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Winter 10/11
Subject Index

Architecture, Landscape 3, 10, 60 French & Francophone

Death, Dying, Grief 60 Literature 24-32
Dissident Studies 60 German 32-36, 43
Education/Pedagogy 12, 58-59, 67 Indian 14
Environmental Studies, Irish 18, 19, 24
Ecocriticism 14, 20, 50 Italian 7-8
European Studies 4,5, 10, 24, 37 Life Writing/Interviews/
Evil, Violence, Horror 29, 53-54, 64 Autobiography 4, 22, 48, 60,
Film & (New-) Media Studies 11-12, 17, 51 67
Gender, Sexuality, Love 1-2, 4, 12, 15, Scottish 22-23
17-18, 21-22, Scandinavian 13
46, 48 Slavic 37
Health 59 Swiss 7
History 3-5, 60 Spanish/Latin America 38-39, 43-44
History of Medicine/
Psychiatry/Science 48-49, 51, 54, Medieval Studies 23, 31, 43
59-60 Minorities 4
Humour 8 Music 9, 66
Internet, Cyberculture 12 Peace/War Studies 56, 65
Linguistics 40-44, 57 Philosophy 8, 11, 13, 45-
Literature and Culture Postmodernism 1-2, 6
Africa 22 Psychology, Psychotherapy,
American Literature and Consciousness 9, 13-14, 58,
Culture 1-3, 16, 18 60-61
Baltic Studies 3-5 Religion 13, 52, 56, 64,
Comparative & General, 67
Literary Relations 6-10, 17, 40, 66 Semiotics 32, 61-64
(Inter), (Trans) Cultural Social & Political Science 4, 8, 13, 37,
Studies/Theory 6-8, 10-12, 16- 49, 65
17, 19, 30, 32, Space/Mobility/Globalisation 36-37
36-37, 40, 59- Translation 8, 40
61, 65 Travel Writing 10
Drama/Performance 13-14, 23, 30-
English & Literatures
in English 6,7, 10-11, 14- New book series:
23, 30-31, 36- Contemporary Whitehead Studies 55


Aboulafia/Shook: Contemporary Pragmatism 57

Agarin: A cat’s lick. Post-Soviet Baltic 4
Agoston-Nikolova: Shoreless Bridges 37
Allers/Smit: Forgiveness in Perspective 64
Almeida: Romanticism and the Anglo-Hispanic Imaginary 6
Anderson/Maddrell/McLoughlin/Vincent: Memory, Mourning, Landscape 60
Ang/Trushell/Walker: Learning and Teaching in a Metropolis 59
Baron/Engel: Realism/Anti-Realism in 20th-Century Literature 6
Batty: The Ring of Recollection. Novels of Shashi Deshpande 21
Bender: La Lutte des paradigmes 27
Bernhart/Wolf: Self-Reference in Literature and Music 66
Berns: Solo Performances. Staging the Early Modern Self in England 23
Billias: Promoting and Producing Evil 53
Bloodsworth-Lugo/Lugo-Lugo: Containing (Un)American Bodies 46
Bohn: Apollinaire on the Edge 28
Bowman: Theorizing Bruce Lee 11
Brace/Johns-Putra. Process: Landscape and Text 10
Brandl/David/Reicher/Stubenberg: Grazer Philosophische Studien 47
Brambilla/Pirro: Wege des essayistischen Schreibens im dt. Raum 33
Breazeale/Rockmore: Fichte, German Idealism, and Early Romanticism 52
Brecher: The New Order of War 65
Burns/Charnley: Crossing Frontiers 7
Canini: The Domination of Fear 64
Chojnacki: Indigenous Apostles 62
Claes/Preston: Frontiers in Higher Education 58
Connon: Subjects Not-at-home 29
Conteh-Morgan/Assiba d’Almeida: “Original Explosion That Created Worlds” 24
Conter: Justitiabilität und Rechtmäßigkeit 35
Corporaal/van Leeuwen: The Literary Utopias of Cultural Communities 16
De Maeseneer/Collard: Saberes y sabores en México y el Caribe 38
De Mora: Escritura e Identidad Criollas 39
De Pol: The First Translations of Machiavelli’s Prince 8
Dodgson-Katiyo/Wisker: Rites of Passage in Postcolonial Women’s Writing 12
Donohue: Sandra Cisneros’s Woman Hollering Creek 2
Drittenbass/Schnyder: Eulenspiegel trifft Melusine 32
Dunphy/Emig: Hybrid Humour 8
Eckstein: Reading Song Lyrics 9
Ellam: Love in Jeanette Winterson’s Novels 15
Faber/Henning/Combs: Beyond Metaphysics? 55
Febles: Explosive Narratives. Works of Emile Zola 26
Feldman/Hana: A resource-light approach to morpho-syntactic tagging 41
Fisher/Mennel: Spatial Turns 36
Fitz-Gibbon: Positive Peace 56
Floyd/Easton/Ellis/Traub: Becoming Visible 1
Gaile: Rewriting History 21
Goedert/Scherbel: Perspektiven der Philosophie 67
Golubeva/Gould: Shrinking Citizenship 5
Gort/Jansen/Stoker: Crossroad Discourses between Christianity and Culture 62
Gosselin: Les modalités en français 40
Gray: The Methodology of Maurice Hauriou 53
Gries/Wulff/Davies: Corpus-linguistic applications 41
Grohmann/Steenmeijer: Allí donde uno diría que ya no puede haber nada 39
Haddad-Wotling/Ferré: Proust, l’étranger 25
Hagan: Goodbye Yeats and O’Neill 18
Hammond: British Literature and the Balkans 10
Harding: Ford Madox Ford, Modernist Magazines and Editing 15
Häyry/Takala/Herissone-Kelly/Árnason: Arguments and Analysis in Bioethics 49
Herman/Peeters/Pelckmans: Le Chevalier de Mouhy 25
Hessel/Huppert: Fear Itself. Reasoning the Unreasonable 54
Hoffmann/Peeren: Representation Matters 37
Horrigan/Wiltse: Hope Against Hope 49
Houppermans/Sneller/van Zilfhout: Enduring Resistance 30
Johnson: Aesthetic Anxiety 34
Keller/Lösel/Wels/Wels: Theorie und Praxis der Kasualdichtung 33
Keulen, van/Vroom: Een waaier van gedachten over geloven 61
Kinoti: African Ethics 50
Korte/Pirker/Helff: Facing the East in the West 17
Kortlandt: Studies in Germanic, Indo-European and Indo-Uralic 44
Langbroek/Quak/Roeleveld: Amsterdamer Beiträge zur älteren Germanistik 43
Langkau/Nimtz: New Perspectives on Concepts 47
Larsen: Enduring Pastoral 3
Lee: Les Identités d’Amélie Nothomb 28
Leinarte: Adopting and Remembering Soviet Reality 4
Leverage: Reception and Memory 31
Liekis: 1939. The Year that Changed Everything in Lithuania’s History 5
Lin/McSweeney: Representation and Contestation 65
Lischewski: Johann Amos Comenius 67
Madhavan: Kudiyattam Theatre and the Actor’s Consciousness 14
Mahieu: L’esprit de l’escalier ou les degrés du savoir 26
Mainer: The Scottish Romance Tradition c. 1375-c. 1550 23
Malekin: Strindberg and the Quest for Sacred Theatre 13
McCall/Wilson: Europeanisation and Hibernicisation 24
McDonald/Stephenson: The Resilience of Hope 13
McGrath/Wiercinski: Heidegger’s Phenomenology of Religious Life 56
McGraw: Intimacy and Isolation 58
McMahon/Olubas: Remembering Patrick White 16
Mengel/Borzaga/Orantes: Trauma, Memory, and Narrative in South Africa 22
Merkur: Explorations of the Psychoanalytic Mystics 61
Moline/Vetters: Temps, aspect et modalité en français 42
Müller: Theologie im Transzensus 52
Murawski: Essays in the Philosophy and History of Logic and Mathematics 54
Nordgren: For Our Children 51
Owen: The Female Crusoe 17
Ozankom/Udeani: Theology in intercultural Design 63
Parham: Green Man Hopkins 14
Pavlich: Managing Environmental Justice 50
Perkins: Women Writers and the Edinburgh Enlightenment 22
Pint: The Perverse Art of Reading 32
Pöhlmann: Against the Grain 1
Prentice/Devadas/Johnson: Cultural Transformations 36
Reedijk: Roots and Routes 63
Riha/Maj: Emerging Practices in Cyberculture and Social Networking 12
Rojinsky: Companion to Empire 43
Rollinger: Philosophy of Language and … in the Work of Anton Marty 57
Rønning: “For Was I Not Born Here?”. Work of Yvonne du Fresne 19
Ross: Sub-Versions. Trans-National Readings of Modern Irish Literature 19
Ruiz-Garrido/Palmer-Silveira/Fortanet-Gómez: English for
Professional and Academic Purposes 42
Schaff: Exiles, Emigrés and Intermediaries 7
Schmidt-Welle/Simson: El Quijote en América 38
Schultz-Aldrich: “Truth” is a Divine Name 66
Schwartz: A Lab of My Own 48
Sesemann: Selected Papers 55
Shaw: Impotence and Making in Samuel Beckett’s Trilogy 31
Smith/Galbreath/Swain: From Recognition to Restoration 3
Snoevarr: Metaphors, Narratives, Emotions 9
Steiger/Richter/Föcking: Innovation durch Wissenstransfer 35
Stene-Johansen/Tygstrup: Illness in Context 59
Stockhorst: Cultural Transfer through Translation 40
Stolzenberg/Rudolph: Wissen, Freiheit, Geschichte 45
Stout: L’Énigme-poésie 29
Sugaya: Flaubert épistémologue 27
Tancke: ‘Bethinke Thy Selfe’ in Early Modern England 18
Timmer: Do You Feel It Too? 2
Verdonk/Mancho Duque: Aspectos de la neología en el Siglo de Oro 44
Volkmann/Grimm/Detmers/Thomson: Local Natures, Global Responsibilities 20
Voren, van: Cold War in Psychiatry 60
Watson: Metacide. In the Pursuit of Excellence 51
West: Say It. Works of Samuel Beckett 30
Becoming Visible
Women’s Presence in Late Nineteenth-Century America
Edited by Janet Floyd, Alison Easton, R. J. Ellis and Lindsey Traub
(DQR Studies in Literature 45)

This exciting collection of interdisciplinary essays explores the later decades of the
nineteenth century in America - the immediate postbellum period, the Gilded Age, and the
Progressive Era - as a time of critical change in the cultural visibility of women, as they
made new kinds of appearances throughout American society.
Amsterdam/New York, NY
The essays show how, across the USA, it was fundamentally women who drove changes in
their visibility forward, in groups and as individuals. Their motivations, activities and
XI, 370 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-2977-4 understandings were essential to shaping the character of their present society and the
Bound € 76,-/US$ 103,- nation’s future.
ISBN: 978-90-420-2978-1 The book establishes that these women’s engagement with American society and culture
E-book € 76,-/US$ 103,- cannot be simply understood in terms of the traditional polarities of inside/outside and
private/public, since these frames do not fit the complexities of what was happening, be it
ISBN: 978-90-420-3040-4 women’s occupation of geographic space, their new patterns of employment, their advocacy
Textbook € 38,-/US$ 51,- of working-class or ethnic rights, or their literary or cultural engagement with their milieux.
Minimum order 10 copies
Such women as Ida B. Wells, Mother Jones, Jane Addams, Rebecca Harding Davis, Willa
Cather, Sarah Orne Jewett, Louisa May Alcott and Kate Douglas Wiggin all come under
consideration in the light of these radical changes.

Against the Grain

Reading Pynchon’s Counternarratives
Edited by Sascha Pöhlmann
(Dialogue 8)

Against the Grain: Reading Pynchon’s Counternarratives is the first book that
critically addresses Thomas Pynchon’s novel Against the Day, published in 2006.
The nineteen essays collected in this volume employ a large variety of approaches to this
massive novel and also take it as an opportunity to reevaluate Pynchon’s earlier works,
Amsterdam/New York, NY
2010 analyzing Against the Day in relation to V., The Crying of Lot 49,
IV, 379 pp. Gravity’s Rainbow, Vineland, Mason & Dixon, and Pynchon’s
ISBN: 978-90-420-3072-5 short stories and essays. The authors—younger as well as established scholars from eleven
Bound € 76,-/US$ 103,- countries—address these works with regard to issues of modernism and postmodernism,
ISBN: 978-90-420-3073-2 politics, popular culture, concepts of space and time, visuality, sexuality, identity, media
E-book € 76,-/US$ 103,- and communication, philosophy, religion, American and global (literary) history, physics,
mathematics, economics, and many more. Their insights are as profound as they are diverse,
ISBN: 978-90-420-3074-9 and all provide fresh views on Pynchon’s fiction that will be useful, fascinating and
Textbook € 38,-/US$ 51,-
entertaining for researchers and fans alike.
Minimum order 10 copies

Sandra Cisneros’s Woman Hollering

Edited by Cecilia Donohue

(Dialogue 9)

This addition to Rodopi Press’s Dialogue Series presents a collection of essays

solely dedicated to Woman Hollering Creek (1991), Sandra Cisneros’s
groundbreaking collection of short fiction stories and sketches. The emerging and veteran
scholars who have contributed to this text approach Cisneros’s work from varied
Amsterdam/New York, NY
2010 perspectives, including negotiation of geographic and sociocultural borders, popular and
XXV, 240 pp. material culture, and gender portrayals. Author dialogues, in which the scholars comment
ISBN: 978-90-420-3129-6 upon each other’s research, constitute a unique, innovative feature of this particular volume.
Paper € 53,-/US$ 72,- This book will be of interest to those engaged in Chicano/a literature and feminist/gender
ISBN: 978-90-420-3130-2 studies, as well as instructors of literary critical analysis.
E-book € 53,-/US$ 72,-

ISBN: 978-90-420-3131-9
Textbook € 26,-/US$ 35,-
Minimum order 10 copies

Do You Feel It Too?

The Post-Postmodern Syndrome in American Fiction at the
Turn of the Millennium
Nicoline Timmer
(Postmodern Studies 44)

Do You Feel It Too? explores a new sense of self that is becoming manifest in experimental
fiction written by a generation of authors who can be considered the ‘heirs’ of the postmodern
tradition. It offers a precise, in-depth analysis of a new, post-postmodern direction in fiction
Amsterdam/New York, NY
writing, and highlights which aspects are most acute in the post-postmodern novel. Most notable
2010 is the emphatic expression of feelings and sentiments and a drive toward inter-subjective
388 pp. connection and communication. The self that is presented in these post-postmodern works
ISBN: 978-90-420-2930-9 of fiction can best be characterized as relational. To analyze this new sense of self, a new
Paper € 79,-/US$ 107,- interpretational method is introduced that offers a sophisticated approach to fictional selves
ISBN: 978-90-420-2931-6
combining the insights of post-classical narratology and what is called ‘narrative psychology’.
E-book € 79,-/US$ 107,-
Close analyses of three contemporary experimental texts – Infinite Jest (1996) by
David Foster Wallace, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (2000) by Dave
Eggers, and House of Leaves (2000) by Mark Danielewski – provide insight into the
typical problems that the self experiences in postmodern cultural contexts. Three such
problems or ‘symptoms’ are singled out and analyzed in depth: an inability to choose
because of a lack of decision-making tools; a difficulty to situate or appropriate feelings; and
a structural need for a ‘we’ (a desire for connectivity and sociality).
The critique that can be distilled from these texts, especially on the perceived solipsistic
quality of postmodern experience worlds, runs parallel to developments in recent critical
theory. These developments, in fiction and theory both, signal, in the wake of poststructural
conceptions of subjectivity, a perhaps much awaited ‘turn to the human’ in our culture at
large today.
Enduring Pastoral
Recycling the Middle Landscape Ideal in the Tennessee
Torben Huus Larsen
(Architecture | Technology | Culture 4)

Has the pastoral vision, so central to American history and culture, survived the twentieth
Amsterdam/New York, NY Enduring Pastoral traces and analyzes the development of the middle landscape by
2010 examining the historical construction of a variety of private and public places in the
IX, 209 pp. Tennessee Valley. Moving from the aesthetically sculpted grounds of the Biltmore Estate
ISBN: 978-90-420-3057-2 and the environmental transformation undertaken by the Tennessee Valley Authority, to the
Paper € 44,-/US$ 59,-
adoption of the pastoral trope in Appalachian museums, the displays at the Chattanooga
ISBN: 978-90-420-3058-9
Choo Choo, and Dolly Parton’s theme park Dollywood, Enduring Pastoral shows
E-book € 44,-/US$ 59,-
how the pastoral design has been simulated and commercialized for economic and political
purposes. Showing how this process has disconnected the pastoral from its Jeffersonian and
Thoreauvian roots, Enduring Pastoral proposes that when facing the environmental
challenges of the twenty-first century, new forms of pastoralism may ultimately prove vital to
integrating nature and culture in a sustainable future.

From Recognition to Restoration

Latvia’s History as a Nation-State
Edited and Introduced by David J. Smith, David J. Galbreath and
Geoffrey Swain

(On the Boundary of Two Worlds: Identity, Freedom, and Moral Imagination in the Baltics

Taking its cue from the 90th anniversary commemorations of November 2008, this work
Amsterdam/New York, NY explores the relationship between state and nationhood during the three phases to date in
2010 Latvia’s existence as a territorial entity: the sovereign statehood of 1918-1940; the Soviet
174 pp. and Nazi occupations of 1940-1944 and the ensuing half-century within the USSR; and the
ISBN: 978-90-420-3098-5 post-1991 period, which has seen the restoration of independence on the basis of legal
Paper € 35,-/US$ 47,- continuity from the inter-war period and – latterly – accession to the European Union. The
ISBN: 978-90-420-3099-2
aim in relation to all three eras is to go beyond the often essentialising contours of Cold War
E-book € 35,-/US$ 47,-
and post-Cold War debates and reveal the underlying complexities and ambiguities of
political and social development

Adopting and Remembering Soviet Reality
Life Stories of Lithuanian Women, 1945 – 1970
Editor and Author Dalia Leinarte
(On the Boundary of Two Worlds: Identity, Freedom, and Moral Imagination in the Baltics 24)

For millions of people, the Soviet experience meant not only living through the torment of
Stalinism and the GULAG, the unbelievable destiny of men and women during the 1917
Revolution, civil war, and the Second World War, or those breathtaking, gigantic Socialist
construction projects. Many citizens of the former Soviet Union lived “ordinary lives in
Amsterdam/New York, NY ordinary times”, where the fate of men and women depended not on armed coercion, but
2010 Soviet ideology and propaganda. Adopting and Remembering Soviet Reality
VI, 234 pp.
contains the stories of ten women, talking about their lives in Soviet Lithuania, one of the
ISBN: 978-90-420-3062-6
Paper € 48,-/US$ 65,- annexed Baltic republics. The book gives a compelling account of how, in the last years of
ISBN: 978-90-420-3063-3 Stalin’s rule, after 1945, during the so-called “Khrushchev Thaw”, and in the beginning of
E-book € 48,-/US$ 65,- the “Stagnation Era”, Soviet ideology transfused the everyday life of women and dictated
just about every major aspect of their lives. Based on interviews, the journalistic press of
that era, as well as other material, the book reveals how propaganda shaped women’s
understanding of family and work responsibilities, child care, interpersonal relationships,
romantic love, and friendship.

A cat’s lick
Democratisation and minority communities in the post-Soviet Baltic

Timofey Agarin
(On the Boundary of Two Worlds: Identity, Freedom, and Moral Imagination in the Baltics 22)

The research on Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania has pointed out some controversial social and
political developments since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Crucially, there is a
discrepancy between the governments’ commitment to creating democratic political regimes,
to ensuring harmonious social relations and to accommodating the ethno-cultural diversity
Amsterdam/New York, NY of the resident communities. In reflecting on the legacies of the Soviet past, the book
addresses the role non-titular populations have played in the process of democratisation and
XVII, 379 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-2989-7 the relation between the states, societies and minorities in the post-Soviet Baltic states. The
Bound € 80,-/US$ 108,- argument proceeds along three lines. Firstly, the book examines the institutional dimension
ISBN: 978-90-420-2990-3 of democratisation in the region, thereby addressing the processes of state- and
E-book € 80,-/US$ 108,- nation-building as reflected in various policy-developments. Secondly, it compares the
impact of ethno-cultural diversity on the development of the respective Baltic nation-states.
The discussion makes clear that the framework of Baltic political communities was designed
to suit the interests of the titular groups and thus resulted in the marginalisation of the
minority communities. Thirdly, the book assesses the participation of minority
communities in the development, criticism and improvement of state institutions and
policies since independence. The analysis points out that, two decades after independence,
the post-Soviet Baltic states and societies are seen by many members of the majority groups
as primarily serving the interests of their ethnic community. In this situation, the members
of the non-titular communities need to adapt to the majorities’ perceptions in order to benefit
from the achievements of democratisation.
Shrinking Citizenship
Discursive Practices that Limit Democratic Participation in
Latvian Politics
Edited by Maria Golubeva and Robert Gould
(On the Boundary of Two Worlds: Identity, Freedom, and Moral Imagination in the Baltics 26)

The book, based on research results from a three-year study of parliamentary and media debates
in Latvia, analyses the discourses of Latvian politicians and the media about nation, citizenship,
cultural diversity, history and the nation-state. This is the first large-scale study of political
Amsterdam/New York, NY debates in a Baltic State from the perspective of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA). Separate
2010 chapters, by researchers from Canada, Latvia, Lithuania and the UK, analyse the intersections
197 pp. between national identity construction, national mythmaking, concepts of citizenship, journalistic
ISBN: 978-90-420-3133-3 action, press ownership and questions of control of political and media discourses. All of these
Paper € 40,-/US$ 54,- have impact on the fundamental questions of the relationship between individuals and the state.
ISBN: 978-90-420-3134-0 The authors conclude that even after the accession to the European Union in 2004, political
E-book € 40,-/US$ 54,- pressures in Latvia, as also frequently on the political Right in other EU countries, promote
ethnic membership as the guiding factor of state-building.

1939: The Year that Changed Everything in

Lithuania’s History

Sarunas Liekis
(On the Boundary of Two Worlds: Identity, Freedom, and Moral Imagination in the Baltics 20)

“This gripping and well-documented account of the history of the town of Vilnius and its
surrounding region from the Polish ultimatum of March 1938, which forced Lithuania to
open diplomatic relations with Poland, to the incorporation of Lithuania into the Soviet
Amsterdam/New York, NY Union in June 1940 is set against the evolution of Lithuania’s relations with her neighbours
2010 during this crucial period. It is a major contribution to the outbreak of war in September
XV, 386 pp.43 Ill. 1939 and the subsequent evolution of Nazi Soviet relations.”
ISBN: 978-90-420-2762-6 Antony Polonsky, Brandeis University and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Bound € 80,-/US$ 108,
ISBN: 978-90-420-2763-3
E-book € 80,-/US$ 108,
“In this volume on Vilnius during 1939-1940, Prof. Liekis presents a remarkable history
based on archival sources never before utilized in any English-language study. In revealing
ISBN: 978-90-420-2836-4
Textbook € 40,-/US$ 54,- the geopolitical, ideological, economic, social and ethnic dimensions of an immense tragedy
Minimum order 10 copies in the heart of Europe, the author provides a new perspective on the unraveling of a society
and nation during the initial days of World War II as prelude to the most violent period in
European history.”
Saulius Suziedelis, Professor Emeritus, Millersville University

“Sarunas Liekis, who is well versed both in Baltic and in Jewish history, has produced a
masterful study of an important subject. Liekis tackles controversial topics, makes
sophisticated use of documentary materials, and reaches thoughtful and original conclusions.
This is an impressive book.”
Jack Jacobs, The City University of New York

Realism/Anti-Realism in 20th-Century

Edited by Christine Baron and Manfred Engel

(Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft 142)

Modernist literature and art have been dominated by a disinterest in mere empirical and
social reality and a discontent with habitualized perception and the world-view of
convention, reason, and pragmatism. This anti-realistic attitude originated in the
Amsterdam/New York, NY
2010 epistemological scepticism of the early 20th century which was even radicalized by the
235 pp. advent of the »linguistic turn«, constructivism, postmodernism, and poststructuralism. Yet
ISBN: 978-90-420-3115-9 it would be a gross simplification to describe the 20th century flatly and globally as an age
Paper € 47,-/US$ 63,- of anti-realism. Especially in its second half many neo-realist movements were launched, and
ISBN: 978-90-420-3116-6 non-Western literatures (e.g. »magic realism«) challenged Western modernity and its
E-book € 47,-/US$ 63,- constructivist epistemology. Today, we can not only read many texts which might be
attributed to a »postmodernist realism« but may even be watching the rise of a
post-postmodernist realism.
This vast field of research is discussed in a series of theoretical reflections and case studies of
selected texts, movies and the internet which geographically embrace Europe, the USA,
Africa and Asia. The volume may be of interest for students and scholars of Comparative
Literature, Cultural Studies, and Media Studies as well as for students and experts in the
cultures, authors and artists that are covered in the collection of essays.

