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February 2011

Volume 2, Issue 1

The Researcher
Directory of Expertise Launched
As part of Glyndŵr University’s commitment to public engagement and
communication with the media, an experts’ directory has been set up on
the University website
The University regularly receives requests from the media for staff to Inside this issue
comment on topical issues, for the purpose of adding value to a news
Online Experts Directory ……….....1
story and to contribute to current debates and issues affecting the UK
Post Grad Virtual Open Day………. 1
and the rest of the world.
Research Online Repository …….. 2

The directory is essentially a knowledge bank of expertise at the univer- Creative Industries Building …..… 3
sity – an A-Z list of the research areas, topics and subject areas. Mem- Research in Health ……………….... 3
bers of staff who would like to be included on the list can contact Silvergate KTP .............................4
Andrew Price, Eco-friendly Pesticide .................4

Bauman Moscow State Uni .........4

Postgraduate Virtual Open Day Northop Campus .........................5

My View, Revd David Walker……. 5

Wednesday 30th March 2011 3-7pm Research Training Events ............6

Researchers In Residence ………….6

Need more information about any of our postgraduate courses or
research opportunities? Why not attend our postgraduate Virtual Open Calendar of events .......................7

Day? See our website

Special points of interest
We realise that many people are not able to visit us for an on-campus Useful Websites …….………….3
open day, so we have organised this dedicated virtual open day to pro- General Information.………….3
vide detailed information about the University and our courses, and to
KTP and Competition .……... 4
give you the opportunity to ask questions. To attend the event, please
Freelancers Academy……….. 6
complete the registration form. If you have any questions about the
event please call 01978 293439 or email Publication Details……………. 6
Glyndŵr University Research Online (GURO)

The free online research database includes previously

published, peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters
250 and conference presentations written by Glyndŵr Univer-
Metadata sity staff. Visitors can download full-text articles at no
cost. There have been 20,750 downloads to date. 18,690
of those were in the past year!
50 There are currently 243 items loaded onto the system,
0 150 of which are full text. The database is fully
searchable by most search engines, and entries often
appear on the first page of results.

The site recorded visitors from 55 countires in the past

Growth Rate—Items loaded
month, with the UK being 1st; the USA and France were
in equal 2nd place.

Visit the Glyndŵr University Research Online repository

News Author Reaches Total of 50 Items on GURO

All new GURO submissions are Professor Vic Grout from the Centre for Applied Internet
posted to its twitter account Research (CAIR) now has the largest number of items on the site, mainly due to his enthusiastic approach to the submission
process and to the continued engagement of all CAIR staff.
The video Glyndŵr University
Graduate School - a community What people say about our repository
founded on communication featuring
Rob English and Misha Jepson was "The value of the repository has been remarkable.
featured in the media section of the Having our published work available through
Universities UK Weekly in Jan 2011 a central point has allowed a much wider audience
Watch the video here to access our work and this in turn has led to inter- est from far afield. This really raised our research
profile" Professor Vic Grout

The Virtual Enterprise Conference

on 24-25 February 2011 run by the “I can now refer people to the Repository when they enquire about
Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning our research and ask for examples of our work”. Edna Astbury-Ward
brings together a range of web en-
trepreneurs, students and academ-
ics to discuss the opportunities for e If you are a researcher at Glyndŵr University and would like to
-entrepreneurship offered by virtual benefit from having your work stored on a fully searchable web-
worlds and the social web. Open to site, which has the potential to encourage future collaboration
all see
possibilities and increase your citations send it to Misha Jepson
Useful Websites

The Graduate School website now

provides a range of links to other
useful pages.
BBC Cymru Wales to move in to Glyndŵr
University’s new Creative Industries Building Postgraduatecourses/

