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Fleet management system performs the
administration and management of companies vehicle
fleet. Fleet management includes commercial motor
vehicles such as cars, vans and buses. Fleet
management can include a range of functions, such as
vehicle maintenances, vehicle supply, rentals, driver
management, fuel management.

A company may need a large fleet of vehicles, but it
can be difficult to maintain that fleet. This is the main
function of a fleet management system, which takes
the companies vehicles & organizes them to give the
company vehicle maintains schedulers & other basic
fleet necessities.

2.Existing System

To get the history of bookings / jobs through a very user-friendly search mechanism 4.To optimize the time usage of paper work 3. The existing system is fully handled manually. centralized to handle number of tasks to eliminate the paper work and errors.Proposed System Proposed system is fully automated. Here the all records are handled by with the help of either manually in several registers or with the help Microsoft excel.Objective of System . drivers. This system is very time consuming.To reduce the redundancy of the tasks 2. the need of the system is : 1. 3. suppliers and the customers as per the contract types. complicated for calculations and generating details with respect to vehicles.To generate the fully automated Reports 4.

Vehicle Usage management 2.Hardware and Software Requirement .Reduced operational overheads.Use of vehicle renting and drivers.Technology Used Front-End: C# Back-End: MSSQL-Server 6. 4. 3.Speedy and on-time reporting to customer.Fleet Management System with the basic objectives to: 1. 2.Payment management. 5.

Microsoft XP. 2.512MB ram 3.Customer Management Module 4.Supplier Management Module 3.Modules 1.Vista.Pentium IV and Above processor 2.Contract Management Module 1.Supplier Management: . It also provides information regarding the vehicle type used . vans and buses.1.Windows7 7.Vehicle Management: This module contains information about vehicles like cars.Vehicle Management Module 2.40GB hdd 4.

3. Supplier supplies vehicle to the travel agency as per their needs. On requirement it provides drivers also. Customer demands vehicles on rental basis from the travel agency.Customer Management: This module contains list of the various customers. 4. This module contains the information about the vehicles supplier.Contract Management: . Customer requires vehicle for local or outstation.

Slab rate facility is also provided. If the vehicle travels the distance above Fixed kms and Fixed hrs then extra charges will be applied. . Tariff plan for customer: Tariff plans on the basis Fixed km and Fixed hrs. Tariff plan for supplier: The payment will be paid on the basis of At actual or Billing. Tariff plans are on the basis of daily. weekly or monthly. This module provides various Tariff plans for customer and supplier.