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Mailing Address: C/O Bismillah Electric Engineering,
P/o Box Main road Mirpur Mathelo
District Ghotki Sindh Pakistan
Cell No: +92-333-3990870, +92-300-8312141
E mail:


Having more than 07 years extensive practical experience in Process Control
Instrumentation (I&C) Construction, Maintenance Testing and Commissioning, Shut-
down servicing that Includes Power plant, Gas plant, Petrochemical, Water treatment &
Fertilizers Projects
I worked with DESCON Engineering company’s projects at Engro Fertilizer Company
(world largest ammonia urea) as an “Instrument Supervisor” (I&C). My
responsibilities are included Instruments (ammonia compressor, process air compressor,
ammonia boost up compressor, and other ammonia area’s) installation. Commissioning,
Start - Up and Shutdown activities. Preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance,
Troubleshooting, overhauling, repairing, calibration of different types of electronic,
pneumatic hart protocol smart protocol , and foundation filed bus control instruments as
per standard procedures in the plant, review all documents, drawings such as P&ID
drawings, systematic drawings, isometric drawings, Process flow drawings, block
diagrams, Plat Plan and loop drawings, other Electrical & Instrument circuits,
termination for equipment installation, PLC ,VFD, ESD System installation and other
Disciplines for sequence check to start up the plant work and re - commission the
Instruments after start up and shutdown activities. Responsible to Loop check, sequence
check and start up the plant, co-ordination with Vender.


D.A.E (Electrical) From GPI (B) Sukkur
FA. From BISE Sukkur
Metrication. From BISE Sukkur



Flow: Transmitters. P&ID drawings. with an understanding of how own team interacts with other within the area in order to achieve the objectives of the function. Switches. CONTROL Valve: Fisher . block diagrams and other Electrical & Instrument circuits. CALIBRATION PRESSURE: Transmitters. D/P gages.Mesolen . • Preventive and breakdown maintenance of process control system. D/P type. Gauges. magnetic flow. • Erection of Control Stations. Successful at working on multidisciplinary teams and Committed to quality workmanship and ethical conduct. Process flow drawings. • Team Working: Works as an effective member of a team. STANDARD & TEST EQUIPME Dead weight Tester. • Calibration of Field Instruments. • Relay logic control design and troubles shooting. vortex and Rota meter. Temperature Transmitters. Isometric drawings.ABB . Plat Plan. ultrasonic. Gauges. loop drawings. Termination drawings. Standard pressure calibrator 5000 psi ametek jofra Standard thermocouple calibrator model # C65 Wahl Standard Temperature Calibrator Ametek Standard Multifunction HART Communicator 375 Emerson Rosemount Hand pump for pressure calibration Experience/ Background: 2 . Indicator. Switches. • Learning And Development: Demonstrates ability to learn and provide coaching for less experienced team members and applies self learning principles when working in an independent specialist role. Capistance type. LEVEL: Transmitters. • Installation and commissioning of Field Instruments. Switches. • Troubleshooting and fixing of problems during operation of plant. bubbler type.Wartec. • Well conversion with drawing such as systematic drawings. hookup. D/P Switches. D/P type.Nova pignone . Process calibrator CA 100 by FLUKE Company Multi loop calibrator jofra MLC.

Dec 2009 With Descon Engineering at National Refinery Limited as Instrument Technician • SHUT DOWN. Lahore Pakistan Duration from 24-jun-2008 to 08 October 2008 • SHUT DOWN. Dahrki. Designation : Instrument (Lead man) 3 . www. 2010 With Descon Engineering at Fuji Fertilizer bin qasim ltd as Instrument Technician • SHUT Designation : Asstt: Supervisor Instrument Position : Area supervisor (Instrumentation) Duration : From Jun 2008 to sept 2010 Project No.Employer : M/s Descon Engineering Limited. 1 Plant Instrument Works (Engro envin) M/s Engro Fertilizer Ltd. April 2009 With Descon Engineering at Engro Chemical Daharki as Instrument Technician • SHUT DOWN. 3 Hydrogen per Oxide (H2O2) Plant Instrumentation Refurbishment Works Descon Oxychem (H2O2) Plant. 2 Plant Instrument Works (water treatment plant) M/s Engro Fertilizer Ltd.descon. Pakistan Duration from 10 October 2008 to 03 December 2009 Project No. Oct 2008 With Descon Engineering at BHP Billiton zamzama Gas plant phase 2 as Instrument Technician Employer : M/s DESCON Engineering Limited. July 2009 With Descon Engineering at OMV Sawan Gas Field as Instrument Technician • SHUT DOWN. Pakistan Duration from 04-December 2009 to 25-september-2010 Project No. Dahrki.

2004 to September 2005 Operation Plant Instrument Works TNB Power Plant (235 MW) M.Mathelo Pakistan Duration from 13-09-2003 to12.Mathelo Pakistan Duration from 01-Oct-2004 to 30.2007 Employer : Halar Engineers. Lahore Pakistan Duration from 06-Desember-2007 to 23-jun.2008 Project No.2005 to October 2006 Operation Plant Instrument Works TNB Power Plant (235 MW) M.09 -2004 • SHUT DOWN 2005 4 .2003 to September 2004 Operation Plant Instrument Works Fauji Fertilizer M . phase 2 Duration from 01-Septmber-2006 to 16-August .Mathelo Pakistan Duration from 05-Oct-2005 to 04.September -2005 Employer : M/s Pak Electric services Designation : Instrument Technician Position : Instrument Technician Duration : From September . 4 Hydrogen per Oxide (H2O2) Plant Instrumentation Refurbishment Works DESCON Oxychem (H2O2) Plant. Designation : Instrument Technician Position : Instrument Technician Duration : From October .Oct -2006 Employer : M/s Tri-link services Designation : Instrument Technician Position : Instrument Technician Duration : From October .Position : Instrument calibration Duration : From Des 2007 to Jun 2008 Project No. 5 Gas Plant Plant Instrumentation Works BHP Billiton zamzama gas plant.

With Hallar Engineering at TNB Liberty power plant Mirpur Mathelo as Instrument Technician • SHUT DOWN 2005 With Pak Electric Service at Fauji Fertilizer Mirpur Mathelo as Instrument Technician • SHUT DOWN 2003 With Hallar Engineering at TNB Liberty power plant M. Sindhi. 5 . honesty and hard working spirit. Punjabi Religion: Muslim. Marital Status: Married I hope to receive a positive response based on my qualifications and experiences that will suite with your specifications. Language: English. Urdu. I assure you that I will be an asset in your organization for my dedicated.Mathelo as Instrument Technician PERSONAL INFORMATION: Name: ZAHID Hussian Father’s Name: Rahim Bux Family Name: MIRANI Date of Birth: 05-01-1984 NIC: 45104-5770100-1 Passport # AS0901001 Nationality: Pakistani.