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Volume VI, Issue 3 · Early February, 2011

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Three injured in
Local priest in national scandal Brown Avenue fire

25 mph again - oh no!

5 3

Council split on
November elections 22
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Brown Avenue fire injures three, one seriously

not activate and alert the occupants
due to a missing battery. It is believed
that occupants had removed the bat-
tery the night prior to the fire due the
“chirping noise” it was making be-
cause of a dead/low battery.
Fire and rescue crews remained on
the scene until 07:10 a.m. to perform
salvage and overhaul and assist in the
fire investigation. No injuries were
reported to any fire and rescue per-


First Alarm - 02:29AM

Engines 1, 2, 4, Truck 1, Chief 100
Special Call - 02:33AM
attack and primary search. During occupant (a 79 year old male) was Res/Eng 10
During the early morning hours front doors and windows. the suppression efforts a partial col- flown to Washington Hospital Cen- Second Alarm - 02:36AM Engines
of Saturday, January 29, the Warren Fire and Rescue Chief arrived on lapse of the roof and floor system ter by Air Care Medi-Vac helicopter 5, 9, 8
County Department of Fire and Res- scene to find that the 3 adult occu- occurred due to structural failure, for severe burn injuries where he is Special Call - 02:41AM Pumper
cue Services responded to a reported pants had escaped the burning home causing no injuries to crews inside. listed to be in critical condition. 51 and Rescue 25 (Strasburg Fire,
house fire with 3 occupants trapped by jumping from several first floor Fire crews were able to bring the fire The investigation into the fire Strasburg Rescue)
at 611 Brown Avenue in the Cher- windows prior to the fire departments under control within 15 minutes. cause is still ongoing by the Depart- On Scene -- 02:38AM
rydale Section of Front Royal. Units arrival and were lying in front yard. One male occupant (age 43) and ment of Fire and Rescue Services but Chief 100
were dispatched at 02:29 a.m. and ar- Emergency Medical Services person- one female occupant (age 27) were investigators believe the fire cause Under Control - 03:10AM Under
rived on the scene within minutes to nel immediately initiated medical treated and transported to Warren is accidental. Fire Investigators also Control Cleared - 10:05AM
find a single family residential struc- treatment on the 3 adults while Fire Memorial Hospital for smoke inhala- determined that the residence was
ture with flames visible through the suppression crews began an interior tion and lacerations while the third protected by a smoke alarm but did (From a release)
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Town moves to further isolate itself from rest of world

25 mph EVERYWHERE – now North Shenandoah Avenue to bridge
to 25 mph on North Shenandoah Oyre, the man most responsible that report stated there had been
Avenue from 14th Street to the for enforcing the town’s traffic 72 accidents along the impact-
South Fork Bridge on Feb. 23rd. laws, noted in a written intro- ed four-block stretch of North
Also implemented will be a per- duction to the report summary Shenandoah Avenue.
manent restriction, according to that the fed-state introduction to Oyre states he believes that fig-
the press release, of southbound
left turns at 18th Street.
A presentation on the report
was made by Interim Town Man-
Virginia Wright
ager Steve Burke to the town Associate Broker, ABR, GRI
council at a Jan. 31 council work Licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia
session. As illustrated in the fed- Weichert Realtors • 67 W Lee Highway
state summary of the report, Warrenton, VA 20186
Burke explained that the speed
limit change was one of nine “po-
tential treatments” to be consid-
ered along that stretch of road. 540-219-9531
FRPD Traffic Officer Donald
FRPD Officer Donald Oyre and his “iron horse” - Oyre
helped VDOT and feds with study of town traffic pat-
terns and accident statistics - but did they get the
numbers he gave them right? Lucky Star Front Royal’s Come
By Roger Bianchini done by the Federal Highway As- MUSIC VENUE check out
Warren County Report sociation in conjunction with the Feb. 3- Dennick Moon our
Virginia Department of Trans- Feb. 4- Walls of Clay
Feb. 5- Eye Soar awesome
Here we go again – pretty soon portation had recommended that Lounge
you’ll have to walk if you want to the speed limit on North Shenan-
Feb. 7- Ricky Wilkins new menu!
Feb. 8- Tim Walls
get into Front Royal in a timely doah Avenue from 14th Street to Feb. 9- Mark T
manner. the South Fork Bridge be reduced Feb. 10 - Ralph Fortune
On Feb. 3, the Front Royal Police to 25 mph. To comply with this Feb. 11 - Band of Unkown Monday Night
Department issued a press release federal and state directive, the Origins Trivia at 8pm
stating that a recently completed town will implement a reduction Feb. 12 - No Drama
study of traffic patterns in town in the speed limit from 35 mph Feb. 14 - Ralph Fortune
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ure to be “a typographical error”. fed written figure of 72 “a typo” as question from VDOT’s Luray “We need to make citizens un- tions and only providing lane
He points out that the number of Oyre believes, or the number the residency, which has served this derstand the intent is not to raise markings for the public street
accidents he established for that feds and state actually used to de- community so well for so long, revenue and not be heavy handed left-turn lanes or develop raised
area was 32, not 72 crashes. termine their recommendations. were unsuccessful since that – the intent is to make our roads medians to further restrict move-
The question remains – was the Attempts to get an answer to that residency no longer exists. The safer,” Shae Parker said. ments …;
Luray residency was axed as part Ways to avoid the appearance · Overhead directional signs for
of state service cutbacks deal- of being a heavy-handed, small- the route left-turn at 14th Street
ing with budget cutbacks, in this town, traffic-ticket issuing mon- during bridge replacement.
case to VDOT. Attempts to reach ey machine discussed included
Big Bertha’s Babies VDOT elsewhere were also un- very public advance notice of the The Feb. 3rd FRPD press release
Back to basics successful prior to publication. change – here you go – as well as stated in full:
Infant care So we still do not know whether a “grace period” on initial viola- “The Town of Front Royal has
6am - 6pm Mon - Fri the VDOT report and recom- tions, with warnings rather than received the results of a Roadway
Openings for Infants 6wks -6mos mendation for consideration of tickets being issued as citizens Safety Assessment conducted by

540-622-2486 Front
various ways to deal with the attempt to adjust to a driving pat- the Federal Highway Association
152 Richmond Road traffic issues on North Shenan- tern they have been engaged in and the Virginia Department
doah was based on inaccurate their entire driving lives in Front of Transportation in May 2010. 
Royal, VA 22630
Ask for Judi Melrath
numbers that reflect about 67- Royal. This study determined that a high
percent more accidents on that Among the other “potential traffic volume, a large number of
stretch of road than have actually treatments” suggested by the fed- driveway connections, and limit-
occurred. state study to be implemented in ed pedestrian access was associ-
Burke indicated during his sum- some unified pattern were: ated with North Shenandoah Av-
mary report of Jan. 31 that the · Watch for turning vehicle warn- enue.  The study recommended
town could consider trial runs on ing signs; that the Town reduce the speed
several of the recommendations, · Add southbound advance route limit on this road to 25 mph and
including peak time only prohi- guidance signing for route left- also recommended that south-
,LLC bitions on left turns, as well as turn at 14th Street and consider bound left turns be restricted at
any of the other “potential treat- in-lane route markings between 18th Street.
Find affordable ments.” 18th and 17th Streets; “To comply with the recom-
designer dresses Also at issue for this reporter · When lane marking needs mendations from this study, be-
for your is whether the list of nine “po- replacement, consider adding ginning February 23, the Town
Bridal Gowns tential treatments” amounts to a colored aggragate overlay (high- will lower the speed limit to 25
clear recommendation to imple- friction treatment) in TWLTL to mph on North Shenandoah Av-
ment certain ones individually or bring attention to turning vehicle enue from the South Fork Bridge
Flower Girl in concert. Acting Town Man- area and using wider markers; to 14th Street.  In addition, left
Mother of the Bride ager Burke could not be reached · Consider intersection pedes- turns on southbound North
on Feb. 3rd, the day of the press trian crossings and the need to Shenandoah Avenue will be re-
Y release, due to his visit to Rich- actuated signals (HAWK or rapid stricted at 18th Street.
mond with other officials for LED flashers); “These changes are being made
Tuxedo Rental
“Legislative Day” at the General · Continue to monitor traffic vol- to improve the safety on this
Formal Wear Assembly in Richmond. umes, conflicts (turning vehicles), roadway.
Accessories In discussing the speed limit crash locations (including actual “Any questions should be di-
(Prom, Homecoming reduction on Jan. 31st, council numbers we’d hope) and types to rected to the Department of Pub-
& Special Occasions) seemed especially sensitive to consider adding left-turn restric- lic Works at (540) 635-7819.”
citizen criticism of the town be-
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“I urge anyone who is struggling or in pain because of this man to come forward confi-
dentially and contact David Clohessy of SNAP (Survivor’s Network of those Abused by
Priests) at (314) 566-9790.” – “Adele”

Controversy remains after priest’s ‘confession’

Mixed reaction to admission of sexual indiscretion during exorcism
an admission of one instance of
moral failing related to sexual be-
havior during his performance of an
“The circumstances that led to my
departure from HLI were related
exclusively to my own decisions and
conduct within the ministry of ex-
orcism that I carried out indepen-
dently from my responsibilities at
HLI,” Euteneuer began in a Feb. 1st
post on the website LifeSiteNews.
While adding that the “vast major-
ity of my decisions and conduct,
both personally and in this ministry,
were morally sound and consistent
with all standards of pastoral care
Human Life International world headquarters off She- of persons,” Euteneuer admitted, “I
andoah Shores Road in Front Royal. must acknowledge, however, that
Father Thomas Euteneuer our prayers desperately – Desper- blog one discussion of the event one particularly complex situation
ately, in the truest sense of the word. took place what she knew of the clouded my judgment and led me to
By Roger Bianchini of a Jan. 27th medical emergency imprudent decisions with harmful
Warren County Report at HLI’s Front Royal, Virginia head- Even more, his victims need our incident. “I heard from someone
prayers.” who attended that Mass at Front consequences, the worst of which
quarters. The incident was officially was violating the boundaries of
An increasingly shrill and some- listed as a “medical seizure” by War- Posting just four minutes later, at Royal the other day that people were
8:20 p.m. Jan. 27, another “anony- traumatized by what happened – a chastity with an adult female who
times threatening tide of Catholic ren County Fire and Rescue Chief was under my spiritual care.”
online debate about the reasons for Richard Mabie. However some wit- mous” blogger added, “There are suddenly screaming, howling, curs-
many of us who witnessed today’s ing person – and are demanding to Euteneuer took “full responsibil-
the sudden and unexpected Aug. 27, nesses believe the incident to be ity” for his “weakness and sinful
2010 departure of Father Thomas a “demonic possession” of a past horrible event.” know what’s going on,” “Adele” of
Following Warren County Fire & the blog site www.journeytotherese. conduct” but added a denial of some
Euteneuer from his post as presi- female associate of Father Eute- specific online accusations, includ-
dent of Human Life International neuer’s. Rescue’s response to the “medical com” replied.
seizure” event, the victim was trans- Five days after this incident, as the ing the presence in a rental room
led to a flurry of official apologies, “I witnessed one demonic event in his parent’s home of a woman
explanations and defenses of both just today. It was horrifying. All I ported to Warren Memorial Hos- Catholic blogosphere exploded with
Euteneuer’s past behavior as not can think of is how this poor wom- pital. Further information was not theories, accusations and counter-
available. accusations, Euteneuer broke the
only the superstar of the interna-
tional pro-life movement, but also
an exorcist for the Catholic Church.
an must be feeling so trapped within
her skin as the evil uses her voice to
roar and curse,” one blogger posted
We asked the woman on whose five months of official silence with
The Internet crescendo over al-
legations of sexual improprieties
that evening. “The demons, on the
other hand, must be loving the irony
Goldizen, Riley & Co. Real Estate
by the priest in the conduct of his of possessing the poor, tragic toys of
religious duties peaked in the wake the ‘great exorcist’. Fr. Tom needs

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“Everything comes in God’s time, not your time..didn’t Jesus have to wait for
National His Father on the Cross???...but you’re looking for’ll get it but it
will be yours.” – blog post to “Adele” by Euteneuer defender

alleged to have been the subject of humble high road by resorting to good are sufficient reasons for be- women are still vulnerable to his ad- son only, an adult woman’ – not my
repeated exorcisms by the priest. name-calling (including the term ing silent about what ought not be vances,” O’Toole told us. violation of chastity was limited.
“While I would much prefer to al- “crackpot”), a Fr. Tom tactic which known or for making use of a discreet “We’re furious,” another blogger This indicates that he succumbed to
low this public act of contrition to probably made Bishop Barbarito re- language. The duty to avoid scandal with personal connections to Eute- this temptation multiple times. Yes,
stand alone, I regret having to ad- luctant to let Euteneuer respond in often commands strict discretion. neuer’s ministry as an exorcist said a priest is just a man who is as ca-
dress the malicious falsehoods that the beginning,” O’Toole posted on No one is bound to reveal the truth of her family’s reaction. “Adele”, who pable of sin as the rest of us, but this
were published this past week on his blog “Fighting Irish Thomas: Ca- to someone who does not have the asked us to keep her family’s name particular sin took place between
various internet sites. I can only say tholicism, politics, saints and Notre right to know it.” (Catechism of the and location private, had created a a man in a position of spiritual au-
that I am shocked to the depths of Dame”. Catholic Church, 2489 …) the HLI blog stream – www.journeytoth- thority and a woman in his care dur-
my being at the malicious efforts Within 24 hours of the priest’s pub- statement reasoned. – that was per- ing the incredible spiritual distress
by supposedly faithful Catholics to lished statement both Euteneuer’s “Although Father Euteneuer is haps the most contentiously posted of the ministry of exorcism. This is
destroy a priest who has served the bishop and Human Life Internation- somewhat remorseful, it doesn’t on in the weeks leading up to the of- not a man who picked a woman up
Church faithfully for 22 years,” Eute- al had issued statements on the mat- seem to me he is ready to take full ficial statements on Euteneuer. at a bar!”
neuer added of online suppositions ter, either explaining their actions at responsibility for the episodes or “Even before the HLI statement
about the extent of his offenses. the time Euteneuer first admitted has even grasped the full gravity of came out indicating that there are Online threats
“The fact that Father’s statement his guilt last summer, justifying the his involvement in them. For the other allegations, Father [Euteneuer]
starts with sorrow but ends with past silence – but at least finally ac- diocese to keep quiet and let people admitted in his own statement that Having posted details of her feel-
anger proves his apology leaves knowledging the situation. However continue to believe he is a saint is multiple violations occurred be- ing of betrayal by a priest her fam-
something to be desired,” Catholic some aspects of HLI’s press release one thing, but the fact that Father tween him and this woman,” Adele ily once embraced as a savior in
online blogger Tom O’Toole said in added to the mixed reaction to Eu- apparently is not in a 24/7 care cen- points out. “He said, ‘My violations their home, on Jan. 30th “Journey
reaction to Euteneuer’s “apology”. teneuer’s statement. HLI admitted ter is troubling, because it means of chastity were limited to one per- to Therese” blogger “Adele” told us
“First, I believe much positive has there had been multiple subsequent
come from this public figure’s pub- accusations targeting Euteneuer af-
lic admission of wrongdoing (albeit ter his Aug. 27th recall by his bishop
almost 6 months after the fact), for for the initial complaints. The in-
without it, the healing of his pub- ternational pro-life advocacy group
lic ministry (whether it be Human also asserted justification for its
Life International or the Catholic past silence on such matters as the

Church in general) cannot really be- Euteneuer scandal as a directive of
gin … But then comes the part where Catholic Canon.
Father’s confession starts to degen- “The good and safety of others, re-
erate. First, Father departs from the spect for privacy, and the common


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“Being exposed to demons is not an easy thing. Sometimes the demons will purposely
twist the bodies of their victims that will have their sexual parts touch the one who is
trying to remove the demons. This, I am sure must have happened several times to
Father Tom.” – online defender of Father Euteneuer
County Report
from HLI, Adele’s family paid Eu- hind-closed-door accusations that
Member teneuer directly for as many as 15 the female subject “had a problem
Virginia Press Association visits to their mid-east home to deal with men” due to her jerking her
with what they believed was the de- hand away from Euteneuer’s as they
monic possession of a family mem- prayed together during the exorcism
Readership: ber, she told us. ritual. She added that after such epi-
While they experienced nothing sodes and tensions surrounding the
20,000 and growing that could be termed sexually abu- family, the next time Euteneuer was
sive, both Adele and her family now in direct contact with them “it was
Warren County’s wonder if their trust in the priest like nothing had happened.”
and his healing abilities wasn’t mis- Both Adele and her husband
leading newspaper placed idealism in a man one blog- agreed the family saw little positive
122 W 14th Street, Box 20 ger said was treated like a “rock impact from Euteneuer’s repeated
Front Royal, VA 22630 star” within the pro-life movement. exorcism interventions. However
Adele reflects on episodes she now they added that once another priest
Press releases should be perceives to have been counterpro- became involved the situation
emailed to: ductive and emotionally bullying. seemed to reach a positive conclu- she did have some concern about Adele on Jan. 28. Adele prefaced the Those incidents varied from threats sion in fairly short order.
the tone of some posts both attack- post noting it sounded like “a death to withdraw from the exorcism “One reason for failure of such
ing alleged victims and those post- threat” and that it had originated process due to the subject’s height- church rituals is a priest in mortal
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief:
ing about their plight on her blog from a woman in Florida – “I will be ened emotional state; to several be- sin,” Adele’s husband offered.
Daniel P. McDermott
stream. reporting this to the proper authori-
(540) 305-3000
“Everything comes in God’s time, ties,” she posted.

