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4 February 2011
Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad, Jane Furse
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Water everywhere?
Water Services and Sanitation By-laws for Sekhukhune District Municipality have been
widely discussed this week in public consultative meetings the Sekhukhune District
Municipality had with communities. Bulk water supply also came into the spotlight, and
with it ways and means to reduce backlogs and gear for the future. Read more about the By-
laws and meetings held on page 2 of this issue.

In the mean time the Potain crane used at the construction site of the wall of the new De
Hoop Dam near Steelpoort started rearing its head above the riverbed as the cunstruction of
the more than 80 metres high dam wall progresses. This dam will play a crucial role in bulk
water supply to residents and industry in future ...

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Water Service Sekhukhune District Municipality held several community meetings

this week to discuss Water Service and Sanitation By-laws that have
been approved by the Municipal Council last year.
The Greater Tubatse meeting was held last Wednesday at the
borehole is sunk and an Environmental
Impact Assessment is required. Industrial
effluent are also covered in the By-laws.
During the meeting commuity members

and Sanitation
Batubatse Primary School in Praktiseer where politicians and were allowed to air their views and make
officials explained to the community the shape of things to come suggestions in writing, which will be
regarding water supply regulations. These regulations or By-laws considered before the By-laws are enacted.
include the responsibilities of the government and the community in
all it facets.

By-laws Some of the aspects contained in the By-laws are the levels of
service to different levels of consumers, the applications for
services, and conditions of supply, such as when water supply is
interrupted for more than 24 hours, the municipality must provide

discussed alternatives to meet basic needs and that the municipality may
interrupt water services without notice in cases of emergency.
Meters and metering are also regulated in the document, inter alia
stating that where it is not possible or cost effective to measure
water supplied to each consumer, the municipality may determine
the fees to be paid based on estimated average consumption.
An interesting part of the By-laws deals with water conservation
an pollution control, which gives the municipality inter alia the power
to take measures to remedy leakages on a consumer’s side and to
recovers costs from the consumer or prohibit the use of equipment
which is deemed inefficient. Carwash facilities are also regulated as
they will have to ensure that at least 50 percent of the water they
use, is recycled.
The watering of gardens will also be restricted. No gardens,
sports field, parks or other grassed or horticultural area my be
watered between 11:00 and 15:00 between the months of October
and March, irrespective of the water source. Owners of premises Photographs clockwise form above:
must also ensure that substances that could affect water’s potability, Members of the community in Praktiseer
be kept out of the system by installing approved backflow listen attentively to the explanation of
preventers. proposed By-laws. Entertainment provided
Even boreholes will be regulated. The municipality must give a lighter moment and the audience was also
permission to use other sources of water, except rainwater and the addressed by Greater Tubatse Municipality
District municipality must be notified of the existence of a borehole mayor, Cllr Ralepane Mamekoa.
with all information. The municipality must also be notified before a

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Mapoch’s rights converted

Mining snippets
The Department of Mineral Resources has converted Evraz Highveld’s Mapochs old-
order mining right to a new-order right, the company announced earlier this week.
The conversion of the mining right comes after Evraz Highveld concluded a black-
economic empowerment transaction, which will result historically disadvantaged South
Africans holding a 26% stake in the mine.
The Mapochs opencast mine, near Roossenekal, supplies magnetite iron-ore to Evraz
Highveld’s iron plant.
CEO Scott MacDonald previously said that access to its own iron-ore through the mine

Going well with

was a strategic advantage for the steelmaking company.
Evraz Highveld said that it would now move to register the mining rights.

Sylvania still on track

Xstrata/ Merafe JV Sylvania says that its Steelpoort platinum operation increased production by 31%
during the second quarter, keeping the miner on track to reach its targeted 40 000-
oz production for its 2011 financial year.
The platinum miner reported a total production of 10 135 oz of three platinum-
The Xstrata-Merafe chrome joint venture’s production increased by 48% year-on- group elements and gold (3PGE +Au) for the three months ended December 2010,
year in 2010, in response to a market recovery and improved ferrochrome demand. which was an increase of more than 1 000 oz on the previous quarter.
The companies announced that the average operating capacity utilisation rate Sylvania owns a number of tailings retreatment operations and a shallow mining
rose to 74% of installed capacity in 2010, up from 50% in 2009, as the full impact of exploration interest in the Bushveld Igneous Complex.
restarting previously suspended furnaces was offset by scheduled maintenance. Up Its Steelpoort operation produced a record 3 612 oz during the quarter, primarily
to 80% of operational capacity was suspended in 2009. owing to higher grades. The balance included production at Millsell of 2 014 oz, 1
Ferrochrome producers achieved a 46% increase in the average European 348 oz produced at Lannex, Mooinooi’s production of 1 318 oz, Doornbosch
benchmark ferrochrome price in 2010, compared with 2009. Lower stainless steel production of 1 480 oz, and Sylvania’s 25% attributable ounces of 353 oz from
demand in the second half of 2010 resulted in a 5c decrease to $1,25/lb in the CTRP.
European benchmark ferrochrome price for the first quarter of 2011, closing the gap The company was able to increase its revenue from its tailings operations by
between the contractual and spot prices that existed throughout 2010. about 30% to R79-million in its second quarter, from R60-million in the previous
Meanwhile, Xstrata’s platinum-group metals volumes were 11% lower than in quarter.
2009, resulting from the mining of lower grade areas at Eland, in North West, and Profit margins were further inflated by a stronger basket price of $1 123/oz, while
delays in obtaining the Section 102 mining right, which was partially offset by quarter-to-quarter production costs were also cut from $655/oz to $551/oz.
improved concentrator recovery. Sylvania reported an 80% increase in earnings before interest, tax, depreciation
and amortisation to R23,75-million for its second quarter.

