PROMISE YOURSELF Optimist Club of Coronado Post Office Box 180251 Coronado, CA 92178-0251 January 24, 2008 If you

must choose between two evils, choose the one that you've never tried before. Meetings at 7AM on Thurs at Coronado Yacht Club Rain swept streets greeted us while the sun was observed arising like thunder over San Diego Bay. Down at the Coronado Yacht Club Sue Cargill and Marilyn Schaefer gave personal greetings in exchange for six bucks and a smile.

Jim Alley, President Pres.08-09 Leslie Crawford VPs-Irish Flynn & John Bowen Stu Powell, Secretary John Freeman, Treas. USNA ’45 Publishers A group that’s too noble for fear

President Alley stuck the bell twice. That sort of impatience got Moses’ ticket into the Promised Land pulled. But Jim didn’t worry. The bell got us started. Al Aegerter prayed that we all do one good Optimist deed this week and then we will see about next week. Doug Leland started the pledge. Jim Alley told us about a visit this week to the Special Warfare Command by a select few of our board who have the right stuff. John Bowen, Irish Flynn, John Freeman, Lee Cargill and the president met with Commodore Tom Brown and staff members who thanked our club more that we deserve for our gift of the rehab unit and our pledge to support the Seals that deploy from our community. The planning goes on concerning this developing relationship, so I expect to hear more soon. Jack Davis told us that Paul Dudley is celebrating his birthday recouping from surgery. However Jack brought word that last year on his birthday Paul won the 50-50 drawing, and he thought another win would speed his recovery. Jack asked for the funds to be passed to him, but they were handed to Linda Stanton instead in exchange for a winning ticket. Linda won $62 which would buy her a nice breakfast at the Del or a dozen special breakfasts at Marie Callender’s where you get eggs with bacon and toast for $3.99. This morning Bob Harshberger told us that his barbershop singers will give the same sort of Valentine’s Day service that Jim Rodgers briefed us on last week. That would be a visit by four real singers dressed in period costumes who will sing a sweet song—none of that rapper stuff please—to the lover of your choice. Now I am glad to see competition. This is the American way. So far no prices have been disclosed, so let your fingers do the walking and ask for an audition of the foursome. According to Carla Fargo the Octagon Club at the High School and the Junior Optimists at the Middle School are hosting a district-wide meeting of all Optimist Youth Groups on Saturday, February 2, from 10AM until 1PM. The meeting will be at Graham Memorial Church, and she wanted four senior Optimists to be on hand. The signup sheets looked pretty full, but give Carla a call if you want to help out. George Bruce celebrated his 28th anniversary as an Optimist having breakfast somewhere else. But Joe Petrucci came, harmonica in mouth, to serenade our birthday crew: Paul Dudley, Sue Cargill, Len Rausch, and Jim Organ. After HBTY Joe played a romantic version of “Gonna Take a Sentimental Journey”, and then “Danny Boy”. Very, very, very good stuff, Joe. Charlie Ahern introduced Marsha Hall, CEO of our Sharp Coronado Hospital. Ms. Hall has a long and distinguished career in the Sharp Health System. She has been CEO here for fourteen years and has been a driving force in changing the atmosphere for the better. The last time she was our speaker Ms. Hall told us about efforts to personalize, humanize and demystify the healthcare experience through the Planetree model of healthcare. She told us how these efforts have resulted in high marks for Coronado in surveys of the satisfaction of patients. Doctors and staff are also happy here. The physicians in our system are in the 97th percentile of satisfaction. Coronado’s staff is the happiest of any staffs of any of the Sharp Hospitals. The hospital is the winner of several notable awards. The remodeled emergency room won the Summit Award for all ERs across the country for patient satisfaction, and Coronado has been recognized three times as the best hospital for Orthopedics. Sharp Coronado Hospital was one of just five hospitals nationwide to receive the Planetree Patient-Centered Hospital Designation. The Coronado Hospital Foundation is the key arm of the hospital; it raises monies to keep our hospital competitive. The success of the foundation together with the generosity of the city government have made remodeling of the emergency room, the ICU and the several areas of the plant possible. Extra operating funds are always needed to cover uncompensated care that is provided by law, and expensive upgrades to equipment tax budgets, but we have our head above water at the hospital. Ms. Hall discussed the proposal to raise the Transient Occupancy Tax with the increment going to operate the hospital. This seems like a complicated issue, where our new mandarins, the lawyers, will tell us more that we want to know. First I have to sort out Proposition 93. Next week come and hear Captain Sean Carroll, USMC on operations in IRAQ. Bring a friend.

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