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INEC registers 6.

2m voters in Lagos, Ondo

No fewer than 1.3m eligible voters have been registered by the Independent National Electoral
Commission in Ondo State since the exercise started on January 15.

Also, the INEC said on Wednesday that it had registered 4.9 million eligible voters in Lagos
State as at Monday.

The Resident Electoral Commission in Lagos, Dr. Adekunle Ogunmola, gave the figure in an
interview with the News Agency of Nigeria.

“We hope to register up to six million people or even more before the end of the exercise but by
our count on Monday, we have registered about 4.9 million voters,” Ogunmola said.

Investigations by our correspondent at the Ondo State INEC office in Akure on Wednesday,
revealed that 1, 270, 098 people had been registered as at Monday, January 31.

The Administrative Secretary of the Commission in the state, Dr. Samson Awujoola, who
confirmed the figure in a telephone interview with our correspondent on Wednesday, expressed
the hope that all eligible voters in the state would have been fully registered at the end of the
exercise on Saturday.

Awujoola said the commission had been able to resolve all the technical challenges that greeted
the exercise at the initial stage.

“We don’t have any major challenge for now. All our equipment are working perfectly and I
hope that by Saturday, we would have been able to register all the eligible voters in the state,” he

Nigerians scramble to leave Egypt as battle turns bloody

As thousands of supporters and opponents of President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt battled in
Cairo’s main square yesterday, raining stones and bottles, Nigerians living in the North African
country are scrambling to leave.

Already, over 1,000 Nigerians have registered at the Nigerian Embassy in Cairo to be evacuated
by the chartered flight procured by the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA)
based on a directive to that effect by President Goodluck Jonathan.

The Jumbo jet, according to NEMA spokesman, Yushau Shuib, has a capacity to accommodate
540 passengers and will continue to evacuate Nigerians.

The Federal Government’s gesture is coming as the Egyptian national carrier, Egypt Air,
cancelled flights to African cities, such as Lagos, Kano, Accra, Nairobi, Entebbe, though it still
operates some routes.

” Some of the stranded Nigerians were reported to have visited Egypt on business. She set the tone for the night when she emerged from the backstage looking upbeat and beautifully clad in a pair .Shuaib said the agency’s team would be led on the trip to evacuate the citizens by its Director- General. Bloodied anti-government protesters were taken to makeshift clinics in mosques and alleyways. The violence marked a dangerous new phase in Egypt’s upheaval — the first significant violence between supporters of the two camps in more than a week of anti-government protests. the event reaped an impressive attendance as guests besieged the venue centre with smile on their faces. the outing’s packaging established a lift in the comedy enterprise. Stand Up Nigeria. only to be dragged to the ground by their rivals and beaten bloody. and some pleaded for protection from soldiers stationed at the square. Most of them are squatting at the Cairo International Airport and could not made contact with their families. Lagos. The event’s anchor person was the chubby female stand-up comedian. It was a remarkable event which underscored the leap in Nigerian stand-up comedy as an entertainment art and business. Beyond the jokes served generously by the acts who mounted the stage during the show that lasted several hours. Princess. and also include rescue officers. Muhammad Sani-Sidi. who hurled rocks. Held at the Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON) Centre. Government supporters waved machetes. government backers galloped in on horses and camels. medical personnel and foreign affairs officers “and they will ensure they carry out the directive of the President by evacuating Nigerians safely back to the country. Onikan. It erupted after Mubarak went on national television the night before and rejected demands he step down immediately and said he would serve out the remaining seven months of his term. where they crouched behind abandoned trucks. the monthly comedy show. Latest reports indicated that in scenes of uncontrolled violence. and entire rooftoops of several nearby buildings were covered with their fighters. who refused. The two sides faced off at a front line next to the famed Egyptian Museum at the edge of central Tahrir Square. hurling chunks of concrete and bottles at each other. Though they occasionally fired warning shots in the air. the soldiers did nothing to stop the fighting. studies and medical treatments. held it’s first show in the year. theatrics LAST Saturday. It was like many of them knew what to expect during the show. bricks and firebombs on the crowd below and tearing up satellite dishes to use as shields. Stand Up Nigeria kicks off 2011 season with gybes.

