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Help Exonerate the Wrongfully Convicted

Category: Civil & Human Rights

Target: Senator Patrick Leahy
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Started: May 26, 2005, 3:35:49 pm

Generated Date: October 12, 2010, 12:09:05 pm
Total Signatures: 594

A nationwide study reveals that from 1989 to 2003, there were 328 exonerations in the US, of which 145 of
them were a result of DNA testing ( For those
wrongfully convicted, the average number of years they spent in prison was 10 years and as many as 22% of
these inmates waited in death row for crimes they did not even commit. These innocent individuals endure
grave sacrifices: wasted time, health deterioration in prison, social stigma of an ex-convict, forced separation
from families and the inability to earn income. Here are the highlights of the study:

As many as 90% of those wrongfully convicted of rape, were convicted based on eyewitness misidentification
and cross-racial misidentification.

For the crime of murder, the leading causes of wrongful conviction was perjury committed either by jailhouse
snitches, police informants, police officers or state forensic scientists.

False confessions convicted many innocent juveniles (44%), mentally retarded and mentally ill individuals

The 4 leading states for exonerations of falsely convicted prisoners are Illinois(54), New York(35), Texas(28)
and California(22).

The Innocence Project (a nonprofit legal clinic that helps to exonerate the wrongfully convicted through
post-conviction DNA testing of evidence), cites several causes for wrongful convictions:

Mistaken identification: over two-thirds of the first 138 post-conviction DNA exonerations were a result of
mistaken identification.

Police and prosecutor misconduct, in which poor investigation, coercion, evidence destruction or
suppression, and the use of unreliable testimony from snitches are examples.

False confessions: obtained in duress, coercion, ignorance and mental impairment. Leo Jones was tortured
during police interrogation before he confessed to murdering a police officer in Jacksonville, Florida in-spite of
the fact that there were many other witnesses who came forward pointing to another suspect in the case
(National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty:

Poor lawyering: poor trial preparation, failure to call witnesses and lack of funding to public defendants.

Jurors at the trial of Gary Graham admitted that they would have voted differently had the defendant lawyer
called two other witnesses to testify at the trial. Gary was executed in Texas on July 22, 2000 (National
Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty:

Unreliable jailhouse snitches: testimonies given in exchange for rewards, special treatment and deals
question the reliability of these testimonies. David Spence, executed by the state of Texas on April 3, 1997,
was wrongfully convicted of murdering three teenagers in 1982. There was no physical evidence to connect
Spence to the crime. In this case, a zealous narcotics cop pursued the case against Spence, using testimony
given by prison inmates in exchange for special favors (National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty:

It is imperative that you sign this important petition - which will be forwarded to Senator Patrick Leahy – so
that we can fully support the Justice for All Act(,
an important piece of legislation that supports the exoneration of the wrongfully convicted. This law gives a
federal inmate the right to petition a federal court for DNA testing to support his or her claim of innocence. It
also encourages each state to adopt similar provisions to allow post-conviction DNA testing where feasible, in
order to prove a claim on innocence. By signing this important petition, you will be demanding that Congress
gives full funding to this law in order to help give justice to the wrongfully convicted and impose the same to
the true culprits of the crime.

The Innocence Project (
Why Innocent People are Wrongly Sentenced to Death
Major Issues: Innocence Protection Act (
Exonerations in the United States 1989 through 2003
Testing DNA and the Death Penalty
National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty


1. ursula (5/26/05) - I think the prisoners should have the right to fine out if they were falsley convinced of

2. Jeremy E Gregg (5/29/05) -

3. Cheryl Ayers (5/31/05) -

4. Geoff Brown (6/1/05) -

5. Aaron Ballantyne (6/1/05) -

6. Karen Y. Hardin (6/1/05) -

7. Jessica Huffman (6/1/05) -

8. Valerie Sanfilippo (6/1/05) - No death penalty, it's barbaric.

9. kelli beahm (6/1/05) -

10. simon magrath (6/1/05) -

11. Gary Nessenbaum (6/1/05) -

12. Douglas McNeill (6/2/05) -

13. LaVette Ulichnie (6/2/05) - Senator Leahy, Please help fund this law so that those who are innocent might
rightfully be freed and those who are guilty might rightfully be incarcerated. Thank you.

14. Bruce Higgins (6/2/05) - Our oxymoronic "criminal justice" system repeatedly convicts the innocent and
frees the guilty. The federal Justice for All Act must be fully funded, and all states must adopt similar laws to
protect the innocent so that any citizen will get a fair trial before being declared guilty or not guilty--and can be
exonerated if wrongfully convicted.

15. Donald Culley Jr. (6/2/05) - I do not want to see anyone wrongfully convicted of any crime but I want the
death penalty to stay. Many more crimes should have the death penalty attached, murrder, rape, child
molestation, kidnaping.

16. Jacki Lavoie Staples (6/2/05) - Considering the wealthy people who have bought their way ought of prison
for the price of a good defense lawyer or "team", it is only RIGHT to give any/every one the same, equal
rights when it comes to being able to prove their innocence: being able to use DNA should be automatic in all

17. Luke Hudson (6/3/05) -

18. Lisa Hudson (6/3/05) -

19. Lisa-Marie Sasseville (6/3/05) -

20. Gary-Antonio Newman (6/3/05) - There are numerous reports that first hand eyewitness accounts are
more often wrong then they are indeed helpful.

21. J.M. McCarthy (6/3/05) - Senator Leahy: It is my sincere hope that justice is accsessable to every
individual in our country. However, we all understand that financial resourses often dictate the outcome of a
legal matter. Please support this bill to offset the varied details that are all to often not brought to light. Thank
you in advance for your leadership that will make a difference for all people.

22. Ben Smith (6/4/05) -

23. brook renwick (6/5/05) - Overhaul the whole legal system

24. Dana Hill (6/5/05) -

25. Linda Stephens (6/6/05) - thank you for letting me sign the petition,L.Stephens

26. Sherry Horne Taylor (6/7/05) - I have recently seen three or so programs on TV regarding wrongful
convictions and even deaths because DNA was not or is not being allowed to be tested after the fact. This is

outrageous. Remember, 'innocent until proven guilty', and then DA's and police can make errors so...

27. Sara Schmidt (6/7/05) -

28. Kathryn Slaughter (6/7/05) -

29. Sylvie (6/7/05) -

30. leila hamdan (6/9/05) -

31. Katie (6/11/05) -

32. Emilie (6/12/05) - Please.

33. Connie Brauer (6/21/05) - Parents in jail because the barbaric Children's Aid Society of NS stole
their child. Resist and you get arrested.