RIP, Elaine Bromfield
not your time ... didn’t Jesus have to
wait for His Father on the Cross??? Personal experience
Managing Editor and Reporter:
Roger Bianchini ... but you’re looking for blood ...
(540) 635-4835 you’ll get it but it will be yours,” Between April 2008 and prior to As we were going to press we were distressed to learn of the re- one anonymous blogger posted to Father Euteneuer’s 2010 departure cent passing of Elaine Bromfield. Elaine and her husband Ted, the
latter whom I regret never having had the pleasure of knowing,
News Editor:
Laura Biondi Campground Membership for Sale were landmark figures in the history of Warren County through
their stewardship of The Warren Sentinel during a tumultuous pe- riod of social upheaval.
Own a piece of Ted’s courage, with his wife’s support, in publicly bucking the sta-
News Reporter:
tus quo of institutionalized racism prevalent throughout Virginia,
Carol Ballard heaven in the lovely including Warren County in the 1950s and ‘60s, will be an undying Shenandoah Valley example and inspiration to newspapermen here or anywhere.
National & Agency Advertising: North Fork Resort, But I, we, just liked her because she was not only smart, insight-
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Used with permission. All other rights reserved. License #L 0010002
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Admitting to not being familiar havior could be considered typical riety for attacking Sean Hannity as Catholic” during his scathing ap- hope for his conversion. What I
with the role of the priest in exor- of a priest’s battle with demons or a failed Catholic on the Fox News praisal of the newsman’s stance on hope and pray for even more is a to-
cisms other than the classic 1970’s not. commentator’s own television show. birth control among non-Catholics. tal return to fidelity of all Catholics
Hollywood version featuring Max In 2007 Euteneuer blasted Hannity Hannity was later reduced to a to the Truth on the critical issues
Von Sydow as the exorcist battling Euteneuer vs. Hannity for his stance on birth control as an one-word response – “Wow” – to of life, marriage and family, and the
a possessed Linda Blair, I can’t say acceptable alternative to abortion the priest’s assertion he would re- sacrificial commitment that alone
whether Euteneuer’s described be- Euteneuer gained national noto- for non-Catholics. fuse Hannity the sacrament of com- will bring America out of its moral
“Judge not, lest ye be judged,” munion for that stance. decay.”
Hannity repeated several times to On March 15, 2010, Father Eute-

(540) 635-2156 Euteneuer during the infamous TV

encounter. Euteneuer dismissed
neuer posted this online reflection
on that moment in the national
Judge not, lest you be judged

Hannity as a “heretic” and “cultural spotlight. “I still pray for him and However it is the initially alleged

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and now admitted, in part, moral Jan. 27th incident at HLI and subse- tors. Abused by Priests) at (314) 566- the world’s oldest and largest sup-
decay of Father Euteneuer himself quent admission by HLI officials of “I’d like to add that silence only 9790.” port group for clergy abuse victims.
that created an increasingly conten- additional accusations that surfaced benefits the perpetrator and only We contacted Clossey, who told us We’ve been around for 22 years and
tious and even threatening online against Father Euteneuer since his when we bring it to the Light can that SNAP is available to any victim have more than 10,000 members
debate about the priest, his supe- August 2010 removal from his office the healing start. I urge anyone who of abuse from any religious commu- across the globe. Despite the word
riors, accusers and alleged victims there accentuates the importance of is struggling or in pain because of nity, publicly acknowledged or not. ‘priest’ in our title, we have mem-
that developed during the official quicker public comment by church this man to come forward confiden- “For 21 years, I have been the di- bers who were molested by religious
veil of silence. and other officials in a position of tially and contact David Clohessy of rector of SNAP, the Survivors Net- figures of all denominations, includ-
Catholic blogger “Adele” said the authority over accused perpetra- SNAP (Survivor’s Network of those work of those Abused by Priests, ing nuns, rabbis, bishops, and Prot-
estant ministers.”

Clossey, “Adele” and other critics

Christmas Treasures that

of the long official silence on the

matter ask why clergy should be

haven’t found a loving home... Royal Family

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treated any differently than other Silence is golden? 1st questioned who really was the whether the five months of silence very vindictive in character and self
citizens accused of such sexual ac- victim in the Euteneuer debate. reflected an official stance that righteous. They don’t seem credible
tions that are certainly predatory, Despite such reasoning, oth- “Neither are you Adele - above priests were above the law. “And we to me,” another wrote of the priest’s
and possibly criminal in nature? ers posting on Adele’s “Journey to the law,” one Euteneuer supporter sincerely do NOT believe your ac- accusers.
Therese” blog stream prior to Feb. responded to an Adele post on cusations and false testimony. God “I have known Fr. Tom personally
is your judge, we will all be praying for more than 13 years and I can as-
for your soul.” sure you of Father’s devotion to the
“I think these women are shame- unborn. I have never seen him fal-
ful. Their attack will probably back- ter in his ministry as a priest. Being
fire on them. They are possessed exposed to demons is not an easy
with evil and it seems that they are thing. Sometimes the demons will
getting worse whenever someone purposely twist the bodies of their
disagrees with them. They seem victims that will have their sexual


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parts touch the one who is trying to like ADHD and Bi-polar and these I’ve raised a son with Tourettes and ficult time – or my crisis of faith?” a question about his Jan. 28th “cri-
remove the demons. This, I am sure people lie very often just to get at- ADHD and let me tell you it’s noth- “I’m drained and depressed, not sis of faith” blog on the Euteneuer
must have happened several times tention.” ing like bi-polar!” to mention angry. Cynical as well,” situation. “My on-the-record com-
to Father Tom,” yet another defend- That statement in defense of Abbott began in what he said would ment – I’ve lost my trust in the
er of the priest said, perhaps exhib- the priest led to this counter post Crisis of faith be his shortest column, a column board of directors of Human Life
iting some first-hand knowledge of – “What’s this ‘mental problem’ like Father Euteneur had been a semi- International and in Father Eute-
the dynamics of exorcisms. “Many ADHD – and being mentioned like A January 29th post on the Catho- regular contributor to, Abbott later neuer.  Thankfully, I haven’t lost my
of the women who are possessed it was of the same ‘weight’ as bi-po- lic website “Renew” told us. trust in God.”
also have other mental problems lar? Your ignorance is astonishing!! by Matt C. Abbott was titled, “A dif- “The whole thing is a sad mess,” Amen.
Abbott e-mailed us in response to

Loving Arms Assisted Living

Independent Assisted Living Apartments
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Credits Cards Accepted / Gift Cards Available
“To Everything There Is A Season, A Time For Every Purpose Under Heaven” Ecclesiastes 3:1 Open 7 Days A Week
415 - B - South St. Front Royal, VA
l l e n & the uch
yE m
h e l l y, Mar ank you so om’s
S h M
i r e S taff, T basket for e your
en t t t
e plan precia ...
for th ice. We ap very much ving
serv htfulness you for lo e
thoug all, thank er Mom. Wace
of v pl
most watching oad a better ¿QDO

and ’t have h ULQJKHU h of
n X c
could KHUWREHG he loved ea part Than
IRU I know s you were ever and e k you She
nc ll
years.and felt lik e will befo
r to Wa ouragemeny for all th
y ne, G t you e help
you family! W ful! quite
a a l e a h a v e
of her grate Susan with u process a nd I. It’ given
r& many s all the w nd you ha s been
Ginge than ay. ve b
Lovin ks to you aBlessings aeen
gly, M n n
ary and your Stafd
d Gal f.

Shelly Cook, RN, Owner/Administrator

For reservations, brochure and to schedule your personal tour please call
(540) 635-7923
103 Lee Burke Road, Front Royal, VA 22630
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Hannity addresses his old TV buddy’s problems

“Bill Clinton would be proud of Hannity responded, “That’s like ous, liberal reader comments citing
that,” Hannity joked. the Huffington Post defending me Euteneuer’s ability to make the no-
“Look, I don’t want to make a now.” tably conservative Hannity appear
situation worse. Apparently some- to be the voice of “reason” during
thing happened – pretty severe (Managing Editor’s note: An ab- their March 9, 2007, Hannity &
– and he’s been taken away from breviated version of our lead story Colmes Show confrontation. Mc-
his position,” Hannity said. was the Huffington Post’s Feb. 2nd Dermott forwarded some of those
But Hannity still seemed upset at page one story on the emerging con- liberal defenses of him to Hannity
having his faith questioned and the troversy surrounding Father Eute- earlier that day.)
priest’s conduct after the appear- neuer. It led to a number of humor-
ance on Hannity & Colmes.
“He’s so self righteous. He spent 437-A South Royal Avenue
years raising money off this ex- Front Royal, VA 22630
change with me and building his
name recognition,” Hannity said.
Euteneuer appeared on the 2007
540-635-9808 • Fax: 540-635-7128 • Toll Free: 800-292-3548
Hannity & Colmes show to chas-
tise Hannity for supporting birth
control as a preferable alternative 1993 RELIANCE RD. MIDDLETOWN, VA
By Dan McDermott then Human Life International to abortion for non-Catholics. Old house (of little
Warren County Report Father Thomas Euteneuer called “But in this world we live in, do value tear down)
Hannity a “heretic” and “cultural you really think that you can con-
Fox News host Sean Hannity ad- Catholic”, Hannity read part of Fr. vince non-Catholics, non-Chris- Would make a build-
dressed the controversy surround- Euteneuer’s recent confession to tians [to] wait until marriage to ing lot if cleaned up
ing a former Front Royal-based transgressions which caused him have sex? There’s a certain realistic
exorcist Catholic priest at the end to be removed as president of Hu- quality to what I was saying. Not
. Enter property at
of his Hannity cable news show man Life International. that I like it. It’s just real,” he said. own risk! Property
Wednesday night and made note of “I take full responsibility for my Hannity said he does teach his in bad state of re-
the unusually favorable treatment own poor judgment, my weakness own children to abstain from sex
he has been getting from Huffing- and my sinful conduct that resulted until marriage.
pair. Being sold at
ton Post commentators as part of from it,” Hannity read. One of the panelists joked that its assessed value
that story. The host then noted the priest’s the video clip of his face-off with for gentlemean in nursing home. Listing Agent: Sam Snead
After playing portions of a now admission of violating his vow of Rev. Euteneuer had “brought out
infamous 2007 exchange in which chastity due to human weakness the inner liberal” in Hannity.
which Fr. Euteneuer said “did not Shuffling, perhaps uncomfort- MLS#WR7358415 $107,000
involve the sexual act.” ably, in his seat at that thought,

Hair Studio
Salon, Spa & Barber services

Royal Plaza OFF
Shopping Center
Front Royal
540.631.1177 a service call
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Bankruptcy Petition
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Void where prohibited by law.

at $325 Locally owned & operated by LCI

Services, Inc
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Reactions to priest’s ‘confession’ – mixed feelings

Transition from contrition to anger in apology troubles one observer
By Roger Bianchini “But then comes the part where Fa- cese of Palm Beach Bishop Barbarito his exorcism ministry (see related son only, an adult woman’ – not my
Warren County Report ther’s confession starts to degenerate. addressed his and the diocese role in story), e-mailed this reporter fol- violation of chastity was limited. This
First, Father departs from the humble the Euteneuer case. lowing the release of all three official indicates that he succumbed to this
Following the release of father high road by resorting to name-call- “Father Euteneuer has been under- statements on Feb. 1st and 2nd. “Even temptation multiple times. – Yes, a
Thomas Euteneuer’s first public ing (including the term “crackpot”), a going intensive evaluation and coun- before the HLI statement came out priest is just a man who is as capable
statement over five months after he Fr. Tom tactic which probably made seling to address admitted inappro- indicating that there are other allega- of sin as the rest of us, but this partic-
was recalled from his post as presi- Bishop Barbarito reluctant to let Eu- priate crossing of adult heterosexual tions, Father [Euteneuer] admitted ular sin took place between a man in
dent of Human Life International by teneuer respond in the beginning.” boundaries on the occasion of carry- in his own statement that multiple a position of spiritual authority and a
Bishop Gerald Barbarito of the Palm Human Life International’s subse- ing out his priestly ministry. Immedi- violations occurred between him and woman in his care during the incred-
Beach Diocese, Catholic online blog- quent press release of Feb. 2nd raised ate action was taken to deal with this this woman. He said, ‘My violations ible spiritual distress of the ministry
ger Tom O’Toole had mixed emo- further questions about not only matter and to restrict his ministry as of chastity were limited to one per- of exorcism …”
tions. Euteneuer’s statement, but the total- soon as it was brought to the atten-

Reliance Woods
In his Feb. 2nd post at his “Fight- ity of the response of Euteneuer’s su- tion of the Diocese … No determina-
ing Irish Thomas: Catholicism, poli- perior, Diocese of Palm Beach Bishop tion has yet been made as to when and
tics, saints and Notre Dame” blog, Gerald Barbarito. under what circumstances he may
O’Toole indicated he was torn by the “Since the time of Rev. Euteneuer’s return to ministry. While committed
priest’s apology – and counterattack. resignation, the Board subsequently to Father Euteneuer’s healing, I truly Choice home sites
“First, I believe much positive has learned of additional allegations in regret and apologize for the hurt and
available at drastic price
come from this public figure’s pub- connection with his exorcism minis- harm which his actions have caused,”
lic admission of wrongdoing (albeit try,” the HLI press release stated. “As Barbarito wrote his priests, and indi- reductions to savvy
almost 6 months after the fact), for Rev. Euteneuer no longer serves as rectly the entire Catholic community dB buyers who act quickly.
ture uilde
without it, the healing of his public president of HLI, we are not espe- through the LifeSiteNews site. ea

ministry (whether it be Human Life cially endowed with the competence The absence of any reference what- Build now or later using
International or the Catholic Church or authority to investigate, evaluate, soever by the bishop to the subse- our suggested builders
in general) cannot really begin. It is or act on these additional allegations, quent allegations of additional im- or yours. All lots have
good that Euteneuer finally publicly but they have been submitted to the proprieties the HLI press release said approved perc sites and
apologized to ‘the heroic, faithful proper ecclesiastical authorities.” had been forwarded to the proper are ready to go.
people…who have placed so much In an internal memo to all the “ecclesiastical authorities” was an
trust in me,’ and acknowledges that priests of his diocese released “with unacceptable omission to some.
‘the circumstances that led to my de- permission” on the same LifeSite- “We’re furious,” Catholic blogger Connie Smallwood
parture from HLI were entirely’ his News website seven hours after Eu- “Adele”, who claims a lengthy family • 540.551.2162
own fault,” O’Toole wrote. teneuer’s statement appeared, Dio- relationship with Euteneuer through

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Wayside knocks their socks off in good times and bad

‘Southern Cross – The New Orleans Adventure’
also added a multi-faceted singing
talent from its intern ranks, sou-
brette Katherine Yacko, who was
allowed to die too early!
A major attraction in this as
well as the earlier show is Robbie
Limon, balladeer and band leader
with a large, local following. Rob-
bie, whose talent with the guitar is
well known and appreciated, lives
a few doors from the Wayside The-
atre with wife Maureen and son
Forrest, not yet a teen-ager but
with a stage presence  like his dad.
Not as well known is that fact that
Limon continues in his day job as a
Bethesda jeweler, though with cur-
tailed hours!
Congratulations to the hard
working (25 tunes in a couple of
hours) cast members, which also
Vaughn Irving (in Background), Thomasin Savaiano, If Robbie Limon’s on stage there must be a musical includes newcomer Chris Bisset
and Robbie Limon, are appearing at Wayside Theatre angle to this show - and we like that. from Chicago, Michael Reid, Aar-
production “Southern Crossroads: The New Orleans
want to pay royalties on a play. way to help a bankrupt speak-easy on Mann, Eddie Staver III, and a
Adventure” January 29 through March 12, 2011. Call former Wayside returning intern,
Crocker began writing in De- stay in business, and the Wayside
(540) 869-1776 for reservations. Photographs by Vaughn Irving, who seems to fit
cember, Przy – let’s call him Steve Theatre survives to provide profes-
Westervelt. everything that Crocker throws at
– when Steve simultaneously be- sional, theatrical entertainment for
By Malcolm Barr Sr. ed the historic Wayside Theatre gan scoring the music, and, bot- residents of the Valley and the bus- him.
Warren County Report into oblivion. With funds already tom line, the artistic pair “world loads of tourists who come here. “Southern Crossroads - The New
short, box office receipts hit rock premiered” one of the Wayside’s The cast has a couple of new Orleans Adventure” runs through
And that, ladies and gentlemen, bottom. Nevertheless, the Way- most popular shows in recent his- faces from 2009, otherwise the March 12 at the Wayside Theatre,
was ENTERTAINMENT! side was able to go forward with a tory in just two or three weeks. It original Greene family is together Middletown, VA. For information
After an evening of toe tapping plan. - plus a generous donation - saved and making music on everything and tickets, call 540 869-1776.
and a standing ovation for the cast, With no funds at their disposal, the theatre, which celebrates its from drums, guitars, mandolins,
a packed house departed the Way- artistic director Warner Crocker golden anniversary this year. to a washboard and various glass
side Theatre still humming many of and musical director Steve Przyb- As for funds, the situation hasn’t jars, a flute, piano and accordion. (The author is a former member of
the old time melodies they’d heard ylski decided to write and score an changed markedly for Wayside, It has the Valley’s perennial lead- the board of directors of Wayside
at the opening - the world pre- original show - “Southern Cross- but it will if the prequel “South- ing lady, Thomasin Savaiano, who Theatre. He began a journalism
miere - of “Southern Crossroads- roads.”  The setting was a group of ern Crossroads - The New Orleans memorably strums the bass fiddle career in England in the 1950s cri-
-The New Orleans Adventure” on itinerant Virginia musicians on the Adventure” is as popular as its pre- for the first time. She again holds tiquing prior-to-London produc-
Sunday night, Jan. 30. road, looking for work. The year decessor. her (Greene) family together. New- tions that included actors such as
To completely understand the was 1931. America was in not only “Southern Crossroads - The New comer Bob Payne, who recently Richard Burton and Dame Flora
underpinnings of this musical, we recession, but depression. This was Orleans Adventure,” picked up moved his home to Middletown, Robson. In retirement, he regularly
have to go back a couple of years to happenstance, then and now. How- where the original ended. The era is “Stewpot”, the bar owner who contributes articles of general in-
when the economic recession now ever, by design, the pair wanted to is still the “hungry thirties”; the keeps the story flowing. The cast terest to Warren County Report).
ending, first hit the Valley. Like do a musical without paying roy- Greene family of Virginia musi-
many businesses, it almost explod- alties on the music. Nor did they cians survives, long enough any-

