Major Livestock Migration Routes along the North-South Border

m Hiemid route fro Seleim&Awlad al destination White Nile fin ate in Upper Nile St

m fr o te tion u ro ina e na est tat na d S Ki al ile a& r fin er N bh na p Su en Up S in

m l fro fina te e ut n ta ro f a S a rdo nity zm Ko U wa ern n in Ha uth atio So stin de

lue from B ro route on Amboro al destinati Nile fin r Nile State e in Upp

Misseriya western route from Southern Kordofan final destination in NBeG


primary_roads Conflict Flash Points (CAD,2009) Nomad Migration Routes (TRMA, 2007/08) SKS - Blocked livestock migration route

Central African Republic SKS - Open livestock migration route
BN - Current Nomadic Migration Routes (BN-MoA, TRMA, 2008) BN - Traditional Migration Routes (BN-MoA, TRMA, 2008) Darfur Pre-conflict transhumance (HIC , 2004) Abyei area after court ruling 1956 Border State Boundary (SIM, 2007) International Boundary (SIM, 2007)


v Li li ry d a and un bo ary u 56 1- Ja n ril 1e er - h-Ap th s cemb Marc os cr s De rds s ck ward thwa to es outh nor s ne

m fro l te rou n fina te rn ste ofa Sta a e ord ity r iy n K n U n i sse er M i o u t h a t io n S tin s de

route western final Rizeigat ur uth Darf from So n in WBeG o destinati

route t estern final Rizeiga ur uth Darf from So on in NBeG ti destina

rom te f l a rou tral fan fin te o cen ta iya Kord nity S n nU ser i Mis ther Sou ination t des

m l f r o in a e e n f tat ut a S ro of y a ord nit m U az n K in aw her tion H ut a So stin de


e ut l ro a n fin er r G st rfu Be we Da W at h i n ig ut n ze So tio Ri om tina fr es d


0 Km

Reference System: Geographic Spheroid: WGS84


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