Romanticism and the Anglo-Hispanic


Edited by Joselyn M. Almeida

(Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft 136)

In Romanticism and the Anglo-Hispanic Imaginary, the authors assess British

Romanticism’s creative and polemical engagements with the Peninsular War, the bid of
Spanish American colonies to establish independence with British support, and the impact
Amsterdam/New York, NY of travel narratives about Spain and the Americas. The essays analyze questions of language
2010 and translation in Anglo-Hispanic literary genealogies, the representation of war and
385 pp. nationalism in poetry, drama, and prose, and the confluence of empire, gender, and
ISBN: 978-90-420-3032-9
authorship in travel narratives. Scholars and students of Romanticism will find in-depth
Paper € 77,-/US$ 104,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-3033-6 explorations of the relationship between Britain, Spain, and Latin America during the
E-book € 77,-/US$ 104,- Napoleonic era and its afterlife in cultural memory.

Exiles, Emigrés and Intermediaries
Anglo-Italian Cultural Transactions
Edited by Barbara Schaff
(Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft 139)

This volume explores the dynamic and productive cultural forces engendered by exiles,
wanderers, and diasporic communities in Britain and Italy over more than five centuries. It
investigates the historic resonance of transnational encounters and movements between two
Amsterdam/New York, NY
European cultures that look back on a long history of cross-fertilisation. Drawn from a range
of academic disciplines including literary studies, history, musicology, art history and
407 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-3068-8 bibliography, it presents the ways in which exiles, émigrés, intermediaries and their
Paper € 80,-/US$ 108,- attendant cultural perspectives interact with the sometimes repressive, sometimes productive
ISBN: 978-90-420-3069-5 religious or political systems and ideologies that they encounter. This volume pays tribute
E-book € 80,-/US$ 108,- to the stimulating exchange, circulation, and appropriation that has occurred between Britain
and Italy, showing that the condition of displacement can lead not only to the articulation of
loss and grief, but also to fruitful forms of interaction.

Crossing Frontiers
Cultural Exchange and Conflict

Papers in Honour of Malcolm Pender.

Edited by Barbara Burns and Joy Charnley

(Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft 134)

This volume brings together two very popular and active research fields: Swiss Studies and
Amsterdam/New York, NY
Intercultural Studies. It includes contributions on the movement of ideas, literatures, and
268 pp. individuals from one culture to another or one language to another, and the ways in which
ISBN: 978-90-420-2997-2 they have been either assimilated or questioned. All of the writers explore this general
Paper € 54,-/US$ 73,- theme; some come from a literary angle, some look at linguistic inventiveness and
ISBN: 978-90-420-2998-9 translation, whilst others study the problems faced when crossing geographical and cultural
E-book € 54,-/US$ 73,- borders or presenting ideas which do not ‘travel’ well. By emphasising the connections,
borrowings and mutual influences between Switzerland and other countries such as Germany,
Hungary, France, the UK, and the Americas, the articles reaffirm the importance for
Switzerland of intellectual openness and cultural exchange.

Hybrid Humour
Comedy in Transcultural Perspectives
Edited by Graeme Dunphy and Rainer Emig
(Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft 130)

An interdisciplinary and transcultural study of comedy in a pan-European perspective that

include East, West, and Southern European examples. These range from humour in Polish
poetry via jokes about Italian migrants in English-speaking TV commercials to Turkish
Amsterdam/New York, NY comedy, literature and cartoons in Germany, Turkish, Surinamese, Iranian and Moroccan
literary humour in the Netherlands, Beur humour in many media in France, and Asian
192 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-2823-4 humour in literature, film, and TV series in Great Britain. The volume is prefaced and
Paper € 38,-/US$ 51,- informed by contemporary postcolonial theories that show humour not as an essential
ISBN: 978-90-420-2824-1 quality of each particular culture or as a common denominator of humanity, but as a complex
E-book € 38,-/US$ 51,- structure of dialogue, conflict, and sometimes resolution. The volume is of interest for
students and scholars of Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, and Media Studies as
well as for students and experts in the cultures and literatures that are covered in the
collection of essays. It is relevant for courses on globalisation, migration, and integration.

The First Translations of Machiavelli’s

From the Sixteenth to the First Half of the Nineteenth Century

Edited by Roberto De Pol

(Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft 133)

Amsterdam/New York, NY
2010 This book is the first complete study of the translations of Machiavelli’s Prince
329 pp. made in Europe and the Mediterranean countries during the period from the sixteenth to
ISBN: 978-90-420-2962-0 the first half of the nineteenth century: the first, unpublished French translation by Jacques de
Paper € 66,-/US$ 89,- Vintimille (1546), the first Latin translation by Silvestro Tegli (1560), as well as the first
ISBN: 978-90-420-2963-7 translations in Dutch (1615), German (1692), Swedish (1757) and Arabic (1824). The first
E-book € 66,-/US$ 89,- translation produced in Spain - dated somewhere between the end of the sixteenth and the
early seventeenth century - remained in manuscript form, while there was a second vernacular
Spanish version around 1680. The situation in Great Britain was different from the rest of
Europe, as it could boast four manuscript translations by the end of the sixteenth century

Reading Song Lyrics

Lars Eckstein
(Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft 137)

Reading Song Lyrics offers the first systematic introduction to lyrics as a vibrant
genre of (performed) literature. It takes lyrics seriously as a complex form of verbal art that
has been unjustly neglected in literary, music, and, to a lesser degree, cultural studies, partly
as it cuts squarely across institutional boundaries. The first part of this book accordingly
Amsterdam/New York, NY introduces a thoroughly transdisciplinary interpretive framework. It outlines theoretical
2010 approaches to issues such as performance and performativity, generic convention and cultural
291 pp. capital, sound and songfulness, mediality and musical multimedia, and step by step applies
ISBN: 978-90-420-3035-0 them to the example of a single song. The second part then offers three extended case studies
Paper € 58,-/US$ 78,- which showcase the larger cultural and historical viability of this model. Probing into the
ISBN: 978-90-420-3036-7 relationship between lyrics and the ambivalent performance of national culture in Britain, it
E-book € 58,-/US$ 78,- offers exemplary readings of a highly subversive 1597 ayre by John Dowland, of an 1811
broadside ballad about Sara Baartman, ‘The Hottentot Venus’, and of a 2000 song by
‘jungle punk’ collective Asian Dub Foundation. Reading Song Lyrics demonstrates
how and why song lyrics matter as a paradigmatic art form in the culture of modernity

Metaphors, Narratives, Emotions

Their Interplay and Impact
Stefán Snævarr
(Consciousness, Literature and the Arts 24)

This book argues that there is a complex logical and epistemological interplay between the
concepts of metaphor, narrative, and emotions. They share a number of important
similarities and connections. In the first place, all three are constituted by aspect-seeing, the
seeing-as or perception of Gestalts. Secondly, all three are meaning-endowing devices,
Amsterdam/New York, NY helping us to furnish our world with meaning. Thirdly, the threesome constitutes a trinity.
2010 Emotions have both a narrative and metaphoric structure, and we can analyse the concepts of
VIII, 398 pp.
metaphors and narratives partly in each other’s terms. Further, the concept of narratives can
ISBN: 978-90-420-2779-4
Bound € 80,-/US$ 108,- partly be analysed in the terms of emotions. And if emotions have both a narrative structure
ISBN: 978-90-420-2780-0 and a metaphoric one, then the concept of emotions must to some extent be analysable
E-book € 80,-/US$ 108,- through the concepts of narratives and metaphors. But there is more. Metaphors (especially
poetic ones) are important tools for the understanding of the tacit sides of emotions, perhaps
because of the metaphoric structure of emotions. The notion that narrations can be tools for
understanding emotions follows from two facts: narrations are devices for explanation and
emotions have a narrative structure. Fourthly, the threesome has an impact on our
rationality. It has become commonplace to say that emotions have a cognitive content, that
narratives have an explanatory function, and that metaphors can perform cognitive functions.
This book is the first attempt to articulate the implications that these new ways of seeing the
three concepts entail for our concept of reason. The cognitive roles of the threesome suggest
a richer notion of rationality than has traditionally been held, a rationality enlivened with
metaphoric, narrative, and emotive qualities.

Landscape and Text
Edited by Catherine Brace and Adeline Johns-Putra
(Spatial Practices: An Interdisciplinary Series in Cultural History, Geography and Literature 10)

While the relationship between place and creative effort has been the focus of pronounced new
interest in various disciplines, the contours and co-ordinates of the process by which one
informs the other, by which landscape shapes text and vice versa, have yet to be delineated
in any systematic fashion. This volume sheds light on that process, investigating the ways
Amsterdam/New York, NY in which it is both reciprocal and interstitial: how does text shape our perception of
2010 landscape as much as it is shaped by it, and how do we account for the points at which text
362 pp.
and landscape intersect? The first part of the volume introduces us to the question of process
ISBN: 978-90-420-3075-6
Paper € 72,-/US$ 97,- in landscape and literary studies; the second part examines the moments within the process
ISBN: 978-90-420-3076-3 by which landscape and text come to bear upon each other; and the final part deals with the
E-book € 72,-/US$ 97,- relationship between the material experience of landscape and the formal characteristics of a
given text, using this to reflect back on the processes of landscape perception and creativity.
This volume spans the disciplines of geography, literary studies, and the visual arts. It also
brings together scholarly and creative perspectives, interspersing academic commentary with
poetic-photographic essays.

British Literature and the Balkans

Themes and Contexts
Andrew Hammond
(Studia Imagologica 16)

The manner in which south-east Europe is viewed by western cultures has been an
increasingly important area of study over the last twenty years. During the 1990s, the wars
in the former Yugoslavia reactivated denigratory images of the region that many
commentators perceived as a new, virulent strain of intra-European prejudice. British
Amsterdam/New York, NY Literature and the Balkans is a wide-ranging and original analysis of balkanist discourse
in British fiction and travel writing. Through a study of over 300 texts, the volume explores
IV, 321 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-2987-3 the discourse’s emergence in the imperial nineteenth century and its extensive
Paper € 65,-/US$ 88,- transformations during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. There will be a particular
ISBN: 978-90-420-2988-0 focus on the ways in which the most significant currents in western thought – Romanticism,
E-book € 65,-/US$ 88,- empiricism, imperialism, nationalism, communism – have helped to shape the British
concept of the Balkans.
The volume will be of interest to those working in the area of European cross-cultural
representation in the disciplines of Literary Studies, Cultural Studies, European Studies,
Anthropology and History.

Theorizing Bruce Lee
Paul Bowman
(Contemporary Cinema 5)

Theorizing Bruce Lee is a unique work, which uses cultural theory to analyse and
assess Bruce Lee, and uses Bruce Lee to analyse and assess cultural theory. Lee is shown to
be a major ‘event’ in both global film and global popular culture – a figure who’s central to
many intercultural encounters, texts, and practices. Many key elements of film and cultural
Amsterdam/New York, NY theory are employed to theorize Bruce Lee, and Lee is shown to be a complex – and
2010 consequential – multimedia, multidisciplinary and multicultural phenomenon.
IV, 255 pp.
Theorizing Bruce Lee is essential reading for anyone interested in Bruce Lee in
ISBN: 978-90-420-2777-0
Paper € 52,-/US$ 70,- popular culture and as an object of academic study.
ISBN: 978-90-420-2778-7
E-book € 52,-/US$ 70,- “Bruce Lee is a complex and contradictory figure, and it’s a formidable task to take on the
multiple facets of his legacy – fighter, film star, philosopher, nationalist, multiculturalist,
innovator. With an approach as multidisciplinary and iconoclastic as Lee’s approach to
martial arts, Bowman provides an original and exhilarating account of Lee as ‘cultural
event’. No one has done a better job of explaining why the martial arts ‘legend’ remains
such an important and provocative figure.”
– Leon Hunt (Brunel University), author of Kung Fu Cult Masters: From Bruce Lee to
Crouching Tiger.

“Taking on Martin Heidegger and Slavoj Žižek as well as drawing on Jacques Derrida,
Michel Foucault, Guy Debord, Jacques Rancière, Rey Chow, and Stuart Hall, among others,
Bowman shows how Bruce Lee ‘speaks’ to the philosophical debates that frame our
understanding of global popular culture today. Although Bowman may not be able to
resolve the philosophical battles surrounding our ability to ‘know’ Bruce Lee, he does a
remarkable job of articulating why Bruce Lee remains an essential force within not only
world cinema but global culture – both ‘high’ and ‘low.’ Armoured with his philosophical
nunchakus, Bowman goes to battle with anyone who may doubt Lee’s ongoing importance,
and this book will undoubtedly become essential reading for everyone (from philosopher to
kung fu practitioner) interested in popular culture and Asian cinema.”
– Gina Marchetti (University of Hong Kong), author of Romance and the “Yellow
Peril”: Race, Sex and Discursive Strategies in Hollywood Fiction, and From
Tian’anmen to Times Square: Transnational China and the Chinese Diaspora on Global
Screens, 1989-1997.

Rites of Passage in Postcolonial Women’s Writing

Edited by Pauline Dodgson-Katiyo and Gina Wisker

(Cross/Cultures - Readings in the Post/Colonial Literatures in English 123)

This volume brings a variety of new approaches and contexts to modern and contemporary
women’s writing. Contributors include both new and well-established scholars from
Europe, Australia, the USA, and the Caribbean. Their essays draw on, adapt, and challenge
anthropological perspectives on rites of passage derived from the work of Arnold van Gennep
and Victor Turner. Collectively, the essays suggest that women’s writing and women’s
Amsterdam/New York, NY experiences from diverse cultures go beyond any straightforward notion of a threefold
2010 structure of separation, transition, and incorporation. Some essays include discussion of
XVI, 307 pp. traditional rites of passage such as birth, motherhood, marriage, death, and bereavement;
ISBN: 978-90-420-2935-4 others are interested in exploring less traditional, more fluid, and/or problematic rites such as
Bound € 64,-/US$ 86,- abortion, living with HIV/AIDS, and coming into political consciousness. Contributors
ISBN: 978-90-420-2936-1 seek ways of linking writing on rites of passage to feminist, postcolonial, and psychoanalytic
E-book € 64,-/US$ 86,-
theories which foreground margins, borders, and the outsider.
The three opening essays explore the work of the Zimbabwean writer Yvonne Vera, whose
groundbreaking work explored taboo subjects such as infanticide and incest. A wide range of
other essays focus on writers from Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe,
including Jean Rhys, Bharati Mukherjee, Arundhati Roy, Jean Arasanayagam, Victoria
Nalani Kneubuhl, and Eva Sallis.
Rites of Passage in Postcolonial Women’s Writing will be of interest to scholars
working in the fields of postcolonial and modern and contemporary women’s writing, and to
students on literature and women’s studies courses who want to study women’s writing
from a cross-cultural perspective and from different theoretical positions.

Contributors: Lizzy Attree, Lopamudra Basu, Katrin Berndt, Gay Breyley, Helen Cousins,
Tanya Dalziell, Alexandra Dumitrescu, Anna Gething, Jessica Gildersleeve, Sharanya
Jayawickrama, Kimberley M. Jew, Polina Mackay, Alexandra W. Schultheis, Rachel Slater,
Irene Visser.

Emerging Practices in Cyberculture and Social


Edited by Daniel Riha and Anna Maj

(At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries 69)

This book aims to present how emergent media penetrate all fields of human cultural
activity. The content of this volume reflects theoretical and practical discussions on cultural
issues influenced by increased adoption of information and communication technologies.
New media and Web 2.0 raise increasing attention of academics from wide range of
Amsterdam/New York, NY disciplines. Papers, included in this volume, cover a coherent choice of topics selected with
respect to the actual state of inter-disciplinary debate on emerging media.
XIII, 195 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-3082-4
Paper € 42,-/US$ 57,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-3083-1
E-book € 42,-/US$ 57,-

The Resilience of Hope

Edited by Janette McDonald and Andrea M. Stephenson

(At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries 68)

Hope: What is it? How do we get it? Is it part of being human? Is it something that carries
us through hard times? Is it something illusory? This book, which stems from the 4th conference on Hope: Probing the Boundaries held in September 2008
at Mansfield College in Oxford, England, explores all of these questions and many more. As
a truly inter-disciplinary venture, this book approaches the theme of hope from the point of
Amsterdam/New York, NY view of the philosophical, theological, political, literary, psychological, and sociological and
2010 presents hope not just as an abstract theme to be pondered but as an aspect of human living
X, 190 pp. and thinking that has a profound impact on our lives. The conclusions reached in each
ISBN: 978-90-420-3022-0 chapter demonstrate the variety of ways in which hope is conceived as well as the tensions
Paper € 40,-/US$ 54,- inherent in any discussion of the benefits of hope and the intricacies in dealing with hope on
ISBN: 978-90-420-3023-7 a theoretical and a practical level. This book is perfect for anyone wondering where hope fits
E-book € 40,-/US$ 54,- into our lives during these troubling times.

Strindberg and the Quest for Sacred Theatre

Theo Malekin
(Consciousness, Literature and the Arts 26)

Strindberg and the Quest for Sacred Theatre brings a fresh perspective to the study of
Sweden’s great playwright. August Strindberg (1849-1912) anticipated most of the major
developments in European theatre over the last century. As such he is well-placed to provide
perspectives on the current burgeoning interest in sacred theatre. The religious crises of the
19th Century provoked in Strindberg both sharp scepticism about claims to religious
Amsterdam/New York, NY authority and a visionary search for truth. Against the backdrop of a major change in
2010 European culture this book traces the emergence in some of Strindberg’s late plays of a
195 pp. proto-sacred-theatre. It argues that Strindberg faced the alternatives of a contentless
ISBN: 978-90-420-2847-0 transcendent abyss, threatening the extinction of his ego, or a retreat into conservative
Paper € 39,-/US$ 53,- theism, reducing him to slavish submission to the commandments and rule of an external
ISBN: 978-90-420-2848-7 father-God. Weaving together theatrical, aesthetic, and theological voices, this book
E-book € 39,-/US$ 53,- investigates the relationship of the sacred to subjectivity and its implications for
Strindberg’s dramaturgy. In doing so it always keeps in view the sense both of loss and
opportunity engendered by a turning point in the western experience of the sacred.

Kudiyattam Theatre and the Actor’s Consciousness

Arya Madhavan
(Consciousness, Literature and the Arts 25)

This book explores the training methods, performance and aesthetics of Kudiyattam,
the oldest existing theatre from in the world. It brings together for the first time a
comprehensive analysis of the psycho-physical techniques employed by the actors in Kerala
of this temple theatre form. The book offers an in-depth analysis of pakarnnattam, a
unique acting technique that helps the actor to perform multiple characters in a single
Amsterdam/New York, NY dramatic situation. This multiple transformational acting technique is highly relevant to
2010 enhance the actor’s abilities such as imagination, spontaneity and improvisation. The book
212 pp. employs a range of theoretical models developed from performance studies, gender theories,
ISBN: 978-90-420-2798-5 consciousness studies, Indian aesthetic and philosophical theories to investigate the actor’s
Paper € 42,-/US$ 57,-
body in training and performance. Most significantly, for the first time, the book offers some
ISBN: 978-90-420-2799-2
extra-ordinary insights into the links between the actor’s breathing and consciousness. It
E-book € 42,-/US$ 57,-
covers a range of topics: Hatha Yoga breathing techniques, eye training, hand
gestures, movement techniques, voice training and rasa acting.

Green Man Hopkins

Poetry and the Victorian Ecological Imagination
John Parham
(Nature, Culture and Literature 6)

This book, the first to consider Gerard Manley Hopkins as an ecological writer, explores the
dimension that social ecology offers to an ecocriticism hitherto dominated by romantic
nature writing.
The case for a ‘green Hopkins’ is made through a paradigm of ‘Victorian Ecology’ that
Amsterdam/New York, NY expands the scope of existing studies in Victorian literature and science. Parham argues that
Hopkins developed a two-fold understanding of ecology – as a scientific philosophy
308 pp.
constructed around ecosystems theory; and as a corresponding theory of society organised
ISBN: 978-90-420-3106-7
Paper € 62,-/US$ 84,- around the sustainable use of energy – as well as a corresponding poetic practice. In a radical
ISBN: 978-90-420-3107-4 new reading of the poems, he suggests that Hopkins translated an innovative nature poetry,
E-book € 62,-/US$ 84,- in which rhythm conveyed a nature characterised by dialectical energy exchange, into a social
‘ecopoetry’ that embodied the environmental impact of Victorian ‘risk’ society on its
human population.
Located within a ‘Victorian ecological imagination’ that fused romanticism and pragmatism,
the book views Hopkins’ work as indicating the value of reconciling a deep ecological
assertion of the intrinsic value of (nonhuman) nature with social ecology’s more pragmatic
attempts to critique and re-conceptualise human life.

Love in Jeanette Winterson’s Novels

Julie Ellam
(Costerus NS 181)

This volume is of interest for lovers and students of Jeanette Winterson’s writing and
introduces for the first time a book-length examination of the love stories she has created.
Each main novel, from Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit to The Stone Gods,
is analysed in detail and theorists ranging from Derrida, to Freud, to Kristeva are invoked to
help discuss the paradox that is written into the passion in these works. Love, it is argued
Amsterdam/New York, NY here, is central to her writing and this book also unfolds the influences and aspirations that
2010 have shaped her style.
VII, 250 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-2945-3
Paper € 52,-/US$ 70,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-2946-0
E-book € 52,-/US$ 70,-

Ford Madox Ford,

Modernist Magazines and Editing

Edited by Jason Harding

(International Ford Madox Ford Studies 9)

The controversial British writer Ford Madox Ford (1873-1939) is increasingly recognized as
a major presence in early twentieth-century literature. This series of International Ford
Madox Ford Studies was founded to reflect the recent resurgence of interest in him. Each
volume is based upon a particular theme or issue; and relates aspects of Ford’s work, life,
Amsterdam/New York, NY and contacts, to broader concerns of his time.
Modernist periodicals and editorial theory have been very productive areas in recent research.
284 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-3055-8 This volume focuses on Ford and editing. Ford was one of the greatest editors of Modernist
Paper € 57,-/US$ 77,- magazines. He founded the English Review in Edwardian London, publishing
ISBN: 978-90-420-3056-5 Henry James, Joseph Conrad, H. G. Wells, Ezra Pound, Wyndham Lewis, and D. H.
E-book € 57,-/US$ 77,- Lawrence. His editorial relationships with all of these writers are examined in detail here, as
are those with Jean Rhys, Ernest Hemingway, and Basil Bunting, connected with the
transatlantic review launched by Ford in post-war Paris, which also carried experimental
work by James Joyce, Gertrude Stein, and Tristan Tzara.
These seventeen essays bring together distinguished scholars and poets, as well as younger
experts on Modernism and its magazine culture. This collection provides a wealth of new
research on the management, cultural politics, and editorial stance of Ford’s magazines; on
the impact of his editorial contacts on his own and others’ work; and on editorial approaches
to his writing, including his best-known novels, The Good Soldier and
Parade’s End.