Wayside elects new president,

We Provide a creative approach, exceptional service, and
Photographer John Westervelt of White Post is the new presi-
flexibility in options for the application of... dent of the Wayside Foundation for the Arts at Wayside Theatre. 
He succeeds Jim Wink of Bluemont.
SANDBLASTING • POWDER COATING • CHEMICAL COATING Dr. Byron Brill, a dentist and resident of Warren County near
Strasburg, is vice president. Winchester attorney Steve Brown is
Services Include But Not Limited: treasurer; and Diane King of Middletown is the new secretary.
• Motorcycle, Automotive, and Off-Road Frames Board members include: Doug Arthur, Strasburg; Mary Ruth
• Lawn Furniture and Antique Restoration
• Metal Fencing, Gates and Railings
Creative Coatings Inc. Alred Follett, Strasburg; Patrick Carper, Winchester; Pam Dyke,
116 Success Rd. Front Royal; Neal Knudsen, Stephens City; Mike McCool, Front
• Industrial Fabrication Royal; Stephanie Pendleton, Middletown; Wendy Pieper, Stras-
• Welding Repair Front Royal, VA 22630
Call Today (540) 636-7911 burg; Barbara Scarlett, Middletown; Judy Schroer; Winchester; Brad Snowden, Inwood, WV; and Jim Wink.
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Dealing with the Tough Stuff

Practical wisdom for running a values-driven business
for this entrepreneurial venture ly take the reader on a journey titled “What We Learned” and assist women in realizing their vi-
incorporates people, planet and through the world of the values- “Practical Tips” that are invalu- sions for the future. The message
profit. This premise alone pres- driven entrepreneur and dictate able as they provide very mean- that is conveyed in this de-tailed
ents a significant challenge be- the areas that should be high- ingful applications to the subject account is relevant to their aspi-
yond the descriptive word tough. lighted along the way. They un- at hand. rations as is our commitment to
Margot Fraser and Lisa Lorimer der-score the point that cash is It seems most appropriate for continue to allow these women to
felt compelled to write this book king and the need to know and this book to have been donated ‘dare to dream’!
to make people who dare to ac- ‘own’ your cash flow is critical if by Front Royal Women’s Re-
cept this challenge aware of the one is to be successful. Stress is source Center because one of the
fact that there are many unsus- a constant cloud that encircles most significant contributions Sheila Lamonz, Reviewer
pected snags in this endeavor that this environment and it is made this organization has made is to
may befall many, if not all, and at- very clear that there are steps that
tempt to establish an awareness must be taken to diminish that
that they are not alone and that cloud whenever possible. There Engle’s Angle: Babies, Car Horns
courage is the key word for suc-
cess. Theirs is a knowledge that
are no fairy tales here (although
each describes what theirs would and Dog Houses
is based upon personal experi- be and it is very amusing) and
By Kevin S. Engle beside me and yelled.
ences, having been prominent de-termination and grit form the “Take a hike buddy!” And
executives in their respective val- glue that binds and leads to tri- Warren County Report
AUTHORS: MARGOT FRA- then he sped off like a race car.
ues-based businesses. umph. In addition, each chapter He didn’t seem to be in a good
SER, LISA LORIMER In this book, the authors adept- is concluded with segments en- Wes, my oldest nephew, called
the other day and left a mes- mood.
(The Front Royal Women’s Re- sage. He said his wife Maya I was curious. How did he
source Center and Royal Oak would be gaining weight over the know I like to hike? Had he
next nine months. He seemed stuck around, I would’ve told him
Bookshop donate books to Samu-
quite happy about it. about our big trip later this year.
els Public Library that are by or
“That’s strange. Why would he When I got home, I asked my
about women. This book is a re- In the heart of Historic Downtown Front Royal
be happy she was about to pack wife about it.
cent donation and is available for
YOUR ONE STOP SOURCE FOR: on the pounds? I’ll bet Maya’s “Geez,” she said as she shook
checkout.) • New and Gently Read Books
not thrilled.” her head. “He wasn’t telling you
• Exclusive Shenandoah Valley Retailer of Miche Bags to go hiking.”
A values-based business is one (new styles arriving regularly)
A few days later, I got another
weird call, this time from his dad, “But that’s what he said.”
that integrates social and environ- • Large Selection of Home School and Teacher Supplies and
“He was mad that you were
mental values into the core of its Products my brother John.
“You’re going to be a great un- driving too slowly.”
product. The triple bottom line • All occasion greeting cards, including Valentine’s Day cards
• Authorized Mort Kunstler Dealer cle!” he said. He was obviously “He was? Ohhhhhhhhhhh-
• Distinctive Virginia Food & Beverage Products excited. hhhh. Why didn’t he just say
• Unique Gift Items and Souvenirs Was I missing something? I al- that?”
Springfield • Local and Regional Art and Craft Items ready knew I was a great uncle. “He did.”
How am I supposed to know
Spring Clearance! Rather awesome actually. Tell
Computers Help us make room for new and exciting products. Between me something I don’t know.
“What’s the deal?” I asked my
what people mean, if they don’t
come out and say it? I’m not a
now and February 20, save 20%-75% on select books (New
• PC & Mac and Gently Read); home school and teacher products; Virginia wife. mind reader.
• New & Used Sales food products; Melissa and Doug toys, puzzles, art supplies, She could see I was confused, But maybe I should be.
• In-Home Repairs and much more!
something she’s used to. Just the other day my wife
• In-Shop Repairs Upcoming Special Events mentioned going on a diet to
Saturday February 12, 11: AM-1:00 PM “Wes and Maya are having a
510 N. Royal Ave. • Front Royal baby!” shed some holiday pounds.
Main Street Book Company will host local potter, Georgia Merrick
540-622-8055 who will work with children to decorate clay ornaments/Valentines. “They are? Ohhhhhhhhhhh- “I’ll bet you didn’t gain more
This event is free but space is limited to 15 kids, so please call 631- hhhh. Why didn’t they just say than five,” I told her, trying to be
7223 or email to register. that?” encouraging.
“They did. You just didn’t catch “Kevin Engle! You’re not sup-
Current Offers & Specials: it.” posed to agree with me when I
• Hardcover and paperback best sellers always What can I say? Sometimes say that.”
PINOCCIOS “But, I was just, you said.”
CLOCK REPAIR 10% off cover price I’m a bit slow.
• Book clubs: Members receive 20% off club’s And speaking of slow, that’s I give up.
■ Authorized Service
Center for Howard Miller current selection how I like to drive. ♦♦♦
I was coming home from work
& Sligh
■ Licensed and Insured 120A East Main Street Monday - Wednesday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
one day last week when the The author was in the dog house
■ House Calls Available In the heart of Historic Downtown Front Royal Thursday - Saturday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM after that last comment. Literal-
■ Antique or Modern • 631-7223 Sunday Noon - 5:00 PM guy behind me kept honking his
■ Serving the valley for horn. I figured he was testing it, ly. Have you ever slept in one of
over 36 years 15% off entire purchase with this coupon. checking to make sure it worked. those? Quite uncomfortable.
(540) 636-7369 (Excludes art and craft items) cannot be combined with other offers
It did. Quite well in fact. When he got the chance, he pulled up
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Twin Hearts, baking with a purpose – flavor & health

products just to the right of the Also, beginning this month The
main entrance. Daily Grind on Front Royal’s
To honor Valentine’s Day, she Main St. will be carrying “Heart
offers heart-shaped cakes. Healthy beats”, a heart-shaped confection
Heart-shaped desserts are espe- of fruits and nuts, for Valentine’s
cially appropriate for February as Day treats.
it is also American Heart Month. When Theresa was starting out

Warren County Local is a newly formed chapter of Special

Olympics, providing local sports for people with intellectual
disabilities in Front Royal and Warren County.
Would you like to join us for some fun and competition in
sports such as bowling, swimming or basketball?
The first event is bowling starting Feb. 16.
Contact Colleen Snyder at
or 540-305-4944 for additional information

move, and you’ll be closer to your

much-wanted reunion.
LIBRA (September 23 to October
22) Accept the fact that you are worthy
of being loved, and you’ll find proof in
Twin Hearts Bakery’s Theresa Bergida what is revealed to you over the course
of the week. Also accept a compliment
By Carol Ballard and added more fresh fruits and want a chocolatey taste. ARIES (March 21 to April 19) St. offered with great sincerity.
Warren County Report nuts. The cakes are flourless, so are She’s kept her business run- Valentine’s Day magic rules the entire SCORPIO (October 23 to Novem-
good for those with gluten aller- ning and continued to expand for • On F
week for romantic Rams and Ewes. ber 21) Planning to take a new direc- Act —
As a result of a near-fatal car gies. After consulting with a food three years. Every other Wednes- Music, which is the food of love, is tion in life is exciting. And so is a new the min
accident, Theresa Bergida, owner specialist, a recipe with sweetened day, she can be found at Better
also strong. The weekend offers news awareness of someone’s special affec- the law
of Warren County’s Twin Hearts coconut milk was developed for Thymes Natural Food store in the
both unexpected and anticipated. tion. Expect a slow and mostly steady century,
Bakery, made baking healthy des- those with milk allergies. She calls Royal Plaza shopping center in
TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) development of the situation. deposits
serts her mission. According to them “Heart cakes”. Carob chips Front Royal. The owner, Denise de
her website, she makes and sells take the place of chocolate chips, la Montaigne, has also given her a
Your aspects favor the arts — which SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to today w
“Irresistible treats that are kind to which contain milk, for those who permanent space to showcase her
the Divine Bovine loves, loves, loves. December 21) Although you might money
your health!” Also, for those looking for romantic still feel you weren’t treated quite right in the st
“I always made the fruit and nut love, Cupid is available for requests. in a recent matter, all that will work out • On
After all, his mother, Venus, rules your in time. Meanwhile, enjoy the week’s
loaves for my family at Christmas, owner
and my husband kept saying that I sign. special qualities and potentials. stuffed
should sell them,” she said. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Lov- CAPRICORN (December 22 to

The Sherando
She hadn’t followed up on his ing commitments continue to grow January 19) Deciding not to give up Teddy b
suggestion but she realized that stronger. Ditto budding relationships. on a troubling romantic situation helps “Teddy”
she wanted to make and sell A recent move to help start up a new start the healing process. Expect to

healthy desserts after the accident career-linked direction could soon find some valuable insight into your- ies of M
and a recommendation from her begin to show signs of progress. self as things move along. would
homeopathic doctor. He suggest- CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Sin- AQUARIUS (January 20 to Febru- instituti
ed she read “Eat to Live” by Dr.
Joel Fuhrman, a book that made
Advertising Representative gle Moon Children might be eager to
take that proverbial chance on love.
ary 18) The week is filled with positive
potentials, but it’s up to you to make
• On F
men in
a huge difference in changing her But your more serious side will feel the right choices. The advice of some- organiz
approach to eating. “I weighed The Sherando Times is currently searching for a top-notch better if you take things slowly and one who truly cares for you and your der seve
200 lbs. and when I read the book, sales representative for Frederick County. give your moonstruck self more time. well-being can be priceless.
it really clicked with me,” she said. The ideal candidate would be organized and self-motivat- Moran’
LEO (July 23 to August 22) It’s a PISCES (February 19 to March so-calle
She lost 30 lbs., kept them off ed. Great people skills and a professional demeanor are key. love fest for Leos and Leonas this 20) It’s a good time to make yourself
and then lost 10 more. She said This individual should enjoy the freedom of setting his or her
sacre m
week. Paired Cats might expect to be available to possibilities of the roman- redoubl
she hadn’t been eating with nutri- own hours and meeting new people. Previous advertising purr-fectly in sync. And with match- tic kind. Already paired? Good. In that
tion in mind and the book changed incrimin
sales experience is a plus. The candidate must be dependable, making friends, single Simbas search- case, be sure to reassure that special off the s
her outlook. “As my family saw ing for romance shouldn’t have too far person of your feelings.
reliable and be a self-starter. This is a commission-based posi- • On F
me change, it made a difference in to look. BORN THIS WEEK: Your gener-
tion. lin D.
how they ate. My son and husband VIRGO (August 23 to September
If you are poised and ready to take the next step in your osity gladdens the hearts of others, and Order 9
both lost weight, too,” she said. 22) More understanding on both sides
sales career, email:
you bask in their joy. of all pe
So when she started making fruit
can work miracles in restoring ailing military
and nut loaves to sell, she left out relationships to health. Make the first © 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.
the sweet, sweet candied cherries Coast as
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her encouraging husband Mike the cakes. They had to approve festival in Front Royal and bought slogan, “Sweet tooth satisfaction She thanks the community of
spotted an ad in the newspaper the labels, identify the water some of the cakes as a gift for that’s good for you” for the ban- women who have been so sup-
describing the process for receiv- source, check storage areas, look her hairdresser. Her hairdresser ners on her booths in the farmers’ portive of her work, not only the
ing a business grant especially for at implements, and iron out many opened the package and shared markets she attends. Womens’ Resource Center, but
women. In 2008, she applied for other details, including testing of it with some of her clients. One Her family has also been a huge several personal friends as well,
and won a $700 grant from The the milk-free line. of the clients had a daughter who support in the business, with her Maggie and Steve Sil, owners of
Front Royal Women’s Resource Once all was approved, how- worked in the sheriff ’s depart- husband Mike and sons Christo- Heaven Sent Shoppe, were very
Center. She explained that the ever, the cakes sold very well and ment as a dispatcher and through pher, Tony and John, involved in instrumental in helping her. San-
grant helped to pay the fees re- collected a lot of fans. She de- her, were able to contact Theresa. almost every aspect of the pro- dy O’Gorman of the Faithful and
quired for approval by the De- scribed an incident that showed Hikers, bikers and hunters also cess, including cutting fruits and True gift shop on Main St. gave
partment of Agriculture. how popular they were. “One day swear by the small treats called nuts, lining the pans and packag- her the first opportunity to sell
She described the long list of I got a call from a Northern Vir- “Heart throbs”. These have a two- ing, even setting up her web-page in a shop. “All along she encour-
requirements that had to be met ginia sheriff ’s office. I immediately month shelf life, and won’t get and helping with pricing and mar- aged and helped, and even made a
in order to sell homemade food. thought maybe I had done some- moldy, she said. One of her hunter keting. Her daughter, Jeanette has sign for my booth,” she said. Also,
They inspected the kitchen, she thing wrong like going the wrong friends told her, “No hunter should also developed a food line of her Aldine Musser, Mennonite minis-
had to submit recipes and outline speed,” she said. What really hap- be without them.” And her friend own, which includes fresh fruit ter and minister’s wife invited her
the process involved in making pened was that a visitor came to a Nan Hathaway came up with the snow cones and healthy pretzels. to one of her “Living Simple” se-
ries meetings, to talk and sell her

