
ten broke and the works required manual were made in New England and installed Clocks began to clean and restore the sites are open Monday through Saturday
winding. At that point, the decision was on St. Paul’s Episcopal Church at Seventh historic works. As the filth of 145 years from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and Sun-
made to explore an electric clock and bell and Church Streets in 1835. In 1855, the was removed, the clock frame was found day from 12:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. For
ringer which would cost over $20,000. church donated the clock and bell to the to have gold pin striping and decorative more information call 455-6226, visit
paint. The brass gears and wooden drums, www.poin-
once again showed their original beauty,, or Facebook.

Halftime Performance


$-0#120-" &57*7,!& 30% 4


This coupon is good for a

$5.00 ticket at the gate.
(Normally $10)
)HE hours or at the ticket window on
game day
Vines Center

The Lynchburg Times The Lynchburg Times
Page 10 • The Lynchburg Times • February 3 - 9, 2011 Read every issue online at

3 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened shaped) pieces. Shape each piece into a ball
1/3 cup toasted and finely chopped hazelnuts (or oval for eggs). Roll half the truffles in hazel-
3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa nuts; roll the other half in cocoa. Refrigerate up
to 1 week, or freeze up to 1 month. Let stand
Chocolate Truffles 1. In food processor with knife blade, pulse at room temperature 1 hour before serving.
chocolate until finely ground. In 1-quart pan,
It’s Valentine’s Day, but a pricey box of choc- heat cream to boiling. Add cream to chocolate; • Each serving: About 90 calories, 8g total fat
olates isn’t in the budget this year. No worries: blend until smooth. Add butter; blend well. (4g saturated), 11mg cholesterol, 5mg sodium,
We believe -- and maybe you do, too -- that 2. Line 9-by-5-inch loaf pan with plastic wrap. 6g total carbs, 1g dietary fiber, 1g protein. • It was legendary American crime novel-
the most special gifts are often homemade. Pour chocolate mixture into pan. Refrigerate ist Rex Stout who made the following sage
until cool and firm enough to handle, 3 hours. For thousands of triple-tested recipes, visit our observation: “Nothing is more admirable than
8 ounces bittersweet chocolate 3. Invert chocolate block onto cutting board. website at the fortitude with which millionaires tolerate
1/2 cup heavy or whipping cream Cut chocolate into 24 (or 12 for larger egg- pefinder/ the disadvantages of their wealth.”
© Copyright 2011 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

• If you have an aversion to bugs, you might

not indicted for any crimes, let alone convicted of
not want to take a vacation in Borneo any-
any. time soon. The world’s third largest island is
It embraces the Patriot Act and its repeated re- home to a particular stick insect that, mea-
authorization without hesitation. It ignores critics suring in at 14 inches, is the longest insect
of the law like former Amnesty International USA in the world.
chair Chip Pitts, who warns of “the institutionaliza-
tion of this and other egregious infringements on • You might be surprised to learn that the
freedom.” earliest recorded reference to a vending ma-
It relies on the National Security Agency for a chine dates back to the first century. It seems
sweeping program of terrorist surveillance and that a mathematician and engineer named
1. What was the name of Bon Jovi’s first No. brushes aside all legal challenges to it. Hero of Alexandria invented a mechanism
1 hit single? It bristles at congressional interference with, as that dispensed a fixed amount of holy water
2. Who wrote and released “Doctor My Eyes,”
and when?
Where Have We Heard the attorney general puts it, “the authority of the
executive branch to determine when or where to
when a patron deposited a coin.