34. brandi M heward (6/28/05) -

35. Kelly MacManes (6/30/05) -

36. Danielle Rosenstein (7/1/05) -

37. Lester M. Timofeev (7/1/05) - Free the INNOCENT !!!!!!!

38. Ann R. Stiles (7/3/05) -

39. PAMI - (7/3/05) -

40. Mark Guandolo (7/4/05) -

41. Shakela Arjoon (7/4/05) - People who tell lies constanly cannot and should not be trusted. A lie leads to
another lie until...

42. Jenn Kang (7/5/05) - It's a sad reality that the price a person is willing or able to pay a lawyer is
more of an indication of their likeliness to be found innocent than is the matter of whether or not they actually
COMMITTED the crime!

43. Jaime Rodriguez (7/7/05) -

44. Leslie Pelling (7/7/05) - I have a family member that had to make a deal with the court because our family
could not afford to go to trial; now, he is a on the Megan's Law internet for all to see! He is innocent! I
just pray that family does not get hurt or worse, killed.

45. Jeffrey David Parker (7/8/05) - Yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

46. SAS (7/8/05) - Ditto to Yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

47. Shirley Corda (7/8/05) - Free the innocent!

48. Audria Rufus (7/12/05) - It upsets my stomach to know that their are innocent people in jail wasting their
time. These cases need to be prioritized because its just wrong especially when there is DNA to exonerate
these people

49. E.Coffey (7/13/05) - I'v been wrongfully convicted before!!!!

50. Elena M Costello (7/14/05) -

51. Sherry Duffy (7/24/05) -

52. Malanie Hughes (7/30/05) - Please help me in the fight to save my brothers life. Hes been convicted of a
crime he didnt commit.

53. james jefferies (9/13/05) -

54. sandra hall (9/24/05) -

55. joy julian (9/25/05) - I sat through the trial of a man who was falsely accused of molesting some children.
There was not one shred of evidence and no reason to believe this exemplary teacher molested children.
There was no evidence that the chlidren had been molested at all! And still, he was convicted and sentenced
TO LIFE. One of the jurors who convicted him was overheard after the trial saying "well, he can appeal can't

56. michelle (9/25/05) -

57. Maura Blice (9/25/05) -

58. Katrina Guinto (10/6/05) -

59. martell webb (10/7/05) -

60. Melanie Murphy (10/12/05) - My brother is also spending time in prison for a crime which he did not
committ. Free the innocent!

61. Karrie Belles (10/12/05) -

62. Tjuana Boulanger (10/12/05) - There are way to many men and women who are in prisons who should be
in mental institutions instead of prison. If Intrem studies would be done in all courts you would find out that
over 1/2 are innocient....

63. Annette Blankenship (10/12/05) -

64. Chaplain Clair E. Luckabaugh (10/13/05) - Our prisons are way overcrowded with people who do not
belong there. Some for reason of mental health problems and others who have been coerced into taking plea
bargains for lessor charges because they were told by their public deffender that they were going to be
convicted innocent or not. Let's work to fix a severely broken system.

65. David Jensen (10/13/05) - get rid of death penalty and keep drug attics out of jail.

66. Maria Mendoza (10/17/05) -

67. benjamin miller (10/24/05) - I am signing this for dr malachi z york who was accused of child molestation
and railroaded in the courts of eatonton georgia by a corrupt sheriff, judge and is now serving a 135 year
prison term in federal prison, tortured by prison staff and officials and denied the basics human rights in the
hope that he will die befor his appeal and the truth be revealed.

68. Kim Calhoun (10/30/05) -

69. Delanie Green (11/5/05) -

70. Susan Ann Smith (11/10/05) -

71. AbeTolulope (11/11/05) -

72. M. A. Soto (11/21/05) - Justice! Not justus! Justice for all not just for a few (the wealthy, the powerful,
...)!Execution of an innocent is just plain murder. Imprisonment of an innocent is just plain crime.

73. Philip Brzezinski (11/22/05) - Let's get some public DEFENDERS in the courts, NOT public

74. Dominique Swindell (11/23/05) - Letter of Intent In June of 1977 at the age of 17 I was arrested and
subsequently Tried and Convicted of crimes that I did not commit. I tried everything in my power to prove my
innocence during my trial and during the extended incarceration. But without any luck. After 8 years of living
this life that was forced upon me. I absconded from incarceration. “Fight or flee” I did not want to fight any
longer. I tried to start a new life and put this all behind me. I did get married and have children. But I soon
found it impossible to put what happened to rest. Over the years I had sent many letters to the Court
regarding my innocence. In October of 2000 I surrendered myself to the Court and requested DNA testing to
vindicate myself. I was never sentenced for the crimes that I was convicted of back in the 70's. After 7 months
in jail wile they searched for the samples. I was told that they could not find the samples to conduct the DNA
testing. The Court sentenced me; and I filed for an Appeal. I was first sentenced to 13 years, and then a short
time later that sentence was rescinded and I was sentenced to 25 years too life. A short time after this, this
sentence was rescinded and I was re-sentenced to 1 year too 25 years too life, and immediately released
without parole or probation. Through all of this I have made no progress on my vindication. I am now
Divorced and separated from my Children. My life had gone from bad to worse. And today I am still living it. I
loose one job after another because of my past. I have seen no happiness in my life for the past 28 years
except for the birth of my son's. My life is getting harder and harder to live with. I do not fit in out here in
society nor do I fit in inside in prison. Shortly after my release from prison I was informed that I could not get
An Appeal basically because my trial Transcripts have been destroyed, before I was sentenced making it
next it impossible to get

75. briones (11/26/05) -

76. Jason Bahre (11/27/05) - The miscarriages of justice should be stopped!

77. mkm (11/28/05) - Right. So that they can kill and rape a girl right after their release.

78. Dee (12/3/05) - Let the innocent go free.

79. Christopher M. MacNeil (12/3/05) - That even one wrongfully convicted person loses what he cannot
reclaim - the time of unjust incarceration, isolation from society, seperation from freedom, lost career and
income and the stigma of having served time, even if wrongfully - is indicative of a systemic inequity that
cannot be tolerated by any individual claiming to be a U.S. citizen. We and the world deserve and expect
better of the men and women who seek and enforce so-called justice.

80. Nancie Ferris (12/3/05) -

81. Lynn Fonseca (12/4/05) - My husband was wrongfully convicted in California in 1995 due to faulty
eyewitness, coercion, and an inept defense attorney. Unfortunately, the worst reason of them all is the fact
that I do not have the monetary surplus to prove his factual innocence and must depend on PRO BONO.
That is not a bad thing, but I believe 10 years for a crime he did not do is much to long to prove it. Our society
must wake up and truly understand that our system is not perfect, because we are not perfect.

82. Patrick Hiler (12/4/05) - Actual Innocence is fact not fiction. When was the last time each one of us made
a mistake of being wrong?

