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To Suman Export, 802-C Mane Singh Nager, Ludhiana - 141001 Subject-Asking for samples Dear Manandeep

Date: - 16 Nov,2010

We are planning to expand our garment business by designing a new range ofgarments. Recently, we visited your company¶s website. And saw your summer collection 2010. Our company liked your summer 2010 co llection. There is a possibility of your company¶s getting orders on the same. We highly appreciate the quality of cloth that you manufacture and would like to get the samples of the different types of cloth and other detailing you manufacture. We are hopeful that your samples will meet our material and quality requirements. Please send the sample along with the related at your earliest. Yours Sincerely Manandeep Singh Production Department

contact no. Rahon Road Ludhiana. The summer collection for which you are asking for sample is our best style ever. Vishnu Nagar. You haven¶t mentioned in which colour you want your sample to be as we are having 4 colour combos in each style. To.20 Nov. Qishi Fashions CO Ltd. 2010 80 P i .     © Date. : +91-161-632531. We hi hl appreciate your interest in the summer 2010 collection. We are sending you one sample of the style no.1.SE £¢ ¡   Sumeet Exports (India) ¨¥¦ ¦ ¥¤¤¤ § Street No. We are sending you the samples of all the Garments. Subject: About t e sample of st le No Ab126 and Ab237 Dear Sir/ Madme. Dear Sir/ Madame. Thanks & Regards Manandeep Singh . Punjab (India)-141007 E mail Sit li : meetexport om/.: +91-98140-22011 Fax. in substitute colour but in the actual fabric.

.141001 Date: . 4. 1. We would like you to quote the best possible prices of the sample and state your terms and condtion i regarding credit transport etc. 3.com.Asking for quotations Dear Sir/ Madame. AMP Building. Size Color Re Blue S M XL 2 3 2 1 1 3 Regards. 80 ± F Paris Tel: 86 .S.70. Ltd.571 .24 Nov.qishifashions. DFGT5. Size :. Email: thomas@qishifashions. The production department have selected the sample no. RY6. 802-C Mane Singh Nager. We are grateful for the samples that you have sent us. Fax: 86 .2010 Subject. M. XL No. RY6. of sets :.56389105 Website: .green and white. 87NHK (Single Jersey) Color :.Qishi Fashions CO. 2.89000190. 87NHK meeting our requirements. No.com To Sumeet Export.571 . 67YU.cn. Style no.199 Tai An Road.www. 67YU. DFGT5. Ludhiana .

87NHK (Single Jersey) Color :. 3. Style no. RY6.sumeetexports. : +91-161-632531. of sets: . Punjab (India)-141007 E mail. Si e :. 2. To.green and white.: +91-98140-22011 Fax. Vishnu Nagar. DFGT5.1.     Subject: Performa Invoice Dear Sir/ Madame. Si Color Gr n Whit S M XL Total 2 3 2 1 1 1 450 450 . contact no.Thomas Merchandiser SE Sumeet Exports (India) Street No.com/. M. 67YU. 80 P i . XL No. Qishi Fashions CO Ltd. Herewith attached is the invoice containing the details of all the goods dispatched the fabric of different colours has been packed in different containers for your convenience.S. 4. Rahon Road Ludhiana. The following are the detail of the invoice: 1. Site link: www.70.

PRICE 45 (EUR ) . Including FOB Through ship State Bank Of India 0112901826452 1221333311458 Please fax us a duly signed copy of the Performa Invoice. PAYMENT DELIVERY BANK NAME. ACCOUNT NO. 3.2. SWIFT NO. 4. 1. 6. Regards Thomas  1.

IEC Numb r (Importer Exporter Code) Introduction The IEC code is uni ue 10 digit code issued by DGFT. the same IEC will be printed in 24 hours time and dispatched to the firm.250 evidencing payment of application fee in favour of the concerned regional office of DGFT.  If fee is paid by Demand Draft. Ministry of Commerce. There are to ways to applyImporter-Exporter Code number as following.  If IEC application fee is paid through Electronic Fund Transfer facility. . Proc dur for Physical Application  One copy of the application must be submitted.  Submit a physical copy of the application directly at the regional DGFT office. An applicant may now choos on of th two options for application submission:  File an online application and submit a physical copy of the application by taking a printout of the online application.Director General of Foreign Trade. Government of India to Indian Companies. the Registered office in case of company and Head office in case of others. 2. Proc dur of onlin application 1. IEC will be generated only after receipt of the physical copy of the application. On-line form has been designed to ensure feeding of all the required information by prompting user wherever a field is left blank. There are 2 options for payment of fee. Applicant has to submit scanned copies of PAN and bank certificate along with their application. Money can also be paid through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).  On the receipt of physical copy of the application. In case of STPI/ EHTP/ BTP units. IEC numberwill be generated by the licensing office automatically and the number can be viewed online by the applicant. falls in the µ Aayaat Niryaat Form ± ANF2A¶ and shall be accompanied by documents prescribed therein. An application for grant of IEC number shall be made by the Registered/Head Office of the applicant and apply to the nearest Regional Authority of Directorate General Foreign Trade. Aayaat Niryaat Form ± ANF2A  Demand Draft of Rs.in. Applicants can file an on-line application at the DGFT web-site http://dgft.gov. the Regional Offices of the DGFT having jurisdiction over the district in which the Registered/ Head Office of the STPI unit is located shall issue or amend the IECs.

