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Optimist Club of Coronado
Post Office Box 180251 Coronado, CA 92178-0251 November 30, 2006May 4, 2006

Coronado Yacht Club

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A definite nip was in the air this morning. Hallelujah!! Food again and Sixty-One of us filed by Buck Rogers and Dick Madouse reading the guest list, taking our badges, and looking over the breakfast comment sheet. Someone, remembering the mistakes of the past had written, “You call this a breakfast!”. Yes, Virginia, the mean-spirited do live among us. President Jack invited Carla Fargo to lead us in prayer, and she did so in rhyme. Captain Stark led the pledge. Our lone guest was Mark Rogers, son of Buck. Immediate Past President Lance Massey told a joke about men’s underthings that will in the interest of taste be omitted. I thought that I only had to omit one item per meeting to pass the censors, but then, later in the meeting, our program speaker finished that hope off with a tale of bestiality in colonial America. Does anyone know where I can find a bleep on my keyboard? Joe Petrucci redeemed this part of the meeting by playing a foot stomping version of “Sugar Blues” or “Azul Asucar” in our new national language. Joe is our star on these cold winter mornings when he unwraps his harmonica to get our blood moving. We had birthdays of Joe Huber, Wynn Fester, and Ann Eades to celebrate and the “Sugar Blues” was just the number. Jim Cooper celebrates thirty-one glorious years as an Optimist this week, and Bill Parry, who we don’t see too much of these days, has nineteen years with us. Jack Larison reminded us to keep the evening of December 21 free for our Christmas party. It will be at the Yacht Club at 7PM. The traveling midshipmen choral group gathered as they do each year at this time to salute the Army Mule. Yes, it is that time of year when the Black Knights of the Hudson under our own Bobby Ross face off against the Midship-persons in their white hats. Saturday is the 107th rematch of the game and the results have been an amazing 50-49 edge for Navy with seven tied games. Barry Mitchell (or someone posing as Colonel Mitchell) called the editor to say that he and Bruce Williams are covering all bets and giving no points. They want all the Navy money that you can wager. Speaking of money, Stu Powell won the 50-50 drawing with a white ticket. The Dingmaster was disappointed that Charlie Ahern was not with us. But he took money from his own wife who contributes to Lamb’s Players. Jim Cartwright left before paying his fine, and Ledge had to give a dingpass back for a letter to the editor in the spirit of dear departed Carol Cahill.

Lance Massey recovered from his joke to announce that the Silver Strand will be picked up and restored to its beautiful pristine state by the Optimist Club on Saturday, December 9. He needs a few more pickers.

Lance MasseyJack Larison, President Jack LarisonDiana Drummey, Pres. 20007-086-07 Joan Gillem Art Jones, External VP Ledge HakesLeslie Crawford, Internal VP Jack DavisStu Powell, Secretary John Freeman, Treas. Rosania, Sloan & McClure,USNA ’45 Publishers McCrary and Gowan Bob Sheridan, Editor

Tomorrow night the elves of the club will hand out cookies and cider to those who mill around Christmas in Coronado. Come see John McKechnie and Chris Massey with their cute little pointy elf shoes. Frank Osgood found out when in his fifties that he had roots on the Mayflower. One great- great -…great grandfather was a church elder while another was a non-pilgrim member of the party with a troubled, but adventure-heavy past. Frank told us about his research into the lives of these two men and of their roles in the first English settlement in the New World that had self government. Frank’s tale was fascinating. The hardships of the first year, when the little band of 102 people lost 47 to death, tried the hearts of all. They sailed in a leaky “Mayflower” in September 1620 and arrived on Cape Cod in December in the dead of Winter. After exploring the area by small boat the group came ashore at Plymouth on Christmas Day, kneeling to give thanks. Franks told us about William Brewster, his church leader ancestor who, even when the people were dying from starvation, preached with power of God’s gift of new Jerusalem they had come to. Franks other ancestor was Steven Hopkins, A “stranger’ recruited by the London company managing the colony for his savvy and experience. He had been in Jamestown earlier and been shipwrecked in Bermuda. Hopkins came with wife and several children. The talk was quite fascinating and brought to our minds the hardships that were overcome by those who settled this wonderful land for us. I think we could have listened to Frank for hours, but his story about the unfortunate Thomas Granger who was discovered to be engaging in unhealthy practices with a wide range of farm animal needs a special filter. Frank promised help for any folks who are interested in genealogy. Sounds like a great offer. Next week you can get See’s Candy from Mrs. Gooch. The program will be from the Virtual Reality Medical Center of San Diego. We will hear about using virtual reality technology to treat phobias and post traumatic stress disorders. Would this have helped poor Thomas Granger back in Plymouth?