83. Patty Ramos (12/4/05) -

84. Donna Mills (12/4/05) - Free the innocent!

85. Alexis Duran (12/4/05) -

86. Manoj U Joshi (12/12/05) - I support this petition.

87. Terry Speas (12/21/05) - I support this petition.

88. Bruce Fanning (1/4/06) - Police misconduct is out of control in Colorado, helped by Judges who don't
care! I have seen it with my own two eyes and that is why I support this petition.

89. miriam casillas (1/4/06) - I support this son is going to be sentenced in a bronx court for a
crime he did not commit his lawyer was arrested on 9/19/05 see ny post "lawyer out to lunch" dawn florio his
trial was a circus the da and detective destroyed a tape that woiould have cleared my son. people that were
suppose to be called on my sons behalf were never called including a college prof. a 4 time felon was the
only person who says he did it my son was home det tracey showed his picture from day one. took 3 weeks
to arrest him. my son was home only 4 months from a previous case. doing well and doing the right thing but
in this country if you make one mistake and write up a detective they get back at you. there is no weapon no
dna but a junkie who lived w the deceased and his dealer that says it was my son. the three lived together the
victim called his mom that same day to say so snd so is gonna kill me if i dont pay him the drug money i owe.
its a long case after dawn florio was arrested lawyer jasne took the case. he did a lousy job and my son is in
rikers is.

90. miriam casillas (1/4/06) - I support this son is going to be sentenced in a bronx court for a
crime he did not commit his lawyer was arrested on 9/19/05 see ny post "lawyer out to lunch" dawn florio his
trial was a circus the da and detective destroyed a tape that woiould have cleared my son. people that were
suppose to be called on my sons behalf were never called including a college prof. a 4 time felon was the
only person who says he did it my son was home det tracey showed his picture from day one. took 3 weeks
to arrest him. my son was home only 4 months from a previous case. doing well and doing the right thing but
in this country if you make one mistake and write up a detective they get back at you. there is no weapon no
dna but a junkie who lived w the deceased and his dealer that says it was my son. the three lived together the
victim called his mom that same day to say so snd so is gonna kill me if i dont pay him the drug money i owe.
its a long case after dawn florio was arrested lawyer jasne took the case. he did a lousy job and my son is in
rikers is.

91. Louise Piromalli (1/19/06) - I support this petition. My Husband Valentino Dixon has spent the last 14
years in Attica prison for a crime he did not commit. Another man confessed to the crime, and several
eyewitnesses also cleared Valentino of this crime, along with one of the victims who told the police they had
the wrong man. None of these witnesses were called to testify. Valentino’s court appointed Attorney
failed to put on a defense. In January, 2005 Valentino took and passed a polygraph test and he still sits in
prison for a crime he did not commit. Log on and read about his case, find out just how easy it is to be falsely
accused and convicted, complete with news articles, trial transcripts and official police documents. From
police and prosecutorial misconduct, to the Judge that allowed it all to happen. Imagine being locked in a
cage for 39 years to life, because law officials do not want to admit they made a mistake and let the
self-confessed killer back on the street to only commit the same crime. Valentino needs your help and
support. Please take a moment to read his story. This could happen to you or someone you love. All
Donations for The Valentino Dixon Defense Fund are greatly appreciated and will be accepted at : any
Citizens Bank, Checks and Money Orders can also be sent to: 87 Hagen Street, Buffalo, NY. 14211

92. maria perez (1/22/06) - I support this petition. My brother has been jail for the last 11years for a crime he
did not commit. he was put in jail when he was 19yrs. H

93. Jimmy De Glace (1/28/06) - I support this petition. DEA agent brain Mclaurin in Panama city florida teams
up with career drug dealer steven ming and friends

94. sonya (1/28/06) - I support this petition.

95. Carol Moffett (2/2/06) - I support this petition.

96. gabriel f real (2/6/06) - I support this petition.Hi im writing because i have an older brother thats in
calipatria state prison , hes been in prison for 9 years now, for a crime he did not do and i have his transcripts
to show it , in his transcripts it states that the he was not picked out of a line up and wasnt picked out of
pictures the lady did not discribe my brother she discribed two other men pointed them out and they still
convicted my brother and actually they let the main guy she discribed go free , my family and i do not know
what to do. my, brother has been in the middle of (Riots / lockdowns / and not receiveing his packages/ we
dont have alot of money but we are trying to fond an attorney that will reopen his case and serve justice on
his behalf , i want to say thank you for trying to make thing right in life . thank you G.F.R

97. sonya cruz (2/7/06) - I support this petition. because i have a son korey twyman who was wrongly lied on
by people that was in jail or serving time, during his trial. but was never said in front of the jury, and each one
would look at the prosecutor and say did i do alright and now you gonna reduce my time, and looked at the
judge for some type of confirmation. my son was a co defendant to a double murder. that he was wrongly
conficted for. they said he was 18 yrs old and he was 15 yrs old his codefendant was 18yrs old at that time.
also there was no evidence against my son and he himself was shot, which was a drive by. point being the
area my son was shot at, and the fact he couldnt havent physically participated at all...among other things. to
this day im trying to get korey case back in court at this moment im seeking an attorney who can get his case
back into court. his trial was in 1999, and my son today we still cant get his transcripts nor has he ever
received any of it...korey codefedant has had three appeals, and has his third trial coming up!

98. Donna Kistler (2/11/06) - I support this petition. All too often the legal system twists the truth with fancy
words to convict an innocent person. Its sad to think that most convictions are a obvious case of offical
misconduct. Its become very clear that money is the root of all evil, if you have enough money you can buy
your way out of anything but, if you simply cant afford to fight the system, even if your 100% innocent you will
lose your case and end up in jail.

99. sadiyyah Collins (2/11/06) - I support this petition.

100. Ruth (2/12/06) - I support this petition.I have a son in California State Prison who was wrongfuly
convicted of a case at the time of the OJ Simpson trial. By Nicle's Father being at the sentenceing phase the
judge ruled wrongfuly and and made a BIAS decession only to please Mr. Brown. In other words someone
had to pay. I started off paying his lawyer but ran into financial problems ,he tried to get off his case but was
made to stay on as a public defender and did very little to prove him innocent.

101. Brandon Bond (2/15/06) - I support this petition.

102. Aunt Jemima (2/16/06) - I support this petition. But you all crazy. Crazy as hell.

103. Lauretta SIlva (2/26/06) - I support this petition.

104. michelle torres (2/26/06) - I support this petition.

105. Dianne Warren (2/26/06) - I support this petition. Too many are wrongfully convicted. Their lives are put

on hold. The time spent in prison cannot be given back to them. Their families must live without them. To
Justice and Freedom!

106. Noreen McCarthy (2/26/06) - I support this petition.

107. wanda johnson (2/28/06) - I support this petition.