3. Which band released “Come Sail Away”?

Bonus for knowing the album title.
This Before? prosecute terror suspects.”
It is prone to what advocates of government
• In the African nation of Somalia, a man is
permitted to have as many as four wives --
4. Name the only Kool & the Gang song to transparency criticize as the overclassification of
It detains almost 200 people at Guantanamo but only if he can support them all.
reach No. 1 on both the Hot 100 and the R&B Bay, the facility that Amnesty International calls “a government documents.
charts. global symbol for injustice and abuse.” It invokes the “state secrets doctrine” to get
• Between 70 percent and 80 percent of the
5. Name the song that became Motown’s first It will resort to military tribunals for those de- court cases it finds inconvenient dismissed, in-
cluding one by former U.S. detainees alleging
world’s fresh water is stored in glaciers, and
million-seller, as well as the group. tainees it chooses to try. Dozens of the rest will all but 1 percent of the world’s glaciers are
6. Who were Wolfman Jack and Cousin Bru- simply be held indefinitely -- international opinion abuse.
It issues signing statements challenging parts found in the Arctic or Antarctic.
cie? be damned.
It relies on Gen. David Petraeus to turn around of laws passed by Congress, a practice that law-
makers of both parties have criticized and the • You’ve probably heard of solar-powered
Answers a difficult war of counterinsurgency. He’s “an ex-
cars (even if they’re not in common use),
traordinary warrior for the American people,” it American Bar Association calls unconstitutional.
It outrages civil libertarians. They denounce but you may not realize that there have also
1. “You Give Love a Bad Name” in 1986. That insists.
it for “making impunity for torture the law of the been examples of solar-powered airplanes,
same year he scored another No. 1 with “Liv- It surges American troops into the field, disre-
garding American public opinion and the opposi- land” (the ACLU). They inveigh against it for as- motor scooters and boats.
in’ on a Prayer,” both from his “Slippery When serting that “the government shall be entirely un-
Wet” album. tion of the left.
It refuses to heed the protests of anti-war activ- accountable for surveilling Americans in violation • Those who study such things say that of the
2. Jackson Browne on his 1972 debut album. of its own laws” (Electronic Frontier Foundation). 785 million adults in the world who are un-
3. Styx, 1977, from their “The Grand Illusion” ist Cindy Sheehan.
It fails to forge a peace agreement between Is- They lament its policies for their “repressiveness” able to read, two-thirds are women.
album. The song hit No. 8 on the charts. (Glenn Greenwald of Salon).
rael and the Palestinians, or even stop the Israelis
4. “Celebration” in 1980. The group had many While it is attacked by the left for its robust as-
from building settlements. Thought for the Day: “Moderate giftedness
hits on the R&B charts, but only one on the sertions of executive power in a global war on ter-
It is not talking to North Korea or Iran. has been made worthless by the printing
Billboard Hot 100. ror, it is defended by Dick Cheney for the same.
It believes it has the right to kidnap people in the press and radio and television and satellites
5. “Shop Around” by The Miracles (with tactic known as “rendition,” without due process. It prods the Arab world to reform, issuing a blunt
and all that. A moderately gifted person who
Smokey Robinson) was Motown’s first mil- It targets people for assassination, without due warning that its “foundations are sinking into the
would have been a community treasure a
lion-selling single in 1961. process. sand.” And it lectures China for violating of the
rights of its people.
thousand years ago has to give up, has to
6. Robert Weston Smith and Bruce Morrow It rains missiles down on countries, Pakistan
It flatly boasts that we are “the greatest nation go into some other line of work, since mod-
were competing DJs until Smith (Wolfman and Yemen, with which we aren’t at war and pro-
on Earth.” ern communications put him or her into daily
Jack) died in 1995. Morrow will host Cousin fess to be friendly.
But enough about the Obama administration ... competition with nothing but world’s champi-
Brucie’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Weekend this March in It reserves the right to assassinate American ons.” -- Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
upstate New York. citizens, and has targeted one U.S. citizen for Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review.
© Copyright 2011 King Features Syndicate, Inc. killing in Yemen. He’s a Muslim religious leader © Copyright 2011 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
© Copyright 2011 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
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This could be your ad