In case of any change in the above mentioned information.Certificate from the Banker of the applicant firm in the specified format. .  One photograph of applicant shall be attested by the applicant¶s banker . the same should be immediately intimated to the regional authority.  Self addressed envelope and stamp of Rs.  Two copies of passport si e photographs of the applicant  Photograph on the banker¶s certificate should be attested by the banker of the applicant.00 and can be availed by payment through demand draft or EFT of any of the following nominated banks: 1. State Bank of India 4. refunds and person exempted from it are available in 21-B. payment mode.30. HDFC Bank 2. Information regarding the scale of fee. Appendix 18A  Self certified copy of Permanent Account Number (PAN) issued by Income Tax Authorities. Every application should be complete in each and every respect failing which it will be rejected. Application f and mod of paym nt : The application costs Rs. The IEC number should normally be given within two working days provided the application is complete in all respects and is accompanied by the prescribed documents.  Hints for filling IEC Applications  Each page of the application form should be signed by applicant  Enclosed documents should be self attested. UTI Bank 5. Import r/ Export r Profile : The Part 1 of the application requires the profile of the importer/exporter and the same is registered to the regional authority. Filing of application : Applications can be filed on the DGFT website. The application can be submitted in MS word format. ICICI Bank 3. Central Bank Another option is to deposit the application fee through TR6 Challan in any of the Central Bank of India branches. 250. Punjab National Bank 6.  These documents may be kept secured in a file cover. Th abov docum nts may b s nt by post or hand d liv r d at th conc rn d r gional DGFT offic .

Persons involved in import and export of personal goods. Bankers Certificate 3.000. 25. 5. Central/state government ministries/depts. PAN number 2.000. each applicant should go through the attachments .Exempted Categories: The importer/exporter categories that are exempted from obtaining IEC code are : 1. Each applicant should fulfill the following criteria to apply for IEC code number : 1. Importers under the clause 3(1) and exporters under the clause 3(2). Persons involved in the import/export of goods from or to Nepal in case a consignment¶s CIF value remains below Rs. 25. Persons involved in the import/export of goods from or to Myanmar in case a consignment¶s CIF value remains below Rs. 3. 4. Current Bank Account Before the final submission of the application. 2.

Si e quantities -------------------- Total Comments Total order cost Additional/unit Total quantity **continued** Authori ed by ««««««.INTERNATIONAL PURCHASE ORDER Buyer: Vendor: Page 001 PO number Print date Issue date Buying office Consignee Ship to factory Packing Package or CMT. Title«««««««««« .. currency At consolidator date Country Of Origin Qty Trade terms: Shipping Method Style Colour Port Of Lading -------------------. Pay teams. Signature««««««««.


for the promotion of export of traditional goods.10 of the Export-Import Policy:1997-2002 that an export firm shall be granted licence to import/export of items other than restricted items of export/import or other benefit/concession available under the Export-Import Policy if it has obtained the Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) from the concerned Export Promotion Council/ Commodity Board.Registration-cum-Membership Certificate ( RCMC) It has been provided under para 4. an exporter has the option to obtain an RCMC from FIEO or any other EPC. The Government of India has established the Export Promotion Councils for the promotion of the export of various non-traditional items of export and Commodity Boards. In case an exporter desires to get registration as a manufacturer exporter. A list of Export Promotion Councils/Commodity Boards with addresses and other details is given in Appendix-31. a status holder has the option to obtain RCMC from Federation of Indian Exporters Organisation (FIEO). Validity Period Of RCMC :The RCMC shall be deemed to be valid from 1st April of the licensing year in which it was issued and shall be valid for five years ending 31st March of the licensing year. If the export product is such that it is not covered by any EPC. the concerned registering authority shall issue the RCMC indicating the status of the applicant as merchant exporter or manufacturer exporter in the form given in Appendix-3B. If the application for registration is accepted. unless otherwise specified. The service exporters (except software service exporters) shall be required to obtain RCMC from FIEO. However. if the products exported by him relate to those EPC's. Procedure For Issue Of RCMC :An application for registration may be made to the concerned registering authority in the form given in Appendix-3A along with the documents prescribed therein. he shall furnish evidence to that effect. In addition.Membership Certificate (RCMC) shall declare his main line of business in the application which shall be made to the Export Promotion Council (EPC) relating to that line of business. . RCMC in respect thereof may be issued by FIEO. Authorities Issuing RCMC :An exporter desiring to obtain a Registration-cum.

