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Program : Diploma in Public Administration (AM110)

Course : Office Management

Code : PAD 260

Credit Hours : 3

Contact Hours : 4

Semester : 04

Status : CORE


In Office Management syllabus, these include planning, organizing, leading and
controlling of not only the humans in the office or organization but also the
environment, equipments, money, methods and procedures and humans who deal
with the office namely customers. These can be done effectively by knowing and
understanding the concepts and ways to perform the functions effectively.


At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

2.1 Discuss the office concepts such as; environment, equipment, personnel,
communication, MIS, record and file management, customers, and
2.2 Explain and show different techniques, methods and procedures related to
activities in the office; and
2.3 Demonstrate the application of the above mentioned skills effectively and
efficiently when they are employed.


3.1 Introduction to Office Management

3.1.1 Definition of Management
3.1.2 Definition of Office
Faculty of Administrative Science and Policy Studies 1
Course: Office Management Date of Enforcement: 1 October 2005

1.2.2. record information. 3.7 Office Manager (duties and responsibilities) 3.2. software and hardware) 3.4. administrative knowledge.2.4. automation .2.1. retrieve information and control the assets of the office) 3.4 Personnel Administration 3.2 Office Organizational Structure 3.1 Introduction 3.1 Office Administration 3.3 Office Organizational Chart 3.2.2 Office Management Concepts 3.3.physical aspects b) Office layout .2.principles to be taken into consideration when choosing an appropriate office layout c) Office landscape 3.10 Control Expectations 3. arrange information.5 Main elements of office management (management skills.6 The importance of learning office management.8 Office Supervisor (duties and responsibilities) 3.6 Centralization 3. communication network.4 Office Functions (receive information.1.8 Productivity 3.2.4 Manual Work Procedure and Desk File 3.2.2 External environment a) Landscape b) Customers’ facilities 3.1 Internal environment a) Office equipment .7 Delegation 3.9 Quality Office 3.2.3 Office Environment 3.3 Definition of Office Management 3.1.5 Office System and Procedure 3.2 Recruitment i) Purpose Faculty of Administrative Science and Policy Studies 2 Course: Office Management Date of Enforcement: 1 October 2005 Code: PAD 260 COPYRIGHT RESERVED . personnel. furniture .

professional bodies. employment agency.4. prepare and produce application form. words of mouth. notice. iii) Roles of office in recruitment .5 Factors of the failure in effective office communication i) receiver ii) sender iii) medium iv) situation 3.5.1 Definition i) data ii) information Faculty of Administrative Science and Policy Studies 3 Course: Office Management Date of Enforcement: 1 October 2005 Code: PAD 260 COPYRIGHT RESERVED .5. 3.4 Promotion 3. telex. 3. iv) Mechanical . minutes.1 Definition 3. pie charts. interview. etc. counter service. learning institutions. impression.6 Factors influence an effective communication. 3. make short listing.4.4.7 Principles in good office communication. confidentiality.5.2 Purpose of communication to the management and staff 3.prepare advertisement. reports. memo.6 Information System 3. Computers. make selection and prepare employment contract. accuracy. etc. circumstance. meetings. ii) Written . personal contact.4. record.8 Dismissal 3.5 Office Communication 3.4 Factors to be considered in choosing the appropriate medium/channel of communication (speed.3 Training 3. ii) Sources of recruitment a) advertisement.5.3 Types of communication i) Oral .5. safety.4.6 Labor turnover 3. etc. bar charts. prepare the interview.5. iii) Visual . etc.6. 3. electronic media.7 Welfare 3.5. Telephone.4. fax. etc. Letters. Table. cost) 3.5 Time keeping and overtime 3. graph.

2 Factors to be considered in producing information system output.2 Filing system i) Definition ii) Factors to be considered in establishing an efficient filing system. strip index. v) Filing storage (centralization and decentralization) vi) Filing classification a) alphabetical b) subject c) geography d) numerical (terminal and decimal) e) chronological vii) Filing Movement Control. Name iv) Index equipment (visible card index. 3. rotary wheel index. 3. iii) Effective filing system (including the characteristics) iv) Filing system procedure. slottered cards. Subject c. 3.6.3 Definition of Electronic Data Processing. staggered cards.7.7.1 Definition 3. etc. Geography d.3 Index i) Definition ii) Purpose iii) Classifications a.6.4 Management Information System (MIS) i) Definition ii) The usage of computers in MIS (including internet) iii) Advantages and disadvantages of using computer.7 Records Management 3.4 Forms i) Definition ii) Purpose iii) Features of effective forms 3.) 3. Alphabetical b.7. ix) Filing equipment.5 Weaknesses of records management Faculty of Administrative Science and Policy Studies 4 Course: Office Management Date of Enforcement: 1 October 2005 Code: PAD 260 COPYRIGHT RESERVED .7. iii) information management 3. visible books. 3.6.7. viii) Records Archive.

5 Office Visits (occasionally) 4.8.0 TEACHING METHODOLOGY 4.3 Case Study 4.2 Types of customers i) Internal Customers (Internal Customer Awareness and perquisite of ICA) ii) External Customers (common steps and services to the external customers) iii) Stakeholders 3.2 Types of control i) Quality Control ii) Quantity Control iii) Time Control iv) Budgetary and Cost Control v) Subordinates Control 3.8.3 Customer’s Priorities a) Processes b) Common characteristics of the output required by customers.9 Office Control 3.3 Purpose of Office Control Management 4. 3.1 Definition 3. Organization b.1 Coursework 40% Lecture 4.4 Role Play 4.1 Definition 3.8 Office Customer 3. Customers 3.8.9. 3.4 Customer Charter i) Definition and concepts ii) Implementation iii) Advantages of Customer Charter to: a.0 ASSESSMENT 5.2 Tutorial 4.9.6 Video presentation (if relevant) 5.2 Final Examination 60% Faculty of Administrative Science and Policy Studies 5 Course: Office Management Date of Enforcement: 1 October 2005 Code: PAD 260 COPYRIGHT RESERVED .

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