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Presented by: Dizon, Amanda P.

and Galinog, Deborrah

Presented to: Dr. Paulino C. Galvez


"If you would persuade, you must appeal to interest rather than intellect."
-Benjamin Franklin


To further understand and analyze the relationship between psychology, society

and political science, with a focus on the role of human thought, emotion, and behaviour
in politics and government.


The buzz of politics lingers in the background of culture like a perpetual muzak
but on a daily basis it pretty much slips under the radar screen of the nation's collective
interest. Most attention is focused on the increasingly newsworthy roller coaster ride of
financial markets, economic status and political strategies prevailing in our very own
government. At present almost the same political and social strategy prevails.
Like,reformist political side, traditional political side, clientelism, applied populism and


Political Psychology - is an interdisciplinary academic field dedicated to the

relationship between psychology and political science, with a focus on the role of human
thought, emotion, and behaviour in politics.

Social Psychology - is the study of the relations between people and groups.

Populism emerged as the most effective electoral discourse in the early post -
Marcos period. lnvolves media carried appeals by leaders in the form of promises to
help common people at the expense of the elite. (Erap and FPJ)
People Power - transitional human power that moves a certain politician out of his

Charismatic strategy - People tends to chose politician who are endorsed by religious

Hybrid Bossism - out right vote buying and electoral violence by means of the internet
and online money.

Command Voting - A certain leader tells the group whom to vote during the election

Market Votes - votes are sought through media based national appeals to voters,
rather than dyadic local ties. (Television and radio advertisements)

Glientelism - involves ties between national leaders and voters via local leader who
harvest votes through material incentives or violent threats in their bailiwicks. lt is also
the mixing of image politics and political machinery.

Proletarian potboilers -
movie star populism in politics and voters believes that
politicians will apply their familiar movie tags to real social condition.

Reformist - promise things about good governance. Reformist shows through personal
sacrifice at the hands of corrupt officials that they are worthy of public trust.

39 - guns, goons and golds

Applied populism -
uses traditional politician strategy and application of political
machinery like giving money to noon time shows and hires artist to endorse them to
build up a good image to public,

What are the new trends in politics at present?

Out pouring grief - according to Mark Thompson (2010) one of the most popular and
prevailing political strategy in the Philippines is out pouring grief. The most popular
example of which is the case of Pres. Benigno"Noynoy" Aquino Jr. Since, due to the
death of Mrs. Aquino Noynoy decided to run for presidency,

Divide and conquer - one of the most popular strategy used by former pres. Gloria
Macapagal Arroyo. Wherein, base from inside sources he was able to talk to Sen.
Panfilo Lacson to order him to run for presidency last 2004 election. So that the
opposition will be divided since Fernando Poe Jr. Was selected by the opposition as
their standard bearer.

Blank - slateness - is another strategy which is also popular within European

Countries. Base from this type of political strategy people tends to vote for those people
who are new to political world. Because research shows that if the politician is new to
political game he or she is less susceptible in committing corruption and anomalies in
the government.

Political Dynasty - According to Rodriguez from University of the Philippines (2008) is

one of the foundations of politics that does not change. Base from his study people,
especially in the case of Filipinos, votes for people whose ancestors made a good
record in government history. Basically they believe that the heirs of those prominent
people will inherit their good traits.

Pro -poor - Another trend being followed today is the pro poor style. CENSUS shows
that majority of the population nowadays are coming from the third class families.
Wherein the families from the third class families are considered poor, politicians may
secure good number of votes if they appeal and promise things for the poor. Promises
like uplifting their economic status and giving them good fortunes.

Rags to Riches - Base from political analyst Winnie Monsod from the University of the
Philippines. Rags to Riches story strategy is another style that running politicians use
during campaign period. Study shows that people give a great percentage of trust to
those people who became rich due to their hard labour. Because voters believes that
those people has a smaller chance abusing their power since they are knowledgeable
about the conditions of the people within their environment.

What are the new political campaign forms?

Sounds Bites - The habit of modern Western media outlets (especially radio and
television) of taking short excerpts from speeches has resulted in the creation of the
term "soundbite".
Gampaign advertising - is the use of paid media (newspapers, radio, television, etc.)
to influence the decisions made for and by groups. These ads are designed by political
orinsultnHt$ and thr ffirfiprEn'r ttBff

Mass meetings, rallies and protests - Holding protests, rallies and other similar public
events (if enough people can be persuaded to come) may be a very effective campaign
tool. Holding mass meetings with speakers is powerful as it shows visually, through the
number of people in attendance, the support that the campaign has.

Internet - is now a core element of modern political campaigns. Communication

technologies such as e-mail, web sites, and podcasts for various forms of activism to
enable faster communications by citizen movements and deliver a message to a large
audience. These Internet technologies are used for cause-related fundraising, lobbying,
volunteering, community building, and organizing. Individual political candidates are
also using the internet to promote their election campaign