& Kind of Pkgs Description of goods Quantity Quantity Gross Wt. OF CARTONS green 2 2 1 1 1 1 2 34X22. 19 Nov. (Kgs) Net Wt.NO.500 34X22. GOOD EXPORTED OF INDIAN ORIGIN B GF 2020 FOR :Qi D CB E CB 1988 i i 8 Qi i i A P B il i .500 1010 990 998 SR.Packing List Manufacture¶s name & address : Sumeet Exports (India) Street No. Perform Invoice &Date FCM/34/2005/2008 DT. 100% COTTON WOMEN¶S POLO T-SHIRT COLOUR M L X S.1. Rahon Road Ludhiana. & date : FCM/E/01/2-10 DT. Vishnu Nagar.E. NO 1 to 2 White 3 1010 TOTAL Declaration :1.Carriage by RAIL Vessel/Flight No. 1233847923 Buyer¶s Order no. 80 RQP I H . V-1134 Place of receipt by Pre-carriage LUDHIANA Port of loading : MUMBAI Terms of Delivery & Payment : AS PER L. Invoice no.C.C NO. I. 02/04/2010 Port of Discharge : Final Destination : No. P i @ A 9 3 1 4 2 ! " 0  )( &% $#  ' . 1ZB/LC/01/2010 DT. NO. Punjab..NO.2010 Exporter¶s Ref.. 19 nov.800 KGS.2010 Other Reference(s). : Country of Origin of Goods :INDIA Country of Final Destination:7 5 6 Consignee : Pre. (kgs) DISCRIPTION OF GOODS & OR SERVICE FOR 100% OF FOB MUMBAI VALUE OF 4233.

Rahon Road Ludhiana. 100% COTTON WOMEN¶S POLO T-SHIRT COLOUR S. Port of loading : V-1213 A MUMBAI Port of Discharge : Final Destination : France France No. 1233847923 Buyer¶s Order no. 02/04/2010 Description of goods Quantity Rate Amount EURO EURO SR.& Kind of Pkgs Pre. OF CARTONS QUANTITY Green White 1 TO 255 255 TO 560 34X22.C.COMERCIAL INVOICE Manufacture¶s name & address : Sumeet Exports (India) Street No. iA . . NO 1 TO 560 DISCRIPTION OF GOODS & OR SERVICE FOR 100% OF FOB MUMBAI VALUE OF 4233. 1ZB/LC/01/2010 DT..500 280 280 560 45 25200 Amount chargeable (IN WORDS) : EURO TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED ONLY Declaration : GOODS EXPORTED OF INDIAN ORIGIN TOTAL EURO : 25200 FOR SIGNATURE & DATE . 19/11/2010 Other Reference(s). NO..800 KGS.1. 80 P i x y t w u g v ts ftp q i g e d h f rr p cba ` XW U TS V TS Y S Consignee : Place of receipt by Pre-carriage LUDHIANA Vessel/Flight No. Qi i A P B il i . & date: FCM/E/01/2-10 DT. Punjab Invoice no. : Country of Origin of Goods INDIA Country of Final Destination i .NO.C NO.E.Carriage by RAIL Terms of Delivery & Payment : AS PER L. I.500 34X22. Perform Invoice &Date FCM/34/2005/2008 DT. 19/11/2010 Exporter¶s Ref.NO. Vishnu Nagar.


