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5:00 PM (Sunday Obligation)
7:30 AM - 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
WEEKDAY MASSES (Monday-Friday)
6:30 AM AND 8:30 AM
8:30 AM
HOLY DAYS (Except Christmas and New Year)
Vigil Mass - 5:00 PM (evening before Holy Day)
6:30 AM - 8:30 AM - 6:00PM - 7:30 PM
Saturday 4:00-4:45 PM
1st and 3rd Sundays at 3:15 PM
RECTORY ………….……………….…(708)423-0321
Baptismal Preparation Class
PLEBANIA (po polsku)……………...(708)423-0321
Last Monday of month at 7:00 PM
For Sacraments of Baptism, Marriage,
Parish registration and attendance at the
parish registration, convert instruction,
Baptismal Preparation Class are required
prolonged illness at home.
Prior to Baptism.
All wedding arrangements must be made with a
parish priest at least 5 months prior to scheduled date.
All couples are required to participate in a marriage
preparation program. Parish registration is a
North-75th St. East-Cicero, West-Narragansett,
requirement. Times of marriages are as follows:
South-87th St. Cicero to Austin)
Saturday 12:00 PM and 2:30 PM
83rd St. (Austin to Narragansett)
Sunday—no weddings
MINISTRY OF CARE……………….…(708)423-0321
Deacon Irvin A. Bryce Jr.
PRAYER NETWORK………………....(708)966-4068
Mrs. Marlene Rybicki
Mrs. Marilyn Kurowski, Principal
5535 West State Road
CCD OFFICE…………………………...(708)636-0406
Mr. Kevin Wiseman, Coordinator
5535 West State Road
SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2011 The person who has
7:30-For the Parishioners, Stephen Fahy been “saved,” who has
9:00-Maria Lesny & Potoczak Family “heard the good news of
-Sarah “(Cis)” Dobbin, Rosendo Merino salvation,” still lives in an
10:30-Michael Sweeney, Helena & Jozef Skibinski
unsaved world, a world
12:00PM-Simbang Gabi
sadly oblivious to the pres-
-Jan Cybulski, Jan Sarna - Blessing ence of God. Today’s read-
-Witek Wielgus - Blessing ings outline how the disciple is present in the
5:00PM-POLISH MASS world.
-Antonina & Kazimierz Dlugopolski The outline begins with Isaiah: “Share your
MONDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2011 bread . . . shelter the oppressed . . . clothe the na-
6:30-For the Parishioners ked” (Isaiah 58:7). Those who hear the word of sal-
8:30-Benny Lonero vation are not insensitive to the urgent needs of
TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2011 others. Then Paul reminds his flock that he brought
6:30-Gerard & Mae Ryan
Christ to them not in eloquence or wisdom, but by
8:30-Anthony Lonski
being with them in the “weakness and fear” of their
6:30-Michael & Sheila Murphy daily lives (1 Corinthians 2:3). Finally, Jesus tells
8:10-MORNING PRAYER OF THE CHURCH his disciples to go out into the gloom and darkness
8:30-Jan Bafia of the streets of the world and let God’s light shine
THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2011 through their good deeds.
6:30-James F. Eret We disciples don’t save the world. To the extent,
8:30-For the Parishioners however, that we have heard the word of God and
7:00PM - PARISH HOLY HOUR been awakened to God’s presence, we may spread
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2011 that word and bring that presence to others.
6:30-For the Parishioners © Copyright, J. S. Paluch Co.
8:30-Ercole Sturino
-Rosaria & Salvatore Sturino 2010 DONATION STATEMENT
SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2011 The 2010 contribution statements were mailed
8:30-For the Parishioners
5:00PM-Joseph Marszalek
out to all parishioners who request them annu-
-John O’Connor ally. Please call the rectory at 708-423-0321
SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2011 if you have not received it and would like
7:30-For the Parishioners statement of your donations mailed to you.
-Stephen Fahy