108. Mary Lugo (3/10/06) - I support this petition.

109. Javon H(GA) (3/10/06) - I support this petition. If there is no reason beyond a doubt, there should be no
reason to lock an individual up. Whatever happened to the simple lie detector test or truth syrum? The
numbers of falsely convicted prisoners is scary compared to the rapist, murders, and sex offenders they
release into society on good behavior.

110. Shirley (3/11/06) - I support this petition.

111. Carla Johnson (3/15/06) - I support this petition.

112. Carlo Johnson (3/15/06) - I spent 10 years in prison on a conviction I was never charged/indicted. I still
have no answers. I support the petition. When will our officials in the system open their eyes to what is going
on. (Or at least stop turning their backs or a blind eye to what is going on) The malicious prosecution that is
used to convict those in prison, should be kept in mind when their time comes.

113. David Dallas (3/17/06) - I support this petition.

114. HELP CONVICT THE WRONGFULLY EXONERATED (3/17/06) - I dont support this petition.

115. Shannon Lott (3/18/06) - I support this petition.

116. Aiza Huerta (3/19/06) - I support this petition.

117. Melody (3/22/06) - I support this petition. Kalispell montanas Mr Ed Corrigan, and the judges in this
stupid town play favorites, misuse and abuse whoever they want

118. Dana Caribe (3/23/06) - I support this petition.

119. Victoria Mary (Forbrich) Stong (3/26/06) - I support this petition because there are so many prisoners in
jail that are truly innocent. These innocent prisoners are in a living nightmare that they can't wake up from.
We need to help weed out those who are convicted due to Racism, Prejudice and other invalid reasons. We
need to treat people the way we want our own treated. If you wrongly have someone convicted, you have
blood on your hands because you promote the destruction of that persons life & the destruction of the world.
Thank God we have D.N.A. now & GREAT Forensic Scientists to exonerate the innocent. Prisons & the like
are very dangerous places for the innocent & many die before being exonerated. IF YOU'RE NOT A PART
OF THE SOLUTION.......YOU ARE A PART OF THE PROBLEM! Respectfully & Sincerely, Ms. Victoria Mary
Stong/Humanitarian & Civil Rights & Community Activist-N.Y.C.

120. Roman Gibbons (3/29/06) - I support this petition.

121. carla zastrow (3/29/06) - I support this petition.

122. Susan Botts (3/30/06) - I support this petition. Law enforcement is too lazy to do a reasonable job and it
is the people who pay the price.

123. samantha (4/5/06) - I support this petition because in my opinion my child's father was wrongfully
convicted of a sex offense when he was 19, he cannot see our son until he is 18 which means he can only
see pictures of him and never meet him.

124. TIM YENCER (4/6/06) - I support this petition.

125. Katherine (4/6/06) - I support this petition.

126. David Heitman (4/7/06) - I am a strong supporter of this petition.

127. Gary Ribovic (4/7/06) - I support this petition.

128. Leah (4/18/06) - I support this petition.I was wrongfully convicted.I am no longer incarcerated, but I
suffer tremendously for the consequences for being a wrongfully convicted felon. I live in fear everyday of
harrasment and retaliation from certain members of law enforcement that I know are guilty of felony
miscondut in my case.

129. Connie (4/22/06) - I support this petition. I love someone who was wrongly convicted. I worry about
them..and fear they are so consumed by this travesty of justice that they may never resume a normal life or
open their heart enough to love me back.

130. Dr. Harriet M. Grigsby (4/23/06) - I support this petition. I have a grandson who has been erroneously
convicted without trial or DNA testing, sentenced by a racist judge in Michigan

131. Cindy Brown (4/27/06) - I support this petition, because my brother in law is sitting in prison for a crime
he did not commit.

132. amy branch (5/30/06) - i support the petition for my nephew who was convicted. he needs an attorney
now. the superior ct granted for his case to be reheard.

133. sharlyne (5/31/06) - i support this petition because i know the feeling of having a loved one that was
wrongfully accused behind bars for something they couldnt have possibly have done i know cause my loved
one is still there now serving time for someone else the REAL GUILTY PERSON

134. Shelby Taylor (6/8/06) - I support this petition because I realize that living in the South for young men is
not an easy life. And finding justice for them is even more difficult. I have two sons and I know that I would
want equal justice for them, but given the way the law work here in Mississippi is highly unlikely. When will
our sons find justice and not be harassed and intimidated by the so-called justice system? We must not give
up, but to continue to fight for what is right. Not because of who or what we are, but because it is the right
thing to do. Howell family, do not give up, you have all the help you will ever need. Most importantly you have
the truth and God on your side.

135. Debbie (6/8/06) - because there are too many inmate who are innocent in our jail system and it's just not
right. DA's and judges know they are innocent but they turn the evidence unfairly in their favor by threatening
witnesses and hiding evidence that will prove these people innocent. They are judging on who should be in
jail and who shouldn't. Making these people accept long plea sentences so they don't get 25 or 50 to life for
doing NOTHING wrong. The justice in America has gone the way of the toilet and until it hits you at home you
just don't know how really, really bad it is. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? The system is
corrupt and it's a really bad statement on our society.

136. P (6/8/06) - My husband is currently incarcerated for a crime he didnt commit due to misrepresentation,
false identification, coercion.

137. Lucinda Jolley (6/12/06) - We have just recently had a friend go to prison for 6 years for a crime he didn't
commit, he was pressured into a plea bargain and got the maximum under that. It is a terrible injustice and
effects so many, not only him, but his family friends and everyone involved. It is heartbreaking.

138. Tyson Lee (6/16/06) -

139. gertrude syphax (6/16/06) -

140. Virginia Guy (6/18/06) - because I was read this story,and what I read this young is wrongly accuser.He
Is Innocent!

141. maggie thompson (6/26/06) -

142. barbara clark (7/14/06) - i support this petition because i know a young man,was wrongly convicted for
shooting a woman who had a knife to his babys throat, threating to killhis young son because he was going to
leave her,she was high on drugs and out of her mind. this young man had a unexperinced lawyer and
crooked lawyer and judge who has since been convicted of several crimes themselves and has felony
charges against them. this young man should have a new trail.

143. Human rights don't exist in America. Glad I don't live there. (7/14/06) -

144. Kemi (7/15/06) - I support this petition because just yesterday my brother was wrongfully convicted of
crime he did not commit. This has left my family distraught because of the injustice that has taken place. He
is only 22 and i am very fearful that he will never be able to get back his freedom. He was charged with felony
murder because of jailhouse snithches and police officers. i am hopeful that one day JUSTICE WILL BE

145. Robert (7/31/06) - M son was wrongfully convicted of a sex crime which he did not commit.The victim
even testified she was lyng on the stand before the jury..and yet he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

146. Tammy Farrell (8/1/06) - There are far too many people wrongfully convicted. There is such a story in
my home town where the person is innocent but the law is the "good ole boy" kind.. please visit

147. Jessica Scott (8/1/06) -

148. Leah Roche (8/4/06) -

149. Karen Wilson (8/5/06) - My very best friend is being wrongfully accused of murder, they have no
evidence or body, but is facing death or 50 years. Also, their was a young man here where I live that was
wrongfully accused of rape, and years later found not guilty.I really would appreciate any help I could get to
my friend.