The Literary Utopias of Cultural Communities,

Edited by Marguérite Corporaal and Evert Jan van Leeuwen

(DQR Studies in Literature 46)

This volume of essays by scholars in the field of English and American studies brings
together a variety of perspectives on the utopian literature originating from cultural
communities from 1790-1910. Ranging from the Lunar society to the Nationalist movement,
and from the Transcendentalists to the Indian Monday Club the fifteen peer-reviewed articles
Amsterdam/New York, NY
2010 examine a wide range of contexts in which utopian literature was written, and will be of
VII, 278 pp. interest to scholars in the field of cultural and literary studies alike. Moreover, the volume
ISBN: 978-90-420-2999-6 presents the reader with a unique overview of developments in Utopian thinking and
Bound € 58,-/US$ 78,- literature throughout the long nineteenth century. Specific attention is paid to the
ISBN: 978-90-420-3000-8 transatlantic nature of cultural communities in which utopian writings were produced and
E-book € 58,-/US$ 78,- read as well as to the colonial contexts of nineteenth-century utopian literature. As such, the
collection offers a novel approach to a tradition of utopian writing that was essentially

Remembering Patrick White

Contemporary Critical Essays
Edited by Elizabeth McMahon and Brigitta Olubas
(Cross/Cultures - Readings in the Post/Colonial Literatures in English 128)

Remembering Patrick White presents the first major study of the full range of
White’s work in over twenty-five years, and aims to bring this important author up to date
for new generations of readers and scholars. Patrick White is a writer of moods and
perspectives and the essays collected here range in their focus over his public presentations,
Amsterdam/New York, NY his formal challenges, his spiritual leanings and dramatic gestures. They examine the breadth
2010 and significance of White’s intellectual contribution and consider the ongoing legacy of his
XVII, 218 pp.
thought and his art within national and international frames. As a collection, they focus our
ISBN: 978-90-420-2849-4
Bound € 47,-/US$ 63,- attention on what Patrick White means at the juncture of the present, reading his work
ISBN: 978-90-420-2850-0 through contemporary critical perspectives that further underscore the dynamism and
E-book € 47,-/US$ 63,- substance of his writing.
“Remembering Patrick White is an essential shot in the arm. It reminds us we
do need actively to remember Patrick White, to fetch him back centre-stage in
Australian literary scholarship. And yet the essays in this book also look forward,
remembering in order to re-energise scholarship on White’s novels, plays, and life. Indeed, if
this timely book reminds us of the vitality – and the resolute contemporaneousness – of
White’s intellectual engagement with Australia and the world, it is to show us how much
we still have to gain from bringing new perspectives to bear upon his body of work, which
is no less astounding in the twenty-first century than it was during his lifetime.”
— Ian Henderson, King’s College London

Contributors: Bill Ashcroft; Veronica Brady; Bernadette Brennan; Lorraine Burdett; Greg
Graham-Smith; John McCallum; Lyn McCredden; Elizabeth McMahon; Brigitta Olubas;
16 Brigid Rooney; Jennifer Rutherford; Anthony Uhlmann.
Facing the East in the West
Images of Eastern Europe in British Literature, Film and
Edited by Barbara Korte, Eva Ulrike Pirker and Sissy Helff
(Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft 138)

Over the last decade, migration flows from Central and Eastern Europe have become an issue
Amsterdam/New York, NY in political debates about human rights, social integration, multiculturalism and citizenship
2010 in Great Britain. The increasing number of Eastern Europeans living in Britain has
IX, 480 pp. provoked ambivalent and diverse responses, including representations in film and literature
ISBN: 978-90-420-3049-7 that range from travel writing, humorous fiction, mockumentaries, musicals, drama and
Bound € 98,-/US$ 132,- children’s literature to the thriller. The present volume discusses a wide range of
ISBN: 978-90-420-3050-3 representations of Eastern and Central Europe and its people as reflected in British literature,
E-book € 98,-/US$ 132,-
film and culture.
The book offers new readings of authors who have influenced the cultural imagination since
the nineteenth century, such as Bram Stoker, George Bernard Shaw, Joseph Conrad and
Arthur Koestler. It also discusses the work of more contemporary writers and film directors
including Sacha Baron Cohen, David Cronenberg, Vesna Goldsworthy, Kapka Kassabova,
Marina Lewycka, Ken Loach, Mike Phillips, Joanne K. Rowling and Rose Tremain.
With its focus on post-Wall Europe, Facing the East in the West goes beyond
discussions of migration to Britain from an established postcolonial perspective and
contributes to the current exploration of ‘new’ European identities.

The Female Crusoe

Hybridity, Trade and the Eighteenth-Century Individual
C.M. Owen
(Costerus NS 182)

What does the story of Robinson Crusoe have to do with understanding past and
present women’s lives? The Female Crusoe: Hybridity, Trade and the
Eighteenth-Century Individual investigates the possibility that Daniel Defoe’s famous
work was informed by qualities attributed to trade, luxury and credit and described as
Amsterdam/New York, NY feminine in the period. In this volume, Robinson Crusoe and the female castaway
2010 narratives published in its wake emerge as texts of social criticism that draw on neglected
VII, 299 pp.
values of race and gender to challenge the dominant values of society. Such narratives
ISBN: 978-90-420-2964-4
Paper € 62,-/US$ 84,- worked to establish status and authority for marginalised characters and subjects who were as
ISBN: 978-90-420-2965-1 different, and as similar, as Defoe’s gentleman-tradesman and Wollstonecraft’s independent
E-book € 62,-/US$ 84,- woman. The Female Crusoe goes on to address the twentieth-century engagement
with the castaway tale, showing how three contemporary authors, in their complex and
gendered negotiations of power and identity, echo, even while they challenge, the concerns of
their eighteenth-century predecessors. This work will be of interest to students interested in
literary engagements with individualism and women’s rights in the eighteenth and twentieth

‘Bethinke Thy Selfe’ in Early Modern England
Writing Women’s Identities
Ulrike Tancke
(Costerus NS 180)

Early modern women writers are typically studied as voices from the margin, who engage in
a counter-discourse to patriarchy and whose identities prefigure postmodern notions of
fragmented selfhood. Studying a variety of literary forms – autobiographical writings, diaries,
mothers’ advice books, poetry and drama – this innovative book approaches early modern
Amsterdam/New York, NY
women’s strategies of identity formation from an alternative angle: their self-writings should
VIII, 266 pp. be understood as attempts to establish a coherent, stable and convincing subjectivity in spite
ISBN: 978-90-420-2808-1 of the constraints they encountered. While the authors acknowledge contradiction and
Paper € 55,-/US$ 74,- ambiguity, they consistently strive to compromise and achieve balance. Drawing on social
ISBN: 978-90-420-2809-8 and cultural history, feminist theory, psychoanalysis and the study of discourses, the close
E-book € 55,-/US$ 74,- reading of the women’s texts and other, literary and non-literary sources reveals that the
female writers seek to reconcile the affective, corporeal, social, economic and ideological
dimensions of their identities and thereby question both the modern idea of the unified self
and its postmodern, fragmented variant. The women’s identities as writers, mothers,
spouses, household members and economic agents testify to their acceptance of
contradictions, their adherence to patriarchal norms and simultaneous self-assertion. Their
pragmatic stances suggest that their simultaneous confidence and anxiety should be taken
seriously, as tentative, precarious, yet ultimately workable and convincing expressions of
“In her groundbreaking study about the construction of the self in early modern women’s
writing, Ulrike Tancke inscribes herself within the current scholarly interest in such
literature, and questions the widely accepted notion of these texts as subversive discourses
going against patriarchy.”
GRAAT On-Line, May 2010

Goodbye Yeats and O’Neill

Farce in Contemporary Irish and Irish-American Narratives
Edward A. Hagan
(Costerus NS 183)

Goodbye Yeats and O’Neill is a reading of one or two books recently written by the
following major authors: Roddy Doyle, Colm Tóibín, John McGahern, William Trevor,
Seamus Deane, Nuala O’Faolain, Patrick McCabe, Colum McCann, Nick Laird, Gerry
Adams, Claire Boylan, Frank McCourt, Tim O’Brien, Michael Patrick MacDonald, Alice
Amsterdam/New York, NY McDermott, Edward J. Delaney, Beth Lordan, William Kennedy, Thomas Kelly, and Mary
2010 Gordon. The study argues that farce has been a major mode of recent Irish and
VI, 329 pp.
Irish-American fiction and memoir—a primary indicator of the state of both Irish and
ISBN: 978-90-420-2993-4
Paper € 68,-/US$ 92,- Irish-American cultures in the early twenty-first century.
ISBN: 978-90-420-2994-1
E-book € 68,-/US$ 92,-

Trans-National Readings of Modern Irish Literature
Edited by Ciaran Ross

Foreword by Declan Kiberd.

(DQR Studies in Literature 44)

From Swift’s repulsive shit-flinging Yahoos to Beckett’s dying but never quite dead
moribunds, Irish literature has long been perceived as being synonymous with subversion
Amsterdam/New York, NY and all forms of subversiveness. But what constitutes a subversive text or a subversive writer
2010 in twenty-first-century Ireland? The essays in this volume set out to redefine and rethink the
XII, 299 pp. subversive potential of modern Irish literature. Crossing three central genres, one common
ISBN: 978-90-420-2828-9 denominator running through these essays whether dealing with canonical writers like Yeats,
Bound € 62,-/US$ 84,- Beckett and Flann O’Brien, or lesser known contemporary writers like Sebastian Barry or
ISBN: 978-90-420-2829-6 Robert McLiam Wilson, is the continual questioning of Irish identity – Irishness – going
E-book € 62,-/US$ 84,-
from its colonial paradigm and stereotype of the subaltern in MacGill, to its uneasy
implications for gender representation in the contemporary novel and the contemporary
drama. A subsidiary theme inextricably linked to the identity problematic is that of exile and
its radical heritage for all Irish writing irrespective of its different genres.
Sub-Versions offers a cross-cultural and trans-national response to the expanding
interest in Irish and postcolonial studies by bringing together specialists from different
national cultures and scholarly contexts - Ireland, Britain, France and Central Europe. The
order of the essays is by genre.
This study is aimed both at the general literary reader and anyone particularly interested in
Irish Studies.

“For Was I Not Born Here?”

Identity and Culture in the Work of Yvonne du Fresne
Anne Holden Rønning
(Cross/Cultures - Readings in the Post/Colonial Literatures in English 124)

This study centres on the fiction of the New Zealand writer Yvonne du Fresne, the
descendant of Danish and Danish-Huguenot families who emigrated to New Zealand in the
late-nineteenth century and settled in the Manawatu area. It explores how memories of the
past haunt generations of immigrants, and how issues of language, politics, and social norms
Amsterdam/New York, NY live on through generations, affecting the formation of new identities and homes. Is it only,
2010 as with Astrid in Motherland, that by returning to our roots we can finally feel that
XIII, 187 pp.
we are at home in more than one country?
ISBN: 978-90-420-2957-6
As Lauris Edmond writes, du Fresne’s work is a tapestry of the past and present, storying
Bound € 40,-/US$ 54,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-2958-3 immigrant life. Flitting in and out of the past is shown to be one way of coming to terms
E-book € 40,-/US$ 54,- with the present and of understanding the importance of home, as is evident in The Book
of Ester and Frédérique, both centering on the manifold, complex European
cultural traditions that were often overlooked in settler countries. Another is to be an
inquisitive spy on the land like the child narrator, Astrid Westergaard, in du Fresne’s
magnificent stories, many of them originally radio broadcasts, which depict life in a small
Danish community in the Manawatu in the 1930s, often in a humorous and ironic manner.
Through her portrayal of fictional Scandinavian immigrants, du Fresne throws light on a 19
relatively neglected area in New Zealand studies. Reading her writing against its reception
shows how it raises issues of cultural colonization, stereotyping, and difference; the
consequences of migration and exile taken up are, however, equally relevant in our global
society of today, and expressive of transculturation in the globalized present.

Local Natures, Global Responsibilities

Ecocritical Perspectives on the New English Literatures
Edited by Laurenz Volkmann, Nancy Grimm, Ines Detmers, and
Katrin Thomson
(Cross/Cultures - Readings in the Post/Colonial Literatures in English 121)

(ASNEL Papers 15)

In the New Literatures in English, nature has long been a paramount issue: the
Amsterdam/New York, NY environmental devastation caused by colonialism has left its legacy, with particularly
disastrous consequences for the most vulnerable parts of the world. At the same time, social
XVII, 370 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-2812-8 and cultural transformations have altered representations of nature in postcolonial cultures
Bound € 78,-/US$ 105,- and literatures.
ISBN: 978-90-420-2813-5 It is this shift of emphasis towards the ecological that is addressed by this volume. A
E-book € 78,-/US$ 105,- fast-expanding field, ecocriticism covers a wide range of theories and areas of interest,
particularly the relationship between literature and other ‘texts’ and the environment. Rather
than adopting a rigid agenda, the interpretations presented involve ecocritical perspectives
that can be applied most fruitfully to literary and non-literary texts. Some are more general,
‘holistic’ approaches: literature and other cultural forms are a ‘living organism’, part of an
intellectual ecosystem, implemented and sustained by the interactions between the natural
world, both human and non-human, and its cultural representations. ‘Nature’ itself is a new
interpretative category in line with other paradigms such as race, class, gender, and identity.

A wide range of genres are covered, from novels or films in which nature features as the main
topic or ‘protagonist’ to those with an ecocritical agenda, as in dystopian literature. Other
concerns are: nature as a cultural construct; ‘gendered’ natures; and the city/country
dichotomy. The texts treated challenge traditional Western dualisms (human/animal,
man/nature, woman/man). While such global phenomena as media (‘old’ or ‘new’),
tourism, and catastrophes permeate many of these texts, there is also a dual focus on nature
as the inexplicable, elusive ‘Other’ and the need for human agency and global responsibility

Rewriting History
Peter Carey’s Fictional Biography of Australia
Andreas Gaile
(Costerus NS 184)

Peter Carey is one of the most richly awarded and critically acclaimed novelists of the
present day. Most of his fictions relate to questions of Australian history and identity.
Rewriting History argues that taken together Carey’s novels make up a fictional biography of
Australia. The reading proposed here considers both key events in the life of the subject of
Amsterdam/New York, NY Carey’s biography (such as the exploration of the interior of the continent, the dispossession of
2010 the Aborigines, the convict experience, the process of Australia’s coming of age as a postcolonial
IX, 348 pp. country) as well as its identity. Rewriting History demonstrates how Carey exposes the lies and
ISBN: 978-90-420-3070-1 deceptions that make up the traditional representations of Australian history and supplants them
Paper € 72,-/US$ 97,- with a new national story – one that because of its fictional status is not bound to the rigidities
ISBN: 978-90-420-3071-8 of traditional historical discourse. At a time of momentous cultural change, when Australia
E-book € 72,-/US$ 97,- is being transformed from a “New Britannia in another world” to a nation not merely in, but
actually of the Asia-Pacific region, Carey’s fiction, this book argues, calls for the construction of
a postcolonial national identity that acknowledges the wrongs of the past and gives Australians a
sense of cultural orientation between their British past and their multicultural present.

The Ring of Recollection

Transgenerational Haunting in the Novels of Shashi Deshpande
Nancy Ellen Batty

Foreword by Jasbir Jain

(Cross/Cultures - Readings in the Post/Colonial Literatures in English 126)

In The Ring of Recollection, Nancy Batty challenges the critical orthodoxy that
Shashi Deshpande’s fiction is transparently realistic and narrowly focused on domestic and
Amsterdam/New York, NY women’s issues. This study shifts attention towards the labyrinthine structure and modernist
2010 style of most of Deshpande’s writing. Features hitherto viewed as deviations from her
XLII, 305 pp. realism, or even as flaws, are re-situated in the light of a gothic poetics that works to uncover
ISBN: 978-90-420-3100-5 a structural trope of transgenerational secrecy, beginning with Deshpande’s early detective
Bound € 70,-/US$ 95,-
fiction and extending to her most recent work.
ISBN: 978-90-420-3101-2
E-book € 70,-/US$ 95,- Linking a fourth-century Sanskrit play by Kalidasa (Shakuntala) and the
psychoanalytic theories of Nicolas Abraham and Maria Torok, Batty offers in-depth
reinterpretations of five of Deshpande’s major novels, published over a period of twenty years
(1980–2000): The Dark Holds No Terrors; That Long Silence; The Binding Vine; A Matter of
Time; and Small Remedies. These novels have established Deshpande’s critical reputation as a
‘woman’s’ writer whose major concern is to break the “long silence” of Indian women. Batty
shifts the ground of analysis by establishing that Deshpande’s fictional world encompasses
more than just female characters, and that the trope of silence extends not only to her male
characters but also to communities,in a society where silence about shameful past events can
control the destinies of entire families. Thus we see in her novels characters whose lives are
disturbed, haunted, and sometimes even controlled not just by traumatic events but also by
transgenerational family secrets to which they often do not have access. Moreover, the breaking
of silence – the revelatory opening of family crypts – can have devastating consequences.
Restoration of memory may have the power to reorganize the past and change the future, but it
rarely possesses the magic required to reunite lovers or to restore wholeness to shattered lives.
The Ring of Recollection offers a major reappraisal of one of India’s most prolific
and respected contemporary writers.

Trauma, Memory, and Narrative in South Africa

Edited by Ewald Mengel, Michela Borzaga, Karin Orantes
(Matatu - Journal for African Culture and Society 38)

Twenty years after the fall of apartheid, South Africa is still struggling with its traumatic
past. In this interdisciplinary collection of interviews, prominent South African novelists,
psychologists, and academics reflect on the issues of trauma, memory, and narrative.
The authors André Brink, Maxine Case, Sindiwe Magona, Susan Mann, and Zoë Wicomb
Amsterdam/New York, NY
recount their personal experiences of writing about trauma, discussing its literary-aesthetic
XIII, 256 pp. relevance and potential. The psychologists Don Foster, Ashraf Kagee, Pumla
ISBN: 978-90-420-3102-9 Gobodo–Madikizela, and Miriam Fredericks reflect on traditional Western conceptualizations
Bound € 54,-/US$ 73,- of trauma and the need to extend and even re-write trauma theory from a postcolonial
ISBN: 978-90-420-3103-6 perspective. In the third part, Neville Alexander and Alex Boraine look back on the
E-book € 54,-/US$ 73,- achievements and shortcomings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, describe the
state of the nation, and underscore the need to relocate trauma structurally and historically.
Annie Gagiano, Helen Moffett, Tlhalo Raditlhalo, and Chris van der Merwe show how
trauma theory can open new horizons and create a new vocabulary for literary criticism by
tackling issues of gender, representation, and genre.
All in all, these interviews provide fascinating insights into the present state of the South
African soul, its current hopes and anxieties. Rather than claiming final answers to a
complex and controversial issue, this volume aims at opening up debate and making a
contribution to the already existing discussion about trauma in the South African context

Women Writers and the Edinburgh Enlightenment

Pam Perkins
(SCROLL: Scottish Cultural Review of Language and Literature 15)

This volume provides an overview of women writers in the late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-
century Edinburgh literary world. Its main focus is on the careers of three women – Elizabeth
Hamilton, Anne Grant, and Christian Isobel Johnstone – who were both successful and
influential in their own day, although they have tended to be overlooked in later literary history.
Hamilton’s work is discussed in the contexts of her lifelong interest in moral philosophy and
educational theory, while Grant, admired in her day for her letters, essays, and poetry about
the Highlands, is read through eighteenth-century theories of cultural history and primitivism.
Amsterdam/New York, NY Johnstone, probably the most obscure of the three today, was perhaps the most influential at the
2010 time because of her role as editor of a series of political periodicals; her fiction and journalistic
319 pp. work is examined in the context of the early nineteenth-century Edinburgh magazines.
ISBN: 978-90-420-3137-1
Paper € 64,-/US$ 86,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-3138-8
E-book € 64,-/US$ 86,-

The Scottish Romance Tradition c. 1375 – c. 1550
Nation, Chivalry and Knighthood
Sergi Mainer
(SCROLL: Scottish Cultural Review of Language and Literature 14)

This is the first ever comprehensive study of the Scottish medieval romances. The book
reinstates the status of the Scottish romances. It offers a new definition of the Scottish
romance tradition, bringing together texts which have not generally been considered part of
the same corpus. It argues that Barbour’s Bruce (c.1375) established the
Amsterdam/New York, NY
rhetorical devices and literary traits which were going to be typical of the later Scottish
286 pp. romances. It also examines the extent to which the translation of the four Arthurian and
ISBN: 978-90-420-2975-0 Alexander romances from French originals follows Barbour’s precepts. These texts
Paper € 57,-/US$ 77,- contributed to the founding both of the vernacular tradition and of the fabrication of national
ISBN: 978-90-420-2976-7 identity through dialogic interchanges between the narratives and the socio-historical
E-book € 57,-/US$ 77,- circumstances of Scotland.

Solo Performances
Staging the Early Modern Self in England
Edited by Ute Berns
(Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft 132)

In this volume an international cast of scholars explores conceptions of the self in the
literature and culture of the Early Modern England. Drawing on theories of performativity
and performance, some contributors revisit monological speech and the soliloquy - that
Amsterdam/New York, NY quintessential solo performance - on the stage of Marlowe, Shakespeare and Jonson. Other
2010 authors move beyond the theatre as they investigate solo performances in different cultural
272 pp.
locations, from the public stage of the pillory to the mental stage of the writing self. All
ISBN: 978-90-420-2952-1
contributors analyse corporeality, speech, writing and even silence as interrelated modes of
Paper € 54,-/US$ 73,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-2953-8 self-enactment, whether they read solo performances as a way of inventing, authorizing or
E-book € 54,-/US$ 73,- even pathologizing the self, or as a mode of fashioning sovereignty. The contributions trace
how the performers appropriate specific discourses, whether religious, medical or political,
and how they negotiate hierarchies of gender, rank or cultural difference. The articles cut
across a variety of genres including plays and masques, religious tracts, diaries and journals,
poems and even signatures. The collection links research on the inward and self-reflexive
dimension of solo-performances with studies foregrounding the public and interactive
dimension of performative self-fashioning. The articles collected here offer new perspectives
on Early Modern subjectivity and will be of interest to all scholars and students of the Early
Modern period.

Europeanisation and Hibernicisation
Ireland and Europe
Edited by Cathal McCall and Thomas M. Wilson
(European Studies - An Interdisciplinary Series in European Culture, History and Politics 28)

Scholars across the humanities and social sciences are increasingly examining the importance
of European integration and Europeanisation to changing notions of local, regional, national
and supranational identity in Europe. As part of this interest, anthropologists, historians,
sociologists, political scientists and others have paid particular attention to the roles which
Amsterdam/New York, NY
EU policies and initiatives have played in the construction of local, regional and national
287 pp. identity in Europe, and in the reframing of various forms of culture. This volume provides
ISBN: 978-90-420-3053-4 the first multidisciplinary look at the impact of European integration and Europeanisation on
Bound € 58,-/US$ 78,- changing culture and identity in one member state of the EU, namely Ireland (including the
ISBN: 978-90-420-3054-1 Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland), and the first such look at the ways in which the
E-book € 58,-/US$ 78,- cultures and identities of a member state have had an impact on various versions of
‘Europe’, in and outside of the EU.

