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Organic Farming

Shivpuri Ashram does and promotes Organic Method of Farming. In the fields in and around shivpuri, Organic farming is d Agnihotra Farming Mehtods. This is a unique concept of farming.

It is based on the age old Vedic concept of agricluture as mentioned in the Vedas. Agriculture, as all know, is the oldest k human's have been doing. There are a lot of references about agriculture in the Vedic Scriptures and also in Ayurveidc Te talk about the various cycles of nature, the season, the sowing times, the cyclic rainy seasons, etc. There is a lot of inform ancient texts regarding the science of agriculture.

Agriculture, is undoubtedly the largest profession followed by people. It is said that even though the India has changed b strategically, still more than 60% of Indians are still farmers. A large number of people in India still depend upon agricult livelihood.

India, traditionally, also has been a farming land. Even in the references in tetxs like Ramayana and Mahabharata, agricu great prominence. In references about the first Aryan culture also, farming and cattle rearing, can be seen as the most im lives.

Today, the world has changed drastically. The world has become a global village and people interact with each other from But with this has come a great deal of problems, like stress, pollutins, global warming, etc.

Also the agriculture sector ahs its own share of problems. It has been seen that due to excess use of chemical fertiliser a has become rich with these substances. It has also been note by leading experts that, maybe the excessive use of pestici even damaged the underground water table, thus contaminating it totally and making it unfit for drinking. Due to use of pesticides, the food grains, vegetables, fruits, etc that grow in the fields, have been known to carry a very residue. This has been proven toxicand harmful to those who consume it, from humans to cattle.

Even the dry grass, etc that the catte eat has been known to contain this toxic residue, which causes damage to their hea

In these circumstances, there is a strong need for a change and a solutins to these problems. This is the reason more and now looking at the Organic Farming Methods, as a solution to these issues. There is a strong movement going for the org people worldwide are now shifting towards organic lifestyle causing it to become a global phenomenon.

Agnihotra Farming Methods, is the best solution for all these problems. This combination of ancient Vedic wisdom, Agniho farming techniques, is ideal answer for the global farming problems. This technique is ideally suited for all types and sizes can be practised by people throughout the globe.

In the book "Agnihotra Farming Methods", Shree Shreekantji Maharaja, says that, Agnihotra Farming Method, is a wholist our food in the most ecological manner. He further states "You may choose to follow any alternative farming method and Farming Mehtod' as an adjunct or corroborative system. It will enhance results of your farming." It has been practiced in various parts of the nation and also in various Agnihotra farms acroos the globe.

The Ashram, in last couple of years has cultivated many rare Auvervedic medicinal trees and herbs in and around Ashram Ashram's herb garden is a great attraction & education to students & visitors.

Ashram devotees take part in the agriculture activities of the land around Shivpuri. All the crops here are grown in accord method of farming and using Agnihotra farming methods. The fruits of this are a treat to watch and a joy to taste.

In an experiment carried out at the behest of Shree Shreekantji Maharaja, in association with the Institute For Studies In Department of Zoology, University of Pune, fascinating results were seen. Excerpts: