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1. The Greenhouse Effect is a natural occurrence that keeps the earth's average temperature at 60
degrees Fahrenheit, it traps heat in the earth's atmosphere to keep our earth heated. The
Greenhouse Effect is necessary in keeping all Earth's heat from escaping back into space,
without it, life on earth would be difficult to sustain. The Temperature would be too low for life,
and would be an ice planet without the greenhouse effect. Too many greenhouse gasses however,
would increase the global temperature.

2.Greenhouse Gasses are natural gases that occur naturally in the Earth's Atmosphere, and can be
caused by human activities. Water vapor, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, sulfur
hexafluroride, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons, and chlorofluorocarbons. The greenhouse
gasses differ in their ability to absorb heat into the atmosphere. Water Vapor is the most plentiful
of the greenhouse gasses

3.The Article on umich has much more data, including graphs, and pictures of the different kinds
of gasses. The umich article explains a lot more, and gives a person's point of view, unlike the
other article.

4.YThe natural sources of atmospheric co2 are caused by temperature changes. Anthropogenic
sources of atmospheric co2 are man caused changes. The Author thinks that only certain models
get published, and the others are ignored which is true because if somebody wants to prove
something they only use the models that support them. He seems to question if the module the
person is presenting is the only model, or if it is just a model which supports the presenters ideas,
which is probably the truth. I believe that they saw other models, but the other models didn't
support their work, so they didn't use it and instead used the ones that did support their work so
they would look good. He also states that the experts claim the rising carbon dioxide is only from
fossil fuels, which is not true and probably only said because they were asked to say so. All of
these reasons lead me to think that presenters will only use the modules that work with their
presentation so that people will think they are right and support them about global warming.

£. Paleoclimatology is the study of climate change in the history of Earth. Absolute dating is
used to determine the time of ancient climatology. Abrupt climate change shows a sudden
change on climate in earth's history. Coral shows data records on the surface of the ocean's
conditions extended beyond the record, which is important to see if our climate change is part of
a natural cycle or not. Speleothems can be radiometrically so that they can see the thickness of
depositional layers can be used to show climate. Paleolimnology used lake sediments to indicate
past water temperatures.

6. According to the article the sun seems to be causing the most of our climate changing trends.
One of the conclusions in the Where does that leave us section is that we don't face a planetary
emergency from the carbon dioxide emissions. It also leaves us with we can have no effect on
global temperature by limiting carbon emissions. It also says we are not looking at a disaster
from the rising carbon dioxide levels.

2. The Big Debate

Global warming has probably been going on since the start of the
industrial revolution because that is when humans started to put harmful
pollution into our atmosphere. The nine hottest years on record have
occurred since 1980, which leads many to think man are causing the
global warming crisis. If humans continue to alter the atmosphere global
temperatures could rise to life threatening conditions. It also says Earth
has been farming at a much faster rate than ever in the past 20 years
which could mean bad things for future humans. It also says that the
ocean temperatures have been rising which may be a long term climate

change, which means our pollution may be causing the climate to be hot
for many centuries.

Some who doubt the warming trend have to say that the only thing rising
is the political spin on the issue, and nothing else. Also it is said that
even though the temperatures are high, is below the global average from
the past 3000 years. Temperature averages also show that arctic has
actually cooled by a small amount in the past £0 years. Also the earth's
atmosphere has cooled since 1979 which shows an indication of global
cooling, not global warming. Many of the greenhouse gases have fallen
below expected levels which also shows something against the global
warming theory.

I really only trust the articles that are made by scientists and researchers,
not articles posted by the news, or a student in high school. The reason
for the viewpoints above to be saying what they are saying is that most
of it is used for presenters to disprove or prove the theory and leaving
out the other to make themselves look correct. I really think that climate
change is just a natural change on earth and that it really doesn't have
much to do with manmade CO2, the solution to the problem would be
for one scientist to finally disprove the theory so that people would stop

being so afraid, and stop fighting over whose theory is correct and not

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