Report from Richmond: 2011

The name Twin Hearts comes
from her association with two
very good friends, a mother and
son who because of their gener-
osity and kindness made big im-
Delegate Clay Athey, R-18th Legislative District pact on her. “It was like they were
sharing one heart, she said. Also
(2)HB 1592 – Requires all state agencies and procurement process if we want to maintain her family has a lot of history with
regional bodies to put requests for proposal and expand jobs. twins. And the ingredients played
and invitations to bid on the Department of (5)HB1982 – Increases the Governor’s De- a part in the naming. “Fruits and
General Services’ website so that existing Vir- velopment Opportunity Fund which he uses nuts are good for heart. They’re
ginia businesses know how to bid on avail- to lure businesses to Virginia and reduces, full of fiber and nutrients both of
able state contracts. among other things, the threshold for private which are good for digestion and
(3)HB 1822 – Creates a separate classifica- investment and new job creation from fiscally actually burn calories,” she said.
Theresa grew up in St. Paul, Min-
tion of machinery and tools designed and stressed localities from $10 million and
nesota and then lived for 22 years
used directly in manufacturing or processing 100 new jobs to $5 million and 50 new
in Northern Virginia in Hern-
materials, components, or equipment for na- jobs to be eligible.
don and Centreville, but, “This is
tional defense. Local governments would be (6) HB 2151 – Eliminates Virginia’s home. We want to stay here al-
authorized to tax such machinery and tools corporate income tax for taxable years ways, and we’re so glad we’re here
at a rate that is less than the rate generally ap- beginning on and after January 1, 2011, now.”
Greetings from your Delegate to the Virgin- plicable to machinery and tools. The bill also to put Virginia on a level playing field As for the future, she said, “It
ia General Assembly. authorizes local governments to establish, by on tax policy so that new and existing would be so wonderful to have a
As Chairman of the House Policy Commit- ordinance, local defense production zones in- Virginia businesses will locate or ex- bakery in Front Royal with two
tee, this year I patroned approximately eighty cluding incentives and regulatory flexibility pand their Virginia footprint. separate kitchens, one especial-
bills on varying issues of importance during for the design, development, or production (7) HB 2325 – Allows income tax cred- ly for gluten-free products and
the General Assembly Session. by a defense production business of materi- its for individuals and businesses for possibly branch out from that
The House Policy Committee has been work- als, components, or equipment for national qualified research and development and teach and help others to eat
ing closely with Governor McDonnell to pro- defense. Virginia has long been favored by expenses for taxable years beginning healthy.”
mote the creation of jobs by incentivizing out the military and we must continue to encour- on or after January 1, 2012, but before As for now, she will continue to
of state businesses to relocate to Virginia and age the expansion of the military industry in January 1, 2017. The Virginia Economic make her products at her home
also by promoting policies which encourage Virginia. Development Partnership shall de- in Rockland in Warren County
Virginia businesses to expand. (4)HB 1929 – Amends the Virginia Public velop policies and procedures for the and will sell locally at the Front
Even though Virginia’s 6.7% unemploy- Procurement Act and provides that whenever application process for the tax credits. Royal Farmers’ Market, Festival
ment rate remains over 3% below the national the lowest responsive and responsible bidder There is a $6 million cap on the total of Leaves and Celtic Fest, Better
average, we must continue to develop poli- is a resident of any other state, and the differ- amount of credits allowed in any tax- Thymes and The Daily Grind.
cies that send a clear message that Virginia is ence between such bidder’s bid and the bid able year. Theresa and her products can
open for business. of the next lowest responsive and responsible These job bills represent the largest also be found at Hill High Coun-
Some of the bills I patroned to promote jobs bidder who is a resident of Virginia is no more group of incentives and assistance to- try Store in Round Hill, Cuppa
include: than five percent or ward new job creation in recent Vir- Giddy-Up in Middleburg, at the
(1)HB 1447 – Creates an income tax, research -more- ginia history. Suffering families in my Newtown Festival in Stephens
and development expenses tax credit.   $10,000, the Virginia bidder shall be given District need jobs and these bills taken City and the Heritage Fest at
The bill allows income tax credits for individ- the opportunity to match the bid of the out- together help promote need job cre- Monticello in Charlottesburg; call
uals and businesses for qualified research and 540-631-9164 or visit www.twin-
of-state bidder. If the Virginia bidder matches ation in our communities.
development expenses. There is a $10 million; and for more
the out-of-state bid, the contract shall be As always, our family thanks you for
cap on the total amount of credits allowed information on heart health go to
awarded to the Virginia bidder. The bill re- the opportunity to serve. During ses-
in any taxable year. We are hopeful this will quires the Division of Purchases and Sup- sion, I can be reached at 1-804-698-1018
encourage research and development by Vir- ply to develop price match procedures. We or E mail me at delcathey@house.vir-
ginia companies to create new jobs. must favor Virginia businesses in our public
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The Irish Isle is usually closed on Monday but since Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday
Irish Isle anniversary this year they’ll be open. Valentine’s Day and of course St. Patrick’s Day are two of their
biggest celebrations.

Middletown’s Irish Isle celebrates a ‘lucky 7’ years

Maybe it’s not Galway to Graceland, but Limerick to Middletown will do
find him in session at the pub
with other musicians. The point
is, music is a part of the atmo-
sphere, without which the res-
taurant itself wouldn’t be in exis-
Music is the foundation from
which the whole enterprise origi-
nated and music is the theme per-
meating Coughlan’s life from Ire-
land, through the United States,
Canada and finally Middletown,
where he created his own little
“Irish Isle.”

Music background

“I started off playing rock mu-

sic when I was a kid, but then I
The Irish Isle in Middletown Owner Brian Coughlan brings years of experience
got into Irish folk and that was it,”
performing Irish music on the road to his slice of Ire-
By Lorie Showalter an Irish pub in Ireland would look Brian says. Like most families in
land right here in the Shenandoah Valley.
The Sherando Times like and what the atmosphere Ireland he grew up around music
of an authentic Irish Restaurant And that’s just one aspect of “Not for the meek of appetite!” and when relatives visited they
The Irish Isle in Middletown is would be like,” says Coughlan in what gives The Irish Isle its home- No self-respecting Irish Pub would start singing at the dinner
celebrating its seventh anniversa- his natural Irish brogue. His ef- town island flavor. In addition to would be complete without the table until the table would finally
ry this weekend beginning Febru- forts have not been in vain judg- the Irish décor, which Coughlan mournful and lovely sounds get pushed back out of the way
ary 4th. Owner Brian Coughlan, ing by the look, feel and ambi- designed and built himself, the of Irish traditional music, and and everyone would sing, play
born and raised in Ireland, has ance of the place and the fact menu features basic Irish fare Coughlan has that too because music and dance. “That’s the way
spent the past seven years creat- that once inside, whether you get such as The Good Shepherd’s Pie, he’s the attendant musician. I grew up, I love music, its just a
ing a unique place for diners to comfy in the main restaurant or Kilkee Fish & Chips and the Irish When he’s not playing on Friday natural thing. A lot of families in
gather and enjoy a little bit of his relax downstairs in Bridget’s Pub, Brigade noted on the menu as and Saturday nights you might Ireland are like that, they can sing
hometown, Limerick, through you feel as though you’ve been
his restaurant and pub. transported to another country,
“I try to show people here what namely Ireland.
All lines of insurance:

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Stephens City, VA 22655  Business
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The marking of their success in the field was cited in a music magazine where they [The
Irish Breakdown] were voted second to the popular bluegrass band The Seldom Scene. Irish Isle anniversary

D.C., which is still in operation grass influence they acquired grass band The Seldom Scene.
and extolled as ‘the best Irish through an American musician. When asked if he had a copy of
Pub in Washington, D.C.” From This provided a unique mix of the magazine or which it was, he
there, the trio went on the road Irish and bluegrass sounds, caus- said, “No, I didn’t keep anything,
stopping to play at various pubs ing their popularity to flourish. I was young and didn’t think it
through an Irish network of mu- The marking of their success was important at the time.” This
sicians traveling the circuit. in the field was cited in a music is typical Coughlan humility and
They called their group The magazine where they were vot- appears to him as a footnote in
Irish Breakdown due to the blue- ed second to the popular blue- his musical career.

(Expires 2/28/2011)

Now that’s what I call a meal - an Irish breakfast hits

the spot any time of day.
at the drop of a hat.” till you die; it’s secure.”
Of course, although music was However, being young and
important, it played second fid- wanting to pursue his musical
dle to secure employment, so as passion, it wasn’t long before
was customary Brian got a job in he found himself in the United
the shoe factory where his father States, along with two other Irish
worked. He said, “If you have a lads, playing the music circuit. In
good job in a factory or an old the early 70’s they began at the
established business, you’re there Four Provinces in Washington,
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Irish Isle anniversary
Kilimanjaro for a cause Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072
or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197

The group played for Vice-Pres- of Irish and American musicians. and making a living by it was tak-
ident of the United States Walter While in Ireland, Brian opened ing the enjoyment out of a career
Mondale twice and at a birthday for The Chieftains twice and he used to love.
party for Speaker of the House for Van Morrison, stating these With his 30 years of experience
Tip O’Neill. With the success amazing facts in the casual way playing music in pubs and his
of their new “bluegrass flavor” one might report what they love of Ireland he began search-
Coughlan wanted to take the had for dinner. But for Cough- ing for a venue in which he might
sound to Ireland where he felt the lan, he was working at what he make a home for himself: com-
music would go over well; but the loved most and the musicians he bining music, food and heritage
other two members were reluc- opened for shared his passion for while also bringing an authentic
tant to leave the security of their music. taste of Ireland to the region.
contract with the Four Provinc- In 1990 Coughlan returned
es. to the U.S. and teamed up with Restaurant & Pub
Brian soon found himself go- fiddle player Neil Foley for two
ing solo in Ireland over the next years but later played solo again When Coughlan found the old
ten years but would continue to around the D.C. area for another bank in Middletown he was excit-
come back to the U.S. every year few years. By this time he realized ed to discover an historic struc- Bridget’s Pub downstairs offers an informal balance
for ten-week tours to keep his that playing professionally after ture that perfectly suited his goal. to the upstairs dining experience.
foot in the door with the circuit 30 years had begun to take its toll He said, “I saw the brick walls on
the outside and thought, I bet’cha people at the table beside you counties with those areas listing
they’re brick on the inside.” aren’t strangers and you could family clan names from which
BUDGET SELF STORAGE He began working on the old
Middletown State Bank, tearing
pass the time easily with music
and friendly chats.
they originated.
I asked him what motivated him
up layers of flooring to uncover “There’s something about the more, the opportunity to play
the original hard wood floors and pub scene, just sittin’ down, sin- music on his own terms or the
pulling plaster off the walls to gin’ a song, lettin’ go with peo- restaurant aspect. He said, “Both,
reveal the rich orange brick be- ple singin’ a song on their own, but the food aspect is important
neath, which he’s left exposed to ya know?” Coughlan thought- because a lot of the pubs I used
give it that old historic look remi- fully observes. “It’s just certain to play at, they didn’t care about
niscent of Irish pubs from the old things, especially certain songs the food and a lot only have half
country. The bank’s vault remains that get’chya right in the heart; the menu or less of what would
intact and is used as a prep/order Irish music is so real it’s hard to be considered Irish fare. We have
room by staff. describe,” he further commented, basic good food, nothing fancy,

First Month FREE! Bridget’s Pub, named for his

seamstress mother-in-law, is dec-
and I had to agree with him since
I too have felt that swell of inde-
also anyone can come here and
be comfortable whether in the
orated with tables made by hand scribable emotion which leaves restaurant or the pub. Grandpar-
with 1 Month Paid Rent & Security Deposit using large factory thread spools me without adequate words to ents bring in kids and let them
With Coupon *Subject to availability placed atop turn of the century express their feeling. run around and it’s a family atmo-
sewing machine tables, just beg- About his customers Brian sphere, I think I’ve accomplished
ging for a tankard of ale to be says, “I like chattin’ to them; so that, people can come in here and
INCREDIBLE PRICES! placed upon them.
It’s the kind of atmosphere and
many want to know where their
name comes from,” and Cough-
Brian said he has customers
540-635-4000 • 800-296-0044 background that lends itself to lan obliges by directing them to who continue to meet at his es-
Rt. 619 & Corner of Airport Rd • Front Royal familial gatherings where the his map of Ireland divided into tablishment three and four times
a year after having found his place
by accident. Several families of

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Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072 Irish Isle anniversary
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Irish origin who live in the New him other than the disruptions sends the staff looking for him that upset him.” Hours of operation, Valentine’s
England area and some who live they endured during the first they’re so sure it’s Brian doling Europeans are less apt to Day, St. Patrick’s Day
in Florida have made his place a few years of business. Coughlan’s out instructions to them. phfashaw ghost reports, espe-
middle meeting ground, staying daughter said she saw a gentle- “Several of us were here one eve- cially when their country is much “Here’s a little ol’ song called ‘Go
overnight for music and dining at man in the pub once she didn’t ning and we kept hearing, ‘knock, older than ours and their fami- Lassie Go’,” says Coughlan as he
local lodgings. recognize who had a beard and knock, knock’ somewhere, so lies pass stories down from one strums his guitar, singing for din-
The Irish Isle seats 25 diners at was wearing a long coat and a we’d knock back three times, this generation to the next with each ers in the restaurant last Saturday
their outdoor patio during the panama type hat, but he made would go on for a bit and then successive generation having ex- night. After playing and singing
warmer months and hosts busi- only one appearance. stop. We’d check the bathrooms perienced their own sightings, Long Black Veil, Scarborough
ness luncheons, private parties, Brian and the staff have seen and everywhere but find nothing causing science to dim next to Fare and Early Morning Rain, he
wedding rehearsals and dinners. plastic utensils and other vari- to explain it,” he continued. The the raw power of first hand famil- finished his first set and said, “By
ous non-threatening items flying previous owners described eerily iarity. the way, we’re open Monday, Feb-
Resident ghost off the shelves now and then and similar experiences once he de- When asked if this statement is ruary 14th for Valentine’s Day,” to
the staff has reported getting in- cided to compare notes and ask true, Coughlan relayed an experi- the diners who’ve been clapping
Coughlan is sole proprietor of structions from Brian in his voice around about the occurrences. ence his devout Catholic grand- and singing along during the eve-
the restaurant and pub but some- and particular Irish accent when Coughlan says, “I don’t know father lived through that could ning.
times gets a little “help” from its he wasn’t there. George says, George’s history and it wasn’t not have been less than the truth. The Irish Isle is usually closed
resident ghost, George. That’s all “Hey, can you come here for a frightening, it became a laugh And then he told me another on Monday, but since Valentine’s
the staff and owner know about sec” when Brian isn’t around but after awhile and I’d just start talk- from when his grandmother Day falls on a Monday this year
ing to him and say ‘C’mon George was a child. Just ask him what he they’ll be open. Valentine’s Day
cut it out’ but he’s been very quiet knows about ghosts and whether and of course St. Patrick’s Day are

Stonewall Jackson
for awhile now. We wonder if it George is real, the stories are his two of their biggest celebrations.
wasn’t all the work and construc- to tell. “Especially St. Paddy’s Day, make
tion going on the first few years reservations now, we have three
Restaurant “seatings” for that day with live

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Valentine’s Weekend Special (540) 635-2156 They’re open Tuesday through
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Dinner for 2 Special Saturday & Sunday open at noon and 4 p.m. in the pub. Live mu-
Steak, Lobster Tail, Veggie, Salad,
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Town elections Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072
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Council split along partisan lines on November elections

outs in May as a means by which May elections.
minority special interest groups Over the past seven years, with
– what some have called a “good the one exception of the 2004
old boy” network – maintain a “Wal-mart by the river” campaign
stranglehold on town politics. that saw an incumbent mayor
Perhaps council’s most vocally and three incumbent council-
partisan member on social and men supporting Wal-mart’s de-
economic issues, Sayre did not sire to locate on the bank of the
explain how a date change would South Fork of the Shenandoah
alter the nature of his or anyone River ousted by a 32-percent vot-
else’s campaigns for town of- er turnout, May town elections
fice. One might assume – if one have seen an average turnout of
dare assume anything about Mr. 17 percent.
Sayre’s thought processes – that Statistics from the County Reg-
his concern might be based on istrar’s Office indicate 30 percent
the fact that partisan state and would be a bottom line Novem-
federal election campaigns would ber turnout – about twice the
be occurring simultaneously. normal turnout for the past three
County elections with their own town elections that have resulted
partisan idiosyncrasies also oc- in, well, in this. With voter at-
cur in November. tention and interest in elections
The November initiative re- peaking due to state and federal
ceived initial council support campaigns, in Warren County
from independent Councilman since 2000 the November voter
Shae Parker. On Jan. 31, another turnout has varied from 30 to as
independent, Tom Conkey, add- high as 70 percent in presidential
ed his support to the move that election years.
according to statistics from the However comments by some
Tom Sayre, left, is on the fence but Hollis Tharpe, right, is clearly opposed to County Registrar’s Office could councilmen indicate no faith
November elections. at least double and perhaps triple that town citizens can multi-task
the turnout at town elections. enough to consider more than
By Roger Bianchini from such a move, are current out dirtying his hands in a classic There are between 7000 and one election at a time.
Warren County Report members of the Warren County Pontius Pilate maneuver. 8000 eligible voters in Front Roy- Carson Lauder said, “Elections
Republican Committee. Is there a connection, you may al. Of those an average of 1400 should be about issues, not num-
The battle lines on an initiative The three Republican council- be wondering. have been turning out for recent bers.”

to move Front Royal Town elec- men opposed outright to No- A citizen initiative to move the

tions to November were clearly vember elections are Vice Mayor elections from May to November
drawn – with one typical fence
sitting exception – at a Jan. 31st
Chris Holloway, Carson Lauder
and Hollis Tharpe. The fence sit-
gained momentum in the wake of
former Town Manager Graham’s Warren County
town council work session. Per-
haps ironically, with a rise of
ter – “I’m 50-50” – is Republican
Tom Sayre. Perhaps coincidental-
firing. Several citizens involved
in a grass roots “Save Our Town” Parks and Recreation Department
political partisanship being one
stated concern, all three council-
ly, Holloway, Lauder and Tharpe
cast the votes to terminate Town
movement that sprang up as a di-
rect consequence of the manner is offering a bus trip to
men either opposed to the move, Manager Michael Graham on and stated justifications for Gra-
as well as the one fence sitter ex- Sept. 27th, while Sayre skipped ham’s termination – “we want
pressing “concerns” about a rise the meeting enabling a non-ma- to move in another direction”

of political partisanship resulting jority vote of termination with- – have pointed to low voter turn-

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Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072 Town elections
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However Conkey and Parker zens above his own preferences.