Local suppliers
being registered as
service providers
The new database will make informed
Registration of suppliers kicked-off at Leboeng this week. recommendations and decisions regarding
service providers easier.

There are countless businesses who would like to be risk on the municipality’s side when appointing service
considered as a preferred supplier when contacts are providers.
being signed. The whole aim of the system is to provide
The Greater Tubatse Municipality has embarked on a new comphrehensive information about the supplier’s
system that will provide comphrehensive information business and to enable the Procurement Unit to make
about the supplier and will also detail on the database informed decisions and recommendations.
system the contracts assigned to it and the supplier’s This registration process is not for big businesses only,
track record. they are also targeting local entrepreneurs and small
Within the next three months all prospective service businesses.
providers to the municipality should re-register on the This week the Procurement Unit visited the Leboeng
system to be taken into account for rendering services. cluster to explain, help and encourage the registration
The Procurement Unit of the municipality is also going to process. The registrations can be done at the new
various areas within the municipality to explain the new municipal building as well as at the Libsa offices at the
process and help prospective suppliers register. old building. For more information on this, see the
The document that needs to be completed is very detailed advertisement for the registration onpage 15 of this
and will not only protect the supplier, but also reduce the week’s newspaper.

Your not so local, local

newspaper going strong in
Your not so local, local newspaper, is how week. These are first level recipients, many of them
Platinum Gazette can be described when redistributing the newspaper to friends, family and on intranets
the publication’s performance in in companies, not only in South Africa, but in several countries
cyberspace on the internet is put under the all over the world. This email newspaper is an exact copy of the
looking glass. printed one and the others available on the web.
Since 22 July 2009 the newspaper is What do Platinum Gazette plan for the future? Watch this
available on the social reading site Scribd. space!
Every week the new issue is put on the site
and the old ones are kept available.
Guess what, internet users not only love
the most recent issue, but also the old
ones, busting the myth that people are too
busy too look at old issues. The most
popular issues are regularly the old ones.
Readers also spend between 7 and 14
minutes per read on a newspaper.
Since being present in cyberspace in
2009, Platinum Gazette clocked 51420

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Back to school winners Braaier by OK

at 4U Office National
Minimark gewen
Me. Remona Ehlers was die OK Minimark se gelukkige wenner van ‘n gasbraaier in
die Parmalat promosie oor die Kersgety. Haar prys is aan haar oohandig deur me.
Elize Kilian van OK Minimark.

The winners of the annual Back to School competition were announced on Saturday
last week. They are from left Ms Rinkie Khoza (first prize, Laptop), Ms Allison van der
Berg of 4 U Office National Burgersfort, Ms Mamokele Malepe (second prize, Printer)
and Ms Elna Small (Third prize, R100 gift voucher).

Roads to nowhere?
Very little or nothing seems to The guards told the newspaper
be happening at two road that nobody else was present on
projects in greater Tubatse the terrain “they left, saying they
Municipality. are coming back, but we do not
A project to tar the road from know when.”
the other side of the steel bridge The other road, the acces road
at the Jane Furse turn-off from from Ngwaabe, not far from the
the R555 through Mampuru to Mampuru road, also seems eerlily
Tukakgomo has seemingly quiet.
came to a standstill. On the bottom photograph, a
Platinum has previously resident from a nearby villgae, Mr
reported on problems during the Isaac Ratau stands at this road,
constuction of this road. The that when completed, will link up
contractor had failed to pay with the R555 through Maseven
workers and they went on strike. village near the entrance to the
Construction was resumed at a new De Hoop dam. This road
later stage, but as far as could seems to be very recently worked
be determined the same on, but at the moment no
problems struck. At this stage equipment or construction teams
the construction yard and the were in sight.
road is all but abandoned y the Last year when Platinum
contractor, with only two Gazette spoke to the resident
security guards keeping watch engineer on site, the had planned
over a couple of trucks to complete the project by August
(photographs left and bottom). last year.