9:00-Jacob & Genevieve Klumbis LET US PRAY
-Robert O’Grady For the sick: Leonard Young, Simon Rivera,
10:30-Cecelia Jankowski
Elena Rivera, Teresita Lopez, Jose G. Lopez,
-James & Marie McClafferty
Janelle Demski, Walter & Betty Anderson, Har-
50th Wedding Anniversary
12:00PM-For the Parishioners
riet Madey, Denis Hedderman & Family, Loretta
1:30PM-POLISH MAS Paulus, Jean Chidichma, Shirley McVane, Vicenta
-Jan Sarna - Blessing Eckhauz, Catherine, Katie & Lucy Hedderman,
-Witek Wielgus - Blessing Patricia Williams, Andrea Pelicano, Carrie
5:00PM-POLISH MASS Hermann, Emily Sekan, Becky Alter, Lorraine
-Antonina & Kazimierz Dlugopolski Kritikos, Marilyn Buchalski, Rose Thomas, Don Kupiec,
Raymond Trusk, Maryann Sorn, Cheryl Korosa, Betty
WEDDING BANNS Anderson, Carol Mariano, Penny Prokop, Umberto Botta,
Mary Ann Riccio. For the deceased: John McCann Sr.,
I-Marcin Tisonczyk & Iwona Kukulka
Ross Merino, John Tudryn, Edna Gapastione, Regina Rzasa.
Today I want to tell you the story of a church that was built way in the highest mountains of
Switzerland. It was a beautiful church that had been built with great care by the villagers who lived
nearby. But there was one thing that the church didn't have. Can you think of what that might have
been? It didn't have any lights. You couldn't just go into the church and switch on the lights like we
do here. Yet every Sunday evening the people who lived on the mountain-side opposite the tiny
church saw something magic happen. The church bell would ring and worshippers would wend
their way up the mountainside towards the church. They would enter the church and then all of a
sudden the church would light up brightly. What do you think happened? Yes - you see the people
had to bring light with them - so they brought lanterns. When they arrived at church they would
light their lanterns and hang them around the church on pegs set in the walls, so the light would
spread all around. If only a few people came to church the light would be very dim because their
would only be a few lanterns. But when lots of people came to church there would be plenty of light.
After the service the villagers would take their lanterns home. At this time, to those who watched
from a distance, it was as if a stream of light poured out of the church and over the mountainside.
For many it was a sign that all was well. God's light was with them and in them. The only time the
little church lit up was when people were there. That's when it truly became a church. That's when
the light shone most brightly.
Jesus said we are the light of the world and we are to put our light on the lamp stand so that eve-
ryone in the house can see it. So Jesus is saying not only does he want us to preserve the world from
deteriorating but he wants us to influence the world positively, to shed light on the darkness of the
world. The darkness caused by all the violence and sin on TV certainly needs the light of Christ. You
are the best person to shed light on those you meet. What we say and what we do allows the light of
Jesus to shine or hides the light of Jesus. We can allow the light of Jesus to shine on those with whom
we live, to shine on those with whom we work, and to shine on our parish community. Our parish
has many examples of very good people who allow the light of Jesus to shine, people who have put
their lamp on the lamp stand so that it shines for everyone in the house. As in the Gospel, seeing
their good works we praise our Father in heaven for them. There are many unknown charitable acts
which allow the light of Jesus to shine, neighbors helping neighbors, family members helping family
members. Even though their good works are so often unknown we give praise to our Father in
God Bless, Fr. Rich