for just $25
Advertise in The Lynchburg Times
and reach 20,000 readers!
We’re in every McDonalds, Kroger,
Food Lion & lots of other places The Master Mickelson
540-683-9197 Though derided for being one of the more boring
years in recent sports memory, 2010 did offer up
more than its fair share of drama.
The sports headline in 2010 more than likely dealt
Allmendinger, who finished 19th in the 2010 with the lingering fallout from the steroid scandals,
Sprint Cup standings, is back, along with new- off-field idiocies, text messages and gun arrests (in
comer Marcos Ambrose, who was 26th. The many cases, all of the above) that typify what passes
team, no longer associated with previous prin- for sports reporting these days. We’re in the dead-
cipal owner George Gillett, will field only two ball era of sports reporting ... an era where the press
corps is in decline, where coaches clam up and de-
Fords this year.
liver the same pat answers -- presser after presser,
Petty regained control of the team and man- game after game -- with unchecked impunity. It’s an
aged to acquire new investors. The decline of era where the most energetic reporters don’t write
Gillett’s business empire created hardships, for a newspaper and have never shared a beer with
particularly during the latter half of the 2010 their major-league sources, yet have a hard time
season. obtaining credentials for some minor-league hockey
Allmendinger hopes, and believes, that small- game being played somewhere out near Barstow.
“Tone” and delivery are valued, and stories that re-
er will be better.
quire a healthy dose of a reader’s receptiveness die
“This team has had a lot of good resources, 1. Who was the last player before Florida’s Emilio
Better Times Ahead at but it was just spread too thin,” he said. Bonifacio in 2009 to hit an inside-the-park home
on the vine as what passes for today’s media corps
focuses on the low-hanging fruit of sordid, streaming
“Obviously we went through a rough time at run on Opening Day? minutiae. It is in this era that the timeless vision of
Petty Motorsports 2. The Chicago White Sox had four different man-
agers during the 1990s. Name two of them.
Phil “Lefty” Mickelson’s Masters victory at Augusta
-- after he birdied to clinch the Masters and ended up
Petty Enterprises won 10 championships in 3. How many Heisman Trophy winners have come in the loving, kiss-filled embrace of his wife, Amy.
from the University of Texas? Woods, as in years past, still managed to domi-
what is now known as the NASCAR Sprint Cup
4. Name the NBA teams Chuck Daly coached be- nate the news, even on that day. His 20-month es-
Series, a total matched only by modern dynamo tween 1981 and 1999. trangement from golf and imminent divorce seemed
Hendrick Motorsports. 5. When was the last time the Florida Panthers to get more press than the 13 months that Amy suf-
But all 10 of the Petty Enterprises titles came made the NHL playoffs, and who did they face? fered from breast cancer. Mickelson’s mother had
with men named Petty behind the wheel. Rich- 6. NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski set a record in been battling the same disease for more than a year,
ard Petty won seven championships, while his 2010 for most top-five finishes in the Nationwide too. He may have been one of the richest men in the
father, Lee, won three. Richard Petty’s last Series. How many did he have? world, may have been the second most decorated
7. Which tennis player has won the most Grand and actively competitive golfer in the world, and it
championship occurred in 1979.
didn’t matter. He just wants to sell cheeseburgers
The team currently known as Richard Petty Slam men’s singles titles in the Open Era at the
and take time off to have dates with his wife and
Motorsports is descended from Petty Enterpris- Petty Motorsports, led by NASCAR Hall French Open?
of Famer Richard Petty (at left, with
breakfast with his daughters.
es but is no longer wholly owned by the family. his son Kyle) has a history of titles in Jack Nicklaus bristles if he gets the “Tiger Woods
The current team, recently reconfigured once the family. (John Clark/NASCAR This question” too many times at one sitting. Will Nicklaus
again in terms of ownership, has roots in Petty Week photo) Answers be upset when Woods -- inevitably -- shatters all of
Enterprises (268 Cup victories), Robert Yates his records? Steamed, Nicklaus always shakes his
the end of last year that we fought through, and head. Just once, he says, just once he’d like to see
Racing (57) and Gillett Evernham Motorsports 1. Boston’s Carl Yastrzemski did it in 1968.
someone on the PGA “really go after [Tiger].” He’s
(15). hopefully we are better because of that. We are 2. Jeff Torborg (1990-’91), Gene Lamont (‘92-’95),
too old to do it himself and he’s too old to understand
Kasey Kahne won twice in 2009 while em- more funded now, and more money helps.” Terry Bevington (‘95-’97) and Jerry Manuel (‘98- that on an Internet bulletin board somewhere, some-
ployed at the team, but he has moved on to Ambrose, the Australian driver previously at ’99). body is complaining about how Mickelson could
Team Red Bull this year and is headed for Hen- JTG/Daugherty Motorsports, said, “We need to 3. Running backs Earl Campbell (1977) and Ricky have taken the No. 1 seed by playing in a few more
drick Motorsports in 2012. A year ago, Richard win, no doubt about it. We expect to win. ... If we Williams (1998). tournaments in 2010.
can win races and be consistent, then you never 4. Cleveland (1981-’82), Detroit (‘83-’92), New Those folks need to stop with the comparisons,
Petty Motorsports entered four Fords in each
Jersey (‘92-’94) and Orlando (‘97-’99). put down the mouse and look at the actions of a real
Cup race: Kahne, A.J. Allmendinger, Paul Men- know what is possible.”
5. It was 2000, when they lost to New Jersey in the man named Phil Mickelson.
ard and Elliott Sadler. Menard has since moved conference quarterfinal round.
Monte Dutton covers motorsports for The
to Richard Childress Racing, and Sadler is 6. He had 26 top-five finishes in 35 races. Mark Vasto is a veteran sportswriter and publisher
Gaston (N.C.) Gazette. E-mail Monte at nas-
scheduled to compete in the Camping World 7. Bjorn Borg, with six. of The Kansas City Luminary.
Truck Series. © Copyright 2011 King Features Syndicate, Inc. © Copyright 2011 King Features Syndicate, Inc. © Copyright 2011 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
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School Board Ponders Non-Resident Student Policy

