Tilt shot, camera angle is facing Establishing shot, showing the upwards.

family arrive into their new The killer is shown at the beginning neighbourhood. 1 of the trailer with a line of dialogue:




Two shot, showing the car Longshot, showing the family entering the house with boxes. turning into the driveway, allowing the audience to understand that this is the house they are moving into.

. Close up of the Bird’s eyeshot of the son, makes mothers feet walking into the house with a are being it look as if they grocery bag, shows a typical shot also shows watched. This 5 wife. Also makes entering the the boy’s rucksack, which is house more interesting. young kids to have. typical for


Long shot, showing the family sons legs running Close up of the entering the house the stairs, shows excitement up with stuff from their previous home. of him discovering his new home.




Mid shot with a high angle is used which makes the mother look vulnerable as she unpacks the groceries.


Long shot from behind the bushes this shows that the mother is being watched. The dark lighting adds to the suspense.

1 0

Long shot of the child. The Over the shoulder shot of the camera is placed before the mother looking through the door mother showing her closing the who is there, it is clear to see 1 fridge, which directs all the that someone is there, but the 1 2 attention on the child. identity of1the person is not clear.

Head shot of the husband and the killer. The focus is on the husband, but suddenly the killer appears and strikes him from behind.

1 3

Mid shot, and the camera is tilting slightly downwards showing the hockey stick and the husband injured on the floor.

1 4

Three shot with the camera tilting down. Showing that the killer has got the power and the family are scared.

1 5

Mid shot of the killer. This shot also shows the setting and props. The audience are also able to see the characters facial expression as he talks.

1 6

Downwards tilt shot, shows the mother panicking and slamming the door.

Close up of the killer taking out his sharp knife.

1 7

1 8

Mid shot and the camera is placed on the floor in the centre of the action as the killer is dragging her.

Head shot of the child hiding under the table. Showing his scared facial expressions.

1 9

2 0

4 shot showing the family and the killer. A break from the action showing the killer playing his game which leads on to more fast paced action shots.

Mid shot in correlation with a tilt shot showing the father being kicked continuously by the killer.

2 1

2 2

Two shot showing the shadow of the killer punching the father. Shining a light on the characters, and then filming the shadow zooming into the wall would do this.

2 3

Close up of the father looking scared. This shot will be used after introducing the actor by using text to write ‘Ashish Sharma’.

2 4

Mid shot of the mother running away outside. The camera will be hand held, to make the audience feel they are in the action.

2 5

Close up of the mother looking scared. The light shining on her face shows the cracked glass she is hiding behind.

2 6

Head shot of the mother asking ‘why are you doing this?’ This shot allows the audience to see that she is crying and scared.

Mid shot of the killer replying to the mother: ‘you shouldn’t forget the importance of entertainment’.

2 7

2 8

Head shot of the killer sitting in the dark doing an evil laugh as if planning something.

2 9

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