counter that issues and good Sherp initially approached Thar-
voter turnouts are not mutually pe to let him know it was 7, or 8
exclusive categories. to 1 in his private citizen poll fol-
“Elections will always be about lowing the work session.
issues. But elections should also
be about the numbers and every Tea for more than two?
citizen should be given the op-
portunity to cast a ballot, and to Tim Ratigan, organizer of the
hold all of our elections on the local “Coalition for Ethical Gov-
same day gives everyone an op- ernment in Front Royal Now”
portunity to vote on the issues at and a local Tea Party activist,
all levels of government that im- later issued this statement: “To
pact them,” Parker reasons. “The ensure that Front Royal citizens
local press has easier access to have a voice in their local town
the local candidates and will cov- government it has become ap-
er those races regardless of when parent that we the people will
they are held.” have to drag Councilmen Lauder,
However Tharpe threw the ball Tharpe and Vice Mayor Holloway
into the voters court on low turn- kicking and screaming out of the
outs, saying that if town citizens 1930s and into the 21st Century
want change they should come and kick Councilman Tom Sayre
out and vote no matter when an off the fence he is currently sit-
election is held – he’s talking to ting on!
you, people. “The day of special interests
Tharpe also voiced one reason groups and good ole boy part-
that seemed to be shared to some nerships is drawing to a close in
degree by all three opponents Front Royal. It is time for a true
– why change what we’ve done representative Government to Save Our Town citizen activist Len Sherp wants to know how many citizens it
since about 1931? take hold in Front Royal. Mov- would take to change Mr. Tharpe’s mind - and perhaps knock Mr. Sayre off his
“It’s our election,” Tharpe rea- ing the elections from May to fence.
soned of the stand-alone May November will go a long way to
electoral event that seems to slip accomplishing that goal.” “This is the same argument that cluding May elections, we guess). representative of the public’s in-
past 80 to 85-percent of town cit- “When the Town Council meets we keep hearing – that’s the way “The main reason we should tent as it is if a thousand people
izens every two years for the past again next Monday for their work it’s always been done:  let’s not switch to November elections is decide.”
six years. session they will see an increase engage new technology such as to give as many people as pos-

Let me haul
“I talked to a lot of people, in citizen attendance and we solar energy; or spend money sible the opportunity to weigh in
seven or eight, and they weren’t will be watching carefully as our on Information Technology (the on town issues and candidates,”
interested – and neither am I,” elected officials decide the fate of Blue Ribbon Committee) – be- Conkey concluded. “Statistically,

away your
Tharpe reasoned. During a post Front Royal.” cause we’ve gone 200 years with- a larger sampling yields a more
work session discussion with Len out it,” Conkey added. “If that’s accurate representation of what
Sherp, organizer of the “Save Out Same as it ever was the leadership the community you are seeking to prove. If ten
Town” movement, Tharpe admit-
ted another bottom line for him Parker later added, “As far as
wants, then let’s keep things the
way they have always been.” (in-
people decide who is going to be
on the council, it is not nearly as junk metal
was “I like it this way.” saying it has been done it this
That logic led to a heated con-
frontation with Sherp over what
it would take to change the coun-
way forever, or since 1931 – why
change now? – Until 1920 wom-
en were denied the right to vote,
Del. Clifford L. “Clay” Athey, Jr.
18th District House of Delegates
for FREE!
cilman’s mind and put the wishes and that was changed and works Serving Fauquier, Frederick, and Warren County
of a larger number than eight citi- pretty well.”

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in Richmond at: (804) 698-1018,
by E-Mail at:,
Call Gary
In the K-Mart Shopping Center Next to Radio Shack
Open Mon. - Sat. 10 til 6 • 540-636-7210

or by mail at: PO Box 406, Room 510
Richmond, VA 23218
Page 24 • Warren County Report • Early February, 2011 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on

“We want to be, to look professional. Council can define and codify [council meeting behavior] but I think
Town we can do this in-house. There are things I feel passionate about but they are not related to town business,
so I keep my mouth shut.” – Mayor Darr on council meeting comments

Mayor seeks agreement on non-town related proselytizing

Majority agrees council should stick to discussion of town business

The act of attempting to convert people to
another opinion and, particularly, another
out council was addressing two scheduled. However he agreed
separate issues – rambling per- that council meetings “should be
sonal discourses delivered under about town business only.”
the umbrella of council “inqui- Tharpe agreed that if new in-
ries and requests” about town formation was the basis for pull-
business, and Consent Agenda ing a Consent Agenda item, that
Mayor Darr, right makes a point about focusing on the task at hand - town busi- items. was entirely justified – “but only
ness. At left Councilman Sayre listens quietly. “It seems to happen a lot lately,” if there is new information” he
By Roger Bianchini quests and Inquiries of Council want a vote on a tax rate to occur Holloway observed of pulled added emphatically.
Warren County Report Members” and the removal of that night.” Consent Agenda items. Parker suggested that such new
“Consent Agenda” items for ad- “I agree with Shae – it should Conkey reasoned that pulling information would be a proper
Front Royal Town Councilman ditional discussion. strictly be about town business Consent Agenda items could be topic for the earlier “Council In-
Tom Sayre was unusually quiet “I believe we should stay fo- – PERIOD,” Hollis Tharpe said justified by receipt of new infor- quiries and Requests” portion of
during a Jan. 31st work session cused on our task – focus on of councilmen’s statements at the mation between the work ses- the meeting, as opposed to the
discussion of keeping council town business and town busi- outset of meetings. Tharpe then sion discussion and meeting at sort of personal commentaries
comments focused on town busi- ness only. I have no authority to addressed a tendency by some which a vote on the matter was council and the public have often
ness during meetings. The dis- stop this but I would like a gen- councilmen to pull items off the
cussion was initiated by Mayor tleman’s agreement and work on Consent Agenda as a means of BE YOUR OWN BOSS
Tim Darr, who said he was seek- how we can better communicate creating another public forum
ing a “gentleman’s agreement” town business,” Darr said as the for their opinions. For a very small investment, you’ll have your own
on the matter as opposed to the discussion began on the topic of Tharpe elaborated that if an website, receive free training, ongoing local
necessity of codifying the matter council requests and inquiries. item is initially relegated to the support, and be on your way to financial
or utilizing a mayoral prerogative However Shae Parker disputed Consent Agenda by council it independence! Get all the info now and be ready to
to cut non-town related mono- the mayor’s assertion he had no is because it is routine business roll once you receive your tax return!
logues off on a point of order. authority to cut off non-town with little cause for further de-
Darr pinpointed the problem to related monologues by council- bate or public discussion follow-
Call Trish Wilson at 540 636-8080 or email
two specific agenda items – “Re- men. “You were elected by the ing consideration at the work ses-
people to break ties and preside sion where it was agreed to place to learn more.
over and conduct meetings,” it for a Consent Agenda vote.
WANTED: Parker told Darr. Later he ob-
served as meetings are currently
“But it seems everybody want
to pull things off,” Tharpe ob-
Enjoy a great cup of coffee Free
conducted a councilman “could served. with your wireless! WiFi
Front clip for filibuster a whole meeting by “I agree,” Chris Holloway said. 8 stand-alone computers for
a ‘89 Ford reading ‘Moby Dick’ if he didn’t However Tom Conkey pointed FREE Internet use. CA Dooley offers

Ranger. Come in to enter

Please Call: Front Royal’s The Great CA Dooley

Fussell Florist
540.683.9197 No purchase necessary.
Must be 18 to play sweepstakes games.

Open Daily
Commerce Ave. Across from the Front Royal Fire Dept. 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Too busy to stop in?
Joe Lake
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Visit us online 24 hours a day 7 days a week

622-4347 635-1334 • 635-4193
202 E. 2nd St. 3343 Valley Pike, Winchester, VA 22602
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sweepstakes games, get a free
chance to win this machine:
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Read all issues in their entirety FREE on Early February, 2011 • Warren County Report • Page 25

To advertise in Warren County Report:

Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072 Town
or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197

been exposed to during meet- here at the work session,” Tharpe town business,” Darr concluded. ions of FOX News commentator nicipal governments have any
ings. said. As the work session began to Glenn Beck; and his support of say whatsoever in the passage or
Mayor Darr suggested that The mayor noted that he would break up on that note, Sayre or experiences with pro-life ral- repeal of abortion laws which are
unanimous votes to pull con- also see that the topic would be smiled and said as he rose, “I’m lies in Washington D.C. the province of debate at the fed-
sent items might be a means of included for further discussion afraid if I say something it won’t The last time we checked, Beck eral and state level (maybe there
dissuading the current tendency at an upcoming “Council Re- be town business.” had still not visited any issues is something to those “Sayre
to pull items simply to state an treat” – “It will be on the agenda While no names were men- relevant to the conduct of Front poised to run for Athey’s state
opinion on them. – it’s why it’s on the agenda now. tioned as sources of the type of Royal’s municipal government. seat” posts on our www.myfron-
At this point Sayre broke his si- I honor your right to speak. But behavior the mayor is trying to Nor, we are fairly certain, do mu- website).
lence. we should honor the citizens stem, among the topics Sayre has
“I think it’s in the [town] ordi- – they are a captive audience (so recently utilized “Council Inqui-
nance that it just takes one per- is the media). We need to respect ries and Requests” to broach have
son to pull an item,” Sayre point- that they are there to hear about been his admiration for the opin-
ed out.


“That’s fine – but pull it off for
the right reasons,” the mayor
countered. “We want to be, to
look professional. Council can Little DINNER ENTREES
Served with soup, salad, fried rice, and mixed veg.
define and codify it but I think
we can do this in-house. There
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Thaw Frozen Pipes holding it close to the pipe (be sure ahead
business, so I keep my mouth 201 Centre Dr. Hibachi Filet Mignon.......................................14.99 there is no standing water around, One
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using a blowtorch should be under-
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warning is issued, make sure that at during freezes to prevent serious This
on all off premise sales least one tap at the highest or farthest water damage should a pipe freeze mas T
when you mention Any Check of $35 or More. Limit one coupon Any Check of $50 or More. Limit one coupon part of the house from the water main and burst. Wreat
this ad! per table.Offers cannot be combined. per table.Offers cannot be combined. is left dripping. the sto
Expires 3/31/11 Expires 3/31/11 Next, quick action: Monitor the ter’s h
monitored tap increases. At this point
dripping tap throughout the freeze; if you’ll want to insulate the pipe right story
the drip slows, turn the tap to a run- away. If you don’t have access to POW.
ning stream and begin searching for
cold spots in the pipe. The likeliest
foam pipe wraps, use the best insu-
lating material handy: layers of dry
... An
Fri. - Sun. Spring 2011
places for frozen pipes are in sections
of pipe located next to uninsulated
towels, spare foam rubber, and so on,
secured with duct tape.
be pla
er wit
walls or in uninsulated parts of the
home. Run your hand along the pipe,
If you can’t get the pipe thawed, or have t
it begins to swell and leak, contact a
looking for sections that are notice- of dol
124 E Main Street FRSA HOTLINE: (540) 635-2966 ably colder than the rest.
plumber. If the pipe bursts, shut off
the water supply to the pipe (unfortu-
Children born on or before September 30,2005 are eligible to Safe thawing: Hot towels laid over wreath
Front Royal, VA a freezing or frozen section of pipe
nately this will likely mean the main
play. We cannot take children born after this date. All new players gets shut off) and open all faucets
540-635-2812 must bring or mail a copy of their birth certificate before they can
is a safe and fairly effective method
of thawing pipes. Have a helper heat
along the run. Place a container under
the pipe to catch water and wait for
a Wre be placed on a team. water in the kitchen — not to boiling, rate w
the plumber.
Wednesday January 5th On-Line Registration OPEN just comfortably warm — and bring In more comfortable weather and ing.
the pot of water to you. Using several less of an emergency, insulate all your Don
Please visit to register online or to download towels in succession, dip a towel in Wr
exposed water supply pipes and look
a registration form. Registration fee is $55.00 for the first child and $45.00 the water, wring it out slightly, and PO
Brill’s Assisted for each additional sibling. wrap it around the freezing section.
at ways to limit the amount of cold air
reaching them. Co
When the towel gets cold, repeat the Or c
Living Saturday February 5th In Office Reg. 10 AM to 2 PM
process with a new towel. Have your
Send your questions or home tips
ries. C
to, or write
Where we make our Saturday February 12th
Saturday February 19th
In Office Reg.
In Office Reg.
10 AM to 2 PM
10 AM to 2 PM
helper keep bringing you water. This Is a Hammer, c/o King Features for M
If you’re working in an area with Worce
home, Your home... Sunday February 20th In Office Reg. 10 AM to 2 PM access to a standard electrical outlet,
Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475,
Orlando, FL 32853-6475. When in Writ
you have additional options. Setting King
Luray, VA Wednesday February 25th Registration Deadline
up an electric kettle will allow you to
doubt as to whether you can safely or
effectively complete a project, consult Box 5
540-743-1615 All registrations will take place at the FRSA office, located in the Middle of
Main Building on Main Street.
keep hot water close at hand as you
work. Or, instead of the wet thaw-
a professional contractor. 6475,
Parking and a rear entrance to the building on Jackson Street. ing method, you can use a hair dryer, © 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.
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Animal world Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072
or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197

Tackling the problem of chained animals – and then some

Chain, chain, chain – how would you like life on the outside, looking in
One board member blew up at
the local judiciary who, he said,

Retirement May Be Far Off,

gave those convicted of animal
cruelty “raps over the fingers”
instead of sentencing them to But the April 18 Deadline for
jail terms. He wasn’t specific, IRA Contributions Isn’t.
but we tend to agree that too
You have only so many years to prepare for retirement.
much animal abuse--and chain- That’s why contributing to your Individual Retirement
ing of animals 24/7-- is tolerated Account (IRA) is so important. Fortunately, you still
in this area. have time to maximize your 2010 IRA contribution
before the April 18 deadline.
Board president Malcolm Barr,
Sr., of Rockland, said he agrees By contributing now, your retirement savings can have
with a lot of this, adding: “But more opportunity to grow. Even if you already have an
IRA elsewhere, it’s easy to transfer it to an Edward
it’s a long shot we can do much Jones IRA and begin receiving the face-to-face
By Roger Bianchini year, the board said penalizing about it in the short term except guidance you deserve.
Warren County Report people with unspayed animals to appeal to the people to stop
To learn more about the advantages of an
should be instituted.Without a certain practices. We ask our lo- Edward Jones IRA, call or visit today.
The Humane Society of War- major spay/neuter program, hu- cal politicians and bureaucrats
ren County  board of directors mane euthanasia is a fact of life Richard L Mason, Bret W Hrbek, AAMS®
to do everything in their power AAMS® Financial Advisor
had more than a few things on in the animal shelter. to strengthen laws and penalties Financial Advisor
Holly Hill Professional Center
its collective mind at its first and carry them out.” 21 Lee Street
Front Royal, VA 22630
986 John Marshall Hwy Suite C
Front Royal, VA 22630
meeting of 2011, among them 540-635-6830 540-635-8229
George L Karnes II,
chained animals, dog license AAMS® Member SIPC
fees, euthanasia, and neutering Financial Advisor
for dogs and cats. 115 N Royal Ave
Front Royal, VA 22630
The board wanted new laws to 540-635-6798

protect dogs from being chained

in yards 24/7. As the law now
stands, if pet owners feed and
water the dogs and provide ad-
equate shelter, they can chain Stray cat blues gets better
– one life down, eight to go
them for however long they
wish. The question raised, on
one of this winter’s coldest
nights, was: why, then, keep a Glancing through the Julia Wagner animal shelter pet gallery
pet? on the Internet, a Front Royal woman noticed a cat very similar
Having decided to approach in appearance to her own feline which recently died.
the county’s state representa- She called and asked about her.
tives on the issue, the board was Because of overcrowding and, in many cases, illness, the animal
in full cry: at the shelter was almost next in line to be put down.
- members want to see an in- Upon learning of the woman’s interest, shelter director Carol
crease in license fees for dogs in Ann Fox immediately removed the cat from danger, called back
Front Royal and Warren County the caller who adopted the look-a-like cat the same day.
to the extent state laws will per- They are now living happily ever after.
mit. Unfortunately, state laws
don’t permit much more than
the current cost of licenses here.
Fees also go to animal control, Remember the animals on
and not directly to the animal
shelter. Valentine’s Day
- The board then tackled the
problem of people keeping four Pebbles gets a home Humane Society of Warren County members who run “Yappy
Hour” to aid the Julia Wagner Animal Shelter each Friday at Vino
or more dogs. It wants more law
enforcement to determine that Pebbles, a Shetland pony who was resident of the then new E Formaggio, 124 E. Main Street, are hosting a special event on
these residences be classified as large animal enclosure at the Julia Wagner animal shelter in Front Friday, Feb. 11 to mark Valentine’s Day.
Royal since Februrary 2010, appears to be looking back wistfully There will be the usual festive get-together 5-7 p.m.(small dona-
“kennels,” pay the requisite tax-
at her companions - two Arabian mares -- as she is vanned away tion requested) followed by an optional dinner. Member Helga
es and abide by more stringent
to a new home in Middleburg. Shelter director Carol Ann Fox Heiberg and former society director Christian Failmezger prom-
still seeks a permanent home for the two pure-bred Arabians, ise much fun and conversation, special wines, special menu, live
- while lack of funding knocked
one with papers and potential as a brood mare. Photo courtesy auction, and hand-made Valentine favors, with proceeds going to
a spay/neuter clinic at the shel- Humane Society of WC. the shelter animals’ welfare.
ter off the planning desk last
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Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072 Animal world
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Meanwhile, routine business to humans?!”  Another example She issued year-end statistics tions or other shelters; Arabians, continue to seek new
was conducted in which Carol of political and bureaucratic for 2010: · Cats: 1,099 came to the shelter; homes.
Ann Fox, executive director twisted thinking, in our opin- · Dogs: a total of 831 dogs 178 were adopted; 20 reclaimed;
of the animal shelter, reported ion. were housed in the shelter; 291 and 95 were transferred to other April 14 was announced as
more than $8,000 in cash con- Fox promised to re-dedicate were adopted out; 348 (mainly shelters or organizations. Intake the date for the HSWC annual
tributions in December, includ- her time to volunteer efforts, strays), were claimed by past of both dogs and cats was down meeting, time and place to be
ing $1,413  from a “Yappy Hour” also to major fund-raising, in or new owners; and 104 were over the previous year. determined.
holiday party and a “no go” 2011. transferred to rescue organiza- · Three horses, two of them
mailer that gave animal lovers
a chance to contribute without
attending a fund-raising event!
Also, “giving trees” and Christ-
mas ornament sales helped
boost the total.
On the down side, the Humane
Society finished the year in the
“red.” HSWC also was told by
the state’s pharmacy board that
it would no longer be permitted
to continue the use of donated
expired medications for treat-
ment of animals.On being told
of this county executive Doug
Stanley remarked: “And it’s legal
for organizations (like St. Luke’s)

e t u s h el p y o u
to prescribe from expired meds


When I say "good,"
you say "neighbor." L
Outdoor Wood Furnace
2500 off a
For up to $3500
Save money in the new year!
new E-Classic Powers Insurance Agcy Inc Now that's teamwork.
Bill Powers, Agent CALL FOR A QUOTE 24/7 Thank you for your Business in 2010
540-722-8005 Front Royal, VA 22630
Bus: 540-635-2825
Arnette Landscapes, Inc. Skyline Insurance Agency
Winchester, VA 22603
Convenient hours, Professional Staff, Great Rates
P097314 State Farm Home Office, Bloomington, IL

Stonewall Industrial Park

Auto, Home,Renters, Business & Life Insurance
Pam’s European Skin Care
Handyman for hire.