CONTRIBUTION $15,216.00 5:00 PM - Rev. Visiting Priest
5:00PM……………...…..…..$2,478.00 SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2011
7:30AM…………...…..……..$1,682.00 7:30 AM - Rev. Ted Ploplis
9:00AM…………...……..…..$1,803.00 9:00 AM - Rev. Mariusz Nawalaniec
10:30AM…………...…………$2,093.00 10:30 AM - Rev. Joseph Mol
12:00PM…………...……...….$1,944.00 12:00 AM - Rev. Mariusz Nawalaniec
1:30PM…………...………….$2,988.00 1:30 PM - Rev. Rich Milek
5:00PM…………...………….$1,456.00 5:00 PM - Rev. Rich Milek
MAIL IN…………..…...……….$ 643.00
Children Envelopes……..….$ 129.00 Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Thank you to all parishioners who consistently February 6, 2011
give their share to support our parish. Light shines through the darkness for the upright.
— Psalm 112:4

OPEN HOUSE: Due to the snow storm last week the Open House scheduled to take place during
Catholic School Week on Tuesday, February 1, 2011 from 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. was shortened. We
have rescheduled this Open House to take place on Tuesday, February 15th, 2011. Current school
families as well as new families who are considering a Catholic education for their child/children are
welcome to come at this time. Prospective new families will be given a tour of the school and the
opportunity to speak with the Principal, staff and teachers. The school office will be open to accept
registrations for the 2011 – 2012 school year at this time. If this Open House date is not good for
you, please call the school office (708 424-7757) to schedule a day and time that is more convenient
for you.
ALUMNI NEWS The following St. Albert the Great alumni have earned Honor Roll status at the high schools
they now attend: Brother Rice: High Honors – Daniel Mackornas; B Honor Roll – Alexander Borys. Mother
McAuley: A Honor Roll – Anna Borys and Annette Skorusa. Queen of Peace: A Honor Roll – Alexandra Bo-
chenek, Jelyn Chua, Caitlin Hecker, Savana Martin, Nora O’Malley, Rachel Ramos, Nicole Sedlacek, Maria Stat-
kus and Stephanie Vacarro; B Honor Roll – Nayeli Barragan , Lizangiebeth Castro, Jasmine Escobedo, Caitlin
Farbin, Kathleen Miller, Margaret Nowobilski, Jacklyn Pulido, Marissa Schultz, Vanina Valadez and Evelina
We are also proud to announce that Savana Martin, a senior at Queen of Peace High School has been named
an Illinois State Scholar because of her academic achievement.
Congratulations to each and every one of them! We are very proud of you! Keep up the good work!

The students of Visitation

Catholic School send
sincere and grateful
thanks to St. Albert the
Great Church and School!

Thank you for

the wonderful
Christmas gifts!

Here is an excerpt from a letter Ms. Alice Porfirio received from the Principal of the Visitation Catholic
School :”We are so grateful for organizing gifts donated to Visitation catholic School and by the people
of St. Albert the Great Parish.”, “...we pray in gratitude for you and for St. Albert the Great Parish and
School and ask God to pour out blessings in this new year of grace.”
The Gloria (1)
The Gloria, or Glory to God, follows the penitential rite. Both are acts of praise. In the penitential
rite, we sing of the mercy of Christ. In the Gloria we praise God’s saving action in the universe.
The Gloria is a relatively late addition to the Mass. It first appeared in the Roman liturgy in the
sixth century, and then it was sung only by the pope—and only on Christmas! With time, the hymn
came to be sung by bishops on major feasts, and then by priests; finally, it became the song of the en-
tire assembly. With the advent of more elaborate musical settings, the people gradually stopped sing-
ing the Gloria, until this song of the people became the exclusive domain of the priest and the choir.
But the liturgical reforms have restored it to its place as primarily the song of the assembly.
The language of the Gloria echoes the New Testament canticles. It may be begun by the priest, the
cantor, and the entire assembly in varied combinations. The Gloria is sometimes called the “greater
doxology,” and in some ways it is like an extended, ecstatic version of the familiar doxology (“Glory be
to the Father”) prayed in the Divine Office and the rosary.— Corinna Laughlin, © Copyright, J. S. Paluch Co.

St. Albert the Great BINGO
St. Albert the Great BINGO needs help, would you please con-
is held every Tuesday night sider volunteering some time to help out on Tuesday evenings.
in Roger's Hall (church basement).
All proceeds benefit St. Albert the Great School.
BINGO is the second largest fundraiser for our school. If you
Doors open at 4:00 PM, can help one Tuesday a month or every Tuesday, whatever you
early bird special a 6:45 PM. can do will be a great help. 708 423-0321. BINGO is held
Full restaurant style kitchen. every Tuesday evening in Roger’s hall. If you are able to help
Join us for an evening of fun. out please call Deacon Pete at the rectory at . Thank you for
your consideration.

St. Laurence Laurenta Club is sponsoring a fundraiser presenting an exciting evening

of entertainment starring Dave “Elvis” Thomas in “Memories of the King”. This is a three hour performance
on Saturday, February 12, 2011 at St. Laurence High School located at 5556 West 77th Street in Burbank.
Tickets are $15.00 per person (Must be 21 yrs and older to attend). Doors open at 6:00 pm,
show begins at 7:00 pm. Food and beverages will be available for purchase.
For tickets and more information contact Joe Ward at 708-425-1276.

