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Ancient Egypt Review Guide

Geography of Ancient Egypt

1. What nickname do historians call Ancient Egypt? “ ________________________________________”

2. Describe (3) geographical conditions of the “Ancient Nile Civilization:”
a) _________________________________________________________________________________
b) ________________________________________________________________________________
c) _________________________________________________________________________________

3. How many miles does the Nile River flow? _______________________________________________
In which direction doe the Nile River flow? _______________________________________________

4. Rich deposits of fertile soil along the banks of the Nile River called ____________________________.

5. The watering of dry land by means of streams, canals, and pipes is called _______________________.

6. The Ancient Egyptian economy was based on ___________________________

Egyptian Social Pyramid

1. What percentage of Egyptian society slaves account for? ________%
Where did most slaves come from? ___________________________________________________

2. The Egyptian “Middle Class”
a) What percentage of Egyptian society did peasant farmers account for? ________%
b) What percentage of Egyptian society did craftsmen and merchants account for? ________%
c) To trade goods without money is called ________________________

3. What percentage of Egyptian society did the “privileged class” account for? ___________%
a) The following “privileged class” members performed:
Priests: _______________________________________________________________________
Land lords: ___________________________________________________________________
Government officials: ___________________________________________________________
Military leaders: _______________________________________________________________
Scribes: ______________________________________________________________________

4. What percentage of Egyptian society did the “pharaoh” and his family account for? _________%
a) People believed that the pharaohs were descended from the ____________ and ruled as god's
representative on Earth.
b) Since the Pharaohs owned all the land. How much did farmers have to give to the Pharaoh for rent?

Old Kingdom (3400 B.C. to 2500 B.C.)

1. Lower Egypt was in the _______________ and Upper Egypt was in the _______________

2. Egypt was united under into a single prosperous nation under the leadership of ___________________
________________ became the Egyptian capital during the Old Kingdom.

3. What was the purpose of the pyramids? __________________________________________________

C.500 B. The New Kingdom was known as the “___________________________” 2. b) The method used by Ancient Egyptians to preserve dead bodies: ____________________________ . 3.) 1. Religion: a) The worship of many gods is called: _____________________ b) Two examples of Egyptian gods: 1b) ___________: the Sun God 2b) ___________: God of the Nile 2.C.C.) 1.C. What finally brought about the decline of the Ancient Egyptian civilization? _____________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Egyptian Contributions 1. b) Egyptian ____________ became very powerful and engaged in a civil war against the Pharaohs. What nomadic tribe invaded Egypt around 1700 B. What languages were written on this discovery? 1b) _______________________ 2b) _______________________ 3b) ________________________ 4. to 1150 B. The Middle Kingdom was known as the “___________________________” 2. ________________ became the Egyptian capital during the New Kingdom. A succession of ruling families are called: __________________________ 4. Science: a) Ancient Egyptians performed surgical operations in which drugs were used as __________________________. 3. the _________________ provided the key to understanding the history of Ancient Egypt. 5.580 B. 3.? ____________________________ What military technology did this group use against the Egyptians? ________________________ How long did this nomadic invader rule Egypt? ______________________ New Kingdom (1580 B. Egypt was divided into ___________ regions a) _____________were appointed to rule each region. Writing: a) The Ancient Egyptian system of writing using pictures and symbols: __________________ b) Discovered in 1799. _______________________ became the first woman ruler in history.C. to 1. Art: Ancient Egyptians excelled in _________________ and __________________.Middle Kingdom (2.

Laws were very ____________ and _______________. Other contributions by the Ancient Egyptians A. Used a twelve-month _________________ of 365 days. C. Made paper from _____________ reed. tortured. Used __________________ for building and surveying. Law and order 1.5. burned. Invented the _______________ and irrigated their field during the dry seasons. Invented the _____________________. or thrown to the crocodiles. TERMS TO KNOW: Gift of the Nile Hyksos Nile River Chariots Silt New Kingdom: “Age of Empire” Irrigation Hatshepsut Barter Dynasties Scribes Thebes Pharaoh Polytheism Lower Egypt Ra Upper Egypt Osiris Old Kingdom Hieroglyphics King Menes Rosetta Stone Memphis Mummification Pyramids Papyrus Middle Kingdom “Age of Nobles” . B. D. E. a. F. Those found guilty were whipped. based on the movement of the sun.