25+ years exp. Drywall,

Painting and Carpentry.
Quality work at reason- CALL US & COMPARE

able prices. Will also do

odd jobs. OPEN MON-FRI 9-7 • SATURDAY 10-1
Call Tony Hill TOLL FREE 1-877-845-0584

540 -671 -3366 540-635-1288

On the Corner of 4th & Commerce (the Bypass)


M wbrook Farm at Huntly
9.5 mi. south of Front Royal on Rte 522
Weddings, Birthdays,
Anniversaries, • English and western riding lessons
Serenades, • Pasture and stall board
Special Events
• 200 acres, arena, trails, jumps
Call John Kovac 540-622-6234
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Surprise - Warren County is a hatha yoga hotbed

And why not – who can’t use a refresher course on deep relaxation?

Jeff Edwards (courtesy

photo) Donna Evans (Dylan Hop- Shakta Khalsa (courtesy
has offered weekly hatha yoga per photo) photo)
Barbara Arnett (Jean Tammy Battista (courte-
Ames photo) sy photo)
class at Mountain Laurel Mon- will return to Kripalu this sum- In describing hatha yoga Bat-
tessori School for 10 years. She mer for further certification in tista writes “Yoga means to
By Leslie Fiddler February 5 and 19 at the Ol’ Soft resumed teaching belly dance 10 Yoga Dance for Special Popu- yoke or unite. The word Hatha
Warren County Report Shoe Workshop at 214 E. Jack- years ago. She also taught move- lations including people with comes from combining the two
son Street in The Middle of Main ment in Warren County’s after Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s dis- Sanskrit terms “ha” meaning
Warren County houses a Building, behind Front Royal’s school program from which eases and those who are wheel- sun and “tha” meaning moon.
thriving hatha yoga community. Daily Grind. Men and women she developed a creative move- chair bound. It is an ancient philosophical
Hatha yoga teaches relaxation, of all ages and fitness levels are ment class for Mountain Laurel discipline that harmonizes the
builds body strength and de- invited; no experience is neces- students, now in its 12th year. Tammy Battista, a registered mind, body, and spirit. It en-
velops physical and emotional sary. Says Arnett  “It is fun and “Dance is natural for human be- yoga teacher with the Yoga Alli- hances well-being and brings
balance. Over time hatha yoga simple movement - anyone can ings; I’m glad to have them so ance, teaches many classes from balance, strength, and vitality. It
practitioners learn to quiet their do it.” young - hopefully they will love the ’Ol Softshoe including hatha improves memory, sharpens the
minds and bodies, thus allowing Arnett began teaching yoga dance their whole lives.”  yoga, gentle yoga, restorative intellect, steadies the emotions,
longer periods of deep prayer and belly dance in the early Arnett muses that “Yoga dance yoga, Pilates and yoga on the and allows for a more fulfilling
(or meditation). Here are some 1970’s in El Paso, Texas and miraculously puts it all together. ball, Piyo/Power (which com- life. On a deeper level, it leads to
hatha practitioners: worked for a decade as a profes- As Yoga Dance founder Megha bines Pilates and hatha yoga); self-awareness. Hatha yoga con-
sional belly dancer on the East Buttenhiem says “We experi- lunchtime yoga and Mommy & sists of movement and physical
Barbara Arnett recently certi- Coast. Not wanting to embar- ence grace in motion; and heal- Me Yoga for children ages 3-6 postures, breath and medita-
fied in “Let Your Yoga  Dance” at rass her middle school aged son, ing through joy.”’ Call Barbara at with parents. tion.” For more information visit
the Kripalu Center for Yoga and she retired from dancing when 635-1322 or email her at zour-
Health in Lennox, Mass. She is her family moved to Warren for more infor-
Beth Medved
introducing the practice in af- County. Arnett substitute taught mation or to pre-register. Arnett
ternoon workshops Saturday hatha yoga for Lilo Foster and
Waller, Inc
DJ Donnie Valentines Day is 540-671-6145

DJ Donnie Monday

DJ Donnie Top Producer 2007-2010

DJ Donnie Feb.14th
Don’t forget that special
#1 Agent in Sales and
Sold Listings

Weddings are our specialty! someone in your life! DON’T LET THIS MARKET
Sweet sixteen, clubs, bars,
Order your flowers today! PASS YOU BUY!
any type of private parties!
Any style music for any Donahoe’s Florist Thanks to the community and our volunteers for
helping the United Way meet its Campaign Goal of
occasion! 540-635-2815
$95,000! As the Campaign Chair, I’ve been in-
For bookings call 1-800-806-5182
250 South Royal Ave
spired by the generosity of FR/WC—THANK YOU!
540-551-2447 Jean Rudacille, Owner Thanks for another great year!
#1 again with 9.5 million SOLD in 2010!
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Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072 Community
or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197

Battista’s website www.peaceful- strength, balance and increased with children and yoga since the teacher since 1982, and the au- Yoga, an internationally-known body awareness. Her Wednes- mid-1970s. She is a trained yoga thor of five well-known yoga training program for teaching
day evening class at Dominion professional at the highest level books, including the classic Fly children yoga and working with/
Jeff Edwards is a Kripalu cer- Health and Fitness aims to in- (ERYT-500), and was named Like A Butterfly: Yoga for Chil- raising children consciously.
tified teacher. He gives classes tegrate body and mind resulting one of the top five Kundalini dren and Kundalini Yoga. She has a home in Linden and is
on Blue Mountain in Linden on in a deep, moving meditation. Yoga teachers in the world by Shakta’s two great loves, chil- available for private and public
Wednesday evenings and late For more information contact Yoga Journal. She is a parent, dren and yoga, are the basis for yoga sessions. Visit www.child-
Sunday afternoon at Shepherd’s her directly at 636-3075 or email an AMS certified Montessori her life work: Radiant Child®
Ford in Bluemont. Jeff works full djevans53@comcast. net.

Hidden Springs events

time at the Front Royal/Warren
County Visitors’ Center and is Lilo Foster is a legendary yoga
often found at Yamafuji Japanese teacher. In addition to teach-
Restaurant. For information ing six classes weekly in Front
email Edwards at jethrosan@ Royal and Washington, VA, Lilo
In celebration of our third anniversary on February 1st – Hidden Springs Senior Living will be hav- explores yoga with her grand-
ing some extra special entertainment along with our faithful friends who visit each month:
daughter Ariele as Ariele com-
Donna Evans has studied pletes her doctorate in physical
Saturday, February 5th – The First Baptist Church Cherub Choir will be singing at 1:30 P.M.;
Hatha Yoga since 1995 based therapy. Lilo is a certified ERYT- Saturday, February 12th – The Ol’ Soft Shoe Dance students will be performing at 2:00 P.M.;
on the Iyengar, Anusara and 500 teacher. Her Front Royal Sunday, February 13th – “Country Praise” will join us with their musical talent at 2:30 P.M.;
Ashtanga methods and is a cer- classes are held at Southerlands Monday, February 14th – Valentine’s Day will be celebrated with a sing-along with Linda Ruhling
tified teacher of the Himalayan Retirement Home where her from Creekside Music at 11:00 A.M. and Singing Valentine’s performed by Sweet Adelines at 1:30
Institute of Yoga Science and students learn to “listen to their P.M.;
Philosophy in Honesdale, PA. bodies.” Lilo and Ariele share a Tuesday, February 22nd – the Hidden Springs Residents will be celebrating with a “Hula in the
Her classes focus on stretching website at sacredsourceyoga. Coola” day to shake off the winter chill.
and strengthening the body and
improving balance and posture.
Practitioners develop flexibility, Shakta Khalsa has worked
Refinance your existing loan from
another financial institution and
WMH Auxiliary continues we will lower the rate by 1%. NO
proud tradition of giving REFINANCES within credit union. Main Street • Front Royal, VA
Showtimes: 622-9997
Subject to credit approval. This
doesn’t apply to Home Equity, * Birthday Parties! *

overdraft line of protection loans,

or credit cards. Coming
Member must provide documentation of current rate from other institution. Soon
Rate subject to change without notice. The floor rate set at 2.99%.

Just Go
Membership required. Qualifications apply. Federally insured by NCUA.

With It
For more information visit:

540-635-7133 Coming
230 N Royal Avenue, Front Royal Soon
113 South Street, Front Royal
Federally insured by NCUA
WMH Auxiliary President Norm Choiniere, left, Never Say
presents check to a beaming hospital Preisdent Never
Patrick Nolan.
Each year in January for the past fifty-six years the Warren Me-
morial Hospital Auxiliary has presented a donation to Warren
Memorial Hospital (WMH). Soon
The Auxiliary was organized in 1953 and has contributed hours
of service and financial donations since that date to present time.
The first gift was given to WMH in 1955 which was $1,063.14 for and
“jalousie doors” ($395.68), a laboratory wall case ($155.96) and a Juliet
laboratory microscope ($511.50).  More recently the funds have
been used by the hospital for mammogram equipment, addition-
al wheelchairs, new furniture/chairs for the waiting areas.
This year the Auxiliary was able to present the hospital with a
check for $25,000 – way to go auxiliary!!!

(From a release)
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Commentary Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072
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Crisis 1099: Tax (form) Day

there any way you could check Great! I’ll call and check. ‘official USPS voice’ say over a So he put his 1099 forms in
and see if it looks like you have Busy. Busy. Busy. Then a voice speaker ‘All mail is ready for too and we both got nervous. 
about thirty you won’t be using answers to say that they don’t pick-up at the main terminal.’ ‘Did he actually say that they
tonight?” answer the phone. Seriously. OH NO!!!! It is only 6:15. The would be postmarked today?’ 
I got the forms. I’m not making this up. They sign says 7 p.m. is the last pick “Hmmm...”
This year I had the brilliant paid for a phone line and have up. Knock, knock. Tap, tap.
idea to simply print the forms. a recording that says they don’t I walked over and knocked on (USPS voice man looks up.
(I am so smart!!) answer the phone. the glass door. The post office Doesn’t move.)
So at around 1 pm I go to the No guts, no glory. I go down guy didn’t move but looked at We put our stuff in the slot.
IRS site to download the 1099 to Court St. and discover they me, indicating he couldn’t hear (Doesn’t move. Squints,
Misc. form. are located in the federal court me. which I assume is a ‘I can’t hear
At the top is a big warning: house. “WHAT DOES THAT RE- you’ expression in the USPS.)
“This form CANNOT be print- My forms are in a slot and CORDING MEAN???? CAN I “IS OUR STUFF GOING
(Managing editor’s note: We ed. It is for reference only! You there are a lot of them. I ask if STILL MAIL STUFF???” TO BE POSTMARKED TO-
welcome our lost in the wilder- must use the original form! If I can just take some and some I got a nod. DAY???? WE’RE SCREWED IF
ness (Lynchburg) Publisher Dan your form cannot be scanned guy looks up long enough to Okay, cool. Wheewww. I put IT ISN’T.”
McDermott back to home plate by the IRS computer, there will say yes. Then I hear a woman it in the slot.  (a nod)
for this account of his encoun- be a $50 fine. Per form.” giving someone tax advice at Then another guy asks me So I think I got my 1099 forms
ter with the forces of darkness (Pause...) a speed the FedEx commercial about the ‘official USPS voice’ in the mail on time. 
– corporate business chains, So I freak out. guy from the 90’s would appre- and I said, ‘I think we’re good.’ Or I am in a lot of trouble ...
the federal government in gen- I call the IRS and get through ciate.
eral, and U.S. Postal Service in surprisingly quickly on 1099 But I have my forms. I got
particular, as one tax deadline day. them all done and headed to
Mr. Robertson, badge number the big post office on Odd Fel-
Enjoy the Benefits of Working with a
loomed – Dan, I haven’t gotten
my 1099 yet – oh wait, there it ... tells me that there is an IRS lows Rd. Local Mortgage Company
is.) office located right in Lynch- I got all the stamps on the • 100% financing Available
• Government Approved Lender
burg and they are open until 1099 envelopes and a couple
By Dan McDermott 4:30. They MIGHT have forms. checks that I was sending and
Warren County Report He gives me their phone num- as I am about to put then en- 540-660-1333
ber. velopes in the slot I hear a loud 540-635-1457
Last year I waited until the
P r i n t m o r e c o u p o n s a t w w w. i b u y f r o n t r oy a l .c o m
last day to get 1099 forms and
went to the store to pick some

  
   
 
 

Gourmet Delights Royal Plaza Shopping Center

up. 203 E Main Street 635-7064
Gifts and Framing
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John Paul Strain Prints

They were crazy expensive.
Local Art
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Rich & Sally

 Shipping Available!!
(Offers Expire 2/28/2011)
Virus & Threat Removal, Tune-Up, Any Service Type
 Limited Supply of “Old” Warren County

I knew the IRS gave them

One coupon per purchase— must present before service begins

Not to be combined with any other offers
Expires: 2/28/11  High School Print by Terri Nicholson!

away, so why was Staples charg- Licensed by the Virginia State

Corporation Commission, MC-3749
ing something like $50???


So I called around and finally

One coupon per purchase Not to be combined with any other offers
Expires: 2//28/11

found some at a library a cou-  407 E. Main Street (540) 622-6166
ple of towns away.
Valentine’s Day Special! Feb 1-14
 20% Off All Inventory!
 401 E Main Street 25% Off All Diamonds!
Buy Any Sub - Get A Free Drink and Side!!

I walked in and asked the

One coupon per purchase
Not to be combined with any other offers Valid between 3pm and 7pm
Watch for our Grandfather Clock Sale
Expires: 2/28/11 One coupon per purchase Not to be combined with any other offers Coming in March!
Expires: 2/28/11

lady at the desk if I could have

“How many do you need?”
“Thirty.” 2011
“Thirty? Are you a business? Shop Local & Save Money!! FREE ADULT EDUCATION /GED CLASS
We don’t supply forms for a
business.” Every dollar spent with a local business
Blue Ridge Technical Center and Samuels Public Library
“Ma’am, with all due respect, stays in the community!
FREE Official GED Practice Test
who would need a 1099 ex- For every $100 spent at a national chain store, at Lord Fairfax Community College
cept a business? Someone who only $14 remains in the community.
March 5
claims their baby sitter?” So, buy local and help improve your community!
Walk-ins Welcome on Space Available Basis
(pause...blank stare) Win $25 in this month’s drawing..
“Ma’m I understand your See website for details. Call to Register!
Must be 18 or older to participate/Northern Shenandoah Valley Adult Education
situation. Today is the last day
they can be mailed and there 667-9744 or 800-435-5945
Look us up online at
are only a few hours left. Is For advertising rates contact -
Read all issues in their entirety FREE on Early February, 2011 • Warren County Report • Page 31

Jennifer Beauty Designs

by Lorie
Hensley Jeannie Henry Wed, Fri & Sat 9 - 3 • Thurs 12 - 7 Nails by Terri

Offering: • Student Classroom Wed 10 - 5 • Thurs 10 - 6
• Behind-the-Wheel 540-551-2232 10-A Cloud St. Front Royal
• Re-Examinations
Sign up now for
36- hour Classroom!
New Students and Re-exams The “Classics” of Country
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214 East Jackson Street • Front Royal, VA Music can be found on
Mountain Mystic
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Your Hometown Station for over

60 Years is proud to be the
Our Mystique Has Grown! home of all the Country Classics.
Offering a wide variety of sterling silver and gemstone jewelry,
chimes, rock and mineral specimens, books, cards, journals, relax-
ing and meditative music, tapestries, candles, incense, fragrance
Johnny Cash, Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks,
and essentials oils, stickers, antique jade carvings, and so many Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Patsy Cline, Alabama,
more one of a kind items! George Jones, Barbara Mandrell, Tammy Wynette, Mickey
215 South Street • Front Royal • 635-6318 Gilley, Ronnie Milsap, George Strait,
Open everyday from 10-6, except Sunday from 12-5 and closed on Wednesdays
Merle Haggard, Johnny Paycheck, Dolly Parton,
Marty Robbins, Kenny Rogers, The Oak Ridge Boys,
Alan Jackson, Mel Tillis, Tanya Tucker, Eddie Rabbitt, Charlie
Pride, The Judds, Vince Gill, Hank Williams, Jr., Conway
Twitty, Randy Travis, Crystal Gayle,
and many more!