By Emily Williams to attend the Governor’s School. explaining why the 7-14 policy had not to tuition paying students and would dis-
The Lynchburg Times The Central Virginia Governor’s School yet come to the school board’s attention. courage non-residents from attending.
(CVGS) was established in 1985 and is In Tuesday’s meeting, Diana Hobson of While some on the board were di-
The Lynchburg City School Board con- one of 19 such schools throughout the Bedford County explained to the board vided on whether the policy should be
tinued discussion Tuesday about the fu- state. In addition to Lynchburg city, stu- that the schools began recruiting her changed, all were in agreement that there
ture of policy 7-14 concerning non-resi- dents from Amherst, Appomattox, Bed- child in middle school to attend CVGS. were many questions that needed further
dent students. ford and Campbell counties are eligible to She questioned why the policy was not pursuit. Chairperson Mary Ann Barker
The paragraph in question from this attend. Each county funds a certain num- made clear earlier in her child’s enroll- stressed the importance of knowing
policy currently reads, “Nonresident ber of spots for incoming juniors and se- ment in Lynchburg city schools. CVGS’ policies in terms of students who
students are not eligible to apply as niors, and selects students based on aca- In the meeting prior, Chris Olson, a attend school outside of their county.
Lynchburg residents to attend the pre- demic excellence and interest in science Bedford County resident, addressed the Superintendent Dr. Paul McKendrick
kindergarten program, the schools for in- and technology to fill them. In Lynchburg board citing concern that he recently said that there were many angles and con-
novation, the Gifted Opportunity Center, last year, 51 students competed for 19 learned that his two sons, both future sequences to changing the policy that the
or the Central Virginia Governor’s School spots, proving the selection process with- candidates for CVGS, may not be eligible. administration needed to consider before
for Science and Technology.” in the city is competitive. He emphasized that his whole family was the board discussed the issue further.
Over the last two school board meetings, In the past, surrounding counties with- a part of the E.C. Glass community, in- The board agreed to discuss via email
a week apart due to scheduling problems out enough qualified students to fill their cluding his wife who is a volunteer copy where this issue fell on its priorities and
with winter break, two parents of non- CVGS spots gave the vacant positions to mom. when to discuss it in the future, whether
resident high school students came for- Lynchburg free of cost. In those years, Board member Dr. Regina Dolan-Sewell at a retreat or work session.
ward to express to the board their shock qualified non-resident applicants were raised the idea of fairness to the Lynch-
at hearing their students were not eligible placed in some of the extra spots, perhaps burg residents, citing the theoretical of a Board Reinstates For-Credit High
gifted student from a lower income fam- School Summer School
ily living in Lynchburg that loses a spot in
Join the discussion on our CVGS to a non-resident student. The board vote Tuesday to approve the
Board Member Charlie White ques- 2011 Summer School calendar. Among
new site: tioned whether this policy is alienating the changes to the calendar was the re-