Photographs: Nothing is happening at the Mampuru road, while

it also seems eerily quiet at the Ngwaabe road (bottom).

breek weg
en beplan
Die Wildevy manne organisasie het die naweek van 28 Januarie
2011 hul jaarlikse manne-naweek gehou. Dié naweek is ‘n dankie sê
aan die manne vir al hul werk deur die jaar en ook ‘n
beplanningsessie vir die jaar se bedrywighede.
Die wegbreek het weer soos gewoonlik by die gewilde Klaserie dam
plaasgevind. Die manne wil graag vir Tannie Annette baie dankie
sê vir al haar reëlings en voorberydings om die manne te verwelkom
en skoon fasiliteite te bied.
Willem Montgomery bedank graag elk van die manne vir al hulle
harde werk wat reeds gedoen is en vir die jaar wat voorlê. “Dit gaan
weer ‘n groot jaar vir die Wildevy manne wees en die projekte wat
beplan is sal aangewend word om fondse vir minder bevoorregtes in
te samel,” sê Montgomery.
“Ons wil graag die publiek en besighede bedank vir die
ondersteuning en hul goeie gesindheid teen oor die organisasie.
Sonder julle hulp kan ons nie ander help nie. Baie dankie”.
‘n Skermerkelkie op die water.

Willem Montgomery

Albert Winterbach vermaak die manne met sy skerp humor.

Christiaan Willemse laat die water spat.

(Foto’s en inligting: Willem Montgomery).

Christo van Graan besig met ‘n potbrood se deeg. Henré van Graan laat ski maklik lyk.

Bedrywig by Steelpoort Akademie

Steelpoort Akademie het Februarie met ‘n klomp goeie dinge
afgeskop. Een daarvan is die nuwe kleredrag.
Die skool se drag sluit nou ‘n meer formele rok vir die dogters en ‘n
broek en hemp vir die seuns in. Hierdie skooldrag vervang die ou T-
hemp-en-broek-drag wat steeds vir sport en informele geleenthede
gebruik sal word.
Die skool spog ook met drie nuut aangestelde departementshoofde
in die Senior Fase, Junior Grondslagfase en die Intermediêre Fase.
Hulle is reeds van 1 Januarie aangestel.
Die skool se atlete is besig om reg te maak vir die komende Interlaer
en het verlede Saterdag goed by Mariepskop presteer.

Atlete wat by Mariepskop presteer het. Agter: Kgotlelelo Koopedi (2de hoogspring o/13), Annerie du Toit (1ste
gewigstoot o/12), Reneé Venter (1ste, 100m, 200m en hoogspring o/13), Kamogelo Tshehla (1ste, 800m o/13),
Ruben Cross (2de gewigstoot o/13), Middel: Monique Language (2de verspring, gewigstoot, hekkies en 4de in
hoogspring o/11), Christiaan Kruger (2de 100 o/11), Marcel Veldsman (2de hoogspring o/12), Tiaan Havenga
(2de gewigstoot o/11). Voor: Galeb Maphanga (1ste 100m en hekkies, 2de 150m o/12), Richard Jacobs (2de Mnr. Louis van Dyk (Intermediêre Fase), Me. Thea Alberts (links,
verspring o/12). Junior Grondslagfase) en Me. Riekie Strydom (Senior Fase).

Monique Language is as die beste

baanatleet en die Senior Victrix Ludorm

So lyk ons nuwe skooldrag!



Mr Tshepo Riba (red and white shirt) with some of his team at Lehlaba Master in

Local entrepreneur
took it from 10 to
more than 300
Lehlaba Master in Motorparts is one of the don’t have it, they’ll get it.
local entrepreneurial success stories. “Good service is one of the most important
Approximately a year ago, Mr Tshepo Riba, things,” said Mr Riba. He also believe in
owner of the business started off with 10 providing quality new and secondhand parts.
cars. Today the yard contains more than Currently they get new vehicles in every
300 wrecked vehicles and has served week. These are stripped and the parts
thousands of customers. stored for quick and easy delivery when a
During the past year they’ve extended their client comes in.
premises at Mashifane Park just outside Mr Riba thanked all his loyal client for their
Burgersfort. support and would like to invite people to visit
They’ve also started on construction for an his business and experience their service for
office and storage area. themselves.
Clients come in for any motorpart and if they Enquiries: Tshepo Riba, 076 848 3936.

