INTRODUCTION Electrical component is the component that is needed to generate, transmit, distribute and consume the electric power

. These elements consist of a few devices such as inductor, resistor, capacitor, conductor, circuit breakers and timer. Such fittings are also collectively known as accessories since they are seen as the accessory to the wiring which is the main substance of the wiring installation. Familiarity with electrical wiring accessories is an important provision beside an awareness of and strict adherence to the provisions of the National Electrical Code (NEC). Beside that, there also a regulation which are embedded for safeguard and guarantee which is known as the IEE Wiring Regulations (BS 7671) that is basically a set of recommendation dealing with the safe design, construction, inspection and testing of low voltage installation of the wiring accessories.

OBJECTIVE 1. To determine the specific purpose and function of each electrical accessories such as copper bush, inspection tee, trunking jointer, copper bridging, terminal box and etc. 2. To review and discuss all the functions of electrical wiring accessories and identify the types of electrical devices in building. 3. To find out schematic diagram of fluorescent lamp circuit and its function.

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2001) TRUNKING JOINTER 2. 1989) CONDUIT 4. To provide a smooth entry into the box and avoid sharp corners which cause damage in cable insulation. To fix tough rubber. 1989) Page | 2 . To protect PVC insulated cable ( F.sheath and PVC0 sheath (Henry A. thus to prevent it from leaking safety precaution should be taken. WIRE COVER OR INSULATOR Electricity is convey through metal conductor. COPPER BUSH (F. Porges. FUNCTION To put a large number of cables to run together (Barrie Rigby. To secure multiple runs of wire. Porges.LITERATURE REVIEW A. WIRING ACCESSORIES 1. The wire must be covered from any contact with other material or thing especially us. 1985) BAR SADDLE 3. human being as it can be kick in the bucket if protection is not done so. Miller.

5. Fittings that are created for conduit do so that the conduit can bend into the required directions. Grip the conduit and bite it into the metal (F. 1981) To change conduit direction INSPECTION TEE Page | 3 .L Raina.G Jackson. Device that is inserted into a socket outlet to receive one or more plugs but it may have a different corners (K.L Raina. 1995) ELBOW 9. A short radius length of tubing for connecting two length of conduits at right angle or 90º (K. Porges. To measure electric capacity by null method and the material that is made out of copper. 1985) RUNNING COUPLER 6.1995) GI FLEXIBLE ADAPTER 8. COPPER BRIDGING 10 (K. GI LONG BEND 7.

B.main cables which may tending to supersede paper insulated cables (F.Porges. common material which often mixed with PVC is paper insulated cables (which will be described as PVC Insulated Steel Armoured). PVC also has different sizes according to their cross. 1989) PVC also can be mix with other material. The classifications of PVC are: a) 1. For example. It is used for some of larger power and sub. Single Core Paper insulated lead sheathed PVC is abbreviated as PILSPVC and PVC that is insulated with Steel Wire Armoured PVC Sheathed is abbreviated as PILSSWAPVC cable.sectional area which have different current carrying capacity.5mm c) 4mm d) 6mm e) 10mm f) 25mm g) 35mm h) 60mm Page | 4 . PVC PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a common material that is used for cable conductor.5 mm b) 2.

locks and conduit fittings. it may include a cover such accessories as mounting hardware. 2 WAY BOX 4 WAY BOX Page | 5 . mounts.C. It is an enclosure which includes. brackets. TERMINAL BOX and protects one or more terminal boards. BOX WIRING ACCESSORIES FUNCTION 1.

3 x 6 CONCEAL BOX M/C CONCEAL BOX (3 x 6) Page | 6 . It is the part of the plate that used to plug in the electrical equipment.2 3 x 3 CONCEAL BOX It is a place to install the wire from the distribution board.

SWITCH AND SOCKET OUTLET WIRING ACCESSORIES 3. GANG SOCKET METAL CLAD Page | 7 . Type of socket: 1 gang m/c socket 1 GANG M/C SOCKET Made from metal and usually used for industrial purposed. NAME AND DESCRIPTION Suitable for large building. interrupting the current or diverting it 1 GANG M/C SWITCH 4. from on.D. FUNCTION It can break an electrical circuit. used to plug in the OUTLET electrical equipment used for domestic to another conductor. It contains 13A fuse and it is used Sockets are equipment that we DOUBLE 13 A SOCKET such as housing wiring.

Mercury It will produce the short wave-ultraviolet light when it is get excited 4.ultraviolet and produce visible light. it will discharge the argon gas in the tube that will increase the temperature which enable it to exite the mercury vapour in the tube 4. Starter Switch Electrode Argon gas FUNCTION When the electricity is supplied to the circuit. Phosphor Coating The material which will fluoresce or shine due to short wave. Page | 8 . FLUORESCENT LAMP CIRCUIT Fluorescent Lamp is consists of a long glass of tube that contain the mixture of mercury vapour and argon gas at pressure if 2 to 5 mm mercury.E. 2. This circuit is including: CIRCUIT COMPONENT 1. Ballast To heat the filament (electrode) when power is applied. 5. 3.

No periodic maintenance No periodic maintenance is one of the causes that may bring problem to the wiring component in the building. India) 2. Improper Wiring Method The electrical wiring method in this picture is clearly one example of improper wiring method that can bring hazardous and harmful to the people living nearby. Therefore.PROBLEM RELATED 1. (Delhi. This situation can be worst if there is lightning struck at the wire or even huge flood occur at the place. it also can bring damage to the building or to human being due to electrical fire or injury to persons by an electric shock. In addition. Furthermore. it is crucial for us to conduct periodic maintenance constantly to ensure that the wiring system stays (Poor Maintenance) according to the code compliant. There is absolutely no insulator or any wiring cover to cover the wire. I think that the authority at that area should look into this matter and provide good safety for the people there. Beside that. I doubt there are no lightning arrestor installed their. Page | 9 .

Page | 10 . For instance if the place requires the conduit that can be bend. it is crucial to learn the electrical accessories in electrical components and their functions. not all of the same types of electrical accessories can be used. In short. Another example is that for the component which uses a lot of cables.CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION In brief. trunk joint should be used instead of conduit because it can cater more wires as compare to the normal metal conduit. perhaps the problem is too complicated or complex. in cases where the problems are minimal we as civil engineer can solve it as we have sufficient knowledge of it. But. long bend should be used since it can be bend into the required condition. we might have to ask for the expert help. By that. Nevertheless. it is also important for us to understand more about the function of electrical wiring accessories in the building. For some electrical wiring and component. we will enable to know more how the particular system operates and in case of any malfunction we will know the source of the problem.

Spun Press. New York.wikipedia. 270 Madison Ave. ³Design of Electrical Services for Building´.com/productdetail/channel-inspection-tee. http://en. 3) F. ³Dictionary of Electrical Engineering´ Cresent News. Great Raina. Page | 11 . Spon Press.Porges. New York. Third Edition.(1985). http://www. Fourth Edition. Pergamon Press. 4) 5) 6) K. (1989). ³Practical Wiring Volume 1 in SI Units´.´The Design of Electrical Services for Building´.(2001). 2) Henry A Miller.Kuala Lumpur.Oxfod.REFERENCES 1) Barrie Rigby.ibuonhe.

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