The new Creative Industries building, which will be opened in March The Vitae site offers help and ad-
has been chosen by BBC Cymru Wales for their new North East Wales vice to researchers
hub. The BBC will share facilities alongside space used by the Univer-
sity and its students. The new building will be more accessible to the
public, enabling the BBC to develop better partnerships with local Looking for funding?
business and educational communities. The BBC says the project FunderFinder is a small UK charity
that provides advice and information
seeks to satisfy a range of business needs and to improve its ser-
to individuals and organisations
vice from North East Wales. about charitable trusts and founda-
tions that fund research in the UK.
Professor Michael Scott, Vice-Chancellor of Glyndŵr University, said: See their website
“Glyndŵr University is proud to be working with the BBC, one of http:/
the most respected broadcasters and news organisations in the
world. The opening of its new facilities at the Creative Industries
building heralds yet another significant landmark in the univer-
General Information
sity’s work with partners in industry”.
The Graduate School Moodle
"The presence of the BBC within the centre is a stamp of approval The site is a valuable source of
for the high standard of its TV, radio and online production facili- information for students, supervisors
ties, which will benefit not only our students but the people of and academic staff.
North East Wales for years to come.”

Dissertation/Thesis Binding Ser-

Research In Health, Social Care, Sport and vice now available
Exercise Sciences The University print shop, located in
the student’s guild building offers a
range of services to staff and stu-
Research in Health, Social Care, and Sport and Exercise Sciences has dents.
increased rapidly over the last year, and this trend is set to continue. Email for
Key areas of excellence are being formed in mental health, public further information
health, clinical ethics, social and criminal justice, and counselling.
Over 50% of the research submitted in Nursing and Midwifery, and in Latest news on the University social
Social Work, Social Policy and Administration in the 2008 Research media pages, facebook, twitter,
blogs, alumni, flicker and much more
Assessment Exercise was internationally recognized.

Most of the research within the School is focused within two Postgraduate taught and research
Research Centres: (i) The Centre for Health and Community Research experience surveys will be conducted
and (ii) The Social Inclusion Research Unit. The Research Centres between March and May this year.
have seen a strong growth in their research activities and income,
including grants from international bodies such as UNESCO,
demonstrating their growing international reputation.
Centre For Water Soluble
Polymers To Develop
KTP Partnership Eco-friendly Pesticides
Silvergate Plastics, the
North Wales colour and Experts at the University’s Centre for Water Soluble
additive masterbatch manu- Polymers are working with Deeside-based Russell
facturer and the University Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to develop an
have been awarded a eco-friendly spray that controls pests through the
Knowledge Transfer Part- release of synthetic pheromones.
nership (KTP). The aim of
the partnership is to im- Pheromones are naturally occurring chemicals released by insects that
prove the overall efficiency
of pigment masterbatch
trigger behavioural responses, including mating behaviour and egg laying
colour matching and manu- in other members of the same species. Researchers are using these
facturing, through the im- natural chemicals to disrupt the mating behaviour of specific pests,
provement of process identified by growers and farmers, without the harmful effects tradi-
rheology and formulation
tional pesticides have on other species, and on the environment. Be-
cause the pheromone pesticides target only pest species, it is hoped less
KTPs between academic chemicals will be needed, helping to preserve the environment and re-
institutions and businesses duce the costs of crop spraying.
allow the business to ac-
quire and embed knowl-
Glyndŵr University’s expertise in using biopolymers as rheology modifi-
edge that will enable them
to improve productivity and ers, or thickening agents, which affect the consistency of materials, will
increase their competitive be crucial for the effective delivery and release of the pheromones.
The Centre for Water Soluble Polymers has already established itself as a
world leader in the use of polymers in industrial products and processes.
Competition The development of the spray is part of a three year Knowledge Transfer
Partnership (KTP) between Glyndŵr University and Russell IPM, allowing
FLUX - major expansion of the company, which specialises in the manufacture
the annual inter-university and use of synthetic insect pheromones for pest control.
competition (prize of £500)
helps students boost their
employability and enter- Bauman Moscow State Technical University
prise skills, meet top-class
recruiters, learn from Departments within the University successfully won a bid in Oct 2010 to
successful entrepreneurs,
deliver a CPD course to academics from Bauman Moscow State Technical
enhance their CVs and
improve interview skills.
University. The program content was developed not only to share best
practise and expertise across the two Universities, but to open up new
FLUX 2011 will take place in communication channels, share knowledge and understanding, and to
Bristol on the 11th and 12th help to further strengthen existing research collaborations.
April 2011. Contact Judith
Alexander if you are inter- Prof Richard Day (Composites) is developing an MSc for Russian Stu-
ested in being part of a par- dents, who will study both here and in Russia. This will enable students
ticipating team. (transport to gain a qualification which is recognised in both the UK and in Russia.
and accommodation is pro-
vided) - Professor Scott started the relationship with Bauman University in 2005, which has led to several joint research projects. It is now planned to
continue this program for at least a further 8 years.
For more Innovations news go to
Glyndwr University’s Northop Campus
A prime example of the University’s considerable expansion, our Nor-
thop campus is based in a beautiful rural setting and is the hub for our
land-based and education provision. There has been significant in-
vestment in the campus and further planned growth will, it is hoped,
include a research centre for biodiversity, rural management and sport
and the environment.