How would you suggest government

Fifty-one percent of young South Africans
between the ages of 15 and 24 are
unemployed. These figures came from a
study done by the SA Institute of Race
Relations. Their data was sourced from
Statistics South Africa’s quarterly Labour
Force Survey. This 51% is also more than
double the national unemployment rate of
The study found that 63% of African women
are unemployed and only 15% of young
Indian men are without work.
47% of coloured youth are unemployed, 23%
of Indian youth and 21% of white youth.
The 1.4 million young people who officially
counted as unemployed do not include
students doing full-time studies.
The unemployment declined significantly in
the higher age groups.
In the same week The SA Institute for Race
Relations also released figures stating that
salaries in the public sector are up to 44%
more than in the private sector.
People employed in the public sector make
up 13% of the 12.8 million people in South
Africa who are employed. The survey
however indicated that the actual number of Mr Thapelo Lekolwane said: “I think they Me. Carina Erasmus sê: “Daar is baie Mr Given Ramathoka said: “They must
people working in the public sector is higher should take that money that is paid more jongmense wat nie finansieël sterk make a plan for the young people. Create
as their figures excluded employees working to the public sector and do training to get genoeg is om verder te studeer nie. Die learnerships. Mines must help make a
at public institutions such as water-, tourism skilled young people. Government regering moet sulke jongmense help”. By plan for learnerships. The government
and liqour boards. employees are anyway often not that hard haar is Jhauna Venter. salaries are fine”.
“The figures include 1.27 million people working”.
working in national and provincial
departments, up from 1.01 million in 1999”
they said.
“In addition, there are 240 000 local
government employees and 94 000
employed in the eight state-owned
enterprises which report to the department of
public enterprises [Alexkor, Broadband
Infraco, Denel [Pebble Bed Modular
Reactor}, SAA, [SA Forestry Company
Limited], [SA Express] and Transnet)”.
According to Ms Lucy Holborn from the
Institute for Race Relations “It is important
that we keep track of the size of the public
sector. Personnel accounts for nearly a third
of total government spending in the 2010/11
They’ve also found that wages increased
faster in the public secor that in the private
sector. “In 2000, average public sector
earnings were 12% higher than those in the
private sector. In 2010, they were 44%
higher than those in the private sector”.
We asked readers how they think
government can solve the high
unemployment rate of the youth and what Mnr. Wilhelm Myburgh en me. Annemarie Swart sê: “Dikwels is
they think about the large gap between the Ms Theliza Makua said: “Well, it is tricky but also straight and
dié tussen 18 en 24 te lui om iets te doen. Hul skool onderrig is
average salary spending in the public and forward. Government salaries must be more performance
ook nie meer op standaard nie. Vandag hoef jy net 40% te hê om
private sectors. based. They must develop training in sports for young people.
deur te kom, dit maak dat hulle nie op standaard is nie. Die
Then host events where we pay to go see it and that will pay
salarisse in die publieke sektor hang af van watter werk jy doen.
salaries, but giving education and practical experience is the
Hulle kan dalk van daardie proporsioneel te veel geld vat en
best”. With her is Mr Simeon Khazamula.
opleiding vir jongmense doen”.

used &
new m

• Fenders • Bonnets • Grills • Bumpers • Head & Tail Lights • CV

Joints • Brake Pads • Aircon fans • Radiator fans • Condensers • Rebuilds on sale
Carburators • Crankshafts • Alternators • Starters • Shocks • Oil
Filters • Crown and Pinions • Diffs • Ignitions • Radiators • Distributors
Engines * Gearboxes


Tazz, Citi Golf,
Polo Classic, Opel Mr Prince Takaendesa said: “Job creation Me. Jackie Jacobs sê: “Die salarisse in
Astra, Sentra, Opel - the only thing government can do is to die regering moet verminder word dan
Corsa, Hyundai empower people through kan hulle soveel meer werk skep. Ek dink
and much more entrepreneurship. I think government hulle kan dit ten minste met die helfte
must rethink the money they are pumping verminder”.
Mashifane Park (Ga-Mashamothane) • Cell: 076 848 3936 out to civil servants”.

deal with unemployment of the youth?

Me. Leolita Coetzee sê: “Dis baie moeilik Mr Siphosakhe Nozintaba and Mr Lucas Siganga said: “For
vir jongmense om werk te kry. Hulle young people to grow they must play sports. Put up sports
moenie so bang wees om jongmense aan academies to train them. Then there will be enough sportsmen
te stel nie. Ons het dalk nie die and women for all national teams to choose from. They must
ondervinding nie, maar ons leer vinnig”. open free colleges where young people can study business”.

Me. Charlene Combrinck en Mnr. Rudolf Kotze sê: “Hulle moet

meer werksgeleenthede skep met die % geld wat soveel meer aan
salarisse betaal word. Onderrig is belangrik. Bou meer klasse en
kry meer onderwysers”. By hulle is Cheroline Combrinck.
Left: Mr Nature Manogo
said: “The type of
economy we have is the
one that caused this gap.
The type of state we are is
Mr Awelani Raphalani and Ms Mumsy Mphara said: creatng this problem. It is
“Pregnancies are a problem. Unplanned pregnancies. People important to start learning
don’t hire pregnant youngsters and the babies born will affect Marxist and Leninist
the coming generations as there are more and more young documents that deals with
people”. the issue of economy that
Mnr. Dawie Oberholzer sê: “Hulle kry can create jobs for all
massiewe salarisse as ‘n mens so daarna citizens in the country.
kyk. Hulle kan liewer daai geld vat en die They are Origins of the
jongmense help. Veral wit jongmense kry Family, The Private
deesdae moeilik werk”. Ownership and The State.
We are in a developmental
state wherein we believe
that the ultimate state in
which we would like to
see ourselves is a
socialist state which
should promote
egalitarianism (distributed

Mr Hezekiel Madire said:

“If that is the case with
the salaries, it is not fair.
The role of private
companies in creating
jobs must also be looked
at. Government has a lot
of responsibilities,
especially regarding
service delivery. They
are not only there to
create jobs. We must all
Ms. Matshidisho Mahlako said: “They come together to create
Ms Meisie Malapane said: “Young people are struggling to get must distribute the money to all and not programmes that will
experience as there are only a few learnerships. Maybe if they go only top employees in the public sector. result in job creation and
to university or colleges the jobs will be there. With her are They must help create jobs”. the private sector must
Basetsana and Koketso. take the leading role”.

