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1 Read First time reading use Scanners
Plan on the things to be read from each book, reference books
It is suggested to stick to one Particular Book Instead of number of books
You can choose to read a Particular chapter/question in one book and rest all from another book

2 Revise 2nd reading,Make notes, Make Abbrevations and prepare on the last minute study material

3 Rehearse Where you test your ability to write and recall
Writing Skills and Presentation Skills

from another book study material .

3 Indirect Taxes.Valuation of Shares 8 MICS .30 pm to 8.30 pm Month 3 3 3 2 2 1 MICS .Bangar. 11 12 MICS .Basic Concepts ACCOUNTS.Valuation of Shares 6 MICS . 13 14 MICS . 5 General Procedures under Central Excise ACCOUNTS.Chapter No. 15 .Chapter No.Valuation of Shares 7 MICS .15 6.Chapter No.Chapter No. 9 10 MICS .Holding 5 MICS . 10 11 MICS .Valuation ACCOUNTS.Chapter No. 2004 ACCOUNTS. 12 13 MICS .Chapter No.Valuation of Shares 9 MICS .Classification ACCOUNTS.Chapter No. MOVIES and OUTING even RELATIVES Make this Plan based on the following 1 No of Pages in the reference Books you are using 2 Your Reading Capacity Per Page 3 No of Problems in the Books/Classes Time Alloted to Complete the subject Let us say you have 300 problems in accounts Date of 6 am to 9.Chapter No. 2 Indirect Taxes. If you have office adjust the class timings in morning It is not effective Planning to start classes with exams on head Plans before 4 Months Plan to study almost for 15-16 hours For 4 months SACRIFICE all worldly things like.15 am to 12.Bangar. 8 Levy and Exemption ACCOUNTS.00 pm to 4.Chapter No.Chapter No.Planning Start with the Classes Going Attend your classes regularly!! Let Office be no excuse for the same.Chapter No.15 to 6. 4 CENVAT Credit Rules.00 am 9. 1 Indirect Taxes. 6 Export Procedures ACCOUNTS. FRIENDS. MOBILE .Chapter No.Holding 4 MICS .30 pm 1.Excise Basic ACCOUNTS.Holding 2 MICS . 14 15 MICS .Chapter No.Holding 3 MICS .00 pm 4.Chapter No.Chapter No.Bangar. 7 Customs.

18 19 MICS .75 days to 2 days for this Preparation for each Subject Concentrate more on the weak areas you identified in TEST SERIES For Each Subject. 16 17 MICS .5 to 1.Chapter No. 17 18 MICS .Chapter No. Identify the problems to be seen and revised Similarly make a Chapter wise Plan in the Proper Sequence TAKE a PAPER WRITE THE CHAPTERS TO BE STUDIED ON EXAM DAY ALONG WITH TIME ALLOTED FOR THE SAME .Chapter No.Chapter No. 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 TIPS 1 Plan to Study AUDIT. 16 MICS . CLAW and ACCOUNTS together Plan for Last Revision Start Preparing in Reverse gear!!! Take 1.

before this revision Do Accounts Once as well Note: If you have only 1 group the plan would change accordingly depending on the dates Planning for EXAM Day 1 Keep your calm before the exam starts 2 Don’t Not Discuss the Paper after the exam .00 27-Apr 2-May i ii 2 nd Paper MAFA/SFM 18 16-Apr 4-May 3 rd Paper Audit 18 18-Apr 6-May 4th Paper CLAW 18 21-Apr 9-May 5th Paper COSTING 18 23-Apr 11-May 6th Paper MICS/ICSA 18 25-Apr 13-May 7th Paper DIRECT TAX 22 24-Apr 16-May 8th Paper INDIRECT TAX 22 26-Apr 18-May Immediately.Example of Reverse Gear Preparation Paper Subject GAP between Each Subject Revision Date Exam Date 1st Paper Accounts 5.

00 pm 3 ion of Shares ion of Shares ion of Shares ion of Shares .00pm to 12. 9.


Also Read AS etc at Last day So that it can be used for the Audit Paper Preparation prepare extensively with this perspective Also Some Chapters related to MAFA like Business Valuation etc keep for Last Revision .

There are 180 Min available You have to solve 100 marks question paper Effectively you have 180 min = 1. Accounts 12 21. 8 14. Costing Theory Questions 5 9.00 MICS. Check you "Watch" .20 MAFA.60 MAFA 16 28.80 Accounts. 20 36.00 Accounts.8 4 7.00 MICS.8 Min per Mark 100 marks So For each Question for the below Marks Do the Following Marks Time @ of 1.40 Company Law 10 18.

ICAI issued Select cases in DT & IDT 8 Indirect tax Bangar Classes Recent case laws very Imp!!!!! RTP . Reference Books (Use the latest editions) 1 Advanced Accounting Class Notes Compilers Suggested Answers RTP 2 MAFA Class Problems by CA Atul Hurkat/BALA Compliers / RTP Theory from BALA/ Atul Sir Booklet/ Module Last Pages of BALA for the Formulae 3 Audit ASF/ Surbhi bansal Paduka (Fast track Notes Coloured pages) Compilers Suggested Answers CA Atul Hurkat Book / Munish Bhandari Main 4 C Law Book Munish Bhandari Hand Book Prepare a chart of section 257 to 314 5 Costing Theory from Paduka Class Notes Compilers Suggested Answers 6 MICS Module / CA Pooja (Bhandari) Hurkat Paduka 7 Direct tax Manoharan Xerox of manoharan front pages Section Index Recent case laws from RTP.