Shirt knitted 100% organic cotton Invoice No«««««««Date««««««««. .. I.. Add«««««««««. 2397 kgs net wt.) Measurement ladies polo T.Date««««««««. Add«««««««««. Seal«««««««. V-1213 A Place of receipt by pre-carrier LUDHIANA Port of loading : MUMBAI Final destination Paris No.. SB No«««««««««. Pre-Carriage by: RAIL Vessel/Flight No.. Seal«««««««. TELNO.For combine Transport or Transport Shipment Shipper Exporter««««««« Name««««««««.& kind of packages One hundred carton Only one set of carton REG office Forwarding Denmark line Add«««... Unless marked "non negotiable" express bill.. IEC No««««««««« PO No«««««««««.... One original bill of lading must be slandered duty in exchange for the good of delivery order for apply.. E. Notify Party Name««««««««.Date««««««««.. L/C No«««««««««. 2115kgs 100* 20*60 (carton) Ocean freight payable of destination Freight collected Total No of Packaging freight Payable by Excess Value: Refers to Cause 14. Port of Discharge France Marks& No 1-2 Container No. Shipped On Board On carriage to Description Of Goods Quantity gross(wt.3 Declared and Reversed Paris .Date««««««««.

delay. that is to say. The policy is taken to reduce business risks. cause and extent of loss/damage The surveyor informs the insurer of the approximate value of loss incurred The claim procedure takes from one to three weeks Documents Required for Marine Insurance Claim: . strike. distance and past claims experience.Marine Insurance:The Marine Insurance Act . riot and civil commotion. scope of cover. Different types of Marine Insurance are available : y y y y y Marine import transit insurance Marine export transit insurance Marine inland transit insurance Marine insurance claim procedure Marine Hull Calculation of Marine Insurance Amount/Premium : Amount of premium depends on factors like nature of cargo. It caters to small scale business organisations to large corporate. against marine losses. Policy does not cover loss or damage due to wilful misconduct. in the manner and to the extend thereby agreed. losses incidental to marine adventure. Premium can be paid on a monthly/quarterly/half yearly/yearly basis. ordinary leakage. a monetary claim should be lodged with the carrier within the time limit to protect recovery rights Appointment of surveyor or claim representative in agreement with the insurer to determine the nature. defines marine insurance as follows . 1963. packing. Marine Insurance Claim Procedure: y y y y In case of loss/damage in transit. ³ A contract of marine insurance is an agreement whereby the insurer undertakes to indemnify the assured. mode of conveyance. war.´ Marine insurance falls under commercial insurance. improper packing.

Marine Cargo 3.Marine Import Transit Insurance Policy 2. . .Marine Cargo Policy . The New India Assurance Co.y y y Original Invoice & packing List . ICICI Lombard . United India Insurance Co.if forming part of Invoice Document of declaration of consignment Damage Certificate from the carrier List of Some of Insurance Companies Offering Marine Insurance: 1.