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institution of the high school summer 2. The two differ, however, when it comes
school program. The program was cut to the other vacations. Under the Calen-
for budget reasons with the exception of dar One schedule, students would start
grade 12. Reinstating the program will school on August 15, a week earlier than
cast 25,000 dollars, a low number due to in Calendar Two.
tuition contributions by attendees. Winter break in Calendar One is two
Other changes to the summer school weeks longer than in Calendar Two,
agenda include a “Summer Safari” theme similar to this year’s schedule. Superin-
for remedial elementary level. This pro- tendent McKendrick told the board that
gram will include two enrichment field many teachers felt that this year’s long
trips, one of which may be a trip to the vacation resulted in rested students ready
zoo in keeping with the safari theme. to learn.
The 2011 calendar also includes four Both calendars are 180 days long, and
elementary level enrichment programs extension from last years 172. The el-
in science, technology, art and musical ementary school day will be shortened
theatre. The half-day programs will be from just over 7 hours to 6 hours and 40
available to students entering grade 1-5 minutes. This change, explained Superin-
in the fall, and cost 50 dollars per week tendent McKendrick, is a result of teacher
for city residents and 100 dollars for non- complaints from teachers that the young
residents. students had trouble concentrating for
the entire 7-hour school day.
School Board Seeks Public Opinion on The board decided that it would be best
2011-2012 Calendars to seek public opinion on the two options
before proceeding. The proposed calen-
Also in Tuesday’s meeting, Superinten- dars and an electronic form for Public
dent McKendrick presented two possible Comment are available on the Lynchburg
calendars for the next academic year. City Schools website:
Both calendars keep the traditional Students from Linkhorne Elementary School present school board
members with balloons in honor of School Board Appreciation
weeklong spring brake and end on June Month.

