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Department of Justice
Civil Division, FederalProsramsBranch

Via First-Class Mail Via Overnight Delivery

P.O. Box 883,Ptm.7224 20 Massachusetts
Ave. N.W., Rm. 6l l6
Washington,DC 20044 Washington,DC 20001

Jean-MichelVoltaire Tel: 202/616-8211

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ScottA. Hodes,Esq.
P. O. Box 42002
Washington,DC 20015

Re: CREWv. CEO,Civil ActionNo. 07-365(D.D.C.)(RMU)

DearMr. Hodes:

This is in responseto your letter datedJune 10, 2008,to Nicholas Oldham in which you make
inquiries aboutmissing attachmentsand pagesfrom defendantCEQ's June2, 2008 productionof
records. I respondto your questionsin tum.

First, you inquire about whether there are attachmentsto emails or "pages attachedto a fax" in
relationtodocumentsidentifiedbyBatesnumbers 17998-1799, 18313-16,18318-19,18417-20,
18460,18576,18578,18595,18747-48.With the exceptionof a documentattachedto BatesNo.
18460,we cannot locate any attachmentsto the other emails. We are producing the attachmentto
BatesNo. 18460,which is entitled"US-ltaly Bilateral 'Joint Climate ChangeResearchMeeting," and
is BatesnumberedCEQO19673.In regardto the fax cover sheetidentified in your letter (BatesNo.
18576),we are consultingwith the StateDepartmentaboutthe faxed pagesthemselves.

Second,in responseto your inquiry aboutBatesNos. 18408-11, which beginswith "page 2" of
an email, pageone of that email is missing and cannotbe located.

Third,you inquirewhetherpagetwo of theemailswith Batesnumbers18605-06

is missingor
withheld.CEQis producing the missingpage,which is Bates

to yourinquiryaboutBatesNos. 18957-606,
Fourth,in response CEQis producingthemissing
whichareBatesnumbered CEQ019653 - CEQ019672.

Fifth, asto theillegibilityof BatesNos. I 8006and 18287

, CEQdoesnot havea bettercopyof
BatesNo. 18006.We are,however,producinganothercopyof BatesNo. 18287whichindicates the
pencilednotationmoreclearly. This new copyis Bates
numbered CEQ019675.
Lastly, you requestedevennumberedpagesof documentswith BatesNos. 18743-45and,
19388-91. Thosepageswere not located;CEQ found only the pagesthat we provided in our June2
2008 production.

If you have any questions,pleasedo not hesitateto contact me.