Horticulture Wales: a £1.6 million Project to Develop

The research being undertaken
the Horticulture Supply Chain will form the basis of a sustainable
data bank available to horticultural
The £1.6 million “Horticulture Wales” project is funded by the Welsh businesses throughout Wales.
Assembly Government and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural
Data will be collated, interpreted
Development through the Supply Chain Efficiencies Scheme of the Ru-
and disseminated through a web
ral Development Plan for Wales 2007-2013. An important element of site, case studies and seminars,
that project is the establishment of the Horticultural Supply Chain Cen- covering the attributes of specific
tre, which will be based at Glyndŵr University’s Northop Campus. aspects of the edible and orna-
mental horticultural sectors and
Most businesses in Wales are relatively small enterprises, and this is will include related industries,
such as compost producers and
particularly true in the horticultural sector. As a result, owners and packaging suppliers.
managers of businesses in the edible and ornamental horticultural sub
-sectors tend to lack effective market information. Without relevant The intention is that those in-
volved in the Horticulture Industry
and timely information, they cannot easily evaluate their current mar-
in Wales will become more able to
kets or assess the potential for new market opportunities, putting create and join effective supply
them at a competitive disadvantage. The Horticulture Wales project chain networks enhancing their
aims to overcome these obstacles. overall business performance.

My View Rt Reverend David Walker

Bishop of Dudley and Honorary Visiting Senior Fellow
In 2000 I became the Church of England’s youngest Bishop, 5 years later I found myself
back in the world of academic research. I am a member of a team working in an area
called Empirical Theology. We are interested, not in how religions describe themselves,
but how people actually believe, practice and behave in response to the faith that they
profess. My particular interest is in people who go to Church, but not very often.
A mixture of Glyndŵr’s statistical software and my own background in maths, enables me to generate both
useful findings and a steady stream of papers for journals. I am passionate about encouraging people who are
involved in Church ministry to develop the skills of being a reflective practitioner through formal research.
In recent years I have been working at the Hawarden site (Gladstone’s Library) with people studying for a pro-
fessional doctorate. I am very committed to the way that the Glyndŵr DMin programme allows participants
to focus on their own work setting, using a whole range of research tools and methods. At present I am work-
ing with colleagues to set up a distinctive strand within the DMin for people holding, or aspiring to hold, lead-
ership roles in church schools.
“I really enjoy being part of the Glyndŵr setup. I am working with a team of people who are lively, stimulating and try to
help each other. There is an up-beat atmosphere about the University – it feels like a place that has energy and enthusi-
asm. Bright ideas, whether they be research or business, are appropriately
challenged and tested, but with a sense that we are trying to find a way to say
“yes” rather than “no”. It’s a great place to be!” 5
Research Training in January 2011
Effective Research Supervision Training Day
The event, facilitated by Professor Tony Fell, was attended by over 20
PGR supervisors. It covered discussions on the best features of the
supervisory relationship, key responsibilities of research students,
strategies for effective research supervision, case study workshops,
and a review of the regulatory framework.