Letters / Briewe
Express your opinion. Write a letter to the Platinum Gazette. Letters may
be e-mailed, posted or faxed. Contact details are on page 2 of this issue.
Spreek jou mening uit. Skrywes kan per epos, pos of faks na Platinum
Gazette gestuur word. Kontakbesonderhede is op bladsy 2 van vandag se

Dagboek / Diary
To submit your diary entry. Fax or e-mail all the details to us at (fax) 013 231 7147 or (e-mail) This is a free service.

Chrome Golf Club Wednesday Competitions

Time: 15:00. Nine holes. Entry fee R60. Enquiries: Martin van Rooyen, 082 816 4833.

Chrome Golf Club Friday Sundowner Competitions (twice a month)

Time: 13:00. Nine holes. Entry fee R60. Enquiries: Martin van Rooyen, 082 816 4833.

Burgersfort United Soccer

Burgersfort United Football Club plays soccer every Wednesday and Friday evening. They invite
all social players of all ages to come and join them at the Laerskool Burgersfort sportsgrounds.
Enquiries: Faizal, 082 922 3909 or Riaz, 072 471 7545.

Winterveld Ringbalklub All people are equal, but some are more
Die Winterveld Ringbalklub begin weer met hulle oefeninge. Dit is steeds Dinsdae en equal than others? (With apology to George
Donderdae om 18:00 by die Waterval CVO skool se bane. Alle nuwe en oud-spelers is
welkom om by die klub aan te sluit. Die klub het vanaf juniorspelers wat nog op laerskool is Orwell’s Animal Farm)
tot seniors.
Navrae: Zelna Wheeler, 072 531 6287.

Op-en-Wakker Groep vir bejaardes

Op Ohrigstad verkoop die Op-en-Wakker Groep vir bejaardes hou elke laaste Vrydag van die
Thought for the week
maand pannekoek- en vetkoekverkope by die Pure Plaas stalletjie. Al die geld wat hulle in die
eerste deel van die jaar ingesamel het, het gegaan vir liefdadigheid. Nou werk die bejaardes
om geld in te samel vir hul toer na die Kaap.
“Listen or your tongue will keep you
Dale Hayes - Super Sport Golf Day deaf.”
This event will take place Tubatse Chrome Golf Club and it will be televised shortly after
the day on Super Golf. Only 64 places are available, so join us and book your space now.
- Native American Cree proverb
When: 1 June 2011. Format: Better Ball Stable Fort. Shotgun start at 10:45. After play:
Dale Hayes Trick Shot Clinic. Formalities includes dinner which will take place at 18:00.
Entry fee: R470. Your booking will only be confirmed once your R470 has been paid.
Contact: Martin van Rooyen, 082 816 4833.

Hoërskool Lydenburg reüinie

Kitsgids na jou SAPD/
Die Hoërskool Lydenburg matrieks van 1961 beplan om hierdie jaar hul 50 jaar reüinie te
hou. Almal van daardie jaar word versoek om met Henry Erasmus in verbinding te tree. Hy
Important numbers:
kan bereik word by 083 276 7873 of 015 307 4550 or henrye@telkomsa.xinet Burgersfort (013) 231 7231
Calvin College athletics Ohrigstad (013) 238 0128
On Friday 4 February Calvin College will host their first ever athletics on their newly Roossenekal (013) 273 0075
developed grounds. Parents are invited to come and support their children at this history
event. The day will start at 08:00 until about 12:00.
Mecklenburg (015) 615 0204
Interlaer vir klein skole
Eerstegeluk (013) 237 0011
Tubatse (013) 216 8500
Laerskool Ohrigstad bied op 19 Februarie 2011 ‘n interlaer vir klein skole aan. Plaaslike
klein skole sal aan die dag deelneem. Ouers en belangstellendes word genooi om die dag Sekhukhune (013) 260 1007
by te woon. Die skool is ook dringend opsoek na nog borge om te help om van die dag ‘n
sukses te maak. Indien u sou belangstel om te help skakel asseblief die skool by 013 238
Leboeng (013) 769 9099
0020. Maartinshoop (013) 235 4041
Tubatse Chrome Golf Club AGM
Ander nood/Other emergencies:
On 5 February 2011 the Tubatse Chrome Golf Club will have its annual AGM. 18 Holes will
be played in the morning before the meeting. Tee off will be at 07:00 for 07:30. Format: 2
Dilokong Hospitaal/Hospital (013) 2147265
Ball American Scramble Competition. Fees: R80 per person. Golf prize giving and AGM
starts at 13:30. Braai for golfer and spouse. Please attend this meeting.
Mecklenburg Hospitaal/ Hospital (013) 615 0204
Contact Martin van Rooyen to book your game, 082 816 4833. Burgersfort Kliniek/Clinic (013) 2317843
Konsert by Laerskool Burgersfort Water & Sanitation 082 900 4449
Laerskool Burgersfort sal op 25 Februarie ‘n konsert aanbied. Die skool vra dat die ouers Disaster Management -
en gemeenskap hierdie poging van hulle ondersteun. Vir navrae en besprekings kontak die (Ambulance & Fire) 0800 330 022
skool by 013 231 7609.
Electricity (Eskom) 0860 037 566
Steelpoort Interlaer

