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Project Proposal: Quality education through audio visual.



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• Project Proposed 1 • Synopsis of the Project in brief 3 • • Objective of Project 5 • Methodology 5 • Schedule 7 • Limitations of the Study 8 • References 9 SYNOPSIS: 2| Page .

Reliance Mutual Fund. Reliance Mutual Fund has been established as a trust under the Indian Trust Act 1882 with Reliance Capital and has been registered with Securities & Exchange Board Of India dated June 30. the new millennium is about matching human aspirations. but infinitely more ambitious in spirit.Reliance Mutual Fund schemes are managed by Reliance Capital Asset Management Ltd. standard deviation. If the last century was about meeting human needs. 93532 Crore as on Feb 2008. Think fast. Founder of Reliance. dreaming bigger and demanding more a world that is challenging the limits of hope and possibility. R2 are proposed to apply to identify the best schemes among these funds. The public invest their savings in the Mutual Funds and the fund managers invest the money so collected in diversified portfolio of securities in various high rated companies. a subsidiary of Reliance Capital Ltd. 3| Page . Net Asset Value (NAV) is considered as the most reliable indicator of performance of mutual funds.” Welcome to the world of Reliance Dhirubhai Ambani Group. It also enables us to understand the marketing strategy and marketing communication under the various distribution channels of Mutual Funds.1995. Nowhere is this more strikingly visible than in India. Today most of the investors want to participate in the equity of corporate sector..a country that wakes up every morning a little younger in age. a part of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group is one of the leading & fastest growing mutual funds in the country with Asset Under Management (AUM) of Rs. Mutual Fund is intermediaries in the investment business which indirectly connect the public and the corporate sector.We live in a world where the young are reaching higher. Think ahead. Mathematical tools like mean. Equity Funds have the following categories- • Diversified Fund that invests in the broad markets or in large cap. the legendary Dhirubhai Ambani gives us the mantra for entrepreneurship-“Think big. This project would focus on understanding the investment pattern of investors in the various Mutual Funds on the basis of Risk & Return involved.

lead generation. Nevertheless the foremost objective of every investor is to reduce the Risk as low as possible and ensure the returns. client handling and closing the deal. Apart from this it also enable us to identify the prospective investor and the underlying factors which make them actual one through market research. Pharmaceuticals. The other aspect of this project is to handle promotion.specific schemes e. IT. Here the major concentration will be on suggesting some fruitful marketing strategies not only to improve their existing market but also to meet the needs of their future investors. And last but not the least the end part of these project will be the recommendation aspect. • Equity Linked Savings Schemes. but a majority of them lack professional expertise to judge or forecast the violent volatility and swings which rocks the stock market. sometimes they get their fingers burnt on certain investment choices. • Sector.  To get an idea about the new marketing strategies that can be applied to compete with the competitors. OBJECTIVE:  To get an idea about their customer base – their purchasing pattern and future demands. 4| Page . . • Index linked schemes. Power etc. Economic liberalization and globalization have brought a new and competitive environment to put their money in the Equity market of our country. As most of the investors are not experts in choosing the right scrip or portfolio.Bank. There is a large number of investors who have the ability to save and make investment in equity.g.

Here formal training was provided by the organization.  Get increased sales of their products by the proper implementation of the recommended measures.E.  Stage – 1 In the 1st phase I got the product training to start away with the project with proper product knowledge.) of the SIVMAX. the company guide & the sales people helped me a lot by sharing their practical experiences with me. In this stage.  To promote their product portfolio not only among the existing customers but also among new one through lead generation. which can reveal the consumer behavior with respect to their investment in educational tools. concentration was on doing the market survey.Rama Brahmam (C.  Stage – 2 After the Training. I received complete product knowledge from my company guide Mr. METHODOLOGY: It is a stage by stage process.  To know about the consumer behavior regarding the various educational tools. 5| Page .  To get an idea about the new product development to match the aspiration of their customer. This in a way provided many points regarding how to prepare an effective questionnaire. T. For this purpose. a proper questionnaire was prepared which goes with the purpose of the project.O.

• Quota Sampling. in the sense that it helps in increasing the confidence level in true sense. and 4 small) company through company profiling in Hyderabad & Secunderabad. • Judgment Sampling. TOOLS USED: SPSS Sampling Technique  Probability Sampling Methods. • Snow ball Sampling. Actually the main aim was to close the deal with the customer which will be beneficial for the company from the commercial view-point & for me too. 6| Page .  Non probability sampling methods.  Stage – 3 Here at this stage the concentration is to generate some productive lead for the company while doing the analysis of the collected data. I started my market survey. It will be done among the 12 school (4 large. After all. Not only that at the time of asking the questions I have tried to predict the mind of the customer & approached them to go for the IIT Foundation package. 4 medium. • Stratified Sampling. With a proper questionnaire. is & will be a marketing project so experience of direct selling or closing a deal is necessary. • Simple Random Sampling. at the end of the day it was.

TH 8 APRIL STUDY OF INDIVIDUALS INVESTMENT PATTERN. TH 15 APRIL SECONDARY DATA COLLECTION AS ON 7| Page . It also helps in graphical summarizations of sample population including various kinds of charts and graphs. to describe the sample. SOURCE:  Primary research which will cover the data collected by company visits and through informal interviewing.  Observation survey  Questionnaire method will be used as research instrument. SCHEDULE: DATE WORK TH 26 MARCH COMPLETION OF THE REQUIRED STANDARDIZED FORMAT. 1) Statistical Techniques Descriptive statistics: Descriptive statistics can be used to summarize the data. either numerically or graphically.  Secondary research will include the analysis of secondary data collected from company sales database. VALUE ADDITION: With the completion of the project the company will be able to differentiate investor according to their investment behavior and will able to provide products and services as per their requirement. through internet and journals etc.

REFERENCES: 1. 15TH MAY COMPILATION OF THE DATA COLLECTED AND WORK DONE. www.  The project will be done in one part of India and that too at one branch of Reliance Asset Management Company which will not give a comprehensive state of affairs.mutualfundsindia.  Error due to respondents that is not willing to disclose their investment and also biasness. ND 22 MAY FINAL REPORT SUBMISSION. MARCH 31ST. Conclusions will be drawn but that might not hold well in each & every case of the investing pattern of the various corporate of the country. 26TH APRIL INTERIM REPORT SUBMISSION. LIMITATIONS:  The sample size is small due to time 8| Page .

com 4. 9| Page . www. www.amfiindia. 3.investopedia.Valueresearchonline. 5.