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Thesis on Dharavi – Leather Market

Skins of dead animals usually cows, buffalo and sheeps are send to Madras, salt is
sprinkle on the skins so that they are preserved. Over there hair removal process is done
and through multiple process skins are converted into leathers of different grade viz A
(Export Quality), B (For jackets, Belts etc) and C( Shoes inner layout).
Nepal is another big market from were raw material (Leather) is supplied.
Once animal skin is given proper shape in terms leather sheet, they are send back to small
manufacturing markets like Dharavi, were n numbers of small scale leather industry use
this raw leather sheet to make items such as bags, shoes, belts, jackets etc.
Each process right from moulding it to proper shape and chemically it for better strength
and polishing which is the last stage for finished good is done here.
Then it is distributed to local market throught different distribution channels, later from
local market it gets exported to world market such as Arab countries, dubai, US and UK.

Manufacturing Steps: This stage again consist of different sub process:

Cutting it in size according to good that is meant to be made from it.

1. Applying Pigment to leather sheet. Pigment usually consists of mixture of Wax,

vender and Water in appropriate amount.
2. Dye is applied on the back side of the leather sheet, to give a better feel because
the raw leather sheet on backside is very rough.
3. Finishing – Applying varnish on the final good, it is a type of Polishing and this
step is considered as the last step of Manufacturing.

Type of Leather generally used are:

1. TC Leather – Made of Cow/ Goat skin.
2. Press Leather - Made of Buffalo skin.

Machinery used during manufacturing finished goods:

1. Splitting Machine – Used to minimize the width of leather sheet for example:
making sheet from 6mm to 4 mm.
2. Setting Machine – Once width is minimized then setting machine is used to wash
the leather sheet, so the if any unevenness is present on sheet it can be removed.
3. Fenoflex Machine – it is used to drying the leather sheet, thus it is even know as
Heater Machine.

Manufactures prefer skilled labours instead of having naïve labour and training them for
the work.

Due to the arrival of China in leather market, there has been considerable amount of
effect on Indian market which is approximately 75% downfall. China goods are
considerably cheaper then Indian leather goods which is the main reason why consumers
are shifting towards Chinese goods.

Leather goods imported to India are made of China leather which is artificial leather
usually made of Foam, a type of material that gives feeling of real leather.