The home of the award winning News at Noon and

The Valley Today Programs, the best music, local
news, up-to-date weather with local meteorologist
Kemp Miller, Warren County and
Skyline High School sports…

Simply Cedar Log Homes • Linden, VA •

It’s all right here!!
For more information on beautiful, energy-
efficient cedar log homes call Simply Cedar Serving Front Royal and Warren County since 1948
Log Homes at (540) 636-8400 or email us at
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‘Smart Growth’, Conservation groups nix McDonnell plan

State Transpo Plan critique continues amidst ongoing adjustments
The Coalition for Smarter pected to spend this money after year. billion blank check to pick and road through farmland in an
Growth and the statewide on a couple of private toll road   choose projects.  area of very little traffic.  An-
Virginia Conservation Net- projects like Route 460 and the A Blank Check:  The Gover-   other project is the $4 billion
work continue to oppose Coalfields Expressway, which nor’s 900 project list is only Which brings us to: Coalfields Expressway.   This
Governor McDonnell’s Trans- will likely force cuts to other “illustrative” in his administra- Massive Taxpayer Subsidy to is money we won’t have to fix
portation Bills HB2527 and projects for years to come.  tion’s own words.  So it lacks Toll Road Builders:  The Gov- the local road and transit needs
SB1446. While changes are That’s what happened in both any coherence or prioritization ernor would use the GARVEE of traffic plagued areas of the
being made to McDonnell’s Virginia in Maryland with past to address the areas of worst bonds and state taxpayer dol- state.  These private toll proj-
transportation plan, reflected use of GARVEES. congestion, to improve land use lars to fund billions of dollars ects were supposed to be done
in new substitute bills SB1446 The future hit could be signifi- planning, and to invest in more in private toll road projects.  largely with private funds, but
and HB2527, significant prob- cant because federal revenues energy efficient transportation His expressed number one pri- instead the taxpayers would be
lems remain. Consequently the are likely to be cut, meaning to enhance our economic com- ority is Route 460 – a $2 billion providing billions of dollars,
groups remain opposed to the that paying back the GARVEES petitiveness.
bills for these listed reasons: could consume 20% or more of In effect, the Governor and
  declining federal revenues year VDOT would be given a multi- Former Warren assistant prosecutor
Risky borrowing:  The bills announces in Rappahannock
still propose $1.2 billion in
borrowing from future federal Daily Sub WASHINGTON, VA – Local at-
gas tax revenues estimated to
come to Virginia (GARVEE
bonds).  The Governor is ex-
Special!! torney, Nancie Gallegos Kie an-
nounced today that she is running
to succeed outgoing Common-
wealth’s Attorney Peter H. Luke in
Ledo’s choice of
Let me haul
this year’s November elections. A
Sub, Drink and Fries former assistant prosecutor and
high school graduate of Rappah-
ONLY $7.49
away your
+ tax
annock County, Kie is running to
Front Royal store only. continue Rappahannock County’s
tradition of tough, responsible,
135 Crooked Run Plaza Front Royal, VA and fair prosecution.

junk metal
(540) 635-7400 Said Nancie, “Today, I’m
pleased to announce that I am a
candidate for Commonwealth’s

for FREE!
Attorney for Rappahannock
County.  We’ve been blessed with excellent leadership in the
prosecutor’s office during Peter Luke’s 27 years as Common-
wealth’s Attorney, and I believe we need a candidate who under-
stands how to continue his tough-on crime policies.  After much
consideration and discussions with my family and members of
Authentic Mexican Restaurant our community, I believe that I am that candidate.

Feb 10th from 6pm-8pm “As a former prosecutor, I understand what it means to stand
face to face with criminals in a court room, face domestic vio-
bring your family, friends and neighbors. lence and rehabilitate delinquent juveniles. I know that we need
Magic shows every 2nd Thursday each month to be aggressive when it comes to enforcing justice in our com-
munity,” continued Kie.  “As your hometown candidate for Com-
Front Royal New Market Strasburg monwealth’s Attorney, I pledge that I will continue Peter Luke’s
(540) 635-7348 (540) 740-9404 (540) 635-7348 tough but fair prosecution to insure that our community contin-
1303 N. Royal Ave 9403 S Congress St 348 King Street ues to be safe.”
Thursday Thursday Wednesday Kie graduated from Rappahannock County High School in
1997 and went on to get her undergraduate degree from the Uni-
11-2:30pm 11-3 pm 11-3 pm versity of Virginia in 2001 and J.D. from Howard University in
$4.99 $4.50 $4.99 Washington, D.C. in 2005. She is the daughter of Sam and Wanda
Snead of Washington, Virginia, and is married to Brian Kie. She
Follow us on Facebook is the mother of two boys and currently manages Kie Law, PLC in
Front Royal. Kie is also a sought-after public speaker for the Vir-
Buy any two dinner
Call Gary
ginia Supreme Court Courts Improvement Program and current
Secretary of the Warren County Bar, Inc.

get a free dessert Concluded Kie, “Let me warn would-be criminals in advance: if
you break the law in Rappahannock County, don’t expect an easy
Not Valid w/any other offer
deal from me!”
Exp 2/17/11 1 coupon per table (From a release)
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low interest loans, and granting or our potholed roadways and we can afford and that we do greater needs in the traffic
75 years of our toll revenues to
these large private companies.
aging transit systems.  His plan
would allocate just 11.5 percent
so in a carefully targeted way. 
Therefore, we are still opposed
choked areas of the state.
3)      We want to see money go We
  of the funds to transit. to SB1446 and HB2527 in their first to addressing our main-
If This is About Jobs – Then   latest versions because: tenance backlog and to transit
Let’s Focus on Maintenance Funds for Education, Health   which would both generate
and Transit:  The Governor
and industry have said we need
to borrow all of this money to
Care and Public Safety still at
risk:  The Senate bill has been
changed to protect core ser-
1)      We oppose taking our fu-
ture federal gas tax revenues
through GARVEES because
more jobs than new road con-
4)      With national and state
generate more jobs.  If so, then vices including education and these could take too much funding so tight, we want to see
we should be funding road the water quality improvement from future needs, especially a carefully thought-out trans-
maintenance and bridge re- fund, but the House bill still because federal revenues may portation plan rather than a
pair, which generate 16 percent takes general fund tax dollars be cut. laundry list of projects.  Main-
more jobs than new road con- from education and other ser- 2)      We oppose massive sub- tenance, transit, targeting the
struction, and transit, which vices to pay for transportation sidies to private toll road build- areas of worst congestion and
generates 31 percent more debt. er through grants, low-interest tying funding to better land
jobs. Yet the Governor is not
targeting massive new resourc-
Summary:  While we support
loans and 75 years of toll rev-
enues – especially for remote
use planning to reduce traffic
should be top priorities.
es to address our $3.5 billion in
structurally deficient bridges
investing in transportation we
want to make sure we do what
private toll road projects like
Route 460 and the Coalfields (From a release) Prices
Expressway.  We have much
Ferguson in-house tool theft suspect charged
Move-in Ready In-Town Properties!
A Woodbridge, VA man was arrested on January 24, 2011 at
Ferguson Enterprise on Fairground Road in Warren County and
Call Gary
(540) 622-6353
charged with attempted grand larceny of tools valued at over
$2600. FAX:
On January 21, 2011 Ferguson Enterprise reported the larceny (540) 622-6364
of over $46,000 worth of tools from their warehouse. On January JEFF’S CELL:
24, 2011, Christopher James Manetta, a forklift mechanic work-
ing for a subcontractor at Ferguson Enterprise, was confronted
(540) 551-2245 4 Evelyn Ct. Front Royal
SUE’S CELL: 3 BR, 1.5 Bath Brick Home
1126 Summit Ave. Front Royal
3 BR, 1 Bath Brick Home
We haul
by a manager when Manetta was observed with an unmarked
(540) 683-1014 Fully Finished Basement, Fully Renovated with High-End
cardboard box on a fork lift which contained the same type of on a culdesac with great yard! Touches, Gourmet Kitchen!
tools that were previously stolen from the warehouse.
The Warren County Sheriff ’s Office was contacted and an in-
vestigation was conducted by Investigator Chris Williams and
Jeff Springfield & Sue Kinyon metal for
Deputy Jim Petty, which lead to the arrest of Christopher J. Ma-
netta. The investigation is ongoing and additional charges are ex-
w w free!
510 North Royal Avenue, Front Royal, Virginia 22630
pected in this case.

(From a release)

DJ Donnie
Postal Business Center
DJ Donnie
122 W. 14th St. • Front Royal, VA
Located next door to DJ Donnie
Melting Pot Pizza DJ Donnie
Packing • Shipping • Moving boxes • Weddings are our specialty!
Mailbox rentals • Notary • FAX • Laminating Sweet sixteen, clubs, bars,
• Copies
any type of private parties!

540-635-7997 Any style music for any

540-635-2186 (fax)
We’re Here To Serve
For bookings call
You With Many Business
Services! 540-551-2447
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Front Royal-Warren County Chamber of Commerce

CHAMBER SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM the importance of further education. Vol- tion. Winner must be present to win. an AT&T customer, bring in your current make your reservation today! You can
unteers are needed for both days. Con- providers bill and they will look over it to also check us out anytime on the web at
Sponsorship has its privileges! Your tact the Chamber at 635-3185 or info@ FRONT ROYAL POLICE DEPARTMENT see if AT&T might be a more cost effective or on
Chamber has sponsorship packages de- to volunteer or for COMMUNICATION ALERT provider for you. The staff at Mid-Atlantic FACEBOOK -Hampton Inn Front Royal.
signed with our members’ needs in mind. more information. ProTel looks forward to meeting with all of
Sponsorship opportunities are available The Citizen’s Police Academy Session #11 you and hopefully saving you and your Join Blake & Co. for their first Ladies Night
for all members, small or large. Contact NEW COMMITTEE OPPORTUNITIES will begin on March 1, 2011 and conclude company some money! Out - Valentine’s Day Prep Party on Friday,
the Chamber at 635-3185 or info@fron- on May 3, 2011. This session will be held February 11th at 4 p.m. Enjoy cupcakes, for more information. The Chamber’s Non-Profit Committee will on 10 consecutive Tuesday evenings from Around Your Kitchen is getting pumped champagne and goodie bags while getting
Sponsorships are offered on a first-come, begin meeting in February. This commit- 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, at the Skyline High up for Super Bowl Sunday with team cup- your hair and makeup done. Bring a friend
first-serve basis and are selling fast! Con- tee will provide a forum for Chamber mem- School, 151 Skyline Vista Drive, Front cakes! A limited quantity of Green Bay or come alone to get ready for a Valentines
tact us today to reserve your space. Spon- ber non-profits to discuss issues and share Royal, VA 22630, in Room #510. This Cupcakes and Steelers Cupcakes will be Night with your special someone. $30 for
sors to date include: T Tech Systems, The ideas. The Women’s Business Council will course is free of charge to citizens, 21 available for purchase Wednesday through Updo or style; $15 for eye makeup. Call
Apple House, Weichert Realtors – Melanie also begin meeting in February. First on years or older, who either live or work in Sunday (along with free tastings). Want to the salon at 540-635-4033 for more infor-
Hamel, Aire Serv of Bull Run, Northern Vir- the agenda for this group is a self-defense Front Royal / Warren County. Graduation be sure you get them for your party? Call mation.
ginia Daily, Bowling Green Country Club, course. If you are interested in participat- will take place on Tuesday, May 10. The or stop in to reserve the quantity you need
Main Street Daily Grind, and Warren Me- ing with either of these groups or attend- purpose of the Citizen’s Police Academy is for Sunday! Upcoming Cooking Classes: The Shenandoah Area Agency on Aging
morial Hospital. ing the self defense course, contact Niki at to educate the public about law enforce- February 20: Healthy Gluten-Free Fast will be sponsoring a Valentine benefit con- ment services delivered by the Front Food at Home, March 13: Taste of Vietnam, cert on Saturday, February 12, 2011, from
I DO BRIDAL SHOWCASE Royal Police Department in order to foster March 27: Taste of India. Sign up today as 7-9PM at the Warren County Senior Cen-
SHENANDOAH UNIVERSITY HARRY E. understanding and community support for space is limited! And as always, Around ter, 1217 Commonwealth Avenue, Front
If weddings are a part of your business, BYRD SCHOOL OF BUSINESS BUSI- the law enforcement agency. This is part Your Kitchen is your source for all those Royal. This concert will feature music from
then your business needs to be a part of NESS SYMPOSIUM of your local law enforcement’s initiative to cooking tools you need to make your time the band “From the Heart”. Tickets are
the 2011 “I Do” Bridal Showcase. At the build partnerships within the commu- in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable! $20 per person in advance, or $25 at the
Bridal Showcase, you will be in direct Join us for the 3rd Annual Shenandoah nity we serve. The academy instructors If you eat or drink, they have something for door. Tickets are available at Shenandoah
contact with many brides searching for all University Harry F. Byrd, Jr. School of have prepared a comprehensive training you! Around Your Kitchen, 126 East Main Area Agency on Aging, 207 Mosby Lane
sorts of services. You can display your Business, 2011 Business Symposium on program to provide the Citizen’s Police Street, Front Royal 540.635.5971 www. and also JL Barber Shop, 8 Chester Street.
products/services for them to see, taste Thursday, March 10th from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Academy participants with an overview of and friend them Concert proceeds will benefit the Emer-
and/or experience. Your display space to be held at Stimpson Auditorium Halpin- the various units and functions of the Front on FACEBOOK! gency Services including Emergency Fuel
will allow you to set an atmosphere for Harrison Hall Shenandoah University. De- Royal Police Department. The courses will Assistance. For more information please
on-the-spot consultations and planning. signed to inspire and educate attendees include an overview on all operations to in- In celebration of their third anniversary on contact Mr. Bill Crawford at Shenandoah
The “I Do” Bridal Showcase is where you from for-profit and non-profit organiza- clude Patrol, Investigations, Basic Training February 1st – Hidden Springs Senior Liv- AAA at 540-635-7141.
and your business need to be. The “I Do” tions, this year’s symposium is focused requirements, Crime Prevention programs, ing will be having the following entertain-
Bridal Showcase will be held on Sunday, on how businesses can create a com- Canine operations and Special Operations ment along with their faithful friends that The Quality Inn Skyline Drive: Hearts
February 27th at Bowling Green Country petitive advantage in the new economy. Units. Participants in the Citizen’s Police visit each month: On Saturday, February Abound during their Valentine’s Day Spe-
Club from 11am until 3pm. Some of the Hear compelling keynote speakers, attend Academy will have the option to visit the 5th – The First Baptist Church Cherub cial the week of February 11 – 17, 2011.
businesses that will be showing their prod- breakout sessions and participate in a se- Police Station and to participate in the Choir will be singing at 1:30 P.M.; Satur- $75.00 + tax for a warm and cozy room
ucts/services include Denise Jane Photog- ries of dynamic panel discussions that will Front Royal Police Department’s Ride- day, February 12th – The Ol’ Soft Shoe and a bottle of wine for you and your honey.
raphy, Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn enlighten you to the latest business trends, Along program. For further information on Dance students will be performing at 2:00 Call today 540-635-3161 and reserve your
Winchester Historic Gateway, Bella Bridal, challenges and best practices. Registra- this program, or to request an application, P.M.; Sunday, February 13th – “Country special Valentine’s Day room. In the morn-
Brides & Weddings on Northern Virginia, tion also includes continental breakfast, please contact Janice Hart, Community Praise” will join us with their musical tal- ing, enjoy a complimentary hot breakfast,
The Sweet Tooth Bakery, Holiday Inn & lunch, a reception to facilitate networking Relations Specialist for the Front Royal ent at 2:30 P.M.; Monday, February 14th including eggs, breads, bacon, pastries,
Suites Front Royal Blue Ridge Shadows, and exhibits by local companies offering a Police Department at (540) 631-2763 or – Valentine’s will be celebrated with a sing- fresh fruit, cereal, juice, tea and coffee.
Classic Tuxedos, Formalities, Blake & co. variety of business focused on goods and via e-mail at along with Linda Ruhling from Creekside Quality Inn is ready to fill all of your hotel
Hair Spa, Special Occasions Entertain- services. Music at 11:00 A.M. and Singing Valen- lodging needs. Whether you need a room
ment, Jean’s Jeweler’s, The Apple House, Interactive Sessions Include: MEMBER NEWS tine’s performed by Sweet Adelines at 1:30 for one or a room for four plus Fido, they
Stephanie Leigh Photography & Design, · The Challenges of Managing Growth P.M.; Tuesday, February 22nd the Hidden have a room for you. They offer free WiFi,
and The Knot. Contact Pam at priffle@ · The Promise & Perils of Social Network- Listen to The Valley Business Today fea- Springs Residents will be celebrating with free in-room safe, spacious work desk, ex- or call the Cham- ing turing the Chamber of Commerce on The a “Hula in the Coola” day to shake off the panded cable (with free HBO, ESPN, and
ber at 635-3185 for more information. The · Taking Social Networking to the Next River 95.3 on Wednesday from 1230-1p to winter chill. ESPN2), refrigerators and microwaves in
“I Do” Bridal Showcase is sponsored by Level learn more about lia sophia from Marlean all rooms, exercise room, picnic area and
Bowling Green Country Club and Northern · Developing a Marketing Plan for Any Ring. Learn about customer specials, Samuels Public Library announces the fol- seasonal outdoor pool. Call to see how
Virginia Daily. Budget hostess benefits, and being an advisor. lowing events: Master Gardeners Series they can serve you. For more information
- The ABCs of Effective Non-Profit Special Valentine’s Day is fast approaching as is – Feb. 5 – 1 p.m. “Chase Away Winter please view - http://www.qualityinn-fron-
REALITY STORE VOLUNTEERS NEED- Events the I DO Bridal Showcase so make sure to Blues by Growing Green Plants”; How to or call 540-635-3161 or email:
ED · HR on the Horizon check out my website for the latest infor- Buy a Gem for Your Valentine on February Facebook: http://
· Playing the Government Card mation at 5, 3 p.m. and “The Healing Power of Music
The Chamber’s Education Committee · The Right Amount of Protection on Feb. 12th, 2 p.m. Visit www.samuelsli-
is coordinating the “Reality Store” for all For additional information or to register Attention business owners! Come by the for more information. TOWN OF FRONT ROYAL
sophomores at Warren County and Sky- visit Register online Chamber office on Wednesday, February Monday, February 14th, 7 p.m. at the Gov-
line High Schools. The Reality Store will until March 8, 2011. Early-bird registration 2nd from 9:30 am to 5:00pm and Mid-At- To make your Valentine’s Day extra spe- ernment Center
take place at Warren County High School prior to February 18: $35/person. After lantic ProTel your Premier AT&T Retailer cial, bring your sweetie and spend the Monday, February 28th, 7 p.m. at the Gov-
on Tuesday, February 22nd and Skyline February 18 and at-the-door registration: will have a Small Business Specialist in the night at the Hampton Inn in Front Royal. ernment Center
High School on Wednesday, February $50/person. Group rate: three or more office to answer any questions you might Only $99.00 for a fluffy king bed sprinkled COUNTY OF WARREN
23rd from 8:30 a.m. until 11::30 a.m. on attendees, same organization: $30/person have about AT&T. If you are a current with rose petals, a chocolate treat, and hot Tuesday, February 1st, 9 a.m. at the Gov-
both days. The Reality Store provides stu- until February 18; $40/person after Febru- AT&T customer they will look over your bill breakfast in the morning! (standard room ernment Center
dents with a look at life after high school ary 18. Register to win door prizes! Prizes to see if there is anything that can be done only, suites at additional cost) Offer good Tuesday, February 15th, 7 p.m. at the Gov-
and helps teach a valuable lesson on will be drawn during the networking recep- to lower your bill. If you are not currently February 12-14. Call 540-635-1882 to ernment Center
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Kids page 540-551-2072 •

Sponsor the Kids Page!