“The Original Explosion That Created Worlds”

Essays on Werewere Liking’s Art and Writings
Edited by John Conteh-Morgan and Irène Assiba d’Almeida
(Francopolyphonies 8)

“The Original Explosion That Created Worlds” is the first book entirely devoted to the Cameroonian
Werewere Liking, one of the most important writers and innovative artists of post-colonial Africa.
The book includes a wide-ranging collection of essays by some of Liking’s finest critics addressing
her life and work, from her earlier fiction and social criticism to her later experimental drama,
Amsterdam/New York, NY which has been produced on stages around the world. Several essays also look at Liking’s culture-
2010 based entrepreneurial work, in which she has attempted to establish a new economic support for
363 pp. African artistic expression.
ISBN: 978-90-420-2971-2 Liking’s excellent but little-known poetry and art criticism, her iconoclastic novels and essays
Paper € 72,-/US$ 97,- are all the subject of close critical attention in particular studies. There is also consideration
ISBN: 978-90-420-2972-9 of the challenges that her original language and fictional forms present to a literary translator.
E-book € 72,-/US$ 97,- Liking’s work has provoked an extensive commentary, in the popular press as well as in scholarly
journals and her critical reception both inside and outside of Africa is carefully examined. The
final important inclusions are two plays by Liking published here for the first time in English
translations–Liquid Heroes and This Africa of ours...
“The Original Explosion That Created Worlds”: Essays on Werewere Liking’s Art and Writings
may serve as an introduction to the work of one of Africa’s most important contemporary artists
and one of the most astute commentators on the position of Africa in the new century. To those
already familiar with Liking’s novels, poetry, plays, criticism or other cultural work it offers an
expanded and deepened understanding of her working contexts and the amazing reach of her
cultural expression. The book is of necessary interest to all readers, students, and scholars of
postcolonial African literatures, of translation studies, and of gender issues.

Le Chevalier de Mouhy
Bagarre et bigarrure
Études réunies par Jan Herman, Kris Peeters et Paul Pelckmans
(Faux Titre 354)

« Démêlé, bagarre et bigarrure, voilà ce qui agite Mouhy sous les dehors de la mondanité ».
C’est ainsi que, dans un agréable essai, Patrick Wald-Lasowski définit la carrière de
l’énigmatique, imprévisible, prolifique et toujours étonnant chevalier de Mouhy.
Ce paria de la République des Lettres bénéficie depuis quelques années d’un regain d’intérêt,
Amsterdam/New York, NY
2010 ce dont témoignent plusieurs éditions récentes de ses romans. Le moment semble venu de
242 pp. faire le point sur une oeuvre très diversifiée, qui va de la fantaisie délirante de
ISBN: 978-90-420-3094-7 Lamékis au réalisme audacieux de La Mouche, et de dégager du coup
Paper € 48,-/US$ 65,- quelques nouvelles pistes de recherche, qui touchent, entre autres, à l’histoire de la librairie,
ISBN: 978-90-420-3095-4 aux poétiques du roman d’Ancien Régime et aux arrière-plans politiques insoupçonnés qui
E-book € 48,-/US$ 65,- se profilent derrière quelques-uns de ses romans.

Proust, l’étranger

Etudes réunies par Karen Haddad-Wotling et Vincent Ferré

(Cahiers de recherche des instituts néerlandais de langue et de littérature française 54)

Proust était fasciné par l’étrange et par l’étranger, qui le lui a bien rendu. Sa notoriété de
premier auteur « moderne » est née hors des frontières hexagonales. Son œuvre a été traduite
très tôt. D’ailleurs, puisqu’elle est traduite, nous ne lisons sans doute plus de la même
manière le texte français, lui aussi devenu « étrange et étranger ». Peut-on imaginer un
Proust anglais, italien, américain, turc? Que deviennent les auteurs étrangers une fois entrés
Amsterdam/New York, NY dans, et assimilés par l’univers proustien? Comment lire Dante, Cervantès, Ruskin après
2010 Proust, et avec lui? Ces questions et quelques autres sont au centre du présent volume. Le
167 pp. visage familier de l’auteur de La Recherche du temps perdu s’en trouvera sans doute
ISBN: 978-90-420-3037-4 transformé, comme un portrait cubiste, fait de facettes brisées et de profils inattendus.
Paper € 33,-/US$ 45,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-3038-1
E-book € 33,-/US$ 45,-

L’esprit de l’escalier ou les degrés du savoir

Raymond Mahieu
(Faux Titre 345)

De tous les espaces de la demeure que la fiction dite réaliste représente, l’escalier est sans
doute le moins investi par l’écriture : sa présence dans le texte, qui donne parfois lieu à une
description élaborée, se limite le plus souvent à une mention très discrète. Or, il se trouve
que les degrés, conduisant d’un étage à un autre, peuvent mener conjointement d’un état à
un autre, et, davantage, à la perception d’une mutation. Encouragée en cela par la solitude
Amsterdam/New York, NY qui règne fréquemment dans ce lieu, ou, différemment, par les particularités, physiques ou
2010 psychologiques, des rencontres qui à l’occasion s’y produisent, la conscience est susceptible
164 pp. d’accéder ici à un mode original de cognition, qu’elle n’aurait pu élaborer ailleurs :
ISBN: 978-90-420-2983-5 acquisition peut-être imprévue d’un savoir nouveau, dans laquelle l’orientation du
Paper € 33,-/US$ 45,- mouvement – vers le haut, vers le bas – intervient de façon prépondérante.
ISBN: 978-90-420-2984-2 Relu dans cette perspective, le roman français du XIXe siècle, dont un important
E-book € 33,-/US$ 45,-
échantillonnage constitue le corpus de cet essai, en acquiert comme un surcroît
d’intelligibilité. Les aventures de l’esprit dans l’escalier ne bouleversent pas notre
appréhension de cette littérature du sujet triomphant, mais elles l’affinent sans doute. Elles
permettent, aussi, de retrouver, dans les évolutions de cette thématique, le mouvement d’une
histoire de la fiction romanesque, voire de l’Histoire elle-même.

Explosive Narratives
Terrorism and Anarchy in the Works of Emile Zola
Eduardo A. Febles
(Faux Titre 350)

Explosive Narratives: Terrorism and Anarchy in the Works of Emile Zola explores
the genealogy of modern day terrorism through a close study of the anarchist figure in three
of Emile Zola’s novels: Germinal, Paris, and Travail. The study
links the crisis of representation registered at the end of the 19th century with the rise of
Amsterdam/New York, NY
terrorism embodied in the bomb-throwing anarchist. It thereby traces Zola’s evolving
198 pp. thoughts on anarchy from the terrorist to the humanitarian reformer, from class warfare to a
ISBN: 978-90-420-3064-0 peaceful artisan commune, from a naturalist depiction of an elusive reality to a utopian
Paper € 40,-/US$ 54,- writing fleeing the contingencies of the historical. The volume brings together aesthetic,
ISBN: 978-90-420-3065-7 political, urban, and scientific debates of Belle Epoque France and it will thus be of great
E-book € 40,-/US$ 54,- interest not only to Zola scholars, but also to students of late 19th-century politics and art

Flaubert épistémologue
Autour du dossier médical de Bouvard et Pécuchet
Norioki Sugaya
(Faux Titre 346)

Bouvard et Pécuchet, œuvre posthume et inachevée de Flaubert, présente la

particularité d’être ostensiblement encyclopédique. Les deux protagonistes parcourant
presque toutes les sections des connaissances humaines de l’époque, le texte romanesque se
trouve saturé d’innombrables extraits prélevés sur les ouvrages les plus divers. La rédaction
Amsterdam/New York, NY de cet étrange roman a en effet requis un travail considérable de documentation, comme en
témoignent les dossiers documentaires qui comprennent notamment une importante masse
276 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-2985-9 de notes de lecture prises par l’écrivain au fil de ses lectures préparatoires.
Paper € 55,-/US$ 74,- Flaubert épistémologue a pour objet l’examen précis et attentif du travail
ISBN: 978-90-420-2986-6 documentaire effectué par le romancier. Elle est centrée sur l’une des disciplines-phares de
E-book € 55,-/US$ 74,- l’« encyclopédie critique en farce », la médecine, dont il est question au chapitre III du
roman, et qui est d’un intérêt majeur, en ce sens qu’elle entretenait au XIXe siècle un
rapport étroit avec la littérature. L’étude approfondie des notes que l’auteur de Bouvard
a prises sur la médecine permettra d’éclairer l’interférence des deux pratiques
discursives, médicale d’une part, littéraire de l’autre. C’est ainsi que l’on pourra restituer à
l’entreprise esthétique de Flaubert sa véritable portée critique et épistémologique, et par là
même, saisir le roman dans sa dimension dialogique.

La Lutte des paradigmes

La littérature entre histoire, biologie et médecine
(Flaubert, Zola, Fontane)
Niklas Bender
(Faux Titre 351)

En partant du débat actuel qui met en opposition sciences naturelles et sciences humaines et
sociales, cette étude s’intéresse à une lutte des paradigmes tout à fait comparable de la fin du
XIXe siècle, afin d’analyser, pour la première fois, l’affrontement entre le paradigme
Amsterdam/New York, NY
historique et le paradigme bio-médical. Deux modèles de la vie humaine y sont en jeu : une
556 pp. vision culturaliste, qui souligne les transformations historiques de l’homme, ses
ISBN: 978-90-420-3066-4 possibilités, ses progrès ; et une vision naturaliste, qui analyse les déterminismes d’une
Bound € 110,-/US$ 149,- nature humaine constante. Les deux paradigmes ont, à cette époque, une importance
ISBN: 978-90-420-3067-1 primordiale pour la littérature, car ils influencent la description des personnages, voire la
E-book € 110,-/US$ 149,- structure fondamentale des mondes romanesques. Pour rendre compte de cette confrontation,
six romans représentatifs sont sollicités, qui permettent de surcroît de comparer les
littératures française et allemande de l’époque : Salammbô et L’Éducation
sentimentale de Flaubert ; Nana et Germinal de Zola ; Effi Briest
et Irrungen, Wirrungen de Fontane. L’étude s’intéresse avant tout aux sources
historiques, médicales et biologiques de ces textes, pour montrer comment le savoir est
intégré dans l’œuvre. Elle s’enrichit de perspectives historiques (Michelet, Burckhardt) et
philosophiques (Nietzsche).

Apollinaire on the Edge
Modern Art, Popular Culture, and the Avant-Garde
Willard Bohn
(Faux Titre 355)

The title of the present study refers to the fact that Apollinaire consistently worked at the
cutting edge of modern aesthetics. The volume seeks to rehabilitate four experimental genres
in particular that have received relatively little attention. The first chapter examines a
charming artist’s book entitled The Bestiary, which features illustrations by Raoul
Amsterdam/New York, NY Dufy. The second is concerned with a group of poems that celebrate ordinary, everyday life.
2010 The next chapter considers Apollinaire’s little-known debt to children’s rhymes. The final
143 pp.
chapter discusses an avant-garde drama that was destined to play a key role in the evolution
ISBN: 978-90-420-3108-1
of modern French theater. This book will be of interest to anyone interested in avant-garde
Paper € 29,-/US$ 39,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-3109-8 aesthetics. It will appeal not only to scholars of twentieth-century poetry but also to devotees
E-book € 29,-/US$ 39,- of modern art and modern theater.

Les Identités d’Amélie Nothomb

De l’invention médiatique aux fantasmes originaires
Mark D. Lee
(Collection Monographique Rodopi en Littérature Française Contemporaine 50)

Soupçonnée d’imposture dès sa première rentrée littéraire, accusée d’être un homme âgé
publiant sous un pseudonyme invraisemblable, Amélie Nothomb est une auteure qui – plus
que d’autres – a dû s’inventer. Dans Les Identités d’Amélie Nothomb, Mark D. Lee
revient sur les circonstances qui ont marqué les débuts d’une carrière extraordinaire et pour
Amsterdam/New York, NY la première fois, il confronte les multiples constructions médiatiques de notre ‘barge belge’
2010 avec l’énigme de l’invention identitaire qui se déploie dans son écriture fascinante, surtout
295 pp.
dans Métaphysique des tubes. A travers des analyses accessibles aux spécialistes
ISBN: 978-90-420-2967-5
comme aux amateurs, Lee trace les différentes variations d’un roman familial dans la fiction
Paper € 60,-/US$ 81,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-2968-2 de l’auteure et il explore l’élaboration et l’échec de sa version japonaise dans ses œuvres
E-book € 60,-/US$ 81,- autobiographiques. Juxtaposant interviews et récits littéraires, Lee identifie ensuite un
‘désastre onomastique’, point de départ et fondement de la quête identitaire nothombienne et
explore son retour unheimliche – étrangement inquiétant – dans la représentation de
la sexualité, de la nationalité, et jusque dans la scène même de l’écriture. Entre baptêmes et
‘dé-baptêmes’, entre noyades, exorcismes et fantasmes nippons, Les Identités d’Amélie
Nothomb est une étude fondamentale pour ceux et celles qui veulent comprendre la
question cruciale de l’identité chez cette auteure.

Subjects Not-at-home: Forms of the Uncanny in
the Contemporary French Novel
Emmanuel Carrère, Marie NDiaye, Eugène Savitzkaya

Daisy Connon
(Faux Titre 347)

Subjects Not-at-home is the first book-length study of the concept of the uncanny
(Das Unheimliche) in the context of French literature. It explores the ways in which
Amsterdam/New York, NY certain contemporary French novelists are exploiting the themes, imagery and dynamics of
2010 the uncanny to generate a repertoire of narrative tactics for the portrayal of the chez
295 pp. soi. Through an analysis of nine novels by Marie NDiaye, Eugène Savitzkaya and
ISBN: 978-90-420-3005-3
Emmanuel Carrère, the author reveals a developing tendency within current writing to
Paper € 59,-/US$ 80,-
re-appropriate figures of the strange – the double, intellectual uncertainty, the fragmented
ISBN: 978-90-420-3006-0
E-book € 59,-/US$ 80,- body, the spectral, the haunted house – in order to represent the ‘familiar’ spaces of the
home, the family, the self and the everyday. This problematic is situated with respect to
tendencies in present-day French writing, with the uncanny being viewed as a particular
approach to the contemporary novel’s inclination to privilege the site of the chez
soi. Readings of the literary texts are informed by philosophical, psychoanalytic and
literary reinterpretations of the Freudian uncanny, with an emphasis on the historical and
contextual evolution of the concept itself.

Entretiens avec 21 poètes françaises
John C. Stout
(Chiasma 27)

L’Énigme-poésie présente une série d’entretiens avec vingt-et-une poètes françaises

contemporaines. Une grande diversité de voix et d’approches face à l’objet poème se fait
entendre dans ces discussions exceptionnelles. A travers un dialogue en profondeur, chaque
poète cherche à définir et à explorer sa conception et sa pratique de la poésie. Les écrivaines
Amsterdam/New York, NY reconnaissent toutes l’influence des ancêtres poétiques, surtout celle des poètes de la
2010 modernité française et européenne. Ces entretiens fournissent une excellente introduction à la
355 pp.
poésie française contemporaine, ce volume s’adressant à la fois aux universitaires et à un plus
ISBN: 978-90-420-2947-7
Paper € 71,-/US$ 96,- large public qui essaie de s’orienter face à la production poétique actuelle. Les échanges
ISBN: 978-90-420-2948-4 servent aussi de guide permettant aux lecteurs et aux lectrices de découvrir des oeuvres et des
E-book € 71,-/US$ 96,- pratiques individuelles richement impressionnantes qui méritent d’être infiniment mieux
connues. La question du féminisme revient, certes, souvent dans ces entretiens mais la
plupart des poètes interviewées expriment une certaine ambivalence à l’égard d’étiquettes
parfois trop contraignantes.

Enduring Resistance/La Résistance persévère
Cultural Theory after Derrida/La théorie de la culture (d’)après
Edited by/édité par Sjef Houppermans, Rico Sneller, Peter van Zilfhout
(Faux Titre 348)

Addressing both the humanities and the social sciences, this volume aims to explore the
enduring significance of the work of Jacques Derrida (1930-2004) in the field of cultural
Amsterdam/New York, NY theory. It assembles a variety of articles by internationally renowned scholars from different
2010 academic disciplines and traditions. Contrary to recent commemorative publications on
346 pp. Derrida’s oeuvre, this volume proposes to critically evaluate and rethink key concepts in
ISBN: 978-90-420-3030-5 Derrida’s work within the present state of affairs in cultural theory. Centred around four main
Paper € 70,-/US$ 95,-
topics (manoeuvres, societies, images and fictions), the sections propose a creative and
ISBN: 978-90-420-3031-2
contemporary reading of ‘Derrida’ and its openings to new work in cultural theory.
E-book € 70,-/US$ 95,-
Ce livre qui se destine à la fois aux humanités et aux études sociales tente d’explorer la
signification durable de l’œuvre de Jacques Derrida (1930-2004) dans le champ de la théorie
culturelle. Il rassemble un ensemble d’articles variés écrits par des chercheurs de renommée
internationale provenant de différentes disciplines et traditions académiques. S’opposant par
là à la majorité du flot de publications récentes sur l’œuvre de Derrida ce volume se propose
d’évaluer et de repenser d’un point de vue critique les concepts clé de Derrida tenant compte
de l’état actuel de la recherche en études culturelles. Centrées autour de quatre domaines
majeurs (manœuvres – sociétés – images – fictions), les sections offrent une lecture créatrice
et actuelle de ‘Derrida’ et des ouvertures que sa pensée permet vers une nouvelle idée de la
théorie culturelle.

Say It
The Performative Voice in the Dramatic Works of Samuel
Sarah West
(Faux Titre 352)

Central to Samuel Beckett’s literature is a wilful voice which insists on speaking and being
Amsterdam/New York, NY
heard. Beckett described it as “a truly exterior voice”, and in the plays he separates voice
277 pp. from the body and turns it into an audible character. Previous critical studies have explored
ISBN: 978-90-420-3078-7 the enigma of this voice, its identity, source and location, but little attention has been given
Paper € 55,-/US$ 74,- to the voice as protagonist. This volume traces the genesis of the performative voice in the
ISBN: 978-90-420-3079-4 early prose and charts its trajectory throughout the dramatic oeuvre in a readable narrative
E-book € 55,-/US$ 74,- which generates fresh insights into some of Beckett’s most remarkable and impenetrable
plays. It examines the use of embodied and acousmatic – ‘out of body’ – voices in the
different media of theatre, radio and television; the treatment of voice in relation to music,
image and movement; and the ‘shifting threshold’ between the written and spoken word.
The analysis comprises a detailed study of dramatic speech and technical aspects of sound
reproduction, making it relevant for all scholars and students with an interest in textual and
performance issues in Beckett’s drama.
Impotence and Making in Samuel Beckett’s
Trilogy - Molloy, Malone Dies and
The Unnamable - and How It Is

Joanne Shaw
(Faux Titre 344)

Impotence and Making in Samuel Beckett’s Trilogy is situated at the intersection of

the aesthetic, socio-political and theoretical construction of being and not-being; it is about
Amsterdam/New York, NY making the self, making others, and making words, set against being unable to make the
2010 self, others and words. Concentrating on Samuel Beckett’s prose works, though also
200 pp.
focusing on some of his dramatic works, the book aims to problematize the categories of
ISBN: 978-90-420-2973-6
Paper € 40,-/US$ 54,- ‘impotence’ and ‘making’ by showing Beckett’s quasi-deconstructive treatment of them as
ISBN: 978-90-420-2974-3 seen through his narrators’ images of being unable to make self, other creatures and words
E-book € 40,-/US$ 54,- (impotence), along with his narrators’ images of making self, other creatures and words
(making). By demonstrating that his narrators, while being impotent, nevertheless gestate
and produce new entities from their bodies in the same way as a mother does a child, the
book aims to reveal how, for Beckett’s narrators, creativity in its widest sense is envisaged

Reception and Memory

A Cognitive Approach to the Chansons de geste
Paula Leverage
(Faux Titre 349)

This book is the first cognitive literary analysis in the field of medieval French literature. As
such, it focuses on the question of audience in the Old French epic poems known as
chansons de geste. Bringing to bear evidence from historical, literary, and
manuscript sources, from the perspective of cognitive theory, Leverage demonstrates that
Amsterdam/New York, NY there were multiple, complex audiences of the poems, and that common to each was a more
2010 personal, engaged, emotive relationship with the poems than has been recognized
338 pp. previously. Central to the audience’s experience of the poems and to the aesthetic of the
ISBN: 978-90-420-3042-8
genre, is memory, both in the sense of a cognitive process and as a theory that has occupied
Paper € 68,-/US$ 92,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-3043-5 the interest of rhetoricians and philosophers from Antiquity to the present. The book is of
E-book € 68,-/US$ 92,- interest to medievalists, cognitive theorists, and cognitive scientists working in
memory-based text processing.

The Perverse Art of Reading
On the phantasmatic semiology in Roland Barthes’ Cours
au Collège de France
Kris Pint, Translator: Christopher M. Gemerchak
(Faux Titre 353)

‘I sincerely believe that at the origin of teaching such as this we must always locate a
fantasy’. This provoking remark was the starting point of the four lecture courses Roland
Amsterdam/New York, NY Barthes taught as professor of literary semiology at the Collège de France. In these last years
2010 of his life, Barthes developed a perverse reading theory in which the demonic stupidity of the
293 pp. fantasy becomes an active force in the creation of new ways of thinking and feeling.
ISBN: 978-90-420-3092-3 The perverse art of reading offers the first extensive monograph on these lecture
Paper € 59,-/US$ 80,- courses. The first part examines the psychoanalytical and philosophical intertexts of Barthes’
ISBN: 978-90-420-3093-0 ‘active semiology’ (Lacan, Kristeva, Winnicott, Nietzsche, Deleuze and Foucault), while
E-book € 59,-/US$ 80,- the second part discusses his growing attention for the intimate, bodily involvement in the
act of reading. Subsequently, this study shows how Barthes’ phantasmatic reading strategy
radically reviews the notions of space, detail and the untimely in fiction, as well as the figure
of the author and his own role as a teacher.
It becomes clear that the interest of Barthes’ lecture courses goes well beyond semiology and
literary criticism, searching the answer to the ethical question par excellence: how to
become what one is, how to live a good life.

