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A first review report

(Submitted by B Mahalakshmi, Roll No: 0905MBA0107, Reg No: 68309100008)


Online Evaluation system tool on EDMX was designed with only a
single driving idea in mind - Make it easy, make it fast and make it highly
customizable to suite our customers' requirements.

Our initiative required us to be seamless and structured in delivery,
while at the same time we had to be flexible in our offering to our clients.
We smoothly integrated our fluid management system with our base
software so that we could deliver the final product exactly like you want it,
and at the price you want it to be.

Each organization can use among the following that will best meet their

• Security
• Project Management
• Question Development
• Recruiting skilled employees
• Job Analysis
• Standard Setting and Validation

increase productivity. experienced and domain level experts required. Senior Software Engineer) For Example : In an Organization for a particular project there is requirement of 100 employees on different technologies out of which some are fresher’s. Software Engineer. and decrease cost and time of the Organization in selecting skilled employees. This highly secured “Online Examination” tool built with security features can be used for the above mentioned scenario which would save time and improve the productivity of the organization. Online Evaluation system uses EDMX(Entity data Model System) which improves the product quality. For recruiting these employees based on the skill set there is need for several senior analyst in measuring the technical competency of the newly recruited employees for the project which requires several hours of the senior analyst that impacts business productivity. • User authentication is integrated with LDAP. The objective is to improve software quality.2 REVIEW OF LITERATURE The purpose of Online Evaluation system is to identify skilled resources and track them for the organization based on the technology and domain knowledge required for the organization. • Supports diversified examinations across any vertical ( APPS/ITO/Domain/HR/L&D) . The Main goal of this project is to analyze various factors that involve in Online evaluation system. Online Evaluation System involves identifying selecting and evaluating new resources and incorporating skilled employee into the organization Online Evaluation System tool is multipurpose tool used for measuring technical competency of several technology and domain knowledge of employees in all levels(Fresher.

Associate topics with certification 3. Complexity ratios 4. . As this Online Examination tool will help in measuring the technical competency of newly recruited employee & existing employee. • Highly Secured access: allows access to user from configured workstations /laptop • Supports classification of questions based on complexity (simple /Medium/Complex) and has provision to tag marks accordingly • Has provision of Randomizing questions at complexity level • Certificate will be send to User and his/her manager thru email and downloadable in PDF format.1 PRIMARY OBJECTIVE Project Title: ONLINE EXAMINATION The objective of developing this project: For all Organization “Time” is very Important factor. Time limit 2. Setting up duration for consecutive appearance of user for same certification. • User friendly interface Admin functionalities: • All parameters are configurable 1. • Capable of creating new certifications and topics • Capable of uploading (new/amendment) questions thru spreadsheet using downloadable template. • Audit Log of administrator actions • Ability to generate statistical report 3.

top research institution with a comparable student population. 3 METHODOLOGY The Project Team was assembled to investigate and develop recommendations for an online course evaluation . the team presented with a project proposal entitled. student response rate issues. each charged with researching a specific area of the project. The team also identified and interviewed other departments on campus. etc. and the benefits of and concerns about moving to an online system. "Improving the Process of Online Evaluation system : The Project Team conducted a stakeholder analysis to determine who would be interviewed and then defined the project scope . The team investigated how these systems work. the costs of transition. which were vetted with the Project Sponsors. the challenges to implementation. Group 2 (Best Practices) identified peer educational institutions currently using online evaluation systems for their entire campus.. 3. as follows: • Group 1 researched existing online evaluation projects . The team conducted interviews by telephone and email with those involved with the development. . who designed a prototype for evaluations. access to evaluation data. or have used an existing online tool for this purpose.2 SECONDARY OBJECTIVES Cost benefit as we are using the latest technology EDMX which uses disconnected architecture for retrieval of data from the database. The questions focused on the challenges of current systems. Group 1 (Existing Systems) interviewed representatives from Student Information Systems. A "peer" institution was defined as an academically distinguished. • Group 2 researched best practices at peer institutions • Group 3 investigated organization needs • Group 5 investigated employee needs The groups developed survey questions and a list of interviewees. planning and implementation of successful systems and programs. who have either created their own online evaluation system. The Team was split into five subgroups. or select departments.

The group conducted interviews. Group 5 (Employee) conducted interviews with administrative staff who have responsibility for the management of the evaluation process for their department. Project Manager Technical Specialist).Group 4 (Organization) identified a list of technical experts. to be interviewed. and received written responses to the questionnaire. Set up for the development environment for the project is completed. 8 EXPECTED DELIVERABLES The expected deliverable is the “URL”(Web page) with Source code and program. 4. Integration testing) needs to be completed. Acceptance testing. 2. Validation testing. the group consulted members of the interview panel community who have experience with the development and implementation of technology initiatives. promotion and tenure reviews. domain experts. Human Resources . 3. In addition. Faculty were selected from a diverse range of departments and academic disciplines to represent the needs and concerns of those who are evaluated and those who review the results for personnel actions such as. Collected all the business details for “Online Examination” project.Testing(Unit testing. 2. Business requirements for the “Online Examination” project gathered 3.. as well as those staff who would need to be involved in the development and implementation of a campus wide evaluation system (e. In the process of Coding for “Online Examination “project 6WORK TO BE DONE 1.g.Coding for the project need to be completed.Code needs to be published 7 LIMITATIONS Since LDAP Connection is used the Online evaluation system can be used with respect to single organization. 5 WORK DONE SO FAR 1. . merit.

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