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February 2nd,2011 ,World Wetlands Day celebrations by WWF & Young Environmentalists programme trust
at Meluha The Fern ecotel, Powai, Mumbai saw photographer Sanjay Hadkar win the contest with the third
prize -winning captures of wetlands in India.

Over three hundred entries from all over the world saw the wetlands of sewri flamingoes and a man picking at
the mudflats which spoke a thousand words and this story telling capture won him the WWF trophy.

Ace photographer Kedar Bhat delivering an interactive lecture on wildlife photography on wetlands day said,
³It is vital to use photography for documentation and research projects as part of all environment work,use
photography wisely concentrating on light, angle and composition of the subject matter.´

Over 200 enthusiastic audience got a chance to dive into the Ocean with Mitali Kakar Chairperson, Reef
Watch Marine Conservation, a certified award winning diver who screened her award winning film ³troubled
waters¶, under the oceans in Lakshwadeep wetlands to share a whole new world of marine and coral water
world. Mitali said, ³Wetlands and oceans are filled with rich biodiversity of fish and shrimp and need our
efforts to take care of them.´

At the meet Chief Guest Rishi Agrawal, the Mangrove expert expounded on the need to unite all
environmentalists under one umbrella so as to make a proactive approach to saving our wetlands, ³The
wetlands of Mumbai will save us from future floods and disasters, we need to protect them by documenting
them. We need to unite for this cause.´

Vocied Elsie Gabriel founder of the Young Environmentalists hosting the wetlands event, ³Every year the
Ramsar Convention, selects a theme and raises awareness on specific types of wetlands or aspects of wetland
management. This year the theme they have selected is Wetlands and Forests which was chosen especially as

2011 is the UN International year of Forests. Forested wetlands are biologically diverse areas which not only
help freshwater management but also provide carbon storage- a very important property in a world threatened
by rising Green House Gas emissions and climate change.´

Regarding Mumbai putting their own wetlands on the Ramsar convention list strongly voiced WWF ±Mumbai

Chief Goldin Quadros, ³Not only mangroves but also taloas, and lakes also are wetlands and today we need to
make a petition to unite to put atleast one of our wetlands bodies on the Ramsar convention list and safeguard
our mangroves and wetlands.´

Later the event saw all in the audience take a pledge and sign a signature campaigne to save our wetlands and
unite to conserve the environmental water hubs. The photography contest saw contestants from Switzerland,
France, Lakshadweep, Gujarat, Orissa, Pakistan, Tamil Nadu, Thane, Bhopal, Pune and Mumbai, making it
the first of its kind to take off on efforts to save our wetlands through documentation.

States Punish Sharma-Area Manager of the Meluha The Fern ecotel and Rodas ecotel, ³ Meluha The Fern
ecotel at Hiranandani, Powai is the first 5-Star Hotel brings to you the first µLeeds certified Green building¶
with µEcotel certified green¶ environmental operation.We are proud to this environmental event bringing
patrons from all across India under our hospitality.´

Imminent wildlife and nature photographers like Kedar Bhat, Dr Caesar Sengupta,Yuwaraj Gujar,Baiju Patil,
K.K.Choudhury,Suchit Nanda, Prof.Ivan John,Sachin Rai, Sanjay Hadkar, Swapan Mukherjee, Hiren
Dave,Summer Verma,Elsie Gabriel,Pramod Chavan, Mukesh Trivedi,Hiren Dave,Anita Anand,Gaurav
Sarovar, were among numerous others who exhibited their photographs and grace the occassion!