Steelpoort Akademie bied op 18 Februarie 2011 die interlaer by hulle sportgronde aan.
Skole van Nelspruit en Lydenburg sal die dag bywoon. Die gemeenskap is welkom om die Beánnla Celliers will see to it that your advertisement in Platinum
kinders te kom ondersteun. On 18 February 2011 Steelpoort Academy will be hosting the Gazette meets the highest standards with regard to design and
Interlaer athletics at their newly renovated sports grounds. Parents and members of the
community are welcome to come and support our children who will be participating against
reproduction. Phone her on 083 543 1676 to book your advertising
schools from as far as Nelspruit. space today.

Find us @ these
distribution points
(Please note: these are just some of our
distribution points).

* Burgersfort * Praktiseer
SUPERSPAR Magistrate’s Court
* Boxer Stores * Penge
Burgersfort * Factory Shop
* OK Grocer * Dwarsrivier Mine
* Phelo Pele * 4U Office National
Pharmacy - Burgersfort
* Burgersfort * Ingwe Safety
Pharmacy Equipment
* Laerskool * One Stop Motor
Steelpoort Spares - Steelpoort
* Laerskool * Fingerprint of
Burgersfort Africa
* Tingeling * Try Me Dealers
Kleuterskool Ohrigstad
* OK MiniMark * Laerskool
* Greater Tubatse Ohrigstad
Municipality * Vyfster Slaghuis
* CTM * Sasol Delight
* Modikwa Platinum Convenience Store -
Mine Steelpoort
* Pick n Pay * Department of
* Winterveld Village Agriculture -
* Ohrigstad SAPS Praktiseer
* Total Ohrigstad * Madeleen Willers
* Leboeng SAPS Prokureurs
* Praktiseer SAPS * Merensky Real
* Burgersfort SAPS Estate
* Magaba Garage * Pret Liqour
* Vision Meat * Plaasvars
* Burgersfort Toyota Groentewinkel
* Hendrik’s * Kubu Tavern
Panelbeaters * Ngwaabe
* Mecklenburg SAPS Community Forum
* Tubatse Village * Mooifontein Kafee

w w w Read Platinum
Gazette online at:

Platinum Gazette Vakature: Geregistreerde
Deadline for advertising: Verpleegkundige
17:00 on a Tuesday ‘n Vakature bestaan vir ‘n geregistreerde
Verpleegkundige in die beroeps-
VAKANTE POS gesondheidsveld. Die pos is by ‘n Satelliet
kliniek in die Steelpoort/Burgersfort area.
Faks of e-mail CV na: 013 235 1459 of
WORD GESOEK VIR ‘N Vir Aandag: Marlene.
MAATSKAPPY IN Sluitingsdatum: 8 Februarie 2011.
MYNBEDRYF SAL VOORKEUR Vereistes: Bestuurderslisensie;
GENIET. Afrikaans en Engels magtig;
MOET IN BESIT WEES VAN ‘N Rekenaarvaardig;
GELDIGE RYBEWYS. Verkoopsondervinding.
OPLEIDING WORD VERSKAF. Pos is in die Steelpoort area.
Faks CV na: 013 230 9451
FAKS CV AAN 086 543 6463
Sluitingsdatum: 8 Februarie 2011


Multi-disciplined International Mining
Contracting Company
your business brought to
This could have been

potential customers.

Reporting to: Costing & Contracts Administration Manager

the attention of

Minimum qualifications and skills:

Matnc certificate or equivalent; Diploma I Degree in Finance and Cost;
Management or equivalent; Valid driver’s license; Medically fit

2 -3 years experience in payroll, costing, procument; Working knowledge of
MS Office; Ability to work with figures; Communication - Verbal and written;
Management of confidential information and record keeping; Management of

Site costing and financial reports; Personnel administration and payroll;
Procument; General administration

·Redpath Mining South Africa is an Equal Opportunity Employer

CLOSING DATE: Friday, 11 February 2011

Interested applicants must forward a 2-3 PAGE RESUME to:

The Recruitment Department
Contact: E-Mail: or
Fax: 0866486745
083 543
1676 for Please refer to this reference number when applying for the position.
advertising REF NO: CC0201-MH
bookings. If you do not receive a response within 14 days after the closing date please consider your
application unsuccessful.
4 FEBRUARY 2011 15