Eulenspiegel trifft Melusine

Der frühneuhochdeutsche Prosaroman im Licht neuer
Forschungen und Methoden
Herausgegeben von Catherine Drittenbass und André Schnyder
Akten der Lausanner Tagung vom 2. bis 4. Oktober 2008 in Zusammenarbeit mit Alexander

(Chloe - Beihefte zum Daphnis 42)

Amsterdam/New York, NY Die Ausschreibung der hier dokumentierten Tagung hatte den umfassenden Literaturbericht
2010 Jan-Dirk Müllers von 1985 als Ausgangspunkt genommen, an die Menge und die Vielfalt
638 pp, Incl. 27 colour ill. der seither geleisteten Forschung über den Prosaroman erinnert und zudem darauf verwiesen,
ISBN: 978-90-420-3059-6 dass in diesem Vierteljahrhundert wie wohl nie zuvor in der Fachgeschichte
Bound € 128,-/US$ 173,- Forschungsparadigmen formuliert, diskutiert und propagiert worden waren; eine Vielzahl von
ISBN: 978-90-420-3060-2
ihnen betraf gerade auch den Prosaroman. Vor diesem Hintergrund steht die an der
E-book € 128,-/US$ 173,-
Jahrtausendwende getroffene Feststellung Müllers: “Eine Geschichte der Prosaromane, die
sie nicht mehr nur vor dem Hintergrund ihrer mittelalterlichen Vorläufer betrachtet, ist noch
zu schreiben” – ein Ziel, das weiter als je in der Ferne liegen dürfte. Insofern wollen die zwei
Dutzend hier vorgelegten Tagungsbeiträge einzig neue Annäherungen an den ebenso
vielfältigen wie reizvollen Gegenstand bieten. Günstig mag immerhin zu Buche schlagen,
dass er in der Optik verschiedener Disziplinen (neben der Germanistik: Kunst-, Sprach-,
Buchwissenschaft, Romanistik) betrachtet wird, dass ferner das Einleitungskapitel eine
Tagungsbilanz erstellt und dass abschliessend eine Bibliographie die seit 1985 geleistete
32 Forschung wenigstens als Titelliste fassbar macht.
Theorie und Praxis der Kasualdichtung in der
Frühen Neuzeit

Herausgegeben von Andreas Keller, Elke Lösel, Ulrike Wels und

Volkhard Wels

(Chloe - Beihefte zum Daphnis 43)

Gegenstand des Bandes ist das in der Forschung lange Zeit wenig beachtete, aber wichtige
und extrem weite Feld der Kasualdichtung der Frühen Neuzeit. Die Kasualdichtung umfaßt
als ‚Gelegenheits‘- oder anlaßgebundene Dichtung kleine Formen wie etwa
Amsterdam/New York, NY
Glückwunschgedichte, Trauergedichte, Reisegedichte oder Grabinschriften, aber auch ‚große‘
II, 516 pp. Formen wie höfische Festspiele oder Ballette. Verhandelt werden in dem Band Fragen der
ISBN: 978-90-420-3104-3 Theorie, Poetik und Normierung von Kasualdichtung, sowohl aus historischer als auch
Bound € 104,-/US$ 140,- moderner wissenschaftlicher Perspektive, genauso wie Überlegungen zur Gattungsspezifik
ISBN: 978-90-420-3105-0 (Lyrik, Drama, Schäferdichtung) zu sozialgeschichtlichen Aspekten (bürgerlicher Raum, Hof,
E-book € 104,-/US$ 140,- Schule, Universität) und zu spezifisch regionalen Erscheinungsformen (Schlesien, Preußen,
Bayern, Schweiz). Detaillierte Studien gelten etwa der Kasualdichtung von Wilhelm Ludwig
Gleim, Anna Louisa Karsch, Andreas Tscherning, Andreas Gryphius, Johann Christian Günther,
Johann Gottfried Schnabel, Heinrich Mühlpfort, Christian Gryphius, Christian Hoffmann von
Hoffmannswaldau, Johann von Besser, Gottliebe Wilhelm Rabener und Siegmund von Birken.
Die Beiträge umfassen damit den Zeitraum von ca. 1500 bis in die zweite Hälfte des 18.
Jahrhunderts. Der Band, der sich vor allem an Germanisten, Historiker und Kunsthistoriker, die
im Bereich der Frühen Neuzeit forschen, richtet, bildet den Stand der Forschung ab und stellt ein
Kompendium neuerer Ansätze und Perspektiven dar.

Wege des essayistischen Schreibens im

deutschsprachigen Raum (1900-1920)
Herausgegeben von Marina Marzia Brambilla und Maurizio Pirro
(Amsterdamer Beiträge zur neueren Germanistik 74)

Der Sammelband untersucht das essayistische Schreiben im deutschsprachigen Raum zwischen

1900 und 1920 am Beispiel mehrerer Autoren und Themen. Die medialen Voraussetzungen,
die die essayistische Diskursführung bestimmen, finden dabei besondere Beachtung. Aus
den Positionen der behandelten Schriftsteller ergibt sich ein grundsätzlicher Konsens über
die der essayistischen Praxis innewohnende Tendenz, sich Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts
Amsterdam/New York, NY von gattungstypischen Konventionen immer mehr abzukoppeln und ein selbstständiges
2010 hermeneutisches Profil anzunehmen, das dem Essay zu einer im Vergleich mit anderen
442 pp. literarischen Gattungen gesteigerten Diskursfähigkeit verhilft. Diese nimmt nach dem
ISBN: 978-90-420-2861-6 Zivilisationsbruch des Ersten Weltkrieges insofern völlig neue Konturen an, als sich der an der
Bound € 88,-/US$ 119,- Tradition vormoderner sozialer Formen orientierende bildungsbürgerliche Horizont von nun
ISBN: 978-90-420-2862-3 an mit den Bedürfnissen einer viel komplexeren Gesellschaft konfrontiert sieht, was entweder
E-book € 88,-/US$ 119,- zum radikalen Bruch mit alttradierten fiktionalen Strukturen realistischer Prägung führt oder zur
Bewältigung solcher Komplexität aus drastisch apokalyptischer Sicht. Doch bis 1918 erscheint
das essayistische Schreiben noch durch einen Hang zum Entwurf diskursiver Antworten auf die
Krise der Moderne vereinheitlicht, bei denen sich die Gattung Essay als eine hoch differenziert
argumentierende Struktur zur Verarbeitung kulturkritischer Ideologeme erweist.
Der Band resultiert aus der Zusammenarbeit von an italienischen Universitäten sowohl
sprach- als auch literaturwissenschaftlich tätigen Germanisten und Philosophiehistorikern

Aesthetic Anxiety
Uncanny Symptoms in German Literature and Culture
Laurie Ruth Johnson
(Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft 141)

Aesthetic Anxiety analyzes uncanny repetition in psychology, literature, philosophy,

and film, and produces a new narrative about the centrality of aesthetics in modern
subjectivity. The often horrible, but sometimes also enjoyable, experience of anxiety can be
Amsterdam/New York, NY an aesthetic mode as well as a psychological state. Johnson’s elucidation of that state in
2010 texts by authors from Kant to Rilke demonstrates how estrangement can produce attachment,
267 pp. and repositions Romanticism as an engine of modernity.
ISBN: 978-90-420-3113-5
Paper € 53,-/US$ 72,- “Laurie Johnson offers an imaginatively conceived alternative critique of modernity that
ISBN: 978-90-420-3114-2 reveals how the drive for the new and fast-paced engenders the counter-desire for the return of
E-book € 53,-/US$ 72,- the familiar. Expertly synthesizing German literary works from Romanticism to the early
twentieth century, film analyses, and texts of early empirical psychology and psychiatry,
Aesthetic Anxiety offers a model of interdisciplinary work at its best and highlights
the debt modern cultural studies owes German literature and culture.”
Azade Seyhan, Bryn Mawr College

“With her focus on the aesthetics of fear and violence that lurks behind the facades of the
beautiful and sublime, Laurie Johnson takes the reader on a voyeuristic as well as heuristic
journey through the long 19th century. Long before Hartmann’s *Philosophy of the
Unconscious* (1869) and Jentsch’s “On the Psychology of the Uncanny” (1906) prompted
Freud’s famous reply of 1919, the uncanny fascinated writers. Johnson argues for the
mutually sustaining reciprocity of irrationality and rationality, advancing her revisionist
ideas in an energetically interdisciplinary fashion. Yet she remains firmly grounded in the
aesthetics of literary expression. She admirably succeeds in causing us to think about the
uncanny beyond the established paradigm of the dialectic of Enlightenment. The reader will
find this tour de force both animating and enlightening.”
John A. McCarthy, Vanderbilt University

Innovation durch Wissenstransfer in der Frühen
Kultur- und geistesgeschichtliche Studien zu
Austauschprozessen in Mitteleuropa
Herausgegeben von Johann Anselm Steiger, Sandra Richter und
Marc Föcking

(Chloe - Beihefte zum Daphnis 41)

Amsterdam/New York, NY
2010 Es ist üblich geworden, die Jahrhunderte von etwa 1300 bis 1800 als Beginn der Moderne
403 pp.
zu preisen - als Beginn, der durch Begriffe wie ‚Innovation‘ und ‚Fortschritt‘ gekennzeichnet
ISBN: 978-90-420-2770-1
Bound € 80,-/US$ 108,- wird. Dieses Buch prüft diese Einschätzung, indem es einen doppelten Zugang vorschlägt:
ISBN: 978-90-420-2771-8 Es verbindet historiographische Fallstudien mit systematischen Debatten über die Frühe
E-book € 80,-/US$ 108,- Neuzeit. Im Blick auf die Frage der Innovation präsentiert es einige der konfliktreichsten
Beispiele aus unterschiedlichen Bereichen des Wissenstransfers: Theologie (Martin Luther),
Astronomie (Die Rezeption des Aristoteles, Tycho Brahe), Buchhandel (Griechenland und
Europa) und Literatur (Christian Weise). Im Ergebnis plädiert das Buch für einen
vorsichtigen Gebrauch des Begriffs der Innovation - bis in das späte 18. Jahrhundert meinte
Erneuerung häufig in erster Linie ‚Renovatio‘. Um ein Wort Hans Blumenbergs aufzugreifen:
Die Legimität der Frühen Neuzeit findet sich weder in ihrer mittelalterlichen Vorgeschichte
noch in der Moderne, sondern nur in der Epoche selbst.

Justitiabilität und Rechtmäßigkeit

Verrechtlichungsprozesse von Literatur und Film in der
Herausgegeben von Claude D. Conter

Amsterdam/New York, NY (Amsterdamer Beiträge zur neueren Germanistik 73)

286 pp. Das Recht ist eine wesentliche Entstehungsbedingung moderner Literatur. Unter diesem
ISBN: 978-90-420-2837-1 Gesichtspunkt ist Literatur als justitiabel, als Gegenstand der Gerichte und des Rechts zu
Bound € 57,-/US$ 77,- begreifen. Die Literaturgeschichte ist demnach auch entlang von Verrechtlichungsprozessen
ISBN: 978-90-420-2838-8
zu beschreiben: Die Zensur, das Urheberrecht und das Persönlichkeitsrecht sind dabei nur
E-book € 57,-/US$ 77,-
drei Beispiele aus einer Vielzahl rechtlicher Bestimmungen, die prägenden und nachhaltigen
Einfluss auf die Entstehung und Wirkung von Literatur haben.
Im vorliegenden Sammelband gehen Literatur- und Filmwissenschaftler ebenso wie Juristen
diesem komplexen Verhältnis nach: In 15 Fallanalysen zur deutschsprachigen Literatur von
der Aufklärung bis zur Gegenwart sowie zum Film und zum Comic stellen sie besonders
markante und aufschlussreiche Beispiele für das wechselseitige Bedingungsverhältnis von
Literatur und Recht dar. Dabei wird vielfältig erkennbar, dass und wie Literatur in das
juristische Gebiet hineinwirkt und dass der juristische Rahmen unabdingbar zum
Verständnis literarischer Texte und literatursoziologischer Prozesse ist.

Spatial Turns
Space, Place, and Mobility in German Literary and Visual
Edited by Jaimey Fisher and Barbara Mennel
(Amsterdamer Beiträge zur neueren Germanistik 75)

The phrase “spatial turns” signals the growing importance of space as an analytical as well
as representational category for culture. The volume addresses such emerging modes of
Amsterdam/New York, NY inquiry by bringing together, for the first time, essays that engage with spatial turns,
2010 spatiality, and the theoretical implications of both in the context of German culture, history,
469 pp. and theory. Migrating from fields like geography, urban studies, and architecture, the new
ISBN: 978-90-420-3001-5 centrality of space has transformed social-science fields as diverse as sociology, philosophy,
Bound € 94,-/US$ 127,- and psychology. In cultural studies, productive analyses of space increasingly cut across the
ISBN: 978-90-420-3002-2
studies of literature, film, popular culture, and the visual arts. Spatial Turns brings
E-book € 94,-/US$ 127,-
together essays that apply a spatial analysis to German literature and other media and
engages with specifically German theorizations of space by such figures as Siegfried Kracauer
and Walter Benjamin.
The volume is organized in four sections: “Mapping Spaces” addresses cartography in all
forms and in its intersection with culture; “Spaces of the Urban” takes up one of the key
sites of spatial studies, the city; “Spaces of Encounter” considers how Germany has become
a contact zone for multiple ethnicities; and “Visualized Spaces” concerns the theorization of
space in film and new media studies.

Cultural Transformations
Perspectives on Translocation in a Global Age
Edited by Chris Prentice, Vijay Devadas, and Henry Johnson
(Cross/Cultures - Readings in the Post/Colonial Literatures in English 125)

Contemporary global culture is inevitably culture in translation. It encompasses encounter,

exchange, and transformation, disruption and the emergence of the totally new. Drawing on
contemporary theorists in fields of cultural studies and postcolonial studies, this
interdisciplinary collection of essays explores the functions of cultural translation in – and as
Amsterdam/New York, NY – translocation.
They analyze the uneven distribution of power and wealth alongside the unpredictable
XXXV, 347 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-3003-9 emergence of forms of agency in postcolonial and diasporic contexts, and in relation to the
Bound € 76,-/US$ 103,- appetites of the global cultural and information economy. With diverse geocultural
ISBN: 978-90-420-3004-6 emphases, they refer to literature, film, television, electronic media, music, and other spaces
E-book € 76,-/US$ 103,- of cultural gathering, collection, and performance. The essays span theoretical engagement
and case study approaches, taking cultural materials and practices as objects, mediums, and
agents of translocation. They contribute to vital contemporary debates about the politics of
culture and peoples in translation.

Contributors: Andy Barratt; Dan Bendrups; Diana Brydon; Vijay Devadas; Jacob Edmond;
Alyth Grant; Philip Hayward; Henry Johnson; Mary McLaughlin; Brett Nicholls; Chris
Prentice; Kate Roy; Simon Ryan; Paola Voci.
Representation Matters
(Re)Articulating Collective Identities in a Postcolonial World

Edited by Anette Hoffmann and Esther Peeren

(Thamyris /Intersecting: Place, Sex and Race 20)

In the twenty-first century, the terms “representation” and “identity” seem to have gone out
of fashion. The essays collected here, however, seek to demonstrate the extent to which they
continue to matter in the social, political and cultural struggles waged by
Amsterdam/New York, NY
2010 marginalized communities across our postcolonial and globalizing world. The volume starts
279 pp by offering contingent readings of prominent identity-related concepts – hybridity,
ISBN: 978-90-420-2845-6 insularity, the west, ubuntu, and orientalism – which ask how these concepts translate into
Paper € 56,-/US$ 76,- practical, situated ways of grappling with the legacies of colonialism. It continues by
ISBN: 978-90-420-2846-3 exploring the relational articulation of collective identities and their histories (as
E-book € 56,-/US$ 76,- shared rather than competing), and the way origin narratives and notions of
indigeneity, in contexts as diverse as Namibia, Uruguay and Bolivia, function not as fixed
roots, but as constructed representations that are manipulated according to the demands of
the present. Finally, tradition, too, emerges as open to continuous strategic re-invention in
contributions dealing with female agency in a Hindu ritual, peasant understandings of
modernity in Zimbabwe, the resurgence of Chinese culture in Indonesia, and André Brink’s
rewriting of South African history.

Shoreless Bridges
South East European Writing in Diaspora
Edited by Elka Agoston-Nikolova
(Studies in Slavic Literature and Poetics 55)

Exiles cross borders, become non-mainstream individuals and break through barriers of
thought and experience. Forced or chosen detachment can lead to originality of vision,
awareness of simultaneous dimensions – in short a writing that challenges boundaries of
genre, monolingualism and national literatures.
Amsterdam/New York, NY
The writers of the Balkan (Slavic) diaspora offer narratives of critical reflection, strange
fusions and unions, representative of the new cultural identities of contemporary Europe.
184 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-3020-6 This volume presents an interesting combination of original writer’s essays (by Tzveta
Paper € 37,-/US$ 50,- Sofronieva, Goran Stefanovski, Dubravka Ugresic) and academic discussions on the function
ISBN: 978-90-420-3021-3 of such narratives, seeking answers to a number of academic questions, related to the
E-book € 37,-/US$ 50,- construction of the Self in processes of cultural translation/transmission.

El Quijote en América

Editado por Friedhelm Schmidt-Welle e Ingrid Simson

(Foro Hispánico 40)

La novela Don Quijote forma parte de la herencia común de España y Latinoamérica

más que cualquier otra obra española. Difícilmente se encontrará a un autor hispanoamericano
que no haya dado su parecer sobre el Quijote, la novela o su creador, o que no se haya
aproximado, aunque sólo simbólicamente, al caballero de la triste figura.
Aunque el camino del Quijote por América Latina difiere de su itinerario por España, aquel
forma una parte importante e integrante de la recepción del Quijote. “La Mancha, en verdad,
Amsterdam/New York, NY
2010 adquirió todo su sentido en las Américas”, dice Carlos Fuentes destacando así la relevancia
330 pp. de la contribución latinoamericana al debate sobre el Quijote. Teniendo en cuenta
ISBN: 978-90-420-3051-0 que la recepción del Quijote en América Latina ofrece un vasto panorama de más de 400 años
Paper € 66,-/US$ 89,- de historia intelectual latinoamericana, sorprende que hasta hoy la crítica se haya ocupado
ISBN: 978-90-420-3052-7 relativamente poco de esta temática compleja y sumamente importante.
E-book € 66,-/US$ 89,- El presente volumen reúne trabajos de especialistas procedentes de varios países de Europa y
de las Américas, artículos que abarcan la recepción del Quijote desde los primeros
textos de la época colonial hasta la literatura y el cine más reciente. El libro muestra el
estado actual de las investigaciones sobre la recepción del clásico en América Latina

Saberes y sabores en México y el Caribe

Editado por Rita De Maeseneer y Patrick Collard

con la colaboración de Kim Huyge

(Foro Hispánico 39)

Saberes y sabores en México y el Caribe es fruto del proyecto de investigación “Los

contextos culinarios en la literatura del Caribe hispano y de México del siglo XVI al siglo
XX”. Presenta un análisis de textos de diferentes épocas desde un enfoque gastrocrítico en
estas dos áreas. Catorce especialistas comentan las múltiples connotaciones de las referencias
Amsterdam/New York, NY
2010 culinarias en autores como Bernal Díaz del Castillo, Sor Juana, José Tomás de Cuéllar,
356 pp. Martín Luis Guzmán, Sandra Cisneros, Sara Sefchovich, para la parte dedicada a México.
ISBN: 978-90-420-3044-2 Pedro Mártir de Anglería, Fredrika Bremer, Leonardo Padura Fuentes, Edgardo Rodríguez
Paper € 71,-/US$ 96,- Juliá, Nancy Alonso, son algunos de los escritores estudiados para la cuenca caribeña. Las
ISBN: 978-90-420-3045-9 contribuciones son de la mano de Adolfo Castañón, Kim Huyge, Eugenia Houvenaghel,
E-book € 71,-/US$ 96,- Catherine Raffi-Beroud, Carmen de Mora, Diana Castilleja, An Van Hecke, José Guerrero,
Rita De Maeseneer, Efraín Barradas, René Vázquez Díaz, Elzbieta Sklodowska, Jacques
Joset, Patrick Collard. La edición demuestra la riqueza interpretativa de lo que Alejo
Carpentier llamaba los contextos culinarios.

Escritura e Identidad Criollas
El Carnero, Cautiverio feliz e Infortunios de Alonso Ramírez
Carmen de Mora
(Foro Hispánico 38)

Durante las últimas décadas, merced a los avances que han experimentado los estudios literarios
americanistas especializados en la época colonial, el análisis de las formas discursivas y poéticas
adoptadas por los escritores del Barroco en Hispanoamérica ha ido cobrando cada vez más
importancia y desarrollo, hasta el punto de llegar a considerarse un paso imprescindible para
comprender mejor la expresión de las tensiones y conflictos de la sociedad de la época. En este
Amsterdam/New York, NY
libro se lleva a cabo por vez primera un estudio pormenorizado de tres textos fundamentales
para el conocimiento de la prosa barroca en Hispanoamérica: El Carnero de Rodríguez Freile,
348 pp.
el Cautiverio feliz de Núñez de Pineda y Bascuñán y los Infortunios de Alonso Ramírez de
ISBN: 978-90-420-3013-8
Sigüenza y Góngora. En estas obras pueden apreciarse algunos cambios decisivos con respecto
Paper € 70,-/US$ 95,-
a las Crónicas de Indias del siglo XVI. Uno de los más notables consiste en la renovación de las
ISBN: 978-90-420-3014-5
modalidades discursivas, pues, además de recurrir al ‘exemplum’ y la ‘novella’, confluyen en
E-book € 70,-/US$ 95,-
ellas modelos muy distintos tomados de la historiografía, de obras de entretenimiento, textos
religiosos, tratados políticos, y de la dramaturgia del Siglo de Oro. Otro, no menos
significativo, radica en el patriotismo que manifiestan los autores y la conciencia de
pertenecer a la clase social criolla, con todas las implicaciones del término en el siglo XVII

Allí donde uno diría que ya no puede haber nada

Tu rostro mañana de Javier Marías
Editado por Alexis Grohmann y Maarten Steenmeijer
(Foro Hispánico 35)

Tu rostro mañana es, sin duda alguna, la obra más ambiciosa y abarcadora de Javier
Marías. En ella culmina su larga trayectoria como novelista, en la que se percibe una
evolución cuya coherencia, consistencia y excelencia no tienen parangón en la narrativa
española actual. A lo largo de cuatro décadas, la afilada sensibilidad literaria del autor
Amsterdam/New York, NY
matritense no ha fallado nunca en la ideación e imaginación de una obra narrativa en la que
cada nuevo volumen abre nuevos horizontes y, al mismo tiempo, robustece los fundamentos
369 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-2594-3 de un universo idiosincrásico e inconfundible que se ha convertido en una de las referencias
Paper € 74,-/US$ 100,- esenciales de la narrativa europea actual.
E-book € 74,-/US$ 100,- En este volumen, destacados autores y especialistas, tales como Félix de Azúa, Jordi Gracia,
David K. Herzberger, Gonzalo Navajas, Edmundo Paz Soldán, Elide Pittarello y José María
Pozuelo Yvancos, exploran desde distintas perspectivas lo que podría calificarse como el
non plus ultra de la aventura mariesca. El libro incluye, además, el discurso de
ingreso de Javier Marías en la Real Academia Española y la contestación de Francisco Rico,
así como una extensísima relación de las citas y alusiones incluidas en la novela de Marías,
compilada y comentada por Antonio Iriarte y autorizada por el propio autor.

Acerca de Tu rostro mañana, por cierto, acaba de publicarse en Holanda (por Rodopi) Allí donde
uno diría que no puede haber nada, un reader o libro colectivo (editado por Alexis Grohman y
Maarten Steenmeijer) que reúne algunos de los más interesantes textos críticos (en español) en
torno a la trilogía mariesca.
Manuel Rodríguez Rivero, El País , 29/08/2009
Cultural Transfer through Translation
The Circulation of Enlightened Thought in Europe by Means of
Edited by Stefanie Stockhorst
(Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft 131)

Given that the dissemination of enlightened thought in Europe was mostly effected through
Amsterdam/New York, NY translations, the present collection of essays focuses on how its cultural adaptation took place
2010 in various national contexts. For the first time, the theoretical model of ‘cultural transfer’
343 pp. (Espagne/Werner) is applied to the eighteenth century: The intercultural dynamics of the
ISBN: 978-90-420-2950-7
Enlightenment become manifest in the transformation process between the original and target
Paper € 69,-/US$ 93,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-2951-4 cultures, be it by way of acculturation, creative enhancement, or misunderstanding.
E-book € 69,-/US$ 93,- Resulting in shifts of meaning, translations offer a key not just to contemporary translation
practice but to the discursive network of the European Enlightenment in general. The case
studies united here explore both how translations contributed to the transnational
standardisation of certain key concepts, values and texts, and how they reflect national
specifications of enlightened discourses. Hence, the volume contributes to Enlightenment
studies, at least as much as to historical translation studies.