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Additionally, researchers realized that the in-
formation was valuable enough to be used as a
standard assessment, such as blood pressure,
heart rate, weight, and general mobility tests.
That’s not to say you should intentionally start
walking faster. Your body picks its own natural
speed. However, it wouldn’t hurt to have your
Walking Speed Predicts Life Expectancy doctor do a test so see how fast you normally
walk. It can be done easily in a hallway of the
As we age, many of us find that our walking doctor’s office by a nurse or practitioner.
speed gets slower. Most of us assume that it’s If you walk slower than average, your doc-
a function of age and that it’s inevitable. It’s not. tor could look for the reasons why, as walking
Researchers compared natural walking speed speed is an indication of the overall state of
and life expectancy and came to some startling your health. If a problem is identified and then
conclusions. remedied, your normal walking speed may it. Like all arthritic joints, psoriatic arthritic joints are
They combined the results of nine different increase -- which will put you in a category of swollen, red, tender and stiff. The severity of joint
studies and followed 34,000 participants for those who have a longer life expectancy and involvement doesn’t always mirror skin involvement,
up to 21 years. Each participant was age 65 better body functioning. but it does correspond to nail changes. Nails have
or older with an average age of 73 years. Their Wear your sneakers to the doctor’s office! small pits, become loosened from their attachment
natural walking speed, from a standing start, to underlying skin, often turn yellow and crumble.
was measured and timed for short distances. Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot per- Treatment of psoriatic arthritis depends on how bad
The result of the studies: Those who natu- the arthritis is. For mild to moderate cases, NSAIDS
sonally answer reader questions, but will
rally have an above-average walking speed will do a good job. They include the familiar Aleve, Advil,
incorporate them into her column whenever Motrin and many others. For more severe involve-
generally also have a longer-than-average life possible. Write to her in care of King Features ment, doctors prescribe drugs like methotrexate.
expectancy. Researchers were able to correlate Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL And for severe arthritis, a breakthrough has come
current age with walking speed and predict the 32853-6475, or send e-mail to columnreply@ with the introduction of drugs like Enbrel, Remicade
likely survival ages. For those participants age and Humira.
75 and older, the information was especially on © Copyright 2011 King Features Syndicate, Inc. The arthritis booklet deals with some of the more
common forms of arthritis. Readers can obtain
a copy by writing: Dr. Donohue -- No. 301W, Box
of Worcester Wreath. A more compassionate Psoriasis Sometimes 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. Enclose a check
woman you could never hope to meet. or money order (no cash) for $4.75 U.S./$6 Cana-
This year the theme is “The Christmas They More Than Skin Deep da. with the recipient’s printed name and address.
Never Had.” Go to www.WreathsAcrossAmerica. Please allow four weeks for delivery.
org and read the story that touched Mrs. Worces- DEAR DR. DONOHUE: Your article on arthritis
was very interesting, but you did not explain DEAR DR. DONOHUE: Public speaking pan-
ter’s heart -- a World War II veteran’s story of
about the arthritis that comes with psoriasis. I ics me. My job requires that I do lots of public
huddling in a boxcar as a POW.
have it, and I know of two other people who have speaking. In spite of the fact that I am called on
... And then step up and help. it. We don’t understand it at all. Please explain. to perform often, it doesn’t get any easier for me.
Whether you buy a single wreath to be placed -- B.E. In fact, I think it’s gotten worse.
at Arlington, band together with others and order My sister has a similar problem. Her doctor
A Wreath for Every Arlington a dozen, or have the company you work for get ANSWER: Autoimmunity is the explanation for many gave her a medicine that makes her actually rel-
behind this effort with a big infusion of dollars, illnesses, including both skin and joint psoriasis. ish getting up and addressing a crowd. Do you
Grave she needs all of us to help make sure all 330,000 “Autoimmunity” indicates that the immune system know the name of the drug? -- S.S.
graves have a wreath. -- our protection against germ invasion and other
Sometimes you have to plan far ahead for a For more information, go to the website. Then harmful attacks -- for reasons not yet understood, ANSWER: I’m pretty sure it’s Inderal (propranolol).
worthy cause. scroll down to Sponsor a Wreath. Note the sec- turns against our own bodies; in this case, it’s the It has many medical uses, like regulating the heart-
One such cause is this: Wreaths Across Amer- tions on corporate wreath purchases and fund- skin and joints. The immune system targets joints in beat, controlling blood pressure and abolishing cer-
ica has been given permission to put wreaths at raising. as many as 7 percent of those who suffer from skin tain tremors.
all 330,000 graves at Arlington National Ceme- Donations also can be sent to: psoriasis. That’s a considerable number of people It also controls the signs of stage fright. Many
tery during December 2011. And it’s going to take Wreaths Across America when you consider that as many as 3 percent of the professional musicians have to use it before their
some advance planning. PO Box 249 entire population suffers from skin psoriasis. performances. It’s a prescription drug, so your doc-
As I’ve written before, Worcester Wreath in Skin psoriasis precedes joint psoriasis most of the tor has to agree to its use. Limit taking it to those
Columbia Falls, ME 04623
Harrington, Maine, has put thousands of wreaths time, but there are instances when both occur simul- occasions when you have to speak in public. It’s not
Or call (877) 385-9504 for inquiries. Corporate taneously or when joint involvement appears before habit-forming. It’s not a narcotic. It’s not a tranquil-
on graves at Arlington over the years -- 19 years, donors should ask for Michelle Hammond or
in fact. The effort has grown exponentially across any skin manifestations. izer.
Karen Worcester. The fact that skin and joint psoriasis run in some
the country and now includes dozens more na- Dr. Donohue regrets that he is unable to answer
families also points to a gene influence on these
tional cemeteries. Write to Freddy Groves in care of King Fea- individual letters, but he will incorporate them in his
This year will be its 20th year, and all the tures Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, column whenever possible. Readers may write him
Any joint can be affected. The topmost finger joint,
graves at Arlington will receive a wreath. Behind FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to columnreply@ the one below the fingernail, is frequently targeted.
or request an order form of available health newslet-
this effort is Executive Director Karen Worcester ters at P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475.
© Copyright 2011 King Features Syndicate, Inc. Back, neck, knees, you name it -- psoriasis can strike © 2011 North America Syndicate, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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The Lynchburg Times Crossword: TRICKY BUSINESS The Lynchburg Times The Lynchburg Times