150. Mark Hobratschk (8/8/06) -

151. Donna Meadows (8/25/06) -

152. Lexa Kay Ritchie (10/19/06) - thank you

153. Tanyha K. Nelson (10/26/06) -

154. dorothy harris (10/26/06) - because my family has been very,very wrongful mistreated ,lied on,fasely


155. Leanne Evans (11/5/06) - People being wrongfully accused & convicted is a sure sign that our legal
system is in shambles. I have a good, dear friend who is falsely accused and sitting in jail now, awaiting trial.
The whole situation infuriates me!

156. Joseph Davis (11/29/06) - my father leaves for prison tomorrow for a crime he didnt commit. I am
tangeled in emotions right now, but i know that justice was far from served. I dont know if this petitioin in
anyway applies to my situation, but its worth a shot. My family needs help and even if this petition doesnt
specifically help us I pray that no one has to suffer what we are going through.

157. Shery Yang (12/1/06) - My brother was convicted of a shooting he did not commit. The prosecutor's
witnesses had two different stories, the first was that the shooter was short and had long hair. My brother at
the age of 17 cut his hair working at Dairy Queen and was bald as of July 2002. The shooting occurred
October 12, 2002. My brother at the time was 5'8". Not considered to be very short. But after several
questionings from the police officers, their story changed. Stating they made wrong descriptions of the
shooter. I come from a small town where racism and corruption through the authorities are widely known.
They chose out whoever they could just so they didn't look like the fools who couldn't solve a simple case.
They convicted my brother at the time of 17, 32 years. The case never proved that my brother was the
shooter. Authority is truely corrupted. We are still fighting the case till this day.

158. Lisa Angelos (12/4/06) - My brother was wrongfully sentenced because of an inmates testimony. 55 yrs
for a bag of weed. I lost my brother so a jail informant who has almost killed someone and shot people can go
free. Does the FBI care about giving the wrong people enormous sentences or putting the right criminal away
for more harsher crimes. It is obvious they care about time. They make them more money.

159. Michele (12/26/06) - My cousin was wrongly convicted of rape. He committed adultry-that was wrong,
but the girl invited him into her home and bedroom-had consensual relations, then when he said he was
married she got angry and called 911-after consoling the "big teddy bear" (her words) for 30 mins as he cried
about cheating on his wife. he had taken the girl to lunch-the police failed to get the video from the place
before it was gone. comments on her myspace "sorry things didn't work out with that guy." Ya he was really
guilty. 53 years to life. 21 yr old kid with a new baby. His life is over.

160. Kerry Bossick (1/13/07) - Right now my friend Billy is suffering in jail because a bitter ex-girlfriends niece
is accusing him of molesting her. I don't know how I can help him but I am going to try my hardest to do so. I
believe so many people are wrongly convicted and even though he is only charged with this crime right now,
he is still sitting in jail and has been since May. If anyone lives in NJ and knows of anyway for me to help me,
please contact me. he has no money and I have very little bit unfortunately. My email is and my name is Kerry. Thank you and good luck!

161. Abbie (1/17/07) -

162. ANESHEA BLAKE (1/20/07) -

163. Mari (1/22/07) - My mother was wrongfully convicted of a crime she never committed. The statement of
the victim was faulty and all over the place. He switched his story various times, admitted to calling my
mothers place of work to get her fired, and still his lying and rotten ways were ignored by the the judge that
passed judgement on my mother, and didn't know anything of what he was doing. Justice is scarce and I've
lost all faith in the justice system. To anyone who reads this. If you're accused of a crime, do not put your
trust on the judge, put your trust on your fellow man. ASK for a jury trial, if not you might be going through the
same pain and anger that my family is going through.


165. Roy Lay (2/2/07) -

166. kate (2/7/07) - my father had been languising in jail right now for 3 years for a felony charge of child
molestation and acts of lasciviousness of which he did not commit. The case is full of dirty tactics and lies all
made up by his estranged mistress to whom he had sired a child. He was about to be given 6 years in jail by
the judge but the defense attorney filed for investigation of the jury's decision since long before their
deliberation a member of the jury shouted guilty which have made their decision already biased.

167. Dawn M. Harmon (2/21/07) - I was exonerated from a crime in 2005 and I can get no help I also have A
seizure disorder, and the cops roughed me up. I am a female 41 yrs. old with two misdemeanors on my

168. Robert Pagan (3/8/07) -

169. Samantha N. Kerlin (3/15/07) - My bestfriend's brother was wrongfully accused of Home Invasion and
was sentenced to 15 years in prison. This was a case of a jealous woman who wanted to be with him but he
would not be unfaithful to his wife and to get back at him she stabbed him 5 times and called the police and
made up a story. To see his case study and his book please go to Thanks for looking!

170. Rosalinda Vital (3/25/07) -


172. Rev. Cheryl L. Green (4/15/07) -

173. Anitra Logan (4/22/07) - I have a friend that was wrongfully convicted, that is asking for help to be
exonerated, any more information that i can use or if i can refer him to someone reliable that will help him
with his case would be greatly appreciated.

174. Teresa Dillon (4/23/07) - My brother is in military confinement at this time because of a messy divorce.
His vindictive wife accused him of rape, sodomy, and raping their daughter. He now will have to register as a
sex offender unless granted clemency. Seems we're guilty unless proven innocent.

175. Eve Kessler (5/16/07) -

176. carla zastrow (5/18/07) - My brother is in prison for something that I believe he did not do.

177. Phyllis Littrell (5/23/07) -

178. Veronica Machhour (5/25/07) - There are far too many wrongfull convictions. Some which are so very
obvious. The legal system has proven itself to be so very corrupt and unjust. Wrongfull conviction are far too
common, this should not at all be the case. CRIMES, such as The Death Penalty should not be allowed in
ANY country. It is animalistic, disgusting, inhuman and quite frankly so very hypocritical. What makes it wrong
for one to take anothers life, but right for their life to be taken?!?! It is not up to anyone to take anothers life!
What gives someone the right to make such a decision? The Death Penalty is a teaching of hypocricy. It is
nothing but barbaric and NO fellow human being should be subjected to that, (innocent OR guilty!!!). Help
Stop Wrongfull Convictions, The Corrupt Legal System And The Death Penalty! Please Visit:
WWW.FREERYANFERGUSON.COM Please help spread the word. Thank you.