Klein Advertensies • Smalls

Plaas jou klein advertensie by Phelo Pele Pharmacy in die Khadima Sentrum of by Burgersfort Apteek in die Marone
Sentrum of doen dit elektronies d.m.v. e-pos of faks. Place your small at Phelo Pele Pharmacy in the Khadima Centre
or at Burgersfort Pharmacy at the Marone Centre. You could also place it via e-mail or fax. Enquiries: 083 543 1676
or 083 271 9151. E-mail: • Fax: 086 554 9031
1.Sport Klubs /Sport Clubs 3. Dienste/ 7. Allerlei/
Services Miscellaneous
4. Oornag Akkommodasie/Overnight
Accounting and
Admin Service
Vision Meat Slaghuis
Vir al jou vleis en
5. Troeteldiere/Pets - Full Accounting biltong behoeftes.
6. Persoonlik/Personal Function Ure: Ma. - Vr: 08:00 -
- Debtors/Creditors 17:30. Sa: 08:00 -
7. Allerlei/Miscellaneous 14:00. Subscribe to
8. Gesoek/Wanted Tel: 013 231 7094
- SARS Returns receive
9. Te Huur/To Let - Financial Fax: 086 623 7124
10. Te Koop/For sale Management Leandé: 083 637
- Payroll 8749. E-mail: Gazette
Waterval CVO Skool - Etc.
1. Sport Klubs/ Contact Christelle at
on e-mail.
se bane. Vir meer
083 631 7936 for a DRINGEND HULP Simply send us
Sport Clubs inligting skakel Zelna
tailor made package. BENODIG
Wheeler 072 531
Eddie Klaasen, ‘n pa an e-mail
GSKA Karate 6287 of Bennie
Wheeler 082 740 4. Oornag van Burgersfort het requesting this
Dinsdae & Donderdae dringend hulp nodig
van 17h30 – 19h00 by 3584. Akkommodasie/ om vir kanker- free service.
Calvin Collage. Almal Overnight behandeling by ‘n You will be
welkom van 6 jaar en 3. Dienste/ professor in
added to
ouer. accommodation Bloemfontein uit te
Skakel Jolanda
Services kom. Hy is tans hundreds of
Hietbrink by werkloos en het nie
082 859 9681.
vervoer of geld om by
readers who
Customer Service Accommodation in
Winterveld Training Course Burgersfort. R380 per
die nodige hulp in get the
Ringbalklub Duration: 1 Day (9 Bloemfontein uit te newspaper
person per day.
nooi die hele familie
om te kom ringbal
February 2011).
For more info
Includes Bed &
komnie. Ons soek
dringend u hulp. conveniently Safety Officer - Pelletising &
Breakfast, Lunch/
speel. Oefening tye is contact: 084 469 Supper & Laundry
Skakel: Dirk, 082 726 delivered to Furnaces
0786 0034 of Isabel, 072
Dinsdae & service. Contact:
500 3921 of Eddie their inbox
Donderdae 18:00, by Judy, 082 308 9221/7 Responsibilities: The main purpose of this role will be the control
076 751 0503 every Friday. and management of Safety Function for Furnace & Pelletising Envi-
E-mail us at: ronment. To assist with the development of the safety program in the
adverts areas of responsibility. Be responsible for the implementation and

Kennisgewings/Notices @platinumgazette.
maintenance of a safety management program according to the com-
pany system. Facilitate the emergency response programs, risk
management programs and provide in-house training.
Never miss the
The incumbent will have to do Risk Assessments and Aspects &
newspaper, Impacts Assessment. Root Cause analysis, Incident investigation
Supply Chain read the
and reporting. Conduct inspections and audits. Record and register
findings. Adhere to the Clauses and Regulations of the Mines Health

Management Unit version!

and Safety Act. Help Improving the level of SHE Training at the com-
pany. Ensuring an effective Emergency Response component for
Visit the facility, with due consideration of the level of risk involved. Par-
www. ticipate in the Company’s Health, Safety and Environmental Man-
agement program. Conduct meetings.
NOTICE TO THE MUNICIPAL PROSPECTIVE com Requirements: In order to apply, you will need grade 12/Matric Cer-
for all the old tificate. A formal Safety Qualification such as SAMTRAC with 5 years
SUPPLIERS/PROVIDERS Furnace or Pelletising & Sintering Plant experience. Be com-
and new puter literate. (MS Word and MS Excel). Having a medical certificate
1. The Greater Tubatse Municipality (Supply Chain Management Unit) hereby newspapers. of fitness and a valid Code EB (08) driver’s license are essential
informs all the prospective suppliers of its needs requirements that the
requirements. Proven knowledge and experience in Health and Safety
registration and accreditation of suppliers onto the municipal database will
Risks in a furnace and/or Pelletising & Sintering Plant environment.
start on the 09 February 2011 to the 29 April 2011 (three months
National Diploma in Safety Management with 5 years Furnace or
registration window period).
Pelletising & Sintering Plant experience. ITIS Safety Training License
2. Prospective suppliers who want to be registered are advised to bring the “Doing or First Aid Instructor. Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment
Course. Recognised Fire Prevention Course. OSHAS 18000 experi-
following documents to the Greater Tubatse Municipal Civic Centre, Office
42, Ground Floor during working hours (07H30 - 16H00). The documents
business ence.
required are: without General: ASA Metals (Pty) Ltd/Dilokong Chrome Mine (Pty) Ltd is
advertising an equal opportunity employer. Assessments may be one of the
• Proof of Business Registration Certificate, Proof of Annual Return methods utilised to determine the successful candidate. The
Certificate from CIPRo, Original - Valid Tax Clearance Certificate, is like Company reserves the right not to appoint.
Business/Company Profile, Certified copies of Identity Documents of all winking at a
Owners/Members/Directors, Banking Particulars and any other Mandatory Please forward your application, quoting the post title, to the
Registration Documents of the Business or Company. girl in the HR Officer, ASA Metals at fax: 013 230 7793 or