The up-an- coming stand-up comedians. Big Mikky took Princess to the cleaners with his jokes. His jokes were punchy and direct. The stand-up . making her beat. She wasted no time as she poured out gyves from her bag of jokes. The petite stand-up comedian comes across as really gifted and creative as he made on-the-spot jokes on stage. His jokes were ‘bigger’ than his midget size. It was a night of plenty jokes from budding and established stand-up comedians. interesting. Unfortunately for the husband who eventually discovered he should lay claims to being the man of the house. from the crowd. the petite young man who looks like a sibling of the Nollywood acting duo. It was also a night of good music. But it was not long before situation changed. Prestige. in particular. every moment of the play. He came out only to receive the beating of his life when he could not meet the demands of the armed-to-the-teeth criminals who requested for money and other things. he got a standing ovation which was not common in the industry even when comedians tried all they could. A woman of immense physique in the play beats up her husband. really gave good accounts of themselves. as the disc jockey (DJ) played songs that got the audience in soothing good mood. And when one thought she was done with jokes she would burst into stage with another. the day he musters courage to become a man in his home was not to be his day as armed robbers stormed the home demanding for the man of the house. as friends of the husband advised him to stand up and take his rightful position as the man of the household. It was yet another round of jokes. The monthly comedy show soon took another dimension with a drama presentation from a group named. Her jokes were more directed at the opposite (male) sex. Among the stand-up comedian was the one ironically Big Mikky. She actually made gender become an issue of discussion. The play entitled. Aki and Paw (Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme). and the guests laughed. and yet another. and an avenue for learning new things about the lifestyle of typical Nigerians. Immediately the presentation ended.of jeans trousers on a gray coloured shirt with white embroidery. banters and mimes. But the performer’s trait in her presentation was her major thrill as she served her highpoint in the forms of stories. It was an interesting departure from the jokes and music of the night. Bow Joint. Hence she crowns herself the man of the house. and the crowd laughed their hearts out. the so called ‘man’ in the home. Her being the anchor helped her sell her art well as she came in after every act to introduce another artiste or group. His was a good outing. the conspicuously bow-legged stand-up comedian came on stage to thrill the guests. at the slightest opportunity. Eventually. with meaningful message. The Man of the House. They also advised the man to retaliate whenever the woman beats him again. was a witty parody.

comedian who is blessed with intimidating height which magnified the curiosity about his legs had a lovely outing. laughing. I need your support for this team to reach the height that we all crave. remade. “This first edition in the year is re packaged with the aim to give Nigerians nothing but the best classic stand up comedy. for example. mimicking the typical uneducated Hausa man-of-the-street did justice to his reputation as a fast-budding professional. The crowd really appreciated what they got from him. Heavy Man. Now 26-month-old. a song done by Ice Prince. It is characteristically hosted by top-ranked comedians. Such other stand-up comedians as How Far. Disclosing this at the TomTom-Round-Table-for-Sports-Editors today at the headquarters of Cadbury Nigeria. Capturing their often tensed misfit mannerism and singing in their high-octave soprano. Oleku. E Sharp. remixed. distorted and lampooned the church rats in very humorous ways. the Abia state-born multi-lingual artiste charged the atmosphere in the hall with laughter as he. Cee Dee John sang the reverse section of the song. series’ producer. currently runs on 13 television stations has become a popular name in the comedy business. I cannot do this job alone. Help me to uplift Eagles—Siasia Super Eagles chief coach Samson Siasia has stated that he needs the support of Nigerians to rebuild the senior national team. had a way of mocking gospel artistes and lampooning the hypocritical choir ladies in fundamentalist Pentecostal churches. The January 2011 edition of Stand-Up Nigeria was very successful and. Though millions watch the show every week on television stations across the country. After him came. Cee Dee John set laughter-tears dropping from faces in the hall. the crowd erupted in laughter. I have listening ears and I’m very ready to learn. Bunmi Davies acknowledged it while thanking guests for coming to the show and pledged he will continue to give Nigerians the best of comedy. With his feminine voice. stressing that the absence of a thriving league to fish out talents from the grassroots has further heightened the task of restructuring the team. Cee Dee John. The young man’s delight of the night was his ‘remaking’ of the song. disclosing that the Valentine Day 2011 is being planned to be a spectacular one. .” he said. MC Danny B another man with lovely jokes. Bow Joint gave way for Bash. and members of his audience rolled over one another. The young man who carved his niche. Stand Up Nigeria. who won several hearts with his jokes. another comedian who performed well. Elenu. Once the later dropped his first jokes. the live audience still form an integral part of our brand. Then came Mc Shakara. Siasia pointed out that he is paying foreign scouts to fish out talents from Europe and the Diaspora adding that: "Everyone needs to contribute to the rebuilding process by offering me tips.