180. Rob (5/31/07) - I support this because Iknow there are innocent people suffering in jails and prisons all
over the U.S. Especially here in nashville,tn. This is one of the top male bashing states. The fact that most of
those convicted of violent crimes here are men, proves this.

181. tamishawalker (6/2/07) - i believe in making sure the right person goes to jail for his actions.

182. Robert Boyd (6/7/07) - Please contact me I need help with a case that I did not commit but I'mbeing
railroaded into just taken a plea for a woman who has accused me ofcrimes I did not commit and has political
help to hold me in a prison formany months. During a time being held without a court date then after bondand
the firing of my attorney who did nothing the judge forced a trialwithout proper legal representation to get
either a plea or conviction. Ifeel this is not right...Sincerely,R. Boyd

183. Elizabeth Thacker (6/12/07) -

184. heather a saliva (6/22/07) - heather saliva

185. Susan Fernandez (6/25/07) -

186. Josh Aldana (6/27/07) - I do have a family member that wrongfully (and knowingly) convicted from drug
dealing by a police officer. The police officer is his brother-in-law, and the only reason he did that was
because he didn't get part of some money that he wasn't even entitled to.

187. Ruth Payne (6/29/07) -

188. Nadine Estrado (7/2/07) -

189. Patricia Lewis (7/7/07) - My son was giving no justice,this needs to stop.Thank you Patricia Lewis

190. william J hoffert (7/7/07) - the federal goverment isnt interested in justice only convictions

191. Ms Robinson (8/4/07) - I am signing this forMr.Louis G. Clark III. He was wrongfully convicted for the
murders of a father and his child. Louis is a father , and he would never harm a child . Heis not a cold
blooded murderer.

192. jeanette downward (8/7/07) - i think it is terrible that so many people get wrongfully convicted and put on
death row i would love to help and try to help free them

193. NANCY SIGLER (8/14/07) - What's wrong with the judicial system in California? Too many juvinile court
judges making convictions on popularity for the judge instead of the facts? Too many facts overlooked and
innocent juviniles labled for the rest of their lives.

194. Joe Hujbar (8/22/07) - i did time in ill max prison while there i had met a young man with life to do i did
some research on his case and i know he was framed by the chicago police dept.

195. venus sellner (8/29/07) -

196. George High (9/11/07) - George

197. Deb Dodge (9/14/07) - my fiancee' and his brother were wrongfully convicted of 1st degree murder and
are still fighting to get out.

198. Sterling McIntosh (9/23/07) - I am in this same situation,so I know what you are going through, and I
want to help!

199. Lennora Kozinko (9/23/07) - Please stop the use of Snitches and the allowing testimony of those who

200. Cyndi Nguyen (9/26/07) -

201. william soohoo (10/3/07) -

202. l d johnson (10/25/07) - My nephew is a victim of this brutal judicial system, he was just sentenced to 2
years in prison although he is mentally incapacatated. we could certainly use your help

203. torey (10/26/07) - No matter what a person does, they do not deserve to be killed. It is morally wrong.

204. Rachel Fraga (11/10/07) - My boyfriend was also wrongfully convicted, and talked into signing a
statement written by the authorities of Illinios. He spent almost five years in different Illinios facilities, and now
is a registered sex offender.

205. Sherrill Atkins (11/16/07) - Let us remember what it feels like to be wrongfully accused -- when we know
we did not do it --i.e., accused of cheating on your spouse, taking the ink pen, in school and a student tells a
lie on you, etc. it did and does not feel good.Thank you.

206. Shirley Carter (11/20/07) -

207. Claire Vallina (11/25/07) -

208. Karen Burks (12/6/07) -

209. ann (12/25/07) - Yes I support this. I dont think innocent people should be in jail or prison for something
they did NOT do i would like to see justic done on behalf of these inocent men and women teens who are
wrongfully accused of crimes. Lets help them out and get them out as quickly as we can and lets make a law
that you have to prove they did this crime and not make it up beause they want to convict anyone. stop these
corrupted police officers and do an investigation on them

210. P. deSpencer (12/26/07) - I know someone wrongfully convicted; it is cruel and unusual punishment to
have to go through this.

211. J. Shannon (1/3/08) -

212. hemmingway saisi (1/8/08) -

213. Bessie Burnsed (2/19/08) -

214. Tynisha (2/25/08) - My husband is in jail now wrongfully charged and he is innocent

215. desiree johnson (3/2/08) -

216. Sherry Oatman (3/19/08) - Unfornuately,if DNA is not present in rape kits,man can still be
convicted.Convictions based on he said/she said she NOT be allowed in any state.

217. Cyndi Nguyen (3/25/08) -

218. charlene charlton (4/4/08) - My son has been in prison for ten years for a crime he didnot do. The
investigation was batched, so was the trial. We didnot have the money to hire an aattorney. We had to use a
court appointed lawyer. Needles to say. It has been a living hell. We need more help for the poor and needy.

219. A KHAN (4/7/08) -

220. Randy Sprague (4/13/08) -

221. olivia (4/16/08) -

222. J. Cole (4/21/08) - Hemmingway saisi was wrongfully incarserated due to attorney represation, beaten in
prison, and now is being harrased by the parole system in NJ.Yes I support this petition

223. Lisa Donald (4/28/08) - Too many innocent people are rotting away in prison. This has to STOP!!!

224. cydney (5/9/08) -

225. Emylee Acosta (5/31/08) - I support this pettion because my brother in law Pedro Santos was accused
and convicted of conspiracy to comit kidnaping and was sentenced to 12 years in a Connecticut State
prison.Mean while the people who actually commited the crime are in prison and appologize to the family
saying that he was not involved and had never even known him.Yet they won\'t help him out in court to testify
that he was not even there.And is now serving a 12 year sentence for no reason.Please let me know what
can be done for this poor boy.If there is any hope for justice for the innocent

226. Vicky M (7/2/08) - Too many people are wrongfully convicted. The blame is put on the police and the
judicial system. If they dont convict anyone, they look bad and they are not doing their jobs. Many people are
forced into confessing to crimes they didnt commit with the promise of shorter sentences. I think these
practices need to stop. Innocent people and their families are suffering because of this. I support this petition!

227. judy (7/3/08) - I support this petition. I support this petition, because first i'm a victim. To make a long
story short i got charged for retaliation or obstruction because i stoped my brother from taking a plea and the
DA got mad and filed false allegations on me and my brother got 90 yrs. for not taking her plea deal. Also in
his case there was no evidence agian he say she say and a bunch of people who didnt like that he was
married to a cucasian lady to testify against him saying that he confessed that he sexually abused his
daughter. Also this was his first time ever in trouble never even had a speeding ticket.Texas laws have to
change and jury duty has to be taken more serious. You should be charged with a crime if your sleeping
during a trial!!! This is excessive punishment and what makes it worst is a week later a guy was charged and
plead guilty to sexually assualting a 12 yr. old and recieved 5yrs. probation.