Les modalités en français

La validation des représentations
Laurent Gosselin
(Etudes Chronos/Chronos Studies 1)

Le langage permet de communiquer des représentations, mais toujours énoncées selon un

mode de validation/invalidation particulier, comme nécessaires, possibles, probables,
douteuses, souhaitables, regrettables, obligatoires, redoutées, etc. Ce sont là les modalités
linguistiques (au sens large). Elles sont exprimées par des marqueurs grammaticaux, des
Amsterdam/New York, NY constructions syntaxiques, par l’ensemble des lexèmes, qui sont porteurs de divers types
d’évaluations ; ou elles sont inférées sur la base de connaissances encyclopédiques et/ou
VI, 502 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-2756-5 discursives.
Bound € 100,-/US$ 135,- Cet ouvrage présente une théorie générale des modalités, appliquée au français moderne, sous
ISBN: 978-90-420-2757-2 la forme d’un système de règles. Dans ce cadre, sont proposées des solutions nouvelles pour
E-book € 100,-/US$ 135,- résoudre des problèmes classiques de philosophie du langage (sémantique de
croire/savoir, opacité référentielle, etc.) et de grammaire française (valeur de la
négation, de l’interrogation, emploi du subjonctif, etc.).
Quoique le point de vue soit proprement linguistique, les relations avec les domaines
connexes (pragmatique, sémiotique, rhétorique, analyse des discours, philosophie du
langage, logique …) sont systématiquement précisées, dans le but d’éclairer cette dimension
essentielle du jugement que constitue la validation des représentations.

Corpus-linguistic applications
Current studies, new directions
Edited by Stefan Th. Gries, Stefanie Wulff and Mark Davies
(Language and Computers - Studies in Practical Linguistics 71)

This volume provides an overview of four currently booming areas in the discipline of
corpus linguistics. The first section is concerned with studies of the history and development
of morphological and syntactic phenomena in English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.
The second section contains case studies investigating the functions and contexts of use of
Amsterdam/New York, NY
different morphological and syntactic forms in English, Spanish, Russian, and Mandarin
VI, 260 pp. Chinese. The third section contains studies in the field of genre and register from settings as
ISBN: 978-90-420-2800-5 diverse as health, call center, academic, and legal discourse. The final section features papers
Bound € 53,-/US$ 72,- refining existing, and exploring new, corpus-linguistic methods: dispersions, text mining,
ISBN: 978-90-420-2801-2 corpus similarity, as well as the development of extraction patterns and the evaluation of
E-book € 53,-/US$ 72,- tagging methods.

A resource-light approach to morpho-syntactic


Anna Feldman and Jirka Hana

(Language and Computers - Studies in Practical Linguistics 70)

While supervised corpus-based methods are highly accurate for different NLP tasks,
including morphological tagging, they are difficult to port to other languages because they
require resources that are expensive to create. As a result, many languages have no realistic
Amsterdam/New York, NY prospect for morpho-syntactic annotation in the foreseeable future. The method presented in
2010 this book aims to overcome this problem by significantly limiting the necessary data and
XIV, 185 pp. instead extrapolating the relevant information from another, related language. The approach
ISBN: 978-90-420-2768-8 has been tested on Catalan, Portuguese, and Russian. Although these languages are only
Bound € 40,-/US$ 54,- relatively resource-poor, the same method can be in principle applied to any inflected
ISBN: 978-90-420-2769-5 language, as long as there is an annotated corpus of a related language available. Time
E-book € 40,-/US$ 54,- needed for adjusting the system to a new language constitutes a fraction of the time needed
for systems with extensive, manually created resources: days instead of years.
ISBN: 978-90-420-3016-9
Textbook € 20,-/US$ 27,- This book touches upon a number of topics: typology, morphology, corpus linguistics,
Minimum order 10 copies contrastive linguistics, linguistic annotation, computational linguistics and Natural
Language Processing (NLP). Researchers and students who are interested in these scientific
areas as well as in cross-lingual studies and applications will greatly benefit from this work.
Scholars and practitioners in computer science and linguistics are the prospective readers of
this book.

English for Professional and Academic Purposes

Edited by Miguel F. Ruiz-Garrido, Juan C. Palmer-Silveira and

Inmaculada Fortanet-Gómez

(Utrecht Studies in Language and Communication 22)

English in academic and professional settings has received great attention over the last 50
years, as its use has become a key asset for anyone interested in improving his/her chances of
communicating internationally. However, it still offers rich opportunities for teachers and
researchers working on English in specific settings. The aim of English for Professional
Amsterdam/New York, NY and Academic Purposes is to offer an overview of several topics within the field of
2010 discourse analysis applied to English in academic and professional domains. The book
VI, 237 pp. compiles contributions from different origins, ranging from Japan to the USA and several
ISBN: 978-90-420-2955-2 European countries, and covers English as a native, second, foreign and international
Paper € 49,-/US$ 66,-
language. It also deals with various specialities, including academic writing, business
ISBN: 978-90-420-2956-9
E-book € 49,-/US$ 66,- discourse or English for medicine, nursing, maritime industry and science and engineering.
This volume is divided into three sections: Discourse Analysis of English for Academic
ISBN: 978-90-420-3039-8 Purposes, Professional English and EPAP Pedagogy, since it was conceived as a
Textbook € 24,-/US$ 32,- contribution to the research on how English is analysed as both the discourse of and for
Minimum order 10 copies effective communication in academic and professional settings, and how it can be applied to
teaching. This manuscript offers some fresh insights for those involved or interested in this
field of expertise, in an attempt to shed some light on its latest innovations.

Temps, aspect et modalité en français

Textes réunis par Estelle Moline et Carl Vetters

(Cahiers Chronos 21)

Cet ouvrage propose de jeter un nouveau regard sur des questions qui sont au cœur des
problématiques de linguistique française étudiés dans les Cahiers Chronos. Plusieurs
auteurs étudient des questions de temps et d’aspect (Apothéloz & Nowakowska, Haas &
Huyghe, Lauze, Lebas-Fraczak, Moline, Provôt ; Deslés & Vinzerich) ou des emplois
modaux (Engel ; Forsgren & Sullet-Nylander, Lansari, Morency, Patard & Vermeulen).
Amsterdam/New York, NY D’autres étudient la temporalité dans le discours (Bres, de Saussure), adoptent une
2010 perspective diachronique (De Mulder, Vetters) ou abordent la temporalité du point de vue de
VI, 298 pp. l’enseignement du FLE (Barbazan). La diversité des approches réunies dans ce volume fera
ISBN: 978-90-420-3026-8 avancer les débats et sera une source pour de nouvelles contributions.
Paper € 60,-/US$ 81,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-3027-5
E-book € 60,-/US$ 81,-

Amsterdamer Beiträge zur älteren Germanistik
Band 66 - 2010
Herausgegeben von Erika Langbroek, Arend Quak und Annelies

Tette Hofstra: A.D. Kylstra 1920-2010
Elena Afros: Gothic Relative Clauses Introduced by izei and sei revisited
Guus Kroonen: Færoese ta and its relevance to the Germanic Auslautsgesetze
Frederik Kortlandt: Vestjysk stød again
Amsterdam/New York, NY Elżbieta Adamczyk: On Morphological Restructuring in the Old English and Old Saxon Nominal
2010 Paradigms
V, 321 pp. Arend Quak: Hintergründe eines altniederländischen Textes
ISBN: 978-90-420-2933-0 Michael P. McGlynn: Bergþór’s Voice: Orality in the Homicide Laws of the Old Icelandic Grágás
Paper € 66,-/US$ 89,- John M. Jeep: Heinrich von Veldeke’s Eneas and the Tradition of the Alliterating Word-Pair
ISBN: 978-90-420-2934-7 Helmut Beifuss: Wirnts von Gravenberc Wigalois. Ein Artusroman konzipiert als dichterische
E-book € 66,-/US$ 89,- Auseinandersetzung mit den politischen Wirren seiner Zeit
Annelies Roeleveld: The Holy Rood in the Netherlands and North Germany. A comparative study
of nine Middle Dutch and two Middle Low German recensions of the legend about the Provenance
of the Cross
Erika Langbroek: Die Kreuzholzlegende im ‘Hartebok’ und ihre Verwandten
Elly Vijfvinkel: Lehrer und Propheten im Luzerner Osterspiel

Companion to Empire
A Genealogy of the Written Word in Spain and New Spain,
c.550 – 1550
David Rojinsky
(Foro Hispánico 37)

This volume traces a genealogy of the varied conceptions and functions of alphabetic writing
in Hispanic cultures of the pre-modern and early colonial periods. The historical junctures
Amsterdam/New York, NY selected are those at which the written word (in grammatical, historical and legal discourse)
2010 assumed increased ideological importance for bolstering different kinds of ‘imperial’ power.
300 pp. In effect, Companion to Empire posits a constellation of historical scenarios, rather
ISBN: 978-90-420-2866-1 than a singular mythical origin, in which the alliance between writing and imperium might
Paper € 60,-/US$ 81,-
be discerned. The corpus of primary texts considered in the volume derives from works by
ISBN: 978-90-420-2867-8
E-book € 60,-/US$ 81,- foundational figures in the history of pre-modern language theories (Isidore of Seville,
Alfonso X the Wise, Antonio de Nebrija) and from those identified with the early
transatlantic expansion of alphabetic writing (Peter Martyr D’Anghiera, Bernardino de
Sahagún, Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán). By reading these canonical texts against the grain, the
author avoids the totalizing gesture of histories of the language, and instead focuses upon the
relationship between prestige written languages, the creation of a ‘literate mentality’ and the
need to consolidate imperium on both sides of the Atlantic. Companion to Empire
will thus be of interest to those adopting a ‘post-philological’ approach to Hispanic
Studies, as well as those interested in medieval and transatlantic imperium studies.

Studies in Germanic, Indo-European and
Frederik Kortlandt
(Leiden Studies in Indo-European 17)

The red thread which runs through this book is a quest for relative chronology of linguistic
developments. The probability of a reconstruction can be judged against the background of the
transitions which it implies for the linguistic system as a whole. The reconstructions are always
bottom-up, never top-down. It follows that the chapters on Germanic can be read without reference
Amsterdam/New York, NY to the Indo-European background and that the Indo-Uralic part of the book can be left out of
2010 consideration if one does not want to look beyond Proto-Indo-European.
XII, 534 pp. The initial chapters of the book offer an introduction to the background and methodology of
ISBN: 978-90-420-3135-7 the reconstructions with a discussion of the spread of the Indo-Europeans, the role of general
Bound € 110,-/US$ 149,- linguistics in linguistic reconstruction, the nature of mixed languages, the origin of the Goths,
ISBN: 978-90-420-3136-4 the relations between Indo-European, Uralic and Caucasian languages, and the structure and
E-book € 110,-/US$ 149,- development of Proto-Indo-European. The following chapters deal with the phonology and
morphosyntax of Indo-European, Greek, Indo-Iranian and Tocharian. These are followed by
a discussion of Germanic phonology, verb classes, verbal and nominal inflexion, and specific
issues in English, German and Scandinavian languages. After a short treatment of Albanian,
Armenian, Balto-Slavic and Italo-Celtic topics, the volume is concluded with a discussion of
Anatolian and Indo-Uralic phonology and morphosyntax. The book is of interest to students of
Germanic, Indo-European and historical linguistics.
The author is Professor of descriptive and comparative linguistics at the University of Leiden
in the Netherlands. He has published widely on Germanic, Celtic, Baltic, Slavic, Armenian
and other languages and on linguistic theory. His publications include Modelling the phoneme
(1972), Slavic accentuation (1975), Armeniaca (2003), Italo-Celtic origins and prehistoric
development of the Irish language (2007), Baltica & Balto-Slavica (2009), and numerous articles
in Historische Sprachforschung, Journal of Indo-European Studies, North-Western European
Language Evolution, Amsterdamer Beiträge zur älteren Germanistik, Baltistica, Studies in Slavic
and General Linguistics, Ériu, Lingua, and other journals and edited volumes.

Aspectos de la neología en el Siglo de Oro

Lengua general y lenguajes especializados
Editado por Robert Verdonk y Maria Jesús Mancho Duque
(Foro Hispánico 41)

Últimamente las investigaciones diacrónicas sobre la formación léxica en español están

cobrando un nuevo impulso gracias a la creación de grandes bancos de datos electrónicos.
A base de estos nuevos recursos, trece especialistas contribuyen en este volumen a un
conocimiento más profundo de los principales procedimientos para crear nuevas unidades en
Amsterdam/New York, NY el léxico español del Siglo de Oro: por una parte, la aplicación de unos mecanismos internos
de formación (morfológicos, sintácticos o semánticos) y, por otra, la incorporación de voces
352 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-3117-3 procedentes de otras lenguas (vivas o muertas).
Paper € 70,-/US$ 95,- José Ramón Carriazo y Patricia Giménez Eguibar abren el diálogo con una reflexión crítica
ISBN: 978-90-420-3118-0 sobre los procesos de sustitución léxica en el tecnolecto naval del Siglo de Oro. A lo largo
E-book € 70,-/US$ 95,- de los siete capítulos que siguen, vemos desfilar toda la gama de proce-dimientos para la
formación de nuevo vocabulario técnico en los tecnolectos del Siglo de Oro: la medicina
(Bertha M. Gutiérrez Rodilla), la astronomía y la cosmografía (Francisco M. Carriscon-do),
el derecho penal (Rafael García Pérez), las finanzas (Josefa Gómez de Enterría), la navegación
(Mª. Lourdes García-Macho), las matemáticas (Mª. Jesús Mancho) y la economía (Mariano
Quirós García).
Las cinco últimas contribuciones tratan de diversos aspectos de la neología léxica en la
lengua general del Siglo de Oro: el proceso de lexicalización que experimenta (o no) una
unidad léxica durante el periodo neológico posterior a su creación (Alberto Anula), la postura
de Sebastián de Covarrubias frente a la innovación léxica a través de los comentarios que
sobre el fenómeno aparecen en su Tesoro (Gloria Clavería Nadal), la confrontación de una
muestra del Dictionarium Latino-Lusitanicum de Jerónimo Cardoso con su modelo, el
Lexicon de Elio Antonio de Nebrija (Germán Colón), el análisis del neologis-mo amén de
supuestamente atribuido a Cervantes (Rosa María Espinosa) y el estudio de una serie de
palabras documentadas en la traducción al español de la enciclopedia medieval Proprietates
rerum domini bartholomei anglici con el fin de determinar si responden a la traducción, a la
creación léxica o al préstamo (Enrique Jiménez Ríos).

Wissen, Freiheit, Geschichte. Die Philosophie

Fichtes im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert
Bd. I: Haupt- und Abendvorträge, Sektion 1
Herausgegeben von Jürgen Stolzenberg und Oliver-Pierre Rudolph
unter Mitarbeit von Stefan Lang, Lars-Thade Ulrichs, Katja Crone und Danaë Seeber

(Fichte-Studien - Beiträge zur Geschichte und Systematik der Transzendentalphilosophie 35)

Amsterdam/New York, NY Siglenverzeichnis
2010 Vorwort
X, 524 pp. Jürgen Stolzenberg: Einleitung:Wissen, Freiheit, Geschichte. Die Philosophie Fichtes im 19. und
ISBN: 978-90-420-2758-9 20. Jahrhundert
Paper € 106,-/US$ 143,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-2759-6 Abendvortrag
E-book € 106,-/US$ 143,- Günter Zöller: Fichte und das Problem der Metaphysik

Andreas Arndt: Fichte und die Frühromantik (F. Schlegel, Schleiermacher)
Christoph Asmuth: Wie viele Welten braucht die Welt? Goodman, Cassirer, Fichte
Ulrich Barth: Emanuel Hirschs Deutung der Religionsphilosophie Fichtes
Hans Friedrich Fulda: Neufichteanismus in Rudolf Euckens Philosophie des Geisteslebens ?
Violetta L. Waibel: Fichte, Hardenberg, Sartre und die Freiheit
Jean-Christophe Goddard: Die beiden Fichtes des Bergsonismus
Marco Ivaldo: Fichte in Italien
Peter Dews: Nature and Subjectivity. Fichte’s Role in the Pippin/McDowell Debate in the Light
of his neo-Kantian Reception
Marion Heinz und Rainer Schäfer: Die Fichte-Rezeption im Nationalsozialismus am Beispiel
Bauchs und Gehlens
Erich Fuchs: Fichte – Stammvater des deutschen Nationalismus?
Konrad Cramer: Um einen nationalsozialistischen Fichte von Innen bittend. August Faust über
Fichte im Jahr 1938


Sektion 1: Philosophie des Geistes

Wilhelm Lütterfelds: Zur Dekonstruktion von Kompromissen. Der »Dritte Grundsatz« der
»Wissenschaftslehre« – eine Strategie der Konfliktlösung?
Yukio Irie: Eine Aporie der Fichteschen Wissenschaftslehre – Einige Schwierigkeiten mit der
intellektuellen Anschauung
R.V. Khanova: Die transzendentale Dimension des Geistes und das Fichtesche »absolute Ich«
Makoto Takada: Zum intersubjektiven Verständnis des Ich in der Wissenschaftslehre nova
Dietmar H. Heidemann: Fichte and the Dream Argument
Lars-Thade Ulrichs: Die Odyssee des Geistes durch die Natur. Die Geschichte des
Selbstbewusstseins und der Roman um 1800
Smail Rapic: Meads Fichte-Rezeption in sprachanalytischer Perspektive
Isabelle Thomas-Fogiel: Fichte and Austin
Carlos Oliveira: Habermas’ Fichte- und Henrich-Kritik im Lichte der Zukunft der Metaphysik
Teresa Pedro: Tugendhats Kritik an Fichtes Auffassung des Selbstbewusstseins
Katja Crone: Subjektivität als logische Forderung – Fichte und Searle
Stefan Lang: Fichte in der analytischen Philosophie. Robert Nozicks Rezeption von Fichtes
intellektueller Anschauung
Max Marcuzzi: Fichte in der aktuellen Debatte um das Leib-Seele-Problem

Containing (Un)American Bodies

Race, Sexuality, and Post-9/11 Constructions of Citizenship
Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo and Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo
(Value Inquiry Book Series 219)

“The authors argue that queer, black, brown, and foreign bodies, and the so-called threats
they represent, such as immigration reform and same-sex marriage, have been effectively
linked with terrorism. These awful conflations… are enduring and help to explain the
contradictions of contemporary U.S. politics. We are far from a post post-9/11
Amsterdam/New York, NY world.”
Ronald R. Sundstrom, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, The University of
XIV, 120 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-3024-4 San Francisco, United States
Paper € 27,-/US$ 36,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-3025-1 “If you want to understand how a new biopolitics of citizenship is containing bodies of the
E-book € 27,-/US$ 36,- nation by re-inscribing sex and race into it and how this new biopolitics is being resisted
you must read this book.”
Engin F. Isin, Professor, Department of Politics and International Studies, The Open
University, United Kingdom

Grazer Philosophische Studien, Vol. 80 - 2010
International Journal for Analytic Philosophy
Edited by Johannes L. Brandl, Marian David, Maria E. Reicher and
Leopold Stubenberg
Inhaltsverzeichnis/Table of Contents
Massimiliano Vignolo: Why Non-Factualists Should Love Conceptual Role Semantics
Jeffrey Goodman: Fictionalia as Modal Artifacts
Alberto Voltolini: Against Against Fictional Realism
Roderick Batchelor: Grounds and Consequences
Amsterdam/New York, NY Timm Lampert and Michael Baumgartner: The Problem of Validity Proofs
2010 Ish Haji: On the Direct Argument for the Incompatibility of Determinism and Moral Responsibility
IV, 347 pp. Matthias Neuber: Philosophie der modernen Physik – Philipp Frank und Abel Rey
ISBN: 978-90-420-2979-8 Nicola Mössner: Testimoniale Akte neu definiert – ein zentrales Problem des Zeugnisses Anderer
Paper € 70,-/US$ 95,- Simon Dierig: Goldmans Scheunen-Beispiel und das Problem der Vereinbarkeit von Externalismus
ISBN: 978-90-420-2980-4 und Selbstkenntnis
E-book € 70,-/US$ 95,- Diskussionen/Discussions
Essay-Wettbewerb/Essay Competition
Besprechungen/Review Essays
Buchnotizen/Critical Notes
Eingelangte Bücher/Books Received

New Perspectives on Concepts

Edited by Julia Langkau and Christian Nimtz
(Grazer Philosophische Studien – International Journal for Analytic
Philosophy 81)
Much recent work on concepts has been inspired by and developed within the bounds of the
representational theory of the mind often taken for granted by philosophers of mind,
cognitive scientists, and psychologists alike. The contributions to this volume take a more
encompassing perspective on the issue of concepts. Rather than modelling details of our
representational architecture in line with the dominant paradigm, they explore three
traditional issues concerning concepts. Is mastery of a language necessary for thought? Do
Amsterdam/New York, NY concepts reduce to abilities? Is the analysis of concepts a viable means to ascertain truths
2010 from the proverbial armchair? An introductory essay provides a rough geography of key ideas
VII, 257 pp. and issues shaping the overall debate on concepts within contemporary philosophy.
ISBN: 978-90-420-3018-3
Paper € 53,-/US$ 72,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-3019-0
E-book € 53,-/US$ 72,-

A Lab of My Own

Neena B. Schwartz
(Value Inquiry Book Series 212)

What was it like to be a woman scientist battling the “old boy’s” network during the 1960s
and 1970s? Neena Schwartz, a prominent neuroendocrinologist at Northwestern University,
tells all. She became a successful scientist and administrator at a time when few women
entered science and fewer succeeded in establishing independent laboratories. She describes
her personal career struggles, and those of others in academia, as well as the events which
lead to the formation of the Association of Women in Science, and Women in
Amsterdam/New York, NY
2010 Endocrinology, two national organizations, which have been successful in increasing the
XX, 307 pp. Ill. numbers of women scientists and their influence in their fields.
ISBN: 978-90-420-2737-4 The book intersperses this socio-political story with an account of Schwartz’s personal life
Paper € 25,-/US$ 34,- as a lesbian and a description of her research on the role of hormones in regulating
ISBN: 978-90-420-2738-1 reproductive cycles. In a chapter titled “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” she examines the
E-book € 25,-/US$ 34,- “evidence” from a scientist’s point of view for the hormonal and genetic theories for
homosexuality. Other chapters provide advice on mentoring young scientists and a discourse
on why it matters to all of us to have more women doing and teaching science. She also
describes the process of putting together an interdisciplinary Center on Reproductive Science
at Northwestern, which brought together basic and clinical scientists in an internationally
recognized program of research and practice.

“An account of her pioneering career in endocrinology, Neena Schwartz, scientist, mentor,
feminist, and lesbian, empowers women and gays to enter science. A candid saga of
academic life in the closet ending with a coming out story by a “Lifetime Mentor” of the
AAAS. Neena Schwartz wanted to change the world—she did! ”
Adele E. Clarke, Adjunct Professor of History of Health Sciences, UC San Francisco

“Vibrant views from the full arc of a woman scientist’s career; not just climbing a rainbow,
but creating it from storms and light, descending toward the gold of shared wisdom under a
triple-rainbow of science, love, and womanhood.”
Martha McClintock, David Lee Shillinglaw Distinguished Service Professor in Psychology,
University of Chicago

“A remarkable description of life spent in academia—research, mentoring, academic politics,

the feminist movement—and insight into Neena’s personal life rounds out the picture of a
true giant of neuroedocrinology in the twentieth century. ”
Jean D. Wilson, Charles Cameron Sprague Distinguished Chair in Biomedical Science,
Southwestern Medical Center

Arguments and Analysis in Bioethics

Edited by Matti Häyry, Tuija Takala, Peter Herissone-Kelly and

Gardar Árnason

(Value Inquiry Book Series 214)

Is there any justification for the common practice of allocating expensive medical resources to
rescue a few from rare diseases, when those resources could be used to treat devastating
diseases that affect the many? Does the use of Prozac and other anti-depressants make us
inauthentic beings? Is it immoral and irrational to have children?
Amsterdam/New York, NY What is the force of examples and counterexamples in bioethics? What are the relevance of
2010 moral intuition and the role of empirical evidence in bioethical argument? What notion of
XV, 304 pp. “function” underlies accounts of the distinction between normality and disease and between
ISBN: 978-90-420-2802-9 therapy and enhancement? Is there an inherent conflict between research aimed at therapy and
Paper € 64,-/US$ 86,-
research aimed at gaining knowledge, such that the very notion of “therapeutic research” is
ISBN: 978-90-420-2803-6
E-book € 64,-/US$ 86,- an oxymoron?
The twenty-one chapters in this volume strive, through the use of high quality argument and
analysis, to get a good deal clearer concerning a range of issues in bioethics, and a
range of issues about bioethics. The essays are provocative, indeed, some quite
radical and disturbing, as they call into question many common methodological and
substantive assumptions in bioethics.

