In today's NYTimes


Dear Mr.. Keller "Cold Friends, ..." This is just the beginning of the humble pie that your fellow Americans will have to eat as you increasingly embrace and reward with money and power con artists of your financial sector, macho guys of your government like your President and now John McCain (yes they will both get Bin Laden one by attacking a sovereign state and the other getting ready to attach another one:Russia), not to mention your bimbo girls like Paris Hilton. Those being your country's role models, what should you expect to be your future. Somehow all of you are reluctant to talk about your arch architect of American decline: Dick "Who" - Vice President in hiding. By being conveniently forgotten by friends and enemies alike, it helps Republicans from accounting for the incredible decline of the USA during the last 8 years, and it also helps many Democrats and much of the Media from being reminded of their misjudgements in supporting the Iraq fiasco. Not to mention the shared responsibility of Republicans and Democrats alike for the lax financial regulations that have allowed the greedy financial wizards to generously gorge on the massive savings of hard working Americans. Think about it all - this is a note from an admirer of what the USA, if it were to revert back to the principals of its Founding Fathers, could do for the Global Community. No Lenin, no Mao, no Castro can be appealing role models if the Americans have the wisdom and the determination to reassert and reembrace the values of their Founding Fathers. There were no like founding Giants in human history, are you going to let them down? Otherwise, the role models will be China, Russia and the likes! Do not allow this election to dull your senses from tackling the real issues that you still have the strength to tackle, do not get lost in another macho fantasy. The issues are simple: the inhuman sacrifice of American soldiers and the drain of financial resources for the misjudged war (so what if the "Surge" were a success in a voyage of disaster), the deteriorating of the educational and physical infrastructures, the loss of basic American values, the energy crisis that is not going away by offshore drilling, and the urgent need to "level the field" to restore the American optimism and energy. God bless well meaning Americans and remind them that the American strength and appeal has always been in the pursuit of liberty and happiness (economic wellbeing for all), never in imperial dreams. John Bruk