Research Supervision CPD Event

The next CPD event for Directors The event was part of the ongoing enhancement of training for all aca-
of Study/PGR Supervisors will be demic staff involved in research student supervision. A Keynote Lec-
scheduled for the Graduate ture was delivered by Prof Pam Denicolo, Director of the Graduate
School Conference in September. School at Reading University and Vice-Chair of the UK Council for
Graduate Education. Prof Denicolo also maintains a number of key
advisory roles at national level (UK Impact and Evaluation Group, Soci-
ety for Research in Higher Education). Prof Denicol’s presentation en-
titled - ' The Evolving Doctorate - Implications for 2011' focused on
the implications of the new Researcher Development Framework, in-
tended as a replacement for the Joint Skills Statement. This was fol-
See Grad school twitter lowed by facilitated group discussions to share good practice in spe-
for information and news cific areas of interest.
PGR Student Induction Day
A warm welcome was extended to new research students at the re-
cent Induction Day. The Induction included useful information on
‘establishing a good working relationship with your supervisor’ and on
GO Wales ‘completing the Conformation of Programme of Study form’. The Day
Freelancers Academy also included a visit by Harriet Brewster, Student Liaison Officer for the
The GO Wales Freelancer Acad- University of Wales. The events were well attended and feedback
emy is a FREE 6 day programme from participants was very positive. Check the Moodle site for details
funded by the Welsh Assembly of future events.
Government and European So-
cial Fund.
Researchers in Residence Scheme
This programme is designed to
help budding graduate freelanc- for PhD and Post Doctoral Researchers
ers develop the skills, knowledge
and confidence needed to pro- The Researchers in Residence (RinR) scheme, is open to all PhD and
gress their business ideas.
post doctoral researchers funded through one of the seven UK Re-
See the GO Wales website at search Councils or the Welcome Trust. It brings together researchers, or contact young people and teachers via exciting and innovative placements in
Lucy Jones at the Glyndwr Univer- secondary schools across the UK. RinR enriches the classroom experi-
sity Careers Department ence, engages young people with real-life research and gives research- ers the opportunity to develop new skills.
For details go to
Or contact Rhian Power (regional coordinator for Wales) at
Calendar of events 2011
Publication details Future PGR Training Events 2011
This newsletter is pub-
lished quarterly by 12 March Launch of Interdisciplinary Research Forum
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tive feedback and support
for the 1st Newsletter pub- 17 February Dr Phil Bassett
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it was a great success !
16 March Professor Patrick Costello
Room K214 Effective Action Research: Developing Reflective
Thinking and Practice
Inaugural Professorial 13 April Professor Chris Lewis
Lecture Series Room K214 ‘If I Ruled the (Academic) World’: A Guide to Journal
Selection and Impact Factors in Health, Education
If you missed Theology
Professor William Kay’s
and the Social Sciences
lecture on The Growth in
Pentecostalism. The Trans-
formation of Christianity?
Inaugural Professorial Lecture Series
An interpretation of the
Showcasing the Next Generation of Research. Open to all
20th century. Go to 17 February Professor Stuart Irvine
Catrin Finch Centre What can Materials Science tell us about
Solar Energy of the future?
Student Needed
11 April Professor David D Walker
A student representative is Catrin Finch Centre The Challenge of the Surface—from our own
needed to sit on the Univer- back yard to the ends of the universe
sity Research Degrees Com-
mittee, please contact the
Grad school office for details More event details are available at