Hope Against Hope

Philosophies, Cultures and Politics of Possibility and Doubt
Edited by Janet Horrigan and Ed Wiltse
(At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries 67)

In September 2006, when 45 scholars and activists from 19 countries around the world
gathered amid the spires and gargoyles of Oxford for a conference entitled, “Hope: Probing
the Boundaries,” complex dialectics of hope and despair circulated through the meeting
rooms by day, and the conversations in quadrangles and pubs late into the night. On the
Amsterdam/New York, NY one hand, the remarkable social and political openings and possibilities of the previous
2010 decade, from Berlin to Johannesburg, Leningrad to the Lacandon jungle of Chiapas, seemed
XIV, 221 pp.
to be ever-more constrained by political and economic forces as brutal as those that preceded
ISBN: 978-90-420-3009-1
Paper € 47,-/US$ 63,- them, but, on the other hand, there were (and are) the Zapatistas and a thousand other
ISBN: 978-90-420-3010-7 movements persisting in the belief that, to echo the mantra of the World Social Forums,
E-book € 47,-/US$ 63,- “another world is possible,” and there we were from around the world, to do the work of
theorizing, describing, and enacting the persistence of individual and collective hope despite
grim realities. The essays developed from that conference and collected here reflect both the
theoretical and philosophical underpinnings and the cultural and political praxes of “hope
against hope.”

Managing Environmental Justice

Edited by Dennis Pavlich

(At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries 62)

Environmental justice is the subtext of this collection of anxieties around the need for a
sustainable future on Planet Earth. Thinkers and scholars from a diversity of backgrounds
reflect on what it means and how cultures must change to greet this future. From Romania to
Mexico, Bosnia to Canada, Sweden to California authors analyze and recount community
experiences and expectations leading to justice for land, sea, air and wildlife. The kind of
Amsterdam/New York, NY ethical weltanschauung for a society in which this kind of justice is achievable is
2010 suggested. The collection points to the myriad of single instance decisions that we must all
XIII, 274 pp. make in living our daily lives whether in our homes, workplaces or leisure time. From good
ISBN: 978-90-420-2937-8 policies to sound management, governments, corporations and community-based
Paper € 58,-/US$ 78,- organizations will find prudent praxis from cover to cover.
ISBN: 978-90-420-2938-5
E-book € 58,-/US$ 78,-

African Ethics
Gikuyu Traditional Morality
Hannah Wangeci Kinoti

Edited by G. Wakuraya Wanjohi with the assistance of Gerald J. Wanjohi

(Studien zur interkulturellen Philosophie - Studies in Intercultural Philosophy - Etudes de

philosophie interculturelle 19)

African Ethics: Gikuyu Traditional Morality by Hannah Kinoti was prompted by the
Amsterdam/New York, NY author’s concern about the decline of moral standards among the Gikuyu in modern Kenya.
2010 Western education and increased interaction with other cultures had made the society more
286 pp. complex and sophisticated. At the same time, social evils like corruption, robbery,
ISBN: 978-90-420-3088-6
prostitution, broken homes and sexual promiscuity were on the increase. “While this is
Paper € 57,-/US$ 77,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-3089-3 happening,” says the author, “African culture is often referred to in the past tense as if it is
E-book € 57,-/US$ 77,- no longer relevant.” She wished to discover what were the virtues that, prior to the
introduction of western civilization, held society together and formed the basis of its
morality. She decided to examine some of the key virtues (honesty, generosity, justice,
courage and temperance) that were highly valued in traditional Gikuyu culture. She then
compared the understanding and practice of these virtues by three groups: old people (who
had had first-hand experience of traditional life), middle-aged people and young people.
The results of this study should appeal to researchers and teachers of African traditions,
culture, religion and ethics. Equally, students of comparative ethics should find this a
valuable source of information on traditional ways of maintaining behaviour that made for
harmony in society. Young Africans wishing to get a deeper understanding of their roots
should also find this work of great interest.

For Our Children
The Ethics of Animal Experimentation in the Age of Genetic
Anders Nordgren

(Value Inquiry Book Series 215)

This book provides an overview of different ethical views on animal experimentation.

Special attention is given to the production and experimental use of genetically modified
animals. It proposes a middle course between those positions that are very critical and those
very positive. This middle course implies that animal experiments originating in vital
Amsterdam/New York, NY
human research interests are commonly justified, provided that animal welfare is taken
seriously. Some animal experiments are not acceptable, since the expected human benefit is
IX, 198 pp.
too low and the animal suffering too severe. This position is supported by an argument from
ISBN: 978-90-420-2804-3
species care according to which we have special obligations to our children and other
Paper € 42,-/US$ 57,-
humans due to special relations. The book tries to bridge the gap between animal ethics and
ISBN: 978-90-420-2805-0
animal welfare science by discussing various conceptions of animal welfare:
E-book € 42,-/US$ 57,-
function-centered, feeling-based, and those focusing on natural living. The theoretical
starting-point is “imaginative casuistry.” This approach stresses the role of moral
imagination and metaphor in ethical deliberation, accepts a plurality of values, and
recognizes the importance of case-by-case balancing. In the discussion of genetically modified
animals, both intrinsic ethical concerns and animal welfare concerns are addressed.

“This book should appeal to a broad range of readers interested in the ethics of animal
experimentation. It is particularly appropriate for scientists and others who have a limited
background in the various philosophical positions used to criticize or support animal
research. … The presentation is lucid and refreshingly nontechnical. … Nordgren stresses
the “3Rs” of animal experimentation: “replacement, reduction, and refinement.” …
CHOICE – July 2010, Vol. 47 No. 11

In the Pursuit of Excellence
Edited by James R. Watson
(Value Inquiry Book Series 216)

If philosophy addresses concrete ethical challenges, then what shifts in basic

concepts must be made to the discipline in the darkness of our genocidal world? What
anti-genocidal strains are in Western philosophy? Are we “really” rejects and/ or “still of
intrinsic worth” when we fail our excellence tests? How are we represented and how do we
Amsterdam/New York, NY participate in representations? Are representational forms historical in origin and
development? Is genocide indissolubly linked to our degradation and destruction of
IX, 314 pp. Illustrated.
animals? Can one slaughter and eat one’s partners in a social bond? If so, what does this tell
ISBN: 978-90-420-2853-1
Paper € 65,-/US$ 88,- us about the socio-political world we have formed? Is there a deep center—metacide—in our
ISBN: 978-90-420-2854-8 culture from which genocide receives its impulse? These are some of the pivotal questions
E-book € 65,-/US$ 88,- addressed in the thirteen thought-provoking essays of this volume.

Theologie im Transzensus
Die Wissenschaftslehre als Grundlagentheorie einer
transzendentalen Fundamentaltheologie in Johann Gottlieb
Fichtes »Principien der Gottes- Sitten- und Rechtslehre«
von 1805
Mathias Müller
(Fichte-Studien-Supplementa 25)
Amsterdam/New York, NY
2010 Der Philosoph Johann Gottlieb Fichte (1762–1814) gilt mit seiner sogenannten
XI, 457 pp. ›Wissenschaftslehre‹ als einer der bedeutendsten Vertreter einer transzendentalen Theorie über
ISBN: 978-90-420-3125-8 – modern gesprochen – Wissenschaftstheorie. Könnten so seine Entdeckungen nicht auch für
Paper € 94,-/US$ 127,- die Theologie systematische Bedeutung haben, insbesondere in der Frage, ob diese selber
ISBN: 978-90-420-3126-5 eine Wissenschaft sein kann?
E-book € 94,-/US$ 127,- Mathias Müller versucht anhand einer systematischen Konstruktionsanalyse von Fichtes
Schrift »Die Principien der Gottes- Sitten- u. Rechtslehre. Februar und März 1805« zu zeigen,
dass und wie in der Wissenschaftslehre diese selber eine Grundlegung bildet, die als eine
Grundlagentheorie der Theologie eingesehen werden kann.
Mittels des Modells des ›Transzensus‹ wird versucht, einen für das transzendentale Ich
gangbaren Weg nachzuzeichnen und anzubieten, um so – performativ erlebbar – die
Wissenschaftlichkeit einer Theologie als transzendentale Fundamentaltheologie zu erschliessen.

Fichte, German Idealism, and Early Romanticism

Edited by Daniel Breazeale and Tom Rockmore
(Fichte-Studien-Supplementa 24)

This volume of 23 previously unpublished essays explores the relationship between the
philosophy of J.G. Fichte and that of other leading thinkers associated with German Idealism
and the early Romantic movement. Several papers explore the broader question of Fichte’s
relationship and contribution to “German idealism” and “German romanticism” in general,
while others offer comparative studies of the relationship between Fichte’s writings and those
of Leibniz, Kant, Schelling, Hegel, Friedrich Schlegel, Novalis, Schleiermacher, and
Amsterdam/New York, NY Wilhelm von Humboldt.
2010 Taken collectively, this set of essays provides anglophone readers with a new and
VII, 386 pp.
historically accurate understanding of the origin, development, and reception of Fichte’s
ISBN: 978-90-420-3011-4
Paper € 79,-/US$ 107,- philosophy in the context of its own era and in relationship to the most important
ISBN: 978-90-420-3012-1 intellectual movements of the time. The authors include both well established and
E-book € 79,-/US$ 107,- internationally recognized experts in their fields as well as younger scholars with fresh and
challenging perspectives to offer.
This volume proposes a new interpretation of the history of German idealism in general and
of the place therein of Fichte’s Wissenschaftslehre. It emphasizes the intimate
connection between “transcendental idealism” and “German romanticism” and shows how
developments within each of these intellectual movements reflected and in turn influenced
developments within the other. Finally, it sheds new light on Fichte’s own philosophical
development and does so by relating the various stages of his writings to other contemporary
movements and authors.
The Methodology of Maurice Hauriou
Legal, Sociological, Philosophical
Christopher Berry Gray
(Value Inquiry Book Series 218)

This book shows that Hauriou’s positivist and pragmatic jurisprudence and social theory, as
well as their application to the study of institutions, is satisfactorily supported by his
idealistic philosophy. The nine chapters first locate Hauriou’s influences, then situate his
disciplinary methodologies within methodology in general. The central chapters concern
Amsterdam/New York, NY each of the three methodologies in turn.
XVI, 242 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-3007-7
Paper € 52,-/US$ 70,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-3008-4
E-book € 52,-/US$ 70,-

Promoting and Producing Evil

Edited by Nancy Billias

(At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries 63)

The essays in this volume provide rich fodder for reflection on topics that are of urgent
interest to all thinking people. Each one suggests new ways to contemplate our own role(s)
in the production and promotion of evil. The authors encourage the reader to be challenged,
outraged, and disturbed by what you read here. The eighth gathering of Global Perspectives
on Evil and Human Wickedness, which took place in Salzburg in March 2007, provided a
look at evil past, present, and future, from a broad spectrum of disciplinary perspectives.
Amsterdam/New York, NY
2010 Papers were presented on the Holocaust, genocide, violence, sadism, pædophilia, physical,
XIX, 308 pp. verbal, and visual weapons of mass destruction, and on the effects of a variety of media on
ISBN: 978-90-420-2939-2 our apperception of and responses to evil. One of the overarching themes that emerged was
Paper €66,-/US$92,- the ethical role of the observer or witness to evil, the sense that all of our writings are, in an
ISBN: 978-90-420-2940-8 echo of Thomas Merton’s salient phrase, the conjectures of guilty bystanders. The notion of
E-Book €66,-/US$92,- complicity was examined from a number of angles, and imbued the gathering with a sense of
urgency: that our common goal was to engender change by raising awareness of the
countless and ubiquitous ways in which evil can be actively or passively carried on and
promoted. The papers selected for this volume provide a representative sample of the lively,
provocative, and often disturbing discussions that took place over the course of that
conference. This volume also contains a few papers from a sister conference, Cultures of
Violence, which was held in Oxford in 2004. These papers have been included here because
of their striking relevance to the themes that emerged in the Evil conference of 2007.

Fear Itself
Reasoning the Unreasonable
Edited by Stephen Hessel and Michèle Huppert
(At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries 61)

What are fear, horror, and terror? This question, central to our endeavour, cannot be
answered by one unified voice. It always cracks, falters, and fades before it can fully enunciate
its proclamation. We, the authors, know this and have planned accordingly.
This volume presents meditations on this issue springing from the four corners of
Amsterdam/New York, NY intellectual inquiry. Each author provides a distinctive approach with which to address the
issue at hand. Literary theory, psychoanalysis, media studies, political science, and many
XIII, 178 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-2806-7 more disciplines occupy the same space between the covers of this book. We hope that
Paper € 38,-/US$ 51,- through the cacophony of our diversity we will fill in the inevitable gaps when our voices
ISBN: 978-90-420-2807-4 fall short.
E-book € 38,-/US$ 51,-

Essays in the Philosophy and History of Logic

and Mathematics
Roman Murawski

Foreword by Jan Wolenski

(Poznań Studies in the Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities 98)

The book is a collection of the author’s selected works in the philosophy and history of
logic and mathematics. Papers in Part I include both general surveys of contemporary
Amsterdam/New York, NY philosophy of mathematics as well as studies devoted to specialized topics, like Cantor’s
2010 philosophy of set theory, the Church thesis and its epistemological status, the history of the
343 pp. philosophical background of the concept of number, the structuralist epistemology of
ISBN: 978-90-420-3090-9
mathematics and the phenomenological philosophy of mathematics. Part II contains essays
Bound € 69,-/US$ 93,-
in the history of logic and mathematics. They address such issues as the philosophical
ISBN: 978-90-420-3091-6
E-book € 69,-/US$ 93,- background of the development of symbolism in mathematical logic, Giuseppe Peano and
his role in the creation of contemporary logical symbolism, Emil L. Post’s works in
mathematical logic and recursion theory, the formalist school in the foundations of
mathematics and the algebra of logic in England in the 19th century. The history of
mathematics and logic in Poland is also considered.
This volume is of interest to historians and philosophers of science and mathematics as well
as to logicians and mathematicians interested in the philosophy and history of their fields

Beyond Metaphysics?
Explorations in Alfred North Whitehead’s Late Thought
Edited by Roland Faber, Brian G. Henning, Clinton Combs
(Value Inquiry Book Series 220)

(Contemporary Whitehead Studies, A special series in the Value Inquiry Book Series)

Alfred North Whitehead’s interpreters usually pay less attention to his later monographs and
essays. Process and Reality is taken to be the definitive center of the Whiteheadian universe and
the later works, thereby, appear to many only as applications or elaborations of themes already
Amsterdam/New York, NY introduced earlier. Yet, is it also possible that the dominance of this perspective has obscured
2010 or even distorted further creative developments of Whitehead’s thought? This volume offers a
XVII, 340 pp. sort of Copernican revolution in Whitehead interpretation, methodologically and conceptually
ISBN: 978-90-420-3121-0 inviting its contributors to observe Whitehead’s work from the perspective of his later works.
Paper € 72,-/US$ 97,- The aim of this preferencing is meant not to invalidate earlier approaches to Whitehead’s thought
ISBN: 978-90-420-3122-7 nor is the inference that the later works are more authoritative. Yet, just as the first space-based
E-book € 72,-/US$ 97,- images of our planet forever changed humanity’s understanding of its place in the universe,
shifting the alleged center of, or even decentering of the view on, Whitehead’s “philosophy of
organism” to the later works, we might discover previously obscured ideas or new vistas of
thought relevant not only to our current philosophical landscape, but also to the pressing issues
of our fragile and endangered world. This volume invites its contributors and readers to consider
whether one thereby also moves beyond metaphysics?

Selected Papers
Vasily Sesemann

Edited by Mykolas Drunga and Leonidas Donskis

Translated from Lithuanian by Mykolas Drunga. Introduced by Arunas Sverdiolas

(On the Boundary of Two Worlds: Identity, Freedom, and Moral Imagination in the Baltics 21)

The Baltic philosopher Vasily Sesemann (1884-1963), rooted in the Classics and influenced
but not dominated by Kant, Herder, Bergson, Husserl, and Lossky, was a first-rate scholar in
Amsterdam/New York, NY
2010 the fields of aesthetics, epistemology, logic, and history of philosophy. But he is still
XXXIII, 88 pp. relatively unknown internationally because he wrote mostly in Lithuanian and some of his
ISBN: 978-90-420-2825-8 many works are only now being translated into English. This successor volume to his
Paper € 24,-/US$ 32,- Aesthetics collects eight noteworthy essays, ranging from the scholarly to the popular, on
ISBN: 978-90-420-2826-5 aesthetics, aesthetic education, national culture, and theory of knowledge. They reveal a
E-book € 24,-/US$ 32,- sympathetic and responsive mind equally at home in Ancient Greek and modern French,
German, and Russian philosophy; and capable both of untendentiously expounding their
dominant ideas and fruitfully anticipating newer developments even as the latter began
to take shape in early-to-mid-20th-century Western European philosophy. Hallmarks of
Sesemann’s thought are the Heraclitean preference for becoming (dynamism, change) over
being (stasis, timelessness) and the idea that any culture, in order to survive and grow, must
be intellectually deep and open to foreign influences. This insight has crucial relevance to
the debates about multiculturalism today.

Positive Peace
Reflections on Peace Education, Nonviolence, and Social
Edited by Andrew Fitz-Gibbon

With a Guest Foreword by Arun Gandhi

(Value Inquiry Book Series 217)

Amsterdam/New York, NY Positive Peace is a scholarly and creative compilation of articles on peace education,
2010 nonviolence and social change. Arun Gandhi (grandson of Mahatma Gandhi) sets the scene
XXII, 183 pp. in his introduction with the challenge that positive peace is both a resisting of the physical
ISBN: 978-90-420-2991-0 violence of war and the passive violence of the psychological structures that lead to conflict.
Paper € 41,-/US$ 55,- Peace education rises to meet that challenge. In twelve chapters, philosophers and educators
ISBN: 978-90-420-2992-7
look at a variety of topics from Gandhian nonviolence, to pragmatic conflict solving; hope
E-book € 41,-/US$ 55,-
and the ethics of belief, to the way we use violent language; mothering and peace activism,
ISBN: 978-90-420-3112-8 to multiculturalism and peace. Recurring themes are: pragmatic nonviolence, the ethics of
Textbook € 20,-/US$ 27,- care as an antidote to violence, and hope in a violent world. Chapters on the use of film in
Minimum order 10 copies peace education, song and nonviolent activism, and teaching art history and peace,
demonstrate pragmatic possibilities for would-be peace educators. Arun Gandhi in his
introduction asks, “For generations human beings have strived to attain peace, but with
little or no success. … Why is peace so illusive? Is it unattainable? Are humans incapable
of living in peace?” This book suggests that peace education has a large part to play. It is an
important attempt to begin to meet the challenge.

A Companion to Heidegger’s Phenomenology

of Religious Life

Edited by S.J. McGrath and Andrzej Wiercinski

(Elementa - Schriften zur Philosophie und ihrer Problemgeschichte 80)

In the academic year 1920-1921 at the University of Freiburg, Martin Heidegger gave a series
of lectures on the phenomenological significance of the religious thought of St.
Paul and St. Augustine. The publication of these lectures in 1995 settled a long disputed
Amsterdam/New York, NY question, the decisive role played by Christian theology in the development of Heidegger’s
2010 philosophy. The lectures present a special challenge to readers of Heidegger and theology
XIX, 375 pp. alike. Experimenting with language and drawing upon a wide range of now obscure authors,
ISBN: 978-90-420-3080-0 Heidegger is finding his way to Being and Time through the labyrinth of his
Paper € 80,-/US$ 108,- Catholic past and his increasing fascination with Protestant theology. A Companion to
ISBN: 978-90-420-3081-7 Heidegger’s Phenomenology of Religious Life is written by an international team of
E-book € 80,-/US$ 108,- Heidegger specialists.

Philosophy of Language and Other Matters in
the Work of Anton Marty
Analysis and Translations
Robin D. Rollinger
(Studien zur Österreichischen Philosophie 42)

One of the most important students of Franz Brentano was Anton Marty, who made it his
task to develop a philosophy of language on the basis of Brentano’s analysis of mind. It is
Amsterdam/New York, NY most unfortunate that Marty does not receive the attention he deserves, primarily due to his
2010 detailed and distracting polemics. In the analysis presented here his philosophy of language
XIV, 374 pp.
and other aspects of his thought, such as his ontology (which ultimately diverges from
ISBN: 978-90-420-3119-7
Brentano’s), are examined first and foremost in their positive rather than critical character.
Bound € 78,-/US$ 105,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-3120-3 The analysis is moreover supplemented by translations of four important works by Marty,
E-book € 78,-/US$ 105,- including his entire work On the Origin of Language. These are in fact the first
English translations of any substantial writings by him. The resulting picture that emerges
from the analysis and translations is that Marty has much to say that proves to be of
enduring interest for the philosophy of language on a range of topics, especially the meanings
of statements, of emotive expressions, and of names as regards both their communicative
and their ontological aspects. The volume will be of interest not only to philosophers and
historians of philosophy, but also to historians of linguistics and psychology.

Contemporary Pragmatism. Volume 7,

Number 1, June 2010
Edited by Mitchell Aboulafia and John R. Shook

John Dewey and The Public and Its Problems
Melvin L. Rogers: Introduction: Revisiting The Public and Its Problems
Eddie S. Glaude Jr.: The Problem of African American Public(s): Dewey and African American
Politics in the 21st Century
Eric MacGilvray: Dewey’s Public
James Bohman: Participating through Publics: Did Dewey answer Lippmann?
Amsterdam/New York, NY Melvin L. Rogers: Dewey and His Vision of Democracy
2010 Articles
VI, 195 pp. Robert Sinclair: Dewey, Religion, and the New Atheism
ISBN: 978-90-420-3123-4 Jeffrey Metzger: Richard Rorty’s Disenchanted Liberalism
Paper € 40,-/US$ 54,- Nick Rumens and Mihaela Kelemen: American Pragmatism and Feminism: Fresh Opportunities
ISBN: 978-90-420-3124-1 for Sociological Inquiry
E-book € 40,-/US$ 54,- Isabelle Peschard: Non-Passivity of Perceptual Experience
Matthew Burstein: Epistemological Behaviorism, Nonconceptual Content, and the Given
Subscriptions Book Reviews
one year - 2 issues - between 175 Jacquelyn Kegley: Review of David G. Schultenover, ed. The Reception of Pragmatism in France
& 225 pages per issue and the Rise of Roman Catholic Modernism, 1890-1914.