February 7 – February 12 at St. Albert’s

Monday, February 7
11:00 am Seniors
Tuesday, February 8
Dear God,
7:00 pm Bingo
We read that Thomas
Wednesday, February 9 Edison made light. But
6:00 pm Boy Scouts in Sunday school, we
Thursday, February 10 learned that you did it.
7:00 pm Parish Holy Hour I bet he stole your
Friday, February 11
6:00 pm Cub Scouts
Saturday, February 12
4:00 pm Schola
Oddajemy chwałę Bogu, gdy na serio bierzemy Jego Słowa i wypełniamy je. Prorok Izajasz zachęca
nas do bardzo konkretnych czynów: „Dziel swój chleb z głodnym, wprowadź w dom biednych tułaczy,
nagiego, którego ujrzysz – przyodziej...” Katechizm Kościoła Katolickiego nazywa je uczynkami
miłosiernymi co do duszy i ciała.
Jako chrześcijanie powinniśmy na co dzień pamiętać o nich. Słowa przemijają, a wartość mają
czyny. To one przemieniają życie na świecie. Nie muszą być wielkie, wystarczą małe, ale takie przez
które Bóg staje się bliższy i życie sensowniejsze, które rodzą ufność i solidarność.
Już starożytni wiedzieli, że oprócz wody nie ma nic bardziej koniecznego do życia niż sól i słońce.
Do tych dwóch koniecznych dla życia rzeczy porównał Jezus swoich uczniów. Przenosząc metaforę
soli na poziom religijny rozumiemy, że nasza obecność w świecie ma oczyszczać, dodawać wartości
życiu, bronić przed zepsuciem. Spełniamy to zadanie żyjąc według ducha błogosławieństw. Taka
obecność w świecie jest nie tylko pożyteczna, ale konieczna. To jest nasza tożsamość
chrześcijańska. Jeżeli ją utracimy, nie będziemy nikomu potrzebni, jak zwietrzała sól. Byłaby to
wielka tragedia.
Mamy być światłem świata poprzez dobre czyny, które są możliwe dzięki łączności z Chrystusem.
Nie bądźmy oszczędni i skąpi skoro świecimy Jego światłem. Niech nasze światło świeci nieustannie
i bezinteresownie. Oświetlajmy drogę innym. Nie ukrywajmy swych przekonań i nie wstydźmy się
świadectwa. Niech dzięki nam w świecie będzie więcej piękna i ciepła, niech ludzie chwalą Boga
i wierzą w ludzi.
W spełnieniu misji trzeba być cierpliwym, wytrwałym i odważnym. Apostoł to człowiek modlitwy,
kochający ludzi i rozumiejący czasy, ale przede wszystkim, to ktoś znający Jezusa Chrystusa i to
Skuteczność apostołowania nie zależy od techniki, wykształcenia czy retoryki, ale od Boga. Trzeba
z pokorą i prostotą głosić Jezusa, strzec się wyniosłości i pewności siebie. Trzeba tę służbę wypełniać
z bojaźnią i drżeniem, aby sobą nie zasłaniać Chrystusa, aby objawiać mądrość i moc Boga. Takim
światłem dla świata i dla nas był, jest i będzie Sługa Boży Jan Pawel II.
Ks. Ryszard

Jeden z najbardziej Pielgrzymka na beatyfikację Jana Pawla II

rozpowszechnionych w dniach 27 kwiecień - 7 maj 2011
żartów Jana Pawła II
pochodzi z czasów, W programie: Watykan, Rzym, San Giovanni Rotondo,
kiedy był chory. Na Gargano, Monte Sant Angelo, Asyż, Florencja, Wenecja
pytanie jak się czuje przewodnik duchowy - Ks. Robert Łojek. Zapraszamy!
odpowiadał: "Nie Zapisay w parafii Św. Williama,
wiem, jeszcze nie chętnych prosimy o kontakt na numer tel. 773-484-5872
czytałem gazet". lub 773-637-6565

Restauracja Mabenka Zrzeszenie Amerykańsko Polskie

zaprasza na Zabawę Serduszkową organizuje bezpłatne kursy, przygotowujące do
egzaminu na obywatelstwo. Kursy będą rozpoczynać się w
w sobotę 12-go lutego o godzinie 7:00 pm
lutym 2011. Zajęcia odbywają się w tygodniu wieczorami
- tylko $25.00 od osoby
oraz w soboty i niedziele. Lokalizacja klas na północnej i
7844 S. Cicero Ave, Burbank, IL.
południowej stronie Chicago. W celu zapisania się proszę
dzwonić na numer 773-282-1122 wew. 400