Synopsis Barista is a romantic comedy set in the modern day phenomenon of a Coffee shop. It centres round a highly skilled barista named Tim who hates where he works but loves making coffee. He feels no love for his customers so much so they have all began to look the same and have turned in to stick men. Tim needs a catalyst to spark him in to getting his life back on track. Enter Alice Choi She is a no nonsense lady. She knows what she wants and get what she wants and she wants Tim. They get it on after a wonderful first date. Alice’s love for life inspires Tim to quit his job and set up a much smaller coffee shop with Alice where all the customers are people rather than stick men.

Here is the films protagonist Tim Painter. He is shy and endearing with a good sence of humour but lacks the confidence to use it. He loves making coffee but hates his place of work. He has a passive role in the relationship until the very end. She always leads. He likes cult films, Reading and the occassional video game. He’s 23 lives with two other guys and has been officially single for 3 years since his ex left to teach english in china. He gave up waiting after discovering she was engaged.

Here is Tim “Mark 1” he was promptly dissmissed as he does look like a cartoon version of me aged 18.

This is the finished Tim in his Barista Uniform. He has a kinda care free hair cut. It deffinately suits his character but it’s a bitch to animate! This was the hair cut i was going to go with! until I started doing turn arounds and I just couldn’t be doing with it! Plus that curtains-ish fringe is horrid! It makes Tim look tooo dorky!

So it’s back to my hair cut as it’s pretty easy to animate and suits the caharcter. Iv trimmed it ompaered to teh earlier design and ruffled it up abit.


I personally love fashion so when thinking up the charcter of Alice I knew that what she wore would play a huge part in convaying her personality. I found a rather odd but useful site. is a site where people from all over our lovely planet send in pictures of their favorite and most fashionable outfits! I love fashion and want to make Alice look good! Here are a selection of outfits that I could imagen Alice owning. Lots of shapely outfits with lots of black.

I love this outfit. It combines the edgy image of a leather jacket with the very lady like white lace dress. Implying that she has a hard exterior but underneath she sweet and lady like.

Alice began looking slightly Iranian rather than half Chinese. So it went back to the Cleo Patra hair I tried giving her cut. Which I feel short hair which I like but didn’t seem links her to being a strong indepenfeminine enough. dent woman like the great ruler.

I got her looking more chinese but her boobs are huge! Which just dosen’t look quite rite. So I’ve got her looking more chinese and put her in a pose which automatically gives more character. Adding little acessories also helps!

She was out of this world....

This Scene has got me all excited! I love old style sci-fi like Barberella and Space 1999. So i thought why not set a dream scape in space.

You can’t have a sci-fi adventure with out some steriotupical aliens. Heres the design for the race of aliens they will battel.

Store Layout

This was the initial design for the Barista store bar and to be fair it’s stayed pretty much the same. My aim was to design it as a functioning money making corporate coffee shop. I felt rather than drawing it form every angle and getting my self in a muddle I’d just knock up a really basic 3d model.

Here is a mocked up shot of one of the backgrounds with a few stick men on. The backgrounds will be traced from the model and then coloured in with photographic textures. My aim is to make the finish product look a bit rougher than this.

Stick Men

When Tim is working at Barista he loses interest in the world around him until he meets Alice. To show this I decided to make everyone in his world stick men other than Alice.

The bouncer in the club

Pigeons open and close the film setting the scene of a city. This is what they’ll look like even keeping the texture!


How to draw pigeons for animating.

(Apologies for the awful quality of picture my scanners bust and last min i had to use my phone.)

Storyboard thumbs.


Storyboard thumbs.




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