228. Debra (7/9/08) - I support this petition.

229. glorybee diaz montes (7/9/08) - I support this petition.I HAVE A BROTHER WHO IS SENTENCED TO

230. Kristin (7/10/08) - I support this petition.

231. mechell westberry (7/17/08) - I support this petition.

232. Michael (7/20/08) - I support this petition. Pastor Michael J. Ruiz

233. Chris Watson (7/31/08) - I support this petition.

234. Merian Croos (8/11/08) - I support this petition.

235. sharyl stewart (8/14/08) - I support this petition.

236. mary steed (8/18/08) - I support this petition. It can seem so easy to convict someone often times on
little to no REAL evidence, but it can take a lifetime (or longer) to find the truth sometimes, WHY?

237. Kayanna Hunter (8/22/08) - I support this petition.

238. ma843zda ma843zda (9/2/08) - c922t

239. Lindsay Marshall (9/3/08) - I support this petition.

240. ma142zda ma142zda (9/8/08) - c961t [a] [/a]

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265. t695t t695t (9/8/08) - c837t [a] [/a]

266. ma477zda ma477zda (9/8/08) - c503t [a] [/a]

267. Miriam Broadnex (9/10/08) - I support this petition.

268. Diann Butt (9/12/08) - I support this petition.

269. ma141zda ma141zda (9/16/08) - c545t [a] [/a]

270. t985t t985t (9/16/08) - c364t [a] [/a]

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315. Lucy Frost (9/20/08) - I support this petition.

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329. Shameka Easterling (9/30/08) - I support this petition.

330. Birdman Believe Dat Ringtones Birdman Believe Dat Ringtones (9/30/08) - c388t [a] [/a]

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400. Bruce Peodophile (10/9/08) - I support this petition. The Bruce and all his moderators are known
peodophiles. Why else would a 50 year old bloke have a web site aimed at youngsters.

401. Smeagol Carl (10/9/08) - I support this petition. Carl is a known peadophile.

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434. Rebecca Griggs (10/17/08) - I support this petition.

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470. Yvonne Ito Ito (10/22/08) - I support this petition.

471. Chloe Farrow (10/22/08) - I support this petition.

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517. patrese knox (11/9/08) - I support this petition.

518. Kirstin Russell (11/17/08) - I support this petition whole heartedly.

519. jackie dingess (11/23/08) - I support this petition. because , i know that people are convicted of crimes
that they did not comit!!! i know because i have 3 uncles in prison for the rest of there lives because of a
woman murdered ... several different seamen was found in this woman but none of it belonged to my uncles!!
and 2 of my uncles had a alibis with time clocks from work!! i come from a poor family and we cant pay for
any more layers!!

520. Christina McNabb (11/26/08) - I support this petition.

521. Darnell Forest (12/23/08) - I support this petition.

522. Barbara Ann GALLAGHER (1/7/09) - I support this petition.because right now an Iraq vet was sentenced
to 63 years in prison for a murder he did not commit jail house snitches and one of amherst county virginia
deputy;s son was the real shooter he changed his story 6 times then made a plea bargin all while putting the
murder he commited onan innocent man Justin davis the cops son got away with murder he will spend less
then 10 years in prison for murder

523. Hannah Wright (1/9/09) - I support this petition.

524. rebecca brown (1/28/09) - I support this petition.

525. Carla Welch (2/6/09) - I support this petition.

526. sara bavle (2/13/09) - I support this petition.

527. Elaine Johnson (3/10/09) - I support this petition.

528. Heather Herrerias (3/15/09) - I support this petition.

529. Monica Cabarcas (4/7/09) - I support this petition.

530. keith means (4/14/09) - I support this petition.

531. teresa MCGOWAN (4/15/09) - I support this petition.I have my only 2 sons in prison for life,for a murder
they did not do and there dna,palmprint,&hair samples do not match any at the crime scene,they have to
belong to someone,WHO?THE SYSTEM DOESN\'T CARE that they don\'t match my sons,they just wanted
to convict someone,they were covicted on circumstanceuall evidence,those are the words from judge miel\'s
own mouth,montcalm county,stanton youngest son was home that night,we weren\'t allowed to
testify,only the meatheads sons are innocent PLEASE HELP US.

532. Mary Piers (5/12/09) - I support this Petition.

533. Lawon Whitaker (5/22/09) - I support this petition.

534. Kathleen Ford (5/26/09) - I support this petition.

535. Debbie Kellum (5/30/09) - I support this petition.

536. Marissa Flores (6/1/09) - I support this petition.

537. Babette Irgmaier (7/15/09) - I support this petition.

538. Jennifer James (7/22/09) - I support this petition.

539. JENNIFER TORREZ (8/4/09) - I support this petition.MY FIANCE HAS BEEN WRONGFULLY

540. Teresa Acosta (8/6/09) - I support this petition. This is all wrong. I have a brother who is serving two life
sentences with no evidence, dna, nothing. The system is all for the money - no justice.

541. Nicholas Woods (8/6/09) - I support this petition. I was recently released from prison after doing four
years for a crime I was forced to plead guilty to. I need help in overturning my conviction. I have plenty of
evidence proving my innocence but no one who has any authirity is willing to listen. Please help!

542. Phyllis Fellows (8/22/09) - I support this petition.

543. nathaniel hall (8/23/09) - I have a brother who have been wrongfully convicted in the state of virginia for
a murder that he did not do.

544. Denise Alexander (8/26/09) - I support this petition. I have a brother serving life in the state of
pennsylvania and my family and i are reaching out to anyone that may be able to help us or guide us in the
right direction. If you have any information or any organizations that can help please email me.

28/32 Thanks

545. ian wakley (9/4/09) - I support this petition. I eyes have been opened to the injustices that occur
everyday as i am now one of the unfortunate innocent. It seems ther is so little help for the wrongly accused
and whist my case is in the early stages it should not have gone this far.. a complainant has the full support of
the system behind them and the innnocent then feel powerless .We want to belive in fact people blindly
believe in \' the system\' the fact that it fails even a few is NOT acceptable ! And what justice do the innocent
or the familuies of the innnocent receive if cleared? it seems pretty much nothing.

546. Melissa Estes (9/22/09) - I support this petition.

547. Barbara Tademy (9/27/09) - I support this petition.

548. Wrongfully charged (9/29/09) - I support this petition,and any petition for the wrongully convicted or
charged! Many people dont understand, how unjust our system can be. many dont have the basework to
understand that culture of learning. After being incarcerated almost 5 years awaiting trial, for a murder i knew
nothing of... i am now a university student almost with a BS, seven years later. i will get there eventually.
Adopting to the real world is something i address daily, in order to try and stay above in deep waters, and
now with offspring it is a must. That is just my testamony story, to whom ever to it for...