they actually say things that I have not even said. How many youth academies do we have? How many Nigerian club-sides actually have youth teams? They don’t have any. Without a good league. Please. Now that I’m the head coach I don’t want such things to happen again. I want to grow and that can only happen with your support. All we do hear in Nigeria is to watch the (English) premiership. So how do we get back to the past? We all know that the Nigerian league is not that good because of a lack of infrastructure. we cannot do anything. Every day. They barely can take care of their senior sides let alone the youth teams. "We need to address the issue of youth development. "I want to thank TomTom for this type of forum because it enables me to interface with the media who are my friends. Sometimes. You guys made me who I am today. I promise you on behalf of my colleagues and with the support of the NFF and board members that a new Super Eagles that would be the envy of all will be assembled. they get what they ask for but I think this is not the proper way to do it. to field in Nigeria’s matches. I have a very strong technical crew. the reason why. The agent backed out of the friendly because every day he reads of a man taking the NFF ."Let me know the areas that I have to work on. as the head coach decides. I don’t think that we can go anywhere. the NFF etc. The welfare of the players is a big problem. This TomTom-Round-Table-for-Sports-Editors forum is the best tool that I need for my job. On my part. I’m not afraid to talk to the press. So without the youths. It is not the best to take things to FIFA who in turn would bring out all the sanctions. We have a plan which can only succeed if we have a very good league. then. It is going to give me an opportunity to prepare for them where we will discuss issues meant to elevate the game and the Super Eagles. I’m just appealing to everyone. "This is a new dawn. We must find a way to work things out. I want to plead with everyone who wants Nigeria football to develop to help me. it would be very difficult for me as the head coach to excel by finding good players for the Super Eagles team of the future. That is why we are having problems with the Guatemala game. We all played here in Nigeria before going to Europe. Everytime. Those playing abroad started playing here before they went to Europe. the media call me up. I’m not a magician. And I want to listen. I don’t even know. I know that I have a lot to learn. I can’t do it alone. my name is in the press. We’ll get the right set of players with no sentiments attached so that I can get my job done. If we don’t have a good league. Nigerians must know that such a player deserves to wear the jersey for the match. "Anyone that I. we need to find time to do more of this type of TomTom-Round-Table-with-Sports-Editors to brainstorm. The era of cutting corners to play for the Super Eagles or to bribe coaches to get listed in the Super Eagles is over. We have to find a way out of this to see how we can sort things out instead of taking every matter to court. We want to set up a home-based team although we have chosen to call the Nigerian team. I have ears. We have to come back home and let’s see how we can develop our leagues. With what is going on through Mr. Jalla taking everyone to court. "If we must develop the Nigerian game.

We were all disappointed because we didn’t get what we wanted from the Super Eagles. We are still rebuilding. It is only after two or three years that anyone can judge me. Jalla has. . talk to me. I’m not saying that it is going to be a great team but the difference would be apparent from what we have seen them play in the past. Let’s try to work together. But we will surely get a new team." Siasia said. Please be patient. Westerhof took five years. I will need close to three years to rebuild the Eagles perhaps two years depending on how the players respond to my new tactics. "Rebuilding the Super Eagles is a gradual court and no investor would put his money on a business that is uncertain or tentative. Whatever issues Mr. "The Super Eagles that would confront Ethiopia in Lagos next month for the Africa Cup of Nations will show remarkable improvement. Let’s try to form a new Super Eagles team that would make Nigerians proud. We were all in South Africa. we can take care of it internally instead of getting external bodies to intervene. advise me and I will adjust if I find reasons to do so. I’m not saying that I want or have five years to put up a team.