i. k. e i l le er f cre i (LC ) i e ti e ˜ ™˜ — – ’ ’’ ‡ ‡  m ge „ | ‚ e er  f cre i ƒ ‡ …‚ „ € [ ] tly by fi i l te . bill f l i . } „†‰ | ‡‚ €‚ …  „ … |  „ † ‚ „ … †~~ ~ ‚  † € … } ‚ ~  } ~ ‚   †‰ e ie e t t pe e t e t i e by e t lt i p ty evi e i t e ‚ „ ‚ € } |‡  …‚ „ ‚ } „ } ‡ ‚ …‚ „ ‚ } „ ‚ ‡  „ } ‚ } ~ ~ ‚  † € } … }  } …‚ „ li t ~  f f e t i pe t i i ti e ti ti i t t i lity f |  { } ‚  ~ „ ‚ ‡  …  „ „ } ~~} ~ ‚ „ ‡ „ …  †~ ‚ ~„ { ‚  | ~ | ‡‚ e t p vi }  ~ ‚ t e ip e t i e i tl ei t it. e i t rm kg e t ki — h . ey e l e i t el m m [2] v o n s p n v vo o n rs o rsn s t tr p pu t s n o sr s n vo t e i t e . t e i ui g bank f t e ppli ti lie t. t e e t be efi i y  „ }  } €‚ … € } ~  ‚ } € ‚  „~ „ „ ‡‚ † € ‚ ‚ „ ‚ „ ‡‚  ‚ } € t e | fi i b k. lette f e it i p te ‚ „ ‡‚ †~~ |  € „ ‚ | } ‚  ‡ „  }  | †} { … €‚ „ €  } … …‚  „ t be e e ele it tp i ee e t f t e be efi i y. i lly p vi e f ˜ g fe d ” “ ˜—h … ‰ˆ ‘‘ ‰ ˜ ˆ… †… „ y i ev ble p y e t — dg g — — –™ e –– • A t . e tep to et t e lette of edit ould be as follows:  „ | { … … }   „ | „ | ‚ } …‚ € } | ‚ }  |  } „ } ~ … „  „  ~} ive I C ‚ etik 0 y t p yf t e .. ee t ell t e ‚ „ | „ {‚ }  }  | „ ‚ †} €€ „ ‚ „ ~ … } | „  ~} ‚ ‚ „ Ž | | { ~ ‚ „ |€ |{ i b k it t e ABC B k.000 t f e i ef AC E. i b k ƒ | …‚ „ ‚ € „ ~ ‚ „ € „ |  } |{ } y ƒƒ | ‚ }  e eive t e | € ey. Al t ll lette f e it e i ev ble. e pi ily i t e fi e. if y.e. I C etik l t tt eC e lt B … „ € ~~ ‚ ~† „   } ~ … ‡  }} ~ }   }    } „  ~} ‚ | … „ € ~~ ‚ ~† Ab i e lle t e I C etik f ti e t ti e i p t f b i e lle AC E. t q sr s q t u o t r nr l t r t q n nr s rm vu po n o p p rn q sr t vo t …‚ u C q t P ti e f D e t y C e it pplie . i e lk .  Œ Š Š ƒƒ Pr ce Š f le er f credi wi example € „  } ‚ ‡  } } € ‹ „ ‹  |  } … ‹‹ | ~ ~ … }} ‡ t e | ippe . ypi lly. Lette f e it e e pi ily i i te ti v q v o o v o q p o t up m l y l ws n ws sr s p rtsrn r n s r p uo n t o p t r sr n n e lette f e it l be e fp y e tf t ti .  „ € ‚ „ ~ ‚  € … † } | „ € ˆ ~ †‰ |€ ~  ˆ …‚  ‡ „ „ ~} } ‚ }  € ‚ } ~ }  € … † } €‚ ~„ † f ti t i vele ' e e . t e iti t t t ey e p vi e it 0-day ~ … ‡ }} | ~ } ~ ‡ „ } |{   } ~ …‚ „ |€  } |  } { † } ~ ‚ „ { „  ~} I C ‚ etik t t b y $ 00. t e ee i g f — — d ™ hh g — – ™h e e jd j i — – dg g — g h— f h – e g ™ e ˜ g – i tit ti .I e t e I te ti lC be fC e e U if r q sr n s uop s o s n u t r s v rm x t r q o n m u r sr m p sw t o m ts o p rtsrn q rn t et ti f i ifi t v l e. e p tie t lette f e it e lly be efici ry i t n r x v o n t t r x q t t n t t p r p u q o n r n u ts m o tt po n evel p e t p s v o e t e et t pp ve p bli f ilitie ( t eet . t e advi ing } ~ |{ } z y r r u u t nr q p n o n r o t nr l u x p t q o s p  .I ur ce mp ie : { €  | ‡ ~ ~ |ˆ † |  } € }  lette f edit f t e f ll amount. f e l bet ee pplie i e ty rs o rsn s s nr v n q t u nr q p n o tn n n o sr r x q n p o n t e lette f e i t ill p y exp te . I exe ti t ti . t ei pl e f i i pl e. H eve . t e i „ € }   „ … €  } ~ „ ~}  ‚ € „ ~  € „ ‚ |  } |{ bank f } ‚‚ € } „ t e be efi i y i lie t. t e …‚ „ ‡‚ … „ } € } ‚ „ €  € } „ … † €‚ ‚  „ €  }  … } ‚ t pe e ti ‚ ~  } e t e eive p y e t i l e e i l i v i e. et .) ill be b ilt.

 On presentation of the stipulated documents in the letter of credit and compliance with the terms and conditions of the letter of credit. he issuing bank is obliged to pay under the letter of credit only when the stipulated documents are presented and the terms and conditions of the letter of credit have been met.000 to the ABC Bank. which then credits the account of AC E for that amount. the Commonwealth Bank transfers the $ 00. ’ ™ –  he Commonwealth Bank sends a copy of the letter of credit to the ABC Bank.000 lette of edit. – “ • ’ — “ ‘  ”— ” ” InCosmetika oes to “ ˜ e Commonwealt Bank and e uests a $ 00. wit “ “ “ “ .AC E as t e benefi iary.000 plus fees which are typically between % and 8% of the face value of the letter of credit. ’  e Commonwealt Bank an issue a letter of redit eit er on approval of a “ — — standard loan underwriting process or by InCosmetika funding it directly wit a deposit of $ 00. which notifies ˜ AC E that payment is available and they can ship the merchandise InCosmetika has ordered with the full assurance of payment to them. ˜  any exporters have mistakenly assumed that the payment is guaranteed after receiving the ’ letter of credit. • š – ˜  ote that banks deal only with documents re uired in the letter of credit and not the underlying transaction.

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