Sudoku! Hocus-Focus
ACROSS 75 Composer Janacek 3 Piglet’s papa 66 Declare
76 Chip off Woody’s block 4 Meryl of “Marvin’s 69 Bendix role
1 Dollops 78 Archaeological site Room” 70 TV host Robin
5 Russian ruler 81 Class ring? 5 Even if, informally 71 Major artery by Henry Boltinoff
9 ‘87 Peace Prize winner 82 Galley feature 6 Trace 72 Swanky
14 Incur, as bills 83 Absolutely adored 7 As well 74 Soprano Gluck by Linda Thistle
19 “Thanks -!” 84 “- Gay” 8 Stink 75 See 83 Down
20 Dingy digs 86 Socialite Perle 9 “- of You” (‘84 hit) 77 Block
21 Jargon 90 Anti-knock stuff 10 - Branco, Brazil 78 Go off track
22 Crop up 92 Glisten 11 Caravansary 79 Print-shop supply
23 Clothing store? 94 Chaos 12 Like fine wine 80 Emulates O’Meara
25 Gary Cooper in “High 95 Puppeteer Lewis 13 Tulsa type 83 With 75 Down,
Noon”? 96 Israeli dance 14 Brit. fliers “Gigi” author
27 Asian nation 97 Counterfeit 15 Psychic Geller 85 Turn pages
28 Jab 99 States, for short 16 More congenial 87 Andrew of
30 Genetic info 100 Mighty mite 17 PC enthusiasts “Melrose Place”
31 Poetic preposition 103 Marina statistics? 18 Parisian papa 88 “Guarding -” (‘94 film)
32 Stoltz or Sevareid 107 Corelli composition 24 Mata - 89 Flock o’ docs
34 Actress Perlman 109 Macpherson of “Sirens” 26 Singer Georgie 91 Irish island group
38 Brazier bits 110 Word form for “minute” 29 Significant years 93 Inland sea
41 Seats picked up in the 111 Salon request 33 “Take - leave it!” 94 Big beginning
Senate? 112 La-la lead-in 35 Sounded like a serpent 98 Ignites
45 Bank (on) 114 Castle material 36 Seth’s son 101 Conductor Klemperer
46 Tai - (martial art) 117 Contaminate 37 Evaluate 102 Christie sleuth
47 Recruit-to-be 121 NBA handicappers? 39 Divulge, with “out” 104 Bandleader Brown
48 Baseball’s Sammy 127 “One really thick steak, 40 Bronte heroine 105 Till How to play: Place a number in the empty boxes
50 Coaxed please”? 41 Detective Charlie 106 Laughed loudly
54 Plane place 129 Simpson of fashion 42 Nonstandard 107 Disreputable
in such a way that each row across, each column
57 Bedroom furniture 130 Paul of “American contraction 108 Aquatic animal down and each small 9-box square contains all of
59 Elbow - Graffiti” 43 A swan was her swain 111 Unexpected obstacle the numbers from one to nine.
60 Available 131 Currier’s partner 44 Country star Brooks 113 “Excuse me”
61 Photo finish 132 Siegmeister or Wiesel 46 Comic Margaret 115 Exiled dictator Difficulty this week: MODERATE
62 Bright 133 Greek sandwiches 49 Strong suit 116 Dark blue
64 Part of MST 134 Atlanta campus 51 Entire range 118 Run in neutral
65 Mediocre 135 AMEX rival 52 Senator Kefauver 119 Sedaka or Simon © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc. © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
67 Mason’s need 136 Take-out order? 53 Cozy rooms 120 Dendrologist’s concern
68 Any 55 Pants 122 Arafat’s grp.
69 Deplores 56 Each 123 Part of USAR
70 Scandinavian
73 Puts another worm on

1 Stare stupidly
58 Monty’s milieu
59 Loon’s relative
61 Demi or Dudley
124 Funnyman Philips
125 Prepare to feather?
126 Farm feature
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