Individuals: € 38,-/$ 55,-

(Postage included)
Libraries: € 90,-/$ 130,-
plus postage € 12,-/$ 17,-
Intimacy and Isolation
Intimacy and Aloneness. A Multi-Volume Study in Philosophical Psychology. Volume One

John G. McGraw

(Value Inquiry Book Series 221)

This interdisciplinary book concerns personality, especially intimacy, principally love, and
its absence in states of aloneness, primarily loneliness. The author argues that normal and
preeminently supranormal personalities are chiefly constituted by intimate connections.
Amsterdam/New York, NY Correspondingly, he proposes that the serious shortage of such shared inwardness is the nucleus
2010 of every type of personal abnormality.
XIV, 467 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-3139-5
Bound € 96,-/US$ 130,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-3140-1
E-book € 96,-/US$ 130,-

Frontiers in Higher Education

Edited by Tom Claes and David Seth Preston

(At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries 72)

This latest edited book in the Idea of Education series, entitled ‘Frontiers in Higher
Education’, began its journey as working papers from an Inter-Disciplinary.Net
conference held in Budapest, Hungary in 2008. The conference was fortunate in that all
its delegates were committed to critical engagement and as a result the quality and quantity
of interaction between attendees was high. Some extremely important issues were raised and
Amsterdam/New York, NY engaged with collectively. Subsequent to the event in Budapest the editors actively
2010 encouraged an electronically-mediated on-going debate about the themes discussed in
X, 242 pp. Budapest. As a result all papers selected for this volume have undergone major
ISBN: 978-90-420-3096-1 transformation since first aired at the conference.
Paper € 50,-/US$ 68,- In making the final selection the editors were desirous of a work that had distinct
ISBN: 978-90-420-3097-8 clearly-recognisable themes where complementation and relevance was self-evident. There are
E-book € 50,-/US$ 68,- three main thematic sections in this volume: ‘Sociocultural Frontiers of Higher Education’
containing four chapters; ‘Limitations and Aspirations of the Academy’ comprising the six
chapters, and two innovative final chapters presenting and reflecting on aspects of the
‘Technological Frontiers of Higher Education.’
This book is aimed at researchers of topics such as the future of higher education,
globalisation and cultural and social frontiers of higher education and related fields

Learning and Teaching in a Metropolis

Edited by Lynn Ang, John Trushell and Patricia Walker

(At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries 60)

This book provides a valuable contribution to our thinking about education in a modern
metropolis. One of the strengths of this book is its diversity of topics which range from
research with young children to adult learners, and compulsory schooling to higher
education. The contributors are concerned with the particular demands of teaching and
learning in a diverse educational context such as East London and offer perceptive insights
Amsterdam/New York, NY into the complex issues that arise from this experience.
2010 This is a thought-provoking and highly informative publication of the research ideas and
IX, 242 pp. professional experiences of our current educators. The authors illustrate the rich experience of
ISBN: 978-90-420-2795-4 the ever-evolving field of education by bringing together research and observations from their
Paper € 50,-/US$ 68,- professional practice. Their aim is to support learning and teaching, through stimulating
ISBN: 978-90-420-2796-1 readers’ thinking about education, pedagogy, ways of learning, and the subjects that they
E-book € 50,-/US$ 68,- teach. Edited by three authors who have substantial experience in a wide range of educational
settings both nationally and internationally, this book is for students, academics, teacher
educators and all those who are involved in leading and delivering education in one way or

Illness in Context

Edited by Knut Stene-Johansen and Frederik Tygstrup

(At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries 65)

This book is a contribution to humanistic studies of illness. Medical humanities are by

nature cross-disciplinary, and in recent years studies in this field have been recognized as a
platform for dialogue between the “two cultures” of the natural sciences and the humanities.
Illness in Context is a result of an encounter of several disciplines, including
medicine, history and literature. The main stress is on the literary perspectives of the
Amsterdam/New York, NY interdisciplinary collaboration. The reading practices highlighting the clinical,
2010 phenomenological and archeological approaches to illness take as their point of departure the
VI, 247 pp. living text, that is, the literary experience mediated and created by the text. Literature is seen
ISBN: 978-90-420-2943-9 not solely as a medium for the representation of experiences of illness, but also as a
Paper € 50,-/US$ 68,- historical praxis involved in the forging of our common understanding of illness. In contrast
ISBN: 978-90-420-2944-6 to traditional literary analysis – primarily oriented toward the interpretation of the literary
E-book € 50,-/US$ 68,-
work’s meaning – the project will emphasize description and understanding of how literature
itself performs as a means of interpretation of reality. The target group for this book
comprises professionals in the various disciplines, and students of health and culture. The
ambition is to contribute to teaching in humanistic illness research, and function as a topical
resource book that formulates controversial problems in the crucial meeting of medicine and
the humanities.

Cold War in Psychiatry
Human Factors, Secret Actors
Robert van Voren
(On the Boundary of Two Worlds: Identity, Freedom, and Moral Imagination in the Baltics 23)

For 20 years Soviet psychiatric abuse dominated the agenda of the World Psychiatric
Association. It ended only after the Soviet Foreign Ministry intervened. Cold War in Psychiatry
tells the full story for the first time and from inside, among others on basis of extensive reports
by Stasi and KGB – who were the secret actors, what were the hidden factors?

Amsterdam/New York, NY Based on a wealth of new evidence and documentation as well as interviews with many of the
2010 main actors, including leading Western psychiatrists, Soviet dissidents and Soviet and East
XVIII, 512 pp. Illustrated. German key figures, the book describes the issue in all its complexity and puts it in a broader
ISBN: 978-90-420-3046-6 context. In the book opposite sides find common ground and a common understanding of what
Bound € 106,-/US$ 143,- actually happened.
ISBN: 978-90-420-3048-0
“The use of psychiatry to silence political dissenters was undoubtedly one of the most pernicious
Paper €40,-/US$52,-
sides of the Soviet regime. No wonder that the leaders of perestroika believed that stopping this
ISBN: 978-90-420-3047-3
criminal practice was one of the most urgent priorities. Robert van Voren’s book is the very first
E-book € 106,-/US$ 143,-
full investigation of this problem. I highly recommend this book.”

Anatoly Adamishin, former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR

“Robert van Voren writes history in an innovative, effective, and vivid way. He weaves into
the story of Western responses to the abuse of psychiatry in the USSR his probingly personal
interviews with key players. Apart from presenting a skillfully interwoven succession of personal
and institutional dramas, this book will also be valuable to students of the varied ways in which
international professional bodies succeed or fail at upholding ethical standards of behavior by
their members. In sum, this fast-paced and readable book combines the fruits of painstaking
archival research with episodes of high-voltage human interest. It’s hard to put down.”
Peter Reddaway, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, George Washington University

Memory, Mourning, Landscape

Edited by Elizabeth Anderson, Avril Maddrell, Kate McLoughlin

and Alana Vincent

(At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries 71)

This volume sheds twenty-first-century light on the charged interactions between memory,
mourning and landscape. A century after Freud, our understanding of how memory and
mourning function continues to be challenged, revised and refined. Increasingly, scholarly
attention is paid to the role of situation in memorialising, whether in commemorations of
Amsterdam/New York, NY individuals or in marking the mass deaths of late modern warfare and disasters. Memory,
2010 Mourning, Landscape offers the nuanced insights provided by interdisciplinarity in nine
XIV, 218 pp. essays by leading and up-and-coming academics from the fields of history, museum studies,
ISBN: 978-90-420-3086-2 literature, anthropology, architecture, law, geography, theology and archaeology. The vital
Paper € 46,-/US$ 62,-
visual element is reinforced with an illustrated coda by a practising artist. The result is a
ISBN: 978-90-420-3087-9
E-book € 46,-/US$ 62,- unique symbiotic dialogue which will speak to scholars from a range of disciplines.

Explorations of the Psychoanalytic Mystics

Dan Merkur
(Contemporary Psychoanalytic Studies 11)

Little discussed by psychoanalysts and almost unknown outside the profession, a small but
distinguished group of psychoanalysts were or are mystics: Otto Rank, Erich Fromm,
Marion Milner, D. W. Winnicott, Heinz Kohut, Hans W. Loewald, Wilfred R. Bion, James
S. Grotstein, Neville Symington, and Michael Eigen. All favoured an extrovertive
mysticism that perceives unity throughout physical reality. Several saw creativity as an
Amsterdam/New York, NY application of mystical consciousness to the physical material of artwork, artefact, or, more
2010 generally, culture.
IX, 395 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-2859-3
Bound € 80,-/US$ 108,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-2860-9
E-book € 80,-/US$ 108,-

ISBN: 978-90-420-2874-6
Textbook € 40,-/US$ 54,-
Minimum order 10 copies

Een waaier van gedachten over geloven -

Bibliography of Published Works by Hendrik
M. Vroom

Dirk van Keulen en Annewieke L. Vroom

Onder redactie van Henry Jansen en Gerald D. Gort

Amsterdam/New York, NY Geloven
2010 Heilige Schrift en hermeneutiek
IV, 120 pp. Gereformeerde oecumene
ISBN: 978-90-420-2871-5 Theologie der godsdiensten
Paper € 20,-/US$ 27,- Cultureel en politiek engagement
Annewieke L. Vroom, compiled by: Bibliography of Published Works by Hendrik M. Vroom
As Author
As Editor

Indigenous Apostles
Maya Catholic Catechists Working the Word in Highland
Ruth J. Chojnacki
(Studies in World Christianity and Interreligious Relations 46)

Indigenous Apostles tells the story of conversion to Catholicism and birth of new
ecclesial community with the arrival of Vatican II mission in Santa Maria Magdalenas, a
Amsterdam/New York, NY Tzotzil-speaking village in Mexico’s Maya highlands. In the state of Chiapas, the nation’s
2010 erratic advance into the global market beginning in the 1970s drove landless young
205 pp. Magdaleneros to search for alternatives to peasant peonage. A few became catechists in the
ISBN: 978-90-420-2872-2 Diocese of San Cristóbal de Las Casas. Cognitive entailments of newly-acquired biblical
Paper € 40,-/US$ 54,- literacy warranted the subsequent critique of local Tzotzil tradition – costumbre –
ISBN: 978-90-420-2873-9 through which they reclaimed their ancestral land. This ethnographic account of their
E-book € 40,-/US$ 54,- dialectical passage from the way of the ancestors to communion with the world Catholic
Church demonstrates local constraints on liberation mission strategy and the power of
indigenous agency in their own evangelization. It also points to the salience of place and
everyday productive practice for native construction of local theology in the context of the
new globalization.
The author’s considerable gift as a writer and admirable empathy with the subject and the
different (and opposing) actors are two notable qualities that make “Indigenous Apostles”
a compelling read. Revealing both the inner workings of Maya society and the research process
of a superb mind, this book deserves the widest possible readership. Jean Meyer, Centre for
Research and Teaching in Social Sciences, Mexico City.

Crossroad Discourses between Christianity and


Edited by Jerald D. Gort, Henry Jansen, and Wessel Stoker

(Currents of Encounter -Studies on the Contact between Christianity and Other Religions,
Beliefs, and Cultures 38)

Christianity exists in relation to and interacts with its cultural environment in a number of
ways. In this volume authors from a wide variety of backgrounds explore various facets of the
relationship and interaction of Christianity with its cultural environment: politics, society,
Amsterdam/New York, NY esthetics, religion and spirituality, and with itself. Divided into three main sections,
2010 Crossroad Discourses between Christianity and Culture looks at the interaction of
IX, 641 pp. Christianity with culture in the first section, with other religions and spiritualities in the
ISBN: 978-90-420-2865-4
second, and finally with itself in the third. The contributions engage in a critical
Paper € 60,-/US$ 81,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-2863-0 examination of not only the culture in which Christianity finds itself but also in a critical
Bound € 130,-/US$ 176,- examination of Christianity itself and its interaction with that culture.
ISBN: 978-90-420-2864-7 The editors hope that teachers, students, and readers in general will profit greatly from the
E-book € 130,-/US$ 176,- critical articles contained in this book.

Roots and Routes
Identity Construction and the Jewish-Christian-Muslim
Rachel Reedijk
(Currents of Encounter - Studies on the Contact between Christianity and Other Religions,
Beliefs, and Cultures 37)

Dialogue participants demonstrate strong motivations for contributing to interreligious dialogue,

based on a firm belief that encountering the other generates understanding – the contact thesis.
Amsterdam/New York, NY Interreligious dialogue meets with both suspicion and cynicism: the former because it may
2010 result in loss of identity, and the latter because important issues may be ignored. The hitherto
XV, 359 pp. unanswered question is how Jewish-Christian-Muslim dialogue affects the identities of its
ISBN: 978-90-420-2839-5
Paper € 75,-/US$ 101,-
In this study Rachel Reedijk analyses identity construction in an interreligious context against the
ISBN: 978-90-420-2840-1
backdrop of the dominant either/or discourse regarding religious diversity – and, for that matter,
E-book € 75,-/US$ 101,-
multiculturalism – in Western society. The conceptual framework of this study is constituted
by the debate on essentialism and constructivism in the social sciences. She argues that, under
ISBN: 978-90-420-2949-1
the right circumstances, interreligious dialogue can move beyond polemics and apologetics and
Textbook € 25,-/US$ 34,-
prepare the ground for understanding in the dual sense of prejudice reduction and interreligious
Minimum order 10 copies

Theology in intercultural Design / Theologie im

Zeichen der Interkulturalität
Interdisciplinary Challenges – Positions – Perspectives /
Interdisziplinäre Herausforderungen – Positionen – Perspektiven
Edited by Claude Ozankom and Chibueze Udeani
(Intercultural Theology and Study of Religions 3)

Amsterdam/New York, NY Among the consequences of the all engulfing process of globalisation is the experience that
2010 not only it promotes interdependence among peoples, folks, cultures and religions, but it
XII, 258 pp. also creates problems and tensions. The assignment of a thoughtful and practice-oriented
ISBN: 978-90-420-2969-9 accompanying of this development poses itself subsequently. From this background different
Paper € 54,-/US$ 73,- lectures are being conducted in different places; research initiatives as well as projects are
ISBN: 978-90-420-2970-5
started and executed while several publications are featuring. Visible here is the fact that
E-book € 54,-/US$ 73,-
although there abound rich reservoirs of knowledge, there is still no clarity as to the contents
and the theoretical and methodical contrasts that are yet to be examined.
Zu den Folgen des um sich greifenden Globalisierungsprozesses, zählt die Erfahrung, dass er
nicht nur die Interpendenz unter Menschen, Völkern, Kulturen und Religionen vorantreibt,
sondern auch Probleme und Spannungen auslöst. Diese Situation ist denkerisch und
praxisorientiert aufzuschließen. Es wurden an verschiedenen Standorten Lehrveranstaltungen
durchgeführt, Forschungsprojekte in Angriff genommen und Publikationen vorgelegt.
Auffällig hierbei ist: Obwohl der erreichte Wissensstand bereits reichhaltig ist, besteht keine
Klarheit hinsichtlich der zu untersuchenden Inhalte und der theoretischen und methodischen
Forgiveness in Perspective

Edited by Christopher R. Allers and Marieke Smit

(At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries 66)

Amidst the cacophony of claims made about forgiveness, this book serves to aid in an effort
to put “forgiveness in perspective.” Marieke Smit and Christopher R. Allers have collected
here ten essays written by twelve authors from around the world and across the disciplinary
spectrum including philosophers, practitioners, psychologists, literary theorists, and prison
chaplains. All the essays offer a perspective on forgiveness and put forgiveness in perspective
Amsterdam/New York, NY whether by tracing what forgiveness “is,” how this religious inheritance is worked out in
2010 our secularizing societies, how forgiveness works in our quotidian experience, or a particular
XVII, 206 pp. manifestation in a particular context such as marriage, prison, or after an abortion, to name a
ISBN: 978-90-420-2995-8 few. The multi-disciplinary character of this book provides a multi-disciplinary appeal as
Paper € 45,-/US$ 61,- well as a resource to enlarge one’s own perspective on this perplexing, enigmatic, and
ISBN: 978-90-420-2996-5 wonderfully complex concept of forgiveness.
E-book € 45,-/US$ 61,-

The Domination of Fear

Edited by Mikko Canini

(At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries 70)

The tropes of fear, horror and terror have come to play a dominant role the analysis of
contemporary social life. The predominance of fear, as the frame through which we narrativize
experience, can be perceived readily echoing across various fields from theoretical research,
to the mass media, to the quotidian. Despite the commonly held view that fear is a primitive
and universal affect, its definition, potential value, and perceived effects vary wildly in each
Amsterdam/New York, NY
From literary theory to psychoanalysis to politics to philosophy, this collection of research
attempts to both flesh-out these tropes and to complexify them. Individually, the essays
XIV, 214 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-3084-8 reflect a diversity of approaches to the constellation: fear, horror and terror. Taken as a whole,
Paper € 46,-/US$ 62,- they produce the ground for an analysis of the dominance of fear.
ISBN: 978-90-420-3085-5
E-book € 46,-/US$ 62,-

The New Order of War

Edited by Bob Brecher

(At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries 64)

Far from heralding a time of unprecedented peace, the end of “actually existing communism”
served to usher in new conflicts, new wars and new reasons for war. That much goes
without saying. What is controversial, however, is how we might understand and respond to
these new wars. This book offers a new approach. Its distinctive and multidisciplinary range
of perspectives, offering quite different views, is based on the conviction that if we are to
Amsterdam/New York, NY begin to get to grips with this central feature of our 21st Century lives, we have to go
2010 beyond an unhelpful moralism on the one hand and a defeatist appeal to “human nature” on
XI, 258 pp. the other.
ISBN: 978-90-420-2941-5
Paper € 54,-/US$ 73,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-2942-2
E-book € 54,-/US$ 73,-

Representation and Contestation

Cultural Politics in a Political Century
Edited by Ching-Yu Lin and John McSweeney
(At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries 73)

Questions of cultural representation and contestation, central to political and ethical thinking
after the so-called ‘cultural turn’ of recent decades, have if anything intensified in a
twenty-first century of new media, globalization, migration, and ever renewed struggles over
identity, memory, and cultural performance. At the same time, theoretical debate is
Amsterdam/New York, NY increasingly marked by a concern to retrieve a properly political sphere of action as such.
2010 The essays collected in this interdisciplinary volume aim to break new ground by exploring
XI, 255 pp.
the critical space between the apparently enduring political vitality of cultural representation
ISBN: 978-90-420-3149-4
Paper € 53,-/US$ 74,- and contestation today, on the one hand, and the possible limits of a ‘cultural’ politics, on
ISBN: 978-90-420-3150-0 the other. Combining concrete researches and theoretical reflection, and including a final
E-book € 53,-/US$ 74,- chapter exploring the issues raised by the essays, this volume will be of interest to those in
the disciplines of cultural studies, sociology, political philosophy and ethics.

Perspektiven der Philosophie
Neues Jahrbuch Band 36 - 2010
Herausgegeben von Georges Goedert und Martina Scherbel
(Perspektiven der Philosophie - Neues Jahrbuch 36)
Begründet von Rudolph Berlinger† und Wiebke Schrader†

Gott und Sein
Harald Seubert: Gott und Sein. Die ‚onto-theologische‘ Grundfrage Schellings und das
Verhältnis von Religion und Vernunft
Amsterdam/New York, NY Ingeborg Schüßler: System und Fuge: zwei Denkweisen. Zu Heideggers Beiträge zur
2010 Philosophie
407 pp. Christian Graf: Ist die Vernunft menschlich? Kritische Überlegungen im Anschluss an Heinrich
ISBN: 978-90-420-3182-1 Barth
Paper € 75,-/US$ 105,- Edgar Früchtel: Wissen und Glaube. Zur historischen Kritik christlicher Dogmatik
ISBN: 978-90-420-3183-8 Paul Janssen: Gottesverwandlung im Weltenwandel
E-book € 75,-/US$ 105,- Im Dialog mit Welt
Thomas Alexander Szlezák: Platon in Syrakus: Politik, Philosophie, Eros
Dagmar Fenner: Was ist und zu welchem Zweck brauchen wir das sokratische Gespräch? Vom
sokratischen Dialog zum sokratischen Gespräch nach Nelson und Heckmann
Johannes D. Balle: Gefühlte Gründe. Moralisches Sehen und Gründe-Adäquatheit in einer
aristotelischen Theorie praktischer Propositionen
Georges Goedert: Die Idee einer politischen Welteinheit: ein philosophisches Projekt von
Jacques Maritain
Franz Träger: Die Gegenständigkeit der Welt am Werk Alberto Giacomettis
Leben im Geist
Reinhard Platzek: Der Anfang menschlichen Lebens. Definitorische Schwierigkeiten
Thorsten Streubel: Die Leibvergessenheit in der aktuellen Gehirn-Geist-Debatte
Tim Gollasch: Wahlfreiheit bei Platon. Zum Verständnis von Mythos, Freiheit und Erkenntnis am
Beispiel des Loswahlmythos der Politeia

Self-Reference in Literature and Music

Edited by Walter Bernhart and Werner Wolf

(Word and Music Studies 11)

This volume contains a selection of nine essays with an interdisciplinary perspective. They
were originally presented at the Sixth International Conference on Word and Music Studies,
which was held at Edinburgh University in June 2007 and was organized by the
International Association for Word and Music Studies (WMA).
The contributions to this volume focus on self-reference in various systematic, historical and
Amsterdam/New York, NY intermedial ways. Self-reference – including, as a special case, metareference (the
2010 self-conscious reflection on music, literature and other medial concerns) – is explored, among
X, 192 pp. others, in instrumental music by Mozart, Mahler and Satie, in the structure and performance
ISBN: 978-90-420-3158-6 of (meta-)operas, in operatic adaptations of drama and filmic adaptations of opera, as well as
Paper € 40,-/US$ 56,- in intermedial novelistic references to music. The essays cover a historical range from the
ISBN: 978-90-420-3159-3 18th century to the present and are of interest to literary and opera scholars and students,
E-book € 40,-/US$ 56,- musicologists as well as all readers generally interested in medial self-reference and
intermediality studies.

Johann Amos Comenius und die pädagogischen
Hoffnungen der Gegenwart
Grundzüge einer mentalitätsgeschichtlichen Neuinterpretation
seines Werkes
Andreas Lischewski
(Elementa - Schriften zur Philosophie und ihrer Problemgeschichte 81)

Amsterdam/New York, NY
184 pp.
ISBN: 978-90-420-3151-7
Paper € 37,-/US$ 52,-
ISBN: 978-90-420-3152-4
E-book € 37,-/US$ 52,-

“Truth” is a Divine Name

Hitherto Unpublished Papers of Edward A. Synan, 1918-1997

Introduction and Edition by Janice L. Schultz-Aldrich

(Value Inquiry Book Series 222)

This volume contains essays on an array of topics originally presented orally by a master
teacher and scholar. With characteristic rhetorical elegance, Msgr. Synan, late professor at the
Pontifical Institute in Toronto, delivered these papers in a variety of settings on issues
relating to his specialty of mediaeval Christian philosophy and to his interest in
Jewish-Christian dialogue, on the theology of sanctity and of death, and on morally
Amsterdam/New York, NY
significant historical events. Medieval figures represented here include Aquinas, Augustine,
Abelard, and Godfrey of St. Victor; some topics treated are war and peace, philosophical
XXXIV, 264 pp., ill.
innovations, ecclesiology, evil, goliardic verse, law and abortion, Church councils and Jews
ISBN: 978-90-420-3154-8
in the Middle Ages, and convictions uniting Jews and Christians. This book also contains
Paper € 60,-/US$ 84,-
representative sermons–including a Month’s Mind for Etienne Gilson, an introduction
ISBN: 978-90-420-3155-5
detailing Synan’s background and professional contributions, an updated bibliography of his
E-book € 60,-/US$ 84,-
published works, and an extensive index. Especially appealing to those who knew Synan
are three posthumous tributes and thirteen photographs from throughout his life.
The selections in this volume are scholarly but non-technical, intended for anyone moved to
seek elucidation of the topics discussed.

“Both those who knew E. A. Synan and those who did not will appreciate this carefully
edited collection of his previously unpublished papers. They show not only the breadth of
Synan’s well-known interests in medieval philosophy and theology and in Jewish-Christian
relations, but also the considerable depth of his humanity.”
Paul V. Spade, Professor of Philosophy, Indiana University

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