By Lahry Sibley
Exo 3:5 And he said, Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground. Most are familiar with this scripture verse. We’ve heard message after message about this event immortalized in time. Most of us older folks immediately get the image of Charlton Heston as Moses in the movie “The 10 Commandments”, when he suddenly sees the burning bush. And how many times have we heard that old song, “We are standing on Holy Ground”. You’ve sung it many times, and so have I. Have you ever wondered why I AM told Moses to remove his shoes? I’m sure many ideas could be articulated. But this morning, I was watching a message by B H McClendon ( I think), and he made mention that I AM told Moses to take his shoes off, because they were separating Moses from the Holy Ground. Oh my this just struck a fire in my heart. Glory to God. Folks, if we are to stand on Holy Ground, there can be nothing in our hearts and lives, that stands between us and God. For there to be communion, there must first be a removing of all that would divide us. All sin and worldliness, must be cast down. Oh my. Is there any wonder the fire in the “bush” has gone away? How dare we think we can stand before our Holy God with our shoes on! Oh the bush is still there, but the fire is gone. You know it’s true!!! And so do I. Remember that old hymn, “Nothing Between”? Nothing between, my soul and my Savior. Nothing of this world’s, elusive dreams. I have renounced, all sinful pleasure. Jesus is mine, and there’s nothing between. So… know I’m going to ask. Do you still have your shoes on? Or has everything in your life been laid bare before God, nothing hidden, and nothing between you and sure holy ground? “Is it that important”? Read the scripture verse above, beloved. It IS that IMPORTANT. For nothing defiled will stand before Him. No other loves. Nothing between. Shoes protect the feet from injury from stones and the like. They are man made things that we use to separate us from hazards and protect us from

injury. God is saying, “you cannot bring anything that man has devised into a life of holy communion with God.” Either God is your security and protection totally, or you are none of His and communion with Him is impossible. So how do we remove all of these man made gimmicks and false hopes from our lives and the path we trod? We do it at the cross. There, self reliance must come to an end. There, anything that is not of faith must perish, for once and for all. We must install the Master as Lord of our life, or He cannot be our Savior. The two are inseparable. The only place that this can happen is on the Cross. Christ has already been there. He’s made room for you and I there……to die with Him by faith, and determine in our heart to sin no more, no matter what the cost. Lay bare for death, anything and everything that would separate our feet, from His Holy Ground. Glory to God. I shall dwell on this throughout the day today. Will you worship God with me as we prepare to enter into Sabbath? Will you take off the shoes of self, of life, of protection, of false security, and place all your hope in Christ Jesus? I pray that you do. - Lahry