Call Dan McDermott

540-636-1014 •
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Ask Stewart Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072
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Dear Stewart, Well, don’t be sad until spring, not open properly. Try to keep the if left to grow.
Helen. There are ways of forcing branches in bright but indirect light. These are just a few suggestions.
Is it possible to force tree flowers some tree pizzazz ahead of sched- When the flower buds begin to show Perk up up the rest of your winter,
indoors in winter like you can with, ule. Trees and shrubs that bloom color, they are ready to be used in ar- experiment, and have fun with your
say, forsythia branches to add color in spring form their flower buds the rangements. trees all year.
to the winter drabness? previous fall. They need eight weeks For my nest, I like to begin with
of cold—below 40 degrees F. By the branches from the Eastern Cotton- Stewart
Helen, in Front Royal middle to end of January, the tree wood. It takes three weeks to force •••
branches should be ready for care- this tree but it will produce drooping The Front Royal/Warren County Tree
Dear Helen, ful pruning. Select branches with a flowers called catkins, red from male Steward program began in 1997 with
lot of flower buds. You can tell them trees, green from female. volunteers dedicated to improving
the health of trees by providing edu-
Unless a storm knocks our cozy from leaf buds because they are of- Red Maple branches bloom with
cational programs, tree planting and
nest apart, we squirrels look at win- ten larger and rounder. attractive tiny bright red flowers, care demonstrations, and tree mainte-
ter as a great, lazy, slow-down time Bring the branches indoors and Birches give a variety of male and nance throughout the community. The

of year, almost like human chil- immediately put the stem ends in wa- female catkins from the same tree, group now consists of over 30 active
dren regard summer vacation from ter. If possible, submerge the whole Pussy Willows give those soft furry members with several interns work-
school. But I can understand how branch in a tub of water overnight so flowers, and the Hawthorns produce ing toward becoming certified tree

some humans hate to see the land- the buds and stems can quickly ab- white to pink flowers. stewards from our annual “All About
scape go dormant in winter. If you sorb water and begin to break dor- Remember to cut branches care- Trees Class”. Each month Stewart will
were dazzled by autumn colors, it mancy. Then keep the branches in a fully, not cutting too many from answer a question from our readers.
Please forward it to “Stewart” in care
probably felt like nature threw a par- bucket of water in a cool area—60- any one tree. Better yet, incorporate of and
ty that came to an end but you still 65 degrees F. Warm temperatures your cuttings into an annual prun- we may publish it in a future issue..
wanted to party on. cause them to develop too fast and ing of possibly problematic branches

Humane Society of Warren County

Monday thru Sunday 10 am to 4 pm- Closed Wednesdays • 1245 Progress Drive, Front Royal, VA • 540-635-4734 •
Please ask about our low cost spay and neuter program. Please be sure your pets at home are spayed/neutered
and up to date on vaccinations. Check out our other adoptable pets on
540 635-4734

Princess is a 1 year old spayed

Hershey is a 8 year old female Bill is 4 year old male Beagle. He’s Pitbull mix. She is housebroken
Dachshund. She’s loves to jump in Scrappy is a 7 year old male housebroken and knows “come” and loves to play with other ani-
Boxer/Rottweiler mix. He’s and “sit”. mals.
your lap and be held. She’s good
housebroken, good with other
with other animals and children. animals and children, and knows
“sit” and “lie down.”

Christian’s ad sponsored by: Holly’s ad sponsored by: Miss Kitka’s ad sponsored by: Snickerdoodle’s ad sponsored by:

All Creatures Parkers

Pet Care Wanda Snead Automotive &
24/7 Property Management Towing Martins Foods
Serving the area for 16 years 226 E. 7th St. 409 South St.
636-3456 Sam Snead Realty
Front Royal Front Royal “We Count On Our Tows!” 540-635-2249
If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, the adoption fee is $145 and includes the spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, flea/tick treatment and deworming. Thank you for your support of the
Humane Society. With your help we have been able to place thousands of animals in good homes. Contact Alison @ 540-551-2072 if you would like to become a pet sponsor too!
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Fri Feb 4, 2011 eration Annual Hunting Heri- Theme: Valentine’s Day. Sun Feb 13, 2011 lic Library, Front Royal. To-
tage Banquet. There will be day is Toddler Story Time.
Forecast for 22630 (44° | 31°) a buffet dinner, door prizes, 11am - 12pm Samuels Pub- 8am - 4pm Warren County Theme: Cats.
raffles, live/silent auctions lic Library, Front Royal. To- Fair Flea Market. Warren
11am - 12pm Samuels and much more. Tickets day is Preschool Story Time. County Fairgrounds. For 11am - 12pm Samuels Pub-
Public Library, Front Roy- must be purchased early to Theme: Valentine’s Day. more information: (540) 635- lic Library, Front Royal. To-
al. “Time for Baby.” This is ensure a seat. Ticket prices: 5827 http://www.warren- day is Preschool Story Time.
a new, 30-minute nursery $50.00/person, $70.00/cou- 3:30pm - 5pm Chamber Theme: Cats.
rhyme program for babies ple; $25.00/youth. For more Board Meeting. Chamber
and their parents. “Time for information: Cliff/Mary Pres- Office. Mon Feb 14, 2011 4:30pm - 5:30pm Samuels
Baby” is designed to develop ley (540) 635-2769 or Public Library, Front Royal.
pre-reading skills, socializa- Art Kasson (540) 622-6103. Thu Feb 10, 2011 Valentine’s Day Today is Big Kids Story Time
tion skills, speech and motor 7pm - 8pm Council Meeting. for Kindergarten and up.
coordination. Sun Feb 6, 2011 10am - 11am Samuels Pub- County of Warren Govern- Theme: Presidents.
lic Library, Front Royal. To- ment Center.
1:30pm - 2:30pm Education Forecast for 22630 (46° | 29°) day is Toddler Story Time. 5pm - 8pm Third Thursday
Committee. Chamber Of- Theme: Valentine’s Day. Tue Feb 15, 2011 ArtWalk. Downtown Front
fice 8am - 4pm Warren County Royal.
Fair Flea Market. Warren 11am - 12pm Samuels Pub- 12:30pm - 1pm Tourism
2pm - 5pm Vino E Formaggio County Fairgrounds. For lic Library, Front Royal. To- Tuesdays. 95.3 - the River Sat Feb 19, 2011
Wine Tasting. 124 E. Main more information: (540) 635- day is Preschool Story Time. radio station. Hear the lat-
Street. Always Free, Always 5827 http://www.warren- Theme: Valentine’s Day. est tourism related news 8am - 4pm Warren County
Fun! www.vinoeformaggio. and events every Tuesday Fair Flea Market. Warren
com (540) 635-2812. 4:30pm - 5:30pm Samuels at 12:30! If you can’t lis- County Fairgrounds. For
1pm - 5pm (Yarn) Bowl! Public Library, Front Royal. ten live check out the pod- more information: (540) 635-
Sat Feb 5, 2011 Hooked on Fiber and Gifts, Today is Big Kids Story Time casts at http://www.theriv- 5827 http://www.warren-
Middletown. Join us for fi- for Kindergarten and up.
Forecast for 22630 (39° | 27°) ber, food, and fun! For more Theme: Valentine’s Day.
information call (540) 868- Wed Feb 16, 2011 10am-1pm Wildcat Baseball
8am - 4pm Warren County 1780. Sat Feb 12, 2011 Camp. Warren County High
Fair Flea Market. Warren 10am - 11am Samuels Pub- School. The Warren County
County Fairgrounds. For Mon Feb 7, 2011 Lincoln’s Birthday lic Library, Front Royal. To- Parks and Recreation De-
more information: (540)635- 8am - 4pm Warren County day is Toddler Story Time. partment in conjunction with
5827 http://www.warren- 7pm - 8pm Work Session. Fair Flea Market. Warren Theme: Cats. Warren County High School Town Hall, 16 N. Royal Ave- County Fairgrounds. For will be
nue, Front Royal. Tonight is more information: (540) 635- 11am - 12pm Samuels Pub- sponsoring the Wildcat
10am-1pm Wildcat Baseball the Town Council’s Informal 5827 http://www.warren- lic Library, Front Royal. To- Baseball Camp. Camp is
Camp. Warren County High Work Session. It is held in day is Preschool Story Time. open to 7th through 12th
School. The Warren County the2nd floor Town Hall Con- Theme: Cats. graders. Cost is $50.00
Parks and Recreation De- ference Room. For a copy of 10am-1pm Wildcat Baseball per participant. For more
partment in conjunction with the agenda please contact Camp. Warren County High 4pm - 6pm Warren County information contact Coach
Warren County High School the Clerk of Council at (540) School. The Warren County Local is a newly formed Mathews at (540) 327-9664
will be 635-8007 or check the Town Parks and Recreation De- chapter of Special Olympics. or via email at vmathews@
sponsoring the Wildcat of Front Royal Website at partment in conjunction with We would like you to join us Registra-
Baseball Camp. Camp is Pub- Warren County High School for some fun tion forms are available at
open to 7th through 12th lic is invited. will be bowling at Royal Fam- the Warren County Parks
graders. Cost is $50.00 sponsoring the Wildcat ily Bowling Center. Contact and Recreation office.
per participant. For more Tue Feb 8, 2011 Baseball Camp. Camp is Colleen Snyder at csny-
information contact Coach open to 7th through 12th or 11am - 12pm Samuels Pub-
Mathews at (540) 327-9664 12:30pm - 1pm Tourism graders. Cost is $50.00 540-305-4944 for additional lic Library, Front Royal. To-
or via email at vmathews@ Tuesdays. 95.3 - the River per participant. For more information day is “Saturday Family Registra- radio station. Hear the lat- information contact Coach Story Time” featuring Don
tion forms are available at est tourism related news Mathews at (540) 327-9664 7pm - 8pm Planning Com- Richards.
the Warren County Parks and events every Tuesday or via email at vmathews@ mission Meeting. County of
and Recreation office. at 12:30! If you can’t lis- Registra- Warren Government Center. 2pm - 3pm Lego Mania.
ten live check out the pod- tion forms are available at Samuels Public Library,
2pm - 3pm Samuels Public casts at http://www.theriv- the Warren County Parks 10am - 12:30pm Registra- Front Royal. Lego Mania
Library, Front Royal. Teen and Recreation office. tion for all Spanish classes. for ages 6 and up is today.
Creative Writing Club for Warren County Community Please register.
ages 12 and up meets to- 7pm BAR Meeting. County 10:30am - 11:30am Samuels Center. For more informa-
day. Please register. of Warren Government Cen- Public Library, Front Royal. tion contact Kisyl Housden Sun Feb 20, 2011
ter Front Royal, Virginia. “Books and Barks.” Relax at (540) 660-4237 or via
6pm - 9pm NWTF Banquet. and read to the “Books and email at kisyl_housden@ya- 8am - 4pm Warren County
Front Royal Volunteer Fire & Wed Feb 9, 2011 Barks” therapy dogs. Please Fair Flea Market. Warren
Rescue Department, Front register. County Fairgrounds. For
Royal. Tonight is the Sky- 10am - 11am Samuels Pub- Thu Feb 17, 2011 more information: (540) 635-
line Strutters Chapter of the lic Library, Front Royal. To- 5827 http://www.warren-
National Wild Turkey Fed- day is Toddler Story Time. 10am - 11am Samuels Pub-
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COMPLIMENTARY Buy one Oil & Filter change, for $29.95 $100 off
Your vehicle may be involed
And Get the Next 3 For ANY
in an active recall, let us FREE!!! Based on retail of price. Not to exceed 10% off
total parts and labor. Excludes retail parts, tires,

check for you! Oil change coupons expire 24 months from the date of the original lube, oil & filter purchase at participating Chrys-
ler Group LLC dealers only. (Up to 5 quarts only. Additional charges may be applied for HEMI® and fluid disposal.)
Service Contract Essential Care oil change offer is made by the dealer, who is solely responsible for it. Plan offered
collision/body shop parts and service.
See service advisor for details.
Plus any applicable tax, shop supplies and environmental fees. Plus any applicable tax, shop supplies and environmental fees.
One coupon per visit. Coupon must be present prior to service write-up. on 1995 & newer to current year vehicles (excluding Crossfire, Viper, Prowler, Diesels, SRT10® and all other vehicles One coupon per visit. Coupon must be present prior to service write-up.
Offer ends January 31,2011. Not valid in conjunction with any other coupons or in-store specials. Offer ends January 31,2011. Not valid in conjunction with any other coupons or in-store specials.
that require synthetic or semi-synthetic oils.) Competetive makes also apply. Good only at MARLOW MOTER COMPANY.

Expires Feb. 28, 2011 Expires Feb. 28, 2011 Expires Feb. 28, 2011

Nitro-Fill “The Works”

Fill All Tires with Nitrogen, Includes
+ Tax

$49.95+ Tax
Oil & Filter Change
Front or Rear
Brake Service
and get 15% OFF
12 mos. Road Side Assistance, Road up to 5 quarts of motor oil
Hazard Protection, Free Pressure
Checks, Tire Replacement & Much

Tire Rotation & Balance
Replace Wiper Blades
Special (Within 30 Days Of Report)
More. Helps Increase Fuel Economy, • 23-Point Inspection Plus any applicable tax, shop supplies and environmental fees. Plus any applicable tax, shop supplies and environmental fees.
Plus any applicable tax, shop supplies and environmental fees. One coupon per visit. Coupon must be present prior to service write-up.
Extend Tire Life, Improves Handling, One coupon per visit. Coupon must be present prior to service write-up.
One coupon per visit. Coupon must be present prior to service write-up.
Offer ends January 31,2011. Not valid in conjunction with any other coupons or in-store specials. Offer ends January 31,2011. Not valid in conjunction with any other coupons or in-store specials.
Offer ends January 31,2011. Not valid in conjunction with any other coupons or in-store specials.
Reduces Pressure Fluctuations

Expires Feb. 28, 2011 Expires Feb. 28, 2011 Expires Feb. 28, 2011
Expires Feb. 28, 2011

Buy 1 BG Fluid Flush at Regular

99.95 EXTENDED SERVICE HOURS: Price and get 50% OFF

$ + Tax the Second
• Hand Wash & Wax Exterior Monday thru Friday: 7:00 am ‘til 7pm Includes: Brake, Transmission, Power Steering,
Coolant, Differentials, and Transfer Case Service.
• Vacuum & Shampoo Interior
• Clean & Protect Leather Saturday: 8am ‘til 5pm Ask Your Service Advisor about the BG Protection Plan.

(If equipped)
Clean Engine • Clean Trunk We’re Here When You Need Us!
• Treat All Exterior Trim
Plus any applicable tax, shop supplies and environmental fees.
One coupon per visit. Coupon must be present prior to service write-up.
Offer ends January 31,2011. Not valid in conjunction with any other coupons or in-store specials.

Expires Feb. 28, 2011 Expires Feb. 28, 2011

2010 Dodge 2010 Dodge

Challenger R/T Grand Caravan SXT
9 Miles 7 Miles
#10CG258 #10GC196

$29,995 $23,997
2010 Dodge 2010 Jeep Grand
Ram 2500 SLT Cherokee LTD
9 Miles 5,330 Miles
#10R4102 #10GJ103

$43,297 $33,497