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Kuljeet Singh Gill



When we are talking about fast food business SUPPLY CHAIN is one of the critical
factor for smooth functioning. It is this Supply Chain Structure, which not just ensures on
time delivery of raw materials and supplies to McDonalds but also enables it to cut down
on its cost and maximize profitability along with maintaining highest quality standards of
its products.
Cold Chain was one of the unique concepts of McDonalds supply chain in India because
of its unique cold chain, McDonalds has been able to cut down both its operational
wastage as well as maintain the freshness and nutritional value of raw and processed food

The following is the list of suppliers who made the major supply chain of McDonalds:

Dynamix Dairy Industries:

Dynamix industries manufactures cheese slices for McDonald’s at 10 metric tones per
month .Each cooling centre is equipped with modern measuring and testing equipment
and a large cooling tank. A farmer can deliver milk even twice a day on his bicycle and
get a printed receipt on the spot, which also lists the quality of the milk supplied by him
as per fat content, color and solids content. Each batch is mixed in one large stainless
steel cooler and chilled immediately to two degrees Celsius to stop bacterial growth and
preserve freshness.

Trikaya Agriculture:
Trikaya Agriculture is a major supplier of iceberg lettuce. Exposure to better
agricultural management practices and sharing of advanced agricultural technology by
McDonald's has made Trikaya Agriculture extremely conscious of delivering its products
with utmost care and quality. Vegetables are moved into the pre-cooling room within half
an hour of harvesting. Post harvest facilities at Trikaya include a cold chain consisting of
a pre-cooling room to remove field heat, a large cold room and a refrigerated van for
transportation where the temperature and the relative humidity of the crop is maintained
between 1º C and 4º C and 95% respectively.

Vista Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd:

A joint venture with OSI Industries Inc., USA, McDonald's India Pvt. Ltd. and Vista
Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd. which produces a range of frozen chicken and vegetable foods.
It has a capability to produce frozen foods at temperature as low as -35 Degree Cel. to
retain total freshness.

Amrit Food
It is a supplier of long life UHT Milk and Milk Products for Frozen Desserts. It has
Installed capacity of 6000 liters/hr for producing homogenized UHT (Ultra High
Temperature) processed milk and milk products.
Radhakrishna Food land:

McDonald's local supply networks through Radhakrishna Foodland, which operates

distribution centers for McDonald's restaurants in Mumbai and Delhi. Ranging from
liquid products coming from Punjab to lettuce from Pune, the DC receives items from
different parts of the country. These items are stored in rooms with different temperature
zones and are finally dispatched to the McDonald's restaurants on the basis of their