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CATASTROPHIC FAILURE (PLay THIS ALL TOGETHER (see WHAT HAPPENS)) Frances hap st OS /oe/ 218 For any amber gh improvisers «Each musician stad in & Solo" or “Gack” box (preety = the only movements a = Even Aengh it vay be th rmunsh 4% chosen) Woved are those between bores that are connate iby Har vet or Heir eye imperil ache the indicated interacive proces, each mugiccen fore the passibibihies brought by the she gh Jaitace in which they fe imnersed beanse af their ome dasrssons. Only after trying by any mers, te poem a specifi dasheachion and succeeding Im doling Se, ov te taking adtcatege op the Crcrnstarees A Wai Jailare tn the fast and mest musical way, cor Ta musician advance te He wot box. athe sot for Bh The misiecs is te reads We center: absobate Jreedom — feet im pro He mbes —12,3,4 cen be unsed sccordong with the 512¢ A the ensenble ~ bree alt the mesicsans hove recched Joe usteg the prece has te fod en ogee ending, without any promlens agtesment or eordmcbing kEY (Symbols created ond designed by El Frito) — INTERACTIVE PROCESSES & PaleING - Play only when Someone hse is Paying. COMPLEMENT ~ Play Only when Someone dls ts not plays. ® Imitation - Copy ond MmPese ith Somrone dees matipial, > Free COUNTERPOINT with other achive parts). CQ covressr = Topense wih a meer atest Sint d's, S SWAP materials with omecne Ase & cara lyee ~ Change te conse of He slat inpreviserion, SoLe - Tngcovise - main part, SHARD Tope Sy po damp (2 Set op duos, dos, ck. mM she. ~ GENERATIVE FE0CESS J, Fru mprnto

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