549. Meredith Akins (10/16/09) - I support this petition.

550. kathy kinney (10/29/09) - I support this petition.

551. Priscilla Strickland (11/13/09) - I support this petition. Husband was convicted of rape with no evidence,
just heresay. The prosecutors didn\'t care as long as they got to put someone behind bars.

552. Linda Commeau (11/14/09) - I support this petition.

553. Beth Schuldiner (11/23/09) - I support this petition.

554. Bree Whitcomb (12/1/09) - I support this petition. My father is currently incarcerated (4 1/2 yrs now) &
wrongfully convicted w/o representation!!!!!!

555. darla henderson (12/2/09) - I support this petition.

556. jacqui oreilly (12/18/09) - I support this petition. as my partner has just been gived 10 years for an amout
of 500 pound mony laundering and i transportation of class a drugs the drugs charge by the way never
showed any evidance of being in the veichacle she travelled in, she offered a guilty plea to the money
laundering and it was rejected and other people in the same case where never charged and played the same
role and others stil who had firearm charges with the drugs and where higher up than her recieved 5 years.

557. carolee procter (12/24/09) - I support this petition.

558. Dominique Rideout (12/29/09) - I support this petition.I am 18 years old my dad has been in jail a couple
of months before I was born and i a deeply affected

559. Jennifer McClain (12/29/09) - I support this petition.

560. Courtney Heard (1/14/10) - I support this petition.

561. Mary Roiz-McArthy (1/15/10) - I support this petition. The innocent need to be released. Sloppy work by
Atty\'s,ADA\'s Judges just shows us there is a mentality of \"I don\'t really care,I still get paid\"or \"Just another

poor/ indigent,low-income person, not much education,so probably better off if found guilty\" WELL ,I HATE
TO BURST YOUR BUBBLE,but tearing families apart because of an Atty,Judge,DA,ADA\'s own bias,
laziness,and IGNORANCE of all our supposedly high justice system that it\'s willing to let the guilty go free
before the innocent. WOW,sounds like there\'s a lot of work to do! I suggest you all get out your DNA testing
kits,open the labs and start righting all the wrongs that are in our prison system.Now I\'m asking for the
innocent to be exonerated. Get cracking, before many more die in prison that never needed to be there Mary
Roiz-McArthy San Diego CA

562. Marla Burke (1/16/10) - I support this petition. A false confession given under coersion, lies from his
co-conspirator and ignorance of the law is what got, Richard Singletary (Phila., PA)convicted of murder he
DID NOT commit. He was manipulated and used for convience by the system. Go to Wrongful convictions is NOT justice! This has got to end.

563. mindi k. Madsen (1/18/10) - I support this petition.

564. Yolonda Short (1/19/10) - I support this petition.

565. Angela Johnson (1/21/10) - I support this petition. I hope that you get all 1500 + for this wonderful cause.

566. Luis Cortez (1/27/10) - I support this petition. I need help. I don\'t know what to do or where to start. My
brother in law has been in state penitentiary for 12 yrs going on 13 for a crime that he didn\'t commit. There
was to many discrepancies in his case. He had got a DA reject but then they refiled on him and was
sentenced to 25 to life without the possibility of parole. He was born in Tijuana, Mex., Can somebody
PLEASE help me, or guide me to someone who can, I don\'t care if he gets deported as long as he gets out.
He has a beautiful daughter who unfortunately has diabetes and asthma which makes it very difficult for her
to see her father. I know theres a way I just don\'t know how to go about it. During the whole time of court and
trial he had a Public Defender, they would not let him fire him, they would not give him a state appointed
attorney, NOTHING. I don\'t know what to do now, how to appeal, how to see if someone can help me.
PLEASE I need advise and I don\'t know what to do

567. Cally Wolery (1/28/10) - I support this petition.

568. Sebastian Kishinevsky148 (2/4/10) - I support this petition.

569. Gaylene Post (2/12/10) - I support this petition.

570. Essie Armstrong (2/15/10) - I support this petition.

571. alicia dixon (2/17/10) - I support this petition.

572. Deanne Robles (2/18/10) - I support this petition.

573. John Bozeman (2/27/10) - I support this petition. Too may people that are clearly innocent are placed in
the system.

574. lisa drapkin (2/28/10) - I support this petition.

575. James O\'Kelly (3/4/10) - I support this petition.

576. Liz Stahly (3/8/10) - I support this petition.

577. Brandy Orr (3/11/10) - I support this petition. The court system is supposed to uphold the pursuit of
TRUTH and JUSTICE... NOT dissolve or withhold truth, or create more injustice. When a Prosecutor

knowingly uses false testimony/evidence to convict a person without having sufficient Faith in the merit of the
evidence, He/She is knowingly comitting a crime against a fellow human being.... Not to mention the fact that
it\'s PERJURY. Any other person is held accountable by the court of law for falsifying information. Why aren\'t
Prosecutor\'s held accountable? To gain a conviction \"at all costs\", is as much of an injustice as a person
who commits a crime against another.

578. Cory Credell (3/13/10) - I support this petition.

579. Shana Edwards (3/19/10) - I support this petition.

580. Denise Root (3/26/10) - I support this petition.

581. Sara Malek (4/27/10) - I support this petition.

582. katie smith (5/5/10) - I support this petition.

583. Richard Cobb (5/18/10) - I support this petition.

584. m saleem (5/23/10) - I support this petition.

585. Betty Dias (6/6/10) - I support this petition. My husband was wrongfully convicted and the state of
Oklahoma keeps changing the amount of time he is supposed to register. They also keep asking for
information about myself, which I don\'t think they should.

586. ute fischer (6/6/10) - I support this petition.

587. chris owens (6/13/10) - I support this petition.

588. Demarcia Wren (6/17/10) - I support this petition.I was falsely convicted of a crime.

589. Pam Graham-Popham (6/23/10) - I support this petition.

590. Renatta G (6/27/10) - I support this petition.

591. Marty Mitchell (7/4/10) - I support this petition.

592. tinia bush (7/17/10) - I support this petition.

593. Amy Davis (7/25/10) - I support this petition.

594. Rhonda Garcia (9/9/10) - I support this petition. Because I have a cousin right now in prison for
something he didn\'t do there were witnesses to the fact that he was fingered by one guys testimony that
hated my cousin, and no DNA evidence linking him to the stabbing of another individual. There is so much
more to this story, that it makes me sad that a person can get thrown in prison just for being at the wrong
place at the wrong time. I wish I had enough room to write the whole story. It is really a case of wrongfull
inprisonment. Please if anyone can help contact me at the E-mail adress that I have given, our family is not a
rich family, and I think that is the only reason that he is in prison today! Thank you if you can at least point me
in the right direction.