25 Pages iii If Possible write the answers and each Point with a Subheading If time is less at least in each point Underline the Key word f Its not Suggested to Write the Answers For eg 1(a) and then 2 (d) and 3 (b) without answering other answers in the same question If you are not able to attempt try and leave the space in between after Question No.Leave Space (c') Attempted g In case of Practical Questions in Claw / Audit Use the Following technique of answering Fact of the Case A flow diagram may also be presented Provisions of Law . 1 (a) Attempted (b) Not Anwered -.I General Exams TIPS a Reach exam venue before at least 15 min b i Write the Roll no Correctly in numericals and Words ii Remember to tick the questions attempted iii Tie up your Papers using Staplers properly c Write the Question numbers Correctly Vwry Important!! If it goes wrong you will not get a single Mark!!! d i Keep Margins on Both the Side of the paper using a scale bcoz when you staple the answer may be hidden if you have not left the margin e i Write Pointwise answers and Leave Space in between Each Point ii For Each answer of theory of about 4-5 marks One Full PAGE or 1.

Instead write a Heading to the Answer you are writing h MORE Importantly -.After the exam II Specific Subject Wise TIP A) Advance Accounting 1 Prepare the Format for Holding Company question paper Immediately as soon as you get answer Sheet Save on 10 Min in the Exam !! 2 Write the Working Notes and give reference properly B) MAFA / SFM 1 Give Proper Working Notes.000244107206 . write Pointwise. Risk Adjusted .Inflation.It carries Marks 2 Write the theory extensively (35 to 40 Marks) Try and Secure 75% marks in theory Don’t write in para. Leasing 4 Continuously Use Formula list to Revise a Topic 5 Be thorough on the booklet by CA Atul Hurkat 6 Use directly 0. CER . One page full 3 Concentrate on Important Chapters Portofolio Foreign Exchange Dividend Merger Acquisition/Business Valuation Capital Budeting-. Analysis Conclusion If time is Less you can Avoid writing facts of the case.

Pricing decision pareto analysis . Value chain Analysis 2 Slowly solve QT questions because if one thing goes wrong you will not fetch mark 3 Standard Costing can be skipped . as soon as you get answers sheet On back page mention this as rough paper and list down Sch 1 Sch 2 Sch 3 Clause No i One word ii One word iii 2 Prepare AS. Marginal . but remember formulae for variances 4 TP.nicely for Audit Practical Question Write conclusion -.C) AUDIT 1 In Professional Ethics. Costing of Service sector. ABC theory. TQM. Audit Qualification D) CLAW 1 From Handbook read the last chapters and refer Interpretation of Statues . Competition etc 2 Understand the Pattern in which Question paper is set E) COSTING 1 Concentrate on Theory properly it will fetch you maximum Marks (30 to 35) 75 % of theory marks need to be obtained . Target Costiing. FEMA.Penalty . Bugeting 5 Question No 1 can be solved later if found difficult .

including MAT Write note for each adjustment-.Case Laws 10 Marks Wealth Tax 5+5 Prac + Theory Write Note reference to each adjustment Question no 1 Assessement PGBP on Companies . Read the paper and write immediately If you require G) DT All Questions are compulsory 20 Marks. 1from any where 2 Answer any Four from 6 other Questions Last Question: Usually Short Notes 4 in Nos.One or two case law adjustement Other Questions . Other Questions 10 1 / 2 question 10 10 2/ 3 Quest 5 5 3 Use Subheading / Abbrevations . 6 Attempt 70 marks you can get 60 marks as well F) MICS 1 Question No 1 is Compulsory 3 Questions from last 5 chapters .

9 compusory (Each carreies 20 marks) 2 Que out of 4 in part A and 1 Que out of 2 in part B Part A Central Excise Act & Rules. 2004.Custom (35 Marks). All are analytical. No Problems involved Assessement Procedure carries 12 marks Appeals revisions etc. penalty calculation. compliance related . Cenvat Credit Rules.15 Marks Usually each main question carries 3-4 sub question each carrying 3-5 marks totalling up to 15 Marks Recent amendments!!! Rule 6 of Cenvat credit Rules.Excise (50 Marks).6 . Problems for interest. Problems Part B Recent case law 5-10 Mark Problems Definitions Part C Recent introduced services ITSS. Custom Act 1962 & Rules Recent case laws 10 . TCS 6 marks DTAA / NRI 6 Marks Penalties 4 Marks No Salary or House Property Expected because covered mainly in PCC H) INDIRECT TAXES Paper distributed in three parts A. STGS.C. B.Service tax (15 Marks) Question1 . 6 marks TDS . 2004. Central Excise valuation Rules.