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RetailNet Group: Store-Based Retailers Competing in a Digital World

Waltham, MA, February 03, 2011 --( According to RetailNet Group

(, store-based retailers have cause for concern in most developed markets in
the world, as overall retail sales stagnate at 2-3% growth while the consumer direct business continues to
grow at double digit rates. Further, this is not happening evenly. For example, department and specialty
store merchandise are moving into consumer direct models much faster than food. But the impact is the

As the traditional barriers to e-commerce development - supply, merchandise presentation, brand

availability and payment systems - are conquered, the viability of consumer direct models has escalated.

Even the most successful retailers will report that this shift to a digital world is not without significant

· The consumer most likely to go direct is the one no retailer wants to lose and everyone wants to win
· Consumer direct sales are generally not accretive... retailers do not gain as much as they lose in
store-based sales
· Consumer direct is often Less profitable than stores—especially if food is involved

RetailNet Group analysts, Dan O'Connor and Keith Anderson, are experts in this space and stand ready to
provide insights into the dynamics of this fundamental shift in retail, and the critical issues surrounding
e-commerce from a store-based retailer's perspective.

RetailNet Group has published a Conference Preview Whitepaper entitled Technology & E-commerce
Innovation Update (available here)

RetailNet Groups' expertise will be showcased at the forward-looking event on e-commerce for 2011:
Store-Based Retailers in a Digital World to be held in Dallas, TX on February 16-17, 2011.

RNG has collected some of the best minds in this space for a two-day interactive “boot camp” for store,
e-commerce and “omni-channel” operators to explore the most critical issues we all will face as we move
towards 2015.

An official debrief will take place after the event - anyone working as a journalist, researcher or analyst in
retail is welcome to participate in the debrief.

Speakers include:
Dan O'Connor, RetailNet Group
Keith Anderson, RetailNet Group
Jim Holbrook, EMAK
Mohamed Dekhil, HP Labs
Mike Brennan, Peapod

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Tom Furphy, Consumer Equity Partners (formerly Amazon)
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