3. Note should be taken that the Greater Tubatse Supply Chain Management
dark. e-mail:

Unit has embarked on a cluster program of visiting wards to explain the You know Applicants who have not heard from the Company within 30 days
registration processes. Contact your Ward Councilors, Ward Committee
Members and CDWs for further details regarding venue, date and time of
what you of the closing date must accept that their applications were not
the visit. are doing,
4. Contact Moshidi MJ or Pookgwadi C at 013 231 1000 or Thobejane P at but nobody
013 231 8530 for complete information regarding the registration process. else does”
For clarification-seeking questions, speak with ON Mosoma (Supply Chain Manager) - Stuart
at office G44 at the Municipal Civic Centre or call him at 013 231 1000. Henderson
1 Kastania Street
PO Box 206, Burgersfort, 1150
Tel: 013 231 1000
Fax: (013) 231 7467
MF Mokoko
Website: www.tubatse. Acting Municipal Manager
16 4 FEBRUARY 2011

Phelo Wood &

Platinum Gazette Interior
Kitchen units; Bedroom cupboards, Build-in
cupboards; Studies; Chest of drawers; Office furniture
Ceiling fans, Decorative Lights.

3D Designs for woodwork.
Open Monday - Friday:
08:00 - 16:00
Contact: 082 569 4677
• Burgersfort main road
next to Kia Motors. E-mail:

Maatlopo United
ready to close
the gap
Maatlopo United is seven points behind Experience.
the leaders on the log, Tubatse United “We are aiming to close the gap of seven
and will this weekend be aiming to close points opened by Tubatse United. We
the gap. would like to collect six points this week.
The team did not play last week Saturday We are not pressing any panic buttons
because the Mooihoek team could not and will try to reduce their speed on 26
keep the game commitment. February 2011 when we meet them at
This week Maatlopo United will face Ntwampe, Moroke,” said Mr Jimmy
Ngwaabe City Motors. The game will be Makola, the team’s spokeman.
played on Saturday 5 February. “That is the date when the boys will be
On 6 February the team will play at separated from the men” he added.
Moroke Stadium against Mooihoek IX Enquiries: Jimmy Makola, 082 407 6226.


1. Backed by Toyota plan
2. Guaranteed not stolen 6. Guaranteed year
3. Standard warranty model
4. Guaranteed mileage 7. Every vehicle subject
5. Seven day exchange to a check list

950 950
R93 R168

Tubatse Chrome
2006 Toyota Run-X1.4 RS
2010 Toyota Corolla Professional 1.3 Golf Club AGM
R79 50
R129 9 On 5 February 2011 the Tubatse Fees: R80 per person.
Chrome Golf Club will have its annual Golf prize giving and AGM starts at
AGM. 13:30.
18 Holes will be played in the morning Braai for golfer and spouse. Please
before the meeting. attend this meeting.
Tee off will be at 07:00 for 07:30. Contact Martin van Rooyen to book
Format: 2 Ball American Scramble your game, 082 816 4833.

2005 Mazda 3 1.6 2004 Mercedes Benz C240

950 950
R279 R195
Dale Hayes - Super
Sport Golf Day
2006 Toyota Prado VX (Auto) 2009 Toyota Auris 1.8 RX
All golf enthusiasts are invited to book their Format: Better Ball Stable Fort.

spot for the Dale Hayes Super Sport Golf Shotgun start at 10:45.
Toyota Day in June this year. See yourself on TV! After play: Dale Hayes Trick Shot Clinic.
Burgersfort Burgersfort This event will take place Tubatse Chrome
Golf Club and it will be televised shortly after
Formalities includes dinner which will take
place at 18:00.
Dirk Winterbach the day on Super Golf. Entry fee: R470.
Tel: 013 231 7207 Only 64 places are available, so join us and Your booking will only be confirmed once
book your space now. your R470 has been paid.
Frik: 071 641 4016 When: 1 June 2011. Contact: Martin van Rooyen, 082 816 4833.
2007 Mahindra Scorpion 2.6 Turbo Terms & Conditions apply.