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Skills sought within your field. Examples of how this skill can be demonstrated on a resume.
Communication – communicate verbally and in Education
writing in order to summarize complex analysis • Resident Advisor. Assisted X students, living in residence, with various challenges of college life
into clear investment recommendations
Work / Extracurriculars
• Acting supervisor for day shift of cashiers. Dealt with customer complaints and staffing issues
• Presented findings on stock X to members of Blue Chips Advisory board

Quantitative - comfortable working with Education

numbers, spreadsheets and financial statements • Relevant coursework includes Econometrics, Linear Algebra, Calculus I and II, and Financial Accounting
at the GSB

Work / Extracurriculars
• Analyzed performance of various stocks for Blue Chips
• During summer internship examined exchange rate fluctuations and wrote a report summarizing their
impact on employers’ import/export business

Management skills (up & down) - working with Education

analysts below you and VPs and MDs above you • Co-chaired undergraduate student body responsible for budgeting.
as well as clients.
Work / Extracurriculars
• Acting supervisor for day shift of cashiers. Dealt with customer complaints and staffing issues.
• President of RSO. Responsible for managing X-member executive board to serve membership of Y.

Multitasking - keeping track of and prioritizing Education

several projects at once • Participated in various social activities while being able to achieve top 5% GPA performance in class.

Work / Extracurriculars
• Held two part-time jobs while attending school full-time

Detail oriented - flipping every page of a Work / Extracurriculars

pitchbook and checking a model by hand. Ask “Is • Editor for undergraduate newspaper, the Maroon
this reasonable?” and “So what?” questions to • Managed the Model United Nations conference held downtown for X high school students. Responsible
interesting/alarming details. for coordinating X other undergraduates as well as managing relationships with Z high schools across

Presentation skills – communicating Work / Extracurriculars

progress/decision/issues via presentation in front • Presented stock pitches to Blue Chips board and handled all questions about recommendation
of clients/project management team.
Team work – working efficiently and effectively Work / Extracurriculars
in teams (own team of MD, VP, Associates and • Summer internship required work with existing team to develop recommendation on upcoming deal
BA’s as well as client team in certain situation).
• Co-coach youth soccer league

Project work - working efficiently and effectively Work / Extracurriculars

in a project-oriented work environment (with • Summer internship involved working on two projects simultaneously
different teams, under time constraint, on new • Research assistant for Chicago GSB professor helping collect data for book; topics varied by week
topics, etc.)
Interpersonal skills - how would people react if Work / Extracurriculars
they had to sit next to you on a 6 hour flight? • Worked on various committees for fraternity, all of which successfully met or exceeded goals
• Founded new RSO addressing needs of sub-group on-campus; able to successfully put together a group
meeting all members’ needs
• Volunteered as high school student mentor in local community. Gained trust from student mentees as well
as parents.

Know your story - how your experience makes a Education

good fit with a career in banking • Undergraduate education in economics
• Took classes at the GSB in Accounting and Investments

Work / Extracurriculars
• Member of Blue Chips, the undergraduate RSO for students interested in Investment Banking

Take proper classes - accounting, finance Education

• Undergraduate education in economics
• Took classes at the GSB in Accounting and Investments

Work / Extracurriculars
• Treasurer in charge of budgeting process for RSO

Well rounded / extracurricular / hobbies - have Education

a life outside of work • Took classes at the Hyde Park Arts Center to further develop my interest in photography

Work / Extracurriculars
• Have own radio show on local radio station which introduces Chicago to Asian pop music scene

• Love to travel. Enjoy discovering new cultures, traditions and gastronomy.

Net working -able to function in social settings Work / Extracurriculars

• Solicited alumni for donations to Chicago endowment
Attributes sought within your field. Examples of how this attribute can be demonstrated on a resume.
Passion for markets – most analyst work is Additional
independent; without many external deadlines, • Started investors club in high school
analysts need to be driven by a true interest in • Board member of Blue Chips
following the markets • Maintain (theoretical) stock portfolio

Strong work ethic – You will work many hours Education

and you must accept that with a positive attitude. • Graduated in 3 years, while working 30 hours per week
• Completed large project on deadline by working 100 hours per week for three straight weeks

Confidence – You will often have to pitch ideas Work / Extracurriculars

and analyses to superiors and you must be • As TA, recommended change to course syllabus to reflect difficulties students were having with section of
confident in yourself and your work. material
• Founded Chicago Women in Business, an undergraduate RSO for women interested in business positions

Creativity – You will often have to create Education

solutions to problems and these often involve • Writing thesis about Celtic music and its sociological and anthropological roots and implications
Work / Extracurriculars
• Designed new approach for new member recruitment resulting in a 25% increase in membership

Intelligence – The work often requires deep Education

thought and complicated strategies and you must • Graduated with honors earning 3.8/4.0 GPA
be capable of understanding these issues. • SAT score of 1570